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Love Song Essays (Examples)

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Song You're Still the One
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33021089
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At the beginning, Twain makes it clear that she is happy she chose her husband for a partner, and that he's "still the one" she loves and admires. She also makes it clear that others were against the match, and predicted they would not "make it" as a couple. This shows how outside influences can often doom a relationship. Later, she celebrates the fact that she and her husband did not listen to the nay-sayers. She says, "I'm glad we didn't listen / Look at what we would be missin'." She also shows that their relationship has not become tired or old in any way when she says "You're still the one I kiss goodnight." All of this is a celebration of her relationship and commitment, but it is also a deeper look into relationships in general, and what types of forces can tear them apart. She is proud of…

Love and Death in Eliot's Prufrock
Words: 1064 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52726161
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New Criticism and Eliot's Prufrock

Eliot's use of tone, imagery and symbol in "Prufrock" allows him to create a poem that does two things at once: on the one hand it mocks modern culture and on the other hand it impresses upon the reader the fact that it is okay to reject all of this and search for the deeper somethingness -- that higher question that no one seems to want to ask. This paper will show how the poem uses irony, tone, image and symbol to convey a sense of the emptiness of modern culture to the reader using a seductive, fun, hypnotic way with words.

The tone of Eliot's "Prufrock" is overwhelmingly ironic: the poem plays up the tone of triviality while simultaneously skewering the triviality of the characters it describes. The poem lures the reader to the precipice of sanity -- pointing out the insanity and utter…

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Song Dynasty Refers to Period in the
Words: 3282 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30521391
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Song dynasty refers to period in the history of China spread over the span of 300+ years. This period lasts from 960 to 1279 (Kuiper). In the history of China, the Song Dynasty enjoys special portion of eminence. The uncountable inventions made this era to be named as China's Age of Invention (Benn). The paper tends to explore it from various angels and aspects. The objective of paper is to give the reader a fair idea about the achievements and shortcomings of the Song Dynasty and compare it with other dynasties to see the possible causes of rank at which the Song Dynasty is placed.

Before going into the details of the Dynasty, it is important to mention that the period between 10th to 13th centuries was the period when human race was developing and exploring the earth resources for betterment of lifestyle. It was the time, when civilizations were…

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Song of Songs While the
Words: 1184 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8219755
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The Song also affirms, albeit, that humans consist of more than mere bodies.

Francis Landy (2007), University of Alberta, notes in his review of "Song of Songs," by Richard S. Hess, that Hess intentionally writes with his conservative audience in mind. "He assumes a context of married love for the Song, while recognizing that this is never made explicit: 'the erotic love of the couple does not lie outside the bounds of marriage but is integral to it" (Hess, quoted in Landy, ¶ 2). Hess resists direct sexual interpretations, for instance of 5:4-5 as a euphemistic description of intercourse, pointing out that "the whole point of the passage is the failure of the couple to reach and touch each other."

Tremper Longman (2001) points out in Song of Songs that, according to the Bible, the relationship between a husband and wife reflects the most intimate of all possible human relationships.…


Cunningham, Lawrence S. "Religion Booknotes (Letters to a Young Catholic, The

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Song of Love Music Is a Universal
Words: 2036 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51174357
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Song of Love

Music is a universal language shared and understood across all countries and cultures. It can help express emotions and create an array of reactions, ranging from relaxed feelings to the most motivated ones. Apart from this, music can be used therapeutically for people who face difficulties physically, emotionally, cognitively or socially (Bodner). There is some difficulty when defining the concept of music therapy because there are numerous definitions out there concerning to this practice. According to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) "Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used in a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals" (Ronna). This includes addressing mental and physical problems such as: self-awareness, spiritual enhancement, social and interpersonal development, and motor skills (Ronna). This type of therapy is used in many settings, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and…

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Song of Myself Categorizes the Concept of
Words: 415 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37448719
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Song of Myself categorizes the concept of the American self as Whitman creates the conflict between the individual and the society encapsulating love, life, death, the material and the spiritual within one paradigm. He then reconciles the spiritual with the material and presents the union as the equalizing of individuals in society.

Song of Myself" is one of the two strongly personal and autobiographical poems in Leaves of Grass. Writing during the mid-nineteenth century when the concept of democracy and individualism was creating a focus on the human aspect of progress., Whitman's poems allowed a reconciliation of the soul with the human experience. Using the stream-of-consciousness technique he presented a rambling sequence of ideas and impressions to flow freely through a character's mind. In "Song of Myself" we see Whitman's tumble and mixture of private sensation and external universal experience that sharply contrasts to the Victorian stiffness of his day.…


Whitman, Walt. "Leaves of Grass [Song of Myself] (1855)." The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition. Ed. Nina Baym. New York: W.W. Norton, 1998. 2095-138.

Songs of Kabir A Review
Words: 547 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17130940
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Songs of Kabir
The poetry of mysticism is as a type of prophecy or a temperamental reaction towards Reality vision. It is a unique mystical consciousness commitment to mediate between having a good relationship with God and sharing eternity secrets with men. It means the artistic consciousness self-expression possesses two attributes. It is love-poetry written with a missionary purpose. Kabir is a popular spiritual saint in India. The songs of Kabir are mystical poems that powerfully connect spirituality with life in a simple way. His songs have been an inspiration to many poets. The words used in his poems are figurative, literal and of a universal language, breaking down obstacles to experiencing the divine. The songs of Kabir are based on his spiritual visions, mystic and lifelong faith in the Supreme Being, God. The mystic songs are allusive to symbols and myths in the Hindu religion; they are full of…

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Attraction and Love
Words: 861 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38794515
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Attraction & Love

The song that is one of my favorite love songs is "Unchained Melody"; Alex North wrote the music and Hy Zaret wrote the lyrics in 1955. Several artists recorded the song (including Al Hibbler, who had a #3 top 40 hit; Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, the Supremes, and many more). In 1965 the Righteous Brothers had a huge hit with that song, and it became even more famous when it was used in the 1990 film "Ghost."

