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Long-Term Financial Planning FedEx Corporation FedEx Corporation
Words: 1117 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 80308048
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Long-Term Financial Planning

FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation was established in 1971 and the company has four distinct business segments that include FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Office and FedEx Freight. Over the years, the company has obtained 6-year of CAG (compounded annual growth of 5%). However, the company is likely to obtain similar CAG of 5.9% over the next 8 years based on current economic environment. (FedEx Corporation .2010.

The WACC (weighted average cost of capital) is the average interest rate that a company should pay in order to secure a project. Moreover, WACC is the average rate of return that a company must earn from its current assets to satisfy investors, shareholders and creditors. Since FedEx Corporation is always trying to create value for shareholders, the paper calculates the WACC of the FedEx to evaluate the company ability to generate returns from its assets.

Estimation of WACC of the…


FedEx Corporation (2010. Annual Report.USA.

Long-Term Relationship You Owner Ceo a Large Business
Words: 2366 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61706501
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Long-Term elationship You owner/CEO a large business idea concept phase full production, a short window due robotics machinery department

Contract Financing

Contract is a form of payment; or rather it is an unauthorized government distribution of funding to a contractor before accepting supply of goods or services offered by the government. Contract financing excludes debit payments, payments for incomplete acceptance or charter or rental payments. This is because payments of invoices on cost style contracts do not qualify as contract financing. Therefore, contract financing primarily applies to fixed price contracts. The primary intention of contract financing is to help the contractor in handling costs incurred during the performance of the contract (DOD, 2012).

In addition, provision of this financing covers the amount needed for quick and efficient performance of the contract. The order of preference for contract financing suggests that for every government financing provided the contractor should not acquire…


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Long-Term Strategy Patton and the
Words: 767 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61080681
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Instead of trying to build a brand, Pfizer hoped to 'buy into' the next big drug solution, and failed in its Patton-like strategy of focusing on the goal, and trying to leap over the many hurdles in creating its own new drug.

In contrast, the athletic shoe store Foot Locker has shown a successful Eisenhower-style approach by focusing on tightening its budget and cutting costs. Although streamlining is not a sexy 'big picture' strategy, by shying away from seeking market domination and taking a conservative strategy, Foot Locker showed a fourth quarter profit, despite a dismal market overall in the apparel industry. "Foot Locker announced another wave of store closures and a revamped management structure that combines the Lady Foot Locker chain with its three other brands. [CEO] Sterne Agee said it was 'essential' for the company to reduce its store base in the U.S. By at least 300 stores…[but]…


Jannarone, John. (2010, March 3). Big Pharma best skip course in Medivation. The Wall Street

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Retrieved March 3, 2010 at

Long-Term Employee Productivity
Words: 1185 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15297551
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Long-Term Employees: Long-Term Employees, Sacred Cows?

There are those that believe that long-term employees become sacred cows of an organization. They have staying power not because of what they do but more because of who they know. Does this impact a corporation's bottom line? It can, but not in a positive way. A corporations ultimate success is dependent upon it's ability to hire and retain long-term employees that are great, competent and motivated outside of the function of the task at hand.

For a company to lead and excel in any industry it must hire the right kind of people for the job. These people are by nature self-motivated, skilled and naturally inquisitive and hard working. These are the type of employees that ultimately stay with a corporation for a long time. They are the true initiators of change and the individuals most likely to accept and work change to…


Clarke, G. (October, 2001). "Good Questions, Great Answers." Fast Company, Issue 51,


Collins, J. (2001). "Good to great: Why some companies make the leap ... others don't."

Harper Collins.

Long-Term V Short-Term Investments Short-Term
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83805782
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Both short-term investments and long-term investments have advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages that short-term investments have is their potential for quick growth as they are only expected to last a couple of weeks to a few months. These types of investments allow a company to have more control over their money. On the downside, short-term investments carry a higher risk and have demonstrated a higher rate of fluctuation as compared to long-term investments (Mussi, 2007).

An advantage of long-term investments is that they have the ability to "gain small amounts of money over a long period of time. The slow-but-steady pace of long-term investments allow for a much greater degree of stability and a much lower risk than short-term investments (Mussi, 2007). Long-term investments that benefit from this growth and stability include savings and retirement funds as these investments mature over the years. Because these types of…


The ASPIRA Association. (n.d.). Short-Term and Long-Term Investment Options: Facilitators

Manual. Retrieved 17 July 2012, from

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Long-Term Memory
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 966428
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Long-Term Memory

Memory Demonstration Analysis

One of the most unreliable elements of our cognitive processes is the system known as the short-term memory (STM). This is the second memory system, and tries to recall brand new information that is not stored within a more permanent place in our thinking process. The first demonstration that was utilized was the digit span and was meant to test the short-term memory of the taker. This was a test where there were an incremental number of digits flashed on screen for the test taker to remember. The test started at two digits and ended at eight. It is easy to remember the series of digits when there is only a few of them. However, the more digits involved in the demonstration, the harder it was to remember their order. The fact that it was so hard to recall the digits when more were presented…


MacKay, David J. (2011). The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory. Inference Group. Web. Retrieved October 22, 2012 from

Long-Term Settings and Services
Words: 873 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29834317
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Long-Term Settings

The health of the person usually starts declining with every passing day after 65 years of age and as Mrs. Smith is 82 years old, she is also suffering from some problems. She is in mid stage of dementia because of which she suffers from recent memory impairment, hypertension and mental confusion. Due to dementia, she has already been in problems several times. Like, once she left the pan over the stove and also fallen number of times due to syncope. Moreover, she forgets to take her medicines on time. So, she needs an attended that takes care of her medication, diet and exercises and must not be left alone or unattended at home.

In an old age, a person is in need of company more than any medication. Healthy routine and happiness is the best treatment for various diseases. However, Mrs. Smith lives alone at home during…


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Long-Term Effects of a Widespread Disaster
Words: 833 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84892464
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Long-Term Effects of Adverse Nature

Long-term Implications of 2004 Indian Ocean Disasters

Long-term effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean Disaster

2004 Indian Ocean Disasters

Indian Ocean is the third vastest water body in the world wide, casing an average of 68.556 million km2. It is the mass of water body around Africa, Asia, the Southern Ocean and Australia. It has four main accessible waterways, the Suez Canal (Egypt), Bab el Mandeb (along Djibouti and Yemen), the Strait of Hormuz (along Iran and Oman), and the Strait of Malacca (Indonesia and Malaysia) among other minor ones. The ocean has been attributed to many economical advantages ranging from providing a means of transportation, food, recreation and for the extraction of valuable mineral resources. However, the ocean has major confluences with terrific and adverse water disasters such as disasters, tsunamis, aftershocks, earthquakes among others.

