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Johnson And Johnson Essays (Examples)

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Theory Practice of Business Psychology in Johnson & Johnson Company
Words: 3695 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41420615
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Theory and Practice of Business Psychology
Table of Contents
1 Introduction 3
2 Motivators in the Workplace 3
2.1 Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of Workplace Motivation 3
2.2 Vroom’s Expectancy Theory 5
2.3 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory 7
2.3.1 Primary Motivators in the Workplace 8
2.3.2 Secondary Motivators in the Workplace 10
2.4 Extent of the Impact of Primary Motivators 12
3 References 12
Motivation can be delineated as a psychosomatic feature, which urges individuals to achieve both personal and organizational objectives. In the workplace context, it is deemed to be the incentives that trigger and drive the employees to obtain better job performance and make a contribution to more substantial efforts (Asim, 2013). For an organization to compete efficaciously in the international market, it is essential to design jobs, and duties in a way that stress id diminished, and the levels of employee satisfaction and motivation, as well…

Johnson Bank v George Korbaken Company Johnson
Words: 2964 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44002711
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Johnson Bank v. George Korbaken Company

Johnson Bank v. George Korbakes Company

Over the last several years, the role of the auditor has been continually evolving. This is because financial institutions are relying on the information they are provided with to help them make better choices in the long-term. However, there are times when these firms may not have accurate figures and erroneously report their findings. When this happens, there is a possibility of these facts leading to incorrect decisions. (Adelopo, 2012) ("Johnson Bank sued George Korabakes," 2006)

The case of Johnson Bank v. George Korbakes Company is examining these factors and the long-term impacts they will have on various stakeholders. To determine if the auditor is responsible for the claims they make requires carefully examining the effects. This will be accomplished by focusing on the case itself, the primary / secondary legal questions, the rule of law, the court's…


Johnson Bank sued George Korabakes. (2013). Find Law. Retrieved from: 

Johnson Bank sued George Korabakes. (2013). Justia. Retrieved from:

Johnson v Eisentrager 339 U S
Words: 2000 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 62357380
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Therefore, the claim asserted by espondents and sustained by the court below would, in practical effect, amount to a right not to be tried at all for an offense against the U.S. armed forces. 339 U.S. 763, 782 (1950).

The Court examined the issue of whether the military authorities had jurisdiction to try the offenders. It reasoned that military authorities have had a historical right, during and after hostilities, to punish those who have violated the laws of war, and this history predates the existence of the United States, and therefore, the existence of the Constitution. espondents' convictions were the result of a military commission exercising this historic right, and it was the military commission's sole ability to determine whether the laws of war applied to espondents and whether espondents had violated those laws. There is nothing in the Constitution giving the Court appellate jurisdiction over these types of military…


Johnson v. Eisentrager, 339 U.S. 763 (1950). Retrieved October 5, 2011 from Findlaw website:

Johnson & Johnson Nyse jnj Is
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48604271
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Figure 1: Analysis of the Johnson & Johnson Value Chain

Sources: (Atherton, Kleiner, 1998) (Johnson & Johnson Investor Relations, 2012)

Variability in capacity planning and constraint-based modeling of demand has also led Johnson & Johnson to adopt and standardize on ean Six Sigma as part of its quality management and constraint-based planning strategies (Hunter, Schmitt, 1999). Based on an analysis of their annual reports and filings with the Securities and Exchange (SEC) Commission and (Johnson & Johnson Investor Relations, 2012) the following analysis of the lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma initiatives in the company are profiled. Taken together these form the Johnson & Johnson Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management (ECQM) framework the company relies on for ensuring speed, accuracy, consistency and customer-focused innovation throughout its value chain processes. Figure 2 provides an analysis of how Johnson & Johnson has organized these initiatives as a three-phased approach…

Larsen, R.S. (1993). A prescription for U.S. health care. Strategic Finance, 75(5), 35-35.

Slobodow, B., Abdullah, O., & Babuschak, W.C. (2008). When supplier partnerships aren't. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(2), 77-83.

Williams, S. (2004). Delivering strategic business value. Strategic Finance, 86(2), 40-48.

Johnson & Johnson's Marketing Mix
Words: 2971 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79906587
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Specifically focused on products for each phase of a persons' life, this business segment is the most mainstream in terms of promotional strategies. Skin Care, OTC and Nutritionals have successfully given JNJ a permanent marketing strategy for selling to women in the 25-34 and 25-45 segments, two of the fastest growing demographic markets for these products.

Product Strategy

The biggest challenge for JNJ is the ability to quickly develop and launch products across all of their business units. This is the most challenging task internally for the entire company to coordinate on, specifically in the area of pharmaceuticals where Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and the need for compliance are very high.

The costs of producing a new drug can be well over $800M according to AM esearch (2004). An analysis of each phase of the development of a new drug is shown in the following graphic from PhMA (2005).…


AMR Research (2006) - Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry Overview. AMR Research Alert. Monday June 5, 2006. Hussain Moorai and Roddy Martin.

Credit Suisse (2006) - Johnson and Johnson Research Brief. January 24, 2007.New York, NY.

Life Science Analytics (2007) - Life Science Analytics Johnson & Johnson Pipeline Report. January 3, 2007. Boston, MA

PhRMA (2005) - Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Conference Proceedings. Accessed from the Internet on February 10, 2007 at

Johnson v 2003 A Comparison
Words: 1079 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 58571213
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820). This view is contradicted by the great number of different cultures that existed in Africa prior to European involvement in the continent, and the many cultures that still remain in one form or another on the continent today. It also overlooks the massive cultural changes that have necessarily come about in the African Diaspora through the variety of experiences and dramatically changed lifestyles experienced by Africans and people of African descent living in non-African countries. According to Johnson's own argument about the inaccuracies and fallacies that arise from the unempirical grouping of different cultural groups together, such an oversimplification of the African/African-American experience is necessarily misleading and ultimately detrimental to the goal of student development.

Johnson's assertions in whole and in part could be made more valid and more reasonable to her readers if she employed any empirical evidence whatsoever in this article. Her assertions of the shared values…

Johnson & Johnson Business Description
Words: 1269 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41624504
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As with many pharmaceutical products manufacturers, the extent of supply chain and quality performance has a direct effect on distribution, profitability and services performance as well (tevenson, 2012).