The kind of love that is exhibited in this song that is closest to Robert Sternberg's eight types of love is "Romantic Love" because the song is all about how much the singer loves the person (in this case a woman), is crazily wildly passionately in love with her, is terribly lonely because he doesn't have her in his life -- and yet he does not have a commitment from…

Works Cited

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Man Loves a Woman Is a Romantic
Words: 1608 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27975973
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Man Loves a Woman is a romantic movie written by Al Franken and onald Bass. It was produced in the year 1994. It starred Andy Garcia who acted as Michael green, Meg yan who acted as Alice green, Tina Majorino who acted as Jessica Green and Mae Whitman who acted as Casey green among others. Meg yan was nominated for screen actors' guild award for the best female in a leading role. The movie was well received by the audience and was rated among the best movies at the time.

Film Aspects

Story telling

The movie is a story of a woman Alice Green who is an alcohol addict and the challenges she faces in her quest to recover from the addiction. Alice, ironically, is a high school counselor but an alcoholic. She is good at counseling the students, hence does not lose her job. Her husband Michael Green is…


David J. (May 16, 1994). The Crow' Takes Off at Box Office Movies: The opening is the biggest ever for Miramax. In second place is 'When a Man Loves a Woman,' with 'Crooklyn' third.." The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved December 28, 2010.

Julie M. (2007). Psychological Review of the Movie When a Man Loves a Woman. Retrieved from: 

Neill, J. (2010). Movie director. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Cherry Lake Pub.

Comparing a Poem to a Song
Words: 1480 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89812670
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Gentle into That Good Night and This Is it: A Comparison

Dylan Thomas' poem Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night and the Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald song This Is It both deal with the mortality of man. Each is a plea to a dying father, Thomas' and Loggins', not to give up the good fight as they neared death. Both works are saying that even at the end of life one should choose to fight against the inevitability of death.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Thomas' poem is composed of six stanzas of three lines each except the sixth with four. The rhyme scheme is A, B, A with the last line alternating between Rage, rage against the dying of the light, and Do not go gentle into that good night. The last stanza ends with both refrains, thus the extra line and an A,…

Emotion of Love and Its Commercialization Sexual
Words: 1667 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77617694
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Emotion of Love and Its Commercialization

Sexual love and marriage is a central theme in the lives and culture of human beings throughout the world. With very few exceptions, even the most diverse societies share the general concept of romantic love and the ritualistic importance of the monogamous union between man and woman (Ackerman, 1995). Certainly, major components of the complex emotions and physical urges that we associate with romantic love are purely biologically based. In this respect, we share sexual urges, ritualistic mating, courtship displays and pair bonding with (other) animals. In other respects, human intelligence and cultural diversity have given rise to a tremendous variety in societal beliefs about romantic love and marriage. In the United States, sex and love have been commercialized to such a degree that it is clearly the dominant overall marketing theme of the advertising industries. Many of the same evolutionary biological bases of…


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Lamentations and Songs of Solomon a Study in Contrast
Words: 1191 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79887773
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Lamentations and Songs of Solomon: A Study in Contrast

Lamentations and Songs of Solomon are both poetic books in the Hebrew Bible; however, whereas Lamentations is a lament poem, the Songs of Solomon is more of a love poem. Nonetheless, the two complement each other, providing a number of crucial insights about love, God, sin, and the destruction of God's relationship with the church. This text demonstrates how the two books complement each other in providing insights for daily Christian living.

Analysis of Lamentations and the Songs of Solomon

Lamentations and Songs of Solomon are the two final poetic works dealt with in this course. Neither fits perfectly into the confines of psalm or wisdom poetry; however, both include elements of the same. The main difference between the two is that they focus on two different aspects of life -- love and death. The Song of Solomon presents itself as…


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Choice of Favorite Song and Analysis
Words: 426 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67325655
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Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun Joong

The Japanese pop culture has been evolving over the years and the pop music industry has not been left behind too and has keep pace with the contemporary lifestyle. Songs have been used to convey messages that are compatible to the current lifestyle in the Japan cities and also the changing culture that is becoming more westernized each passing day.

The song Kiss Kiss by a renowned musician Hyun Joong was composed and sung in 2011 and has been dominating the airwaves and charts in japan as a pop song talking about love. It is interesting to know that Kim Joong traces his family ties to South Korea where he began his music career and is still based, but has had several performances and music competitions in Japan hence the acceptability of his music in general in wider Japan. Kim Joong has commanded a…


Only Lyrics, (2016). Top Japanese Songs of the Week.

Song Romeo From Forth the
Words: 1404 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37234051
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Of course, the question arises: why is the Andy illiams song a perfect theme for Romeo and not Juliet? Juliet, in contrast with Romeo, is more intelligent in her love than Romeo, and although she loves him, she does not as fully embrace his absolute belief that love will make everything come out right. "Though I joy in thee, / I have no joy of this contract to-night: /

It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden; / Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be / Ere one can say 'It lightens'" (II.2). Unlike Romeo, Juliet has a sense that suddenly throwing one's self into love carries with it a dangerous potential for excess, as well as an exhilarating glee for the lovers. hen she and Romeo spend their first night together, and Romeo must steal away, Romeo offers not to go, and says he will risk death…

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. "Romeo and Juliet." The Shakespeare Homepage. [September 27, 2011]

Love the Author Attempts to
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69566718
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he author then proceeds to contradict himself or herself by referring to the Black Eyed Peas as mainstream. So, are the Black Eyed Peas up-and-coming or mainstream? Moreover, the author contends that it was refreshing to have a "mainstream music group" release a song with a positive message when the music the band was not considered to be mainstream until the release of "Where is the Love?" And the release of their third studio album.

he essay is also heavily biased against hip-hop, or at least it appears to be, through the arguments made the song is influential because the Black Eyed Peas were able to convey such a message through hip-hop music when hip-hop artists "are stereotyped as thugs who only talk about money, sex, and guns." By arguing hip-hop artists are negatively stereotyped without explaining that hip-hop is not limited to these views and the term can also…

The essay is also full of false and biased statements. For instance, the author contends the Black Eyed Peas were an up-and-coming hip-hop group at the time the song was released when, in fact, they had been around since 1995 and had released two albums prior to the 9/11 attacks. The author then proceeds to contradict himself or herself by referring to the Black Eyed Peas as mainstream. So, are the Black Eyed Peas up-and-coming or mainstream? Moreover, the author contends that it was refreshing to have a "mainstream music group" release a song with a positive message when the music the band was not considered to be mainstream until the release of "Where is the Love?" And the release of their third studio album.

