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International Expansion Is One of the Growth

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International expansion is one of the growth strategies that are embraced by companies in order to improve their bottom-line/profitability. In this paper, we present an elaborate international marketing strategy for ed Bull energy drink. The marketing plan begins with an introduction into the concept of international expansion and marketing and a brief overview of the company. A review of the main conclusions and recommendations is then presented. This is then followed by a discussion of internalization strategy. In this section, the context as well as context and reasons for the firm's internationalization initiation or expansion decision, as well as a discussion of the stage of internationalization at which your chosen firm finds itself. The next section is a discussion of the foreign market segmentation and targeting strategies. Under this section, we justify our choice of a market concentration or diversification strategy, incremental vs. simultaneous entry, the number of countries you…… [Read More]


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International and Domestic Marketing Are

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, 2003).

Notwithstanding these similarities in the marketing function, there are some important differences that must also be considered. For example, even enormous countries in geographic and population terms that have relatively homogeneous populations may require more straightforward domestic marketing techniques and small city-states will require more elaborate international marketing techniques. For example, as ao (2000) points out, "Given its strong tourism base and an open economy, Singapore has modern international retailing and other marketing institutions, making this country a truly global or international city, while India represents primarily a traditional, domestic marketing environment with considerable isolation from international markets" (p. 188).

According to Hills (1994), the ecological model shown in Figure 1 below indicates that there is no single, successful ongoing or steady-state strategy for small companies involved in international marketing initiatives. This author emphasizes that, "Standardization vs. local differentiation is the single most important issue in ongoing international…… [Read More]


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International Firms Segment the Global

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Starbucks succeeded in Asia specifically because it did not market the same way that it did in North America. Cultural differences made it difficult to market their primary product (coffee), so they shifted focus to their secondary product (the casual "third place"), something that is in high demand in Asia's densely populated cities and Asia's communal culture (Chang, 2010). Had Starbucks stuck with its focus on coffee, the message would have been lost on tea-drinking Asian consumers.

The notion that products can be marketed the same all the world over is a fanciful one. Even the world's most ubiquitous companies tailor their products, their distribution and their promotional strategies to the local conditions. The brand may be the same, but the marketing behind the brand is often very different.

4. There are a number of costs beyond the domestic price that must be considered when marketing abroad, including product-related costs,…… [Read More]

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International Business Three Company Profiles

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That's proving a business opportunity for Krispy Kreme, McDonald's and other American fast-food chains. For Krispy Kreme, Japan is part of its overseas expansion -- a crucial element of its revival plan announced earlier this year. The chain, based in inston-Salem, N.C., saw its stock collapse two years ago under the weight of overexpansion in the U.S., an accounting investigation and the low-carb diet craze...[Now a] Japanese man carries boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts back to his office...two Japanese girls devour doughnuts last week at a Krispy Kreme shop in Tokyo. Long lines form outside the shops, sometimes leading to waits of an hour" (Kageyama 2007). But because of more health-conscious consumers in other regions of America where the Southern, Americana image of the company has less cache and novelty, this strategy has not been successful. Also, the idea of a 'trans-fat free doughnut' has not quelled fears about health…… [Read More]

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Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced

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This he can do by engaging in extensive advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, internet marketing, and sponsorship. Depending on the resources available, the client can use any form of mass media that is within his means. He can also go for the services of public relation companies to obtain favorable publicity within the media. The client can also make use of money off coupons or special offers to increase sales volumes in short-term. Internet marketing techniques like social media and videos on demand can also come in handy (Chaffey, 2007). Message strategy should be well thought out. The message should reinforce the benefit of that product (Schultz & Dev, 2005).

2.1.4 Place Strategy

This stands for ways by which goods are transported from the client to the end users. The client has to ensure that goods reach the market when they are still in good condition failure to…… [Read More]


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International of Music Under the

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Music is something that reaches the soul. In other more pragmatic words we could state that its role is to answer psychological needs. From this pint of view the greatest opportunity that the artist benefits from is the one of making good quality music. Normally the high quality product should sell itself. In reality it will need a bit of promotion and advertising to achieve its purpose of becoming successful abroad.

