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Market Segmentation Essays (Examples)

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Market Efficient Respect Set Information Impossible Makes Abnormal Profits
Words: 2918 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63233798
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Market Efficient espect Set Information Impossible Makes Abnormal Profits

Market Efficient

In his work, Fama argued that given the massive use of resources by the brokerage firm to conduct studies on trends in the industry, the effects of changes in interest rates on corporate balance sheets and expectations of managers and/or political analysts of the companies should be able to systematically beat a generic portfolio with the same risk characteristics.

Since, according to Fama, professional in every situation, the analyst has a fifty percent chance of beating the market; although its specific capabilities did not exist he would beat a lot of the market. The analyst did "help" the market to be efficient if all the investors, in fact, would hold portfolios composed of stock indices, would open up significant opportunities for professional traders to take advantage of the situation. But the movement of traders to that "new market" would…


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Market for Toscani's in Parramarra
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4606065
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The segmentation recommended in this marketing plan includes the following:

Ensure that locals (there is an advantage to the restaurant's site) become regulars.

Differentiate the "Italian" notion for those who want something different from "standard," "middle of the road" Italian fare.

Come up with very targeted marketing which ensures focus on the three target customer groups:

Those living/working within a well-defined radius

Those who may know the restaurant from other experiences in Australia

Spur-of-the-moment tourists who see the restaurant and walk in.

Cost structure of industry (especially whether variable cost is a small or large proportion of the normal selling price, and whether there are significant economies of scale of production, importance of transportation costs etc.),

The relative margins earned by restaurants vary from zero to 10% of total sales. Price discounts may be attractive to customers, but can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line if not properly…

Segmentation Influences the Definition of
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44471010
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This trust issue is so strong that many organizations literally will make one manufacturer their sole source for products and services for such critical links as the steel used in their products or the cable used for building bridges. For the hypothetical travel service introduced at the beginning of this paper, the success or failure of the business hinges entirely on the ability to become a trusted advisor to potential and existing clients. In addition to trust, organizational buyers and consumers both evaluate products and services on their congruence or alignment with their own needs and wants. This congruence or alignment with specific needs is critical for any manufacturer to be successful in marketing and selling their products. There are many other factors influencing organizational buyers and consumers, yet trust and congruence or trust specific to product features relative to an organization or consumer's needs are the most critical.



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ISBN: 0130336297

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Segmentation Is the Behavioral One
Words: 1193 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 67597530
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He will probably start purchasing his own toothbrush and will be included in one of the three behavioral groups I have previously discussed. After the age of 55, people seem to lose interest in tooth brushing and are likely to practice it less than earlier.

The most important issue that that managers should consider when deciding on product positioning is the category of consumer they choose to address. In this sense, clear segmentation schemes should be provided, included by income, age, social position, etc. These external environment factors will provide the basis from which the product can be developed, including here features that make up the augmented product and the expected product. Knowing the consumer you target is essential in making and delivering a products that will provide full customer satisfaction and will permit customer retention.

On the other hand, the manager needs to perform an internal analysis and decide,…


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Market Positioning of Samsung
Words: 790 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27553607
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Samsung Cell Phone Market Segmentation

Samsung cell phones have a competitive advantage over most competitors based on the outstanding characteristics such as the apps support, size, the weight, the ability to retain the charge, the number of games it supports, the possibility of paying for gams and install, the aesthetics, the internal memory and the camera quality among other things.


The Samsung cell phone will target two main segments; the trendy young professionals getting into the job market and secondly, the professional middle aged men with a few years of experience in the job market.

Geographic variables in this market segmentation include the rural areas as well as the urban regions where the population is high. These are areas where both the young professionals and the middle aged professionals can be found establishing themselves in various employment sectors or setting up their own businesses.

Psychographic variables considered here are…


Zincubate, (2015). 5 Great Phones for a Young Entrepreneur.

