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King Solomon Essays (Examples)

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King David History Symbolism and
Words: 3289 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27887016
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" Further, as previously stated, in the Jewish tradition, it is believed that the Messiah (whom Christians believe is Jesus), must be a descendent of David's line.

The New Testament in fact introduces Jesus as the son of David and of Abraham (Mt. 1:1). Further, in the Gospel of Luke, he describes how Mary, the mother of Jesus, was descended from King David through one of his sons, Nathan. This leads contemporary Christians to believe that Jesus is the prophesied messiah, as well as the rightful king of Israel.

It is interesting that Jesus, despite the fact of David's obviously sinful nature, follows him in matters of conduct. Indeed, the reader notes that Christ used the actions of the pre-descent David as justification for his own (Luke 6:1-5) concerning the eating of wheat from the fields on the Sabbath. (McCall, 1999). However, even more interesting than David's use as a…

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David and Solomon King David
Words: 1708 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76852072
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In addition, heavy taxation and hard work in the military led to bitterness among the people, as did the special privileges he granted to Judah in favor of the northern tribes. For this, the kingship was taken away from olomon's descendants and given to Jeroboam son of Nebat. God's words to olomon regarding this issue appear in 1 Kings 11: 13:... "I will not tear away the whole kingdom, but I will give one tribe to your son for the sake of my servant David, and for the sake of Jerusalem which I have chosen." For the same reason, olomon was spared this event during his lifetime. olomon died after 40 years as ruler of Israel and was buried in the City of David, like his father. As prophesied, olomon's empire was lost and divided after his death. Both kings reigned with wisdom, but also with a fair amount of…


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Great Kings of the Bible
Words: 488 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7299021
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Kings in the Bible. It has 3 sources.

Leadership in ancient Israel was heralded by great monarchs. These were individuals with exceptional strengths, and ones in which the people had great faith. Three such monarchs were King aul, King David and King olomon.

tarting with King aul, God put great faith in him, and expected him to rely not on his own strength but on God himself for guidance. Chiefly, this is what God expects of all individuals. However, aul did not do as God would have liked. In stead he led his people with his own military strength and his own wisdom. He probably did not ask God for help in the form of prayer, and this is what disappointed Him. However, his strengths were that he succeeded in leading Israel and protecting his people when attacked (Desta, 2003).

aul's weaknesses were bound to be exposed through his lack…


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Pursuits of Solomon as Dealt
Words: 1014 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94422637
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The reflections of Solomon are in reality Solomon's search for meaning which may be applied to man's existence. Solomon had 300 wives and 700 concubines as well as vast wealth and knowledge and great respect of those around him and yet, even all this, Solomon learned was not enough to gratify the heart and the soul of man.


Solomon notes the rising and setting of the sun as well as the blowing of the wind and the falling of rain into the rivers and oceans in a process that continually repeats over and again. This is noted by Solomon to provide an illustration of how the mechanics of life, the earth and the universe continue in repetition while man comes and then goes and it being as though he never lived. Solomon, in his searching comes to the understanding that the world…


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Pursuits of Solomon as Dealt with in Ecclesiastes

King Phillip and the Knights Templar
Words: 1223 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41674558
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Knights Templar

The historic value of research is important in determining the course of history and how the events and characters of the past can influence and affect those of the present. The purpose of this essay is to describe the historical context of the Knights Templar. This essay will document this group and explain its life cycle and how some of the same ideas that were present during this group's existence still impact today's world.

The Knights Templar was a military ordered group that was founded to provide protection to pilgrims on roads near Jerusalem. The order grew becoming more powerful and wealthy. But with wealth, power and land soon became enemies. These enemies accused the Templar of heresy and immorality. This accusation was never proven to be true. Several years later King Phillip dissolved the group. King Phillip was not alone in his quest to dissolve the group.…

How King David Falls Bathsheba and Uriah
Words: 4395 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 53879216
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King David as Described in 2 Samuel 11

Samuel 11 describes the events surrounding the sin of King David with regard to Uriah, whom he essentially had executed so that David's adultery with Uriah's wife would not be made known to him. This shameful action on the part of David displeased the Lord immensely, which is described in the following chapters. This chapter, however, reveals a side of David's character that prior to this incident had not been explored before. Much of what is known about David's character is celebratory -- from his time as the boy who slays the giant Goliath, to his handling of the Ark of the Covenant. David is described as a man after God's own heart (1 Sam 13:14) and most of his actions support this idea. His "humility and innocence" in his approach to Saul, playing for him on his lyre and soothing the…


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Creation Narrative Analysis of Genesis Myth or History or Myth and History
Words: 15782 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9755140
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Creation Myth Analysis

Case Study of the History of iblical Creation Narratives

What Is Myth?

What Is History?




Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 Myth?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 History?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 oth Myth and History?

An Analysis of the iblical Creation Narrative of Genesis 1:1-25 and Egypt's Possible Influence on the Historical Record

God created the world in just six days, and rested on the seventh, but scholars have not rested at all over the millennia in their investigation of its account in the historical record, particularly Genesis 1:1-25. Given its importance to humankind, it is little wonder that so much attention has been devoted to how the universe was created and what place humanity has in this immense cosmos. Indeed, the creation of the universe and the origin of mankind are the subject of numerous myths around the world, with many sharing some distinct commonalities. According to S.G.F.…


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David a Man After God's
Words: 1118 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1263903
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Solomon's name is not tainted in cruelties and crimes like that of David. He exhibited the passion to delight God sincerely starting his life in a worthy manner. Worshiping of God was his delight and he exhibited devotedness in the temple construction. Solomon's utterances during devotion are ranked remarkably among the literature of pre-Christian devotion when he was praying at the temple dedication. But when we learn of his heart being turned away after other god we see the reason. 1 Kings 11:4 says, "As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of his father David had been." Solomon's heart was not perfect with God because it was turned away towards other gods. His heart was the trouble and not his head. A theological opinion change was not the reason for…

Joseph Smith and the Book
Words: 6695 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24061704
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On June 27, 1844, hundreds swarmed the jail and brutally murdered the Smith brothers, leading their followers to conclude that they were martyred (Sisk).