Now that we have taken into consideration a multitude of strong points and opportunities, we should probably underline the fact that there are important threats that one must take into consideration. The first threat that we must analyze is represented by the competition. It is true that being a male could be an advantage on the international music market.

One may become the idol of the boys and a desired partner for the girls. Especially under the circumstances in…… [Read More]


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Marketing Communication Programme for the New Product

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Marketing Communication Programme for the New Product

"The Body Shop" offers a wide range of naturally inspired cosmetics and toiletry products. The brand, originally created in the United Kingdom, distributes its products and expresses its values through a large multi-channel network of exclusive retail shops (1,088 company owned and 1,517 franchisees) in more than 60 countries, as well as through home and online sales. The purpose of this report is developing an international marketing plan for a new product; a special shampoo which mitigates the hair loss problem of people, particularly for men, to be added to the range for international market in Asia for the Body Shop.

An international marketing plan including an analysis of marketing potential and target segment of the new product, a marketing communication programme for the new product is indicated in this report.

This report also provides a SWOT analysis for The Body Shop and…… [Read More]

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International Channel Management

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International Channel Management

The Japanese Distribution System has been under a lot of scrutiny and assessment and analyses by foreigners, and these analyses have attempted to find out the reason behind the absolute 'no go' principle that they find when they attempt to export any product to Japan. In a basic comparison between Japan and the United States of America, for example, while there is one single retail store for every 68 persons in Japan, in America, there is one retail store for every 120 persons. (Japanese Business Environment) The Japanese Distribution is virtually in the midst of a big controversy today, wherein the distributive structure and the various trade practices followed by the Japanese are under question. (A new perspective on the Japanese distribution system: structure and trade practices) The fact is that the Japanese Distribution System came into being during the early years of the seventeenth century, when…… [Read More]


Auckerman, William. Japan Net Penetration doubles in past year. Retrieved From Accessed on 18 March, 2005

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Marketing Management Marketing Is'so

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Typically, scholars see low context cultures as one in which things are explained in more detail, have less a tradition in history and the past, and are rooted in the present and the future. This is why, for instance, most view the United States as a low context culture in reference to a high context culture like the Native American or Maori (Samovar and Porter, 2004).

The challenge in contemporary culture is that there are so many different messages and ways of communicating those messages, along with such a vast number of products and services, that it is now hard, in the global economy, to completely differentiate contextual messages. Once can find examples of the entire range of the continuum within the U.S. based marketing field, depending on the product or service; certainly, the marketing of Coca-Cola is different than the marketing of a medical imaging system, and requires a…… [Read More]


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Marketing and E-Marketing Integrating Marketing

Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86855059

Analysis of Performance

Another primary factor that is serving as a catalyst for companies integrating their marketing and e-marketing into a single, unified platform is the potential that exists for measuring performance of strategies at a much greater level of accuracy than has been possible in the past (Bernoff, Li, 2008). This is particularly useful from a global standpoint when companies must budget their advertising, promoting and marketing dollars across a wide variety of programs, each operating in a different geography (Sheth, Sharma, 2005). While much has been written about the world being flat, in fact marketing globally has never been more heterogeneous and diverse (Sheth, Sharma, 2005). For companies to attain a high level of trust in their chosen markets the focus needs to be on measuring strategies online to see what resonates and makes them relevant over not (adin, Calkins, Predmore, 2007). Metrics captures from e-marketing can deliver…… [Read More]


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Marketing Report for Ms Janet Bradley Keeping

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Marketing eport for Ms. Janet Bradley

Keeping in view the increasing obesity rates in Australia and finding the spicy and high-calorie fast foods as the major reason for it, Ms. Janet Bradley has planned to establish a low-calorie fast food restaurant chain that will serve as an alternative to McDonald's, ed ooster, KFC, and other fast food chains. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the micro and macro environment for the new fast food chain in order to recommend strategies which can help it in becoming successful in the industry. The major micro environmental forces which will impact its business are consumer behaviour, suppliers and intermediaries, publics, and competitors. The buyer behaviour has been analysed using cultural, social, personal, and psychological dimensions -- all having a significant impact on the purchase decisions and preferences of the consumers towards fast food products. The restaurant chain will also take a big…… [Read More]


