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Mansfield Park Essays (Examples)

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Katherine Mansfield in Many of
Words: 1436 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10686175
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Indeed, she sees the world as if it were a play, and she sees herself as part of the play, with her own part to follow. For Miss Brill, the knowledge that she is part of the play is comforting and connects her to the others in the park, giving her and them a shared awareness that she still does not quite understand. The way the two she sees as the hero and the heroine talk about her, though, shatters her comfortable existence and brings back the unpleasantness she has only been able to stave off for a time.

In Mansfield's story "Je ne parle pas francais," which means "I do not speak French," Raoul Duquette is the central character and also the narrator. His word is suspect, and the author treats her spokesperson here in an ironic manner. He starts by claiming he is a true Parisian, though the…

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Feminist Reading of Austen's Persuasion I Will
Words: 2126 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93736056
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Feminist Reading of Austen's Persuasion

"I Will Not Allow ooks to Prove Anything":

Women Reading and Women Writing in Austen's Persuasion

Feminist criticism is equally concerned with female authorship and with female readership and in the case of Jane Austen, both issues must be addressed. Frantz in 2009 noted that on one level Austen's influence on female readership has been immense: she claims that "readers and authors of contemporary romance claim Jane Austen as the fountainhead of all romance novels," a genre which constituted the "largest share of the consumer market in 2008" but which is assumed to have an exclusively female readership. Yet feminist criticism of the early novel overall has begun to focus specifically on the rationale offered for novel-reading in the eighteenth century, when the printer's apprentice Samuel Richardson wrote Pamela in imitation of what Jenny Davidson describes as "conduct manuals," or books of etiquette for female…


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Frank Churchill in Jane Austen's Emma
Words: 2086 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96028567
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Emma: The Character of Frank Churchill and 'reading' the moral qualities of men in Jane Austen

One of the challenges posed by Jane Austen, of her heroine Emma oodhouse, in the novel entitled Emma, is how Emma must learn to be a good reader of both male and female characters. The persona of Frank Churchill poses a constant series of challenges to Emma -- is Frank a rouge and a coxcomb, or is he a nice young man, worthy (and willing) as a marital prospect? This education of Emma in moral terms is illustrated by the choice eventually posed for the titular heroine, between Mr. Knightly and Frank Churchill. By becoming a better reader of the human character in general, Emma learns that Mr. Knightly is the better choice of the two male romantic prospects, and also, by extension that she has misread the female characters of Harriet Smith and…

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Austen, Jane. Emma. First Published 1815. Available online at

Role of Gentleman Ideal in Jane Austen's Emma
Words: 3559 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91066273
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Jane Austen's Emma

Jane Austen's Gentleman Ideal in Emma

In her third novel, Jane Austen created a flawed but sympathetic heroine in the young Emma oodhouse. idely considered her finest work, Austen's Emma once again deals with social mores, particularly those dealing with ethical actions and social status.

This paper focuses on how Austen uses the figure of George Knightley to propose a new English Gentleman Ideal to criticize the strictures regarding the role of women and the skewed relationship between the sexes. In the first part, this paper looks at the social world of England in the early 19th century, in which Austen lived. It then compares the reality of these conditions with the seemingly idyllic settings Austen portrayed in novels like Emma.

The second part of the paper then examines Austen's redefinitions of the ideal English gentleman, as embodied by Mr. Knightley. Despite the expected happy ending, this…

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Perception vs Reality in Miss
Words: 985 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 63149578
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"Mansfield's characters share the topical hopelessness that characterized much of early Modernist writing. Characters like Miss Brill seem to be living on the brink of personal disaster; the sense of community has vanished; they are largely alone" (Devi). Miss Brill must face the dreadful truth that the community she felt so much a part of could easily go on without her. By the time she reaches her dark room, she is already gone. Robert Peltier maintains, that she "has now withdrawn so far from the world that has hurt her, that she does not realize that it is she who is crying" (Peltier). Finally, Miss Brill has the right, albeit, the most painful perception of the world.

Miss Brill" is a story that forces us to consider our place in the world and it also challenges us to question our place in the world from time to time. Miss Brill…

Works Cited

Devi, Gayatri, "Literary Contexts in Short Stories: Katherine Mansfield's 'Miss Brill.'" 2006. EBSCO Resource Database. Information Retrieved November 8, 2008. 