The essay is also heavily biased against hip-hop, or at least it appears to be, through the arguments made the song is influential because the Black Eyed Peas were able to convey such a message through hip-hop music when hip-hop artists "are stereotyped as thugs who only talk about money, sex, and guns." By arguing hip-hop artists are negatively stereotyped without explaining that hip-hop is not limited to these views and the term can also be used to define a specific music style or a lifestyle.

I believe the paper could have made a greater impact on the reader if the author explained what about the song was especially influential and how it appealed to listeners to take a closer look at their surroundings. I also think that the author should have explained why the song was so important to the band, and more specifically, how the song transformed the band. In order to strengthen the arguments made in the paper, I would suggest the author consider how the paper is structured, present the argument from a more formal perspective, provide citations for claims made, and make sure the essay is free of grammatical errors, which detract from the point that the author is trying to get across.

Song Lyrics Analysis
Words: 2808 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94441502
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"When I was your Man" By Bruno Mars

Gifted Grammy award-winning singer, Bruno Mars, in his "When I Was Your Man," has largely utilized sad and regretful lyrics portraying longing for the woman who left him. However, does this really indicate he's now more sensible and mature, or is it simply wishful thinking? "When I was your Man" strikes straight at the hearts of people who lost a special person or loved someone deeply but did not realize it and failed to value them till it was too late. This song's lyrics depict a multitude of emotions such as remorse, discontent and miserableness expressed effectively through the singer's voice (Louis).

Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now

The musician begins with the typical picture of a ruined relationship: an empty bed with a lone occupant, speaking of loneliness and sadness (Popdust).

Our song on the radio,…

Songs From the Musical Oklahoma Specifically it
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84685541
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songs from the musical "Oklahoma!" Specifically, it will include an analysis of "I'm Just a Girl who can't Say No." How does the song transition from the text? What does the song do for the musical? What does the words and music reveal about the character?


I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No" is one of the most humorous songs in the musical "Oklahoma!" In it, Ado Annie, a kind of sad character who does not seem to have much chance of catching a man, talks about how she cannot say "no" to kisses and romance. "Other girls are coy an' hard to catch / ut other girls ain't havin' any fun! / Ev'ry time I lose a wrastlin' match / I have a funny feelin' that I won!" (Oklahoma!). Annie recognizes that she may not be the most attractive of the girls, but she is a little…


Oklahoma!. Dir. Fred Zinnemann. Perf. Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Eddie Albert, and Gloria Grahame. RKO Radio Pictures Inc., 1955.

Song From the Sound of Music Shakespeare
Words: 1178 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64172695
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Song from the Sound of Music

Shakespeare began the story of Twelfth Night with the line "If music be the food of love play on." Though, in the play, the Duke of Illyria, Orsino, asks for a surfeit of music in the hope that an overkill of love will help him overcome his infatuation for Olivia (Shakespeare, 1.1, 1-18), the line has now become immortalized as audiences have tended to read a wealth of meaning into it. The popularity of the oft-quoted line is hardly surprising given experiential knowledge of music as one of the greatest pleasures of life. Indeed, music sensitizes and heightens all kinds of emotions and moods, ranging from the sentimental, philosophical, and maudlin to the sensual, ecstatic and peppy. But more than anything, the real power of music lies in soothing the soul by enabling a sense of connection to a universal consciousness. The title song…

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Song an Die Muzik Written
Words: 489 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78397698
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Held notes at the peak of a melodic line create a very interesting effect for the listener and attract attention to the words being sung at that particular moment. All the words or sentences aforementioned have a positive and loving connotation, which is well in line with the general meaning of the text -- thanking the art of music for its beauty and grace.

Finally, it is of the utmost importance to mention that Fischer-Dieskau's interpretation does add an additional layer of meaning and understanding to An Die Muzik. In the particular version I listened to prior to this assignment, a young Fischer-Dieskau sang with passion and poured his heart into each word sung. Considering the nature of the text, a strong interpretation was certainly necessary, as flat or bland vocal line would have been completely out of context. Both Fischer-Dieskau and Moore (at the piano) create a perfect rendition…

Song -- Go and Catch a Falling
Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75502448
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Song -- Go and catch a falling star" by John Donne

It was said that Donne's poem was likely written when he was in a drunken mood and possibly, too, when he was rejected by his lover or disappointed in his love. Describing the difficulty of finding virtuous women in the world, Donne uses the similes of catching falling stars, pregnancies with mandrake roots and teaching mermaids to sing. "ide ten thousand days and nights" says he, "till age snow white hairs on thee / Thou, when thou returns't, will tell me / all strange wonders that befell the / and swear / no where / lives a woman true and fair" (lines 12-18). A true Schopenhauer! In his final stanza, Donne concludes that even were this woman to live next door, by the time he would manage to meet her she would have succeeded in being unfaithful.

Donne's historical…


Logan et al. The Norton Anthology of English Literature: Volume B -- The Sixteenth Century. NY: Norton & Co., 2006.

Love and Falling in Love From the
Words: 1081 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33450529
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love" and "falling in love."

From the time that we are infants, we are fed with stories about falling in love, lovers triumphing against all odds, and then living happily ever after. In fact, the same theme is repeated right through the growing up years of childhood and adolescence in all forms of media, be it film, television, music, or books of fiction. As a result, both young men and women alike are almost brainwashed into visualizing an idealized image of the ultimate "falling in love" experience and the woman or man of her or his dreams.

