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Turi Mckinley and Jason Severs

Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88292575

He applies that perspective to every stage of the design process as he works with clients. Severs (2011) claims that "the needs of users, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, environment" are all integral to the design experience.

In fact, Severs found that working with his young daughter provided insight into the design process, informing a human-centered approach. His daughter's reactions to produces, processes, activities, and services show how design directly impacts behavior and perceptions. Severs claims that his daughter's own drawings and designs have affected his view, showing that design experts can learn a lot from children. As examples, Severs showed 3D modeling and other examples of how design affects our reactions to things.

Both McKinley and Severs focused on how design is a major part of our everyday lives. The products we use are often designed poorly, reflecting an approach that is not centered on the needs of the end user.…… [Read More]


Frog design (n.d.). Website retrieved: 

McKinley, T. (2011). Lecture notes.

McKinley, T. (2011b). Business Week: Profile. Retrieved online:

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Strategy in Action and Contemporary

Words: 3557 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47132055

The shared understanding is crucial in order to build strength and enough confidence necessary for the implementation of strategy and to necessitate evolution.

Second Phase: LG's strategic intent

In order to remain competitive, LG has to stick to its long-term vision which should act as stabilizers to the corporation in times of uncertainty. The vision in this case refers to as a statement of the things that can be achieved by the corporation. The concept of strategic intent is very crucial to the operating of a corporation since it acts as a magnet that pulls the present corporate dynamics and activities to the future. Any given strategic intent should be formulated in a manner that the corporation's remain with a large vision that can energize the workforce at all times. The formulation of new strategic intent options can help LG in capturing new markets while remaining competitive within the uncertain…… [Read More]


Chandler, AD (1962).Strategy and structure: chapters in the history of the industrial enterprise.

The American Historical Review, October 1962, Vol. 68 Issue: Number 1 p158-158

Bradford, RW (2008). Communicating Your Strategic Plan with Employees . Available online retrieved 16 January 2011

Bartlett, C. And Ghoshal, S. (1994), "Changing the role of top management: beyond strategy to purpose," Harvard Business Review, Vol. 72
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Joint Venture Partners for HP

Words: 2042 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 31834167

Joint Venture Partner for HP Inc.

Candidate Companies




Assessment of Candidate Companies




Investment ecommendation

Team Fab Five have recommended that HP target South Korea for an acquisition. The acquisition should be undertaken as joint venture with a suitable partner. To determine the most suitable partner, potential joint venture collaborators must first be identified, and HP should determine what they would like to gain from the alliance, which will be used as a basis for assessment of the potential partners.

HP is a well-known leading player in the international markets focusing on personal computers, printers, and related hardware (HP Inc., 2016; Kitagawa, Jump, & Lam, 2016). The firm emerged in 2015 following the split of HP in 2015 (Kitagawa et al., 2016). The firm is now seeking to expand and increase its foot print, but has suffered as a result of the slow economy, this…… [Read More]


Bradshaw, T. (2016). Doj weighs in on Apple v Samsung patent case. Finaical Times. Retrieved from 

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Christopher, M. (2011). Logistics and supply chain management. Harlow: Financial Times/ Prentice Hall.

comScore. (2016). comScore Reports January 2016 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share. Retrieved from
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Human Resource Management HRM Human Resource Management

Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19232639

Human esource Management:

HM (Human esource Management) is the process that involves planning, executing, recruitment and management of the development measures within an organization. These development initiatives within an organization also entail selection, training and profession. The primary aim of human resource management is to exploit an organization's productivity by optimizing the efficiency of the employees. The exploitation of the organization's productivity takes place while improving employees work life and treating these employees as valuable resources. Generally, HM includes the attempts to foster personal development and employee satisfaction while adhering to the employment-related regulations (Mote & Heil, n.d.).

Important Tasks and Activities in HM:

As a function that is aimed at exploiting organizational productivity and guaranteeing employee satisfaction and development, human resource management consists of various activities and tasks. These activities include selection, recruitment and training as well as management in order for the organization to perform at its level…… [Read More]


Gill, C (1999), Use of Hard and Soft Models of HRM to Illustrate the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality in Workforce Management, RMiT Business, viewed 24 November 2010, (n.d.), Best Place to Work: LG Electronics India -- HR Policies,, viewed 24

November 2010,
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Sony Corporation Is a Global

Words: 5507 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 75579401

Buyer Power:

etailers are the primary tier of buyers in the television segment of the global consumer electronics market. There are a variety of retailing channels used in this industry. The primary channel of distribution is through electronics retailers, like Best Buy, which comprises 65% of the total market value. Hyper and supermarkets, such as WalMart and Target, make up only 14.4% of the market. Sales via department stores, like Sears, only contributes 3.7% of the market's value. Although they typically don't sell televisions, music, video, books, and stationery retailers do contribute 3.1% of sales for the overall consumer electronics market. Lastly, a variety of other retailers make up 13.8% of the sales in this industry ("Global consumer," 2010) (See Figure 3).

The primary manufacturers in this market segment, like Sony, are often highly valued by retailers, as they provide branded products that retailers' buyers, the end consumers, have come…… [Read More]


"Global consumer electronics." (May 2010). Datamonitor. Retrieved November 30, 2010, from .

Gonsalves, a. (28 Jan 2010). "Samsung 3D TV mass production begins." InformationWeek. Retrieved November 30, 2010, from ,

"History." (2010). Datamonitor. Retrieved November 30, 2010, from
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Teacher Work Sample

Words: 3214 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89565389

Teaching Unit for an 8th-Grade Language Arts and Literature Class

Contextual Factors

Community, District, and School Factors

Classroom Factors

Student Characteristics

Learning Goals and Objectives

Pre-Assessments Aligned with Learning Goals and Objectives

Evaluation of Pre- and Post-Assessments

Criteria Used to Measure Student Performance for Learning Goals

Plan for Formative Assessment to Gauge Student Progress

Design for Instruction

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 1.

How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and b.

How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context

Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Explanation of Selected Activities: No. 2.


How Content Relates to Instructional Goal(s) and Objective(s)


How the Activity Stems from Pre-Assessment Information and Instructional Context


Materials and Technology Required to Implement

the Activity


Plan for Assessment of Student Learning During

and/or Following the Activity

Instructional Decision-Making…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Dorn, Charles M., Stanley S. Madeja and F. Robert Sabol. Assessing Expressive Learning: A

Practical Guide for Teacher-Directed, Authentic Assessment in K-12 Visual Arts

Education. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004.