Beginning with supply chain management, J&J has an intensively level of supplier audits they expect each supplier to pass and also randomly be able to manage as they provide materials, components and subassemblies to the company (Wechsler, 2011). upplier audits form the interlinking process to Quality Management, another strategic operations management initiative in the comp[any as well. J&J also uses these supplier audits to ensure alignment to the Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR) processes which are critical to their success in anticipating global demand for products by business unit (Weill, Ross, 2005). upply chain management is the unifying operations management strategy that keeping the entire value chain and quality levels of J&J aligned to corporate objectives and standards (Weill, Ross, 2005)…

Sources: (Connolly, 2007) (Hook, 2010) (SAP Practice on Life Sciences Supply Chains) (J&J Investor Relations, 2012)


J&J has a strong focus on operations management strategies, techniques and frameworks as the company is heavily reliant on them to continually meet federal and international compliance requirements for their products (Wechsler, 2011). The focus on supply chain integration to quality management is critical for any business' supply chain to execute the many processes and transactions necessary to grow a business (Stevenson, 2012). For J&J the highly regulated nature of the product quality levels for their products make the integration of these two areas essential for their continued profitability and growth.


Christine Connolly. (2007). Sensor trends in processing and packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals. Sensor Review, 27(2), 103.

Johnson V Board of Control
Words: 724 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16314475
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Thompson, 1981)

The weaknesses to Judge Johnson's case included the fact that there was a law on the books by constitutional stipulation that has in the past denied the legislature the power to provide for retirement benefits for state officers, including, by implication, judges (Alabama Const. Art. IV, Sec. 98, 2011). Another weakness is that of the fact that even though she was officially retired from the state she was still working at the federal level. It is possible that this could be construed as double dipping, since technically she would be getting paid from both systems.

It is very easy to see in this case that there is a possibility that the judges involved would not be very objective in making their decision. One would think that they thought would have to go through their minds that this may in fact one day be them in the same position…


Alabama Const. Art. IV, Sec. 98 (2011)

Amendment XIV. (n.d.). Retrieved from 

Code of Ala. § 12-18-6 (2011)

James v. Thompson, 392 So. 2d 1178 (Ala. 1981).

Johnson Drug Company Needs to
Words: 1347 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 39219659
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So every often, the retailer would be aware of other similar products in the market and if client brings up other products, the sales people should know why their product is better. This can only happen if they know of other products.

Even though the training program would be an additional financial burden, still the rewards and benefits can be enormous. In the light of what it can do for the company, it is safe to say that some additional cost should not be used as an excuse to ignore training. Not only does training make sales people more effective, it also gives them a sense of self assurance and confidence which automatically draws people to them because their body language would be able to communicate their knowledge and will make the product more attractive.

Secondly with training, the staff would also be able to address the needs and problems…

Johnson & Johnson Ratios the
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 50882197
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ohnson & ohnson has maintained strong financial performance over the past five years. They generally operate around or better than the industry average on most key ratios. They've been able to maintain steady margins and sales growth over the past five years and have attained steady growth in line with the industry. Operating, pre-tax and net margins have all been consistently higher than those of comparable firms.

N has maintained strong profitability over the time span. They have retained a steady gross margin over the past five years, which at 71.49% average is higher than the industry average and double that of the S&P. The gross profit has remained in a tight range between 70.9% and 72.26%. Given the strong improvements in sales, the broad range of companies within the group, and the acquisitions in recent years, this consistency is admirable. The result has been a consistent outperformance vs. their…

Johnson & Johnson has maintained strong financial performance over the past five years. They generally operate around or better than the industry average on most key ratios. They've been able to maintain steady margins and sales growth over the past five years and have attained steady growth in line with the industry. Operating, pre-tax and net margins have all been consistently higher than those of comparable firms.

JNJ has maintained strong profitability over the time span. They have retained a steady gross margin over the past five years, which at 71.49% average is higher than the industry average and double that of the S&P. The gross profit has remained in a tight range between 70.9% and 72.26%. Given the strong improvements in sales, the broad range of companies within the group, and the acquisitions in recent years, this consistency is admirable. The result has been a consistent outperformance vs. their peers in terms of return on equity, return on investment and return on assets.

JNJ has had variable solvency over the past five years. The company carries more debt than its industry and sector rivals, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 25.02, versus an industry average of 9.38 and a sector average of 19.20. This debt load leaves JNJ less solvent than their rivals. The company's current ratio has been below 2 in four of the past five years, whereas the industry average is 4.06 and the sector average is 3.72. JNJ had been building their solvency, with a current ratio that rose for three consecutive years, but the acquisitions of 2006 eroded solvency, dropping the current ratio from 2.49 in 2005 to 1.20. In 2007, JNJ began to build up solvency

Johnson T J and Kaye B K
Words: 820 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 72069118
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Mitchelstein, E. nd Boczkowski, P.J. (2009). Between tradition and change: review of recent research on online news production. Journalism, Vol. 10. Retrieved from:

The article considers four aspects of change in basic journalistic practices to explain the current phenomenon of newsgathering practices across the Internet. These include modifications in editorial workflow, alterations in news-gathering practices, acceleration of temporal patterns of content production, and the convergence of print, broadcast, and online operations. This has dramatically changed the face of journalism and created the phenomenon of the "user as content producer." The finding is that this is a growing and dynamic phenomenon. The fluid nature of the new media should be subject to further study to come to an ultimate conclusion regarding its true contribution to the media.

Johnson, T.J., Kaye, B.K., Bichard, S.L. nd Wong, W.J. (2007). Every Blog has its day" Politically0interested Internet Users' perceptions of blog credibility. Retrieved…

And interesting dimension enters the blog using public when politics becomes the central phenomenon of interest. In addition to the increase prevalence of the online phenomenon, the authors find that those with political interests tend to be more trusting of other like-minded individuals who make use of the online platform to espouse their views. An online survey is used to determine the level of perceived credibility for blogs in the political arena. One possible reason for this perception of credibility is the single-minded stature of political blog use; where one view is generally favored over another.