2004 Disaster

In 2004, the Indian registered the worst…


Ramalanjaona, G. 2011. Impact of 2004 Tsunami in the Islands of Indian Ocean: Lessons Learned. Emergency Medicine International. Vol 1, Issue 1. Pg 1-3.

Daly, P., Feener, M. R and Reid, A.J.S. From the Ground up: Perspectives on Post-Tsunami and Post -- Conflict Aceh. Chicago: Institute of Southeast Asian.

Long-Term Debt 1st Student According to Cleverley
Words: 458 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20814835
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Long-Term Debt

1st Student:

According to Cleverley, Song and Cleverley (2011), there are four options for health care organizations for finding long-term debt financing. These four options are tax-exempt revenue bonds, Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured mortgages, public taxable bonds and conventional mortgage financing. Tax-exempt revenue bonds are issued against the facility's revenue and these are a low-cost source of debt financing. FHA-insured mortgages need to be approved, which is a tricky process. The approval allows the hospital to have mortgage insurance that lowers the cost of borrowing for hospitals. Public taxable bonds are a typical corporate bond issued with an investment bank as underwriter to the public markets. Conventional mortgage financing often involves placing the mortgage with an investor, but the drawback is these usually cannot cover entire projects.

A health care firm can increase its equity in three ways. The first is through retained earnings, the second from contributions…


Cleverley, W., Song, P. & Cleverley, J. (2011). Essentials of Health Care Finance. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishing

Long-Term Productivity in Business Workers and Machinery
Words: 4500 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75261973
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Long-Term Productivity in Business orkers and Machinery

Productivity is important to every kind of business. This does not mean that every possible bit of work has to be squeezed out of every single worker until they drop into an exhausted heap on the assembly line. Indeed, this would certainly not be productive because having to replace on a continual basis workers who quit from being exhausted - not to mention having to settle disability suits - is hardly the goal of any business.

Productivity means getting the most out of one's machines and workers on a long-term basis. Sometimes this means that everyone has to put in overtime. Sometimes this means that people need to spend an afternoon staring out the window and thinking up new ideas. It all depends upon the business involved and the stage of a project that business and that worker is at.

Something that every…

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Long-Term Capital Management
Words: 1129 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34115385
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Long-Term Capital Management: The Original Enron?

Three years before energy industry giant Enron Corp. sought protection from creditors and came under the harsh light of scrutiny for the complex web of off-balance sheet deals that masked the firm's huge debt, a very similar scenario unraveled among some of Wall Street's most celebrated financial players. ut while Enron unsuccessfully sought eleventh-hour aid from the power brokers it has bankrolled in Washington D.C., a "who's who" of global financial institutions stepped up to bail out hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) in September 1998. Not coincidentally, the bankers arguably had more to lose from the impending collapse of LTCM than they faced in the more recent debacle.

While they are, of course, very different institutions, the mistakes made by LTCM and Enron are strikingly similar. The near collapse of LTCM ultimately taught bankers around the globe to pay closer attention to the…


1. Shirreff, David. "Eve of Destruction," Euromoney, Nov. 1999, 

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4. ibid.

Long-Term Effects of Bullying the Issue of
Words: 839 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 11810847
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Long-Term Effects of Bullying

The issue of bullying has garnered increasing publicity in the media, as it is more widely acknowledged to be a serious problem and is not just a matter of 'boys being boys' or 'girls being girls.' A number of shocking cases of students who committed suicide as a result of being bullied motivated President Barak Obama to create a federal task force on the subject which cumulated in the first National Bullying Summit in August 2010. The purpose of the summit was to gather information to understand how to prevent bullying; to find better ways to intervene when it is taking place; and help students recover from the emotional damage caused by bullying.

Current existing research suggests that victims of bullying are more apt to suffer from depression and social isolation (Farrington, Loeber, Stallings, & Ttofi, 2011; Klomek, Marrocco, Kleinman, Schonfeld, & Gould, 200; Nansel et…

72% of college students self-identified as the targets of bullying during their K-12 years (Chapell, Hasselman, Kitchin, Lomon, MacIver, & Sarulla 2006). College health clinicians must be aware of long-term effects of bullying to be able to anticipate any mental health issues which arise during the transition of adolescents from high school to college (Jantzer, Hoover, & Narloch 2006). The current study will contribute to the existing literature on the phenomenon by specifically focusing on the long-term aftereffects of bullying on young adults. Social and psychological disturbances that manifest themselves during the college years and afterward must be fully comprehended by clinicians and researchers to better design both remedies and treatments (Ireland & Power, 2004; Schafer et al., 2004; Duffy & Nesdale, 2009).


Curtailing bullying and remedying its aftereffects remains an issue for schools and workplaces (O'Connell, Calvert, & Watson 2007). Bullying not a discrete problem: its can continue to haunt the victims many years later (Losel et al. 2012). Bullied college students may be inhibited in their professional and personal aspirations as a result of the psychological trauma of bullying and this victimization can continue to affect them later in life (Kshirsager, et al. 2007). This study will specifically explore freshman college students' perceptions of the long-term effects of bullying and perceptions of the severity of bullying, stratifying the opinions by gender and ethnicity. It will also seek to determine the aftereffects of being a bully and if this leads to dating or marital violence or a greater likelihood of participating in workplace harassment (Currie & Spatz Widom 2010; Farrington, Trofi & Losel 2011).

Long-Term Capital Management How Would
Words: 705 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76936916
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Even if LTCM had adequately assessed the volatility of a given asset, there's still no guarantee that it would have been rewarded for doing so. hile there were ready buyers for private option contracts, there were few takers when the value of the asset tanked. Thus, the price of the asset could continue to move downard, exposing LTCM to expensive payouts as the price of the asset continues its downward spiral..

4. Identify at least five reasons why LTCM ultimately failed.

It incorrectly assumed that historical relationships between asset classes would hold when in reality they could be highly volatile. Thus, LTCM had not factored in the Asian meltdown and the Russian bond default.

The company was too highly leveraged and couldn't recover when the market turned against them. The leverage had magnified their returns as desired, but it also magnified its losses, something LTCM did not fully consider.


Wall Street's traders knew that LTCM was in trouble in 1998 and they also knew many of the positions that LTCM had in the financial markets. They used their knowledge of LTCM's distress to make money for their own clients, making the situation even worse for LTCM.