At Joseph's death, righam Young was president of the Twelve Apostles of their church and became the leader of the largest faction within (Sisk 1992). Some who separated from Young's group formed their own, called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, under the leadership of one of the brothers of Joseph Smith. In 1846, Young's group declared that the "saints" would leave Nauvoo and they settled in Utah the following year and, for the next 20 or so years, many moved to Salt Lake Valley to join those "saints (Sisk)." The growth was so tremendous that many ascribe greater magnetism to Young than to Joseph himself in attracting followers. It is noted that the current-day Mormon Church has millions of such followers…


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Warren Wiersbe Is Perhaps One
Words: 2102 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72308130
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Again the primary theme within this chapter is that the only way to achieve a better life is to stop consistently being frustrated by the vanity that one pursues and find acceptance and balance.

In the chapter "What about the Wicked," this chapters deals with the principle paradox of how the wicked many times triumphs over the good. Solomon concludes that there are many circumstances in life that we have little to no control over, such as the government that we reside in. Many times it may appear that evil wins far more than good and that the good will suffers at the hands of the wicked. However, one cannot discern God's purpose and therefore should accept these things as one of the conditions of life. Wiersbe uses this to illustrate the futility of attempting to find "extreme" answers. Many times we cannot understand the mysteries of God and should…

Queen Sheba
Words: 1530 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96007036
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Queen of Sheba

Makeda, also known as the Queen of Sheba was a monarch in the ancient kingdom of Sheba; she is refered to in the Habeshan history, the New Testament, the Hebrew Bible and also the Qur'an. Other than these four sources, there are no evidences of her existence. The current location of her kingdom now is assumed to be in Yemen (Korotayev).

She is known to the Ethiopian people now as Makeda or Maqueda; throughout different sources, her name varies and she is called different things by different people during different times. Most of Black history has been suppressed throughout time, it has also been widely distorted or ignored by the modern world (Korotayev). However, there are some African traditions are so persistent that all of the power and deception of the estern academic establishment have failed to stamp them out. One of these is the story which…

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Exegesis on Ecclesiastes - Chapter
Words: 3765 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47203028
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7I bought male and female slaves, and had slaves who were born in my house; I also had great possessions of herds and flocks, more than any who had been before me in Jerusalem. 8I also gathered for myself silver and gold and the treasure of kings and of the provinces; I got singers, both men and women, and delights of the flesh, and many concubines.*

9 So I became great and surpassed all who were before me in Jerusalem; also my wisdom remained with me. 10 hatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them; I

kept my heart from no pleasure, for my heart found pleasure in all my toil, and this was my reward for all my toil. 11 Then I considered all that my hands had done and the toil I had spent in doing it, and again, all was vanity and a chasing after…

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Ripening of Age the Short
Words: 7517 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87256169
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This sentence, although it talks about bowels, is really describing the mother's love of the baby.

This story is written like a detective story. It is very difficult to determine which woman is telling the truth and to determine if King Solomon is actually a bad person or a good person. It does not give the names of the women. They are simple referred to as one woman and the other woman. It does say that they were "harlots," but it does not give any background information about who the women are or how they got involved in this argument. They were simply two women in the same place that had babies at the same time.

Also, it is not clear to the reader rather King Solomon is a bad person or a good person. He does propose to slay the baby and divide it into two half to settle…

Freemasons Contributions to Today's Society
Words: 6522 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94133902
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In addition, both governments and churches began to grow suspicious of the group, probably because of the "organization's secrecy and liberal religious beliefs" (Watson, 2009). As a result, Portugal and France banned Freemasonry; in fact, it was a capital offense to be a Freemason in Portugal (Watson, 2009). Moreover, "Pope Clement XII forbade Catholics from becoming Freemasons on penalty of excommunication" (Watson, 2009). Feeling pressure in Europe, many Freemasons decided to flee the Old World and travel to the European colonies scattered throughout the world, most notably, America.

Influence on America

Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the Freemasons and American history understands that, whatever resistance the Freemasons met with in Europe was not to be found in America. The Freemasons set up lodges in Boston and Philadelphia, and some of the founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. More importantly, the Freemasons are reported to have played…


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Jewish Civilization Time Periods of
Words: 1408 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52724854
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While the Jews eventually did find a King - King Saul, their king was not a supreme ruler with complete control over the people and the land. Again, the Jews indicated their diversity and divergence from the surrounding cultures. Their king was supposed to be a model Jew, one the people could emulate and admire. This period of the Israelite kingdoms was a time of growth and change that would end in a tumultuous exile of the Jews to Babylonia, one of the first of many Jewish exiles and persecutions. Many scholars believe King Saul helped aid the fall of the Jews by not taking on the nation of Amalek and eradicating it. The nation hated Jews and their religion, and caused many of the early Jewish troubles in the area. Saul did not take them on, and many feel this was his fatal flaw (Spiro). After a brief rule…


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Important Biblical People Events and Places
Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2174073
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Biblical Events Which Were Significant in the Development of the Bible

Book: Psalms

This is a collection of praise songs or poems that were meant to praise God. It was an honest communication with God as well as response to Him. The psalmist was so open with his praise to God that it has over the years been considered the best praise that there is offered to God, with many believers in the Bible referring to it constantly for praise verses or quotes that they would like to give to God. Indeed, it is one of the books that are referred to severally even in the New Testament. Two thirds of the book of Psalms is attributed to David. David was known to be a good poet, musician, founder and organizer of temple music as well as a singer who often used stringed instruments to accompany the psalms/praises when he…


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People Hate America The Title
Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11155346
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Prior to their narrative on Townsend, King Solomon is described as a powerful man with grace and humility in his heart. God is said to have appeared to King Solomon in a dream, and asked him what he (Solomon) wanted to be given.

Now Solomon could well have asked for some glittering gifts and for more power. But he didn't; he asked for "wisdom," the authors explain. "I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties. So give your servant a discerning heart...for who is able to govern this great people of yours?" Solomon is reported to have said. Impressed by Solomon's humility, God gave Solomon "...everything else he might have wished for" like honor, wealth, a long life, and yes, the "wise and discerning heart he has asked for."

Back to Townsend, who was also praised for willingly, openly admitting the mistakes…

Works Cited

Sardar, Ziauddin; & Davies, Marryl Wyn. (2002). Why Do People Hate America? New York:

Disinformation Company, Ltd.

