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John Proctor Essays (Examples)

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Work and Ideology of John
Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36535320
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Sears goes as far as claiming that without John Hancock, the outcome of the American Revolution might have been different.

John Hancock was an extraordinary personality who became involved on the fight for freedom and who risked everything for this cause. He was a bright businessman and a clever politician who enjoyed the privileges of being one of the wealthiest men in Massachusetts, but who was also deeply involved in his community's life and profoundly interested in the fate of his fellow countrymen. "Though reared in the lap of luxury, he had been rocked in the cradle of liberty and prized the cause of the colonists too high to abandon it for an oppressive monarchy"(Musick, 1898).

One of the lessons John Hancock taught to the American people was that one has to pay his debts to his motherland. Clever business men, bright artists, sportsmen who worked hard and went through…

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Arhtur Miller S The Crucible
Words: 1664 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31934885
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Arthur Miller, notable playwright, wrote the 1953 play, The Crucible that focused on the partially fictionalized and dramatized story of the Salem witch trials that occurred between 1692 and 1693 in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. The play was written as an allegory of McCarthyism due to the American government blacklisting of accused communists. Even Miller was questioned by the House of Representatives' Committee on what can be labeled as "Un-American Activities" during the late 1950's and was convicted in 1956 of contempt of Congress for the refusal of identification of others that were present during the meetings Miller had attended. Miller's drama was then translated into his play through themes of intolerance, hysteria, and reputation.

The first theme that The Crucible describes in the beginning of the play is intolerance. ith the play's setting in a theocratic society, where the church and state serve as one, the government uses…

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Tituba Comparing and Contrasting Arthur
Words: 1642 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27280834
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Miller focuses a created, heterosexual alliance in his fictional retelling, but I, Tituba concentrates on the outcasts, which formed the actual, majority of the accused.

This alliance between marginal categories of persons is humorously underlined with Tituba meets a famous fictional outcast from Puritan society, Hester Prynne, while in jail. Conde creates a jailhouse meeting between the two women, since who knows what transpired while Tituba awaited her fate? Marginal women do not abandon Tituba, even though her Christian owner, the girls she helped, and her beloved John Indian abandon her to her execution. Hester Prynne helps Tituba say the right things to be released. Confession in Miller is shown as weakness and capitulation to the mad witch hunters, but Conde sees this as careful and clever planning, a just action because of the injustice of Tituba's captors. Finally, the alliance of 'others' is shown when Tituba, is freed from…

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Dichotomy and Struggle Between Authority
Words: 585 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2343696
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This type of certainty only signifies authority, but it shows Danforth to be truly powerless over his convictions or any sort of lasting truth. Like Proctor, he is also described upon his first appearance, with Miller commenting that he was of "some humor and sophistication that does not, however, interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause" (Miller 73). Though Danforth has authority over life and death in Salem, he has no real power because he has already completely given himself over to his position as a Judge and his cause of seeking out witches. When the truth and all things eternal cease to matter, all power is gone, and though John Proctor and many others meet death essentially at Danforth's hands, they retain power over themselves in their refusal to give in to Danforth's authority.

Nowhere is the difference between power and authority made more clear…

Resisted Embraced How Explored Prescribed Text The
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80759890
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Resisted Embraced

How explored prescribed text "The Crucible" Arthur Miller related text "oolvs in the Sitee" Anne Spudvilas?

Societal insiders and outsiders in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the existence of outsiders in the tight-knit, homogeneous society of Salem, Massachusetts gives rise to a witch hunt that eventually results in the death of the protagonist John Proctor. Proctor is a plainspoken, honest farmer who refuses to condone the hysteria of the town, which he knows is at least partially stirred up by his former lover Abigail to enhance her social status and to separate him from his wife. Proctor also does not go to church on Sundays, out of guilt for his sin against Abigail. This makes him a pariah in a society where open professions of religion are required to be deemed 'normal.'

hile Proctor, a respected farmer, holds himself back from Salem society, Abigail…

