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Hotel Management Essays (Examples)

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Hotel and Motel Management and
Words: 2802 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98035292
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These travelers tend to book longer stays and are looking for more conveniences, an important emphasis for the industry in the coming years.

Tourism specialists are beginning to realize the advantages of technology in the industry. Among the benefits of technology include electronic travel or communication. Technological advances have made communications faster and more efficient. Improved computer networking has decreased the need to travel in some instances because consumers and other professionals are able to save time and money by simply contacting one another via electronic mail or electronic conferencing rather than via traveling (Muehsam & Tarlow, 1992). This may mean less people traveling, but typically it means an equivalent number of people traveling but looking for more technological conveniences when traveling including video conferencing and access to internet technology.

Thus the face of travel and tourism is changing. Consumers are looking for more electronic conveniences as they travel, particularly…


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Hotel Motel Management Operations Hotel
Words: 3702 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95727463
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One of the most important decisions that need to be taken is regarding the number of cleaning employees that are required and the frequency at which the cleaning will be conducted. These are all about the public areas where the house keeping has to be active. They also have to look after the guest room areas. The area near the guest rooms consist of the elevators through which the guests will be traveling, the corridors which they will use to reach their rooms, the stairwells through which also the guests may go and finally the guest rooms themselves. (Housekeeping)

Well one can say that the other areas are semi-public while the rooms are absolutely private, and in those the cleaning has to be done in agreement with the guest or in their absence. After cleaning, it has to be realized that the housekeeping staff are the only persons from the…


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Hotel Food and Beverage Cost
Words: 3327 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53277460
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In this regard, Neely advises that a "Menu has to deliver the desired target food margin percentage whilst offering a variety of tastes across a range of price points, and conform to the expectations of the brand concept" (252).

Storeroom Control. Clearly, without adequate security procedures in place, a hotel's storeroom can turn into a major center for pilferage and other shrinkage. Key control is essential to this security if electronic locks are not in place (Sunstrom 59). If physical keys are used, or a combination of approaches is elected, Sunstrom recommends that the key numbering system follow that recommended by the American Hardware Association (AHA). Under the AHAs system, the grand master key is designated with a single upper-case letter; the next level of master keys would be the previous letter designation and another letter. Change keys (these are single keys that operate a single door) are designated with…

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Hotel Strategy the Impact and
Words: 3540 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 88077015
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As tourism would surpass rice exports, in being the number one product or service that the nation provides. This has helped the industry to grow, with various tourists from around the globe going to these destinations and then talking about their trips when they return home. Over the course of time, this has caused many of these new travel destinations to increase dramatically in popularity. The information from this source is useful, because it highlights how globalization has been allowing more people, to be able to travel farther and to exotic places. As a result, this can be used to identify how the industry has changed and why a variety of hotels have taken more of an international focus. This helps to discover how globalization has changed the industry, as consumers are seeking out a more unique travel experience. In the case of the survey that is being conducted, this…


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Hotel Benefits Programs Benefits Programs
Words: 4302 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14357839
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Sunmee Choi & Anna S. Mattila (Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly): The impact that a hotel can have on customers by sharing a frank and specific list of pricing practices ("revenue management" [RM]) is significant, according to a peer-reviewed journal article published in 2005. Choi & Mattila conducted a study of 120 travelers (all waiting for flights from Reagan National Airport in ashington, D.C.), providing them with three distinctly different scenarios regarding a hotel's rate-management policies. The result of the research determined that the scenario with the most detailed information on hotel pricing was preferred by far more customers than the other two. Looking deeper into these results, the authors report that while merely providing information on the varying rates offered by the hotel improved customer perceptions of the hotel, which alone did not "...improve customers' perceptions of fairness." hat did improve perceptions of fairness in the minds of…

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Relationship in which a hotel earns its guests' trust. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant

Administration Quarterly, 44.5-6, 31-54.

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Hotel Industry to Human Resources Management
Words: 2340 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54558150
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Human esources Management in Hotel Hospitality

Hotel Industry Human esources Management

Human esource Management in the Hotel Hospitality Industry

Authors Frank Go and Mary Monachello (1996) note, "effective management of human resources is required in all functions of hospitality in order to cultivate teamwork and sustain a competitive edge" (Go and Monachello, 1996, p.8). Because good management rests on both knowledge of human resource management and skill to implement effective human resource strategies, it is essential that those in the hotel hospitality industry fully understand and implement strategies for good management in order for their hotel to succeed to its highest capability. The purpose of such management is based on the need for high performance level and dedication of hotel employees. Despite the various resources and supplies that a company may require, human resources is actually the most important resource because without a labor force, no business can be done…


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Hotel Windsor Restaurant Analysis
Words: 2328 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94569103
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Spring Street Restaurant of Hotel Windsor

With the rising growth of hotel business, it is important that the management techniques must include and adopt the changes. In a lot of cities, the business of hotels has been re-built with addition of latest technology (Rutherford & Fallon, 2007). People fond of hotels, and individuals who use hotels on frequent basis, expect high quality for the amount of money that the hotel requires. The various companies within the business understand the different aspects of motivating, training and recruiting the staff to make sure that the customers receive the best service from them. The business of hotels is difficult in the sense that they cannot easily achieve something different and unique that would give them an advantage over their competitors. Thus, the success of a hotel business is highly based on personal interactions and engagement of the employees with the customers to take…


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Hotel Industry Is Currently in the Middle
Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44650072
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Hotel industry is currently in the middle of its economic cycle. The industry tends to be strongly affected by macroeconomic conditions. hen the U.S. slipped into recession in 2008-2009, the hotel industry slumped as well. As Turner (2010) notes, "trading volume fell sharply…lodging operating metrics of RevPAR and ADR deteriorated accordingly." hile the economy recovery somewhat over the past couple of years, there are signs now that growth is slowing again. In particular, RevPAR declined in September (De Lollis, 2012). After an optimistic start to the year, the slow pace of economic recovery appears to be weighing on the industry. That said, because the economy is at a key juncture where it could begin to improve rapidly or it could slip back into recession, the hotel industry finds itself in roughly the same position.