Market Driven Management
Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32150042
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


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Market Segmenting and Targeting Martha
Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3151242
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Creating a homey, comfortable, and beautiful environment is likely to be important for the consumer, as much of the products of the company stress simplicity and elegance, yet adding something a bit extra to everyday life, through the use of homemade crafts, making food from scratch, or added amenities to the home. These are women who are concerned as to what other women think of them, and think of their childrearing and homemaking skills.

hat segments are the ideal targets of the market?

Marketers estimate that although women slightly more than 50% of the population, they women "buy or influence an average of 85% of everything that is sold in the United States," and that number is even higher for food, household items and home improvement items (Clark, 2007) omen are ideal marketing targets because they have "huge appetite to communicate" and often recommend products to their friends, and use…

Works Cited

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Market for Machines Segmenting for
Words: 304 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 965833
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choice of segmentation strategies could also be fine-tuned by the life-
stage of consumers, with those members of a target audience who have young
children needing clocks with simple numerals for example versus the more
ornate clocks that retirees like to decorate their homes with. The use of
attitudinal segmentation in conjunction with lifestyle and psychographic-
based analysis of consumers' needs can lead to entirely new classes of
products being produced. Often those companies with the best understanding
of the preferences of their consumers also create more innovative products
as a result.. In this regard, the use of segmentation as an approach to
driving future product innovation through more effective customer insights
is invaluable as well.

Marketing Leadership Council (2006). Overcoming Complexity in Segmentation
Alternatives. Corporate Executive Board White Paper Series. October,

Marketing Leadership Council (2006). Overcoming Complexity in Segmentation
Alternatives. Corporate Executive Board White Paper Series. October,
2006. Washington, DC.

Market Orientation and Healthcare Case
Words: 841 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 26572052
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3. How the quality of service changed and why?

The quality of service increased significantly as all practices areas of the hospital better aligned to the cultural norms, values and needs of each ethnic population represented by the segments served. The quality also increased because the staff also began to better understand the unique needs of the patients being served, with more emphasis on interpersonal communication than had been the case in the past. This personalization aspect of leadership works both ways; the hospital staff had a much better appreciation and understanding of the unique needs of the population they were serving, and the potential patients and customers developed familiarity and trust with the providers. The next step for the hospital is to create a means to continually evaluate the level of satisfaction they are delivering to patients. The hospital could use the SEVQUAL metrics to evaluate the level of…


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Market Research Assessment of Airlines'
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87591157
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sevice (Huse, Evangelho 2007). What is needed is moe concentation fist on the objectives of the study in light of the planes' poposed econfiguations' inceasing full sevice elative to low cost. Once that hypothesis in conjunction with a picing analysis of how much those loyal business leade taveles on the ailine today ae willing to pay, then a moe accuate eseach design can be developed.

Following a claification of the eseach design and hypothesis, the eseach team needs to also conside attitudinal and psychogaphic eseach in addition to puely looking at the economics of picing as it elates to poviding geate sevices on thei jets in the fom of meeting aeas. Specifically looking at what business leades conside to be exceptional sevice offeings elative to thei baseline levels of expectations is citical to see if the inclusion of tables is even in thei set of pefeences o minimum expectations (Enquist,…

references (Ping, 2004). Unfortunately the questionnaire quickly grew to include many objectives, growing to several pages, which will inevitably introduce respondent fatigue and either a social desirability bias of merely responding quickly to appear done or giving up on the questionnaire and leaving it behind in the jet. Incenting the flight attendants to gain as many responses is possible introduces sampling bias and

Market Dominance When a Company
Words: 466 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88648209
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A challenger thus goes for an all out attack against the leader in order to gain market share. In the field of pharmaceuticals, for example, Merck would be seriously challenged by Pfizer because both companies are massive in size and are targeting almost the same areas. Some of the strategies attained by a challenger would include Frontal attack (offering new and better products at lower price) Leapfrog (offering treatment in previously untouched areas), Flank (reach a new segment of market) and encircle (develop a niche).

Market Nicher:

A company may choose to focus on one single segment and hence achieve the title of a specialist. The company is still trying for domination but only in its selected areas. It doesn't want to compete in every single field like the leader or the challenger. For example a firm may try to become a dominant player in discovering treatments for neurological disorders.…

Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning
Words: 1812 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29834462
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The company will also offer training service for small and home businesses. ATC will achieve strategic positioning by delivering value proposition for its product and services. ATC will use packaging, brand name, styling, quality, and safety to position its products. The company will use cost advantages to compete in distinctive way.