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The Use of Fear Tactics in Miller Crucible
Words: 1715 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99094203
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Arthur Miller penned the play The Crucible in the context of McCarthy-era rhetoric and anti-communist propaganda in the United States. Although it has a literal and direct historical reference and application to the Salem witch trials, the play serves as an overarching metaphor for public persecution and the dangers a police state poses to the general public. Through The Crucible, Miller critiques American society and indirectly accuses patriarchy of dismantling some of the core norms and values upon which the nation was built. Moreover, Miller deftly draws analogies between Salem's persecution of women during the witch-hunts and ashington's persecution of all Americans during the Cold ar. hereas women were the only real targets during the witch trials of the late 17th century, all Americans had fallen under the indiscriminate policies of political discrimination. Miller therefore presents patriarchy within a Marxist as well as a postmodernist framework. As a Marxist, Miller…

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Three Essays Critiquing Miller S Crucible
Words: 2895 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87738223
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Crucible and hat I Have Learned

Arthur Miller's The Crucible is a dramatic, engaging work that challenges the reader/viewer to see beneath the "black and white" dichotomy by which the world is simplistically characterized via such "venerable" institutions in America as the "right" and the "left," the "conservative" and the "liberal" establishment, and the "patriot" and the "traitor" conception. In this play, Miller brings to the fore the fact that there can be and often are conflicting motives within every single human heart, a phenomenon that colors the way people act, interact, think, speak, and -- yes -- betray. At the heart of The Crucible is a drama of sexual tension and spite -- a girlish revenge twisted into something much more heinous by the cruel paroxysms of a community going mad with suspicion, condemnation, and holier-than-thou syndrome. It is a play that reflects one of the sinister secrets of…

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Movie the Crucible Was Derived Entirely From
Words: 1597 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33510280
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movie, The Crucible, was derived entirely from the book entitled, Salem Possessed: the Social Origins of Witchcraft by Paul S. Boyer, with only a few differences, owing to technical limitations in movie production. The movie had to reduce the number of characters of the books in order to produce it on cinema. Time lapses were shortened, due again to cinematic limitations in presenting the events. Furthermore, the nature of the charges against Giles Corey was not identical. In the book, he is charged with contempt of court for refusing to plead either innocent or guilty. In the movie, he is charged with contempt for refusing to name the person who told him about Thomas Putnam's intent to buy land by means of false accusation. And while Abigail Williams is presented as an 11-year-old girl in the book, she is 17 years in the movie in order to justify or make…

Movieweb, Inc. The Crucible. 1995-2002

3) Sutter, Tim. Salem Witchcraft. Salem Witch Trials. 2000-2002

Arthur Miller's Refusal to Testify
Words: 547 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75569730
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He was labeled for a belief that he did not openly admitted subsisting to; he was labeled based on the fact that he refused to testify against an ideology.

It is not surprising, then, that the primary message of "The Crucible" resonated his thoughts and feelings about the McCarthy administration's containment policy against Communism. The arguments he presented in the play showed how Miller viewed the government's offensive action against Communism not only futile, but reflection of how American society was slowly developing into: "...for good purposes, even high purposes, the people of Salem developed a theocracy, a combination of state and religious power whose function prevent any kind of disunity that might open it to destruction by...ideological enemies."

This passage aptly described the American society's condition under the paranoid and highly-offensive McCarthy administration. Like John Proctor in his play, Miller refused to say anything against an ideology that,…

U S vs Cecil Price in
Words: 900 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45355512
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They were released only to be followed on the highway and shot dead.

Attorney General Robert Kennedy who was informed of the disappearance of the three men, arranged for Joseph Sullivan of the FBI to go to ississippi and investigate the situation together with FBI eridian-based agent John Proctor. Their findings would be splendidly presented in Court by John Doar, who prosecuted the federal case. Local officials were not sympathetic with the case and showed little interest in finding the ones responsible for the murders. Nevertheless, federal interest in the case was overwhelming, thus the investigation was impressive and finally led to the discovery of the killers.

The population of the country was reluctant to offering any kind of information regarding the killings; in fact, it was children who gave the investigators the most clues. The two agents used tactics such as the observation of the sheriff's behavior as he…

Mississippi Burning." Spartacus Educational.

Mississippi Burning." 

The Ku Klux Klan: A Hundred Years of Terror." Indiana University: Southern Poverty Law Center, 2000.