Samuel Background Information Theories of Authorship Date
Words: 899 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5878368
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Background information; theories of authorship, date of writing, other relevant background information related to location, other cultures, religious, political, social, etc.

and 2 Samuel was originally one book in the Hebrew Bible and is set in the 11th Century BC, roughly from 1050-970. It begins with the destruction of Shiloh about 1050 BC and in its present form has 55 chapters, although the authors remain anonymous. In the Greek Septuagint there were four "Books of eigns" (or Kingdoms) while Jerome named them the "Books of Kings" -- with the first dealing mainly with Saul and the second with David (Gordon, 1999, p. 19).

Parts of these books, such as the History of the Throne Succession were very likely written during the time of David and Solomon or shortly afterward. Many stories about these kings were "of ancient origin and in fixed form by the mid-tenth century," and probably based…


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Paul Celan's Poem Todesfuge or
Words: 2566 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68492994
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It is interesting thus that many of the symbols that usually have a positive meaning in the literary tradition, such as the starts which are shining brightly in the sky or Margaret's golden hair which makes her resemble an angelic figure, have negative connotations in the poem through the reversals that Celan proposes. Also, the blue eyes of the German master and the fact that he writes love letters to Germany might beguile the reader for a moment and make him or her believe that these are the symbols of purity and innocence in the text. Both the commander and Margaret symbolize the Arian race which was considered by Hitler as absolutely faultless. The fact that Margaret is corrupted and destroyed by evil in Faust is a hint at the way in which the Nazi regime turned the qualities of the Arian race into an instrument of evil. Sulamith, by…

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Midrash of Alexander the Great
Words: 676 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27579496
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Midrash of Alexander

In the early 330's B.C., Alexander the Great conquered the territory of Judea, the home of the Jews. The Midrash of Alexander describes the interaction between the great conqueror and the Jewish people while simultaneously acting as a learning tool. Alexander's journey through the Holy Land is filled with events that can be used to teach moral lessons: among the topics include such things as honoring God, respecting wisdom, and the meaning of justice.

God must be the focus of a person's life, and this includes great conquerors such as Alexander the Great. hen Alexander first entered Judea the Jews refused to join with him because of their previous pledge to Darius. For their refusal to join his campaign Alexander marched on Jerusalem with the intention of punishing the Jews, however the appearance of a welcoming Jewish population and the high priest Jedua altered his plan. hen…

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Geoffrey Chaucer's Tales of Marriage
Words: 5086 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9885717
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The ible, he argued, cites the creation of Eve for Adam as proof that a wife is man's support, as well as many other examples of humble and devoted wives.

The knight told his brother that he desired a young wife, who was no older than thirty, for she would be more pliable. Placebo cautioned that it takes great courage for an older man to marry a young woman (Classic Notes, 2004). He warned him that a young woman who married an older man may have ulterior motives, which the man would never know until he was married. Despite the fact Placebo has a wonderful wife, he understands what faults she has and advises January to be aware of who he marries.

The brothers argue about the merits of marriage, with Placebo predicting that January would not please his wife for more than three years, but Placebo eventually agrees to…


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Christian Spiritual Revival
Words: 737 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13735972
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Christian Spiritual Revival

From the time of creation rivals have been the greatest force in history. hrough revival human beings are brought out of darkness to live in the light. Revival in the Christian life is essentially a renewal of heart; a time of turning away from sin, which brings death, and a turning toward Jesus, who brings life. he word revival means to "live again," derived from two Latin roots re- (again), and vivere (to live). Just as an EM zaps the heart of his patient back to life with a surge of electricity, so to the Holy Spirit works in the life of individuals, and, at times, in whole Christian Communities to bring the back lost vitality; reawakening faith in God, and restores one's commitment to being His disciple. his paper will briefly explore four condition of an authentic spiritual revival found in II Chronicles 7:14, and comment…

The first two conditions for revival are humility and prayer. The word "humility" is derived from the Latin word humus, which means earth or ground. To be humble, then, suggest lowering oneself, toward the ground. It is necessary for revival because in making oneself, and one's opinions, lower or less important, one recognizes the One who is higher -- namely, Almighty God. After humility, prayer naturally follows. A great example of humility and prayer today comes from John Hamilton, a Texas Ranger outfielder, who recently admitted that his addiction to drugs and alcohol came about because he "took God out of first place."[footnoteRef:2] Now in recovery, Mr. Hamilton shares his story and tells people, "when you fail, God wants you to respond to it by coming to Him and asking for help."[footnoteRef:3] [2: Audrey Barrick, "Josh Hamilton Tells Megachurch 'God First,'" The Christian Post (November 8, 2008),  (accessed November 2010).] [3: Ibid.]

The next two conditions for revival are seeking God and repentance. In order to live again, God says that one must seek his face and turn from their wicked ways. These two conditions show one motion, a turn, which has two effects. It calls the soul to turn away from evil and toward good. The revival of career criminal, Mark Rowan, sheds light on the awesome power of such a turn. According to his autobiography,[footnoteRef:4] Rowan led a dark life of crime and lawlessness until one day he came to Christ. He now leads hundreds of people to Christ through his dynamic testimony of faith. [4: Mark Rowan, Condemned: The Transformation of a Violent Gang Leader, (Monarch Books, 2008)]

As long as there is human frailty and weakness, there will be a need to heal, to be restored, and to live again. I experience this need for revival in my own life. I find myself being prideful, when I should be humble. At times, I pray only when I need things instead of out of love for the One who made me. I seek my own will instead of searching for God's face. And I do not always turn away from my wickedness. However, there are moments when the Holy Spirit's voice in my heart is discernable and I am able to be humble, prayerful, and close to God. I pray that these moments increase so that I can live again and again in the light of God's grace.

