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Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll
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Kuwait language Arabic, consideration moderate English. I an essay 8 pages including a thesis statement MLA outline ( thesis outline a separated page). My Essay a comparison Frankenstein Mary Shelly (1831 edition) The strange case Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Robert Stevenson.

Comparison between Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and Robert Louis Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

The Risks of doing science

The connection between the two scientists

Society's tendency to steer away from the idea of evil

The scientist's understanding of his feat


Fast progress as a cause for death

Mary Shelley's book "Frankenstein" (1818) and Robert Louis Stevenson's book "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1886) are two historic novels that are widely known and appreciated as a consequence of the ideas they put across. Both books address the concept of a scientist attempting to manipulate the rules of the universe and eventually…

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Sheikh Majed Al Sabah Was Born Into
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Sheikh Majed Al Sabah was born into royalty. He is the grandson of the 10th Amir of Kuwait as well as the nephew of the current Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. Thanks to the fashion entrepreneurship and style of Sheikh Majed, Kuwait has become a leading fashion capital of the middle east. His journey into the fashion world began with Villa Moda and brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada, amongst others and currently 21 Carrots and TFK (The Fragrance Kitchen). The Fragrance Kitchen is a fragrance house based in Kuwait that houses a mixture of scents inspired by Sheikh Majed's memories of his beloved grandmother.

With a nickname like "Sheikh of Chic," given to him by Times Magazine, one would expect a larger than life man with a big persona. When interviewing him, I could see that was far from the truth. Sheikh Majed is the most…

Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia
Words: 1876 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99722981
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The Majlis al-Shura is appointed every four years while the Majlis al-Ummah members are elected every four years. The Majlis al-Shura serves in a monarch while the Majlis al-Ummah serves in a democracy. The running of Majlis al-Shura requires expertise in various fields.The council members are therefore some of the most educated people in the country. On the contrary, Majlis al-Ummah deals with issues that are mubar and do not necessarily need experts to make conclusions. These decisions by the Majlis al-Ummah are referred to as 'mashura'.The opinion of the majority are taken as the binding opinion since mubah issue have no wrong or rights. The other difference that exits between Majlis al-Shura and Majlis al-Ummah is that Majlis al-Shura has more members (150 members) when compared to Majlis al-Ummah (60 members). Majlis al-Shura also appears to be more of a political council that is mandated to run the country's…


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Health Care Systems Management as
Words: 9550 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 98461776
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The infant mortality rate is of 8.97 deaths per 1,000 live births. This rate places Kuwait on the 160th position on the chart of the CIA. The adult prevalence rate of HIV / AIDS is of 0.1 per cent.

In terms of economy, Kuwait is a relatively open, small and wealthy economy. It relies extensively on oil exports -- petroleum exports for instance account for 95 per cent of the total export revenues as well as for 95 per cent of the federal income. The Kuwaiti representatives have recently set the goal of increasing the oil production per day. Currently, Kuwait is facing the pressures of the internationalized economic crisis -- which however, due to recent economic surpluses in Kuwait, affects the economy to a lower extent.

Simultaneously with the increase in oil production, the Kuwaiti authorities are also focusing on diversifying the economic activities in the sense of supporting…


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Economic Strategies in the Middle
Words: 4994 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90026075
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One can therefore expect that Israel will benefit from an increase in knowledge-based industry that will continue to power employment and GDP growth.


Investment is a triple indicator: relative attractiveness of the country, the type of investment being attracted, and political stability or instability. In comparison to the U.S., all countries save Saudi Arabia are attracting more investment. One would expect that the U.S., as a relatively mature first-world economy, would be at a relatively lower level. The surprise in this analysis exists in both extremes: Saudi Arabia on the low side, and Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai on the high side. Israel's relatively low investment can be explained by the type of knowledge-intensive industrial development it is experiencing now.

Qatar and Kuwait are experiencing resource-extraction investment at record levels. The primary driver is natural gas expansion. Unlike oil, natural gas must be processed extensively by capital-intensive facilities before it…


CIA. (2007). World Fact Book. Retrieved August 3, 2007, from CIA: /library/publications/' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

International Affairs Military Studies
Words: 1131 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6303427
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Iraq invaded Kuwait. The invasion lasted a few days and on August 8th Iraq announced that Kuwait was its nineteenth province. The same day the invasion began, the United Nations denounced the attack and passed Resolution 660, which condemned the Iraqi invasion and called for immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait. The United States began mobilizing its military on August 7th.

y the time the UN deadline arrived in January of 1991, The United States had amassed hundreds of thousands of troops in the Persian Gulf Region. The war began on January 17th with bombing sorties. Over the next month, 67,000 sorties would be flown over Iraq. Operation Desert Storm was launched on February 24th, and Coalition ground forces entered the fight. The war was won in less than four days. The cease-fire began on 8am, February 28th. Iraq was defeated and Kuwait was liberated.

In a strategic sense, Operation…


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Information Office. 9 Mar 2004

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Financial System Reforms Over the
Words: 10927 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 77379478
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3.2.3 Portfolio Diversification of Investment in Global Property Markets

ecause the global property markets are affected by globalization and specific country / regional factors, means that the overall amounts of risks will vary, the most notable include: transparency and efficiency. Where, each country / region has different on laws and regulations pertaining to the real estate markets. This means that the risks in a number of different markets will depend upon specific market conditions themselves, reflecting these two factors. To protect themselves against these kinds of risks, many investors will often seek to diversify their portfolio. Diversification is: when you are investing a number of different asset classes in real estate, across a variety of countries / regions. The idea is that if a risk occurs in a specific country or region, the other areas that you are diversified in will protect you against the severity of the declines. For…


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Market Driven Management
Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32150042
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


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Adolescent Obesity in Saudi Arabia
Words: 3430 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52239278
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There are remedies (albeit not easy ones for the individuals involved), as suggested by the research. However, and this is very important, the current public health approaches that the Saudi government has taken, as Mabrey et al. (2010) note, have focused fairly narrowly on medical approaches. This focus includes research that has been conducted on metabolic syndrome (which is caused primarily by being overweight). This is caused by clear-cut factors and has a number of possible poor consequences.