In this essay, Gayatri provides various literary contexts of "Miss Brill," including historical, societal, and religious context. In addition, Scientific and technological contexts are applied to the short story.

Mansfield, Katherine. "Miss Brill." The Bedford Introduction to Literature. Meyer, Michael, ed. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press. 1993.

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Miss Brill Judgment and Otherness in Miss
Words: 894 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32774327
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Miss Brill

Judgment and Otherness in "Miss Brill"

Katherine Mansfield's short story "Miss Brill' appears at first to be a rather simplistic and superficial description of an older woman and her silly infatuation with her fur stole. By the end of the story, however, the reader realizes that there is an irony at work throughout the text on several levels, and the very appearance of superficiality that is so well-crafted early on in the story is revealed to be a misconception contrived equally by the perspective of the story itself and by the reader, who must necessarily employ their standard human perceptions, subjectivities, and judgments in order to engage with the story. Through detailed renderings of character, point-of-view, and setting -- as well as through the rather oblique nature of the story's plot -- Mansfield very poignantly and pointedly explores the theme of "otherness" and the manner in which human…

Miss Emily and Miss Brill Are Two
Words: 1257 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64143708
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Miss Emily and Miss Brill are two highly interesting yet complex characters that refuse to accept change and are thus stubbornly or naively living in the past. The two women symbolize destruction and decay of the past and of those who refuse to move ahead with times and prefer to live in their own fantasy world. Past is meant to perish because forces of change are more powerful than memories of yesteryears. Those who refuse to acknowledge this fact lead a lonely life and become as rusty a figure as the past they hold on to.

William Faulkner's character Emily is one such stubborn obstinate woman who cannot move ahead with time. She refuses to accept that world is changing and that new values are replacing old ones. She is scared that she would not be able to keep pace with changing times and therefore simply closes her eyes to…


Mansfield, Katherine. "Miss Brill." An Introduction to Fiction. Ed. X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 7th ed. New York: Longman, 1999.

Characters Were Similar and Different in Their
Words: 1215 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5783189
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characters were similar and different in their ways, personalities and attitude. This paper also highlights some quotes from the stories to support its claim.

Compare and Contrast

Rose For Miss Emily by illiam Faulkner and Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield relates the stories of two women who had been through a lot in their past lives and were trying to relive their past in their present. The characters of both Miss Emily and Miss Brill are the same. hile Miss Brill relates her past to her present with happy thoughts, Miss Emily considers her present an era that is trying to drift her away from her past. Both the characters of Miss Brill and Miss Emily symbolize loneliness. hile Miss Brill tries to communicate with the outer world, Miss Emily on the other hand shuts herself away from her neighbors and town people. Both the characters are the same and…

Works Cited

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Feb. 2004.

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RFP Purchase of an Ecm
Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 38964245
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The vendo may be offeed an ongoing maintenance contact, which will be discussed and a new RFP issued at the close of this contact. If the chosen vendo successfully completes the wok outlined in the poject scope, they will be given pioity status fo bids egading the maintenance contact.

The system must meet all of the softwae and data stoage needs of the client on a long-tem continual basis. It must meet the equied secuity paametes and be secue fom any foeseeable natual o manmade disastes. It must be secue fom nay intenal o extenal theats due to tampeing o theft. It must be able to inteconnect with the existing system at the client's cuent location. It must include edundancy and back up plans in the event of a catastophic failue despite any easonable measues to pevent such an occuence. It includes a plan fo the expansion of the system…

references from similar projects.

6.0 Estimated Budget and Pricing

Vendors must provide a complete breakdown of total costs for the project. Change orders will not be included in the initial project budget. Any change orders during the duration of the project must be pre-approved by Software Assets Library. Any project cost over-runs will be absorbed by the vendor. The total bid for the project is not to exceed $254,000 without prior approval from Software Assets Library. Please keep in mind that this is a time and materials contract and that price is not the only consideration in selection of the vendor.

7.0 Contract and license Agreements

Upon award of the contract, the vendor will provide proof of indemnity, liability insurance and will carry omissions and errors insurance to cover the project. The proposal will be incorporated into the final agreement, but will not be the sole governing document in the contract. Software Assets Library will have final design approval prior to installation of the system. Payments will proceed in increments to be worked out with the vendor. Final payment will be withheld until the system has demonstrated to be fully operational.