The Invention of Peanut Butter by Matt Haig
Words: 694 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 99264645
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As its title indicates, “The Invention of Peanut Butter” by British author of speculative fiction Matt Haig is intended to be read as a fable, or myth of origins. Despite the fact that peanut butter may seem to be a very prosaic, modern food, the reader is immediately transported into a world which is a kind of primitive utopia. Villagers merely survive on pineapple and peanuts. Everyone lives in a state of collective harmony. To further give a primitive and mythic tone to the utopia of the first few paragraphs, Haig elects not to name the inhabitants of the village. This communicates their sense of solidarity to one another as well. The fact that people do not make food at all gives a kind of communal quality to the environment that is enviable and idyllic, even though the reader presumably is glad that he or she has greater variety in…

Psalm 45 and Psalm 51 The Role of the Psalms in the Role of Israel
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15294021
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Psalms in the Life of Israel: Psalm 45 and 51

Instructions: Complete the matrices by answering the questions regarding Psalm 45 and Psalm 51. Be sure to answer in complete sentences. Cite your sources. Incorporate the information of the Superscription of the Psalm in your responses.

Psalm 45

What role did this psalm play in the life of the author and the recipient? (5)

Psalm 45 opens with the Superscription, 'To the chief musician upon Shoshannim, for the sons of Korah, Maschil; a Song of Love,' which is a clear indication that it is a song written for the Israelites in celebration of love. The term Shoshannim is Hebrew for 'lily', the beautiful flower that brings delight and happiness; in the same way, love was supposed to bring delight and happiness to God's children (Dunn & Rogerson, 2012). To the author and recipient, therefore, both of whom belonged to the…

Chinese First Emperor as With the Egyptian
Words: 1431 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99027813
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Chinese First Emperor as with the Egyptian pharaohs, the tomb was a microcosm of the world that they knew in life, and filled with the objects that they would use in the afterlife. In early times, servants, soldiers, concubines and entertainers were even put to death so they could serve the monarch in the next world, although later these were mostly represented by statues and replicas. For the First Emperor of China, the tom was an elaborate "analogue of life," reportedly constructed by 700,000 men over many years -- far more than the number of workers used by the Egyptian pharaohs to build their tombs and pyramids (awson, 2007, p. 123). He even had a terracotta army with cavalry, archers, chariots and thousands of troops buried in pits to defend him from his enemies in the next world, along with stone armor to protect against evil spirits. Pit 1 had…


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History and Development of Master Builder and Design Build Tradition of Western Civilization
Words: 6891 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 11303212
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Architecture through the Ages


Construction in ancient times is second only to agriculture-it reaches back as far as the Stone Age and possibly further (Jackson 4). Before the existence of master builders in design and construction the Code of Hammurabi (1795-1750 B.C.) referred to design and construction as a simple process (Beard, Loulakis and undrum (13). Hammurabi was the ruler of Babylon, the world's first metropolis and he codified his code of laws (Beard 13). This is the earliest example of a ruler introducing his laws publicly. The code regulated the organization of society including the extreme punishments for violating the law. The builder's work is addressed in the code, however faulty design and improper construction were viewed as one (13). Six specific laws address the builder. These laws are;

228. If a builder build a house for some one, and does not construct it properly, and the house…

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Ezekiel in the Wilderness of
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In the context of these visions, any admixture of Jewish identity with foreign ways represented not only just such a hypocritical failure to trust God in all things but, ultimately, a decision to vanish from history. First, Ezekiel reminds his audience, the nations closely related to Israel failed through jealousy, pride, and treason.

Next, he prophesies that the great merchant cities of Phoenicia

are eventually doomed to ruin in the fullness of time -- whereas Israel itself will be regathered into its own land again.

This reminder of the election of Israel must have come as both a bitter challenge to the exiles (who had seen their nation brought low and their connection to it severed) and an argument that, even in such challenging circumstances, fidelity to the Covenant would ultimately reap much greater rewards than any attempt to attach themselves to a foreign civilization.

Significantly, Ezekiel's prophetic vision singles…


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Knights Templar
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Knights Templar

ho were the Knights of Templar? They were the earliest founders and followers of military orders, and protectors of pilgrims, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia. But they were much more than that, as this paper will point out. They began as very humble warriors, they continued with surprisingly strong growth period but their ending was tragic. This paper reviews the origins, the purposes, the actions and the endings that are attributed to the Knights of Templar.

The Knights of Templar was a Christian organization that was founded during the First Crusade, originally asked to provide military protection for pilgrims that were traveling to visit the Holy land following the conquering of the Holy Land by the Crusades. Most importantly in terms of the Crusades' goals, the holy city of Jerusalem had been taken back from Islam, but the Knights of Templar had a duty to protect believers who…

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Song of Songs While the
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The Song also affirms, albeit, that humans consist of more than mere bodies.

Francis Landy (2007), University of Alberta, notes in his review of "Song of Songs," by Richard S. Hess, that Hess intentionally writes with his conservative audience in mind. "He assumes a context of married love for the Song, while recognizing that this is never made explicit: 'the erotic love of the couple does not lie outside the bounds of marriage but is integral to it" (Hess, quoted in Landy, ¶ 2). Hess resists direct sexual interpretations, for instance of 5:4-5 as a euphemistic description of intercourse, pointing out that "the whole point of the passage is the failure of the couple to reach and touch each other."

Tremper Longman (2001) points out in Song of Songs that, according to the Bible, the relationship between a husband and wife reflects the most intimate of all possible human relationships.…


Cunningham, Lawrence S. "Religion Booknotes (Letters to a Young Catholic, The

Church's Bible, The Song of Songs, Behind Closed Doors: A History of Papal Elections,

Dorothy Day: Portraits by Those Who Knew Her )" Commonweal Foundation. (2005).

HighBeam Research. 9 July 2009 .

Jews and the Phenomena of
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Nature of God (200)

From the Jewish point-of-view, God is the unique supreme authority, the creator of the world and the father of all people and nations. This opinion is quite different from the Christian point-of-view that considers that besides the creator God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit form the religious pedestal than rule their spiritual life. Jews stress the unique character of God, saying that He is the sole creative force within the universe. Jesus, the son of God in the eyes of Christians, is considered by Jews as being an ethical man that challenged and fought the religious authorities of that time. Another interesting opinion is the Islamic view that indicates Jesus as being a simple prophet, in contrast with Mohamed who was chosen by God to distribute the real faith, belief in divinity, all not modified by human intervention.