Mabrey et al. (2010) note that metabolic syndrome is on average 10 to 15% higher in the GCC states than in the rest of world and that females are disproportionately affected by metabolic syndrome. These researchers are among those who note that a strictly medical approach to such medical problems is far from sufficient. For while metabolic syndrome itself can be identified and described in purely medical terms, such an approach does…


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Al Qauhiz, N.M. (2010). Obesity among Saudi Female University Students: Dietary Habits and Health Behaviors. Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association 85(1-2):45-59.

Americana Group
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Company's Basic Information

Americana Group is a food company that is situated in Kuwait. Americana was founded in the year 1963. It started out with a small number of traditional business activities in Kuwait and has since gone ahead to substantially grow and become the largest food company in the Arab World as well as the Middle East expanse. Initially, the Americana group was a family-owned company by the Al-Kharafi family. The owners have an international business interest portfolio that takes into account food, finance, oil and gas, real estate and telecoms. However, in 2016, the Al-Kharafi family sold almost 67% of its stake to the Adeptio group, an investment group led by Mohamed Alabbar for a value of $2.4 billion. Moreover, at the outset of 2017, the Adeptio group finalized the mandatory takeover offer that remained in the company's stockholding (Reuters, 2016).

The company's main business operations includes transmitting…

Gas Prices Gas in Flux
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The Middle East takes great pride in its oil production, and sometimes dictators overstep boundaries in order to claim that oil for themselves, as Saddam Hussein of Iraq attempted to do to Kuwait in 1991.

Kuwait is a particularly extreme example of cheap oil for all within the borders of Kuwait. This small nation just next to the Arabian Peninsula has massive reserves of oil beneath its sands. Oil merchants could potentially make great profits from selling gasoline at market prices in the Middle East and Kuwait, but the overwhelming attitude of oil is that it should be extremely cheap and plentiful always, so oil merchants do not even attempt to exploit the local population with higher gas prices.

hen Iraq attempted to invade Kuwait, a tiny neighbor by comparison, it was seen as vital to American interests to maintain a strong bond with Kuwait, as Saddam Hussein had been…

When Iraq attempted to invade Kuwait, a tiny neighbor by comparison, it was seen as vital to American interests to maintain a strong bond with Kuwait, as Saddam Hussein had been far more volatile of a partner to the U.S. In the past. That is why the entire world condemned Iraq for its actions, and a large unified army action defeated Saddam Hussein's massive tank columns in just a few weeks. Kuwait's pride in its oil was maintained, and they made long lasting and secure relations with the United States for protecting its borders. In the year 2011, Kuwait is resting on solid ground in the region, and is a wealthy and prosperous nation. There is simply no need to charge market prices for gasoline as the sacred oil which has come to define Kuwait has been core to the nations success, and has been so plentiful to the populace for so long that it would be difficult to even change the prices of gasoline for locals.

The Arab Spring and Middle East Unrest. (2011). Brookings Institution. Retrieved October 1, .

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Iran Iraq War
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89083940
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U.S. Intervention in Middle East Conflicts:

Iran-Iraq Conflicts:

The relations between Iran and Iraq were hugely affected by Islamic Revolution as Iraq's president was worried that the emerging Shi'a regime in Iran would provoke uprisings in Iraq. Actually, Iraq became increasingly worried that the Islamic Revolution that emerged in Iran could spread to the country and topple the existing regime while replacing it with a theocracy. As Iraq's president was concerned that the Algiers Accord would be dismantled and not followed or obeyed because of the new Islamic Republic, he regarded this as a serious threat to the country's borders and sovereignty. Iraq became a more populist country several years before the emergence of the Islamic Revolution as the doors to trade liberalization were opened in the country. A war against Iran was considered as a suitable option by Saddam Hussein, Iraq's president, to build nationalist sentiments and spirit and…


Becker, Brian, "U.S. Conspiracy to Initiate the War Against Iraq," The Commission of Inquiry

for the International War Crimes Tribunal, last modified May 11, 1991,

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Relations," Kulna: For All of Us, last modified March 23, 2011,

Saddam Hussein & His Totalitarian
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In the words of BBC Middle East analyst Gerald Butt (2001), "…his (Saddam's) opponents have not been able to nominate anyone else who might hold Iraq together -- with its Kurds in the north, Sunni Muslims in the centre [sic], and Shi'a in the south. What the outside world calls terror, Saddam calls expediency." Interestingly, Butt's analysis took into consideration the fact that despite the atrocities that Saddam had and has purportedly done to Iraqis and Iraq's neighbors, world leaders, particularly Western leaders like the U.S. And Britain, are still actually taking an active role in Saddam's political decision-making, albeit the latter has chosen to contain himself within Iraq's borders. Prior to 9/11, U.S. leadership continued to tolerate Saddam's regime, only until the point that it is able to find a 'suitable' replacement for the dictator (Dickey and Thomas, 2002).