Deuze, M. (2005, Dec). Participation, Remediation, Bricolage: Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture. Indiana University. Retrieved from: 

In the essay, the author considers components of digital culture as expressed in online journalism, weblogging, and Independent Media Centers. The analysis is based upon two key assumptions: that all aspects of daily life in industrialized societies are influenced by computerizations; and that contemporary social changes are highly influenced by globalization, post-nationalism, and individualization. As such, it is found that the evolution of the digital media is highly influenced by a new value system among a culture that has increasingly become defined by its use of and presence in the online media.

Johnson Spencer 1998 Who Moved
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 65062985
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ursing leadership can have a significant impact upon retention, satisfaction, and even nurses' perception of their exhaustion. The study "Leadership styles of nurse managers in a multinational environment" attempted to understand what leadership styles had a positive and a negative impact upon nurses' desires to stay within the organization and function effectively. To answer this research question, the study examined a nursing environment in Saudi Arabia, a nation with a patient population that is notably diverse that has a notable shortage of nurses, forcing healthcare institutions to rely upon expatriates as a source of labor (Suliman, 2009: 301). Given the importance of culturally-specific dialogue and care in nursing, this can prove challenging. Effective leadership that facilitates dialogue between providers and patients and between managers and employees within the nursing environment is a critical aspect of dispensing effective care.

The study submitted the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire to 31 nurse managers and…

Nursing Admin Quarterly, 33 (4) 301 -- 309

Retention of high-quality nursing staff is an equally critical component of addressing the nursing shortage as hiring newly-qualified nurses. Nursing leadership can have a significant impact upon retention, satisfaction, and even nurses' perception of their exhaustion. The study "Leadership styles of nurse managers in a multinational environment" attempted to understand what leadership styles had a positive and a negative impact upon nurses' desires to stay within the organization and function effectively. To answer this research question, the study examined a nursing environment in Saudi Arabia, a nation with a patient population that is notably diverse that has a notable shortage of nurses, forcing healthcare institutions to rely upon expatriates as a source of labor (Suliman, 2009: 301). Given the importance of culturally-specific dialogue and care in nursing, this can prove challenging. Effective leadership that facilitates dialogue between providers and patients and between managers and employees within the nursing environment is a critical aspect of dispensing effective care.

The study submitted the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire to 31 nurse managers and 118 staff nurses. The study was grounded in comparative theories of leadership development, examining individual nurse's preference for transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles. These theories emphasize the interactions between leaders and followers -- transformational leaders inspire subordinates to expand their vision of what is possible, transactional leaders merely focus on the 'here and now' technical aspects of leadership and laissez-faire leaders employ a hands-off style. While a transformative, participative approach was favored by nearly all respondents, there was a discrepancy between managers' perceptions of their own leadership styles and staff nurses' perceptions. Managers felt that they favored a transformative approach most of the time, while staff nurses felt they did so only some of the time (Suliman, 2009: 306). Still, "the stated intention of 77.1% of staff nurses to stay at work suggests that nurse managers as transformational leaders are more likely to be successful in creating a positive working environment…and that transformational leadership enhances staff nurses' retention by the hospital" (Suliman, 2009: 307). However, the authors of the study do caution that the respondents tended to come from a more culturally homogeneous background than was typical in Saudi Arabian hospitals, and other factors such as work conditions, setting, and personal reasons also impacted individual's decisions to remain or leave their places of employment.

Johnson's The Vanity Jonson's Theme --'so
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98099530
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Johnson's "The Vanity"

Jonson's theme -- so often stated in his major writings, particularly in "asselas" - is the dangerous but all-pervasive power of wishful thinking, the feverish intrusion of desires and hopes that distort reality and lead to false expectations, where we picture things as one would like them to be, not as they are. Social psychologists would call this self-deception, and indeed evolutionary psychology teaches us that wishful thinking, or self-delusion, is very much a part of man's character.

A long poem, Johnson's perspective is a philosophical lament on the futility of human existence and the irrationality of our thinking. Blinkered humans that we are, Johnson observes, "How rarely reason guides the stubborn choice / ules the bold hand, or prompts the supplicant voice" (lines 11-12). ather, emotion is the dominating tone and, as often as not, squelches reason to the downfall of the human himself. It is…

Johnson Administration's Great Society Initiatives Defend Your
Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7174574
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Johnson administration's "Great Society" initiatives? Defend your response.

As for intentions, the Johnson administration's "Great Society" initiatives should be given an A. hen he took office, Johnson saw that the country's success following orld ar II was declining and there was a potential for the country to enter a period of serious decline, a situation which ultimately did come to pass in the 1970s and again in the present period. Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid which were created during this period have continued to benefit Americans fifty years after their initial creation. However, given that much of Johnson's attention was being given to the escalation of the Vietnam ar and Johnson's encouragement of American involvement on that front, the actual effectiveness of the "Great Society" initiatives deserves a final grade of B- or C+. He was successful in getting the Civil Rights Act passed and tried to help Americans…

Works Cited

Harrison, B.C. & Dye, T.R. (2008). Power and Society: an Introduction to the Social Sciences.

Thomson Wadsworth.

Johnson Sarah 2008 April 4
Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 58451241
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hese preferences aside, American multinationals like PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, are examining how a possible shift away from GAAP would affect their revenue recognition, taxation, and hedge accounting in the near and far future. In many cases, the overall, self-interested impression is positive as IFRS tend to make a company's returns look higher. But for smaller U.S. companies without an outreach abroad, the advantages of a switch to IFRS are less clear, as they have not been keeping two books all along like multinationals. More time-consuming (an estimated 18-24 months) headaches and paperwork as companies switch to IFRS seem likely -- and a tremendous financial drain is almost certain upon all organization's revenues during the period of transition. "Procter & Gamble hasn't pinned down an exact number, but expects a conversion project would cost tens of millions of dollars" (Johnson 2008, p. 2). European companies who have already switched…

These preferences aside, American multinationals like PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, are examining how a possible shift away from GAAP would affect their revenue recognition, taxation, and hedge accounting in the near and far future. In many cases, the overall, self-interested impression is positive as IFRS tend to make a company's returns look higher. But for smaller U.S. companies without an outreach abroad, the advantages of a switch to IFRS are less clear, as they have not been keeping two books all along like multinationals. More time-consuming (an estimated 18-24 months) headaches and paperwork as companies switch to IFRS seem likely -- and a tremendous financial drain is almost certain upon all organization's revenues during the period of transition. "Procter & Gamble hasn't pinned down an exact number, but expects a conversion project would cost tens of millions of dollars" (Johnson 2008, p. 2). European companies who have already switched from their local systems to IFRS estimated that they spent an average 0.05% of their revenue in their first year of switching from their local standards to IFRS (Johnson 2008, p. 2).