Choosing the right type of hotel is important to its success. If the brand is going…

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Hotel Use of IMC
Words: 2531 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 21033226
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Hotel Use of IMC

Starwood Hotels and esorts

Starwood Hotels and esorts Worldwide, Inc. is one of the world's largest luxurious hotel chains. It is an American multinational corporation that owns, operates, manages, and franchises luxury hotels, resorts, residences, vacation ownership properties, and spas. It has more than 1100 hotels, resorts, and properties in almost 100 countries across the Globe. Its internationally recognized hotel brands include Sheraton, St. egis, Le Meridien, W Hotels, Four Points by Sheraton, The Luxury Collection, Element, Aloft, and Westin. Starwood Hotels and esorts Worldwide, Inc. manages 48% of its hotels and resorts while 46% have been franchised to private investors from all over the world. It only owns 6% of its total hotels, resorts, spas, and vacation ownership properties. It has currently employed nearly 171,000 people -- more than a quarter is employed in the United States (Starwood Hotels and esorts Worldwide, Inc., 2013).



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Hotel Risk Analysis The Reduction of Various
Words: 1307 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97077435
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Hotel isk Analysis:

The reduction of various kinds of physical and liability risks associated with the hotel business is one of the most significant aspects of managing and operating a hotel. This process of risk management requires risk analysis, which is the process of examining the hotel's risk exposure and developing appropriate strategies for lessening and preventing those risks. This risk management and analysis process also involves developing a program for minimizing the business' exposure to risks through supplementing insurance protection in case the incident takes place. A hotel manager would enhance the effectiveness and profitability of the business by eliminating every possibility of incidents occurring on the property. However, this is not always possible since the hotel manager does not have control over certain incidents (ushmore, 2010, p.18). This paper discusses the appropriate insurance for a hotel through examining importance of property insurance, difference between independent agency and exclusive…


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Hotel Strategy the First Strategy Is to
Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43947537
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Hotel Strategy

The first strategy is to promote the spa at the atermark Hotel. The spa is a key strength and competitive advantage of the hotel. Many new hotels have spas in them, but few hotels have exceptional spas, something the atermark has. A great spa can help attract both business travellers looking for a break after a hard day at work, and recreational travellers looking to relax (Minnini, 2007).

Spas, like hotels, are differentiated by their branding. Customers identify with the branding of a spa and will seek out this branding when they travel (Borgman, 2011). This means there are two options for the spa at the atermark. The company can continue with its current branding, which is linked to the hotel, or it can find a spa branding partner, which has an international name in the industry. Such a deal would allow the atermark to license the spa…

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Managing Your Money Olly Lloyd
Words: 1366 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 5660647
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Still, since it is looking to sell a property asset that is not their main residence, they will be required to pay a capital gains tax, in the amount of 18 per cent (Direct Gov). For an estimated retail price of £150,150, and a tax rate of 18 per cent, Olly Lloyd would have to pay £27,027 in taxes.

For the new employment contract, Lloyd would have to pay taxes in the amount of £5,281. The sum is decreased significantly by deductions adherent to contributions made by Olly to the pension funds (Listen to Taxman).

c) Suggestions for financial management

Leone Lloyd-Cardle is, without a doubt, facing severe problems. In order to restore the responsibility and stability of her financial decisions, the following financial management recommendations are made:

Discussing the problem with her husband. Having reached such a high level of debt indicates severe problems which cannot be overcome by…


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Hotel Lodging Operations Analysis of
Words: 3690 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17478181
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The section will provide non-alcoholic drinks and an environment where Christians can feel like they are in "paradise." This will as a result ensure that the hotel enlarges its target group. By including this, Paradise Hotel will be a suitable destination for all including domestic tourists who will get an opportunity to enjoy their local delicacies as well as a taste of international delicacies.

The hotel will feature fully renovated and modernized guestrooms with an extra intimate hot tub and relaxation space. The new look hotel will include an elegant late-night poolside lounge which will comprise of sun-loungers, day beds and decks. The main idea behind the renovations of the pool is to transform outdoor spaces into outdoor living rooms that offer flexible dining, drinking, events and relaxing spaces. The intimate spa will have floor cushions and new striking lights. ith these renovations in place, the hotel will therefore provide…

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Hotel as Chain or Independent the Advantages
Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 3734155
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Hotel as Chain or Independent

he Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotels Affiliating with a Brand

Dev, Chekitan S., James R. Brown, and Zheng Zhou Kevin. "Global Brand Expansion: How to Select a Market Entry Strategy." Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 48.1 (2007): 13,27,8.

he intent of this research is to evaluate the best possible management and ownership strategy for a hotel or hospitality business to attain and keep competitive advantage. he study found that the strengths and weaknesses of specific regional markets played a far greater role in defining the overall competitive advantage of a business compared, with local ownership being a critical success factor. he study concludes that the best possible scenario is to have a local owner of the hotel capable of infusing a strong sense of customer service into the business over time. Customer service is a precursor how well a given organization culturally fits into…

The sampling frame of this study is 1,900 U.S. hotels whose performance was analyzed between 2002 and 2003, specifically focused on the net operating income percentage, occupancy and average daily rate (ADR). Brand affiliation was not a contributing factor in explaining the variation in hotel performance, but the net operating income, regional focus and price point were. The study concentrates on net operating income (NOI) as a measure of overall hotel performance and shows that in recessionary times the budget hotels that relied on quantifiably differentiated value did the best in terms of continual occupancy rates.