True, there is the usual curiosity, which leads to experimentation and the process of sexual discovery but these sexual skirmishes do not really interfere with the typical hopes cherished about living the ultimate romantic dream. Indeed, adolescence is characterized by most teenagers in love with the idea of falling in love. Unfortunately, this…

Comparing Two Songs With Similar Meanings
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3427852
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Song lyrics reflect the culture and social norms of their time period. Examining song lyrics from two different time periods can therefore reveal the ways these two generations differed in terms of messages about core subjects. Love is a universal theme in all song, making it an especially good subject for analysis. Songs about love will differ according to the definition of love, how love is expressed or shared between two people, and also gender roles in relationships. In 1975, one of the biggest-selling songs was by a band called Captain and Tennille. The song is called, "Love will Keep us Together." In 2010, there was a song called "Boyfriend" by Best Coast. Both of these songs are overtly about love. Although "Boyfriend" is about unrequited love, and "Love will Keep us Together" is about relationships, these two songs have similar lyrics about the meaning of love and about gender…

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
Words: 1177 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67220675
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Love is a word that is often overused and sometimes underappreciated. And despite the confusion some people have in separating romantic love from sensual pleasure, or real love from friendship -- love is among the most powerful ideas in the world. Given all the tension and hatefulness in the world, it is the opinion of this paper that any love is good love, no matter how bizarre or byzantine it may appear to society.

The widely diverse and dissimilar kinds of love that writer Raymond Carver alludes to in his short story simply reflect the vast chasm between one personality and the next. It may seem blatantly obvious to say this, but individual approaches to love -- and reflections on love -- are of course based on each person's life experiences. Bob Dylan wrote a song -- "Love is Just a Four-Letter ord" -- that has an ironic twist to…

Works Cited

Carver, Raymond. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. New York: Random

House, 2009.

Common Themes of Humanities Love
Words: 1086 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54162450
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Love is a universal theme, and can be found in multiple art forms including painting, poetry, and music. One of the most common romantic expressions and symbols of love is the kiss. In 1907, Gustav Klimt painted "The Kiss," perhaps his most famous painting characterized not only by its subject of a man kissing a woman but also its use of gold paint and Art Nouveau style. In 1939, poet Stephen Dunn published "The Kiss," which conveys a similar type of eroticism as Klimt's painting. Finally, in 1986, Prince produced one of his most famous songs and videos, "Kiss." All three of these kiss themed works of art convey the theme of erotic and sensual love, which is a common theme in the humanities.

The earliest of these three works of art is Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss." This painting is unique because it almost appears like a collage, the…

Yiddish Songs About Immigration to
Words: 1581 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 73718270
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Singer, Barry. "In Yiddish Music, a Reurn o Roos of Tormen and Joy." New York

Times (Augus 16, 1998): 32.

In his aricle, Barry Singer noes he changes Yiddish music underwen as Jews emigraed from Europe o America, and compares he evolving naure of Yiddish folk songs during he nineeenh and wenieh cenuries o more recen developmens in Yiddish music. This aricle is useful because i allows one o race an unbroken line from he earlies Yiddish songs regarding immigraion o America o musical developmens occurring oday, even if whaever was disincly Yiddish abou hese rends seemed o have been los or covered over when Yiddish musicians became he creaors of American popular culure in he 1940s and 50s.

Warnke, Nina. "Immigran Popular Culure as Conesed Sphere: Yiddish Music Halls,

he Yiddish Press, and he Processes of Americanizaion, 1900-1910." Theare

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks a…

the Yiddish Press, and the Processes of Americanization, 1900-1910." Theatre

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks at the Yiddish music hall as a special place of cultural mixing during the early twentieth century, and acts as a companion piece to the Heskes' essay about Yiddish music as social history. Instead of focusing on the music itself, Warnke's essay looks at the contested space of the Yiddish music hall, where the identity of Jewish immigrants was being established by proxy, on the stage through plays and musicals. This resulted in competing Jewish actors' unions and rival critics assailing those music halls deemed "illegitimate." Warnke argues that over a couple decades, however, these distinctions become blurred as the ongoing debate itself becomes absorbed into the Yiddish-American identity and ultimately expressed again through music. This essay is useful because it gives details regarding the history of Yiddish music halls themselves as well as provides an analysis of the changes going on in Yiddish music itself during the same time period.

Attraction Sex Love & Relationships Psychology Attraction
Words: 1703 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33344388
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Attraction, love, sex, and relationships are fundamental to human condition. Each individual human is separate and distinct from every other one, yet there are numerous aspects to the human experience that every human shares -- attraction, love, sex, and relationships are prime examples of commonalities shared among the human race. Science(s) have demonstrated that sexual attraction and the desire for close relationships form and manifest in humans very early on their development, often before children have reached school age. With reference to several psychological, academic resources, the paper aims to explain some of the key components of sex, love, attraction, and relationships.

Key Components to Attraction, Sex, Love, & elationships

While attraction, love, sex, and relationships remains quite a substantial mystery to many people, there are professional and researchers in areas such as psychology where they are making headway toward a comprehensive understanding of…


Baumeister, R.F, & Leary, M.R. (1995) The Need to Belong: Desire for Interpersonal Attachments as a Fundamental Human Motivation. Psychological Bulletin, 117(3), 497 -- 529.

Fisher, PhD, H.E., Aron, PhD, A.A., Masher, D., Li, PhD, H., & Brown, PhD, L.L. (2002) Defining the Brain Systems of Lust Romantic Attraction, and Attachment. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31(5), 413 -- 419.

Gillath, O., Mikulincer, M., Birnbaum, G.E., & Shaver, P.R. (2008) When Sex Primes Love: Subliminal Sexual Priming Motivates Relationship Goal Pursuit. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 34, 1057 -- 1070.

Gonzaga, G.C., Turner, R.A., Keltner, D., Campos, B., & Litmus, M. (2006) Romantic Love and Sexual Desire in Close Relationships. Emotion, 6(2), 163 -- 179.

Female Elements in Song of
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Her society tells her she needs one, and when Milkman enters her life, she invests her entire personality in him. When he leaves her, Hagar lacks the self she needs to survive. Pathetically, she tries to create a self that Milkman will want by buying makeup and clothes, turning her beautiful African hair a horrible orange (Milkman has been dating light-skinned redheads), and generally abasing herself.