5. Finally, do you think LTCM should have been rescued and Meriwether given the opportunity to start all over?

Rescuing LTCM was an unfortunate necessity because its collapse would have had disastrous consequences for the banking system of the magnitude of the collapse of Continental Bank in the 1980's. However, LTCM and hedge fund companies like it should not have been allowed to conduct business as usual. From the LTCM collapse, we should have seen improved transparency and regulation of leveraged hedge funds, but we haven't seen the meaningful change that LTCM's failure clearly demonstrates is needed.

Long Term Care Administration
Words: 1914 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50336998
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Long Term Care Administration
What are some of the ethical issues in this case?
Mrs. Beaudoin appears to be in a real ethical dilemma given the fact that she does not have formal power of attorney and her husband also lives in the same facility with her with moderate dementia and is very frail. The ethical issue involved in this case is that Mrs. Beaudoin’s health is failing steadily. She is known to have cancer throughout her body, a failing heart, moderate dementia and diabetes type II. Due to the cardiac arrest she suffered after a short stay in the intensive care unit she subsequently suffered a severe brain injury occasioned by lack of sufficient oxygen. Since she cannot make healthcare decisions on her own and her husband is in a state that is just as bad, the ethical issue here is; who will make healthcare decisions and end of…

Long-Term Economic Repercussions to the
Words: 2419 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37020903
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While some states agreed with the approach decided by President at the time George Bush, other states would have opted for a more peaceful approach. Otherwise put, the seed of these international political conflicts was represented by the War on Terrorism, or the violent response of the Bush Administration to the terrorist attacks on September 11. The national opinions were also diverse, with some groups voicing their concern that the WOT was merely a pretense to invade the rich-in-oil Afghanistan and Iraq (Shah, 2007), whilst others sought refuge, peace, security or even revenge in the endeavor. egardless of the stand taken by each individual, fact remains that the War on Terror has generated numerous effects upon the national economy.

Gary North (2006) is rather cynical relative to the War on Terror and argues that it is being led by the same organization which ran the unsuccessful war on drugs --…


Dolfman, M.L., Wasser, S.F., June 2004, 9/11 and the New York City Economy: A Borough-to-Borough Analysis, Monthly Labor Review

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Long-Range Professional Objectives Why Have You Selected
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 41443106
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long-range professional objectives. Why have you selected this career path? Be as specific as possible about the kinds of positions you seek. Include in this discussion the reasons you have chosen the particular program and major or concentration to which you have applied. What contributions do you expect to be able to make to your classes based on your academic and/or professional experiences?

My academic and professional experiences have led to my short-range goal of earning a Master of Taxation degree from Georgia State University. I wish to attend law school after completing my Master of taxation degree in order to become a tax attorney. Toward my short-range goal I have pursued academic interests, including math, my first major. While working as a manager at Best Buy during my undergraduate years, I became fascinated with business, however, and later changed my major to finance.

After taking my first accounting course…

Long-Term Success in Your Specific Area of
Words: 3486 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 52226911
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long-term success in your specific area of interest. How have your previous experiences prepared you for this professional career? What areas of specialization within the Carroll School of Management do you believe will be most valuable in achieving your goals? What specific short-term career objectives have you set to assist you in achieving your long-term career plans?

I will never feel successful if success means putting up my feet and feeling satisfied. I don't work that way. I will only feel successful for small moments, like when I solve a huge problem in my company or when we avert trouble: when we can turn around a failing operation or stay afloat in spite of falling stock prices. Personally, I could be working in a behind-the-scenes managerial position in a company that I cared about and even if my salary was not great I would be successful because every day I…

Long-Term Goals After Completing the Program What
Words: 459 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15311958
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long-term goals after completing the program. What characteristics do you possess that would make you a good fit for the goals

Short-term and long-term goals: MA in accounting

When embarking upon a master's degree in a field like taxation, it is essential to have a clear idea of one's long and short-term goals, so a student can use the program to its maximum degree of efficacy. Upon graduation, I hope to work at a large corporation, where I believe that my undergraduate degree in finance combined with the invaluable skills and knowledge given to me by graduate study in taxation will enable me to provide superior service to my employers. My knowledge of finance will contextualize any advice I bestow regarding the tax code that is relevant to the corporation, while my knowledge of taxation will contextualize any financially-related advice I may give over the course of my service. My…

Long-Term Goals My Short-Term Goals Are to
Words: 468 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80065361
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long-Term goals?

My short-term goals are to make the most out of my academic talents and abilities and fulfilling the core values of Respect, Compassion, Excellence, Justice, and Stewardship. The Medical focus Program will be an opportunity for me to begin specializing in science and healthcare-related subjects and to get to know other students who share my academic and career interests. I look forward to being able to the first-hand experience of volunteering in the healthcare professions so that I can interact with patients and experienced healthcare professionals. I also look forward to being as creative as possible, such as in the way that I duplicated several classic scientific experiments in my school science fairs.

My long-term goal is to become an orthodontist. I have had this goal since I was six years old, when I had an accident that broke some of my teeth and required orthodontic care. My…

Long-Term Training Program Over the
Words: 2711 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39309475
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Once this occurs, it means that a company can: increase productivity and maintain the kind of talent necessary to remain competitive in the future. (Gitman 2009) (Rothwell 2004)

Occupational Training Needs

At the same time, any kind of training program must take into account the different occupational needs for each position. This will be different from one job to the next, as the more critical roles will require additional amounts of training and follow up. While other positions, will have less stringent training requirement. Once the different individual strengths have been assessed, is when you want to begin placing each person in the appropriate training program for a particular occupation. In general, you want to focus on ensuring that the immediate and future needs of the most critical positions are staffed first. Then, you would want to begin filling the support positions with various employees. This means that you must…


The Human Resources Transformation, 2011, KPMG. Available from: [15 March 2011].

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Gitman, L, 2009,the Future of Business, South Western, Mason.

Long Days Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill
Words: 2712 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48169430
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Eugene O'Neill

Long Days Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill

Eugene O'Neill's work "Long Day's Journey into Night" has been critically described as an autobiographical work, a tragedy with universal appeal and a Taoist manuscript among other descriptions. Long Day's Journey into Night might indeed be described as the autobiographical work of one of the most well-known dramatists, who incorporated aspects of every day living and the nature of human instinct and despair into his work. Clearly O'Neill attempts to describe the longing and tragedy that is inherently part of the human psyche. What better way to do this than to pull from true life experiences. These ideas and the critics that support or refute them are described in greater detail below.