Walsh, Kate, Cathy A. Enz, and Linda Canina. "The Impact of Strategic Orientation on Intellectual Capital Investments in Customer Service Firms." Journal of Service Research: JSR 10.4 (2008): 300.

This is a study of 538 hotels in the lodging industry with the orientation being on which sets of attributes most determine long-term financial success. The three core areas of elements are systems capital, customer capital and human capital. Branding was include in customer capital and showed not differentiating value across the study. Customer capital did however show a foundational effect for all segments of the market and served as a stabilizing factor in overall performance. The net effect of this is that branding doesn't differentiation in how knowledge is used in a hotel, it is an essential element in defining its identity over time however. Added to this is the role of customer service and stability of key hires in a hotel, which is critical for keeping service and professional employees engaged and motivated to perform over time.

Management What Steps Does Ritz-Carlton Take to
Words: 488 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36684949
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What steps does Ritz-Carlton take to control the quality of its service?

To control the quality of service, Ritz-Carlton pursues the goal of being the best in the industry, providing its customers with well-trained and certified workers, and offering more than the usual services offered by other businesses in the same industry.

Ritz-Carlton implements different management programs to allow improvements and excellence in their services. Among the factors in Ritz-Carlton's management programs are participatory leadership, thorough information gathering, coordinated planning and execution, and a trained workforce. With all these, it can be deducted that the hotel's management is working towards the achievement of its goal - true excellence in service.

Aside from the management programs that Ritz-Carlton takes to control its quality of service, it also provides focus on the skills and capabilities of its employees. The hotel sees to it that its employees are empowered to respond to…

Management Annotated Bibliography Anyim F C 2012 The
Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 68695888
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Management: Annotated Bibliography

Anyim, F.C. (2012). The Imperative of Integrating Corporate Business Plan with Manpower Planning. International Journal of Business and Management, 7(8).

This article talks about how traditionally, manpower planning as human resource activity is something that is utilized by institutions to make sure that they have the proper number and the accurate types of individuals that are performing jobs at the right places and during the right time all in a proposal to achieve business purposes. The article also explains how Business plan looks to recognize the many issues critical to the achievement of the association. The article likewise emphases on how the organization can be better positioned and equipped to contend effectually in the marketplace, while manpower planning, and contribute to the industry by providing the means (individuals) to complete the results from the planning procedure. This essay is beneficial gives theoretical explanations and inspects the authoritative…

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Hotel Industry Why the Hotel
Words: 961 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17568982
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Ultimately the profitability of the hospitality industry is directly linked to how effective hospitality leaders and managers are in making this connection of experiences and measured performance over time.

The second major trend in the hospitality industry today is the growing reliance on business analytics software applications to better understand, anticipate and respond to customers' concerns (McKnight, 31). The use of business analytics software including predictive analytics that Harrah's has developed an expertise with example is a case in point (McKnight, 30). The ability to find the most profitable customer segments and tailor specific messaging, service offers, and coupons to them is keeping Harrah's profitable despite the recession that is going on right now. This filed of business analytics and predictive intelligence is one that continues to grow rapidly with the need for analysts, managers, directors and vice presidents to continually manage the large amount of data captured and used…


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Managing Services Promises the Foundations
Words: 393 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84315346
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No wonder cable companies who practice this approach to optimizing service calls run the risk of disgruntled, dissatisfied customers. What cable companies need to do is take the opposite approach and assume that existing service calls, in aggregate, can take over 20% longer than expected, thereby making sure there is enough time to exceed the expectations of customers. Only by a consistently defined strategy of exceeding expectations can any service company overcome a mediocre or deficient reputation for responsiveness (Johnston, 2004). The bottom line is that the concept of efficiency has to be redefined as taking whatever time is necessary to delight customers first, and then move onto to the next appointment. Merely overcomitting and rushing through service promises, as is the current approach of cable companies, leads to a major problem with their reputations.


Aruna Apte, Uday M. Apte, Nandagopal Venugopal. (2007). Focusing on Customer Time in Field…


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Johnston, R (2004). Towards a better understanding of service excellence. Managing Service Quality, 14(2/3), 129-133. Retrieved April 2, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 660617891).

Management Styles Fool-Proofing a Service Operation In
Words: 4150 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92882379
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Management Styles

Fool-proofing a service operation.

In the banking industry, a significant service industry in any country, optimized operations are essential to ensure that the public has maximum confidence in the operators of this industry. ank of America and its operations have been selected for discussion in this study. The bank has grown tremendously in the past few years. CEO, Ken Lewis realized that the bank could gain a wider market share and customer base if it was able to streamline its operations and the level of service. Incorporating concepts of process management was considered essential to the improvement process. (Cox and ossert, 2005) Some of the tools such as six-sigma were used to ensure that a high level of quality was maintained in the service that the provided to the customer.

ank of America recognized that customer satisfaction was paramount in ensuring that the customer was loyal and would…


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Hotel Rest Hotel and Restaurant
Words: 1564 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84709151
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In order to capitalize fully on the market segment of travelers in search of convenience rather than a particular destination or certain luxuries, affordability and a consistent level of basic quality should be emphasized in both ventures. In addition, the separation of the hotel and restaurant branding is desirable in order to promote the greatest revenue from both ventures. In keeping with the convenience and quality aspects of both business ventures, and the need for consistency and careful management control without extensive owner oversight, Holiday Inn has been selected for the hotel brand and management company, and Chili's has been selected as the brand and operator of the restaurant. This combination should provide the revenue and profitability that the owners are seeking without engaging in necessarily expensive attempts to increase occupancy rates.