In addition to "covert actions" taken to secure that Iraq…


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My Career and How to Advance It
Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61075977
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......strengths include superior interpersonal skills as well as the ability to be diligent, honest and an enthusiastic worker. I am bi-lingual: I can speak, write and read fluently in two languages: English and Arabic. I also have extensive experience in applying information technology solutions to a wide array of banking operations. I have demonstrated excellence in my studies as an honor student for four straight years. I have received a Certified Corporate Governance Officer (CCGO) designation from the London School of Business and have successfully completed the Graduate Development Program for Banking and Financing Jobs Competencies at the Institute of Banking Studies in Kuwait. I also solidly maintain relationships with a number of key financial services personnel in Kuwait, including members of the Board of Directors at Ahli United Bank Kuwait (AUBK) along with high-level administrators at the Central Bank of Kuwait and Capital Market Authority. I contributed to the…

Political Science Iraqi President Saddam
Words: 2492 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68598460
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But the opportunity for a broader, regional conflict was still decades away in the Yom Kippur War and Six Day War.

Today, the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction makes the region in a more significant condition for war. With Syria and Iran attempting to build nuclear facilities capable of enriching uranium, and receiving support from North Korea in this endeavor, the opportunity for devastating warfare is made all too clear. Not only nuclear, but chemical and biological agents, perhaps carried by Iranian Shahab missiles, pose a grave security threat to not only Israel, but also to the Lebanese government, and moderate rab states such as Turkey. lso, the possibility of Pakistani nuclear weapons being controlled by Islamic hardliners, or falling into (intentionally or not) the hands of terrorist entities makes the possibility of war in this period more compelling. While stability in Iraq and Lebanon is in question,…

Also, although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is worthy of considerable attention, it is important to remember that most other Arab nations in the Middle East actively discriminate against Palestinians. Although the Arab politicians often cite Palestinian mistreatment as a key reason for resentment against Israel, the real motivation underlying Arab militancy is concealed. It is simply a window-dressing for militant propaganda. The reality of the matter is that Palestinians in Israel are guaranteed the broadest freedoms, both religiously and politically, when compared to every other nation in the region. And although Palestinians' economic status is often lower than average Israelis, the same is true of Arab nations, which specifically target Palestinians for discrimination because of their status as a separate ethnic group. When it joined several other Arab states in expelling 400,000 Palestinian refugees since 1991, because of PLO support for the Iraq invasion, Kuwait became a good example of this discrimination. Egypt has also curtailed Palestinian settlement to the Gaza strip, where Palestinian militants continue to launch attacks on Israel,

Most revealing of all, however, is the Arab League's policy of refusing to grant Palestinians citizenship in any of its member states. Instead, Palestinians become international refugees in the region, living in camps by the thousands and growing more resentful all the time -- which is probably League's goal, as the displaced Palestinians then serve as proxy warriors against Israel.

The most effective appraoch is to pursue more aggressive action in preventing the Iranian state from acquiring WMDs, and in isolating Iran from its influential position as terrorist and militant financier and supporter. President Ahmedinejad has expressed very harshly and openly the intentions of the Iranian government to eliminate Israel and to pursue radical Islamic hegemony. This provides the international community with a dramatic glimpse of Iranian goals. In assessing the threat posed by Iran, the international community must realize that Iran will not easily be deterred by threats of sanction or isolation. Instead, it must be made absolutely clear to the Iranian regime that its current course will result in consequences. Also, the Iranian dissident movement must be supported and encouraged in order to undermine the support of the hard-line Iranian regime.

Evolution of the Saudi Arabian
Words: 542 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7418392
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This situation, combined with the fact that countries from the former Soviet Union produced less oil, made the Western countries to consider Saudi Arabia their main oil supplier.

Saudi Arabia responded to the increased interest showed by the West by expanding its capacity plan for the oil industry. As a consequence, the largest Saudi Arabian companies in the industry increased their domestic crude oil capacity. These companies also invested in quality, not just in quantity. Although the country's economic relationships with the West significantly intensified, Saudi Arabia improved its regional trade sector by addressing markets like Iran, Central Asia, South Asia, and Kuwait.

However, the country was significantly affected by the Persian Gulf War. As a result of the war, the country's government finances were reduced. Not even the substantial revenues from oil could sustain the cost of the war. The country was forced to borrow money from international organizations…

Reference list:

1. The Economy (2010). U.S. Library of Congress. Retrieved January 21, 2011 from .

Geneaology Having Never Asked My
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21056903
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I see the effects of the past on the present in both my personal life and in the life of my community. For example, the discovery of oil in my country has completely changed the demographics and lifestyle. Those who were lucky enough to reap rewards from the lucrative industry can live lavish lifestyles, travel abroad, and even move, live, and work in estern countries while maintaining a home in Kuwait. The most significant thing I have learned is that while we are masters of our destiny, the past still molds and shapes who we are. The American Dream tells us that we can become whatever we want, as long as we are willing to work for it. However, I do not believe that. e can come whatever we want to a certain extent. The past shapes our beliefs, values, goals, and ideals.

hen I asked my parents about their…

Work Cited

Platt, Lyman D. "The Importance of Oral Histories." Retrieved online:

Business Proposal Food Emporium -- Business Proposal
Words: 971 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 18045415
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Business Proposal

Food Emporium -- Business Proposal

This business proposal outlines an emerging model for food preparation. The business will be called the "Food Emporium" and will be located in the downtown Kuwait City area. The overall trend in food services is one that is learning towards health and this trend is expected to develop exponentially as more and more consumers become more health conscious and discover the advantages of living healthier lifestyles. The model consists of some combination or blend of a coffee shop, a cooking school, and retail shop mixed into one spread across two floors. Customers can partake in any of the activities within the store; however it is recommended that they enjoy all three simultaneously to receive the full experience that the location has to offer.