Oklahoma Teacher Work Sample Assignment. (2003, March 11). Oklahoma Higher Education.
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Hyundaicard's Marketing Strategy

Words: 5228 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96217321

Hyundaicard's Marketing Strategy: Case Study

rite a full case analysis: HyundaiCard's Marketing Strategy

Hyundaicard's marketing strategy

General overview of Hyundaicard

Current marketing strategy assessment

Financial analysis

Strategic alternatives

Assessment of the strategic alternatives

Implementation plan


Segmentation criteria

Qualitative ranking of alternatives

Market share of credit card companies

Preference of payment

Hyundaicard financial statements

This essay is a case study for Hyundaicard marketing strategy. Hyundaicard is a company situated in Korea's credit card industry. It forms the basis of the case study because of its' unique experience with marketing, since it was a late comer in the very competitive market it had to employ various marketing strategies in order to shift from being a market follower to being a market leader.

This study will first of all identify some key issues or aspects of the company after which it will conduct an evaluation and assessment of the company's internal and…… [Read More]

Work cited

Pujari, D., Peattie, K. & Wright, G. (2004), Organizational Antecedents of Environmental Responsiveness in Industrial New Product Development, Industrial Marketing Management, 33 (5), July, pp 381-391

Johansson, G. (2002). Success Factors for the Integration of Eco-Design in Product Development: A Review of State of the Art. Environmental Management and Health, 13(1), pp. 98-108.

Cramer, J. (2000), Responsiveness of Industry to Eco-Efficiency Improvements in the Product Chain: The Case of Akzo Nobel. Business Strategy and the Environment, 9(1), pp, 36- 48

Crane, A. (2001). Unpacking the Ethical Product, Journal of Business Ethics, 30(4), pp. 361- 373
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Export Marketing Strategy

Words: 3399 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66103332

Marketing (Water Fans, India)

Industry outlook

The market in India for water fans or misting fans as they are also called is problematical at best. Without doubt, the climate (except in the northern mountains) is hot; the problem is, it is also quite humid. Still, the Indian people have been looking for ways to stay cool for centuries. It was India that gave the world the slatted shutter; when air comes in through small spaces (as in shutters, adopted in the American South before air conditioning, or in lattice-work walls as in parts of India), it is cooled. Still, they did not develop a cooling system like that of that ancient omans, which did use water running through channels to create condensation. The reason, of course, is the problem of water quality. While industrial pollution has now added immeasurably to the water quality problems in India, the sluggish flow of…… [Read More]


Establishing New Ventures: Hiring People. (2004) Indiamart Web site. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from

India. (2004) CIA World Factbook. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from 

India Profile. (2004) U.S. Department of State Web site. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from 

Sen, Soumik. (2004) The New Cold War. Rediff Web site, April 24. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from
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Stock Analysis the Home Depot

Words: 1721 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48369269

Stocks have fluctuated in exactly the same way. The Home Depot went up 1.46% during the first week, while Lowe's managed to go even further: 1.74%. The situation was quite the same during the second week: 1.41 for the Home Depot, and 1.11% for Lowe. The upward trend was maintained for three weeks, but the growth ratio was only 0.5-0.57. The fourth week was not so good for the two companies. Stocks went down 0.6% and 0.86%, respectively. The fifth week was not better, as the downward trend continued, but the percentage change was not that significant: 0.5%-0.6%. The stocks are currently at higher levels: $41.06 for Home Depot and $65.22 for Lowe's. Morningstar analysts estimate the fair value of the two stocks at $44 and $62 respectively.


1. Morningstar Analyst report on the Home Depot

2. Morningstar Analyst report on Lowe's

3. Information on the business…… [Read More]


1. Morningstar Analyst report on the Home Depot

2. Morningstar Analyst report on Lowe's

3. Information on the business of Home Depot 

4. Press article
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Sony Strategic Analysis

Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54411376


Problem Identification

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer and producer of game, electronics and entertainment products. For several decades, the company has dominated the market of the electronic sector. However, in the last few years, Sony has recorded a net loss for four consecutive years. In 2010, the company recorded a net loss of 40.8 billion Japanese Yen equivalent of U.S.$347 Million. In 2011, the company also recorded a net loss of 259.5 billion Japanese Yen, which equivalent to $2.2 Billion. In 2012, the company recorded $3.8 billion net loss. In 2014, Sony secures a net loss of equivalent of $1.1 billion. (Sony Corporation, 2014). Sony has been facing both internal and external challenges. Typically, the company has faced a stiff competition from other online game companies. Moreover, the appreciation of Japanese Yen over other major currencies adversely affects the ability of consumer to purchase Sony product from outside…… [Read More]


Armstrong, G. And Kotler, P. (2008) Principles of marketing 13th ed., New Jersey, Pearson Prentice Hall.

Jeanet, J.P., Hennessey, H.D. (2004) Global marketing strategies 6th ed., Boston, Houghton Mifflin pp. 41-45.

Porter M.E. (1980) Competitive Strategy Free Press, New York pp. 27-45.

Slack N., Chambers S. And Johnston R. (2007) Operations Management, Fifth Edition, Harlow, Prentice Hall.
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Room I Came Up With

Words: 4449 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93314121

In conjunction with these car ads, car insurance companies took advantage of this by advertising their services as well. Car insurance companies that I noticed advertising through billboards were Safeco, Progressive, and All State. Progressive provided a catchy and positive note to its ad by having the slogan, "Happy drivers make good drivers." From what I can recall in the All State ad, it mentioned something about safe driving, again with a catchy phrase: "Safe driving bonus for not driving like a paparazzi." These car insurance ads, particularly for Progressive and All State, tackle issues relevant to motorists, their target market: both chose to discuss driving behavior, using different ad 'treatments.' Progressive addressed reckless/irresponsible driving by focusing on the ideal driving behavior and its positive outcome, that is, drivers must have a happy temperament in order to be a good driver. All State, meanwhile, chose to go the opposite route…… [Read More]

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Language Is Fundamentally a Verbal

Words: 1224 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63717607

If language is like food, then the ingredients are its words; the cooking process is its grammar; the nutritional value is its semantics. Some sentences are simple staples like rice and beans. Others are primarily aesthetic, finely crafted, and honed over time like a French sauce. Like the ingredients in any dish, the words of a language depend largely on geography. At the same time, we borrow words from other cultures just as we may borrow ingredients from other cuisines. Spanglish is like fusion food. Some cooking processes are rigid, time-consuming, and complex like proper grammar; others are looser and more flexible like everyday speech. There are some dishes you would serve your mother and others that are too spicy for her. Some language is long-winded and without substance; some is meaty; some is so packed with goodness that you return it again and again.