S.K. Winther

Winther (1961), one of O'Neill's earlier critics, suggests that O'Neill deals with tragedy from a universally appealing standpoint. O'Neill according to Winther, deals with the fall…

Bibliography." Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1974

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Raleigh, J.H. "The Plays of Eugene O'Neill." Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois UP, 1965

Long-Term Fiscal Realities by Alan
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 13005857
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Instead, the survey suggests that the majority of Americans favor a combination of tax increases and benefit cuts to achieve this end.

Throughout the publication, empirical publications are used to substantiate the author's points. He makes frequent and ample use of published data without letting these override his own conclusions from the works used. Instead, there is a good balance between the use of data and the author's own views regarding the financial future of the United States.

Viard's assertions are therefore soundly substantiated without simply being a repetitive review of already existing literature. Instead, he combines the literature, survey data, and his own views in such a way as to provide a valuable contribution to existing investigation.


As mentioned, it can be said that the author makes a valuable contribution to the field of finance with this article. At the beginning of his article, Viard notes that some…


Viard, A.D. (2009). Four Long-Term Fiscal Realities. Business Economics. No. 44, pp. 143-149.

Long-Term of the Six Day
Words: 1818 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36345205
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The shift from socialism to capitalism also dismantled religion from the state. Many acts, considered immoral in Judaism, have been legalized, including homosexual marriages. Sexuality, once an intimate aspect of Jewish lives, can now be discussed openly in television programs and classrooms. Such changes are being welcomed neither by the right-wing political parties nor by the orthodox Jews. The religious orthodoxy along with several moderate factions within the Israeli Jewish community is annoyed and feel left out in the current climate. All in all, the transformation from socialism to capitalism, in the post war era, has given mixed results to the Israelis (Colin, 2008).


The 1967 six-day war between the Israelis and the Arabs had several grave political and social implications for not only the Israelis but also its neighbors. Some major implications have been discussed in this paper. It is noteworthy that both leftwing and right wing political…


Colin Shindler, a History of Modern Israel, Cambridge University Press, New York, paperback edition 2008, pp 1-50

Gazit Shlomo. The Carrot and the Stick: Israel's Policy in Judea and Samaria, 1967-1968. Washington, DC: B'nai B'rith Books, 1985.

Gordon Haim. Dance, Dialogue and Despair: Existentialist Philosophy and Education for Peace in Israel. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1986.

Morris Benny. 1948 and After: Israel and the Palestinians. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994.

Long-Term Ramifications of the Ma Bell Breakup
Words: 3129 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43075972
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Long-Term amifications of the Ma Bell Breakup

The old Ma Bell was far from perfect, but she deserved her good name. -- Tom Nolle, 2003

Given its prospects, the new Ma Bell looks an awful lot like the old Ma Bell. And that's not a good thing. -- Shannon M. Heim, 2005

The dichotomy of views exemplified by the epigraph above is reflective of the love-hate relationship that Americans have always had with their telephone service provider. Following the breakup of AT&T, or "Ma Bell" in 1982, one of the few legal monopolies in the United States, seven so-called smaller regional "Baby Bells" long-distance providers were created, four of which remain in operation today. After almost a century in operation, the breakup of Ma Bell was followed by a wave of deregulation and competition that profoundly affected the telecommunications industry in both short- as well as long-term ways. To determine…


Boudreaux, G. & Sloboda, B. (2000). "Broadband: A Primer on Telecommunications

Technology." Management Quarterly, 41(3), 2.

Chandler, J.W. & Cortada, J.W. (2000). A Nation Transformed by Information: How

Information Has Shaped the United States from Colonial Times to the Present. New York: Oxford University Press.

Long-Term Take-Or-Pay Contracts Guarantee Security
Words: 3784 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15192445
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The purpose of the take-or-pay clause is to allocate the respective risks of the production and sales of natural gas between buyers and sellers.

According to Gaille, "The seller bears the risk of production. To compensate seller for that risk, buyer agrees to take, or pay for if not taken, a minimum quantity of gas. The buyer bears the risk of market demand. The take-or-pay clause ensures that if the demand for gas goes down, seller will still receive the price for the contract quantity delivered each year."

Although there are other salient risks involved, the two main risks hedged against are the two described above. Transfer of volume risk. According to Meyer, Myers, Kolbe, Leonard and Baker, "Take-or-pay contracts are often signed in transportation industries precisely to shift risk of revenue variances away from the suppliers who have sunk costs in the right-of-way to the suppliers of the…

Long-Term Commitment to Change What
Words: 369 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14859684
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They are more likely to weather difficulties if they feel that the organization respects and takes an interest in their welfare, and that they have some responsibility for how the changes ensue.

Finally, strong leadership is necessary to create the necessary conditions for the first two steps to work -- a leader must convince his or her subordinates of the necessity of such changes, and create open lines of communication between the company's heads and the lower level employees.

Conversely, obstacles to change may result from the perception (or reality) that the change is not warranted, and comes at too great a cost to the company's employees, from an autocratic rather than a democratic approach to the communication process that creates frustration and a sense of a lack of control amongst the employees, and finally a lack of real leadership and subsequent disorganization, which allows pockets of resistance to form…

Long Run Performance of the Firm After Seasoned Equity Offering
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This literature review looks at the question of SEO return characteristics of large and small firms from several different perspectives. The goal is to determine whether small firms are more effected by the equity offering than larger firms. This section examines the overall evidence for performance issues (including financial anomalies and manager performance) and whether research indicates evidence for a rational or behavioral explanation.