Price: ATC will offer its product and services at industry average price. The company will not offer its products below the industry average price because the customers may believe that the company is not offering the best value for its product and services. However, ATC will use the early payment discount, price discrimination skimming and penetration as the pricing strategies.

Place: ATC will use different distribution strategy to reach customers .The company will open offices at the strategic positions across the United States where customers could order for the company product and services. The company will also use the…


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Business-To-Business B2B Customer Segmentation Is
Words: 829 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88555562
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This is an essential requirement of their roles in an organizations s they progress to more senior positions over time (Nejmeh, 1994). Mastery of complex software is a critical aspect of how members of this market segment continually improve their marketability and also gain greater options for career transitions into senior management. In selling to this segment, it is imperative to not just sell at them, but to educate them through a series of useful interchanges. One of the most critical areas of all for these professionals is knowledge of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, and how it relates to the financial performance of their organizations (Jacobs, 2005). There is also a critical need for understanding and gaining mastery on how entire series of cloud platforms are used for managing an entire enterprise as well, specifically in the area of virtualization and cloud-based performance management (Mladenow, Kryvinska, Strauss, 2012). From…


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Customer Segmentation
Words: 1345 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 47167579
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Customer segmentation refers to the division of customers in a market according to similarities they share. Such characteristics include spending routines, age, gender, interests among other traits. Segmentation is an efficient marketing tool as it allows the organization to focus on a group of customers in the market. The management is able to use segmentation to allocate adequate resources that address the selected group. The management of an organization use segmentation as an innovation tool. The organization is able to identify the needs of majority of its customers and produce a product aimed for this market. Segmentation as an innovative and marketing tool enables the organization to attract and retain a client base that will support an organization's operation.

Marketing research is among the methods used to evaluate the customers segments in a market. Customer segmentation profiling enables the producer to identify the consumer group to target in the market.…


Bailey, C., Baines, P.R., Wilson, H., & Clark, M. (2009). Segmentation and customer insight in contemporary services marketing practice: why grouping customers is no longer enough. Journal Of Marketing Management, 25(3/4), 227-252.

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Marketing Life Stage Segmentation the Generational Cohort
Words: 1274 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80109277
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Life Stage Segmentation

The generational cohort segmentation shows how segmentation divides a population into smaller distinct groups. The different and unique characteristics of each group formed during segmentation allow advertisers to get an important guidance for communications planning. There are generally five ways of using this information once advertisers have divided a certain group.

First, segmentation permits advertisers to consider differences within the potential consumer audience for a particular product or service. As the segment characteristics in the generational cohort segmentation illustrate, it is unlikely that all individuals in the broader adult population will see all brands within a product category as equally acceptable or all advertising messages for brands within a category as equally relevant or persuasive. Different segments are likely to respond differently to the same product or advertising message. Thus, segmentation provides the information required for the planning and presentation of an advertising campaign that exactly…

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Psychographic Segmentation of Starbucks
Words: 2226 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40414572
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Starbucks, a Market Analysis

Starbucks is a major, world wide coffee retailer specializing in a variety of brands of blend coffee and iced beverages, among other related products. Within the market sector Starbucks exists stands several competing companies such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Caribou Coffee. Each company shares similar strategies, appealing to a similar demographic, and hails themselves as the high-end of coffee-based shops/cafes. They also share a similar promise of quality ingredients and service. The difference is, while a company like Starbucks focuses on the behavior of consumers to market their product, a company like Caribou coffee relies on the taste and quality of their product, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf rely on location and ease of access.

Starbucks was selected as the primary company to analyze due to its immense popularity and success over the last decade. It has become one of…


Mayo, E.J. (1977). The impact of the consumer's psychographic and demographic characteristics on buyer behavior: A comparative analysis of psychographics and demographics as segmentation variables in a rail passenger market. Ann Arbor, Mich: Xerox University Microfilms.