Morrison certainly deviates from a sterotypical feminist perspective when she criticizes Hagar's possessiveness as well as Milkman's cruelty. When Hagar and uth argue over Milkman, Pilate points out that a man is not a house to be owned. Finally, when Hagar is trying to kill Milkman (not able to possess him, she does not know what else to do), Guitar tells her how wrong she is to base her value on the possession of a man. How can Milkman love her if she is…


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Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe Song 4
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Schumann forestalls by making transition to another dimension by creating a second highpoint, different in effect from the first direct link. Yet -- it is not the same as the previous bar. Here the third bar turns from bass to treble, with three eighth notes on the second bar, and on the third bar -- two eighth notes. This represents a highpoint, yet one that is not as significant as the first one witnessed earlier in the work.

The piece itself is a lyrical testament to the mixed emotions involved in romantic love. It highlights a male voice singing a famous German poem. The poem itself is spliced into two four-line stanzas with an ending rhyme schematic. The initial four lines are repeated a second time during the second melodic highpoint of the piece. It represents a narrative told within the context of couplets. It is also non-strophic in its…

History of Rock and Roll Analyzing Songs
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Rock History -- Analyzing Songs

Since I Don't Have You -- the Skyliners

The arrangement by the Skyliners is very effective and fairly typical of 1950s music, in that there is an strong orchestra opening -- dramatically powering the listener into the mood of the song -- for a few seconds. And suddenly the group's harmony comes blasting in, joining the orchestra, and musically informing listeners that this is a slow dance tune. This is Do-Wop dance music from heaven, for lovers that don't want to dance fast but love clinging on to each other in a slow dance. The beat is strong but slow, and as the lead voice reaches high for emotional impact, other members of the group join in harmony by "Ahhhhh-ing" wordlessly along with the lead singer.

The arrangement is extremely friendly to the listener. As the lead singer Jimmy Beaumont rockets high notes, going into…

Zhang Ailing the Rice Sprout Song Book
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Rice Sprout Song

In a foreword given by David ang, he explains the important background for this story, written as an anti-communist story set in the 1950s, just after the Land Reform Movement has taken place in rural China. The Land Reform was meant to liberate local peasant by redistributing land, "giving" each farmer his or her own plot to own. However, what was meant as a way for farmers to produce more in an area that had always been prolific, another threat of famine is on the horizon but no one, not even Communist Party members, are allowed to speak about the "deepening misery" the peasants must face.

hat was interesting to me as I read through the story, is that on the surface the novel should be about celebration. There is, after all, a wedding and the impending New Years celebrations which is taken just as seriously, if…

Works Cited

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Compare and Contrast Everyman and the Song of Roland
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Everyman and the Song of Roland focuses on the leading characters of the plays, namely, Everyman and Roland. This paper gives an in depth analysis of Everyman and the ingredients necessary for any man to abode paradise. This paper also reviews the character of Roland and how he earned great praise and respect not only among his mortal friends but also among angels and saints in heaven. By comparing both characters, this paper emphasizes on life after death according to Christian ideals.

Compare And Contrast Everyman And The Song Of Roland

Everyman is a medieval morality play, written anonymously between 1509-1519. This play may have been inspired by an anterior Dutch morality play, Elckerlijk. The play Everyman is an allegory of Death and the destiny of the soul. Everyman calls for Fellowship, Goods and Strength when he is summoned by death but sadly they betray him due to their true…

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Donne's Love's Usury This Poem
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This speaker is after something slightly more adult than cookies, of course, but this just makes the humor of the rhyme stand out more. His desire to "travel, sojourn, snatch, plot, have, forget" in line six details his desires of infidelity, and the basic lack of any sort of unity in these words -- there does not appear to be more than the accidental alliteration -- also reflects the speaker's disconnect from the many conquests he hopes to make by striking this bargain with Love. The last two lines of the poem reveal that the speaker is not really this cynical, however; he desires to "think that yet / We'd never met." He admits to having met Love; it is too late for him, which is why the bargaining seems so comically desperate.

The tone is very different in the Holy Sonnets, which seem fearful of death and sin, though…

John Berryman's Dream Song 14
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John Berryman's "Dream Song 14"

Dream Song

This poem, friends, is boring. The entire work seeks to illustrate the idea that "life, friends, is boring." It does so by being itself tremendously boring. Though the author occasionally uses exciting or interesting words and phrases, such as "flash and yearn," he does so only in the pursuit of higher boredom by showing that even these words can be sucked into a context which ultimately yields a wish for death. There is nothing but boredom. In the poem, the narrator subsumes the conventions of interesting poetry and puts on, as it were, the form of a half-decent modern poem. However, he purposefully avoids allowing any of the sublime to slip into his work, thus leaving this form of high poetry dead and boring. By structuring his poem in a modern conventional fashion, maintaining a detached and uninterested tone throughout, and by setting…

Self-love Not Only Is the Phrase Self-Love
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Not only is the phrase self-love used as synonymous with the desire of happiness, but it is often confounded with the word selfishness, which certainly, in strict propriety, denotes a very different disposition of mind." --Slewart. [Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary]

The novel "Things Fall part," by Chinua chebe, is a shocking account of the life and extinction of an frican tribe called the Ibo. The light is mainly on the main character, Okonkwo, who begins his search for self-perfection at a very young age. He was highly unimpressed with his father and vowed to never to be like him. Okonkwo and his family suffered through trying times but he eventually beat the odds and was very successful as the leader of the tribe. However, on beating his wives, he disobeyed the gods by refusing to offer animal sacrifice. The gods gave him a severe punishment. He was extremely selfish…

A movie based on the theme of self-love is the animated comedy called Shrek, about an ugly green ogre who's on a quest to rescue a princess for the egocentric lord who simply wants her because he feels she is perfect for his kingdom. However, Shrek sees the inner beauty in the princess and they develop mutual respect and also fall in love. Although, this movie is based on the concept of self-love, it also deals with the importance of couples accepting each other as they regardless of the faults they have in each other.

As for myself, I always willingly acknowledge my own self as the principal cause of every good and of every evil which may befall me; therefore I have always found myself capable of being my own pupil, and ready to love my teacher.