Additionally, not all U.S. firms will show higher profits if there is a total transition to IFRS. International standards bar the use of LIFO (last in, first out) accounting, which confers sizable tax benefits to some companies in many industries. However, like it or not, a shift away from GAAP seems to be the trend of the future: even smaller European companies which chafed at the retreat from their homegrown GAAP were forced to comply eventually. "The EU's smaller companies, with less exposure to IFRS, took longer to respond to the mandate. Many didn't get serious until the year before filings were due…there's something to be said for taking a wait-and-see approach and letting the standard-setters continue to work on convergence" (Johnson 2008, p.2). Methods of revenue recognition, accounting for pensions and leases, and financial-statement presentation are all points of controversy between the two systems at present within the U.S.

Yet the difficulties of the transition, particularly for U.S. firms, may be overstated: "it is apparently much easier to transition from a more prescriptive set of standards to one that allows more judgment" (Johnson 2008, p.3). Because America's GAAP is so rigorous in nature, U.S. companies may experience less heartache than their European counterparts who transitioned from less scrupulous local standards to international standards. The benefits of a homogeneous international standard will likely be enjoyed by all in the very long run in this global economy, but the transition may be painful for some firms -- and more financially gut-wrenching for smaller U.S. institutions than large ones.

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Division Strategic Analysis
Words: 2307 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 62405674
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Strategic Analysis of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Division

This study provides the strategic analysis of Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical division to assist the company developing an effective strategy to achieve the competitive market advantages. The paper uses the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and Porter's five forces for the strategic analysis. The outcomes of the analysis reveal that Johnson & Johnson is one of the top players in the pharmaceutical industry making the company enjoying superior market advantages in the United States and outside the United States. However, the company is still facing stiff competitions with other key players in the industry. Moreover, the company has not been able to reduce its cost of operations. The study recommends that Johnson & Johnson should launch its products in China to enjoy huge Chinese markets. Moreover, the company should take advantage of Chinese low stringent laws and regulations to produce drugs for Indian…


Arnum, P.V. (2015). Outlook 2018: The Current and Future Direction of the Pharma Industry. IMS Market Prognosis.

Gates, L.P. (2010). Strategic Planning with Critical Success Factors and Future Scenarios: An Integrated Strategic Planning Framework. Technical Report. Carnegie Mellon University. Software Engineering Institute.

KPMG (2011). Future Pharma Five Strategies to Accelerate the Transformation of the Pharmaceutical Industry by 2020. KPMG LLP, UK.

Phrama (2016). 2016 Profile Biopharmaceutical Research Industry. Washington, DC: PhRMA.

Johnson & Johnson to Competitors
Words: 1617 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 36881453
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The point is that a $1 billion criminal violation in every state would significantly undermine Johnson&Johnson's profitablility, especially if more products are added to this list, and while the company sets aside accruals against these events when the suits are first filed, ultimately these legal costs will drag down the bottom line especially if other firms do not get convicted for fraud or intellectual property violation as often as Johnson&Johnson subsidiaries appear to by the firm's own admission. On the other hand these decisions have been reversed in the past as a successful appeal in West Virginia for similar criminal violations demonstrated in 2010 over marketing DURAGESIC (61-62).

If the firm can reduce this deadweight compliance loss than it stands to capture growing baby boomer demand even as shelf price growth is constrained to CPI (Johnson&Johnson 35). One interesting but absent perspective this provokes is that if medical producers limit…

Product Safety Crisis at Johnson & Johnson
Words: 812 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94888862
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Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol Crisis

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company headquartered in New Jersey and produces pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods. In early 2016, the company experienced a crisis relating to the safety of its products i.e. Tylenol. Tylenol has traditionally been one of the most effective over-the-counter products for many customers, especially in the United States. In the recent product safety crisis, Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a jury to pay $72 million following the death of a consumer because of the use of its talcum powder (Picchi par, 2). In addition, the company faced an extra 1,200 cases relating to the safety of its Tylenol products, particularly talcum powder. The obvious early warning signs of the crisis was the relatively poor measures for handling of the Tylenol poisonings. hile the firm responded quickly to the death of seven people who utilized its…

Works Cited

Gallagher, James. "Johnson & Johnson Hit with $72m Damages in Talc Cancer Case." Online posting. BBC News. BBC, 24 Feb. 2016. Web. 09 May 2017. .

Male, Bianca. "How Johnson & Johnson Should Handle Its Perpetual PR Crisis." Business Insider. Business Insider, 07 May 2010. Web. 09 May 2017. .

Picchi, Aimee. "Can Johnson & Johnson Recover from $72 Million Talc Dust-up?" Online posting. CBS News. CBS Interactive, 26 Feb. 2016. Web. 09 May 2017. .

J& j Recalls Johnson & Johnson - A
Words: 888 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87386773
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J&J Recalls

Johnson & Johnson - a Quality Catastrophe

After 50?plus product recalls in 15 months, the $60 billion company is fighting to clear its once-trusted name

In the modern business world, management is often faced with a difficult challenge to find the right balance between short-term profitability and long-term sustainability. Given the intense pressure they face to increase profits and reduce costs, it is often the case that managers will sacrifice sustainability for profitability. This often results in a decrease in quality which can have long-term implications. In the case of Johnson & Johnson, it does not seem like a few managers have made errors on the side of short-term profitability. Rather this position has seemed to permeate much of the organizational culture. Not only does this deviate from the values that the company was founded on, but it also is having a significant detrimental effect on consumer perceptions…

Jeremiah Johnson & Culture the
Words: 881 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37520129
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Jeremiah has a wedding that symbolizes the union of American and American Indian customs; a mix of the two very different peoples. After settling down and creating an ideal life, Jeremiah is forced into the U.S. Army, and leaves his cottage in order to do what the 'authority' wants. Against his wishes, the Calvary goes through sacred Blackfoot land, and as a result, Jeremiah's family is killed.