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International Distribution Channel

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International Distribution Channels

Strategic Alliances in International Distribution Channels

Of the many critical success factors necessary for international distribution channels to succeed, the most important are found within the context of International Strategic Alliances (ISA). In the research study results presented in the peer-reviewed study Strategic Alliances in International Distribution Channels (Mehta, Polsa, Mazur, Xiucheng, Dubinsky, 2006) the authors provide an empirically sound and well defined framework fro evaluating the potential success of ISA alliances across nations, geographic regions and cultures. The authors conclude that the motivation to learn and share knowledge, followed by relationship closeness is the two most critical success factors that contribute to (Mehta, Polsa, Mazur, Xiucheng, Dubinsky, 2006). These two factors can traverse differences in cultural orientation towards competitive and commerce, as is shown in the result of the U.S. And Poland compared to Finland and the People's epublic of China (P..C.).

Analysis of Objectives and…… [Read More]


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Marketing Case Study Explain What You Think

Words: 1206 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11966605

Marketing Case Study

Explain what you think would be an appropriate promotions strategy for both of them. In doing so compare and contrast the two promotions strategies explaining why you think they would be similar or different.










More than one billion adults worldwide are overweight. In the United States alone obesity is responsible for an estimated 300,000 deaths annually. What's interesting is that nearly all of these deaths are preventable through proper exercise and nutrition. As such, fitness is a very contentious issue plaguing many of the developed nations worldwide. Statistics indicate that nearly 33% of all Americas are obese. This bodes very well in regards to marketing as 1 in 3 Americans could use the fitness and exercise related…… [Read More]


1. Swarming the shelves: How shops can exploit people's herd mentality to increase sales." The Economist. 2006-11-11. p. 79-90.

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International Business Competitive Strategy Is the Bedrock

Words: 6174 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46966256

International usiness

Competitive strategy is the bedrock on which companies base business decisions to reach their targets and achieve profitability. Formulating and implementing strategies in international business is much more complicated and difficult task than doing so in home or familiar markets. Competitive strategy deals with the development of abilities by a firm to keep ahead of competitors in the fields in which it operates. Firms develop competitive edge in global markets by possessing certain assets, abilities or characteristics. The primary elements of competitive advantage are the critical offer, the significant operating factors and the firm's strategic resources. (ennett and lythe, 2002) Corporate strategies and international marketing strategies are linked closely and have a bearing on business performance. (rown, 1994)

While some companies focus on a single source of competitive advantage, it is common for many firms to opt for a combination of options to be flexible and attain the…… [Read More]


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Marketing Communication Plan

Words: 2287 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52863509

Marketing Communications Plan for 5 Star Adventure Tours

Executive Overview

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people" (2005, p.3). Ecotourism has become the fastest growing segment of the global tourism industry, the largest sector in the world economy. Because climate is one of the main drivers of international tourism, with the majority of tourists seeking to relax in the sun or snow, climate change is expected to have a significant impact on international tourism, and therefore on ecotourism.

This marketing communication plan details marketing plans for 5 Star Adventure Tours,, consistently ranked among the top five tour operators in Australia, and an accredited Advanced Eco Tourism Operator. The marketing plan also discusses the size of the global tourist and ecotourist markets, which have been experiencing record growth during the last decade. Given…… [Read More]

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Marketing Management and Analysis Marketing

Words: 2472 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5657377

Business users will be charged $45 a month for data. By giving back the revenue to the carriers, which they may use for subsidies, Apple is hoping to dramatically increase its volume, as well as sell more Macintosh computers to iPhone users" (Markoff 2008).