The layout is carefully designed to ensure that the most effective use of space is maintained. On the top floor…

Politics International
Words: 2649 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 129839
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Political Framework of Islam

The Peninsula states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, ahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Oman are under growing pressure from outspoken critics who use the language and authority of Islam in these overwhelmingly conservative Muslim societies to call for political and economic reform. The rise of a radically activist Islamic politics predates the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, but Sunni and Shia Muslim radicals received significant boosts from the establishment of Islamic government in Tehran and, more recently, from the Gulf War in 1990-91.

Regional specialists from the government, the academic community, and the private sector debated the impact of radicalized Islamic politics on the regimes and U.S. interests in recent roundtables at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS). They agreed that Islamic radicals throughout the region have common perceptions of the causes of their societies' ills. These include dissatisfaction with ruling families that…

Western Beauty Ideals A Cultural
Words: 2610 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24853682
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Christy Turlington explains to Elle magazine... "Advertising is so manipulative," she says. "There's not one picture in magazines today that's not airbrushed."… "It's funny," Turlington continues. "hen women see pictures of models in fashion magazines and say, 'I can never look like that,' what they don't realize is that no one can look that good without the help of a computer." (Hilary 13)

That's right, the beautiful Turlington, a woman that can be said as fitting the standard ideal of American beauty, admits that it is unachievable even for her. hy? Because even she admits that she has been touched up. In a similar exercise, we can only imagine the remarkable steadfastness this act must have taken, but it shows that there is a realization that this American image is unattainable (Domar 23).

The Trouble with Persisting Ideas

Even if the mechanism behind the spread and adoption of ideas is…

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Paul Wolfowitz Considered by Many
Words: 2317 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4377177
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First of all, the U.S. should "actively deter nations from "aspiring to a larger regional or global role." Second of all, preemptive force should be used to prevent countries from developing weapons of mass destruction and, third of all, the United States should "act alone if necessary." Clearly, all of these correlated ideas have been implementing in Iraq. Further more, all of ideas would be laid out in the founding statement of principles for the Project of the New American Century.

Evaluating what exactly the neoconservatives that have are now in the highest positions of the U.S. administration is a difficult and dangers job. Consternating the need for an objective evaluation, it is best to present all points-of-view. The least radical of these seems to be the one referring to its goal to promote the United States towards global leadership.

On the other hand, less moderate approaches see the Project…


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Cash or Not Written Critique
Words: 347 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63770131
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On the American 'front,' Schrempp has found himself in conflict with American unions, as he attempts to negotiate an early retirement settlement with unnecessary workers, to reduce costs. Schrempp evidently hopes to maintain a positive buzz about the company, keep investors happy and thus keep revenue flowing in the future, while taking a hit in the short-term as he waits for the company to gradually show a profit once more workers retire. It remains to be seen if his strategy will pay off.

Obviously, the CEO hopes that there will be savings on the horizon, and feels that the greatest risk posed to the company is by a hostile takeover that could occur if the crucial Deutsche Bank and the Kuwait Investment Authorities sell their shares in the company, given that they make up such a large percentage of the company's investors. But if the company continues to use up…

American Foreign Policy Towards the
Words: 2346 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 37923342
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However, once they were expelled from Kuwait is when the original boundaries were restored once again. (rown 302 -- 310)

These different events are significant, because they are illustrating how any kind of attempts to change the borders in the Middle East has been a sign that U.S. is working to aggressively to maintain the status quo. Where, they do not want one particular country to be able to dominate all of the others. Instead, the United States wants to make certain that the current balance of power is maintained at all times. As, this kind of strategy will ensure the continuous free flow of oil out of the region.

Once we are able to test our hypothesis against this theory, it will offer specific insights as to the accuracy of hypothesis. The reason why, is because this kind of doctrine will help us to understand how oil is one…


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War in Iraq
Words: 3714 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48792839
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invasion and occupation of Iraq from three different perspectives. Firstly, the paper provides a historical background pertaining to the interest of energy-hungry countries such as France, America and Britain. The paper also provides a brief background of the relationship of Iraq with its neighbors and how oil has turned out to be a major source of attraction for the imperial powers. Secondly, the paper provides an in-depth perspective of the ongoing war in Iraq from an economic perspective. The paper briefly reveals the unstable relationship of Iraq with its neighbors. The paper also reveals the importance of the Iraqi oil reserves in the war waged on Iraq and how the American and European companies have lobbied with George Bush and Tony Blair to get contracts worth billions of dollars. Thirdly, the paper studies the political aspects of this war. The paper focuses on the impact that democracy and the recent…


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Starbuck's Case Study Briefly Describe
Words: 3967 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86532491
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A fourth foundational element is the strength of the Starbucks brand itself and is ubiquity globally. As a result of rapid and well-defined strategies for opening up retail stores, Starbucks is now considered one of the most preeminent and strongest brands globally.

Starbucks has generated the strength of their brand through combining high-quality coffee and tea beverages with the third-place concept to generate customer loyalty and world-of-mouth among customers and their friends. It is common to hear students mention they will have a team meeting at the local Starbucks, for studying or completing projects.

In summary the Starbucks model is strengthened by the company's coffee expertise, impressive new product development record, and the development of Starbucks locations as "third places" where friends can meet and enjoy coffee and pastries. Underscoring all these points is the strength of the Starbucks brand.