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Audi Segmentation and Marketing Plan Audi Is
Words: 1005 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65621817
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Audi: Segmentation and Marketing Plan

Audi is a luxury car manufacturer with international sales and recognition for its cars, but without the degree of market share as other luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW, and without the sense of extreme performance and luxury offered by brands such as Porsche and Ferrari (Motor Trend 2010). By developing better market segmentation and an overall marketing strategy, Audi can better position itself to achieve greater growth and a larger market share in the luxury auto industry. This paper will attempt to provide a brief overview of various strategic components that should be considered and acted upon in Audi's marketing strategy.


Market segmentation is a key component of successful marketing plans in all industries, and perhaps especially in the highly competitive automotive industry. The higher cost of luxury cars adds even greater complications to marketing endeavors as it makes these items highly…


Audi. (2010). Accessed 7 December 2010. 

Car Connection. (2010). Audi. Accessed 7 December 2010. , audi

Motor Trend. (2010). Audi. Accessed 7 December 2010.

Google's Strategic Plan Satisfying the Market
Words: 1530 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71271006
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Target Market

Google will focus on market segments that demonstrate the ability to expand with the business as it continues to invent products for the future technology. The well-informed student segment is subjected to vast technological advances and is easy technology adapters. This makes this segment an ideal market for the company to focus on. Besides its internet product, Google is revolutionizing its digital media platform. The perceptive student segment is always plunged in the digital media, and the company will maximize on this segment's needs for better technology. By concentrating on this market and acquiring recognition, the company will ensure this segment remains loyal to its brands due to its continuous quality products and technological innovations.

Market segmentation

Geographic segmentation:

The internet is a universal device so the company will appeal to highly diverse users.

Most of its customers will be global

The products provided by the company will…

Samsung S New Target Market
Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68807212
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Samsung Cell Phones


The first distinct market segment for Samsung is the enterprise market, which is primarily regarded as employee phones market. This market segment has grown tremendously in the past few years and businesses incorporate phones into work processes. The segment contains the working class population with different income, age, and of different gender. The population is in different geographic and can be segmented through user status for employees who are looking for ways of enhancing work processes. The second market segment for Samsung cell phones is the early adopter market, which comprises of children or technically ignorant or naive customers. This segment contains children who are looking for phones to play with or individuals seeking for easy-to-use phones. The behavioral segmentation of this market is user status since it's made of first-time users or technically ignorant users who are usually found within the home setting. The individuals…

Works Cited

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Mixed-Method Approach for Developing Market
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 75030036
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The researchers triangulated the data sources by interviewing over 60 organizational members, including CCI staff, managers from diverse hierarchical positions, staff members, and employees. Each interview lasted between 45 and 120 min and was transcribed in full for coding purposes. The researchers also collected more than 2,000 pages of relevant documents, including minutes from CCI staff meetings, annual reports, intranet postings, and several drafts on a strategic communication plan. This sample size appears to be adequate and appropriate for the study being undertaken.

The article Are Consumers ational? Experimental Evidence? By Shugan (2006) looks at the different tests that can be used to try and predict consumer behavior. The difference between experimental and statistical controls explains the divergence in conclusions. Experimental controls test rationality based on whether previously absent variables exhibit significant explanatory power holding known explanatory variables constant. Statistical controls test rationality based on the incremental explanatory power of…


Rohm, a.J., Milne, G.R., & McDonald, M.A. (2006). A Mixed-Method Approach for Developing Market Segmentation Typologies in the Sports Industry. Sport Marketing

Quarterly, 15(1), 29-39.

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Journal of Business Ethics, 90(3), 311-329.

Capital Fall if Financial Markets Are No
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45468905
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capital fall if financial markets are no longer segmented? What evidence is there of this effect?

Up until the mid-1940's markets where knows to be restrictive in cash flow movement, this in combination with tax and transactional barriers on ownership by foreign entities meant that equity markets were not developed. They were in fact marked with low liquidity, not enough regulation and inconsistent disclosures.