Giacomo Casonova. [Quotes on self-love, available at]

Family ' Familial Love in Literature
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"A Good Man is Hard to Find" ends with the family being executed by the Misfit, a murderous outlaw. Although O'Connor's story is evidently supposed to be humorous, it gives the reader pause to note that the family will die without ever exchanging a kind word. There are different types of family violence: the somewhat positive violence of the Roethke poem that makes the boy adore his father at the expense of his mother vs. The carelessness and cruelty in the O'Connor story, which arises as a result of a lack of respect and the superficiality of the modern family. Family relationships do not necessarily create a state of understanding. In the story, the most transcendent moment of grace occurs between two strangers, before one kills the other, as physical violence makes the grandmother appreciate her time on earth. "His voice seemed about to crack and the grandmother's head…

Works Cited

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Thinking About Love
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The myth of Narcissus is brought about to help understand the topic 'Thinking about love'. In this myth one day Narcissus had gone to hunt. The mountain nymph Echo who longed to speak to him but did not dare to utter the first word followed him through the woods. The nymph Echo showed all the efforts to express her love but was in vain, Narcissus pushed her away which left her to spend the rest of her life grieving for Narcissus. One day Narcissus became thirsty and went to a lake. Seeing his reflection in the water, he fell in love with it not realizing that it was his own reflection. However, every time he bends down to kiss it, it seemed to disappear. He was overwhelmed with fear of losing sight of his reflection and eventually he died of love and thirsty.

For both Echo and Narcissus, love…

Music Timbaland's Song The Way
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I have had friends who turned on me because they wanted to hang out with people they thought were cooler, more popular, or who had better toys. Those friendships rarely lasted, though. In high school, the kids who had cars were more able to get friends, but those friends were only hanging out because of the car and not because they actually liked each other. I managed to remain friends with some people who I still consider close even though we go to different schools. The superficial aspects of our lives are meaningless and transitory. Money, looks, and other superficial traits fade, and what really counts is our character. I have seen people in my family bicker over money and other materialistic things that do not matter, when I really wish they would just love each other for who they are. This is why I find Timbaland's song to be…

Work Cited

Timbaland. "The Way I Are." Song.

Everlasting Love Celine Dion in
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He has won numerous other awards, including the Golden Globe Award and the Grammy Award (Ibid).

Unfortunately for Horner, this success has also been a source of huge controversy. He has been criticized for ofter transposing hooks, orchestral motifs, or even larger passages from other musical scores of his own or more controversially from other composers and from other major motion pictures. These allegations are the main points of ferocious debate between supporters and detractors of Horner. hatever the case, one must admit that the raw power of the music has one going all the way in their matching up their attention and their emotion immediately with film characters who have become cultural and cinematic icons in an unforgiving world ("Filmtracks").


To sum up, Celine Dion in My Heart ill Go On has been rated as one of the best soundtracks ever made. It is the opinion of this…

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She Loves Me Theatre Essay
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Roundabout's She Loves Me stars Jane Krakowski and Laura Benanti. Other key performers are Zachary Levi and Gavin Creel. Music is by The Jerry Bock and features classical tunes like "ill He Like Me," "Tonight at Eight," and "A Trip to the Library." In the scene the introduces the song "ill He Like Me," the character played by Laura is dressed in a white trench coat and hat with a sing song kind of melody and dress style reminiscent of the 1920's or 40's. Her dark brown hair looks as if it was pin curled and her makeup is faint with a light lip very indicative of classic movies like Casa Blanca.

Jane Krakowski sings "A Trip to the Library and while the set seems a bit a simple throughout the show, especially this number, (the bedroom scene with the number "Vanilla Ice Cream" seemed lazy in its preparation especially…

Works Cited

"Roundabout Theatre Company." N.p., 2016. Web. 27 Apr. 2016.

Villains in Beowulf and the Song of
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villains in Beowulf and the Song of Roland, I believe those in the last-mentioned work are more justified in their actions than those in Beowulf. This at least is true from the perspective of the 20th century religious paradigm. In the modern world, it is vitally important to display a tolerant attitude towards all pardigms of religion and other directions of philosophy. In Beowulf there is a direct rivalry between the villagers and the monster, Grendel. There is little doubt that Grendel is a monster and a bully, without any right to reprieve or defense. His mother is the only one prepared to defend him, and she does so to her own demise. Of course this could be understood from the perspective of the family paradigm. Nonetheless, Grendel was never justified in his slaughter of the celebrating party. His villainy is apparently inherent, and he simply enjoys terrorising people without…

Erotic Love
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play and the movie adaptation of the play . Butterfly written by David Henry depict erotic love and how never ending desires lead to the tragic end of the main character.

. Butterfly's focuses on issue of erotic love between the same gender, sexual orientation and other cultural issues. The play and the movie version of the play can be described as subtle and sexy with traditional background Chinese music being played in the movie to create an ambience for sex and desires. The theme of the play and the movie are based on the same theme as in the movie "Un Bel Di," a French movie released in 1971, which is about a man's desire for erotic sex..

The main character of the story, Rene Gallimard, works as an accountant for the French Embassy in Beijing, who becomes infatuated with Song Liling, a Chinese singer. They have a passionate…

M. Butterfly's focuses on issue of erotic love between the same gender, sexual orientation and other cultural issues. The play and the movie version of the play can be described as subtle and sexy with traditional background Chinese music being played in the movie to create an ambience for sex and desires. The theme of the play and the movie are based on the same theme as in the movie "Un Bel Di," a French movie released in 1971, which is about a man's desire for erotic sex..

The main character of the story, Rene Gallimard, works as an accountant for the French Embassy in Beijing, who becomes infatuated with Song Liling, a Chinese singer. They have a passionate and indecent affair, which leaves Song supposedly pregnant with Gallimard's child. Outraged by the mistake, she leaves Beijing. They have no contact during this time, however, after several years he is arrested for espionage, and Gallimard is pressurized into admitting that his lover was a spy for the Chinese ministry, but is also a man. M. Butterfly is in the right sense about transformation of sexes and how erotic love plays with their emotions. The play and the movie adaptation both explore the nature of curiousity and desire between two men that ends in tragedy. Erotic love is the desire that causes the main character to give up everything in life because he chooses to live with a fake image.