Satan is the contrast of God, according to…

Reference List

1) Robinson, G.(2000). Essential Judaism.Pocket Books

Management of Health and Safety
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It is essential fo company manages, safety pactitiones and manufactuing enginees to be infomed of and gain sufficient knowledge about cuent eseach developments in this field and implement safety stategies as well as systems to minimize occupational health and safety isks. (Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, 103); (Stellman, 17)

Active and pocedual isk management stategies ae impotant elements in any manufactuing unit. Active isk management efes to implementing intelocks, alams and mitigation systems that can detect a hazad and immediately shut down o set the system into a safe position. Pocedual isk management efes to implementing safety checklists, opeato taining, standad opeating pocedues and seveal such people dependent management systems. Ceating "inheently safe design stategies" in a manufactuing unit would involve fou key stategies. These ae minimizing, modeating, substituting and simplifying systems. (Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, 103); (Stellman, 17)

Despite all safety guidelines, accidents still occu mainly as a esult of human complacence…

references and further reading you must purchase this article.

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Unequal Pairs in Genesis
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Unequal Pairs in Genesis

The source of hostility experienced by humankind has a long record and an intricate web of linked causes and ascription of causes. The highly charged concerns that human beings experience in the contemporary world are as a result of something more central and at the heart of people. Abel and Cain were brothers, but brothers who felt humiliated and threatened by actions and attitudes of each other. They were brothers who sought for exceptional favor and blessings from the same Creator they worshipped in distinctive ways. However, God accepted the sacrifice presented by Abel and rejected that of Cain. The rejection of Cain's sacrifice and acceptance of Abel's sacrifice demonstrate the need for people to choose between salvation and eternal torment, righteousness and wickedness.

The story of Cain and Abel follows upon the tale of sin of humanity, and represents humanity's further estrangement from God. The…


Bible Society in Australia Staff. (2008). Holy Bible: New international version. Australia: Bible Society in Australia Incorporated.

Runaway Jury -- a 2003 Legal Thriller
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Runaway Jury -- a 2003 legal thriller based on a John Grisham novel -- does not necessarily enhance the viewer's knowledge of the law, but it certainly offers an expansive view of one way of breaking the law. The film is concerned with the rise of the contemporary "jury consultant," most often used in large-scale consumer liability lawsuits such as the one depicted in the film. The legal case in Runaway Jury concerns the liability of gun manufacturers for deaths caused by their products: intriguingly Grisham's original novel dealt with similar liability cases regarding tobacco, common in the U.S.A. In the 1990s, but was altered for the screenplay. To a certain extent, this change indicates that Grisham's, and the film's, focus was never on the legal issue at stake in the actual trial. The real legal focus regards the thin line between "jury consultancy" and "jury tampering" that is demonstrated…

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Leveraging Power From BATNA
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Leveraging the Power of BATNA

Leveraging Power from BATNA

In this case example, the transactions and the relationships among the original owners of a cottage and the new third party owner appear to have deteriorated into a zero sum condition and the parties have assumed positions characteristic of a distributive bargaining relationship (Honeyman, 2010).

Information as a source of power. Strategic advantage in a distributive bargaining situation is often a function of how much information each party has with regard to the other party's objectives, desires, and orientation to negotiation. Unlike integrative bargaining, where no information is left on the table, a party to a distributive bargaining situation assumes that each party will guard their information carefully in an attempt to retain whatever power may be gleaned from it. And a party to a distributive bargaining situation also assumes that the other party will try to get as much information…


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Ethiopian Jews
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Ethiopian Jews

Interesting story of Ethiopian Jews has caught attention of many. Ethiopia has been facing many issues in the early years. Ethiopians always had to struggle to obtain the basic necessity of life such as food and general hygienic resources such as a proper sewerage system etc. Though the country struggles through many problems it holds a very fascinating history. Ethiopia has a historical background which relates to all three Abrahamic religions. It has significant history for all of the three religions. For instance, it was the first to declare Christianity as a state religion in the 4th Century. In addition to that it was also first place of hijra according to Islamic history and it is known to be one of the most ancient Muslim settlements in Africa. Moreover, it also held a legit population of Ethiopian Jews up till 1980s. Being rich with the varies religion backgrounds…


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1950's Cinema
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Cinema 1950s

1950s was a decade of change for the U.S. - cinema was no exception, as it modeled itself to accommodate the social changes U.S. society was going through. Films not only provide entertainment to masses but are also believed to express the general outlook of society by the way it sets and adopts trends. 50s was marked by postwar prosperity, rising consumerism, loosening up of stereotype families, baby boom and growing middle-class. It was the time of reaction to the aging cinema, especially by the freedom loving youth who were keyed up with fast food (Mc Donald's franchised in '54), credit card (first in 1950) and drive-in theaters ( Young people were fed-up with the conventional illustration of men and women. With growing interest in ock-n-oll and break-free attitude prevailing, a social revolution was very much in the offering, and that was to transfer the cinema as well…


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Stream-Of-Consciousness in Chaucer
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ife of Bath's Tale And Modern Stream-of-consciousness riting

Dear Chaucer:

The ife of Bath is one of the most memorable of all of your characters in the Canterbury Tales. The ife is likeable not only because of her boisterous, honest, and sexually frank persona but also because of the way in which she tells her tale. The ife's storytelling anticipates modern stream-of-consciousness style. The ife's style underlines the fact that it is not only how a story is told but who tells it that is important.

The ife begins her tale by relating her experience of marriage before setting up the plot of her story: "I have had five husbands at the church-door (for I have been wedded so often); and all were worthy men in their ranks." She defends her ability to hold forth on the subject of marriage because of her obvious experience and also makes a humorous…

Work Cited

Chaucer. "The Wife of Bath." The Canterbury Tales. 2007 [28 Mar 2014]

South African Poetry Analysis
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Antjie Krog's Country Of Grief And Grace

Antjie Krog (2000) uses metaphor and extended metaphor throughout the poem "Country of Grief and Grace" -- itself an exploration of existential crisis in South Africa, ravaged by apartheid and violence. Krog descends into this maelstrom to provide the reader a glimpse, a hope, a ray of light that beams through the sludge of hopelessness, despair and grief. Through her use of metaphor and extended metaphor, Krog constructs an alternate way of looking at the world in which she lives -- a framework that invites the reader to question the borders and boundaries of time and space which keep separate the past and the future, the young and the old, the black and the white. By merging or synthesizing the elements of her country into a cohesive whole, Krog shows that all is one -- and in this revelation is the seed of…

Herod the Great
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King Herod, The Great

Quite a variety of members belonging to the royal dynasty had their names Herod being originated in Edom or Idumea after John Hyrcanus in 125 B.C was obligated to adopt the Jewish religion (1). The Herod family ruled in Palestine as vassals of the omans. Followed by Maccabees, the history of this dynasty mainly relates to the political history of Palestine during this whole era (1).

omans in 40 B.C made Herod I the Great, son of Antipater the king who managed to keep hold of his throne even during the times of changes in the government at ome (1). Herod's kingdom includes Idumea, Galilee, Judea, Batanea, Samaria and Peraea, which was more or less the same size as the kingdom of David and Solomon (1).