Ascription to the rules of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Kemerling, Garth. "Language and Logic." 27 Oct 2001. Retrieved June 6, 2007 from 

Schutz, Ricardo. "Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition." 20 Aug. 2005. Retrieved June 6, 2007 from
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Hydrogen as a Source of

Words: 1893 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 11881835

This presents challenges because neither high-pressure compressed hydrogen gas nor cryogenic liquefied hydrogen can easily be handled at home." (Panasonic, p. 1)

This underscores the reality noted by this proposal and cast to further examination in the research justified by this proposal that any real implementation of an energy source transformation would be a considerable commercial, political, economic and practical endeavor.

All of that noted, it still remains that case that hydrogen has the potential to light the way for a better fuel economy, a more efficient society and a more pristine environment in Singapore. This is because at its root, hydrogen carries not just the potential for clean-burning but also for greater energy-storing capacity. According to the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) "hydrogen is the lightest gas and also the most energy-dense fuel per mass. One pound of hydrogen holds 52,000 Btu, three times the energy of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). (2010). Hydrogen Energy Overview.

Linde Group (LG). (2010). Hydrogen Energy. Linde Industrial Gases.

Ministry of the Environment and Water Sources (MEWR). (2010). Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

National Climate Change Committee (NCCC). (2008). Singapore's National Climate Change Strategy.
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Trade Show Industry in Germany

Words: 31155 Length: 113 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38292092

Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it sheds light on a very important contributor to local and international trade. Trade fairs have a long history in providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers. They are an important channel of communication for B2B buyers and sellers. This is a significant area for study because there are limited channels of communication between B2B buyers and sellers. The previous sections have diversified the importance of communication to trade. B2B buyers and sellers cannot use mass channels of communication such as television advertising or newspaper advertising. In this market usage of personal visits and demonstrations are the common channels of marketing and communication. The B2B selling and marketing activities are less highlighted in research than B2C activities. Therefore, this study is significant because it explores a very important channel of marketing and communication in the B2B market.

The study is…… [Read More]

UFI.(2009). The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, 5th edition: A UFI report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group Executive Summary -- for UFI members only." Business Strategies Group Ltd. [online] Available at  [Accessed 10 May, 2012].

Viardot, E. (2004). Successful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms. Volume 5. NY: Artech House

Yeshin, T. (2006). Sales Promotion. NY:Cengage Learning
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Cognition and Aging

Words: 4217 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31466565

Cognitive Aspects of the Aging Process

The purpose of this work is to define cognition and to explain the effects of aging on the brain in relation to memory, attention, metacognition, effects on languaging and the effects of aging on the executive function and finally cognitive function in very old age. This will be inclusive of primary cognitive diseases found in aging adults such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

Medical science continues to discover more about aging with each passing year. Cognitive effects of aging are one element that the aging individual must face as well as something that family and friends of the individual will cope with at some point. Cognition is defined as "the mental process of knowing, thinking, learning, and judging." (Online Medical Dictionary, 2005) Therefore the elderly experienced "cognitive dysfunction" is defined as "disturbance to the mental processes of knowing, thinking, learning and judging." Disturbances or dysfunctions…… [Read More]

Is there anything special about the aging of source memory?

Psychol Aging. 2005 Mar;20(1):19-32.

PMID: 15769211 [PubMed - in process]
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Finance the Market for Wireless

Words: 909 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79396235

Therefore, while pricing strategies are different, most firms are seeking to differentiate themselves with features they believe will attract their target market, and the pricing reflecting the target market.

Question 2

If a firm such as Samsung wishes to reduce costs there are a number of approaches which may be utilized. Most manufacturers are already using outsourcing for manufacturing either the handsets or some of the components. Costs are often saved by going to firms in countries where there is the ability to makes gains of comparative advantages, especially in areas where wages and overheads are lower. China is particularly well-known as a manufacturing base, but to save costs it would be possible to move to even lower cost countries, such as the African states where there is a lower level of economic development. However, this may also have costs, as the staff may not be as skills and quality…… [Read More]


Gartner, (2012, February), Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 1.7% in 2012, Garner, [online] retrieved 21st Feb 2012 from 

Kotler Philip; Keller Kevin, (2011), Marketing Management, Prentice Hall

Nellis JG, Parker D, (2006), Principles of the Business Economics, London, Prentice Hall
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Create New Business Mini Business Plan

Words: 2979 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 14340463

Equipment Needed

Market Analysis

Situational Analysis

Target Market


Geographical Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation

Market Targeting

Differentiation and Positioning

Strengths and Weaknesses of Venture

Market Opportunities and Threats

Competitor Analysis

Management Plan

Founders Experience

Organizational Chart

Financial Plan

Project Investment

Startup Costs

Essentials of financial Plan

Pro forma income statement

Pro forma Balance Sheet

Assessment of isk

External risks

Financial isk

Contingency Plan

Production Plan

Manufacturing Process

Machinery & Equipment

Equipment equired

Operational Plan

General Operating Hours

Flow of order for goods and services


Human esource

Technology utilization


The paper is a business plan for a new business which is aimed to create a new product in the U.S. market. The paper discusses the various aspects of the business plan. It includes the market analysis, operational plan, marketing plan, financial plan and the risks associated with the business.

Executive Summary

I would like to introduce the readers to the…… [Read More]


Barnard, Chester The function of the executive, Harvard University Press, Cambridge Mass, 1938,-page 235.

Bent Flyvbjerg, Mette K. Skamris Holm, and Soren L. Buhl (2002),"Underestimating Costs in Public Works Projects: Error or Lie?" Journal of the American Planning Association, vol. 68, no. 3, 279-295.

Eric S. Siegel, Brian R. Ford, Jay M. Bornstein (1993), 'The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide' (New York: John Wiley and Sons)

Hamel, G. & Prahalad, C.K. "The Core Competence of the Corporation," Harvard Business Review, May -- June 1990.
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Former Soviet Satellites and the European Union

Words: 4334 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31871191

Former Soviet Satellites and the European Union

Recent decades have been decades of great change for the nations and peoples of Europe. The est has witnessed the gradual demise of interstate rivalries, the former system of wholly independent states being replaced by an increasingly close union of partner nations. Meanwhile, in the East, these same years saw nearly the whole of Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea fall under the domination of the Soviet Union. However, with the collapse of communism in the early 1990s, these former Soviet satellites were transformed, almost overnight, into a collection of fledgling democracies. And though the nations of Eastern Europe, at least ostensibly, now share the same political values as their neighbors to the est, their transformation has not been without its problems. Years of Communist rule, has left these countries economically backward and underdeveloped. Yet each of these former Communist nations…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Grabbe, Heather. "Enlargement, Ready or Not?" Guardian Unlimited. 8 December 2002. URL:,9115,855941,00.html .