This scene is very shocking, but should not have been surprising to Jeremiah. He chose to forget his lessons of mountainhood that he had learned, and he did not respect the local people. As a result of this, and his attachment to the possessions that he had brought to the land, he was unable to conquer the rugged territory that he had first faced at the beginning of the movie, bringing about the lessons of life and hardship in the American West.


Lyndon Johnson
Words: 4132 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7179128
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Dallek used traditional methods of research and structure making his book a true "history" from a collegiate-academic point-of-view. But this does not invalidate Caro's work. The problem, then, in looking at both of these books to be authorities is to figure out if it really matters if Caro's lack of credentials and traditional (meaning library) method of information gathering actually denote a lesser effect on the overall impact of the work. The problem, then, that Caro faces is the determination if his work actually is quote worthy of other historians quoting / referencing him.

For Dallek, his unwavering adherence to strict academic research leaves the punch out of the story of Johnson. It is one thing to have a series of supported and peer-reviewed facts lined up chapter by chapter, and it is yet another to make those facts sing in an engaging story format. Caro's book is by far…


Caro, Robert J. The Path to Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, vol 1.New York,: Vintage, 1990.

Dallek, Robert. Lone Star Rising: Lyndon Johnson and his Times, 1908-1960, vol 1. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.

Samuel Johnson Marks Himself as a Man
Words: 1944 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 6087925
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Samuel Johnson marks himself as a man of keen sensitivity when he acknowledges in his review of Shakespeare's King Lear that he was "so shocked by Cordelia's death, that I know not whether I ever endured to read again the last scenes of the play till I undertook to revise them as an editor" (1765). This may seem like a fair assessment from the man who gave the English language of the first and greatest and wittiest dictionaries of all time; but upon a second examination, it may perhaps reveal something about Johnson and his age that is so foreign to the ideas which Shakespeare presented in King Lear that he could do nothing but recoil in horror. Johnson was, after all, an Anglican -- of the Church that persecuted Campion (Jesuit priest) and Lyne (the woman martyred for harboring Catholic priests during the Protestant takeover and memorialized in Shakespeare's…

Lyndon Johnson's Texas Roots Lyndon
Words: 2235 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20555143
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Getting liberal legislation passed into law was LBJ's benchmark of effective leadership. He knew how to do it. The most successful at this of any president ever, he followed every detail of legislation and demanded that his aides not simply think they had the support of a representative in Congress but know they had it! "You've got to know you've got him, and there's only one way you know'...Johnson looked into his open hand and closed his fingers into a fist. 'And that's when you've got his pecker right here.' The president opened his desk drawer, acted as if he were dropping something, emphatically slammed the drawer shut, and smiled" (p. 88). Meanwhile, Congress complained it was "bullied, badgered, and brainwashed" (p. 91) by President Johnson's strong-arm Texan tactics.

Schulman (1995) argues that Johnson's liberalism changed national social policy "profoundly" and "permanently altered the nation's political landscape" (p. 121).…


Schulman, B.J. (1995). Lyndon B. Johnson and American liberalism: A brief biography with documents. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press.

Presidency of Lyndon Johnson Fundamentally
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I knew the Congress as well as I know Lady ird, and I knew that the day it exploded into a major debate on the war, that day would be the beginning of the end of the Great Society.'" in the end, these secrets when revealed, changed forever the way Americans viewed the Presidency, and politicians in general.

Johnson's style of compromise and bargining came to haunt him in dealing with the people and Congress over Vietnam. As Majority Leader in the Senate, he had supported President Eisenhower's foreign policy, partly to move forward his own agenda. What he never understood was that as President, he could not count on the same spirit of bi-partisanship from his Congress. In the end, his actions led to legislation that placed limits on the power of the Presidency.

American politics would never be the same after 1968. For the first time the American…


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Elegies Ben Johnson's and Dylan
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Dylan Thomas's 1951 poem, "Do not go gentle into that good night," like Johnson's poem, is an elegy to someone he loves -- his father -- but unlike Johnson's poem, at the time the poem was written before his father passed away, which allows him to express and explain his fears to the man he wrote the poem for. In "Do not go gentle into that good night," Thomas urges his father to fight to live, a stark contrast from Johnson's lament for death to escape the "world's and flesh's rage" (Johnson line 7). Thomas writes, "Old age should burn and rave at close of day," in supplication to his father in order to get him to fight against "the dying of the light," which can be taken as a metaphor for a person's transition through life into death (Thomas line 2-3). Thomas then proceeds to list different types of…

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Betsey Johnson Has Been a
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Since they are featured on the top of every page, they are a constant reminder to the web visitor that Betsey Johnson has much more to offer that they should explore. Once a category is chosen, up to eight items within that category are displayed, with links to more item pages, if necessary.

Juicy Couture is one of Betsey Johnson's leading competitors. Owned by Liz Claiborne, Inc., Juicy Couture also markets branded women's clothing, accessories, and fragrance products ("Liz Claiborne"). Like Betsey Johnson, this contemporary apparel marketer also offers a variety of licensed products. However, their diversity of licensed products goes far beyond Betsey Johnson's offerings, with items such as day planners and even a Juicy Couture Monopoly game.