What were the key issues and the decision by Starbucks…


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Military Monograph
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One of the great challenges the military faces is remaining current and preparing the current and future generations of soldiers for inevitable shifts to the geopolitical environment, technological changes, and shifts in both domestic and foreign policies. The importance of preparing officers for the new realities of unpredictable environments and non-state actors cannot be underestimated.[footnoteef:1] The roles and goals of the AMSP and SAMS have not changed. These educational programs provide the requisite advanced and specialized knowledge to foster critical thinking and strategic analysis among military leaders. What must be remembered, however, is the need for organizational awareness and the willingness to change. [1: Edward B. Bankston, Boards vs. Bureaucracies: Field Grade Officer Education in the United States Army, 1946-1985. School of Advanced Military Studies Monograph, 2013.]

This analysis points out the importance of analyzing post-Cold War realities and adapting AMSP and SAMS programs accordingly to include such things…


Bankston, Edward B., Boards vs. Bureaucracies: Field Grade Officer Education in the United States Army, 1946-1985. School of Advanced Military Studies Monograph, 2013.

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2015 Corporate Governance Executive'summary
Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64907614
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Ahli United Bank story started, we have been increasing together. We registered our own course, shaped our own story, and boarded upon a journey of achievement for the previous 15 years and plus. We cultivated home-grown capacity, concerned world class knowledge and protracted our reach across sectors and borders. We constructed monetary strength, reinforced by a well-defined plan and a great agreement of discipline, heavy labor and promise. But then again most prominently, we joined and linked with uncountable meticulous and inspirational men, women and industries, helping them prosper and grow and receiving their trust every phase of the way. In addition, in the progression, we turn out to be the strong, trusted and locally growing financial organization that we are these days.

This report is important particularly since the requirement from the Central Bank of Kuwait has mandated that it be done and noncompliance will result in high penalties.…

Leadership and Communication Issues at Work
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Interviewing HR Manager

When interviewing the HR manager Ahmed Al-Salim, who works at a well-known bank in Kuwait, I addressed three specific questions to him regarding communication breakdowns. Because communication is really key to a strong HR department, I wanted to see how well he responded to breakdowns in communication among the topic areas of internal politics, decisions making and leadership. Specifically, I asked: How do communication breakdowns in these areas influence the manager's ability to function effectively in the job.

Regarding breakdowns in communication pertaining to internal politics, he responded: Internal politics is inevitable at any workplace, regardless of the culture. People will try to jockey for position, will try to curry favor, will be upset about some policy, or will want a co-worker or boss to be either rewarded or censored for various reasons. When two individuals cannot find a common ground or fail to see the other's…

Building a Secure Workflow Management
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Each onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover routing instructions, and sends the message to the next router where this is repeated. This prevents these intermediary nodes from knowing the origin, destination, and contents of the message.


Lecture Survey.

The predicted solution of the problems related to e-government administration depends on answering the following questions as brainstorming ideas to solve the problem and the features provided by the system or application.

1. An important step for processing of e-Government.

2. To ensure the confidentiality of information such as contracts for military weapons and other by Providing a high level of security as it is based on singing the data by combining multiple key values like user id, date stamp and transaction id which produce an encrypted key utilized and used only internally by the system for authentication and validation of user privileges. This procedure would make it…


Averyt, William. (2005). E-Government Reconsidered: Renewal of Governance for the Knowledge Age. American Review of Canadian Studies 35(4): 769-770.

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Performance of the Middle East
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(Jabal Omar Development Corporation 2010)


Since 2008, the real estate market in Kuwait has been continually declining. The reason why is because the economy was largely depending upon oil revenues. However, in 2010 the sector began witnessing an increase in prices. This is because of the Kuwaiti government was aggressively promoting the tourism industry. As developers are expecting a strong increase in foreign direct investment, due to the governments push to expand the sector. As a result, holiday and residential areas in Kuwait are continuing to boom. (Finkelstein)

In the housing industry, there are large numbers of shortages that are affecting prices. What has been happening is the residential sector has been facing restrictions over the last several years, surrounding building permits. As the government was slow to endorse them, which created a rush on new areas that were approved for development. At the same time, the government has…


Alexandria Real Estate, 2010.

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Jabal Omar Development Corporation, 2010

U S Invaded Iraq in 2003 Why U S
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Why U.S. Invade Iaq 2003

invasion of Iaq has a numbe of foceful effects that elate to the influence of the 9/11 occuence in the county. The then U.S. pesident who happened to have been Pesident Bush pushed fo the U.S. invasion of Iaq amidst the actions that Saddam had done to the U.S. In most avenues of pefomance, it is clea that the U.S. attack on Iaq was bought unde an infuiated situation. The demand fo the U.S. To invade Iaq came fom the sensitive eactions and elations between Bush and the then Iaq pesident Hussein. Many nations in the wold have engaged in wa and not because of the ideological diffeences. Rathe, the invasions and conflicts that have been expeienced in many nations ae elated to the geneal balance of powe. Many of the nations that have been expeiencing the ugency to be…

references to the political, economic and ideological interests/purpose of the U.S., ignoring the reasons stated by the Bush administration and the Blair government. Mu-nchen, GRIN Verlag

GmbH. .

Radu, M., & Arnold, A. (1990). The New insurgencies: Anticommunist guerrillas in the Third

World. New Brunswick, N.J: Transaction Publishers.

Roberts, J.E., & Army War College (U.S.). (2007). Winning the battle of ideas in the War on Terrorism. Carlisle Barracks, Pa: U.S. Army War College.