Gorobets, Alexander. "Russia Wants to See Ukraine Rich and Prosperous - President Putin." Pravda. Trans. Dmitry Sudakov. 14 December 2001. URL: .

Patten, Chris. "EU's Relations with Ukraine: Overview." Europa, European Commission, European Union in the World. Directorate of International Relations: January, 2002. URL:

Prodi, Romano. "The Final Lap." Commission Press Room, European Parliament. Brussels, 9 October 2002. URL:|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=.
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Motorola Moto 360

Words: 4728 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84153595

Motorola (Moto 360)

Introduction to company

Motorola is one telecommunications company that has always been a leader in the development and launching of trendsetting innovative products. Its rich history is characterized by numerous achievements as the pioneer of several technologies. While several corporations subscribe to the notion that churning out ideas is the instrumental factor in coming up with revolutionary products, Motorola has always focused on the big picture - the essence of their business (Strategic Direction, 2010).

For close to eight decades, the company has spearheaded several innovations in the field of telecommunications and as a result achieved great successes like their feat of being the company that made the equipment through which the first words from the moon were transmitted. It was also the leader of the cell phone revolution having developed DynaTac, the first cell phone that was handheld. Motorola is also credited for being the first…… [Read More]


Competitive Analysis of Motorola (2014) Retrieved from http://www.***.com/view.asp?id=161863

Georgieva, et. al. (2010).Motorola- Integrated Company Analysis. Retrieved from 

GadgetzArena (2014). Motorola launched Moto 360 at IFA 2014. Retrieved from

Hyder, Z. Burrows, M. & MacKinnon, A. (2008). Strategic Report for Motorola, Inc. Retrieved from
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Market Positioning of Samsung

Words: 790 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27553607

Samsung Cell Phone Market Segmentation

Samsung cell phones have a competitive advantage over most competitors based on the outstanding characteristics such as the apps support, size, the weight, the ability to retain the charge, the number of games it supports, the possibility of paying for gams and install, the aesthetics, the internal memory and the camera quality among other things.


The Samsung cell phone will target two main segments; the trendy young professionals getting into the job market and secondly, the professional middle aged men with a few years of experience in the job market.

Geographic variables in this market segmentation include the rural areas as well as the urban regions where the population is high. These are areas where both the young professionals and the middle aged professionals can be found establishing themselves in various employment sectors or setting up their own businesses.

Psychographic variables considered here are…… [Read More]


Zincubate, (2015). 5 Great Phones for a Young Entrepreneur.
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New Product Planning

Words: 2479 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26778295

New Poduct Plan

Situational Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Pote's Five Foces Analysis

Bagaining Powe of Supplies

Bagaining Powe of Customes

Theat of New Entants

Theat of Substitute Poducts

Competitive Rivaly





Maketing Stategy

Shot-tem Goals

Long-tem Goals

This pape povides a plan fo eintoducing the failed Blackbey smatphone to the maket. The Blackbey was once the most popula smatphone in the U.S. and othe makets. The intoduction of the smatphone in 2006 maked a defining moment in the histoy of the smatphone maket. Howeve, with its focus limited to copoate uses and govenment agencies, Blackbey was slow to espond to the evolving needs of individual consumes. This gap pesented a pefect oppotunity fo Apple, Samsung, and othe ivals to oust Blackbey fom its dominant position. By 2011, the Blackbey had lost its position in the industy. The smatphone kept on losing its maket shae to newe entants, who…… [Read More]

references of the market was one of the major reasons that led to the failure of the Blackberry smartphone. The company has historically focused on corporate and institutional users, giving little attention to individual consumers. The declining performance of the company is also a major weakness as the company is increasingly losing its financial strength, which may make it unable to exploit opportunities in the marketplace. Other notable weaknesses include limited support for third party applications, poor leadership, and poor branding.


One opportunity Blackberry may take advantage of to regain its lost glory is the Samsung crisis, which has caused the South Korean giant substantial losses in terms of not only revenue, but also reputation. The recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its subsequent discontinuation presents a good opportunity for Samsung rivals to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Emerging markets also present an important opportunity for Blackberry, especially since Apple has historically focused on developed markets. The attractiveness of emerging markets particularly stems from the rapid growth of smartphone penetration in these markets. Other significant sources of growth include mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, growth of cloud computing, integration of third party applications and features, as well as the firm's existing customer base.


The biggest threat facing the Blackberry is competition. Apple, Samsung, and recent entrants to the smartphone market such as Xiaomi and Huawei have provided unmatched smartphone features, which may make it difficult for Blackberry to successfully re-enter the market.
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Bioharzard Removal Within a Perioperative

Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87952050

Effective management of medical materials in this environment is critical to ensuring that patients do not suffer from toxic exposure (Owens, 2003). Perioperative nurses can incorporate the various Operating oom procedures to minimize the risk of patient harm. A discussion regarding the literature detailing medical waste and perioperative nursing is not complete without a discussion involving the clinical impact of medical waste.

In Volko's 2002 article "Contact with Hospital Syringes containing bodily fluids; Implications for Medical Waste management regulation," detailed the results of a study wherein the use of syringes was examined in their conjunction with medical waste. The objective of the study was to determine the amount and body fluids of these syringes (Volko, 2002). Syringe use was surveyed at a tertiary care center or a period not exceeding seven (7) days. Syringe use was categorized into four different components. These components included: (1) Contained Blood at the time…… [Read More]


"Nurses can make a difference: Environmentally responsive health care," the Nightingale Institute for Health and the Environment,  (accessed 6 January 2011).

Melamed, a (2003). "Environmental Accountability in Perioperative Settings" AORN, 77(6), 1157-1168

Owens, PJ (2005) "Challenges of International Disaster Relief" Disaster Management and Response, Spring 2005

Anderson, LG (1992). "Medical Waste Management: Implications for Plastic Surgery Offices and Surgicenters" Plastic Surgical Nursing, 12(1): 7-12
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Oracle Enterprise Edition Assessing Oracle's

Words: 2175 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 11683612

For all of these strengths however it is well-known that Oracle databases are high maintenance and often require one full time system administrator to keep them optimized. This is necessary for keeping the audit tools up-to-date and functioning, and also supporting patching of the database when updates arrive. Second, Oracle's pricing and maintenance policies are often considered exceptionally high for the market and are often questioned by customers (Evans, 10).

ecommendations for Implementation

In terms of implementing the system significant changes to processes for data capturing including extraction, transfer and load (ETL) and the integration of BI components are necessary. From manufacturers including Quantum who relies on Oracle Enterprise Edition to manage the production of high density tape drives to .L. Polk and its use for automotive data, Enterprise Edition has been shown to scale globally. Further, the transaction engine component is being used for synchronizing supply chains and production…… [Read More]


Ghazi Alkhatib, and Ronny S. Labban. "Transaction management in distributed database systems: The case of Oracle's two-phase commit. " Journal of Information Systems Education 13.2 (2002): 95-103.