Erotic love is necessary for relationships to continue for a long time. The truth is that men find solace and relaxation in having sex with partners who are willing to enact their fantasies and desires. Erotic love is associated with our sexuality. Erotic love can be used as a force to heal our life and to realize our dreams. Doctors recommend couples with sexual problems to have erotic sex because it works by acting on us psychologically since the absence of ecstasy causes sex to go out the window and leads to marital problems.

Warrior in the Song of
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These warriors are unique in that they stand out from the typical images we normally associate with knights and warriors. Soldiers and knights, as well as chivalry were aspects of life that were first examined through Christianity. The fight was not just a fight on this world -- it had an otherworldly aspect to it in that it was also for and about God. These men were energized by this higher calling and people wanted to hear these astonishing stories of defeat in the name of the church. Just like fight was not just fighting, death was not just death. It was all for a higher calling and a higher purpose. Information like this allows us a greater appreciation for cultures different from our own. hat we learn is that even with all of the advancements of technology and education, we are still the same people underneath. e still love…

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Rock Song My Name Is
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One of the most powerful songs produced by Rage Against the Machine is "Know Your Enemy." The enemy is within, is the message of the song. The enemy is sometimes the United States itself: as in the case with the Rodney King beatings. Police brutality had been an ongoing political issue long before Rodney King's story made the mainstream media. Moreover police brutality disproportionately impacted persons who were politically disenfranchised. The African-American community mistrusted the police because the police represented an illegitimate authority. Rather than invest money to repair impoverished African-American communities, the American government invested money into a militant police force that would oppress, subjugate, and humiliate its own citizens.

The American Dream never existed; it was all a lie. This was especially true for the African-American community. The vocals of "Know Your Enemy" are sung rap-style as if a tribute to the black community in America. Furthermore, the…

Avril Lavigne Complicated Is a Song by
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Avril Lavigne


"Complicated" is a song by Avril Lavigne from her 2002 debut album, Let Go. In interviews, Lavigne alleges that the lyrics refer to the duality of people that she has witnessed, including her ex-boyfriends and female friends. By taking a closer look into the lyrics, there are several themes that emerge. Among the themes that can be found in the lyrics of the song "Complicated" are duplicity and conformity, or a lack thereof. The themes of duplicity and conformity/non-conformity help to highlight the concepts of identity, self-presentation, and face.

In the song "Complicated," Lavigne is complacent with who she is and what she does. However, it soon becomes relevant that she finds herself at odds with a presumed significant other who has changed from the person that she knew, and possibly fell in love with, into a different person with different ideals. It is in the second…

Themes in Songs
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The Way It Is, Tupac

Tupac's rap line "Cops give a damn about a negro? Pull the trigger, kill a n*gga, he's a hero," speaks of the provocative subject concerning African-Americans, more generally how African-American gentlemen are being made target by the police, and that in case an African-American gentleman is killed by a cop then there is noreal big issue. Tupac aspires to encourage his society to unite with him and express their opinion and stand against the issues that are keeping them apart. As expressed earlier, the opportunities available to African-Americans do not equate the opportunities available to other races. Tupac also blames his own ethnicity for the composite emotional background of hate and range they are hemmed in. "I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin' changes, learn to see me as…


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Why The Beatles Were Loved
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How the Beatles Made History
Everyone knows their names, even if one never cared for their music: Ringo, John, Paul, and George. Just 15, 16 and 17 respectively, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon came together in 1958—young but passionate musicians from Liverpool, England, who wanted to play jazz, blues and folk music on improvised instruments. By 1962, they had added Ringo Starr to the group. With Starr on drums, the group’s first single “Love Me Do” hit the airwaves and changed the face of pop music forever. Beatlemania became a thing and the Beatles themselves became “more popular than Jesus,” as Lennon put it four years later to a London journalist (Runtagh). The Beatles surely did make history (whether they were ever actually bigger than Jesus was a controversial point): they had more number one singles than any other British band or artist, and there 17 number…

Finding a Place to Learn and Love in a New Culture
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Poet Li-Young Lee has written a noteworthy poem called "Persimmons," published in 1986 in a collection of poems called Rose. The poem gives the reader a serious glance into part of the life of a second-generation Asian-American who encountered troubling cultural challenges along the way. The poem speaks to how Asian-Americans were treated and were misunderstood during the time Lee lived in Pennsylvania. It also speaks to the difficulty of language for a newcomer to English and to the United States. The point-of-view is presented by a creative person who wishes to expose life's push and pull, life's unfairness, juxtaposed with life's sweetness (as symbolized with the sweet meat of the persimmon) from the time he was in 6th grade through adulthood. Thesis: the principal theme in this poem is not just personal from the perspective of Lee; it is universal and it has happened to people from Ireland,…

Works Cited

Lee, Li-Young. "Persimmons." The Poetry Foundation. Retrieved December 4, 2015, from . 1986

Eliot Stevens Williams Stein and Faulkner
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Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." Specifically, it will choose one instance of abstraction in the work, and describe what the author is trying to "get at," through that abstraction. What is he trying to suggest? What methods is he using to do so? Does it "work" for you? Why or why not?

Abstraction in Poetry

In "The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock," T.S. Eliot writes in many abstractions, but there is one at the end, which is especially poignant and full of meaning. "I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. / I do not think that they will sing to me. / I have seen them riding seaward on the waves / Combing the white hair of the waves blown back / When the wind blows the water white and black. / We have lingered in the chambers of the sea / By sea-girls…

Miller and Eliot on Beauty Comparing and
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Miller and Eliot on Beauty

Comparing and Contrasting "Beauty" in Miller and Eliot

Arthur Miller and T.S. Eliot are two 20th century American playwrights. hile the latter is more commonly noted for expatriating to Britain and writing some of the most memorable poetry of the early 20th century, the former is noted for his famous depiction of the common man's struggle to find meaning and fulfillment in Death of a Salesman. As distinct as the two writers may seem, they both conceive of and treat the theme of beauty -- Miller analyzing its absence in Salesman, and Eliot analyzing its abandonment in several poems like "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and "The asteland." This paper will compare and contrast both writers and show how they deal with the theme of beauty in their works.