Gulf War the War Without Victory
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War Without Victory

Nominally, the United States achieved victory in the first Gulf War. However, the decades of fighting in the Middle East, punctuated by the second Gulf War demonstrate that the United States was not victorious in that war. However, equally clear is the fact that Iraq was not victorious. This paper examines the politics behind the Gulf War including deterrence, diplomacy, power struggles, and military and political implications to come to the conclusion that there was no victor in the Gulf War.

In August of 1990, Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, ordered an invasion of Kuwait (A&E, 2013). This action alarmed other countries in the area, and these countries asked for intervention from other countries and from the United Nations. The United Nations Security Council responded by ordering Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. The United States, working with and through the United Nations, attempted to use deterrence…


A&E Television Networks. (2013). Persian Gulf War. Retrieved May 5, 2013 from website: 

Morgan, P. (2012). The state of deterrence in international politics today. Retrieved May 5,

2013 from Contemporary Security Policy website: 

PBS. (2010). The Persian Gulf War. Retrieved May 5, 2013 from American Experience

European Colonialism in the Middle
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Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq were all "constructed" as "imperial conveniences for France and ritain" (Gause, 444). And so, when the ritish and French were authoritative landlords, places like Kuwait (a ritish "protectorate" until 1961) were safe from outside interference. ut once ritain was long gone from Kuwait, Hussein had his chance to move in and he did, until the U.S. And its allies pushed him out in 1991.

Conclusion: After WWI, the winners divided up the Ottoman Empire, and that was the origin of the country of Iraq. The history of the Middle East -- beginning in the 19th Century and continuing today -- is shaped by outside forces, by colonialism, war, greed, and cultural conflicts. An alert reader can see why the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. In 2003 was star-crossed in the first place, and why ritain and the U.S. are hated so fiercely by the…


Gause, Gregory F. 1992, 'Sovereignty, Statecraft and Stability in the Middle East', Journal of International Affairs, vol. 45, no. 2, pp. 441-460.

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Public Broadcast Service. 2008. 'Kuwait: Country Profile', retrieved March 15, 2011, from .

Sociology and Sports and Race
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politics that suggests the making of the New World Order. his paper provides evidence for this statement between the lines. In addition, the paper discusses the foreign policies of United States towards Israel and Iraq within the historical and the current context.


Any country's foreign policy towards other states is symbolic of common goals of the two. Moreover, any foreign policy is shaped by a country's interests in that particular region which can range from economic to political. In addition to the above, a foreign policy towards a country is also influenced by the fear of some threat from the same. As a result of which, the policy can take any antagonistic form- legitimate or otherwise but largely negative that aims to dominate rather than collaborate. One example of the first kind of policy mentioned above is that of United States towards Israel. An example of the second…

The U.S. response to Iraq's invasion on Kuwait was, however an exception. Israel, so far has violated many more UN Security Council resolutions than any other nation but United States has never responded to those violations in the same manner. In fact the U.S. government has always supported Israel even in defiance of UN resolutions. Not only is Israel the "most extensive violator" but also the "largest recipient of U.S. military and economic aid" (Zunes, 2002) and "even before Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Americans favored Israel over Arab nations by a wide margin -- 40 per cent to 19 per cent" (Eizenstat, 1990). For instance recently, Israel refused to accept the suggestions regarding peace out forward by the Arab League, literally in violation of UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338 which are the basis for Middle East peace. Violation of other UN Security Council resolutions consist of resolutions 262 and 267 that ordered Israel to withdraw its forces from East Jerusalem, as well as those of the Fourth Geneva Convention. These violations came in the form of deportations, destruction of civilian homes, collective punishment, and capture of private property. In addition to the above, UN Security Council resolutions 446 and 465 require that Israel withdraw all of its forces from the illegal occupied Arab lands. In face of such violations, the United States continues to be mute or actively support if circumstances permit. For instance, the U.S. government argues that the outcome of the illegal Israeli settlements is a function of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Furthermore, "the Clinton Peace Plan of December 2000 would have allowed Israel to illegally annex most of these settlements and surrounding areas into Israel" (Zunes, 2002). Not only has the U.S. government been aiding the economy and military budgets of Israel generally, it has also funded Israel's construction of Jewish-only "bypass roads" in the occupied West Bank. By doing this, the U.S. has provided Israel with a way to connect the illegal settlements with itself. Not only has Israel violated UN resolutions but also the United States by breaching Article 7 of resolution 465, which disallows member states from helping Israel in its colonization drive.


Apart from the recent examples of U.S. policy towards Israel, there have been historical instances as well. As early as the 1948 War of Independence, when Jews engaged in large-scale offensives against Arabs following the UN announcement of partition of Palestine, America has been its ally. After the battle at Deir Yassin, the partition of Palestine was confirmed and Israel the Jewish State, was born on May 14, 1948 (Bard, 1998). However the Arab countries of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, and Iraq wanted to save the Holy Land and hence a war began between these Arab armies and the Jews of Palestine. Though the combined forces of Arab armies were in smaller in number as compared to the Jewish forces, they had the advantage of terrain.

Gulf War of 1991 The Writer Explores
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Gulf War of 1991. The writer explores the history, the cause, and the war itself. The writer uses several sources to illustrate what the U.S. government bas dints decision to go to war on and how well received that decision was by the American public.