Babcock, C.. "Oracle Adds Grid Features To 11g. ," InformationWeek 7 Sep. 2009, 124, 125.

Babcock, C. "Oracle Touts Virtualization, Apps -- And 11g, Of Course." InformationWeek 19 Nov. 2007: 83, 84.

Mike Cochrane. "The Big Picture: Industry convergence mandates a holistic BI and performance management approach." Information Management 19.4 (2009): 38.
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Purchase Decision at the Time

Words: 774 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42731904

Furthermore, I went to, a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers…… [Read More]

Next, I began to look up coverage information on the cell phone providers. Many of the providers had maps showing coverage, and I looked at the areas where I live, as well as the areas where I most frequently need to use my cell phone. Furthermore, I went to , a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers and two basic phones, I began to talk to my friends that had the phones. I discovered that many of the things I initially liked about the I-phone were duplicated in T-Mobile's My Touch phone. Furthermore, many of my I-phone using friends reported dissatisfaction with at&T's service, and, since I-phones are locked and can only be used with at&T, I decided to go with the My Touch phone and T-Mobile's service. Once that decision was made, it was time for me to select my specific phone. With my research done, I went into a local cell phone store, so that I could actually touch the phones and determine the exact model of phone that I wanted.

I am glad that I had this assignment while making my mobile phone selection. So far I am very happy with this product, though time will tell if I remain happy with the choice. Armed with a substantial amount of information, not only about the product that I purchased, but also about competing products, I feel like I made an informed decision and did not experience any of the buyer's remorse that I had felt with prior major purchases. As a result, I think I will follow this same type of process when making my next major purchase.
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Consulting and Human Resources Executive

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The largest challenge there is for the consultant who is looking at several different people to fill a position. It becomes that consultant's responsibility to determine what matters most to those individuals and how that fits with the company. This involves Schein's (1998) career anchors, as these are designed to show what motivates a person and what he or she is most likely to work for.

Everyone has something that matters to them, whether it be food, shelter, status, money, fame, or something else -- or a combination of these. A consultant for any company that is looking to fill a position in an executive capacity must balance the career anchors, goals, and motivations of the potential candidates for the job with what the company is willing and able to offer to those people. Also in that balancing act are what the company stands for, what it believes in, and…… [Read More]


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Evolution of the U S Army

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S. Congress and president over the past 50 years to justify inordinately high levels of funding for projects that were not needed or where the money would have been better spent, particularly in terms of flood control along the Mississippi River and in the state of Louisiana where the impact of Hurricane Katrina highlighted their misguided efforts in recent years.


The research showed that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a long and proud history of contributions to the country and members of the Corps have served in peacetime and combat roles since the Revolutionary ar and every war since. The Corps' original mission has expanded, though, but remains focused on managing the nation's waterways and risk management activities. The research also showed that the Corps contributed to America's victory in orld ar II in many ways, but the service has been the target of an increasing amount…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Best Buy SWOT Analysis Best

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"Bricks-and-mortar" vs. "clicks-and-mortar": An equilibrium analysis. " European Journal of Operational esearch 187.3 (2008): 671.

Bala Chakravarthy, Peter Lorange. "Continuous renewal, and how Best Buy did it. " Strategy & Leadership 35.6 (2007): 4-11.

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Greg Todd. "etailers Using Analytics are Outperforming ivals. " DM eview 18.6 (2008): 35.


Table 1: Best Buy Income Statement Analysis

(2005 -- 2009)












Cost of goods sold




$23,122,000…… [Read More]


Fernando Bernstein, Jing-Sheng Song, Xiaona Zheng. "Bricks-and-mortar" vs. "clicks-and-mortar": An equilibrium analysis. " European Journal of Operational Research 187.3 (2008): 671.

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Elizabeth Gibson, Andy Billings. "Best practices at Best Buy: a turnaround strategy " The Journal of Business Strategy 24.6 (2003): 10-16.

Erik Gruenwedel. "Best Buy Q4 Sales Grow, Profit Dips. " Home Media Magazine 30 Mar. 2009: 3.
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Kelly James Clark One of

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He states that "there is never, within Scripture itself, an attempt to prove the existence of God; if proving God's existence were demanded of all believers; one might expect to find at least one of the believers in the Bible discussing theistic arguments." (Clark, unknown). However, Clark does acknowledge that Scripture contains many examples of God proving that He, rather than the false Gods worshipped by people during biblical times, is the true God.

Clark believes this is because the Bible was written during a time when virtually all people believed in some type of god, and that is ill-advised, perhaps impossible, to import that type of approach into a contemporary context. Because Scripture was not written for a modern audience, Clark seems to conclude that Scripture cannot provide adequate support for a modern apologetic argument.

Critical eflection

Clark's argument is logically unpersuasive. That does not mean that Clark's argument…… [Read More]


Clark, K.J. (Unknown). Without evidence or argument: A defense of reformed epistemology.

Retrieved September 23, 2008, from Calvin Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy. Web site:

Clifford, W.K. (1879). The ethics of belief. Retrieved September 25, 2008, from

Web site:
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Strategic Planning for Training Companies

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" Of these respondents, over 50% of them stated that they lack a disaster recovery plan (Anthes, 1998). However, most of the problems stem from the lack of communication at the corporate level. (Hawkins, et al., 2000).

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and other forms of strategic planning are no longer a luxury, but a must-have factor and an important element of any organisation's risk management system. Organisations are increasingly dependent upon it systems and infrastructure and eventually subjected to many risks, so business is inherently risky. How long can your organisation afford system downtime? How long does it take to recover a disaster; and, what does it cost? These kinds of questions are the ones that have to be addressed for BCPs. Also important, however, is using strategic planning to look toward the future and determine where a business wants to be at a specific point, so that plans to…… [Read More]



Bolman, LG & Deal, TE (1997). Reframing Organisations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership, 2nd ed, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.

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Samsung Mobile Is a Product

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This is light of the fact that Samsung competitors in electronic market are more dominant e.g. Sony, Panasonic, and LG in home appliances and Nokia, Apple, and HTC in mobile phones market making it an uphill task for Samsung mobile to stand out among such a crowded brand parade.

Samsung must also realize that the electronics industry and communication in particular is very dynamic and is growing fast each and every day. They should hence find a way of forestalling the ever increasing competitors entering the market. This calls for a tactful sales strategy that should be outlined by the management at various levels so that they can keep in step with the competition.