Profitability in the hospitality industry can be more difficult to come by than might be imagined, but it…


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Management the Success and Failures
Words: 1990 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84009930
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The level of the investment also isolated them more in the case of a failure. They paid attention to the wrong details. Disney acted on American views of Europe rather than on native views, which could identify the important cultural differences. It appeared that the managers were too confident in their success to research the small details about European cultures.

In planning Euro Disney there were not any contingency plans put into place. The attitude towards customer habits was very complacent. They assumed that there would be so many customers every day, each staying an average number of nights spending an average amount of money. In America this would have worked because there is already a well established theme park culture. The European market proved to be a lot more unpredictable.

Up until now, Disney's venture into China has been anything but magical. The Hong Kong theme park, which opened…

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2010. Business Week. Web.

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Food and Beverage Management
Words: 1793 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 948991
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Food and Beverage Management

Articles eview myriad of ingredients go into the stew that is successful food and beverage service, including: good equipment, good location, excellent product, pleasant atmosphere, quality middle-level management, forward-thinking administration-level hierarchy, and sincere / consistent customer service. And moreover, a vitally essential component which completes the recipe for food and beverage success is a terrific staff, which springs from the planning that goes into finding talent, followed by the training and maintenance of staff excellence through intelligent processes. This paper reviews those issues, and the research which delves into how notably competent H and hands-on management can bring - and keep - high-caliber employees on board successfully.

Article #1: "How the achievement of human-resources goals drives restaurant performance," by Daniel J. Koys, Cornell Hotel & estaurant Administration Quarterly

Attitude" has a different meaning in the 21st Century than it did in previous years. To often today,…


Kay, Christine; & Russette, John (2000). Hospitality-management Competencies.

Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 41, 52.

Koys, Daniel J. (2003). How the achievement of human-resource goals drives restaurant performance. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 44, 17025.

When Paul le Von took over the food service director (FSD) at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City, he faced a number of challenges. Like other FSDs who are new to a job, le Von wanted to make numerous dramatic changes in a short period of time - renovating the facility, upgrading the menu, creating more responsive customer service - to show he was worth his salt. Also, he knew that in order to get the things done that were first on his agenda - such as a customer service overhaul "...a friendlier way of talking with customers, more like a waiter in a restaurant" (Bond, 2002) - he full cooperation with

Knowledge Management Best Practices in Services Industries
Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50569159
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Knowledge Management Best Practices in Services Industries

The ability to stay on in step with customers' rapidly changing needs is only possible when a company completely commits itself to transforming data into information, while also capturing and using tacit and implicit knowledge. As this analysis will illustrate, data, information and knowledge are multifaceted and have many implications across the lifecycle of a business in general and customers specifically. Concentrating on how the data pertaining to customers can be optimized, this analysis concentrates on the Service Quality (SEVQUAL) methodology and metrics. SEVQUAL measures five dimensions of the customer experience including reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, Berry, 1985). While the scope of this analysis concentrates on SEVQUAL from the standpoint of capturing data, information and knowledge from a customer standpoint, there are many ancillary implications that also apply to the knowledge-based theory of firms as well. The use of…


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Franchising of Hotels Advantages vs Disadvantages the
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Franchising of Hotels: Advantages vs. Disadvantages

The objective of this study is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of franchising hotel operations. Toward this end, this study will conduct an extensive review of literature in this area of inquiry as well as interview two individuals, Mr. X, and Mr. Y in order to determine whether there are more advantages or disadvantages.

Mr. X is the General Manager of a well-known hotel in Istanbul Turkey, specifically Radisson lue Istanblue Asia. The property is owned by a private company 'Ant Yapi' but the hotel is affiliated with brand Radisson, owned by the Rezidor Group. Mr. Y is the front office manager of another hotel in Istabul, specifically Swiss Otel osphorus, the property being owned by FIA group and the hotel affiliated with Swiss Hotel brand with the brand being owned by Raffles Group.

Literature Review

Chapter 19 entitled Property Management of an…


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Request for Project Management Plan
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Monroenico Hospitality Company

Project Purpose and Description

The purpose of this project is as follows:

The complex interplay of collaborative effort which every major information technology (IT) project requires a precise system of measurement through which to quantify and qualify the occurrence of success or failure, and this process is best performed with a practical system of project metrics. Traditional project metrics such as customer satisfaction rating and return on investment have been supplemented with the powerful analytics of modern software applications, allowing today's project managers to evaluate every conceivable aspect of an IT project through the objective lens of calculation and computation. It has been consistently observed that enterprises which excel at adhering to predetermined project delivery schedules typically employ a well-defined set of performance metrics to regularly measure ongoing progress (Schwalbe, 2011), because project managers armed with this targeted knowledge are far better equipped to deploy their resources…


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Marriott Internationals Management Style
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Marriott International is one of the largest hotel chains worldwide. With its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, the organisation has over 5,700 properties spread across more than 100 countries around the world. Throughout its nine decades of operation, the organisation has undergone numerous changes in terms of management, processes, as well as corporate and business strategy. This paper discusses a number of change aspects relating to the organisation. These include two key changes in the organisation's management style, role of senior management in preparing the organisation for its most recent change, use of vendors and spokespersons, an innovation that could positively impact on the organisation's employees and customers, as well as the organisation's ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers and the market environment.