This tradeoff illustrates an important aspect of marketing any new technology -- not only must the product be affordable, but so must the service itself. Apple is striving to convince consumers that using as well as buying the iPhone is financially feasible and also hopes its attractive pricing strategy for the iPhone will convert more consumers to the use of its other product, like Macs, because of the satisfaction they derive from the iPhone. Additionally, while business users are charged more per month because they use more data services, Apple also has tried to still make the iPhones attractive to businesses, by selling them the phone…… [Read More]

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Marketing in a Less Developed Country

Words: 1532 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48375928

Marketing in a Less Developed Country

A less developed country is that country with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of less than 2% of global trade in goods relative to other countries. Less developed countries are characterized by little industry and sometimes a comparatively high dependence on foreign aid. These countries are grouped as the poorest and weakest market economies and consist of more than 880 million people. They rely heavily on exports of agricultural products whose prices keep on fluctuating fetching low price in the international market while they import most of the industrial and manufactured goods from developed countries a reason for continued balance of payment deficits, resulting into high debt burdens which have kept them as beggars' in the international community thus a continuous vicious cycle of poverty (UN-OHLLS, 2011).

Less developed countries are also characterized by low level of socio-economic development with weak human and institutional…… [Read More]


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Marketing in a Global Market

Words: 1316 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40312634

It is estimated that 590 billion cigarettes are smoke per year in the MENA region and growing by 2% annually, thus making this area one of the few growing markets for tobacco in the world (MENA pp).

Turkey is the largest exporter of oriental and semi-oriental leaf in the world, and although there was a rise in production in 2004 that stabilized the country's tobacco economy, the European Union plans for reforming tobacco subsidies for 2006 and the potential sale of Tekel, the tobacco monopoly, may have a destabilizing effect and lead to a rise in pricing (MENA pp).

Although Dubek has dominated the cigarette market in Israel and has a distribution network of 12,000 retailers nationwide, its share of cigarette sales has been affected by a rise in popularity of foreign brands (MENA pp). In 2003, Philip Morris became the leading player in sales of tobacco with its volume…… [Read More]

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Marketing International Market Discuss the

Words: 1578 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73068286

Norms: Every society has a set of norms, which often include the folkways, mores, taboos and rituals that exist within the culture.

Values: The values of a culture often refer to the things that are to be achieved or to the things that are considered of great worth or value.

eligion and Beliefs: The religion and the beliefs of the people in a civilization play an important role in shaping up of the culture of any society.

Social Collectives: Social collectives refer to the social groups, organizations, communities, institutions, classes, and societies, which are considered as symbolic social constructions within a culture.

Statuses and oles: A status or a social role is a slot or position within a group or society that a person belongs to.

Cultural Integration: This refers to the degree of harmony or integration within the various elements of culture (What are the Elements of Culture, 2009).…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Marketing Strategy and Practice Marketing

Words: 1151 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88647253

From the place or distribution standpoint, Cincom relies on a direct sales force for the majority of its sales. This translates into the sales force for Cincom visiting the companies who are interested in purchasing their solutions and providing conference room pilots or demos of their software. Cincom also concentrates on creating demos that match to the needs of their customers exactly, by first evaluating the process workflows and procedures that are most in need of improvement within a customers' business. Cincom will model a customers' entire business to provide insights into how their software can streamline the overall production process.

Finally on the promotional aspect of their marketing mix for CONTOL, Cincom relies primarily on customer references and a series of videos of customers sharing how the EP system has helped to streamline their overall operations. There is also a series of brochures and data sheets, and self-running demos…… [Read More]


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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling Sex With Soap

Words: 1678 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81857971

Marketing Shampoo -- Selling sex with soap suds

Shampoo's main function as a product may be to clean hair, but when it comes to advertising, no form of marketing succeeds more potently to sell this cleansing product to women than the marketing of feminine sex appeal. 'Buy the product, and be a sexy woman/girl.' This may not always come across as good clean fun in the eyes of the consumer, but, even if us not strictly dirty advertising, the need to sell sex as part of the image to the typical female consumer of shampoo cannot be underestimated. hat else will distinguish what is otherwise a fairly indistinguishable product, other than the promise of sensuality via the right kind of soaping and suds?

hile much of Chapter 7 of Reading Culture by Diana George and John Trimbur makes much of how the female body has been used as an image…… [Read More]

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Marketing Digital Tools and Technology