As the U.S. gears up for a probable attack on Iraq American minds turn back the hands of time to 1991 and the Gulf War. The war became nicknamed "Desert Storm" and that is exactly what it turned out to be. A storm that raged across the desert with such force it quelled any hope of defense from the Iraqi Army. Desert Storm was one of the shortest wars in history but it showed the world that the U.S. has not become a complacent party to wrongs committed by others. It demonstrated the strength and veracity by which America is capable of flexing its power…


Cary, Peter, Duffy, Brian (1992). A Desert Storm accounting., U.S. News & World Report, 03-16-1992, pp. 35-37.

Duffy, Brian (1993). Saddam Hussein: The Energizer bully., U.S. News & World Report, pp p. 58.

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Author not available (1992). The untold history of the war., U.S. News & World Report, pp p. 8.

Gulf War Although Many People
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What all of the above makes clear is that, while Navy pilots may have played a smaller role in one-on-one combat than pilots from other service branches, naval support was critical to the victory in Gulf War I.

Personal stories

While it is easier to view war as a collection of nameless, faceless soldiers, the reality is that a war is really a collection of personal stories. On January 22, 1991, a downed American Navy pilot was rescued by an Air Force team. It was "the first successful such mission over hostile territory in the war with Iraq."

The pilot "had ejected after being hit by Iraqi ground fire, and had parachuted into a bleak, empty stretch of the Iraqi desert."

The operation to rescue him took eight hours, four of them in Iraqi territory. To rescue the downed pilot, members of the rescue crew had to destroy an Iraqi…


Atkinson, R. (1993). Crusade: the untold story of the Persian Gulf War: Chronology.

Retrieved October 3, 2009 from Frontline

Web site: 

Marolda, E. (2001). The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf. Retrieved October 3, 2009

Advertising and Word of Mouth
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(Snyder & Deono quoted in Kjeldal 2003, Introduction section, ¶ 6).

The results from the study Kjeldal (2003) conducted with 70 participants in two stages suggest that the word association responses high self-monitors (HSMs) produce reflect selective activation of a personally meaningful, experiential, system. The responses low self-monitors (LSMs) produce, on the other hand, indicate an intellective factual system.

2. Decision Making Process Theories

Dr. onnie Halpern-Felsher (2009), an Associate Professor at theUniversity of California, San Francisco, identifies a number decision-making criteria in her report, "Adolescent decision making: an overview." According to Halpern-Felsher, determinations of definitions for a competent decision, the process of how the decision was made, differ dramatically. The actual behavior or outcome, albeit, does not determine competent decision making, however, during the normative model of decision-making process, one does consider the consequences to not choosing a particular behavior or a specific event.

Normative models of decision making,…


'Advertising, Public Relations' N.d. < > [25 May 2009].

Bahaudin, M & Jue, A 2005. 'Deceptive and Subliminal Advertising in Corporate America: Value Adder or Value Destroyer?', Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga Graduate School of Business. HighBeam Research. Available from: <  > [20 May 2009].

Barnard, N & Ehrenberg, A 1997. 'Advertising: Strongly Persuasive or Nudging',

Journal of Advertising Research - January/February 1997.

Post-Mortem on Gulf War I
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Iraq War Summary

While the second Iraq War was extremely mixed in its results, outcomes and process, the first one was much more successful. Indeed, it made presiding General Norman Schwarzkopf a national hero. This report will cover the buildup of the forces, the ground force surge, the air campaign, an assessment of the battle overall and a conclusion that ties up all of the above. While everything could always be done better, the way in which the Coalition Air Campaign paralyzed the Iraqi forces and thus made it much easier for the ground forces to then win the war was done exquisitely well and it is the ground forces that truly won the day.

Buildup of Forces

The first war in Iraq, commonly referred to as the Gulf War, occurred in 1990 and 1991. The war was in response to the invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Indeed, Iraq…


Ahmed, H.H. (1991). Iraq's conduct of the Gulf crisis: A critical assessment. Arab Studies Quarterly, 13(1/2), 11.

Cigar, N. (2014). Did Iraq expect a nuclear Desert Storm? Deterrence, paradigms, and operational culture in a weapons of mass destruction environment. War In

History, 21(3), 274-301.

Head, W. (2013). The Battle for Ra's Al-Khafji and the Effects of Air Power January 29-

U S Became Involved in Desert
Words: 1416 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44335641
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This alliance brought an end to the illusion that the war in the Gulf was for humanitarian purposes and the restoration of democracy, since Assad, who killed 20,000 of his own citizens to quell an uprising in Hama, Syria, was comparatively more dictatorial than Saddam himself."(Fingrut, 1993)

In close connection with the geopolitical positioning of the kingdom of Kuwait and the regional alliances lay Western interests for oil. Head and Tilford noted in this sense that "the United States also feared a reduction in the flow of oil from Kuwait, especially for its Allies in Europe." (Head and Tilford 17) Indeed, it had become common knowledge that the Iraqi leadership had established the new foreign policy guidelines in terms of acquiring and controlling Kuwait's oil reserves. This attitude was determined by the acute economic crisis Saddam had led his country into, after the eight-year war with Iran. Therefore, his extensive…


Calvocoressi, Peter. World politics since 1945. (Budapest: Open Society Institute, 1996)

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IR Theory in Practice Case Study: The Gulf War, 1990-1991. (n.d) 23 March 2007.

MS in Marketing
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Master in Marketing Program

Why do you want to pursue an MS-Marketing program at Mays Business School?