Financial Anomalies

A firm's success in a seasoned equity or initial public offering is determined by many factors that are seemingly disconnected, but which the research shows are interdependent. Among these are the anomalies that cannot adequately be described by rational theories of pricing. As an example, Li (2012) suggests that the cyclical nature of the economy has a far greater effect on certain types of offerings (IPOs and SEOs among them) than was previously thought. Again, the relatively unpredictable nature of firms and investors…


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Long Day's Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill
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Journey into Night

It is an irony of Eugene O'Neill's career that his large-scale expressionist dramas of the 1920s and 1930s -- which earned Pulitzers for works like Strange Interlude and ultimately the Nobel Prize in Literature for O'Neill himself -- seem to have fallen entirely out of the repertory, and O'Neill is remembered chiefly for his least characteristic plays: Long Day's Journey Into Night and The Iceman Cometh. O'Neill's biographers Arthur and Barbara Gelb note that not only do these plays share an obsessive central concern with alcohol, O'Neill also "set both in 1912" and to some extent Long Day's Journey "can be regarded as its sequel" (Gelb and Gelb 506). The posthumous publication and staging of this autobiographical domestic drama Eugene O'Neill's classic American domestic drama Long Day's Journey Into Night has raised the question of why O'Neill apparently withheld the play during his lifetime. To some extent…

Long-Term Costs of San Francisco
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Neoliberal Social Theory

Neoliberalist Theory has been known and defined as a philosophy or thinking that promotes the continuous production and distribution of goods and services, and is adapted after the concept of Neoclassical economy that the economist Adam Smith had introduced in his book, "The Wealth of Nations." Through Adam Smith's famous economic and philosophical treatise, the idea that market economies can function and regulate itself without government intervention came into being. This is precisely one of the most important characteristics of neoliberalism: the market economy produces and distributes goods and services at an optimum and efficient rate without any intervention from the government.

Neoliberalist theory is characterized by a number of important aspects, which are the following: it promotes "a stable currency, free market capitalism, and free trade" (Wikipedia 2002). Further, neoliberalism advocates not only for deregulation, self-regulation, and free trade, but also to privatization of business enterprise…


Neoliberalism." Wikipedia Web site. Accessed 19 December 2002 .

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Treanor, Paul. "Neoliberalism: origins, theory, definition." InterNLnet Home page. Accessed 19 December 2002 .

Long Days Journey Into Night
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Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953) is one of the most prolific, most highly recognized American playwrights of the 20th century who sadly had not real American contemporaries or precursors. O has been the only American dramatist to win the coveted Nobel Prize and while his work is for American audience and is certainly American in most respects, we notice that he has been greatly influenced by European writers and thinkers who shaped his literary interests and had a serious impact on his early plays.

When we discuss Eugene O'Neill, we must understand that his work can be divided into two broad phases. One phase of early fame was 1920s when the playwright, under the influence of writers like Strindberg and Ibsen, wrote some important expressionist plays including Dynamo and The Emperor ones. Expressionism can be defined as "The attempt to create the essence rather than the appearance of reality through the use…

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Long-Term Effects of Bullying
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Perceived Effects and Seriousness of Bullying of 1st Year College Students

There have been several debates on the issue of buying that the new students joining college undergo and many have insinuated that bullying at 1st year of college can have massive impact in the long-term on the victim of bullying. There needs to be a systematic and scientific research that can serve to show whether these are just allegations and claims or if there are true long-term effects that the victims have over years after they are past the 1st year of college. Some have argued that this is more of a ritualistic event that each student passes through and the same subjects to the bullying will be the perpetrators in the next two years hence there is no long-term effect but just a trend that looks more of a ritual. This research will therefore employ a scientific…


University of Southern California, (2014). Organizing your Social Sciences Research paper. Retrieved February 27, 2014 from 

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Long-Term Memory and the Effects on the Individual
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Erickson Kintsch Argument

Erickson and Kintsch Argument

In the world of psychology, there are number of theories which are used to understand the impact of various events and stimuli on long-term memory. Each one discusses these transformations and the lasting impacts on everyone. To fully understand what is taking place requires focusing on the ideas from: Cui, Kelley & Lavie and Ericsson & Kintsch. This will be accomplished by examining their overlapping methods and then designing an experimental approach. Together, these different variables will determine which approach is the most effective and the best ways for measuring them.

Cui (2012) determined that NMDA receptors in the brain will have an impact on long-term memory. This is taking place with genetics influencing their ability to function and maintain high levels throughout a person's life. When someone becomes older, this will affect the ability to analyze events and their meaning. This shapes…


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Long Tradition of East Asian Political Thought
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Explain three quotes from ether Confucius, Mencius, or Xun-Zi

Mencius is in the privileged position of providing political advice to King Xuan of Qi. Mencius offers a clear political philosophy rooted in ethical principles. The core ethical principles are humanitarian in nature, based on Mencius's core belief in the essential goodness of human nature. Mencius's political philosophy is grounded in just and humane leadership. There are several core tenets of Mencius's political philosophy, and he advises the king accordingly. The first primary tenet is that leaders need to ensure equitable wealth distribution because poverty and injustice breed criminality and other social problems. The second tenet is that righteousness is important in its own right; that even though the leader ensures his own continued power and respect by being a good king, self-serving interests are insufficient to ensure one's efficacy as a ruler. It is more important to be genuinely…


de Bary, W.T., et al. 1999. Sources of Chinese Tradition. Vol I: From Earliest Times to 1600. Columbia University Press

Lecture Notes.

Richey, J. (n.d.). Mencius. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved online:

Long and Short Tech and Energy Stocks
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Equities and Energy Options

The trades executed are for long MSFT, short AAPL in tech; long XOM and short CHK in energy. These trades are based on both sector sentiment and fundamentals. MSFT appears to be in an outperform trend while AAPL is poised to underperformed following poor sales data in China, slowing down of growth.

In energy, the price of oil is a big factor in any stock's performance and with crude hitting a ceiling at $50, it will not be good for companies like CHK which are overwhelmed by debt and need oil prices to be higher in order to maintain any kind of leverage. XOM on the other hand is in an outperform trend which looks to continue as it nears a deal with Russia to deliver gas to China and as the company continues to invest along these lines, giving it an outlet should oil prices…

Works Cited

Ausick, Paul. "Exxon Adds $45 Billion to Market Cap." 24/7 Wall St., 20 June 2016.

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Gomez, Amanda. "Here's Why Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Stock is Falling Today."

Long Range Planning for HRIS
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Demographic shifts have had a major impact on H departments around the globe. Workforces have become much more diverse and this has caused companies to resort to significant changes in the way they mange human resources (Demographic shifts and the H challenges of the future -- H news from Michael Bailey Associates 2014).

Changes that could affect human resources management

Ageing populations

Ageing workforces around the globe, particularly in the Western world and other developed countries because of better health care and less conflicts have huge consequences for human resources departments both presently and in the long-term in terms of recruitment and training. Ageing workforces may also result in more intergenerational disagreements in the workplace, for instance, older employees will be perceived by younger ones as being obstacles in their career progression with companies. Human resources managers will have to come up with ways to solve such imminent conflicts and…


Challenges for human resource management and global business strategy - Future HR Trends. (2014). Retrieved October 21, 2015 from

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Difference between Manual Payroll System and Computerized Payroll Systems. (n.d.). Retrieved October 22, 2015 from

Identifying Long-Term Trends
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Long-Term Trends

Short-Term Debt

Long-Term Debt

Common Equity


The FedEx capital structure is mostly in common equity. The company does have some long-term debt, but this is only a quarter of the capital structure, indicating that FedEx is not a highly leverage firm.