Words: 2593 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30288868

In an online setting, owley suggests that marketers do not need to "speculate about customer needs" because they can use the Internet to download customer's buying profiles and enhance their customer service and product development strategies based on the information they receive from online reports. Further, the author suggests advertising can be more targeted because it is more easily tracked in an online setting vs. An offline setting. owley (2004) goes on to assert that the combination of online and offline services allows for more customization, and enables "mutual dependence" which in turn creates complex and diversified communities inclusive of customers and businesses. Organizations that utilize the Internet wholly, rather than partially, are more likely to become targets for innovation, research and development, which will only advance their goals in the short- and long-term (owley, 2004, p. 39).

There are theorists that study certain aspects of marketing, like advertising, but…… [Read More]


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Marketing Intelligence & Planning, vol. 22 no.3, pp.297-309. DOI: 10.1108/02634500410536885, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. ISSN: 0263-4503
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International Corporation Discussion L'oreal Is

Words: 1492 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77216183

John (1996, p. 46). Communication problems arising out of different business traditions, lack of communication, cultural differences, growth of external stakeholders might occur and result in unfavorable litigation, negative publicity, and unfavorable regulatory policies. Therefore, supplier assignment and integration into the L'Oreal community are based on the key values: mutual respect, transparency, sharing of information, strong communication and high business standards. To integrate a new supplier or subcontractor, a specialized team follows a structured process called "Welcome on oard" with several formal stages, starting with an analysis of information related to the supplier's financial and technical capacity, structure and geographic location (L'Oreal Sustainable Development Report 2007 ibid). Question 5: The company's commitment to act in an ethical and responsible manner is summarized in a document called "The L'Oreal Spirit" and can be accessed on the company's website. Ethics is at the heart of L'Oreal's commitment towards sustainable growth and consumption.…… [Read More]


Case Study: L'Oreal. 23 December 2010. 1-3. Accessed 18 October 2011.

< - Similar>

Foreign National Environments: Legal Environments. 1-4. Accessed 18 October 2011.

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Marketing Strategy for a Real Business

Words: 2159 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69729205

Marketing Plan

Product / Service Concept

The multifunctional remote device is designed to enhance convenience of most functionalities for electrical/electronic equipments used by consumers. This product offering enables consumers to access and control different electronic devices and equipment through a single remote device. This will facilitate communication with different servers linked to the organization. The benefit of this product is that it will enhance the convergence of technology used within an organization. This is a user-friendly device purposed to increase the level of convenience for end-users. In addition, this will increase the level of consumer satisfaction. The introduction of this product offering offers a substitution to the use of different remotes for different electronic devices. For instance, within the hospitality industry, the multi-function remote device will facilitate different conveniences such as audio and video devices, room temperature controls, lighting, room printers, television, and even bed movements.

Product Mix


The…… [Read More]

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International Business Marketing Internship Report

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International Business/Marketing Internship eport

In today's world, it is impossible to think of business on a local, or even national, scale. Today's business reality is a global economy, for businesses large and small. Thanks to globalization, national borders have been lowered. This means suppliers, customers, and competitors are not necessarily just down the street, but could be located anywhere in the world. As such, it is critical for organizational team members to have a firm understanding of the international dimensions of business. Without it, organizations cannot be truly competitive in today's global economy. I anticipate that my internship experience at Korona Tours and Travel in Cyprus will reiterate this fact to me.

Korona Travel is a young travel company that services the Cyprus Tourism Sector. They pride themselves on the high level of service they provide to their international customers. They operate tours out of eleven countries including: ussia, Belarus,…… [Read More]

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International Business and the Regions

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International Business and the egions

In the era of globalization, the primary scope of agencies, institutions and players across the world seems the creation of a free international market place. The efforts so far made have however been insufficient to create such a market place, but impressive successes were observed in terms of the creation of regional market places. In other words, the modern day economic society has managed to support and concretize its efforts in the direction of regional economic development.

egional economic integration

egional economic development is virtually understood as a context in which countries in the same global region direct their endeavors in the sense of creating an economically integrated region. They virtually focus on free trade and migration of goods, people, commodities, technologies and capitals and they strive to reduce the barriers between the respective economies. Jacques Pelkmans (2006) defines economic integration as "the elimination of…… [Read More]


