There's A Boy In The Girls Bathroom By Louis Sachar Term Paper

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Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Bradley Chalkers is at odds with the world. He is the oldest boy in the fifth grade, but nobody likes him. He has no friends, and covers up for his social insecurities by lying constantly, getting into trouble at school, slacking off, and bullying...
...Bradley has essentially built up a defensive wall around himself, solidified by anger, resentment, fear, and low self-esteem. Bradley's classmates respond through snickers and taunts, and teachers respond with exasperation. His collection of broken toys represents his fractured relationship with the outside world.

Enter Carla Davis, a new school counselor who shares some of Bradley's eccentricity and who thereby becomes the only person who can pierce through Bradley's self-imposed social isolation. Carla's sense of humor and her colorful personality are catalysts for Bradley's transformation from a troublemaker to a popular kid. However, just as Bradley comes out of his shell and develops…

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