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Jagdambay Manufacturing and Bond Evaluation

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Case Study
Part I
Suppose Jagdambay manufacturing sells a bond paying a coupon rate of 5% per year with par value (face value) of $200,000 when the market rate is only 4% per year. The bond has 5 years until maturity.
What is the bond’s price today if market rate is 5%? Show your computations
The issuance of bonds is done with a fixed par value and the dividends paid out to preferred stockholders is done on the basis of a percentage of that par value at a fixed rate. The present day bond price is calculated as follows:
Bond Price = c / (1 + i) + c / (1 + i)2 + …+ c / (1 + i)n + M / (1 + i)n
In this case,
C is the coupon payment = $200,000
I is the interest rate = 5 percent
M is the value at maturity…… [Read More]

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