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Eastern Europe India and China on Trade

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International Trade and Emerging Economies
The rise of globalization and international trade has enabled emerging economies to become more integrated into the global trade mechanism. Countries such as India, China, and nations in Eastern Europe have benefited from the expansion of trade, importing and exporting goods to other countries that were never before accessible to the extent that they are today. The result has been a boost to the economies of these emerging nations. Indeed, all eyes are on India, which is “among the largest of the emerging markets” (Trichet, 2007, para. 3), and China (which is seeking to become a more dominant player in international affairs through investment, construction, integration and partnership). This paper will discuss the impact on international trade of emerging economies like those in Eastern Europe, India and China.
Eastern Europe sits between Russia and the West: it has struggled for many years to define itself…… [Read More]

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