If capital markets are segmented, then investors can only invest domestically. This means that the market portfolio (M) in the CAPM formula would be the domestic portfolio instead of the world portfolio.

This equilibrium had banks, securities market and capital markets as the primary source of finance. The localized source of finance meant that domestic investors were they only players in the market with most shares, resulting in high cost of capital.

1970's brought on the liberalization of markets in the developed countries which resulted in…


Basak, Suleman. "An intertemporal model of international capital market segmentation."

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 31 (1996) 161-188.

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Journal of Finance 50 (1995) 403-444.

Apple Market Share Increase for Ipad 4
Words: 4916 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30566564
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Apple needs to increase its market share for iPad 4.

Product outline

Apple Inc. is a well known technology firm that specializes in designing, production and selling of computers, mobile phones and music related devices. The most outstanding feature of Apple Inc. is the brand-perception as well as identification. Apple has built itself to become a cult-brand over the last decade with the strategy to invest and market iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines working to fortify the brand loyalty hence the cult-brand formation. The short-term goals that Apple Inc. put in place are geared towards increasing the sales of the iPad which is one of the most recent products of Apple. Apple Inc. is a fairly large corporation with a huge startup capital base and a corporate culture that is inclined towards engineering and innovation. It is known to properly utilize the bureaucracies that exist and also possessing good customer culture…

Apple increase in market'share for iPad 4
Words: 4916 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20911327
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Apple needs to increase its market share for iPad 4.

Product outline

Apple Inc. is a well known technology firm that specializes in designing, production and selling of computers, mobile phones and music related devices. The most outstanding feature of Apple Inc. is the brand-perception as well as identification. Apple has built itself to become a cult-brand over the last decade with the strategy to invest and market iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines working to fortify the brand loyalty hence the cult-brand formation. The short-term goals that Apple Inc. put in place are geared towards increasing the sales of the iPad which is one of the most recent products of Apple. Apple Inc. is a fairly large corporation with a huge startup capital base and a corporate culture that is inclined towards engineering and innovation. It is known to properly utilize the bureaucracies that exist and also possessing good customer culture…

Death of Consumer Segmentation
Words: 553 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 73067278
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online newspaper relate reflection back concepts. Find article online newspaper related concepts

Market segmentation: Article review

According to the advertising and marketing trade publication Ad Age, despite the commonly-embraced concept of consumer segmentation, the 21st century may oversee the death of this method of market analysis. First and foremost, "the rather static definition of consumer segments is becoming less reliable in our extremely volatile society, especially in today's economic climate" (Fassnacht 1). In other words, identity segments are changing faster than marketers can build coherent new market segment definitions. As soon as a campaign is generated, it becomes irrelevant. Additionally, the volatility of modern society means that consumer's self-definitions have become far more complex. Consumers today are very resistant to being pigeonholed. The "feel, rightfully, that they belong to a multitude of segments. They can be the professional executive in the morning, the boyish sports fan in the evening, the…

Works Cited

Fassnacht, M. "The death of consumer segmentation?" Ad Age. Web. 13 Apr 2009. 4 May 2014.

Chipotle's Entry Into Singapore Market
Words: 2973 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 13067766
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Country and Company of Specialty Marketing Strategy

Introduction about Singapore

Introduction of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Background of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Global Macro Environment

Macro Environment Analysis, PEST analysis

Politics, ules and egulations


Society and culture


Opportunities and the threats



Global Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Primary competition in the selected market

Secondary competition

Entry Strategies Discussion & Evaluation in the selected country

Entry Strategy Selection and discussion in the selected country

Target market analysis & segmentation

Target market analysis

Target market segmentation

Global Marketing Mix Strategies

Product Strategy

Current product strategy with examples

ecommended product strategy

Price Strategy

Current price strategy with examples

ecommended price strategy

Promotion Strategy

Current promotion strategy with examples 13

ecommended promotion strategy 13

Place strategy 14

Current place strategy with examples 14

ecommended place strategy 14

eferences 14


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., simply referred to as Chipotle, is a…


Bogoslaw, D. (2008). Growing Pains for Chipotle. Business Week Online, Retrieved 25 June 2015 from Business Source Premier Database.