Changes in Management Style

Marriott has been in operation since 1927. Though the organisation has undergone several changes in management style over its operational history,…

Luxury Hotels Embracing Executive Lounges
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executive lounges of luxury hotel in London

Promotion of Executive Lounge

Overview of the UK hotel industry

Executive lounge market research and trends

Advantages and disadvantages from the hotel perspective

Tourism data


Methodology and previous research

Research strategy and tools

Sample selection

Reliability and validity

Executive lounges are sections set aside by hotels to cater for guest or customers who are would not mind paying more in order to receive a premium or preferential services (Nguyen, 2015). Just as in the airline industry, the hotel industry has recognized the need to have special services for clients who have huge demands, especially business travelers. The major benefits of executive lounges are the services or amenities offered. Most executive lounges allow guest to have an early check-in and late checkout, business center, allowing guest to take a shower before their rooms are available, private meeting areas, and free meals. The…


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Hyatt Hotels the Hotel Industry
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High-road competition focuses on service quality (Working for America Institute 2004), which means developing property in prime locations and the regular upkeep and upgrade of property. Hotels using high-road competition charge high room rates but provide top-class amenities, satisfying customer service and on-site attractions, such as restaurants, lounges, conference sites, gift shops and concierge service to attract customers and incline them to spend. Upper segments are likelier to engage in high-road competition and lower segments, in low-road competition. Hotels in the limited-service segments must differentiate themselves from low-cost providers by offering better service, while upper-upscale and upscale hotels must reduce costs to increase or maximize profit (Working for America Institute). The amount and quality of service in the upper segments allow them to charge higher prices and to directly reward investment.

The high-road strategy may, however, not be conducive to the level of productivity that owners and managers would want,…


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Enhancing the Hotel Experience Wit Appropriate Human Resource Strategies
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Park Hotels: Designing Experience

The hospitality industry is highly dependent on what is communicated to the public and the quality of services offered. An entity satisfying its clients' needs with high-quality services and goods eventually succeeds in the market. The better part of this is that there will be a more improved aspect as the interests of the parties in the trade are met. The better part of this program is that with an improved sustainability of these dreams, there will be a better part of government utilization coming out. Some of the tips used in meeting the needs of the clients includes positive marketing and a balanced marketing of ideologies with the need to address the interests set out by the growing population of clients. This following study addresses Park Hotel's growth process and the factors that contributed to the success currently being enjoyed.

Question 1

The service concept…


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Ensuring the Security of a Hotel
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Security Measures

The hotel industry has experienced the need to enhance security of guests in the recent past given the increased security threats/attacks in the modern business environment. The increased focus on enhancing security in the hotel industry has represented a major shift from the serious neglect of various security responsibilities that characterized this industry in the past. According to Fischer, Halibozek & Walters (2013), hotel managers, particularly security managers, are faced with the need to enhance their security measures because of the numerous safety concerns in this sector such as potential terrorist attacks. In light of modern security concerns, there is need to adopt a comprehensive approach towards improving hotel security. This paper provides a plan for improving hotel security during ground breaking, grand opening, and across daily operations. The discussion is based on plans to construct the newly approved John Jay Hotel on 59th Street in New York…


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Human Resource Management Techniques Through
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Once a month we have a company wide birthday celebration. It is where each department goes to the break room in that area and has cake and ice cream to celebrate all of the department birthdays that month. The company provides the cake and ice cream and the birthday employees are given a company sponsored gift certificate for a dinner for two at a local restaurant.

In addition to the birthday day each month we have a potluck each month. Many companies have annual potlucks or holiday parties only, but we believe more frequent affairs help to maintain the bond of friendship among the workers, thereby insuring a higher retention rate. Emplyees who are happy with co-workers and have friends on the job are less apt to seek other employment.

Each month, the first Friday of the month, each department has a department wide potluck. We allow a 90 minute…


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Software Magazine

Employee Management in Hospitality
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Housekeeping Theft: The Westin Arlington Gateway

Overview of Westin Arlington Gateway

The company under research is called Westin Arlington Gateway. Westin Arlington Gateway is an international hotel found in Virginia. Westin Arlington Gateway is one of the global hotels that have captured the state-of-the-art formation. Westin Arlington Gateway is found in Virginia, one of the mega cities in the world with massive tourism growth and vibrant human activity. The hotel offers a variety of products and services that are designed to meet the customer preferences and tastes. At Westin Arlington Gateway, everything is done for the sake of the customer. The customer, who is the most important person in the hotel, is assisted to feel at best at all times. For instance, this year, Westin Arlington Gateway has introduced the Westin Well-Being Movement (Colbert, 2012). This will be a global initiative used to create awareness for the customers as they…


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Moscow Aerostar Is a Hotel
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These are to be found in the fact that those who got hired felt really proud of themselves and considered themselves as part of the best. This mentality certainly supports the manner in which the restaurant functions.

The fact that McDonald's does not have serious problems with its staff is Russia is supported by other elements as well. One of them is represented by the policy according to which all the McDonald's restaurants must function in the same manner and provide the same quality products and services, no matter the country they are located in.