There has been as well, a notable reluctance or lack of vigor in the advertisement of the Samsung products as compared to the competitors making it easy for the customers, even those who were originally Samsung…… [Read More]

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Light Does Not Turn on One Must

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light does not turn on one must take several considerations in determining the cause of the situation. In order to figure out why the light is not turning on, analysis of the situation through the scientific method may be utilized. The first step is to pose the question of why the light does not turn on. esearch must then be undertaken to determine the cause. In this instance, there are three different approaches that can be undertaken. The first is to determine if the light does not turn on simply because the light bulb has burned out; the second is to determine if the light does not turn on because there is no power in the house, and if there is no power in the house, is the outage contained solely to the house or is it there an outage on a larger scale, perhaps citywide.

The first hypothesis to…… [Read More]

Reference List:

"The 20th Century's Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements in the United States." (2011).

What is Public Health. Retrieved from

A Chronological History of Electronic Development. (1946). New York: National Electrical

Manufacturers Association. Retrieved from .
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Houston Real Estate Search Prompt You Are

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Houston Real Estate Search


You are a real estate consultant in Houston working with a young doctor transferring from Los Angeles to the Texas Medical Center. This doctor has completed his residency training (he has his MD degree in surgery) in Los Angeles (he made $50,000 as a resident) and will start at the UT School of Medicine in the surgery department. He is 31 years old and he is married. His wife currently teaches in the Los Angeles Community College District and she plans to work in community college teaching in the Houston area. They have mutually decided that they want to live with five miles of the medical center. They love the arts and they live big city living.

The doctor and his wife have saved a total of $20,000 over the years but his salary at UT will be in excess of $250,000 per year. They…… [Read More]

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Apple's Mid-East Marketing Mix There

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" (Paczkowski, p. 1) This is possible because Merril Lynch will pay a subsidy of an additional 1200 shekels per handset in order to help initiate penetration of telecom service plans. In Saudi Arabia, iPhones start at roughly SAR 3499, a staggering $933.


As the price differentials show, Apple must make considerable adaptations according to that which each market will bear. That being said, Israel has already proven itself a promising site for fast expansion. According to Paczkowski (2009), "though Apple hasn't yet brought the iPhone to Israel, it's estimated that some 80,000 of them are in use in the country today. That's a remarkable metric and one that suggests Apple's super-smart phone should do quite well when it officially arrives at market in Israel this week." (Paczkowski, p. 1)

Reports suggest that Egypt's market will not be as inherently welcoming of the product. According to Inskeep (2012), competitors…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Kee, E. (2011). Saudi Arabia bans iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab at security institutions. Ubergizmo.
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Is Downward Communication or Upward Communication More Important to the Success of an Organization

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downward communication or upward communication more important to the success of an organization?

In the context of present day business the communication confronts the complex criticalities in devising strategies and processes to address the communication function in the ways that improve the success of organization. (How to Craft Successful Employee Communication in the Information Age) The effective communication is considered to be an essential instrument in respect of the variation elements. (First-ate Communication Skills) An effective communication is considered inevitable for infusing morale and enhancing productivity among the workforce so as to ensure the management the benefits of employee input etc. (Checklists for Upward and Downward Communications) The organization is evidentially becomes effective and efficient and workers are found to be contented and committed while the communication is successful. When it is unsuccessful the organization as well as the individual members is to suffer. (Thinking through Communication: An Introduction to…… [Read More]


1. Retrieved from Accessed on 24 February, 2005

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Individuals Professional or Lay Have

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05 level as measured by ____(insert the name of your measurement instrument here) on a post-test basis.

There exists no statistically significant difference between multiple intelligence teaching and traditional teaching for reading language acquisition of first graders at the ?… [Read More]


Eysenck, H.J. And Eysenck, M.W. (1985). Personality and individual differences: A natural science approach. New York: Plenum.

Ferguson, George a. (1964). Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education.

New York: McGraw-Hill.

Kerlinger, Fred (1964. Foundations of Behavioral Research. New York: Holt, Rinehart,
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Smart Phones What Exactly Are They What

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Smart phones, what exactly are they? What differentiates smart phones from feature phones is their ability to do multitasking and run applications. First, there were PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which had functions like e-mail, web connectivity, to do list and few other computer-like functions while cell phones were used for calling and messaging mostly. A Smartphone is a combination of PDA and feature phone.

Changes over the past five years

Apple, to begin with, played an important role in bringing smart phones to the level where they were made available to mass consumers. That was three years ago. However, smart phones are the entity which existed in one form or the other since almost 19-20 years from now. The main difference between the earlier ones and the more recent ones is that the earlier ones were primarily used as enterprise devices and were too expensive to be acquired by most…… [Read More]

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Human Resource Management - Personal Case Studies

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Human esource Management - Personal Case Studies

Human esource Management

The universe of information on effective management is enormous. A manager who desires to improve his or her skills will have no difficulty finding ideas and even guidance in the literature. Some of the most evidence-based management data has been established by the Gallup Organization. Over a 25-year period of conducting research, the Gallup Organization has compiled data from observations in excess of 80,000 interviews that they conducted. The results have been published in a series of books including: Now, First Break All the ules, Now, Discover Your Strengths, 12 Elements of Great Management, Strengths Finder 2.0, Strengths-Based Leadership, How Full Is Your Bucket, Wellbeing -- The Five Essential Elements, and The Jobs War. I list the books here to demonstrate that there is a plethora of literature on good management, creating good workplaces, employee skill building, leadership, and job…… [Read More]


Bolman, LG and Deal, TE (1997) Reframing Organizations. Artistry, choice and leadership (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Buckingham, M and Coffman, C (1999) First, Break All the Rules. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

Buckingham, M and Clifton, DO (2001) Now, Discover Your Strengths. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

Example Items from Peer Evaluations and 360-Degree Performance
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Product Launch Blue Ray

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blue ray is successful.

Explain their vision, their strategy, what makes it memorable, distinctive.

The Blu-ray Disc Association was founded in February 2002 based on the invention of blue laser diodes by Shuji Nakamura, a professor at the University of California (istory of Blu-ray technology). Blu-ray introduced itself to the public in 2006 with tis first players, and its first Blu-ray disc titles were released shortly thereafter. Its high-storage capacity and efficiency caused it to dominate the market, with tis most recent offering being the quad-layer Blu-ray discs. Some of the variants of Blu-ray discs are mini Blu-ray discs (BD) that can support 7.5 GB data, and BD5 and BD9 that support audio and video streams

By the beginning of 2009, more than 1200 Blu-ray titles had appeared in the U.S.A.