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Small Medium Enterprise Setup Financial and Market Analysis
Words: 7098 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 38309626
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Small Medium Enterprise Set Up

Mission statement

Business goals


Market research (location and size of market)

Market segmentation (which segments will you target)

Marketing plan

Products/services and target market(s)


Promotions and advertising

Pricing policy

Evaluation of marketing


Legal and licensing requirements

Organisational structure and staffing

Insurance and security issues

Business premises

Equipment required

Production process

Critical risks/contingency plans

Financial projections

Capital expenditure forecast

Sales forecast

Cash flow forecast

Projected profit and loss statement

Owner's personal expenses (continued on next page)

Environmental responsibility and Eco-sustainability

Implementation timetable

Conclusions and future directions

Executive Summary

Business Plan Structure

The business plan will focus on establishing a new kind of insurance company in Australia called Jade Insurance. Their basic goals are to offer clients with low cost solutions, better service and more personal attention on host of products. This will be achieved through working with local and overseas carriers. The idea…


General Insurance Industry Survey, 2010, KPMG, viewed October 25, 2013

Global Insurance Market Trends, 2012, OECD, viewed October 25, 2013

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Market Orientation Strategies Affect the Acceptability of
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market orientation strategies affect the acceptability of their products and services among their customers. Even though banks -- above all -- are utilizing old-style approaches of endorsing their financial services and products; their marketing strategies have mainly been controlled by relationship marketing, digital marketing, rivals' strategies, and complete industry behavior. The entire attention of their marketing orientation stratagems is to appeal to new customers in addition to keep the present customers by proposing the most inexpensive and consistent banking services and products at the most reasonably priced fees. As a result, there is a huge necessity to recognize how these marketing orientation strategies truly influence the level of suitability of the general consumers. In order to gather the information a phenomenological study will be used because it is one that focuses on descriptions of what individuals are experiencing and how it is that they experience what they are experiencing. Interviews…

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Market Case Analysis for Verizon Fios TV
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market case analysis for Verizon FiOS TV offered by Verizon Communications. The analysis consists of product, pricing, promotional, and distribution strategies which Verizon Communications should follow in order to operate in the industry in the most competitive and profitable way. The analysis of industry and competition is also given as a part of marketing research strategy.

Verizon Communications is one of the leading communication services providers in the World. Its major products and services include Verizon FiOS TV, FiOS Internet, FiOS Digital Voice, set-top box, and receiver sets. This paper presents a marketing analysis for Verizon FiOS TV -- one of the most successful communication services offered by Verizon Communications in the United States and some other countries. Verizon FiOS TV is a high quality fiber optic cable network for home television entertainment. Verizon Communications offers its Verizon FiOS TV in all the major cities and towns of the United…


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Market Segments of B2B
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Apple iWatch

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communication strategy is a great manner for a company's brand to specifically lay emphasis on the consumers. Apple Inc. uses integrated marketing communication (IMC) so as to communicate with its target market. The communication plan of the company is modified with regard to the target market, the product position and the society in overall. Apple Inc. in determined to be close to its consumers by providing quality and increasing its brand awareness to its consumer base. The company uses social marketing to generate emotions and relationships with consumers. For instance, the company comes with innovative products, such as the iPhone and iPad to increase the user experiences of the consumers. Some of the tools of IMC employed by the company include: interactive or internet marketing, direct marketing, advertising, sales promotions and also public relations. In general, Apple Inc. is largely focused on increasing…


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Market Research and Company Overview
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Athletics Supreme Marketing Plan

Company Overview and Market esearch

Overview of Company

Athletics Supreme is a company that has been in the sporting product industry for 10 years now. The main offices and largest retail store of the company is located in New York City. In particular, the company has become a household name in providing sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and balls, rugby balls and footballs. In addition, the company offers sporting exercise equipment, such as treadmills, weights, rollers and the like. The company has grown, both in scale and size, over the past five years. It has been able to open several other retail stores in different states across the nation. In addition, the company has also been able to expand globally with one store in Canada and another in the United Kingdom. In the contemporary, owing to the increase in demand from consumers and popularity, Athletics…


