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Can you help me with an essay outline on due diligence related to deal making?


a Outline the aspects you are likely to include in your due diligence analysis
b.Evaluate the criticality of due diligence in deal making


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Due diligence refers to the process of doing a proper investigation into something before taking an action.  Due diligence can have applications in a number of different contexts, but is most often discussed in the context of some type of business deal, when a person or organization has to make a decision about whether or not to enter into some type of business relationship (usually an investment relationship) with another type of person or organization.  Due diligence can be as simple as studying publicly available information to determine whether or not to purchase a stock or as complex as an in-depth look at the finances, leadership, and culture of an organization.  Due diligence is critical because it allows people to get sufficient information to make business decisions.

Due Dilligence (related to Deal Making) Essay Outline

I. Strategy and goals

A. Describe the intended outcome of the business deal

B. Establish a group, committee, or individual to perform the due diligence

C. Set a preferred timeline

II. Investigating the target

A. Identify an appropriate target or targets of your business deal

B. Preliminary research

C. Establish contacts in their business

D. Eliminate targets 

III. Execute confidentiality agreements and preliminary contracts

IV. Due diligence

A. Legal

B. Tax

C. Financial

D. Conflicts of interest

E. Security issues

F. Corporate culture

G. Intellectual property

H. Market analysis

I. Process 

J. Operational

K. Information technology

L. Security

M. Human resources 

N. Strategic analysis

V. Resolution

A. Identify if any potential issues can be cured. 


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