The best description about Blu-Ray comes from the site itself:

Blu-ray & #8230; also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD),…… [Read More]

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Blu-Ray Technology

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Blu-ay Technology

"It [technology] has surely reduced the world to a global village, greatly reducing distances between people and nations" (How Does Technology . . ., 2009, ¶ 1).


During June 2006, even though only total of 24 Blu-ray movies were available at that time, stores advertised and sold the first Blu-ray DVD player, Samsung's BD-P1000, for $1,000. In the article, "Blu-ay or HD-DVD? A format battle rages for supremacy over the new generation of high-definition DVD Players," Johnson (2006) explains that "Blu-ray was jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a group of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer, and media manufacturers" (Johnson, 2006, p. 82). Its future, albeit, as well as the future of HD DVD, the contemporary contender for next generation digital video players appeared unclear, Consequently, electronics manufacturers waged fierce battles in their war to determine whether the Blu-ray or HD-DVD format would the…… [Read More]


Ahlawat, A.B. (2011). Blu-Ray Disc. Seminar Presentation 2K7-MRCE-ECE-70. Retrieved June 29, 2011, from 

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Elevator Companies

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Elevator Companies and Competition


The history of business in almost industry is one of initial diversification as a number of different firms move in to a new field and attempt to establish themselves with their particular blend of skills and innovations. As the industry matures, a relatively small number of firms become dominant; in many industries a handful of firms rise to a position of prominence and even near-monopoly status. The elevator industry is currently engaged in such a contraction of number of firms as the leaders in the industry (tis, KNE and Schindler) are engaged in buying up smaller firms across the United States. In some cases the smaller and medium-sized firms are eager to be taken over by companies that can offer its workers better compensation and that can offer prestige and financial backing to the smaller firms. ther smaller companies have been taken over through a…… [Read More]

Other mergers followed in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Spain -- a total of 30 by 1970. The association among Otis, Sumitomo and Matsu*****a to form Nippon Otis in Japan followed. Since then, there have been joint ventures in China and Russia to open up today's emerging markets and, of course, the acquisition in Korea in 1999 that formed Otis-LG, the largest acquisition in Otis' 150-year history.

The history of Otis has been described as a history of remarkably successful acquisitions, scores of companies from every part of the world.

An important period of acquisition for Otis was in Europe in the 1960s. That successful pattern has been repeated elsewhere in the world, strengthening the company through the energy of the new employees that have joined Otis every year (,2344,ARC2289_CLI1_RES1_SEC4,00.html ).
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What Brain Regions Are Activated by Emotional Stimuli

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brain regions are activated by emotional stimuli?

There has been a great deal of interest within the medical and scientific community in studying the response of various regions of the brain to emotional stimuli. Much research has focused on the role of the amygdala in response to emotional stimuli, and the effects of such stimuli on learning and memory retention. The amygdala "is a structure in the medial temporal lobe that is known to participate in emotional and motivational functions in animals" (CGN, 2004) however its role in human emotional response has not yet been fully uncovered. It has been directly implicated however, in emotional stimulus related examinations. The amygdale is not the only brain region activated by emotional stimuli. Recent research has suggested that many areas of the brain are activated and affected by emotional stimuli, not just the amygdala. In fact, depending on the type of emotional stimulus…… [Read More]


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How They Construct Identity in Words

Words: 1531 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13711457

construct identity in words?

Gricean principles are very reflective of the meanings people give to their own words when they describe themselves and their potential mate in personals ads. Gricean principles insist that culturally we represent more with assumption than with literal language. Certain statements imply a more complete message than that which we give through words. Because the ads are brief by nature, the individual does not have the opportunity to have a long deep meaningful conversation with any potential partner, or even complete a single sentence it would seem. It is therefore left to the individual to summarize themselves through a series of codes, which have implied greater cultural meanings. It must also be noted that though an individual is describing a potential partner they are describing a person who has not yet existed within their life, and are therefore simply describing themselves in more detail. They are…… [Read More]

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Chinese Language and Identity

Words: 2586 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97979356

Chinese as the native language and culture to research. Include such information as the need to communicate, social organisation (tribes, cities, etc.) contacts with other cultures, development of a written language, nonverbal aspects of language (such as inflection and body language), changes over the centuries, etc.

Chinese culture and language

Chinese cultural values play an important role in shaping the community's social norms, with the majority of individuals in China being inclined to take on attitudes that are in accordance with their traditions. Chinese language needs to be understood as being much more than a dialect, as it has a strong socio-cultural effect on its speakers and as it affects individuals in a cognitive-linguistic way. The impact of such ideas on concepts such as people, families, and communities can be observed by addressing the way that they function with the language as a central model facilitating better connections between bodies.…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Gu, S. (2011). "A Cultural History of the Chinese Language." McFarland.

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Wang, Y. (2013). "Language, Culture, and Identity Among Minority Students in China: The Case of the Hui." Routledge.
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Capabilities Brief

Words: 3270 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Corporate Paper #: 98619205

capabilities of key medical personnel operating in an austere environment in terms of their performance measures on key indicators, the skill sets that they must possess and the method in which equipment and supplies will be transferred to the location where medical personnel are to provide care. N KPP requirements are also set out as well as parameters for measuring the desired goals and needs of this operation. The systems needs are also set out in this study along with requirements of integration and joint communications. The implementation of scheduled delivery of increments is set out as well. Included in this report are illustrations in the form of charts and tables to assist with the understanding of the concept, strategy and implementation of this program.

evision History

N KPP revision history reported by the Joint Chief of Staff Instructor includes renaming the instruction which was previously named 'Interoperability and Supportability…… [Read More]


Tactical Doctrine: USAF Medical Support For Special Operations Forces (2005) Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures 3024.6. Retrieved from: 

Initial Capabilities Document 7 For 8 (U) United States Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy, Water, 9 and Waste (nd) CDTM Document Number: 1111080576 v. 2. Retrieved from: 

JCIDS Process: Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) (2015) AcqNotes. Retrieved from:
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Marketing Mixes Compared & Contrasted

Words: 2290 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67703829

Marketing eport Summary & Approach

The author of this report has been asked to prepare a report central to some marketing concepts and questions. The first question asks the author to compare and contrast the promotional strategies that are used by two different companies for a similar product within the category that has been selected. The second question asks for there to be two recommendations via which the companies can use the marketing information to differentiate itself in the marketplace so as to gain an advantage over its competitors. There will be a rationale provided for those recommendations. The third question asks the author of this report to provide two uses for customer-oriented promotions that could assist a company in both the short- and long-term for the product group that has been selected. Fourth, there will be an analysis of the strategic manner in which a leading company in the…… [Read More]


BusinessWeek. (2015). Americans Should Buy U.S. Cars, Period - BusinessWeek. Retrieved 10 June 2015, from 

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Financial and Strategic Analysis A Case of Apple

Words: 1520 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 38527663

Strategic and Financial Analysis: Case of Apple

Apple Inc. is a U.S. multinational company specializing in designing and selling different types of electronic products that include computer software, personal computers, and range of hand-held electronic gadgets. Over the years, Apple has grown to be an iconic designer of consumer electronic products. Established by Steve Jobs in 1976, however, Apple's business nearly collapsed in1980s because of the stiff competitions from other companies. In 1990s, Apple was forced to design an innovative personal computer and entered the fragmented DM (digital music) industry using a diverse set of a distribution channel. (Apple, 2014).