Power and Control in the
Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5300531
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The court case scene also shows how focused the leaders are on maintaining their power. This is seen where Danforth says to Proctor, "You must understand, sir, that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between" (Miller 94). This shows the complete lack of choice that the people of the society have. If they do not accept the will of the leaders completely, they are considered as being against them. This leaves no room for anyone to question anything. At the same time, it shows that the leaders of the town are intently focused on maintaining complete power. In this way, the leaders dominate completely, while the people are meant to be submissive to the point that they do not question any aspect of the leader's decisions.

It is in the context of this environment that the actions of…

Works Cited

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Creative Problem Solving the Human Condition Appears
Words: 758 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85443210
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Creative Problem Solving

The human condition appears to be creative in nature. Porter (2010) suggested that "ideas appear to arise by chance only when people are actually looking for them. It does not happen to people who are not curious or inquiring or who are not engaged in a hard search for opportunities, possibilities, answers or inventions, " (p.5). The purpose of this paper is to explain a created problem using the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS). Specifically, this paper will focus on refining the solutions that were presented in an earlier essay.

Original Issue

Within a particular college class room, some of the students regularly come late to the class and left early. These same students also took extended long breaks and were absent from class most of the time. This was not acceptable by the students who always arrived on time and left at the end of the…


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Equivalent to Why Enterprise Service
Words: 5138 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12634601
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As has been mentioned throughout this thesis, the entire aspect of mass customization as it relates to the development of a stable quote-to-order process throughout manufacturing is critical. In this specific area is where many manufacturers face the dilemma of being entirely project-based in their manufacturing and business strategy approach or move more towards functional manufacturing with the exception being mass customization and a more fluid, agile, quote-to-order process. Figure 1 shows this dilemma graphically.

Source: LWC esearch

Figure 1: Manufacturer's dilemma regarding mass customization and channel implications of integration

Underscoring the synchronization of ESB hubs and accompanying use of state engines to unify channels and ensure complex processes including order-to-cash, inquiry-to-order, inquiry-to-cash, and many others. The span of integration that manufacturers are achieving with ESB platform integration in support of these core business processes is also illustrated in Figure 2, an example of a Brokered ESB Pattern Model, from…


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IBM Developer Roadmap (2006) - Part of the working series of BPEL Programming Standards and a specific roadmap on the technology of BPEL4WS as it relates to SOA:

Marketing Shampoo -- Selling Sex With Soap
Words: 1678 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81857971
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Marketing Shampoo -- Selling sex with soap suds

Shampoo's main function as a product may be to clean hair, but when it comes to advertising, no form of marketing succeeds more potently to sell this cleansing product to women than the marketing of feminine sex appeal. 'Buy the product, and be a sexy woman/girl.' This may not always come across as good clean fun in the eyes of the consumer, but, even if us not strictly dirty advertising, the need to sell sex as part of the image to the typical female consumer of shampoo cannot be underestimated. hat else will distinguish what is otherwise a fairly indistinguishable product, other than the promise of sensuality via the right kind of soaping and suds?

hile much of Chapter 7 of Reading Culture by Diana George and John Trimbur makes much of how the female body has been used as an image…

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Functional Foods Refer to the
Words: 2988 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86322600
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18). In this manner, the public and private sectors can ascertain that via reflection and debate, the appropriate issues are addressed, the product is truly what it is with no erroneous and misleading claims attached, and that consultation will be implemented in a manner equitable to all. This was the way, for instance that Pollard et al. (2001) and Roos et al. (2002) implemented food and nutrition policy schemes at the local, state, and national levels, for instance, in the case of Pollard et al. (2001), in child care centers.

Questions that involved in policy evaluation include:

Have the stated goals and performance indicators of the policy been achieved -- for instance, is corruption impeded and all foods truly styled for what they are including their potential negatives?

Are there changes in the area that the policy was supposed to be influencing?

Has the policy really caused the claimed change…


Alma Ata Declaration of Health for All (1978) ,

Bridgeman, P., & Davis, G. (2002). A policy cycle. In the Australian policy handbook (pp. 23-33). Canberra: AGPS.

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High Profile Manager Ceos Listed
Words: 936 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59962718
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high profile manager ( CEOs listed ). Please include information person's personal professional background, management style skills research person effective manager/leader.