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International Entering Foreign Markets International

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On the other hand there are many disadvantages to moving into foreign markets as well. One disadvantage is in regards to extra costs. Because it takes more time to develop extra markets, and the pay back periods are longer, the up-front costs for developing new promotional materials, allocating personnel to travel and other administrative costs associated to market the product can strain the meager financial resources of small size companies. Another disadvantage is product modification. When exporting, companies often need to modify their products in order to meet foreign country safety and security codes along with other import limitations. At a minimum, alteration is often necessary in order to satisfy the importing country's labeling or packaging necessities. A third disadvantage is that of financial risk. Collection of payments using techniques like open-account, prepayment, consignment, documentary collection and letter of credit are time-consuming and more complex (Advantages and Challenges of Exporting,…… [Read More]


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International and Domestic Market Research

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The same differentiation of how research is completed in specific countries also needs to pervade the development and execution of media research in various countries as well. International market research that centers on measuring branding effectiveness often has a focus on aligning with cultural values and norms, and in certain countries, religious beliefs (as is the case in Islamic countries) versus a purely feature or solution focus. Market research on both media preferences including branding and the development of research plans must be attuned to regional differences within nations that are more than just driven by previous purchases of research prospects, the cultural diversity of a nation must also be taken into account if a research project is to be effective (Yin Wong, Merrilees, 2007).


Alexander, N., hodes, M., Myers, H (2007). International market selection: measuring actions instead of intentions. The Journal of Services Marketing, 21(6), 424-434. etrieved January…… [Read More]


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Marketing of NBA

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Marketing of NBA

Since the last twenty years there has been a dramatic change at the North American professional sports organization. A change in the business setting of professional sport in North America has caused in the extensive implementation of relationship marketing system. The type of this change has been impacted by causes like globalization of world markets, abundant telecast of sporting programs, changes in technology, and eventually the surfacing of the amusement economy manifested by more and more jobs in the holiday and amusement industry and the launching of new technology propelled by products for entertainment. These changes have built opening for and called for the creation of close relationship among sport establishments and between sport organization and business partners. In the sporting world, the relationship marketing program is based on the standard of drawing and sustaining long-term relationships with commercial and industrial procurers, corporate sponsors and fans. The…… [Read More]


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Marketing Strategy of Law Firm

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Law Firm Marketing Strategy

International marketing involves firms' marketing mix decisions across international boundaries. On the other hand, international marketing involves an operating marketing strategy to capture the markets across national boundaries. However, intense global competitions within the international business environment require firms to employ effective marketing strategies to capture international market shares. (Alansari). A clear and focused international marketing strategy requires firms to understand markets they are intending to target and operate. However, international marketing strategy for legal professionals in the Middle East needs building a strong brand loyalty that is difficult to challenge. (Doole, & Lowe).

Essentially, professional law service firms are built around senior attorneys who have built professional skills, and success of individual attorneys is built not only on the marketing strategy, the success depends on how attorneys market their career. Attorneys possessing a skill set in the international financial market practicing with international firms and…… [Read More]

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SWOT Analysis for Marketing Planning

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Marketing Plan for a New Product

Marketing Plan New Product Launch

Background and Competitors

Brite Briks is a multinational company in the business of manufacturing construction toys. Brite Briks ranks third in size with Lego leading this market, followed by Mega Bloks (Solomon, 2013). Both Legos and Mega Bloks are inter-competitors as the toy construction products they sell are very similar, and fundamentally compatible -- although the brick to block match is not exact. Over 100 countries offer Brite Briks for sale, featuring a line of roughly 100 items in four block sizes (Solomon, 2013). The exponential growth in Brite Briks' sales over the past five years indicates that the company's overall approach to marketing to its targets is effective. Indeed, Brite Briks has the largest market share in the preschool construction toy segment (Solomon, 2013).

Situational Analysis

Environmental analysis

Prestige of American made products

Branding and distribution key to…… [Read More]


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