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Whole Foods Segmentation
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Whole Foods is a grocery retailer. They operate in a single operating segment according to their Form 10-K, which is "natural and organic food supermarkets." Within this single business, there are multiple customer segments that Whole Foods seeks to serve. Using different segmentation methods, such as demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral, this paper will seek to better understand how Whole Foods is segmenting the grocery market. The company's positioning can be understood in the context of its mission statement: "…devoted to the promotion of organically grown foods, healthy eating and the sustainability of our entire ecosystem." There are hints in there about the nature of Whole Foods' business. Implicit in this is also the reality that natural and organic foods are often more expensive to produce, and as a result cost more at the retail level.


Probably the easiest of Whole Foods' segmentation to tackle is the geographic…


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Trends in the German IT Industry
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Market esearch -- Germany

German IT Market

German is the biggest and most mature IT industry in European countries. Its high levels of urbanization, knowledge, and affluence combined with its powerful economic efficiency makes it a welcoming IT market. It is expected that there will be powerful pre-paid customer growth in the in German market. Major players include Vodafone with 33% share of the market, T-Mobile with 32%, E-Plus with 18% and O2 with 15%. Since Vodafone released Germany's first commercial 3G solutions in 2004, 3G solutions are becoming progressively frequent. All the four IT providers are expected to invest in the development and update of their 3G network. Vodafone, Deutsche, and O2 are in the process of establishing Long-Term Evolution (LTE) systems, following the sale of new frequencies (Antonelli, 2008). This paper seeks to highlight the retailing trends and challenges facing German IT Market.

Trends in the area of…


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European Market With a Chilean
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Thus, despite the high per-capita incomes in Scandinavia, consumers are value-conscious. Unlike Germany, Scandinavians are willing to pay more for wine, and recognize quality differences.


Like Scandinavia, the Netherlands is open to wine imports. With historical connections to Spain and Portugal, and without alliances with Italy or France, Dutch wine drinkers are friendly to imports and to the Spanish character found in Chilean wines. Like Scandinavians, the Dutch have high per-capita incomes are willing to spend for super-premium wines. They are unwilling to 'overpay' for quality, however, and are likely to compare the quality of an 8 pound Chilean wine to similarly-priced products from Australia, the U.S. And other major wine exporting countries.

Chilean Wine Promotion in Europe

Chile is not alone in wanting to increase wine exports to Europe. Australia and the United States have developed significant market share and see growing exports to European markets. The Wine…


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Benefit Segmentation in the Oral
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4. Specialty toothpastes created for customers with sensitive teeth, gums or other medical conditions, with customer experience being the most critical

5. Lifecycle approach similar to Crest yet focused on the consumer's purchasing lifecycle

Based on this analysis, my top five criterion are as follows:

1. High performance toothpaste capable of delivering preventative protection and has a fresh taste

2. High performance cavity prevention

3. Making dialing brushing less of a chore and more fun and enjoyable

4. Available in a wide variety of flavors

5. High performance, rapid whitening toothpastes that bring quick results to teeth and gums.

Based on these criterion, I have become a loyal Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope -- Citrus. This toothpaste fits my profile of benefits precisely and has led to my becoming brand-loyal to this specific product based on the benefits it delivers.

2. Select another oral care (e.g., toothbrush) product where…


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Marketing Segmentation for a Sports
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In terms of the least important of these segmentation approaches the least important is substantial, as a unique value position and resulting unique market position would be of more value. Creating segmentation strategies based more on the attitudes and values of auto consumers (Sukhdial, Chakraborty, Steger, 1995) has proven to be effective. Unique value propositions that resonate with potential sports car purchasers need to align with their values, preferences and self-concept. The potential customers must see congruence between their own values and needs and the segmentation, market messaging and market positioning of the sport car for any marketing campaign to be effective over the long-term.


