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Management: Annotated Bibliography

Anyim, F.C. (2012). The Imperative of Integrating Corporate Business Plan with Manpower Planning. International Journal of Business and Management, 7(8).

This article talks about how traditionally, manpower planning as human resource activity is something that is utilized by institutions to make sure that they have the proper number and the accurate types of individuals that are performing jobs at the right places and during the right time all in a proposal to achieve business purposes. The article also explains how Business plan looks to recognize the many issues critical to the achievement of the association. The article likewise emphases on how the organization can be better positioned and equipped to contend effectually in the marketplace, while manpower planning, and contribute to the industry by providing the means (individuals) to complete the results from the planning procedure. This essay is beneficial gives theoretical explanations and inspects the authoritative of mixing business plan with manpower planning. Students will find that this article useful because it concludes that manpower plan is essentially related to business plan and that an organization can originate competitive advantage from the growth of business plan that mixes with the manpower plan. Last of all, recommendations for the actual interlink among the two plans were made to lead practitioners.

Bewayo, E. (2005). Business Plans: Why Do We Teach Them? Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) -- Established in 1973, 492-495.

This article talks about a sine qua none of entrepreneurship academic programs and how it is a course on business plans. It makes the point that on the other hand, in reality business plans are mysterious. The article goes on to explain that business plans are said to be critically useful for businesspersons but most businesspersons don't prepare them and business plans are thought to lead to business success. Nevertheless, the association among start-up business plans and business survival has been discovered to be weak. This article is helpful because it explains how business plans are said to be a duty for business start-up financing. But, financial organizations, particularly banks, have more impartial standards of figuring out credit worthiness than depending on written business plans. However, the article fails to go into detail about leading voices on entrepreneurship education for instance D. Gumpert, G. Gendron and the article could have done a better job when it came to chronicling these issues and the explaining in more detail why we continue teaching business plans.

Boni, A.A. (2012). The pitch and business plan for investors and partners. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 18, 38 -- 42.

This article covers the fundamentals of building and bringing a "pitch" of a commercial opportunity to potential depositors or business partners. It goes on to make the point that constructing an effective pitch first is important in a business plan. It also discusses how the pitch has got to be something that is serious and passionate. This article is helpful for researchers because it talks about hot plans change and how important it is to stick with it regardless.

Brush, S. (1993). Developing a hotel business plan: A how-to manual. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 34(3), 72.

This article is about gives out the detailed information to include in a plan to build a hotel. The author is someone that has had experience in the hotel business so he brings his experience to the table for others. This article is also explores the potential problems that come with the territory. In other words, he talks about the challenges and also the hindrances that can occur when laying out the blue print for a hotel. This article is a good read for those that are interested in the hotel business and for those that may be possibly thinking about building a hotel in the near future. It is extremely helpful because it mentions things like how to make a budget, project scheduling and it also includes engineering information which would be very useful for students interested in those kinds of logistics. It is also good for research because it includes things such as marketing issues and operating performances.

Goodale, M. (2001). Developing a solid business plan. Civil Engineering, 74-75.

This article talks about how important it is to have good strategic plans. The article also explores that a


It makes the point of how a good strategic plan unlocks a firms potential. It also mentions things how small business fails because they do not have any kind of strategic business plan in place. This article is beneficial because it explores how a business firm has to grow in order for it to retain its existing staff and how vital it is for any firm to not resist change but to embrace it. This article is good for researchers and students in business because it mentions how a firm has to groom its next generation of leaders. The author has his own firm so he uses his experience to write this article.

Gresch, A. (2010). Developing a Five-Year Business Plan for your Department. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, 14(5), 115-117.

This article is important because it talks about how in a person's professional environment, it is so important to step back and think about where they want to be sometime next year, or basically in the near future. This is also a good article because it talks about maintaining the status quo and how doing so may keep a person employed for now, but it's not essentially what delivers the utmost value to the organization. This article would beneficial to a person in business because it explains that first, it is vital to consider their department and organization's goal, values, and business goals to make sure that whatever is in your plan is brought into line with them. It is also good for research because it explains how they need to write down the plan and keep them in front of them.

Hatchett, R. (2013). Writing a business plan to Support a Cardiac Service. British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, 8(4), 190-192.

This article talks about increasing financial limitations on cardiac services and the NHS, joined with the need to establish positive service results, has intensified the importance on constructing a perfect business plan/case to upkeep expansion or re-strategy of many services before beginning any patient creativity. Creating a business plan can appear an intimidating task, nonetheless it can be made relaxed by following some simple steps which can be distributed into clear headings. This article is helpful deliberates the reasons for making a commercial plan and deliberates the significant steps to be comprised in any type of proposal. The article is helpful because it talks about how relevant evidence should be accessed, and the whole team affected by the ensuing service should be complicated so as to raise the cogency of the exercise.

Mizrahi, J. (2009). An Integrated Approach to Teaching Business Writing Using The Business Plan. Issues in Writing, 61-9.

This article discusses the integration of a major team projects and how they write a business plan into an introductorybusiness writing course curriculum. The article mentions the provision of undergraduates that had a realistic picture of professional workplace situations. This is helpful because it gives real life situations in regards to business and how it needs to be ran. However, the article focuses too much on core business writing values that discuss the shorter traditional projects.

SECOND-DRAFT OF A Business PLAN:What should it contain? (2010). Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 16(2), 121-125.

This article talks about subject matter of this certain case that addresses the procedure and critical content elements in preparing business plans. The article also mentions how this case would be most appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses that were a part of the business plans. This document is benefecial because it mentions how the case is designed to be deliberated in one to one and one-half hours and should take students no more than three hours of preparation from outside. This document is also good because it talks about how the cases studies can be used in order to follow a good business plan.

Vesper, J.F. (1993). Writing a business Plan: The Total Term Assignment. HarperCollins.

This article talks about how there are many people that are interested in getting a business plan and that this has been going on since the 1990s but has increased ever since. It also discusses how very important it is to have a team and also be a team player. The article is very helpful for students because it displays how working together on a business plan can be very beneficial. It stresses basically that two heads are better than one. However, this article fails to give the downside of not having the right people in the team.

What to do before You write a business Plan? (2010). Business STRATEGY REVIEW, 7(3), 92-93.

This article is about the things…

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Brush, S. (1993). Developing a hotel business plan: A how-to manual. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 34(3), 72.

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