The Absence of Beauty in Salesman and "Prufrock"

Beauty is missing from illy Loman's…

Works Cited

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La Vie En Rose There
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Just as there is a drastic difference between the Louis Armstrong version of What a Wonderful World, and that of Hawaiian folk singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, yet both bring tears to one's eyes, both move straight to the heart, and both are timeless.

So, too, is La Vie en rose. For this analysis, though, it was easier to try to quantify some of the similarities and differences between recorded performances and then hone in on what makes the differing versions so uniquely special. By sticking to female singer with somewhat of a torch song tone, we can get more of a uniquely "french" flavor in the classic:


Genre' Version



Piaf, Edith


French Folk, Torch

946+ several versions

Classic french folk with pining voice, silky vowel sounds and sensuous chord changes

Francis, Connie


At the height of her popularity; less sultry, more in line with…

1990+; French, large voice, almost operetic, fabulous breath control

Probably the closest to Piaf; the longing tones, the accent, the emotion.

Data Collection and Sourcing - In thinking about this assignment, I was struck by the juxtaposition between quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. While requirements of research may vary between disciplines, and some may prefer qualitative or quantitative methodologies. . In its most basic outline, quantitative data is information that can be measured by numbers or numerical values. Quantitative inquiry is a method that is used in scientific methodology to gather a logical and provable manner of collecting and analyzing data. Qualitative research uses a less numerical and more open ended approach to data -- it investigates the why and how of decision making; whereas quantitative focuses more on the what, where, and when -- which are all numerically measurable. One method is not necessarily better than the other, it is entirely dependent upon the hypothesis that is being tested. Indeed, qualitative research is often used to form the hypothesis and narrow the question prior to studying the data quantitatively. For example, a focus group might be formed with the purpose of looking

Ancient Lit Gilgamesh Questions Why
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3. What are some of the themes you notice in the "Love Songs"?

The Egyptian love songs use the terms "brother" and "sister" as generic references to male and female lovers and suggest intimacy as well as the taboo of incest. Brother-sister unions were already written into Egyptian mythology by the time the love songs were penned. Also, the love songs reveal an emerging theme of romantic love, which almost seems out of place in ancient literature.

4. Did the erotic or explicit nature of some of the love songs surprise you? Explain.

The eroticism in the love songs is not wholly surprising, given that many ancient cultures addressed human sexuality frankly and even using graphic depictions. The Egyptians also employed some sexual imagery into their art, as did the ancient Indians and Chinese.

Old Testament

1. In what ways is the Hebrew view of God different from the Sumerian…

Emily and Dickinson and Walt
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The poet is in turmoil and he turns from his love in order to prevent tarnishing or "spoil" (Pound 2) her because she is surrounded by a "new lightness" (3). This poem reflects upon the importance of experience. Like the poets mentioned before, this poet wants us to consider every aspect of our actions. e should not only think of what we want to do but also how that desire and acting upon it will alter our lives. Robert Frost is focused upon the experience of nature. In "Dust of Snow," the poet brings poetry to life as if it were music. hen we read:

The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a hemlock tree (Frost 1-4)

Here the poet wants to explore rather than embark on some discovery. These writers are different in their individuals styles but they each desire to connect with…

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Isolation in American Literature the
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The mere fact that these people interact as much as they do is a sign of the blurring of class signs. Also, the image of Gatsby as essentially nouveau riche, is itself a statement indicating interclass mobility. Unlike Steinbeck's story, Fitzgerald's is much more concerned with individual prejudices and stereotypes. In Gatsby, the prejudgments are of the working class against the leisured class. The work also speaks to the utter aimlessness of someone like Gatsby - a man who lives it seems, just for the sake of inoffensive pleasure, but who, at the same time, contributes nothing to the overall society. The unbelievable disconnect between Gatsby's set, and the rest of humanity is captured in an offhand remark of one of his guests, who just happened to find himself in the library, "I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit…

Works Cited 

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John Steinbeck, the Grapes of Wrath, p. 30

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Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
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This darkness is the poem is the suggestion of death, which Eliot's character contemplates throughout the poem. In fact, the last lines of the poem refer to death. Eliot writes, "We have lingered in the chambers of the sea / By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown / Till human voices wake us, and we drown" (Eliot). Eliot's character knows his life is ending, and love and courtship are far behind him. Marvell's character also contemplates death. Marvell writes, "Time's winged chariot hurrying near; / And yonder all before us lie / Deserts of vast eternity. / Thy beauty shall no more be found, / Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound / My echoing song: then worms shall try / That long preserved virginity, / And your quaint honour turn to dust, / And into ashes all my lust: / The grave's a fine and private place, /…


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Keats Dickinson Keats and Eliot
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However, in line with the Paz prompt at the outset of this discussion, Keats merely uses this tradition as a bridge on which to extend toward motivation on behalf of the evolving form. The subject matter is where this work takes a step toward modernity. The manner in which Keats describes the reality of dying is startling for its time primarily because it lacks religiosity. In describing death, the poet tells, "where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies; / here but to think is to be full of sorrow / and leaden-eyed despairs; / here beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes, / or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow."

The notion of discussing death from a decidedly humanistic rather than spiritual perspective is more daring and innovative than perhaps we are won't to give credit for. It is remarkable that the poet would invert a steadfastly traditional form…

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Modernism God the World and Literature The
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God, the World, and Literature: The Concept of Social Morality in Modern Literature

Literature, as the primary source of information of people in witnessing and experiencing realities interpreted by the author/writer, is more than a medium that extends messages of reality and experience. Literature is, first and foremost, an expression of thoughts and ideologies that may or may not be agreed upon by the author or his/her characters in the said work. The concept of social morality is such example of these ideologies extended thru literary works. Through literature, writers are able to provide people with varying themes related to the discussion of social morality, offering people avenues wherein morality can be created and developed by the society, and adapted by the individual.

Modern literature boasts itself of this kinds of art -- literary works that depict the life of individuals who were directly affected by their own or…


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