Both companies offer sunglasses and fragrance as part of their licensed products. egarding sunglasses, both are positioned as contemporary fashion accessories. In fact, when reviewing the selection of product offerings, many…


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Robert Johnson's 1989 Book She Explores the
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Robert Johnson's 1989 book She explores the nature of the female psyche through a Jungian exploration of myth and archetype. orking with the premise that classical myths retain a timeless, universal nature that makes them equally applicable to modern society, Johnson creates an engaging pop-psychology perspective. Although the author occasionally makes blanket generalizations about masculinity and femininity, the overarching principles outlined by Johnson are worthy of study, analysis, and application. She is a short book, easily accessible to the layperson. The author focuses on the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros as the foundation of She, illustrating how this tale teaches valuable lessons about spiritual growth and psychological development. On the surface, Johnson's work can be viewed as anti-feminist in nature and completely irrelevant for women in modern cultures. However, the author repeatedly emphasizes that the archetypal male and female elements elucidated by myth do not directly refer to biological…

Works Cited

Johnson, Robert A. (1989). She. New York: Harper and Row.

LBJ Though Lyndon Johnson Has
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They, too, frequently spoke only of the program's goals. They had been convinced that antipoverty legislation was essential as a matter of principle, and they were not very familiar with the legislative details. Also aiding the campaign were a number of articles and books aimed at convincing the layman of the scope of the problem. 18 Unlike the more technical literature, these books had as their goal the mobilization of attitudes rather than the presentation of data.

Zarefsky 26)

Johnson went further, than any president before him in that he demanded that change occur within the context of even the most poverty stricken, those who did not have a fish to eat today, and also did not know how to fish to gain access I the future. Using his persuasive skill he informed the nation that his plan would incorporate changes that would help those people, who previously had been…

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Samuel Johnson the Just Representation
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The symbolism of the story is very suggestive. The title "Emergency" hints at the main event in the story: Georgie, an orderly at the Seattle hospital saves in a mysterious a man who had come at the E.R. room with a knife thrust deep into his eye. Ironically, the other eye was artificial. The doctor who is presented with the case takes it as something that is part of the routine, but admits that it is beyond his competence: "He took his time getting down the hall to her, because he knew she hated Family Service and her happy tone of voice could only mean something beyond his competence and potentially humiliating. He peeked into the trauma room and saw the situation: the clerk-that is, me-standing next to the orderly, Georgie, both of us on drugs, looking down at a patient with a knife sticking up out of his face.…

Works Cited

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Rwjf and IOM the Robert Wood Johnson
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The obert Wood Johnson Foundation (WJF) decided to partner with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to discuss the "Future of Nursing" and worked to document ways that the field of Nursing could support health issues of today. They decided to undertake this objective in order to deliberate and study potential answers to address the many complicated health problems facing not only the U.S. But all countries of the world (obert Wood Johnson, 2011). In addition to documenting solutions, they wanted to address the concerns at the most suitable timing to coincide with governmental policy concerning health reforms. Thirdly they desired to put in place improvements that would actually impact the health of citizens not just create more policy. In the U.S. The new Health Care eform bill that was passed will significantly change how health care is implemented. WJF felt that they needed to strengthen the nursing…

References (2012). Recommendations future of nursing. Retrieved June 29, 2012 from

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Emergency by Dennis Johnson and
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Therefore, Johnson weaves clever and poignant paradoxes in the language as well as the overarching themes. The one-eyed man could have died or lost his good eye, as the Nurse points out. He survives unscathed, and sees what his wife forbade him to see. Likewise, Hardie could have faced immanent death in the war but he survives by going AOL. In both cases, subverting social convention is a key to liberation.

The paradox of religion is also conveyed via deft use of language. In "Cathedral," the title image represents the symbol of religious strivings. A cathedral is a house of God; but that house does not necessarily lead to spiritual awakening. On the contrary, the house in which the story takes place does become a zone of spiritual awakening. The blind man and the narrator use the ancient sacrament of cannabis to explore the real meaning of human existence, which…

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A Brief Overview of Johnson's
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The tactic backfired on him as Northern Republicans viewed with
hostility his interest in reconciling fast and returning the south to
viability. Bitter northerners felt this denoted a suspect allegiance and
brutally attacked his policies, especially his effort to create a cabinet
more sympathetic to his interest in reconciliation.
By outcome, his opponents amongst northern republicans struck
preemptively. "Sensing vulnerability, Congress moved against Johnson by
passing the Tenure of Office Act, which limited Johnson's ability to remove
cabinet officials without congressional approval." (Bacon, 1) hen the
inevitable struck and Johnson attempted to remove a divisive secretary of
war, fringe elements of congress rallied for his impeachment. Though his
presidency was preserved by one vote, his fate as a divider and a president
made impotent by political opposition was sealed.

orks Cited:

Bacon, D.C. et al. (1995). History of the United States Congress. New
York: Simon…

Works Cited:

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York: Simon & Schuster.

How the Characters in the Book Johnson's
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Moved My Cheese?

The characters in Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese? illustrate the importance of being open and willing to change. The two mice represent the most intelligent approach to external changes in the environment. Instead of bemoaning the loss of the old, the mice (Sniff and Scurry) embrace the new because they are not afraid that the source of their happiness will ever run out. They have faith that even when it appears that supplies of the metaphorical cheese are running out, eventually some other source will arrive. Their experience is a source of inspiration for Haw, who tries his best to encourage his friend Hem to step outside the comfort zone. Hem and Haw are the two most commonly encountered characters in any agency. Although some exceptional individuals will be more like Sniff and Scurry, the vast majority of people do not deal with change as easily…


Johnson, S. (2002). Who Moved My Cheese? New York: Putnam.

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Weldon Johnson Separate the Races One of
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Weldon Johnson

Separate the Races?

One of the most prevalent themes explored in James Weldon Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man is the ramifications of miscegenation during America's racially charged late 19th/early 20th century epoch. Johnson's work highlights the daily vicissitudes that are a direct consequence of the taboo social mixing of African-Americans and Caucasians. Originally engendered as one of the many unforeseen products of this country's chattel slavery period, interracial coitus would go on to greatly alter the lives of all participants involved -- spanning across gender, color and age distinctions -- and produce a remarkable number of perverse situations for all parties.