High profile managers -- Meg Whitman

Fort Lauderdale

Margaret Cushing Whitman was born in 1956 in Cold Springs Harbor, New York to Margaret Cushing and Hendricks Hallett Whitman. She went to Cold Spring Harbor High School, which she graduated in three years, being one at the top of her class.

Whitman had wanted to become a doctor and even enrolled in the math and science classes and the Princeton University. During one summer vacation however, she was attracted to economics due to an activity of selling advertisements for a magazine. She as such dropped out of medical preparation and started to study economics. She earned a B.A. cum laudae and an MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1979.

Throughout her career, Meg Whitman has occupied several functions, some…


Kopytoff, V. (2008). Whitman quits eBay CEO post as of March 31. San Francisco Chronicle. Edition of January, 24.

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Customer's Loyalty in the Online
Words: 9559 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32168162
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anking and financial services includes such firms as investment banks, commercial banks, brokerage firms, and credit card institutions. The common it pulse throughout the daily operations of these organizations involves utilizing systems to communicate between branches and subsidiaries, establishing operations throughout the world, communicating with the end customer in order to facilitate transactions, and analyzing customer and market attributes in order to reduce uncertainties in such aspects as pricing policies" (p. 24). Some of the more salient issues affecting the financial services industry today are described further in Table ____ below.

Table ____.

Examples of utilization of information technology in order to enhance efficiency and productivity by the financial services industry.

Area Impacted

Description of Impact

Credit card institutions store, retrieve, and analyze vast amounts of demographic customer information enabling them to more accurately target potential markets for new products and also identify less-attractive, credit-risk customers.

This allows them to…


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Web Design Evolution for Common
Words: 3229 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 57367248
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Skills must be honed that create a functional page that users will view and use as the client hopes them to.

Many new eb designers produce eb pages that seem to ignore fundamental principles of "good design": full of colored backgrounds, animated pictures, multiple colors and styles of text, and little to no navigation or eb-based structure. Even in courses devoted to eb design, students still produce pages that lack unity, coherence and emphasis: "though they [students] seem to understand (and can critique) others' efforts, they're stymied when it's time for production. Few have the skills or experience writing in this medium" (Yancey & ickliff, 2001, p. 180). Similarly, individuals working on their own or working from documentation struggle with being able to create eb pages due to the same lack of experience writing on the eb.

Karper 340)

For this reason, relative examples, as explained in the previous subheading…

Works Cited

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Study of Workplace Stress Factors
Words: 4615 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69819053
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Stress in the Workplace

The research topic under discussion is Stress at Workplace. Stress comes with different definitions, one of which is that stress is a 'physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.' Emotional stress relates to job burnout, tension and strain and many scholars have called it a psychological process and linked it with the individual and the situation that he is in (American Psychological Association, 2009). The global economy has become very competitive and demands a lot of work from the employees which puts a lot of pressure on them. These increased expansions and demands of the traditional workplace have put a lot more pressure on the workers (Lokk & Arnetz, 1997; Soylu and Campbell, 2012).

The International Labor Organization and World Health Organization have recognized many different effects of stress that are harmful to the person. These effects include physical problems, psychological problems,…


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American Psychological Association. (2009).Stress in America 2009. Retrieved from

Wal-Mart Case Study Wal-Mart Faces
Words: 9789 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 4187164
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The Price-Sensitive Affluents, Wal-Mart has learned (Wal-Mart Annual eports) is more interested in finding an exceptionally good deal and not necessarily concerned about the shopping experience. This is particularly true as one of the strongest factors influencing the execution of their strategy, the emerging global recession during this timeframe, takes hold. Again as with the Price Value Shopper and the paradoxical purchasing patterns of the Brand Aspirational segment show, the cost savings, accuracy, and quality of products delivered with the Wal-Mart supply chain are much more important in the long run relative to store accoutrements and improvements. Admittedly nearly two dozen superstores are very dated in their decor and layout and do need to be re-vamped (Frazier, 38). Yet as this analysis of the customer segments shows based on Wal-Marts' filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission over time (Wal-Mart Annual eports), the far greater contributing factor to growing same-store…


Richard Appelbaum, Nelson Lichtenstein. "A New World of Retail Supremacy: Supply Chains and Workers' Chains in the Age of Wal-Mart. " International Labor and Working Class History 70.1 (2006): 106-125.