Though Herod had outstanding leadership skills, yet he was greatly detested by the Jews. One of the reasons for disliking…


Bible History. King Herod the great, the Servant of Rome.


Follow the Rabbi. Herod the Great.


The Promises Made to David in the Davidic Covenant
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King David and the Covenant

The covenant that God makes with David, also known as the Davidic Covenant, contains a series of promises to David and Israel, the most important being that the Messiah (of the New Testament) will come through the House of David. This is the promise of a Redeemer that the Jews were to look forward to and recognize by the signs, as given through the various prophets, such as Isaiah. God promises that the Messiah will establish a kingdom that will have no end, thus making a connection between the rule of David who is after God's own heart to the reign of Christ the King who will rule over men's hearts. God also describes how Solomon will come and build a House for the Lord while simultaneously conveying a deeper message about the Son of God: "I will be his Father, and he shall be…

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Hero in Literature and the Hunt Symbolism
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unter and the unted:

Courtly Love and the Many Faces of the ero

Literature abounds in depictions of the hero.

Solomon, Esther, Gawain, and countless others call to mind tales of strength, valor, and passion. Whether a text's purpose is religious, instructional, or purely a matter of entertainment, a single character stands out. Emotion is often overpowering, as too, are the choices between what is right and what is wrong. Morality plays an equally important role in each of these "superhuman" stories. Frequently, the path of virtue is crossed by the highways of desire. A hero may take the high road, or he may take the low road, but which choice is correct depends upon the specific circumstances of the narrative, and upon the central figure's point-of-view. A bewildering array of problems, impossible tasks, and larger-than-life villains can turn closely-held beliefs inside out, and cause a hero to commit acts…

Heide Estes, "Bertilak Reads Brut: History and the Complications of Sexuality in Sir Gawain and the Green

Knight," Essays in Medieval Studies, 17, 72, Allen J. Frantzen, Ed. Illinois Medieval Association, 2000.

Guinevere Shaw, "Interpretations of Honor in the Medieval Period," URL:

Francis Bacon's Philosophy Regards the
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Essentially, the power was held by the individual, and the individual was lacking of all incentives to make his understanding more universal.

Bacon sees this as a major obstacle to widespread progress and sees development of easily understandable tables, graphs, and illustrations necessary to the proper sharing of scientific knowledge. He writes:

But natural and experimental history is so varied and diffuse, that it confounds and distracts the understanding unless it be fixed and exhibited in due order. e must, therefore, form tables and co-ordinations of instances, upon such a plan, an in such order, that the understanding may be enabled to act upon them." (Bacon 140).

Bacon is one of the first scientist/philosophers to suggest that those in possession of specialized knowledge must find a way to translate their discoveries to others in some understandable way. This notion is reflected in "The New Atlantis" by his specific mentioning of…

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Knight Templars
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Knights Templar was a group of knights whose history dates back to the First Crusade at around 1119 AD. hen originally convened, the knights chosen were the bravest and most devoted Christians amongst all the men fighting in the Crusades.[footnoteRef:1] Their purpose was to help defend Jerusalem defend itself against the Muslim enemies. Also it was the job of the Knights Templar to provide protection for people who were making pilgrimages to Jerusalem for religious reasons. At first the order only had nine knights who were devoted to providing safe passage to the Holy Land and defending it from the enemy of the Christian Church.[footnoteRef:2] The Knights became extremely powerful groups of men, too powerful from the perspective of many clergymen. Over the course of time, the Knights Templar was given special permissions by both the church and national governments. In 1139, Pope Innocent II issued the Omne Datum Optimum,…

Works Cited:

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Popular Space
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spanned Old Highway 31, Broadway, State Route 119, High Street, and even the Champs-Elysees. They have elicited feelings of mouth-watering salvation from children in the backseat of cars for generations and tugged on the deeply imprinted visions of the American Dream from the adults in the front; having visited them already, adolescents on the streets of American cities clutch the greasy paper bags on the way home from school, gabbing with their friends and sharing their French fries; in downtown New York, they grace Wall Street with a top-hatted, white-gloved greeter at the front door. The Golden Arches permeate American culture, all walks of life, classes, ethnicities, social stratii, and geographies in a way that no other commercial space has. McDonald's, a leader in the worldwide fast food industry, has capitalized on its commercial ingenuity, successful marketing, globalization, and place in the American imagination by careful recognition of the cultural…

Advertising and Word of Mouth
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(Snyder & Deono quoted in Kjeldal 2003, Introduction section, ¶ 6).

The results from the study Kjeldal (2003) conducted with 70 participants in two stages suggest that the word association responses high self-monitors (HSMs) produce reflect selective activation of a personally meaningful, experiential, system. The responses low self-monitors (LSMs) produce, on the other hand, indicate an intellective factual system.

2. Decision Making Process Theories

Dr. onnie Halpern-Felsher (2009), an Associate Professor at theUniversity of California, San Francisco, identifies a number decision-making criteria in her report, "Adolescent decision making: an overview." According to Halpern-Felsher, determinations of definitions for a competent decision, the process of how the decision was made, differ dramatically. The actual behavior or outcome, albeit, does not determine competent decision making, however, during the normative model of decision-making process, one does consider the consequences to not choosing a particular behavior or a specific event.

Normative models of decision making,…


'Advertising, Public Relations' N.d. < > [25 May 2009].