This means that the people who are recruited in order to manage these restaurants must know more or less the same things and have more or less the same attitude to business. The company achieves this by sending its managers to the same universities in order to study and acquire the needed experience in this…


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Management Development Process Has Been
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Previously the element of interest and personal motivation were found missing, the technical capabilities of the employees have never been a matter of debate, however the personal and mental capacities and limitations are either ignored or not respected which resulted in the poor performance of the organization. Apparently, the rise in the demands pertaining to the particpation of the employees and the industrial democracy has also distorted the professional environment. Such all complains were lately resolved and answered through the unique approach of the organization, the organization has understood the significance of the employees, and had realized that their performance is not based upon their professional capabilities, but rather it is the function of the mental capability of the employee related to the friendly and conducive environment offered to the employees occasionally. The need of the employees that focus upon peaceful, conducive and liberal environment has been ensured, which required…


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Management Behavior the Management Re
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Now that InterClean has created a new product outlook, part of its restructuring should involve a creating a reformed performance review system that truly rewards top employees.

Describe the types of management action that align with employment laws and those that do not.

The InterClean Corporation is attempting to reformulate its product package and sales approach in light of its upcoming merger, which will require a new organizational structure and likely a different type of employee profile. As its employees are hired 'at will' the company is free to let go any employees it chooses, within the parameters of staff contracts. However, keeping a watch over employees by surreptitiously observing their conversations is unacceptable. Hiring and firing must be based upon merit, as demonstrated in documented performance reviews and seniority. Also, firings should not seem biased against entire demographic groups of workers such as the non-white or female, or be…

Hotel Facilities Maintenance
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Facilities Maintenance

Hotel Facilities Maintenance

As the proposal for Hotel Montreux enters the next phase, plans for maintenance must be delineated. Proper scheduled maintenance of the facilities systems, buildings, equipment and other features is essential to protect the capital investment and to ensure that Hotel Montreux achieves the international reputation targeted by investors and financiers. This report provides a plan of overall maintenance designed to maximize the investment by ensuring timely and appropriate maintenance and repairs. The sections that follow address the following specific management, care, and maintenance areas:

Maintenance systems

Equipment specifications

Purchasing criteria

Guest, employee, and corporate benefits

Cost accounts

Sustainability assurances

The recommendations and the overall facilities maintenance plan are based on comprehensive research relevant to the needs of the hotel, its customers, and its investors. Sources include online and print industry journals, hospitality periodicals, industry websites, and authoritative books.

Maintenance systems

Hotel Montreux is equipped with…

Management the Objective of This Work in
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The objective of this work in writing is to conduct a critical assessment of the negative and positive impacts of cultural events or festivals upon the host community and destination. This work will be specific to the United Kingdom.

There is an increase in the growth of popularity of culturally-based events and festivals and because of this, these types of festivals and events are becoming more commonplace. Included in these events are "a diverse range of themes from the specific, food and wine, through to multi-faceted celebrations, such as multicultural festivals. Characteristically, they originate within the community in response to a need or desire to celebrate their unique identity." (Small, Edwards and Sheridan, 2005, p.86) The work of The 2nd DeHaan Tourism Management Conference: Nottingham: December 16th, 2003 entitled "The Impact of Festivals on Cultural Tourism" defines cultural tourism as "Travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage, and special…


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Management the Volvo International Also
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The advertising agency has been linked up with past event volunteers who have been approached to provide old video and film clips to be uploaded to Youtube and other video upload sites to aid in a viral video marketing strategy.

e will open ticket sales for the tournament several weeks ahead of the first matches so that spectators can plan for the event. e will highlight donations to charity and potential door prizes for ticket holders to increase interest for the event.

E. Personnel Scheduling.

e will have to line up contractors and necessary organizational employees. In addition, we have to draw up a core of volunteers to help us during the tournament. e will need to set up a seeding committee to assist. e will have to check to see if a racket stringer will is available. If this is not the case, we will have to hire out…

Works Cited

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Hotel Sustainability
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Sustainability and the benefits derived from its implementation have become a contentious issue within the hotel industry. Populations, particularly in emerging markets, continue to expand at a very rapid pace. In fact, it is estimated that the population will grow to nearly 10 Billion people by the year 2050. This rapid expansion of population, although exciting, will require sustainability practices that meet present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. As such, resources, and their subsequent management will be paramount to the overall success of the hotel industry. Sustainability practices, to a large extent will require hotels to reevaluate how they operate. Through proper implementation, hotels can benefit both financially and from a customer loyalty perspective. As indicated above, the overall population is increasing rapidly. As such, the tourism market will expand alongside it. According to the article, tourism is already the largest industry in the world, with nearly…


1) Blewitt, J. (2008). Understanding Sustainable Development. London: Earthscan. ISBN 978-1-84407-454-9

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Management Interview of Manger of Firm Earning at Least 10 Million in Annual Revenue
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men like Mr. Nus is underscored by an almost unappetizing uniformity. Although he attempts to invoke the dynamism of his organization in its ability to provide succinct resolutions to vexing problems, his mere language strikes us as pre-scripted, lacking the subtle virtues of personalization. His ideas seems unsubstantial, as is indicated by his insistence on hiring people who smile. French philosopher Jean Baudrillard said of American culture, "Smile if you have nothing to say...Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth." The tastes of such men seem to reflect this lack of identity; they are reflected in anonymously elegant chain hotels such as Radisson and Hyatt, which seem to the casual observer to be all but identical from Prague to Singapore.