Idealism Is a Philosophy as
Words: 2702 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26459348
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As a teacher of the very young therefore, idealism in the sense of the attainment of higher values and aims has a special and positive significance in my profession and personal life. Dealing with very young minds places a particularly heavy burden on the teacher. The teacher has a responsibility to shape these minds. It is a truism but also a reality that the early years of education are often the most important, as it is at this age that young minds are shaped for there future. As an elementary school teacher I therefore feel from a profession standpoint that idealism and higher education ideals are essential to adhere to; especially in the early stages of educative development.

The view of idealism that seems to be the most fitting in terms of my role as an educator can be seen in the following quotation." Idealism in life is the characteristic…


Dustin, D., Hibbler, D., Mckenney, a., & Blitzer, L. (2004). Thinking outside the Box: Placing Park and Recreation Professionals in K-12 Schools. JOPERD -- the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 75(1), 51+. Retrieved October 2, 2006, from Questia database: 

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Influence of 2007 Economic Crisis on American Car Market
Words: 24230 Length: 88 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 81822842
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2007 Economic Crisis on American Car market

Effect of the 2008 global economic crisis on automotive industries

Crisis in the United States

Crisis in Canada

Crisis in ussia

Crisis in European markets

Crisis in Asian markets

Effects by other related crisis events

In this paper, we will review the effects of 2008 global automotive crisis. Our main focus will be on the American car manufacturers and the negative impact they suffered due to the crisis. We will also have a look at how this crisis had affected car manufacturers in other major markets around the world notably Europe, Canada and the prominent Asian markets such as China and India. Finally, we will look at some of the other factors which were important to this event namely the energy crisis since the cost of fuel is directly related to the car industry.


The automobile industry is a very important part…


Lee, C. (2003). Financial Liberalization and Economic Crisis in Asia. New York: Routledge.

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Role of General Robert E Lee at the Battle of Antietam
Words: 4657 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 66869143
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Despite over 23,000 casualties of the nearly 100,000 engaged, both armies stubbornly held their ground as the sun set on the devastated landscape."

This point is made time in again among the accounts of the battle, where historians laud General Lee's relentless fighting spirit even in the face of growing losses of precious men and materiel. For example, despite his enormous losses, General Lee continued to prosecute the battle in an opportunistic fashion throughout the daylong battle in hopes of ultimately turning the tide. In this regard, Jamieson advises that, "Even [after sustaining devastating losses], Lee conceded the initiative grudgingly and during the day-long battle he made division-sized counterattacks, exhausted all of his reserves, and looked for opportunities to seize the offensive."

After 12 hours, it would seem reasonable to suggest that both sides would have had enough and would have been exhausted to the point where they could fight…


Armstrong, M.V. (2008). Unfurl Those Colors! McClellan, Sumner, and the Second Army Corps

in the Antietam Campaign. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press

Bledsoe, a.S. (2012, Spring). "The Homecircle: Kinship and Community in the Third Arkansas

Infantry, Texas Brigade, 1861-1865." The Arkansas Historical Quarterly, 71(1), 22-29.

Women in History
Words: 2127 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46889737
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omen to History

omen have contributed to the history of the world from the beginning of time. Their stories are found in legends, myths, and history books. Queens, martyrs, saints, and female warriors, usually referred to as Amazon omen, writers, artists, and political and social heroes dot our human history. By 1865, women moved into the public arena, as moral reform became the business of women, as they fought for immigrant settlement housing, fought and struggled for the right to earn living wages, and stood up to the threats of the lynch mobs. The years beginning in 1865 is known as the Civil ar era and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of great changes, especially for African-American women such as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. omen of all races had to fight for equal rights, even the right to vote ( indeed 'come a long…

Works Cited

Women in American History. Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

A accessed 07-04-2002).


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Self-criticism I Once Heard Cornel
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 31791053
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hat you do in life, good, bad, otherwise, comes back to haunt you. And the suicide of Robert X is an embodiment of that lesson.

In reading about this book, in preparation for this essay, I came across a conversation the author had with John Lowe concerning the tight narrative quality of the book, and I think in commenting about it, Gaines underscores one of the book's major themes:

P: There's nothing wasted in that book. It's totally honest and almost foreordained from the beginning, from the first page.

Gaines: A great man falls, and what he's going to do when he gets up. He feels that even God had failed him. He could not even please God any more (Lowe 184).

This theme, or question rather, of how does one deal with failure is an important one, on the individual level as well as on the group level. How…

Works Cited

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