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Loreal Essays (Examples)

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Programs Discussed Help Build Core Competencies and
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programs discussed help build core competencies and competitive capabilities at L'Oreal.

L'Oreal is an international company that strives to ensure that all of its diverse employees feel at home and work together. L'Oreal FIT (Follow-up & Integration Track) acts as a two-year, personalized integration and support program designed to facilitate the transition of the employee into the corporate culture of the company. It is "adaptable to the needs of all new employees at L'Oreal. This global integration programme allows us to enrich and perpetuate our group's professional culture while taking account of each subsidiary's cultural characteristics and local needs" (L'Oreal FIT, 2011, L'Oreal). The program focuses on educating the employee so he or she can truly understand the product and the mission of the makeup company, regardless of his or her area of expertise. It is focused on providing the employee with a "personalised schedule of meetings, training and round-table…


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De Stijl With Examples From the Original Movement
Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53105330
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World War One and World War Two, artists pondered their role in the world. "Largely in response to the horrors of World War I and the wish to remake society in its aftermath," artists, architects, and designers began to view art "as a means of social and spiritual redemption," ("De Stijl," n.d.). The result was a utopian and yet ironically pragmatic and functionalistic movement known by its Dutch name De Stijl, or The Style. De Stijl was also the name of the printed journal chronicling the ideas and aesthetics of the movement. Architect Theo van Doesburg is credited with founding De Stijl, but Gerrit ietveld and Piet Mondrian were also key figures in the movement.

De Stijl is characterized by the "machine aesthetics of the new industrial age," abstraction, simplicity, and the absence of surface decorations ("Art, Design, and Visual Thinking: De Stijl," n.d.). Taking its cue from cubism and…


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Nike Organizational Culture Strategy
Words: 1304 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60455552
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Organisational culture is defined as a "consistent, observable pattern of behaviour in an organisation" (Watkins, 2013). The patterns of behaviour that define a culture are reinforced through the artefacts of culture, including slogans, imagery, written statements, posters, mission statements and vision statements. Culture is therefore reinforce directly by the organisation, which sends the message about the patterns of behaviour that define the organisation repeatedly, because repetition is critical to ensure that the message is received and implemented consistently. Hofstede (2015) argues that there are a number of different dimensions along which an organisation's culture can be understood: means-oriented versus goal-oriented, internally-driven vs. externally-driven, work discipline, open vs. closed system, degree of formality, employee-oriented vs. work-oriented and the degree to which an employee is expected to identify with the organisation. Some organisations have strong cultures, others have weak ones, but the best organisations have cultures that closely align with firm objectives.…


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Market Driven Management
Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32150042
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


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Women in Business
Words: 1326 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43642171
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Entrepreneurial Titans - Mary Kay Ash and Anita oddick

From time immemorial, entrepreneurship has undeniably been a crucial part of human life. Entrepreneurship entails identifying and starting a business as well as organizing and sourcing the required resources to start the business venture. It also entails taking risks and rewards associated with some business ventures. Entrepreneurship may revitalize mature organizations or result in new firms in response to perceived business opportunity. This report will attempt to compare two entrepreneurial titans- Anita oddick and Mary Kay Ash as leaders and managers. Secondly, it will attempt to explain the achievements of both women. It will also evaluate various quotes made by the two women about their business ventures. I will then provide recommendations to both entrepreneurial titans concerning various business matters (igby, 2011).


First, oddick was an international businessperson, environmental campaigner and a human rights activist born in Britain. She was…


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