However, to limit our evaluation to these unflattering observations would do the dominant accounting firms an enormous discredit. Men like Mr. Nus emote the nature of…

Management of Enterprise Wide Networking
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entepise wide netwoking has been the topic of discussion. Advances in technology and netwoking systems have caused oganizations to develop new management techniques fo entepise wide netwoks. The pupose of this pape is to discuss the Management of entepise-wide netwoking. We will focus on fou aspects of entepise wide netwoking including; legacy systems, Intenet Secuity, offshoe development and suppot and Mobile computing. We will investigate how each of these aspects is handled within an entepise.

Legacy Systems

Legacy systems wee once popula in the business wold but have become less popula in ecent yeas. (Sinn 2003) legacy system is loosely defined as "a softwae platfom developed in a pocedual language such as Cobol o RPG, hosted on a mainfame o an IBM iSeies. In most cases the maintenance costs of the system tend to incease ove time while the available technical expetise aound it deceases (Ludin 2004)."

Many entepises ae…

references and Deter Computer Crime. Yale Law Journal, 112(6), 1577+.

American Hotel Lodging Association Management Carriers Under
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American Hotel Lodging Association

Management Carriers under the Hotel and estaurant Industries

Hotel, lodging and restaurant industries are one of the fastest growing career areas in the world today. These industries have very high potential for job creation because they are diverse and dynamic. This sector grows every day in all parts of the world and absorbs many people ranging from the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. There is a high demand for services offered by these industries in America and beyond. This high demand forces the operators in this sector to expand and grow in all ways in order to meet their customers' expectations. esearch in the hospitality industry which include hotels and restaurant shows that, this sector grows at a high rate than any other sector. Statistics shows that more than one out of ten jobs in the world today relates to this sector directly or indirectly.

Hotel, lodging…


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New Jersey: John Willy and sons.

Sidpers Program Risk Management Plan Project Description
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Sidpers Program isk Management Plan

Project description and Objectives

Project Scope

Project sizing

Stakeholder analysis

Project Manager (PM)

isk Manager

isk Analyst

The identified Sources of isk in the SIDPES Project

isk egister

Summary isk eport

isk Breakdown Structure

Double P-I matrix

Hillson, D and Simon, P (2007).Practical Project isk Management: The Atom Methodology. Management Concepts.

This document contains details of the isk Management Plan for the SIDPES Project and defines the risk management process to be used in the risk management process that is to be used through the duration of this project. The Project Manager is to be the one who is responsible for the review as well as maintaining of this Management Plan throughout the project. This is to ensure that the risk process sis maintained at an appropriate level necessary for dealing with the level of risk that is faced by this specific project (Simon &…


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Performance Measurement for Project Management Every Enterprise
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Performance Measurement for Project Management

Every enterprise which employs a diverse and multifaceted workforce to facilitate organization, production, and service, from major international corporations to local community churches, utilizes a concept known as performance management to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. The field of performance management has been defined by managerial researchers as a "strategic and integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of companies by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors" (Armstrong and Baron, 1998), and the technique has been used since the 1970's by businesses seeking to improve their organizational results. For the sake of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino's proposed luxury tour bus renovation project, it is essential to examine the complex issue of performance management from the varying perspectives of the different stakeholders involved, including the project's sponsors (MGM Grand Hotel and…


Armstrong, M., & Baron, A. (1998). Performance management: The new realities. London: Institute of Personnel and Development.

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HR Management in the Small Business
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Human esources Management is a vitally important part of the business world. Indeed, the ability to manage employees can mean the success or failure a firm. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore human resources management as it relates to small business. Throughout this discussion, we will focus on Issues such as the changing global workforce, corporate culture, management issues, information technology, and workforce diversity.

Changing Global workforce

According to a journal article found in the Journal of Business Strategies explains that H management strategies must change to fit the changes in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article asserts that companies are focusing more on maintaining the competitive advantage in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article reports that companies are increasingly opening international offices and must learn how to manage human resources accordingly (McWilliams et al. 2001). The authors assert

One of…


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Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management
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Function #1: Mitigation

At this stage, gradual and long-term steps are taken to ensure that disasters do not occur, or that, when they do, they cause minimal damage. Actions at this stage include the identification of hazards, the research of the causes which generate the disaster, the creation of means in which to modify the causes of the disasters, the development of means which reduce the community's vulnerability to the disaster, the efforts to better consolidate old buildings, the construction of disaster-resistant buildings, the education of the population or the provision of insurance.

At this stage, the responsibilities of the central government include:

The identification of hazards and the research of their causes

The research as to how the causes of the disaster can be modified

The offering of research and development grants to local projects

The promulgation of buildings safety standards

elative to the competencies of the local governments…


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Production Management When Deciding Which
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3). When the first two processes have been, completed one would then incorporate change into the process model, this will allow one to see where there are possible places for change and give one the opportunity to train all staff and associates on the new processes (LCP, p. 4). Now is the time to monitor the process. During this phase, one will measure performance, monitor potential problems, and look for future improvements. These processes are important factors in locating, correcting, and monitoring the successfulness as well as the problems in one's business. By gathering this information and using it, one has the necessary tools to see where one's business is going wrong and how to alleviate current problems as well as project growth for the future. With proper preparation and forecasting hopefully, the problems in this scenario are non-existent.


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Griffith Hotel Case Study- Griffith Hotel the
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Griffith Hotel

Case Study- Griffith Hotel

The Griffith Hotel is a luxurious hotel that opened in Tel Aviv during 2005. The Griffith Hotel attracts tourists and high ranking diplomats from around the world as guests. The Griffith Hotel is modernized and has a robust 560 rooms to accommodate its vast clientele. The general manager and the higher level management team believe that providing the best customer service is the key to present and future success for the Griffith Hotel. ecently, the front-office manager Simon and his staff have not been meeting the customer service standards.