Bahaudin, M & Jue, A 2005. 'Deceptive and Subliminal Advertising in Corporate America: Value Adder or Value Destroyer?', Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga Graduate School of Business. HighBeam Research. Available from: <  > [20 May 2009].

Barnard, N & Ehrenberg, A 1997. 'Advertising: Strongly Persuasive or Nudging',

Journal of Advertising Research - January/February 1997.

Bible Research You Are My
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Paul twice refers to his helper, Onesimus, as "Beloved" (Colossians 4:9 and Philemon 1:16). But then, in Ephesians, Paul begins to speak of all of those who have been saved as the "Beloved." This is the first instance of a group being given this special blessing. In Ephesians 1:5-6, Paul says that we have been adopted as children of God, by God's own free will and good pleasure and praiseworthy grace, and we have been accepted into the Beloved who have been redeemed by the Blood and forgiven of our sins.

Truly, being the Beloved of God is a special favor. Paul tries to tell the members of the church in Rome how, though each one is favored by God in a different way, each is a member of a group that is loved by one another (Romans Chapter 12: 6-10). In Verses 9 and 10, Paul says: "Let love…

Universal Human Rights Federal Criminal
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(Deuteronomy 22:28-29). hile these Biblical endorsements of unequal treatment may seem historical and antiquated to a modern, estern audience, the fact is that many parts of the world still treat women in a similar fashion, so that the Bible would be useless in helping to determine a standard of human rights for women.

In addition, many human rights activists believe that the death penalty is a de facto violation of human rights, regardless of the guilt or innocence of the person to be executed and the nature of the crime committed by that person. However, the Bible clearly endorses the application of the death penalty. Moreover, the Bible endorses the use of the death penalty in areas where most of the modern world has determined its use to be inappropriate. Amaziah executed his father's assassins, and the Bible described him as doing "what was right in the eyes of the…

Works Cited "Major Religions Ranked by Size." 2007. 28

Sept. 2007 .

Carlson, Doug. "ENDA: Ending an Important Employer Right." The Ethics and Religious

Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. 2007. The Southern Baptist Commission. 28 Sept. 2007 .

Historiography of the Bible
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Old Testament books, Deuteronomy, Samuel and Kings, establishing a monarchy for Israel and Judah proved somewhat problematic. This was due both to the divinity of God and the inevitable humanity that would be part of a human king. Throughout the historical books of the Old Testament God repeatedly states that he is a jealous God, tolerating no others. Kingship then might be seen as an attempt to usurp the power of God, or indeed to detract from worshiping God as the nation's ultimate leader. Furthermore a monarchy is a pagan idea that has penetrated Israel from the foreign nations they have been in contact with through battle. This of course connects further negativity with the idea of a king for God's people. The demand of a king is thus in effect the rejection of God as ruler over Israel and Judah. An issue closely related to this is the problem…


Howard, D.M. Jr. 1998 "The Case for Kingship in Deuteronomy and the Former Prophets," Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 476-78.

Sumner, Darren. 1999. "The Bible Shelf." 

There are three discourses, stretching over Chapter 1:6-4:40, Chapters. 5-28, and Chapters 29-30). The concluding addendum comprises Chapters 31-34. This is the final words of Moses to his people before they enter Canaan. Traditionally the discourses are attributed to Moses, although some scholars believe that some portions of the book come from a later time.

The first discourse: Deuteronomy 1:6-4:40

Decision to Purchase Use or Consume the
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decision to purchase, use or consume the product of a particular brand is not simply a utilitarian decision that focuses on what goods a consumer wants, it is also a matter of the consumer's self-image. The customer asks himself, perhaps subconsciously, is he "the type of person" who eats at McDonald's, or uses Bayer aspirin? From there, the customer makes a decision to use, or not use, the product. However, the answers to these questions are less than simple. They are intricately and intrinsically connected to brand image and perception. Consumers are willing to put more money and resources into things that make them feel good about themselves. Companies want to leave their customers feeling good about their purchasing decision, with a raised self-image. However, what makes a person feel good about herself changes as values and society change. More than any other industry, this may be true about food…


Adamson, R. 3 May 2002. "Fast Food Nation." Salon Magazine. Accessed 23 February, 2011

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HEHER, A. 6 October 2009. Burger King plans "edgy, futuristic" remodel of restaurants. The Huffington Post. Accessed 23 February 2011

Prophets Abraham Heschel Passionately Challenged
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According to the Psalms (Psalm 132:1-18) and Samuel (2 Sam. 7:2), God "swore an oath to David" that he and his descendants would remain on the throne, as long as they kept His statutes, forever. David embodied five characteristics of the monarchy: (1) He took the Ark of the Covenant brought by Moses, which had been carried around under a tent since Moses' time, and set it up in the temple (built by Solomon), as the symbol of God's choosing this people and this land as His own. (2) David became the "firstborn son of God" and God promised that he and his descendants would forever be on His throne. (3) He was a priest performing priestly duties as God's representative on earth. (4) He was mortal. He had sinned, yet God allowed him to live and remain king. (5) He had a special relationship, a covenant with God himself,…

Works Cited

Judaism." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2007. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 11 Dec. 2007 .

Kimelman, Reuven "Abraham Joshua Heschel: Our Generation's Teacher." The Melton Journal, No. 15, Winter 1983.

Moral and Emotional Responses to the Challenge
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Moral and Emotional Responses to the Challenge of Thrasymachus

Might makes right. So suggests the character of Thrasymachus in Plato's "Republic." In other words, justice and morality is merely defined by who is stronger. The proper role of morality in both reason and the emotions is dependant simply upon what one wants to do, at that point in time, and how one can best achieve one's objective. In politics, the strongest person defines what is just and moral, because the strongest person will always rule according to the real world laws of the political jungle. Socrates, of course, offers the opposing view, that only the wisest should rule, the philosopher kings of the ideal state, who put subjective emotion aside and rule purely by objective reason. While Thrasymachus suggests that 'the world,' that is the material existence around us (including our emotions) should be the ultimate proving-ground of any moral…

Contingency Management Alcohol & Marijuana
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" (1995)