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Dave Blanchard. "RFID is off and running at Wal-Mart. " Logistics Today 1

Cherie Blanchard, Clare L. Comm, Dennis F.X. Mathaisel. "Adding value to service providers: benchmarking Wal-Mart. " Benchmarking 15.2 (2008): 166-177.

Satisfaction Trust and Commitment in
Words: 7853 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 285065
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esearch Aim

The purpose of this research is to investigate customer's loyalty throughout the dimensions of satisfaction, trust and commitment for mobile phone industry in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, this research also provides practical knowledge which customers are dissimilar in satisfaction and look for different levels of relationship with mobile phones. To sum up briefly, it is completely useful for marketers to comprehend which paradigms affect customers to create good relationship with companies in order to sustain the customer's loyalty.

esearch Objectives

These are research objectives which are needed to be accomplished in order to reach the above research aim which are stated as following:

To study the relationship marketing to the mobile phone industry in Thailand.

To study the customer satisfactions factor to the mobile phone.

To identify the relationship between various component satisfaction and trust.

To identify the relationship between various component satisfaction and commitment.

To identify the…


Bailey, S. And D.E. Schultz. (2000). "Customer/Brand Loyalty in an Interactive Marketplace." Journal of Advertising Research, 40(3), p. 41.

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Unequal Socioeconomic Conditions in American
Words: 1766 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 822690
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Blau and Blau believe that this fact provides one more piece of evidence in favor of their central proposition that "racial socioeconomic inequalities are a major source of much criminal violence.

There is a stereotype that poor class youth are the ones that commit crime. The fact is that many studies conclude that social class has no direct link to crime. It does on the other hand have an indirect link. To further understand the class-crime relationship, more studies are obviously necessary. There is no lack of interest in the subject, but the upper class are not likely to attract much interest in crime research. It is vital to study all aspects of crime so that a comparison can be made and help to further understand crime trends, and fully understand the relationship between socioeconomic status and criminal behavior


Blau, J.., & Blau, P.M. (1982). The cost of inequality:…


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Bonczar, Thomas P. (2003), Prevalence of Imprisonment in the U.S. Population, 1974-2001, Bureau of Jus tice Statistics Special Report, NCJ 197976.

Ellwood, D.T., & Jencks, C. (2002). The growing difference in family structure: What do we know? Where do we look for answers? John F. Kennedy School of Government, HarvardUniversity, Cambridge, MA.

Sports History
Words: 1781 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14249377
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Tom Brown's Schooldays," by Thomas Hughes. Specifically, it will look at how this work describes sports in 19th century England, and compare it with other historical descriptions of English sports.


Tom Brown's School Days," written in 1857, is the story of young Tom Brown, a student at the public school called ugby School. The schoolboys at ugby, as might be expected, play ugby football, which is quite different from American football. The winner is the one who gets the "best of three goals; whichever side kicks two goals wins: and it won't do, you see, just to kick the ball through these posts -- it must go over the cross-bar; any height'll do, so long as it's between the posts" (Hughes), Tom's new friend tells him.

ugby also uses far more people than our game, with 50-60 players on each side. Goals are kicked like American field…


Baker, William J. Sports in the Western World. Totowa, NJ: Rowman and Littlefield, 1982.

Guttmann, Allen. Women's Sports: A History. New York: Columbia University Press, 1991.

Holt, Richard. Sport and the British: A Modern History. Oxford: Oxford University, 1993.

Hughes, Thomas. "Tom Brown's School Days." Project Gutenberg. October 1998. 23 Oct. 2002.

Promera Inc - Business Expansion
Words: 5753 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 71933821
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The original farm was a seasonal operation with periods of no production in the winter months. The ability to dry and produce value-added products will allow the business to smooth its income and realize revenue all year round. The new production facility will change the nature of the business from seasonal to year-round. The business will be able to stockpile product during the busy season and sell it on a continual year round basis.

The owners of the business will be directly responsible for the daily operation of the business. They will make joint decision as a body of shareholders, but each will have their own division to manage and operate. Each of the owners will have a stake and a role in the ability to make this new enterprise a success. They will have knowledge of what is happening on the production floor and will have a view of…


5 Introducing the next generation of 5 a day. Accessed April 19, 2008. Ten trends to watch in packaged goods in 2008. November 28, 2007. . Accessed April 19, 2008.