In the last decades, Apple has recorded an unparallel success in digital music players, and iTunes software. Apple uses a sophisticated distribution strategy to achieve competitive market advantages in the electronic industry. resently, Apple sells its products globally through the retail stores, and online stores, which assist the company to…… [Read More]

Porter, M. (2006) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Harvard Business Review. January pp 23-41.

Thornton, P.H, Domingo, R.S, and Urbano, D. (2011) Socio-Cultural factors and entrepreneurial activity: An Overview. International Small Businesses Journal, 29(2): 105-118.

Thomson, N, & Baden-Fuller, C. (2010) Basic strategy in context European text and cases. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell.
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Samsung S New Target Market

Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68807212

Samsung Cell Phones


The first distinct market segment for Samsung is the enterprise market, which is primarily regarded as employee phones market. This market segment has grown tremendously in the past few years and businesses incorporate phones into work processes. The segment contains the working class population with different income, age, and of different gender. The population is in different geographic and can be segmented through user status for employees who are looking for ways of enhancing work processes. The second market segment for Samsung cell phones is the early adopter market, which comprises of children or technically ignorant or naive customers. This segment contains children who are looking for phones to play with or individuals seeking for easy-to-use phones. The behavioral segmentation of this market is user status since it's made of first-time users or technically ignorant users who are usually found within the home setting. The individuals…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Review of Samsungs Governance Principles

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Corporate Governance at Samsung Group

'Corporate governance' refers to a corporation's control, supervision methods and processes, and management accountability. Corporate Governance, worldwide, doesn't merely cover legal controls set by local companies, or by national legislations, or by common international regulations; its scope is much broader, going beyond legal aspects to cover accountability as well, with regard to both legal restraint, and best practice norms and self-regulation (Australian Insitute of Business, 2014).

In Korea, corporate governance once again assumes prominence as a major social and political subject. Corporate giants such as Samsung Group (called 'Chaebols' in Korea) have, all through Korea's past, dominated its economy. While Korean companies' corporate governance has, on the whole, improved considerably in the past few years, Chaebols still dominate the country in terms of political and economic power; in fact, their dominance has intensified over the years. Samsung Group is in the midst of controversy. Despite…… [Read More]


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Government Concern About Wal Mart

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Market Power

The author of this report has been asked to select a firm and answer two of the provided questions as it relates to that firm. The questions that will be answered relate to price strategy and governmental concerns about market power. Indeed, Wal-Mart is in the thick of both of these phenomenon and it shows as one looks at political reactions and news stories in the media. Wal-Mart has grown from a small chain of stores to a global juggernaut and the amount of power that they wield given the size of their operations, how many people they employ and the market power they wield is hard to ignore or miss. It has gotten to the point that the government and other sources are attributing social problems to Wal-Mart and what they do. While it is perhaps a bridge too far to assert that Wal-Mart is creating social…… [Read More]


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Critical Success Factors in a Competitive Business Environemt

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Environmental Scan

Samsung's production is always dependent external environmental factors to achieve its goals and objectives in the market.

he environment offers the local and raw materials that are essential in the production processes.

Most of the raw materials used to make chips are obtained from the environment.

he environment has also been helpful in making sure that Samsung has the right expertise people who can carry the strategies for the growth of the company.

he environment has been influential in formulating the market and the production avenues within the company.

Moreover, what has been so special, and will always continue being special with Samsung is that its production processes are conscious of the need to protect the natural environment, through the many software materials developed within the Smartphone

Samsung is also conscious of the local environment.

he process of maintenance of production has been made to be sensitive to…… [Read More]

The trading of the products used by Apple will be made easier; with the financial flows, becoming welcoming to the Apple Inc.

Financing will have to be done by both of the brands, with an equal contribution, being balanced by the inclusion of the shared products (Lee, 2006).

All these will be subject to a balance of financing, which will also be involved or reflected on the revenue sharing between the two brands.
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Average Roe and Net Profit Margin Ratios

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Audit Planning

The author of this report has been asked to select a publicly traded company for the purposes of a hypothetical scenario. As part of this scenario, the author will outline and identify the critical steps that will be necessary for an audit program associated with a review of the selected firm. There will be the analysis of at least two performance ratios for the company and it will be detailed what tests would or should be used to calculate and evaluate those ratios effectively. In total, there would be at least three analytical procedures used to evaluate those two or more ratios. There will also be a review of the balance sheet and income statements for the company in question and the associated evidence collection that would go into verifying the authenticity and accuracy of the information. The report will conclude with a discussion of the audit risk…… [Read More]


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Analysing and Assessing Translational Research

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Evidence-Based Practice

Translation of esearch in Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing involves men and women who are willing to help the patients with their skills like health maintenance, recovery of ill or injured people and the treatment. They develop a care plan for the patient sometimes in collaboration with the physicists or therapists. This paper discusses the current nursing practice in which I am involved and needs to be changed.

Identification of a Current Nursing Practice equiring Change

Description of the Current Nursing Practice

Children of all age groups are facing a grave problem these days: obesity.

Childhood obesity is a major risk factor for future health problems, in addition to being a significant public health problem, given the evidence available in research literature. Literature properly documents the risk factors and multi-related factors associated with childhood obesity and overweight that threatens public health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…… [Read More]


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Apple Inc Planning and Forecasting in a Company

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Apple Inc. Planning and forecasting

Methods of Forecasting

Over the previous many years, the forecasting power at Apple has taken on numerous diverse methods. In the days where Apple brand lines were more restricted, our marketplaces more recognizable, and Apple selling and delivery methods more uniform, they are able to afford to depend on direct contribution from suppliers and the corporation's own sales force. Apple products loaned themselves well to huge manufacturing, there was not a lot of inconsistency in arrangement, and the modification produced by having language detailed products was taken care of through buffer stock.

During the past three years, an intense shift has happened in the way Apple is speaking to the market, and in the demands the marketplace is placing on the business. The significant essentials of change are:

Apple's Demand for more unpredictability in configuration in expressions of memory,…… [Read More]