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Roald Dahl's Life & Works
Words: 3007 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14097656
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Many adult readers disagree with the portrayed unreality of Dahl's books because in life everything is not fair, and good does not always win. Even when the hero of the Witches is permanently turned into a mouse, the reader is assured by the main character that, "I honestly don't feel especially bad about it. I don't even feel angry. In fact, I feel rather good" This lack of remorse is typical of Dahl's stories.

Similarly, many do not like Dahl's concept that virtue and poverty go together, such as with Miss Honey, Matilda's adored teacher. Some find this objectionable because it is a view consistent with Marxist philosophy, not one that supports free market capitalism.

Further criticism arises from Dahl's portrayal of adults, which many believe has a negative impact on the young readers. Throughout his work, authoritarian adults are often the victims of horrible revenge. However, what some find…


Charlie Series

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


Children's Literature Author
Words: 728 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68187973
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David iesner's Body Of ork In Children's Literature

This is an essay discussing children's author and illustrator David iesner's body of work as a whole. Four books, Tuesday, Free Fall, June 29,1999, and The Three Pigs are examined for plots, settings, themes, characters, and style. Specific references to individual texts are included. Four sources used. MLA.

David iesner

David iesner has been delighting children and adults as well since his first publication, "The Loathsome Dragon." He became known as a picture book artist with the publication of "Free Fall," a wordless book. He has since become the winner of the Caldecott Medal and is considered one of today's most accomplished authors and illustrators of children's books. There is always an element of logic behind his fantasies. Moreover his illustrations are unique and visually appealing. Although he has authored several story books, including a his own version of "The Three Pigs,"…

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