The key economic variable for FedEx is the GDP, in particular the GDP growth rate. The GDP is the broad measure of economic activity. This is an important measure because FedEx has a broad corporate customer base, and as such its success is highly correlated with the broader economy. When the GDP is rising, this is good for FedEx's business. Now, if we are talking about expanding in Canada, then the key is to know where it might be useful to expand, as in finding out where the GDP is growing. That way, the new capacity will be filled more quickly. That is simply a matter…

Strengths of the Long Term Care in South Korea
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Long-Term Care in South Korea: Strengths of the Korean Long-Term Care Insurance Scheme (LTCI)
Adopted in 2008, the South Korean Long-Term Care (LTCI) Insurance seeks to advance care to the elderly, and assumes the social insurance format (Rhee, Done, Anderson, 2015).
To begin with, LTCI succeeds in the further enhancement of the health of the country’s elderly citizens. It is important to note that the incidence of chronic diseases, as it has been demonstrated in various research studies, rises with advancement in age. These diseases and conditions could have a serious impact on not only the health of those affected, but also on their overall wellbeing. South Korea, as Rhee, Done, Anderson (2015) observe, “is an example of a rapidly aging country that is currently experiencing the demographic transition that many middle-income countries will soon experience…” LTCI ensures that the livelihood of the country’s citizens is stabilized. This is particularly…

Analyzing Long Term Impacts of Bullying
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Long-Term Impacts of Bullying


Bullying is an undesirable, hostile behavior exhibited by adolescents due to perceived and sometimes real power imbalance. This is a repeated behavior, or one that may be possibly repeated, as time goes on. Both the bullies and those bullied can develop long-term problems. For a child's behavior to be termed 'bullying', it must be a hostile behavior and include the following:

Power imbalance: Children who bully make use of their physical strengths, their access to information that could be considered embarrassing, or their popularity to harm or control the activities of other children. These imbalances in power can alter with time and circumstances, even when they involve the same set of people.

epetition: These bullying behaviors do not occur just once, or can occur recurrently.

Bullying behaviors involve certain actions like threatening others, physical and verbal attacks, spreading rumors about someone, or leaving someone out…


APA. (2016). Bullying. Retrieved February 21, 2016, from American Psychological Association:

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Lte Long-Term Evolution
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LTE (Long-Term Evolution)

Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

A Summary of LTE

Implications for Stakeholders

Application of Theories

Structured Cabling Issues

Technical Specifications

Operations Plan

Feasibility Study

Features of LTE

Past Technologies

The Best Choice?

Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

A Summary of LTE

Long-term evolution (LTE) is an emerging technology. It is a standard in wireless communication, and relates to the effective and efficient transfer of high-speed data for both data terminals and mobile phones (Sesia, Toufik, & Baker, 2011). Based on GSM/EDGE as well as UMTS/HSPA technologies, LTE increases both the speed and capacity of a network by utilizing modulation techniques that are new. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has developed the standard by which other companies must work if they are interested in getting involved with LTE (Agilent, 2009; Khan, 2009; Sesia, Toufik, & Baker, 2011). It was not until December of 2009 that LTE became publicly available. At that…


Agilent Technologies. (2009). LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless: Design and Measurement Challenges. New York: John Wiley & Sons

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Impact of Response on Long-Term Management Capability
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Long-Term Management Capability

The government of the United States has a critical incident response group, with is part of the FBI. That group is designed to respond to CBNE incidents that take place anywhere in the country, and the team must remain trained, ready, and capable of responding on virtually a moment's notice (Eldridge, 2006). However, there are other response teams at the state and local government levels, and there are other federal agencies and teams that will also respond if there is a critical incident such as a terrorist attack. These critical incident responses became far more significant after 9/11, because any problems with critical incident response were glaringly apparent in the face of all the damage and devastation that took place on that particular day (Bolton, 2006). Not only did it change America forever, it also adjusted the response that the government has to critical incidents in the…


Bolton, M.K. (2006). U.S. National Security and Foreign Policymaking After 9/11: Present at the Re-creation. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Identifying Long-Term Trends
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Long-Term Trends

This study offers financial and strategic analysis of Nike Inc. with a focus on creating strategic plans and translating those plans into long-term goals and actionable business initiatives. This paper serves to show the importance of using economic variables in identifying long-term financial goals. It further presents major techniques and tools that Nike's financial managers will utilize in predicting future stock market guidelines and the economy.

The importance of using Economic variables for Nike Inc. financial managers in identifying long-term financial goals

The management is directed to engage financial variables to identify long-term objectives. Some economic variables affecting the company must be considered. This will ensure that necessary actions are undertaken to minimize their impact on the business. The variables include employment trends, inflation, interest rates, and commercial lending. Many companies such as Nike Inc. work towards one goal: maximizing profits. The process of profit maximization is simple.…


Mahaffy, D. (2002). Predictive intelligence helps CFOs forecast demand. Financial Executive, 18(8), 48-50. Accessible via Trident online library (2010). Fundamental analysis. Retrieved from 

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The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (2007). Six key economic variables -- measuring the economy. Retrieved from

Life Long Learners One of
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Parts of the theory are individual but coherent. The microsystem is the smallest layer in the sense that it is closest to the child and contains all the structures of which the child has regular contact. It includes the relationships and structures that the child uses to define their surroundings (family, school, and neighborhood). The interactions in this layer are primary modifiers, but are continually impacted by other layers. The mesosystem is the rather amorphous way that Microsystems morph and interact with another -- connections between events and organizations. The exosystem is the larger social system in which the child does not directly interact but has a profound effect on the Microsystems (positive and negative effects, etc.). The macrosystem, or the outermost layer in the child's environment consists of laws, customs, values, and norms -- all of which the child is expected to assimilate prior to becoming part of that…


Bronfenbrenner, U. (1979). The Ecology of Human Development. Harvard University


Chinn, C. And a. Samarapungavan. (2001). "Distinguishing Between Understanding

And Belief." Theory into Practice. 40 (4): 235-42.