This thesis particularly applies to the progeny of affairs of miscegenation -- the children who often endured a sense of alienation and isolation that distances them from being unconditionally accepted by both races, African-American and Caucasian (Williams 1987, 141). In the following quotations, the narrator…


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Lawyer by Johnson & Duffett
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The last two findings justified the need for these things to ensure the safety of the children. It was mentioned in the article that while "the ramifications of the 'legalization' of education are distasteful and sometimes disturbing," nevertheless "lawsuits and procedures are the price [to be paid] for protecting children" and that they are willing to pay this price rather than risk the safety and well-being of their students. Children are building blocks of our future. This is why I personally believe that children must be nurtured and protected at all costs. Hence, I think that the profession of teaching is one of the most noble and important professions in this world albeit one that can oftentimes be too sensitive.

According to a study by Jonah E. ockoff, "school administrators, parents and students themselves widely support the notion that teacher quality is vital to student achievement" (ockoff, 2004). By experience,…


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Magic Johnson and HIV Science Knows That
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Magic Johnson and HIV

Science knows that although HIV can transition into AIDS, it does not automatically become AIDS. Magic Johnson, new president of the Los Angeles Dodgers and a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, was diagnosed with HIV several years ago. One of the immediate responses from Magic Johnson's body (with HIV) was the weakening of his immune system, which made him -- and makes all HIV-positive patients -- susceptible to the following infections and cancers:

Tuberculosis: an infectious disease "caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis" (Medical News Today).

Salmonellosis Enterocolitis: a very common kind of food poisoning that causes severe dehydration (NCBI)

Cytomegalovirus (CMV): this is a virus infection from a "member of the herpesvirus family" (Medline Plus).

Candidiasis: an infection of the mouth and tongue (Mayo Clinic).

Cryptococcal meningitis: this is an inflammation of those membranes and the fluid that is found around the…

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Ghost Map Written by Steven Berlin Johnson
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Ghost Map, written by Steven Berlin Johnson, is a book that is based on the most terrifying epidemic which broke out in London. This book describes how the city and science was changed after this epidemic. This book is indeed a must read because the writer of this book describes one of the most deadly outbreaks of cholera on Victorian London, in relation to how it changed the cities, our scientific approach towards the disease in the modern world and much more. The idea of gemeinschaft was incorporated in this piece of writing, describing how an epidemic affects a city of traditions, values, language and common (Cities, 2001).

There are two main people that have been talked about in this book and play the central protagonists. The first one is Dr. John Snow and the second one is everend Henry Whitehead. The map of the cholera cases is created by…


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Thad Johnson Music Dallas Symphony Review What an
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Thad Johnson/Music

Dallas Symphony Review

hat an absolute dual treat to attend the Dallas Symphony's "Tchaikovsky Night" at the Morton Myerson Symphony Center on March 31, 2011. Not only was I privileged to hear two great works, but as an added benefit, proceeds from the Tchaikovsky concerts will benefit Sendai, Dallas's International Friendship City in Japan (DSO Public Relations Office). The conductor for this concert was Jaap van Zweden, music director of the Dallas Symphony and several other European Orchestras (DSO Public Relations Office). Guest artist for this program, performing the Piano Concerto #1 is Olga Kern, Russian Classical pianist who, in June, 2001, received a Gold Medal in the Eleventh annual Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (Van Cliburn Foundation).

There was clearly a sense of excitement in the air that was almost palpable. hether this was from the anticipation of the stirring music to come or the posters and…

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Advertisements the Johnson Bank Says We'll Treat
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advertisements, the Johnson Bank says, "We'll treat you like family." As an employee, a company that makes this type of promise would seem to be an ideal work environment. It connotes the idea of a very warm environment, where customers, employees, and business owners are all involved in a very functional work environment which is backed by good will and good intentions towards one another. Certainly, working for a company that wants employees to treat its customers like family seems better than working for a company that wants it employees to treat its customers like wheels in a cog. Treating someone like family certainly implies that they will be treated better at that bank than they would by other people. In addition, one expects that treatment to extend to employees. The idea that a bank will treat people like family suggests that if an employee has an illness or other…


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Consider Jesus by Johnson
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Jesus by Elizabeth a. Johnson

Consider Jesus, by Elizabeth A. Johnson, begins with a preface that addresses Christianity and the common and important themes that it is facing today. Chapter One focuses on the living tradition of Christ, and how He is both dead (in Heaven, and gone from this world), and alive (because there is life after death). He is part of an amazing tradition, but not one that is no longer practiced or that does not provide current and future value. Instead, He is part of a living tradition, where a number of followers of His ways still carry on in His name and strive to be more like Him every day. In Chapter Two, the author addresses the humanity of Jesus. While He was God, He was also God made man. Because of that, He struggled with humanity to some extent and had human feelings as well…

Tylenol Case Analysis Johnson and
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Johnson and Johnson issued a public relations response immediately naming their number one priority: to aggressively protect any consumer from the potential hazards that may be present in any of their family of products.

Symptoms of the Problem -- Quickly, the crisis reached epic nationwide coverage. The panic that ensued, somewhat as the result of the twenty-four hour media coverage, fueled this panic into a frenzy. One hospital in Chicago, for instance, received 700 calls in one day; while Johnson and Johnson received averaged almost 150 calls per day. Across the country people were admitted into hospitals on suspicion of cyanide poisoning (Tifft, 18). Johnson and Johnson worked rapidly and decisively with the media to disseminate information. When the news spread, copycat criminals began to tamper with the products on the shelves of stores, which only deepened the crisis. ndeed, the FDA confirmed more tampering had taken place, but this…

Identification of Goals - in 1982, Tylenol controlled 37% of the pain killer market, approximately $1.2M and was the leading painkiller in the American market, outselling Anacin, Bayer, Bufferin, and Excedrin. Seventeen to eighteen percent net earnings of Johnson and Johnson were from Tylenol sales. Profits placed Johnson and Johnson in the top half of the Fortune 500 (Berg, 1998). The company had been doing well for years. Stock analysts had actually predicted that Tylenol's market share was poised for up to a 15% growth. In fact, Tylenol was to the product that would lead this company to further success- hat is until the Tylenol laced cyanide crisis came to be. This calamity changed the strategic plan, management goals, and parent to subsidiary goals across the organization -- within a 24-hour period. Instantly, an immediate crisis mode was assumed and a reassessment and reprioritization of their goals and immediate actions required jolted every executive, manager and employee in the organization (Mikkelson, 2004).