IBM. IBM survey reveals eroding consumer confidence in packaged goods brands. June 28, 2007. . Accessed April 19, 2008.

Kellogg's. Kellogg's Lego Fruit Flavored Snacks. Accessed April 19, 2008

Ewom Communication and Brand Trust
Words: 18230 Length: 66 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10714368
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The corporation or seller could benefit by developing marketing strategies prior to consumer reviews being available online.

Seller Response to Novice and Expert Consumers

efore allowing consumers to post product reviews on a corporations or sellers website, the seller should consider the size of the segments of expert consumers and novice consumers. For example, the seller may benefit from selling certain products if a significant number of expert consumers exist, especially for technology driven products. On the other hand, the seller may damage sales if the expert consumers' segment overshadows that of the novice consumers.

Unknown or Less Popular Stores Online Seller Response

Relatively unknown corporations should be overly cautious when allowing consumers to post comments on their websites. If brand marketers fail to attract enough consumers to post reviews, the corporation may damage its reputation. these corporations might consider hiring a well-known, popular third-party source to handle consumer reviews.…


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Organization Behavior International Development and Strategic Management
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Organization Behavior

International Development and Strategic Management at Proctor & Gamble

International development

International Development and Strategic Management at Procter & Gamble

Every organization wishes to keep its operations on a continuous growing pace in its industry (Barnes, Blake, & Pinder 2009). As a part of its business expansion strategies, it can also aim to target international markets if it possesses the core competencies and financial resources to meet the requirements of this expansion (Bamford & Forrester 2010). International development strategies require business organizations to strategize their policies and procedures in such a way that they not only enable them to compete with the top level competitors, but also ensure a high sales volume and profitability (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010).

To do business in an international market successfully, an organization needs to analysis that market from all the environmental perspectives (yals 2008). A situational analysis can be…


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Marketing Strategy I Finished Parta All Subject
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MAKETING STATEGY, I finished PartA, All subject requirment Marketing strategy assessment guidelines I upload. Please find source . include website, journal artical, news paper . 1100 words.

Marketing strategy

The Seorabol restaurant is a local restaurant with Korean features, serving a wide array of foods to various customer categories. ecently, the restaurant has been confronted with risks of decreased competitive position, as revealed in Part A, and the current project aims to propose two strategies on how the restaurant could address its limitations.

Expansion into the social media

Strategy introduction

An important problem at the Searabol (SB) restaurant is represented by the absence of well developed marketing campaigns. The restaurant is popular among its current customers, but its ability to attract new clients is restricted. In order to address this shortage, the proposed strategy is that of launching the restaurant into the social media. The opportunity of social media would…


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Marketers Contend That Demographics Are
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Isolating and measuing pomotional effectiveness alone is not a tue pictue of the total cause-and-effect that is elied on fo ceating demand fo poducts and sales, leading to tail and eventual puchase. Just as advetising spending does not coelate to puchases, the same holds tue fo pomotional pogams. It is bette to look at thei effectiveness in isolation and measue only the factos o vaiables that the p0omotional pogam is meant to diectly influence. Too often howeve pomotional pogams ae boad in scope, long-tem and lack that level of focus. As a esult, measuing thei effectiveness is difficult and often impecise.

Media planning involves a tadeoff between each and fequency. Explain what this means and give examples of when each should be emphasized ove fequency and vice vesa.

In fact the essence of media planning is in balancing each vs. fequency. Reach is defined as the pecentage of an maket…

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Work Standards Are the Foundation
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Operations and Supply Chain Management. Upper Saddle iver, NJ: McGraw Hill Higher Education. 13th Edition.