Night of Long Knives Summary
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The Germany Army also condoned what had happened in the purging of the Night of the Long Knives, showing that their side was with Hitler and thus they began their association with him that would nearly lead them to a world conquest (1996). The two-hour, highly emotional speech that Hitler gave at the Reichstag explaining his behavior to the German people as well as to the disbelieving foreign press would be one of the most important speeches of his career (1996). The "brownshirts" were either brought into Hitler's army or they just simply disappeared while the would become Hitler's main tools of mass murder that would go on for another eleven years (1996).

ection E: Conclusion.

The Night of the Long Knives was absolutely vital in Hitler's consolidation of power. Before the purge, Hitler had opposition in the A party who were still interested in some of the original ideas…


Evans, Richard J. The Third Reich in Power. New York, NY: Penguin, 2006.

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Raising Long-Term Financing What Should
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S. is regulated by both state and federal regulations. Both the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1934 are federal laws that govern security issuing. he Security Act of 1933 requires that companies fully disclose information regarding their company as well as the security being issued to all potential investors (Megginson & Smart, 2009). he Security Act of 1993 called for the creation of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as defining what procedures are necessary for the public sale of securities and for the oversight of public companies. his includes the requirement of companies to file a disclosure form, which is referred to as a registration statement, with the SEC prior to beginning to solicit potential investors. Further, this form must be distributed to all potential investors. he SEC must approve the final registration statement before companies can execute sales…

The issuing of securities to the public in the U.S. is regulated by both state and federal regulations. Both the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1934 are federal laws that govern security issuing. The Security Act of 1933 requires that companies fully disclose information regarding their company as well as the security being issued to all potential investors (Megginson & Smart, 2009). The Security Act of 1993 called for the creation of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as defining what procedures are necessary for the public sale of securities and for the oversight of public companies. This includes the requirement of companies to file a disclosure form, which is referred to as a registration statement, with the SEC prior to beginning to solicit potential investors. Further, this form must be distributed to all potential investors. The SEC must approve the final registration statement before companies can execute sales to the public.

4. What are the benefits to the corporation of going public?

There are several advantages to making the choice to go public including the amount of equity capital that would become available to the company therefore creating a more secure financial situation. The company may also utilize this increase in capital to explore additional investment options and will increase their borrowing capacity for future endeavors. The company would also have other added benefits such as the ability to utilize stock as a part of compensation packages for employees, therefore potentially increasing the caliber of employee that they are able to recruit and retain. Another benefit is the potential attention that the company may receive

Price-Reduction of Long Haul Fixed-Line
Words: 7630 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 94053546
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To avoid repeating negative historical experiences, regulatory regimes need to block the control and domination by networks/platforms. In the report, "Infrastructure and Development: A Critical Appraisal of the Macro Level Literature," Stephane Straub (2007) reported that at times, in some developing companies, "the hope of getting a fixed-line installed is a distant and costly dream" (p. 4). Meantime, the primary option for the individuals waiting for fixed-line telecommunications services would likely be having to us a much too expensive cell phone.

In 2010, much of the fixed-line telecom industry faces growing threats from cable and wireless service competitors.

As the writer of the quote introducing the study section pointed out, more firms are realizing "a cellular wireless solution" generally provides "more stability than the usual wired connections… [and serves as] a valuable asset built for the long haul" ("Lincolnshire Drainage Board…," 2010, ¶ 9). In the book, Integration in Asia…


Ahmadnezhad, E. (2009). Research Design Mixed Methods. PPt; Tehran University of Medical

Sciences. Retrieved February 22, 2010 from


Campbell, D.J. & Craig, T. (2005). Organisations and the business environment. Oxford, UK:

Nursing Long-Range Goal All Staff
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Short-Range Goal: Appoint persons who are responsible for retrieving and providing information.

One challenge that night personnel in a hospital face is the fact that technical and information personnel, along with the resources that they provide, are only available during daytime hours. In order to handle the issue, the first step will be to determine the extent of the problem.

During the first three days of the two-week period, interviews will therefore be conducted with night staff to determine their information and resource needs. he findings will then be compared with the availability of resources to the day staff to determine what can realistically be accomplished to reach the long-range goal.

On the first day, applications will be invited from the night staff for the position of information assistant at each particular floor. Such persons will have to have a proven record of reliability and ethics, as well as at…

Through interviews and regular monitoring and testing, the educator can also identify problems in the quality of nursing work, which will lead to the further identification and implementation of the staff's educational needs. By filling these needs, the role of the educator is to ensure excellence of care for patients and excellent knowledge for nurses.


Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow. (2010). Nurse Educator.

Home Depot Long-Term Objectives Home
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The following table lists the executive employee compensation for Home Depot in for 2008.

Home Depot Executive Compensation

Source: Home Depot (2008)


It is clear from the long-term goals set out by Home Depot that the desire to build ongoing relationships with its employees is one of the primary focuses of Home Depot in terms of its business strategic goals. Home Depot believes that goals should be set and attainable although not automatically realized but requiring focus and commitment and excellence in order to reach these attainable and highly lucrative goals with cash payment and on a certain foreseeable date in the future and even in the very near future.

Home Depot has integrated and continues to integrate into the community in which it is located and employing individuals in those communities and for those employees who are committed to the organization the rewards exist and in handsome measure…


Home Depot (2008) Online. Website. Proxy Statement and Notice of 2008 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 22, 2008 at 9:00 A.M. The meeting will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. Online available at

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Quarterly Earnings Archive (2008) Home Depot. Online available at

History of Huey P Long
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The session erupted in brawl, and in the end, the vote favored impeachment

. This became known as "loody Monday." This time, Long's bullying tactics did not work.

Long took his case to the people, claiming that his impeachment was a raucous attempt by Standard Oil to deprive the people of what they deserved. As the trial began, Long passed around "Round Robin" document that was signed by more than one -- third of the Senate members. The round robin document stated that they did not believe his offenses warranted removal from office

. As it takes an over two-thirds vote to remove him from office, the impeachment attempt failed. Long rewarded his faithful with state jobs, favors and some say cash as well

. Long became more harsh with his enemies, founding a newspaper to promote his ideas. Long began to receive death threats and was forced to surround…


Andrews, James and Zarefsky, David. American Voices: Significant Speeches in American history 1640-1945. (White Plains, NY: Longman, 1989.)

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Botting, Gary. Fundamental Freedoms and Jehovah's Witnesses. (Calgary, Alta: University of Calgary Press. 1993).

Corner, Richard. The Kingfish and the Constitution: Huey Long, the First Amendment, and the Emergence of Modern Press Freedom in America. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996).