Mays Business School has consistently been ranked among the top business colleges in America, and the Texas A & M. University is currently one of the best universities in the world according to the World University Rankings 2014/15. Anyone would want to be associated with a university of true world prestige. However it's not only about the name; I specifically chose Mays College for my MS-Marketing program because of its comprehensive curriculum. Currently ranked the second-best MS-marketing program in America, the Mays graduate program promises a unique opportunity for me to acquire cutting-edge marketing techniques, tools, and concepts that, together with my current business knowledge, will help me maneuver the real-world business setting. The 36-hour program, with its cutting-edge courses in market analytics and pricing, market engineering, services marketing, marketing consulting, marketing research,…

Great War for Civilization the Conquest of the Middle East
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Great ar for Civilisation

Fisk begins chapter 14 Anything to ipe Out a Devil… with an account of the French invasion of Algeria in 1830 and it's subsequent ramifications. The author went to great lengths to parallel the French invasion of Algeria to the British and American invasions of Iraq. Both the British invasion of Iraq during I and the American invasion in 2003 was done under the guise of liberation, the same as the French; but all three encountered the problem of not being welcomed as liberators. Fisk then began to describe a man named Mohammed Bouyali, who fought against the French and then fought against the Algerian government that replaced the French. His story was a microcosm of the story of Algeria: Bouyali helped expel the French only to be disillusioned by the native Algerian secular government which replaced the French. He went on to form a group…

Works Cited

Fisk, Robert. The Great War For Civilisation. New York: Knopf. 2005. Print.

1991 Gulf War vs Current Invasion of Iraq
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Gulf ar I (1991) vs. Gulf ar II (2003)

The recent U.S. attack against Iraq reminds the world of a similar event not so long ago in the history of the world: in 1991, a U.S.-led attack against Iraq occurred, under the leadership of George H.. Bush. More than a decade later, a U.S. president, son of G.H.. Bush, led an offensive attack against Iraq on grounds of not following UN sanctions on the production of weapons of destruction. The war between the U.S. government and Saddam Hussein and his dictatorial government in Iraq has actually been going on for a decade now, although there are differences in the events that happened prior to each attack. This paper will analyze the differences and similarities that happened in the 1991 version of Gulf ar with this year's declaration of U.S. attack against Iraq.

The Gulf ar of 1991 occurred because of…

Works Cited

Barber, Greg. "Intervention in Iraq?" Online News Hour Web site. 18 April 2003 .

Elliott, M. And J. Carney. "First Stop, Iraq." 31 March 2003. TIME Magazine, Vol. 161, No. 12. pp. 45-52.

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McGeary, Johanna. "Inside Saddam's World." 13 May 2002. TIME Magazine, Vol. 159, No. 18. p. 27-8, 30.

Gulf War Using Cosmopolitan Pov
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Kant stated that "the greatest problem for the human, to the solution of which nature drives man, is the achievement of a universal civic society which administers law among men" (Idea, 1963). Kant's premise on this statement is manifested with the existence of the United Nations whose roots came from the League of Nations that was established after World War 1. Both institutions are intended to prevent the escalation of conflicts to full blown wars. Unfortunately, however the United Nation failed to mitigate regional armed conflicts such as the Gulf War from taking place. Kant's notion of a universal civic society is quite difficult to achieve in the sense that sovereign states and other stakeholders in the international arena are actively pursuing their respective agenda and there is no entity, a cosmopolitan government that has the ability to reconcile conflicts among stakeholders and have the clout to enforce collective decisions…


Heywood, Andrew. 1999. Political Theories. Great Britain: McMillan Press Ltd.

Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point-of-View (1784). Translation by Lewis White Beck. From Immanuel Kant, "On History," the Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1963.

Cultural Impact on Politics Political
Words: 5093 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96410547
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4). This idea has since been abandoned. The mythology of the Amazons, a matriarchy of warrior women, has been discounted as no more than a myth, one deriving from the deep-seated fear on the part of males that they might lose their power and authority. In matrilineal societies, men tend still to monopolize the rights of power. Some Chinese anthropologists believe the stories of true matriarchal societies in some regions of China in the past, but this is uncertain. A matriarchy would be presumed to be less warlike and more nurturing as a social order and would not subordinate men in the way men have done to women in the patriarchal society.

The formulation and operation of power in the largely patriarchal social order in the world today divides along other line than gender, with political action influenced most by ideology, religion, divisions of power, and other aspects of group…


Adler, F. (1983). Nations Not Obsessed with Crime. Littleton, Colorado: Fred B. Rotham and Co.

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El-Awa, M.S. (1982). Punishment in Islamic Law. Indianapolis, Indiana: American Trust Publications.

Gulf War I Was Gulf
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This was a very dangerous development since the Saudi kingdom, which contained another 20% of the world's oil reserves, was militarily weak and liable to be easily over-run by the battle-hardened Iraqis. Saddam's control of such a vast proportion of a resource on which the world's economy depended was simply unacceptable for the rest of the world ("The Gulf ar").

As a result, the UN Security Council passed a series of resolutions, giving a deadline to Iraq for withdrawing its forces from Kuwait and authorizing military action by the coalition force, if it failed. In a foolish act of defiance, Saddam chose to ignore the ultimatum, and suffered a crushing defeat in the war with the coalition forces that followed. It was one of the few justifiable wars in recent history because failure to confront Saddam militarily at the time would have emboldened him into further aggression against his neighbors.…

Works Cited

Rayment, W.J. "The Gulf War." in-depth Info. 1999-2007. March 15, 2007. 

Iraq accused Kuwait of drilling for oil diagonally across its borders; was irked at Kuwait's refusal for foregoing loans made to his country during the Iran-Iraq war, and claimed that Kuwait was historically part of Iraq anyway

Saddam was also suspected of possessing biological weapons and on the brink of developing nuclear weapons