The authors state: "The amphetamines occasioned dose-related increases in d- amphetamine-appropriate responding, whereas hydromorphone did not. Amphetamines also occasioned dose-related increases in reports of the drug being most like "speed," whereas hydromorphone did not. However, both amphetamines and hydromorphone occasioned dose-related increases in reports of drug liking and in three scales of the ARCI. Thus, some self-report measures were well correlated with responding on the drug-appropriate lever and some were not. Lamb and Henningfield (1994) suggest that self-reports are complexly controlled by both the private event and the subject's history of experience with the drug. Some of the self-reports they observed (e.g., feels like speed) are probably occasioned by a relatively narrow range of stimuli because in the subject's experience with drug administration, these reports have been more selectively reinforced by the verbal community relative to other reports (e.g., drug liking). They also suggest that these results imply…


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Break Out of War in Afghanistan and
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break out of war in Afghanistan and Iraq propelled alarming forecasts about its most likely psychiatric effects. he chief of recuperation or readjustment therapy services at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) asserted that as high as 30% of soldiers deployed to Iraq may establish posttraumatic tension ailment (PSD) (Dentzer, 2003), a disorder that can arise following experience of gruesome, dangerous occasions, such as battle, natural catastrophes, and rape. PSD patients do not simply remember their injury; they reexperience it as vibrant sensory recollections (flashbacks), horror stories, and invasive ideas. hey feel reduced or small and mentally detached from the family, friends and loved ones, yet likewise stressful, cranky, and hyper-vigilant as if risk were permanently present.

Psychiatry ratified the PSD medical diagnosis in 1980, mainly in feedback to the belated awareness of its signs in Vietnam veterans whose troubles had actually long been improperly comprehended and dealt with. Undoubtedly,…

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Christianity the Roman Way Rome Exerted Tremendous
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Rome exerted tremendous pressure on its colonies to conform, and do things in the Roman Way. When in Rome, one does as the Romans do. The Via Romana is a road referring to the Roman way. Rome conquered Alexander's vast empire and then imposed the Imperium (the imperial right to rule) upon the world. Religio-Romana refers to the Roman religion of paganism and polytheism. Roman religion. Romans are to practice Rome's religion without changing it. The Roman practices will be executed as they have always been since the beginning of Roman civilizations. This includes worshipping the Roman emperor as god. The political connection between Rome's religion and the people impose the belief and practice: Roman religion is the truth. Mos Maiorum refers to the living traditions. People are to live their lives according to Roman traditions. This is the daily life of Romans extant in the…

Rehoboam and Jeroboam
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leadership lessons of Rehoboam and Jeroboam

The ancient Biblical story of Rehoboam and Jeroboam illustrates what constitutes true leadership. During this time in history, many people thought that heredity conveyed greatness. Rehoboam was the son of Solomon and the grandchild of King David. However, the Israelites often chafed under the heavy taxes imposed upon them by Solomon. Jeroboam, speaking on behalf of the common populace begged Rehoboam for these taxes to be eased. "Thy father made our yoke grievous: now therefore ease thou somewhat the grievous servitude of thy father, and his heavy yoke that he put upon us, and we will serve thee" (II Chronicles 10:4). However, the new king was deaf to these entreaties: "Thus shalt thou answer the people that spake unto thee ... For whereas my father put a heavy yoke upon you, I will put more to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips,…

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Delimitations Today Modern Business Systems
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A favorite target for conspiracists today as well as in the past, a group of European intellectuals created the Order of the Illuminati in May 1776, in Bavaria, Germany, under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt (Atkins, 2002). In this regard, Stewart (2002) reports that, "The 'great' conspiracy organized in the last half of the eighteenth century through the efforts of a number of secret societies that were striving for a 'new order' of civilization to be governed by a small group of 'all-powerful rulers.' The most important of these societies, and the one to which all subsequent conspiracies could be traced, is the Illuminati founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt" (p. 424). According to Atkins, it was Weishaupt's fundamental and overriding goal to form a secret organization of elite members of Europe's leading citizens who could then strive to achieve the Enlightenment version of revolutionary social…


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Jacobs at p. 237.

Christian Canon for the 21st
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The books the researcher would first and foremost include the following books which currently constitute the Old and New Testament of the Bible:

Old Testament

Pentateuch - 5 books

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Historical Books - 12 books

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First Samuel, Second Samuel, First Kings, Second Kings, First Chronicles, Second Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.

Poetical - 5 books

Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Prophetical - 17 books

Major Prophets - Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel

Minor Prophets - Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah

Historical Books - 12 books

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First Samuel, Second Samuel, First Kings, Second Kings, First Chronicles, Second Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.

Poetical - 5 books

Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Prophetical - 17 books

Major Prophets - Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel

Minor Prophets - Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi

New Testament…

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Genesis This Book Includes the
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The book demonstrates faith during suffering, emphasized through Job's tribulations.


A book of poems, written primarily by David in praise of God.


A book of wisdom, often regarded as an instruction manual for a Godly life.


A book intended to help readers avoid painful situations of life experienced by Solomon.

Song of Solomon

This book is about love the sanctity of marriage.


A book about judgment and comfort, written by Isaiah.


A book of repentance, written by Jeremiah.


A book of poems that grieve Israel's ruin.


This book is a history of the fall of Jerusalem and God's judgment.


A history of Daniel's banishment in Babylon.


This book illustrates God's love for his people. Hosea's wife cheated on him Hosea drew closer to God because of it.


This book urges God's people to do right. Locusts are an example…

Judaism and Early Christianity
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Jewish History

The Hebrews do not actually appear in history until about 1224-1211 B.C.E. during the reign of Marniptah, king of Egypt (Ancient pg). Marniptah was the son of Raamses I, 1290-1223 B.CE, who is thought to be the kind of Egypt at the time of the Hebrew exodus (Ancient pg). In an account of Marniptah's military campaign in Asia, 1220 B.C.E., inscribed in granite is listed all the conquered peoples including the Israelites, who are mentioned as "now living in Canaan" (Ancient pg). Before this, the only history is that which was written by the Hebrews themselves who trace their origins to a "single individual, Abraham, who comes originally from Mesopotamia" (Ancient pg). This pre-Egyptian Hebrew history is referred to as the age of the patriarchs, which means father-ruler (Ancient pg). More than a thousand years had passed before this era of history was written down, and although it…

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