Intervention Strategy for Grief Long
Words: 2367 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63088772
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Utay and Miller (2006) described a study in which researchers observed over 100 individuals with unresolved grief reactions. There were three phases of treatment employed with these individuals. The first stage of treatment involved cognitive structuring for the decision to grieve again and for procedure clarification. The second stage involved guided imagery for reliving, revising, and revisiting the scenes at which the loss occurred. The third and final stage involved future-oriented identity reconstruction. The researchers reported that the reliving of the event through guided imagery effectively changed the client's view of reality, and furthermore helped along their grief resolution (Melges & DeMaso (1980), as cited by Utay & Miller, 2006). Moreover, Guided imagery has been established as a versatile and effective intervention.

The importance in assisting the children's mother with the grief process lies in the fact that bereavement is associated with increased risk of morbidity and mortality, and it…


Elliott, K. (2000). Long QT syndrome. Alberta RN, January/February.

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Social Isolation Working Long Hours
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nd are trying to make their own hallmark in the life of today. mericans are quiet eager to leave up their children as soon as they grow up and therefore they inculcate a sense of insecurity and loneliness in their children from the onset when they are too young and are still looking for someone to nurture them.

Friendships and close relationships suffer when increased amount of time is spent at work. Increased working hours translate into time away from friends and loved ones and this leads to social isolation, which is having a huge negative impact on mental and physical health of people in the U.S. ccording to a recent study, it was reported that 50% more than the figure that was attained in 1985 complained of having no one they could turn to when personal problems arise. Most people said that their spouses were the only persons they…

And are trying to make their own hallmark in the life of today. Americans are quiet eager to leave up their children as soon as they grow up and therefore they inculcate a sense of insecurity and loneliness in their children from the onset when they are too young and are still looking for someone to nurture them.

Friendships and close relationships suffer when increased amount of time is spent at work. Increased working hours translate into time away from friends and loved ones and this leads to social isolation, which is having a huge negative impact on mental and physical health of people in the U.S. According to a recent study, it was reported that 50% more than the figure that was attained in 1985 complained of having no one they could turn to when personal problems arise. Most people said that their spouses were the only persons they could confide in but if that relationship dies or disintegrates, they are left with absolutely no one to talk to and share their problems with. Family structures have suffered a lot and close relationships have withered because of inflexible working hours. Everyone has the same 9 to 5 schedule, which is not the only time spent at work. Add the time spent in commuting and you will realize how little people have left to enjoy time with their families and parents. It is thus important that an alternative to this is sought. Either people should make a conscious effort to mingle with their neighbors, friends and family or they should be allowed to have flexible hours so they can fit in more time for those who really matter.

By going through the article, 'Social Isolation In U.S.' By Shankar Vedantam, one can conclude that it is certainly the time for the Americans to wake up and evaluate themselves. Striking a balance between personal and professional ambition adds value to ones existence. It is a time to look down with disdain on the ambitious streak of people because sooner or later this workaholic habit is likely to cause excessive loneliness that leads to variety of mental and emotional problems.

Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs
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Lee is only the first step in the process of building a team that is able to cover all aspects of Mrs. Lee's care. The team approach involving a social worker, nurse, physician, pharmacist, and physical therapist affords Mrs. Lee a full range of professionals attending to her various needs.

Although Mrs. Lee has a number of problems that need to be addressed the one problem that must be addressed immediately is her elevated blood pressure. Hypertension is an important risk factor for the development and worsening of many complications of diabetes and an elevated blood pressure is like walking around with a detonated bomb. Within moments, and with little warning, a diabetic patient can suffer a stroke or heart attack as a result of an elevated blood pressure. Well over fifty percent of diabetics suffer from hypertension and proper treatment of hypertension can minimize most of the tangential problems…


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Stimulus Discuss the Long-Range Effects of a
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Discuss the long-range effects of a stimulus plan as it affects the banking sector, on the one hand, and increases aggregate demand, on the other hand.

A stimulus plan by the federal government is designed to increase aggregate demand and boost economic production, lifting the nation out of a recession. By infusing money into the economy through public works projects and other government investments, newly hired workers have more income, and can thus contribute to the expansion of the economy as a whole through their spending. However, a long-range stimulus plan can occasionally make the banking sector nervous, because of fears of rising inflation. Inflation is feared by the banking sector because this reduces the value of their current holdings, and also means that current loans will yield a less profitable dividend, as prices increase and the purchasing power of the dollar goes down. Additionally, most stimulus plans couple…

Daimler a Long and Tangled History the
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A Long and Tangled History

The Daimler car company, under various different names and throughout various configurations, has been around almost as long as the history of the automobile itself. It has seen good times -- including some very good times -- as well as some very troubled times. While Daimler, like any other company, has been to some extent purely at the mercy of chance and external forces, it has also risen and fallen a number of times because of the company's internal culture. This paper examines that organizational culture and how it has both helped and hindered the company during its recent history, relying primarily on the theoretical model of the cultural web. While "culture" is most accurately understood as an element of an integrated human community rather than a corporation (which includes elements of a wider human community but is much narrower in function and scope),…


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Doha Rounds the Decade Long
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Gilbert Short or Long-Term in
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The following quotation, in which the author discusses how one of her patients was so adept at disassociating from painful situations that her appendix nearly ruptures, exemplifies this argument. "I don't want to die because I can't feel anything. I don't want to end up dead because I can't feel what's going on in my body…" This quotation from Stout's patient Julia indicates how hazardous it can be to gratify oneself for the present moment only to make one's future infinitely worse because of that fact. Julia was so good at disassociation from pain that she was not aware of when there was a reason for the pain and needed to help herself. Similarly, GenMe has been so pacified by the self-esteem movement that in the future, they will lack many of the essential attributes to be able to conduct happy, productive lives. This is largely due to the fact…

Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad
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Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Company, 248 N.Y. 339, 162 N.E. 99 (1928)


The injured passenger was standing on a platform waiting for the train to stop.

Another passenger attempted to jump on the slowing train and in the process dropped an unmarked package containing fireworks, which exploded and indirectly injured the waiting passenger standing several feet away.

The injured passenger (respondent) sued the Long Island Railroad Company (appellant) for negligence and the jury found in favor of the respondent.

The railroad company appealed the verdict and lost.

The railroad company then appealed to the New York Supreme Court.

The lower court found Long Island Railroad to be negligent for the injuries caused to the respondent. An appellate court affirmed. The issue brought before New York Supreme Court was whether the railroad was proximately negligent for unforeseen injuries caused to a passenger by another passenger?

LAW: Negligence must invade…