Immediate Goals once Crisis was Revealed-

Reacting to the news, when Johnson and Johnson was faced with the initial situation; it had to make some tough decisions that would severely impact the future of the company. Rather than think in financial terms only, CEO James Burke immediately turned to the

President Lyndon Baines Johnson Large
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" The Great Society initiative included policies concerning increased education assistance, fundamental protections of civil rights and the right of all Americans to vote, urban renewal, Medicare, conservation, beautification, control and prevention of crime and delinquency, promotion of the arts, and consumer protection (President Lyndon B. Johnson's Biography 2009).


The contributions made by President Johnson were both numerous and significant. In this regard, Firestone and Vogt (1988) report that, "As LBJ led Congress to the completion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to a major tax bill, the first significant federal aid to education, and the program of medical care for the aged that had been pending since Harry Truman's day, surely confidence and optimism were not unwarranted" (1). Following his reelection to the presidency in 1964, Johnson was not content to rest on his laurels but continued his quest for improved civil rights in the country. For…

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Succession." Presidential Studies Quarterly 35(4): 627-628.

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McNamara. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2005.

Letter to Chesterfield Johnson's Letter
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According to the Dictionary, a lord is "a monarch, ruler, governor, [Milton] Master, supreme person [Shakespeare]; a tyrant, an oppressive ruler, [Hayward]; a husband, [Pope] One who is at the head of any business, an overseer [Turner]; a nobleman [Shakespeare]; a general name for a peer of England [King Charles]; a baron; an honorary title applied to officers, as lord chief justice, lord mayor, lord chief baron; a ludicrous title given by the vulgar to a hump-backed person, traced, however, to the Greek crooked (439). Johnson, not a lord, is a man who calls himself a humble scholar. He uses his posture supposed humility ironically before Chesterfield, as he does the term patron: "hen I had once addressed your Lordship in public, I had exhausted all the art of pleasing which a retired and uncourtly scholar can possess. I had done all that I could; and no man is well…

Works Cited

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Google Books. Complete text available. 17 Sept 2008.,M1

Managerial Finance - Johnson &
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76), ROE has ranged from 21.6% to 28.3% in recent years, with the 2007 figure being 25.6%. This reflects outperformance of both the industry and the market. The ROA has exhibited similar outperformance of both industry and market. The return on assets for JNJ over the past several years has ranged from 13.1% in 2007 to 17.l% in 2005. The industry five-year average is 8.85% and the market five-year average is 7.50%.

SWOT Analysis


Net Income increased despite decline in revenues

Growth in each business segment

R&D expense growing slower than revenues

2-year upward trend in net income

Upward trend in cash levels

Upward trend in cash flow from operations

Current ratio 46.36% higher than industry

Interest coverage 80.09% higher than industry

Net margin 14.04% higher than industry

Return on Equity 1414.79% higher than industry

Return on Assets 48.02% higher than industry


Decline in revenue this year (1st…

Tanaka Kakuei Corruption Chalmers Johnson
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This was because of some of the reforms that he introduced for corporations, for public spending, environmental protection and transportation sectors. Since powerful LDP members had vested interests in these sectors, they did not approve of all the reforms and hence were wary of Koizumi and his brand of politics.

Economic problems

The articles about Koizumi and Abe suggest that Japan suffers from serious economic problems that the political system cannot resolve. Why not? What are the political obstacles to changing Japanese politics? How does it relate to the Johnson reading?

Japan has had enormous economic success over the decades but lately its problems are negating the effects of earlier successes. I cannot agree with the opinion that economic problems cannot be solved through political means. Even though other factors do play in, it is the political system that determines the path economy will take. By political system, we mean…


Tomohito Shinoda. Koizumi Diplomacy: Japan's Kantei Approach to Foreign and Defense Affairs University of Washington Press (April 15, 2007)

Chalmers A. Johnson. Japan: Who Governs?: The Rise of the Developmental State W.W. Norton & Company (March 1995)

Unsuccessful Presidents Identified- 1865-1940 Andrew Johnson Grover
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Unsuccessful Presidents Identified- 1865-1940

Andrew Johnson

Grover Cleveland

William McKinley

Herbert Hoover

Political Characteristics

Political Party

Congressional Issues

Johnson's Problems with Congress

Cleveland's Problems with Congress

McKinley's Problems with Congress

Hoover's Problems with Congress

Keynesian Economics

Using it to achieve goals

Americans unconcerned with problems outside of borders.

ural country first

Disdain for strong leaders

Personal Patterns

Economic Issues

Concern for the economy

Democratic Ideals

Changing Policy

Failing to change

What political characteristics, personal patterns do unsuccessful presidents share in common between 1865 and 1940?

From the period 1865 to 1940, a total of fifteen men served as President of the United States. These fifteen - Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, McKinley, oosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, and oosevelt - served during what should have been mostly prosperous times. Yet several of these men and their presidencies must be labeled as failures.

Of these men, four have…

Richard Hofstadter with an foreword by Christopher Lasch (1974). The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It. (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 501 p. (Reprint 1948 ed.))., 9

Richard Hofstadter with an foreword by Christopher Lasch (1974). The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It. (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 501 p. (Reprint 1948 ed.))., 7

Carl Degler, Out of Our Past, (New York, NY: HarperCollins, 1986), 5

Strategic Management at Johnson &
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(J & J. Official ebsite, 2005) This is a wise description in that, rather than specializing in one arena of health care, Johnson and Johnson's diversity of products and character buffets it against some of the specific regulatory turmoil that has affected largely pharmaceutically-based health care companies, such as Pfizer and Merck. The stress on local managerial control also allows the company's diversity to be regionally specific and focused, tailored to the needs of its environment. Its lack of directive control is a calculated strategic decision of control that allows regional branches of J&J both to take advantage of J&J's diversity as a company and to tailor the company's resources to the region commercially.

orks Cited

Strategic Control." (2004) Johnson & Johnson Official Investor ebsite. Retrieved 1 Jan 2005 at

Works Cited

Strategic Control." (2004) Johnson & Johnson Official Investor Website. Retrieved 1 Jan 2005 at