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5. Explain why the need to focus capacity on a fairly limited set of production objectives is the key to successful production

There are many factors that favor setting a limited number of production objectives to ensure a successful manufacturing strategy attains its objectives. The most critical are the many effects of manufacturing goals and objectives on the supply chain relationships and the many interrelationships in the supplier base (Jacobs, Chase, 2010). The greater the number of production objectives, the greater the corresponding complexity throughout any supply chain, impacting pricing,…


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American History America's Puritan History
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. . Even puritanical John Adams thought that the argument for Christ's divinity was an 'awful blasphemy' in this new enlightened age." (Wolf, 160)

And yet, Wolf goes on to discuss the manner in which religious values remain such a prominent part of the political process. n spite of the effort to which our founding fathers went to prevent such manipulation, the puritanical roots of American culture and values is now suffieiently entrenched to the point that presidential candidates must declare their faith to expect any chance of victory. To the point, Wolf recalls the manner in which recent elections, included those of Bush and Obama thereafter, have called religion into the public discourse as a way of identifying the candidates and their resonance with American culture at large. The degree to which Obama, Wolf's text denotes, would work to articulate his faith in Christ as a response to politically…

Indeed, in a fledgling nation with no small number of illiterate rural constituencies, the proctoring of religious piety in concert with the imposition of political ideals would be a defining characteristic in the nation's cultural development. Indeed, it would revealed to be a political device in many ways, used to manipulate a constitutional system founding on an explicitly stated separation of church and state. To this point, the founding fathers appear to have been largely driven by the desire to preserve this idea. As our text indicates, "at best, most of the revolutionary gentry only passively believed in organized Christianity and, at worst, privately scorned and ridiculed it . . . Even puritanical John Adams thought that the argument for Christ's divinity was an 'awful blasphemy' in this new enlightened age." (Wolf, 160)

And yet, Wolf goes on to discuss the manner in which religious values remain such a prominent part of the political process. In spite of the effort to which our founding fathers went to prevent such manipulation, the puritanical roots of American culture and values is now suffieiently entrenched to the point that presidential candidates must declare their faith to expect any chance of victory. To the point, Wolf recalls the manner in which recent elections, included those of Bush and Obama thereafter, have called religion into the public discourse as a way of identifying the candidates and their resonance with American culture at large. The degree to which Obama, Wolf's text denotes, would work to articulate his faith in Christ as a response to politically conjured allegations of his being Moslem, demonstrated how inextricably linked faith and politics are as a result of the devoutness in our history. (Wolf, 161)

Wolf, N. (2008). Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. Simon & Schuster.

Historic Process by Which Strategic
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Concerning employment practices in general, the order not only strictly prohibited discrimination in hiring, but it also entered into the lexicon the now commonplace idea of Equal Opportunity Employment and established the premise of Affirmative Action. In doing so, this order would also explicit the prohibition of discriminatory treatment of employees once hired, seeming to build a legal case for those who would argue that a compensation system demonstrates elements of individual discrimination.

6. Explain the sorts of errors that can arise in the performance appraisal process.

The quality of an organization's project will only be as good as the performances which are dedicated to its completion. Thus, it is central that proper oversight and leadership acknowledge individual and group performance markers in order to properly interpret the ongoing effectiveness of meeting a project's goals.

A crucial and preemptive approach to ensuring that project contributors are meeting expectations is to…

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Meg Whitman From Ebay
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Meg Whitman from eBay

Meg Whitman, dubbed the "Czarina of Net auctions" by Business Week, is the CEO and mastermind behind the success of eBay, Incorporated.

The underdog of the internet auction world, eBay has outrun its three major competitors, Amazon, Yahoo!, and ycos, all internet giants with more reason to win than the startup company perpetually threatened by phony auctions, frauds, and technical glitches.

Through determination and shrewd business skills, Whitman was able to secure hold of the fast-growing Internet auction industry by focusing on her customers and the viability of her profit margin.

At 43 years of age, the auctioneer giant is already worthy more than $900 million as CEO and President of eBay.

Whitman began her career as an online auctioneer from the privacy of her home as someone who began a website for trading Pez dispensers but carefully manipulated her personal and business history to tailor…

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Selling Detergents A Executive Summary
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(Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officers) Thus there is a lot of increase in demands from channel members and the possibility if that there is a demand from them to provide them with lower priced products. Even existing marketing companies like Scott Paper Company are facing this problem. There are wholesaler sponsored voluntary chains, and retailer cooperatives which are likely to put pressure on a new manufacturer. (the Environment of Marketing Channels)