Five major problems are plaguing Simon and his staff at the Griffith Hotel. The problems are Simon's incompetence as a manager due to the lack of interpersonal skills, a sub-par cross-training program, an ineffective front-office department, a front-desk dilemma, and incorrect use of the satisfaction surveys. An in-depth look of interpersonal skills has been researched…


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Ur Topic Engineering Department International Hotel Part
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Ur topic engineering department international hotel part introduction engineering department international hotel 200 words, part Identify key management competencies required department Utilizing Sandwith's Competency Domain Model (refer Kay ussette (2000) Hospitality Management Competencies -- [email protected]) key management competencies required department? What competencies required succeed department? 350 WODS Please simple academic.

Engineering at an international hotel: Challenges for management

Engineering at an international hotel is could be described as the '7-11' of operations management, in terms of the hours employees must work. Unlike an office building, hotels are always operating at near-full capacity regarding their heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. Guests may be coming in at odd hours from flights; the night desk clerks must welcome guests and handle the needs of late-night revelers, and the hotel laundry is often washing guests' sheets well before dawn. "Without minimizing the contribution of other departments, of which there may be as many as…


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Business Management Operations Case Study
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Generally, those same performance objectives also contribute directly to the strength of internal measures of operational success. A commitment to quality on the part of organizations and their personnel is naturally conducive to customer satisfaction; however, it is equally beneficial to the organization internally because genuine commitment on the level of individual employees is infectious, just as are negative attitudes.

Likewise, employees who are recruited and trained to be efficient and dependable contribute to the development and maintenance of an entire organizational culture of efficiency, commitment to quality, and to mutual support and cooperation. Staff members who know that they can rely on their coworkers and who also know that their coworkers depend on them to uphold high standards of performance tend to work harder and devote themselves to success on a personal level, a business unit level, and ultimately, to the success of the entire organization.

The element of…

Capacity Management and Its Impact on Business
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Capacity planning has seen an increased emphasis due to the financial benefits of the efficient use of capacity plans within material requirements. This is particularly true as international competitors are using more efficient and productive means of managing their own capacity. Toyota is prime example of how short-term capacity management can be used to help improve profitability, shareholder return and costs. Insufficient capacity can quickly lead to deteriorating delivery performance, unnecessarily increase work-in-process, and frustrate sales personnel and those in manufacturing. Frustrated customers often quickly elect to purchase a competitor's product when other products are not available. This is also true as Americans elected to purchase Japanese cars as oppose to America cars due to their high quality and high profitability. However, excess capacity can be costly and unnecessary. We have realized this concept with housing production. Excess production has created a large amount of inventory which needs to be…


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Business Management -- Employee Cross
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Because cross-trained employees are more knowledgeable about the overall business processes of the organization, their conceptual understanding of the mission of their organization is enhanced by every incremental increase of their involvement and knowledge of its operations (obbins & Judge, 2009). Beyond that element of increased involvement, the fact that cross-trained workforces tend to improve the morale and organizational connectedness of individual employees also contributes directly to organizational benefits through the positive impact on individual performance. Finally, cross-trained workforces also collaborate better and exhibit increased interpersonal rapport with coworkers. According to generally accepted principles of organizational behavior, this element also improves individual work performance beyond what is capable of achieving without such interpersonal rapport among coworkers (ussell-Whalling, 2008).

Conclusions and ecommendations

The review of the available literature on the beneficial effects of cross-trained workforces on their organizations strongly suggests that, as a general rule, cross-training should be implemented in business…


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Org Structure the Boardman Management Group Has
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Org Structure

The Boardman Management Group has a simple organizational structure consisting of a single unit. All of the management is located in one facility, which is situated adjacent to the primary area of business. The group uses this structure because most of its business is the Baderman Island Resort. It is not known if the Group even manages the original portfolio of cottages and hotels, but there are some offsite properties that are also managed from this central location. Presumably the rationale is that these properties are not a major part of the business, and it is easier to have management centrally located than on-site.

This type of organizational structure is typically utilized for firms that have a single business, and a narrow geographic scope. All of the functions can work closely together when they are in a central location. The company's units have a higher degree of cohesion,…

Project Management of the Wedding
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It is essential to determine the critical path and shortest and long paths based on the allocated time.

The network diagram for the wedding planning project also provides an understanding about the activities in the sequence they are required to be performed. It is observed that family task is preceded with invitations Lists and on the basis of this activity invitations are posted. The booking of the ceremony is also completed after this activity. On the other hand the wedding activity has two preceding activities including place finalizations and dress selection and rings, which is followed by the floral and decor as well as honeymoon. The finalization of place leads to appointment for ceremony and venue selection, leading towards the final weeding as finish of the activities.



nvitations List



Venue Selection


for Ceremony

Finalization of Place

Invitations Postage

Dresses and Rings


Honey Moon


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Expanding Hotel Business Market Plan
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The hotel seeks to promote its strategic location and incomparable services to boost its sales to the majority of people and tourists visiting Southern California. Its proximity to central Loss Angeles also gives an advantage to the hotel to target the urban dwellers seeking recreation facilities outside the central city.

Marketing programs

Pricing of services and products offered by the Long beach hotel is under management and control of market conditions of demand and supply. Prices are elastic depending on the season of the year. During peak periods, prices for accommodation services range from $100 to $400. These prices aim to meet the demands of a bigger range of people. The prices vary depending on the capability of a customer. Price charge depends on the facilities available in the hotel rooms and other services that a customer may require such as dinner and breakfast. Charges such as $400 per night…


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