With all this consideration, it is better to look at a new market and the reasons for this are that the U.S. population is increasing at the low age end and the high age end, and there are a large number of individuals of different origins. In 2000, the total population was 275 million and this shows a growth of 10.5% from 249 million in 1990. Of this lot 58.4 million Americans were below the age of 15…


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Technical Association. Retrieved from Accessed on 18 July, 2005

Personalized Systems of Instruction Psi
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Abstract (ummary)

The purpose of this study was to consider the feasibility of implementing mastery learning strategies in higher education music settings. Initially, this was accomplished through an extensive review of course and research literature in other teaching/learning environments. Then a mastery-oriented course in basic conducting and score reading was designed and tested in a pilot study. A revised version of this course served as the instructional setting for an exploratory experimental study designed to compare a traditional approach to conducting instruction with two mastery-learning instructional paradigms -- the Keller Personalized ystem of Instruction (PI) and the Bloom Learning for Mastery (LFM) model of teaching and learning.

The experiment specifically focused on a comparison of corrective techniques commonly used in traditional and mastery-based instruction. Fifty-three undergraduate music majors were taught conducting and score reading using three kinds of feedback and correction procedures: (1) a traditional correction strategy (feedback…

State University, United States -- Pennsylvania. Retrieved November 28, 2009, from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text.(Publication No. AAT 8419600).

Abstract (Summary)

The study presented here compares two different methods of teaching the basic speech communication course at Central Michigan Univesity: a traditional lecture-recitation method and an experimental method based on the Personalized System of Instruction. The desire to keep a quality

Erasmus Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam Has Been
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Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam has been credited as being one of the greatest scholars of all-time. In his lifetime, he was so well respected and admired that he was a regular guest to many of his time's greatest leaders including kings, emperors, popes, and university leaders. He was a star among stars. It is believed that on a return trip from Italy, Erasmus wrote one of his best known works the 'Praise of Folly.' Similar to how Machiavelli used 'The Prince, to show the ruling classes true nature, Erasmus's pamphlet was an observation of the behavior of the ruling classes and the powerful church dignitaries. The work was a successful attempt to expose mankind's vanity.

Erasmus has been credited as having been the 'embodiment of Renaissance individualism. It is believed by many today that his beliefs may have been the foundation for Protestantism because of his tenacity against the…

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Too White Too Black
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ace in early television programming [...] black women and the roles they played in early television. Two female characters illustrate the great differences in how blacks have been portrayed on television. In "Beulah," the lead character was a bossy, unattractive black woman stereotypical of the ideas of black females in the 1950s. By 1968, ideas had changed, but the character "Julia" was the opposite of Beulah, and she did not seem black at all, but more like a white black woman active in a white society that accepted her because she was almost one of them. These stereotypical characters represent what was acceptable to a mostly white audience, and indicate the distance between reality and television personas.

Beulah" had been a successful radio program before in debuted on television in 1950. It was the first show with a female African-American as the lead character. Beulah was a maid in a…


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Blow the Whistle on What You Heard
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blow the whistle" on what you heard in the garden? If so, how will you blow the whistle? If you decide to blow the whistle, what are your reasons for doing so? Your discussion should reflect knowledge of what Boatright says about issues, problems and justifications for whistle-blowing. Also, in discussing the answers to these questions you should include the following: 1) you should evaluate real and potential conflicts of interests that confront you in your decision 2) you should explain how your reasoning is consistent or inconsistent with the three following moral theories: Kantian moral theory, utilitarian moral theory and virtue theory.

The situation

Our MBA is not really aware of what is going on; all he has is assumptions, guesses. He has no actual proof. In the first case, he has had suspicions of several transactions -- their accounting practices seem suspect - and he has pointed out…


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Hypotheticals Brian Short v State of Florida
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Brian Short v. State of Florida

Is it legal for the State of Florida to prohibit the marriage of two very short people to each other, using the rationale that two short people are likely to produce short children and short children are less likely to help maintain dominance in state athletic programs and in more danger of falling into holes and not fitting properly into seatbelts?

elevant Legal Concepts from Text

The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the making or enforcing of any laws "which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States" (U.S. Const. amend. XIV).

elevant Case Law from Text

"Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival" (Loving v. Virginia). "To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the…


Burton v. Wilmington Parking Authority, 365 U.S. 715 (1961).

Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967).

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U.S. Const. amend. V.