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Seounmi Youn, Hyuksoo Kim. (2008). Antecedents of Consumer…


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Psychographic Segmentation
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Psychographic Segmentation is one of the many different approaches taken in dividing the market into segments. It divides the market into groups based upon social class, lifestyle and personality. It is based upon the assumption that types of products and brands an individual purchases will reflect that person's characteristics and patterns of living.

Social class is the single most used variable for research purposes, and divides the population into groups based on the occupation of the Chief Income Earner, as such it can be seen as a socioeconomic scale.

An example of this is the National eadership Survey in the UK. The following chart summarizes the socioeconomic scale:

Social Grade

Description of Occupation


Upper Management

Company director

Middle management

Middle manager



Bank Clerk


Skilled manual Labor


Semi- & unskilled labor Laborer

Pensioners and Unemployed

Unemployed, etired

This scale operates on the assumption that individuals in…


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Product Not on the Market
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a) The product is a food replicator. This product can rearrange the particles in the air and turn them into comestibles. The user will simply enter the food that he or she wants to eat, and the replicator will create it. There will be models that are focused on different ethnic cuisines, so if somebody in the U.S. asks for chicken and waffles, they can get that, and if someone in Singapore wants chicken rice, that can be arranged.

b) The market is going to consist of high net worth individuals. This is because the replicator is expensive to produce. Also as a unique product it has a lot of inherent value to people, especially given the popularity of fine dining these days. So net worth is the primary segmentation variable. Income is a proxy for this.

c) I chose this method of customer segmentation because the product costs…

Demand States in a Market
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Yet, they do not know exactly what it is that they want. A database would be extremely helpful at this stage as it could offer information on the type of products and services the customers need and the new market could as such be created. A relevant example of an emergent market is constituted by the it products and services within most developing countries. The second evolutionary stage occurs as the products and services introduced in the emergence stage begin to register high levels of sales. At this level, more producers are interested in promoting their own products within the growing market and the future expectations related to it are generally positive. The growth stage of the market is also supported by customers, who realize the benefits of the given product, but also by companies which develop and implement strong marketing campaigns.

The third evolutionary level is maturity, a situation…


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International Financial Markets and Institutions
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27-29) This provoked financial demands and awareness of the people in different parts of the world. People and businesses are dissatisfied with the traditional financial systems due to lack of opportunities for investors. Businesses today require more diversified portfolios for investments because this will reduce their investment risks and increase the probability of future capital flows.

Increased capital mobility has increased the importance of exchange rates which is serving as a monetary policy channel in some industrialized economies. In mid 2000s, there was a sharp shift in the flow of international investments and savings (geographic pattern) resulting in the segmentation of current account imbalances. This was also a major contributing factor. Additionally, the domestic financial markets were also affected by the change in regulatory environment. The two important factors for this are as follows:

1. apid growth of OTC (over-the-counter) markets of derivatives in terms of complexity as well as…


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Role of Market Research in
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What is lacking however are programs to better monitor competitors, understand more macro-economic and larger industry trends, and also understand how substitute technologies could potentially influence the company's direction. In short, the company's market research department excels at the short-range projects yet is either neglecting or doesn't have the resources to deal with the longer-range research areas that will also impact the company.

Each of these areas of shortcoming will next be analyzed, in addition to a series of recommendations for making the department more effective at the longer-term market research needs going unmet today.


The company I work for manufactures high technology products including parts for computer equipment used in personal computers and network routing equipment used for creating local area networks. As this is a fast-changing industry the ability to monitor and capitalize on longer-term trends is critical for our company, which is an area of market…

Marketing Procedures for Volvo's S60 Model Market
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Market Analysis for the Volvo S60

Market Analysis for the Volvo S60

Company profile

Volvo, a Swedish-based car production company, stands out as the leading manufacturer of premium cars. The company produces luxury cars with the vision to provide to the world the most luxurious desired automobile. The company's mission entails providing the world's most exciting and safest cars for the modern families. By extension company seeks to increase shareholders values.


Good heritage

Firm trust in their brands

Accredited environmentally friendly production process and use

High regard for safety

Quality Customizations

Good relations with the customer that achieves development of products related to customer preferences


The company following a change of guard seems to have confusion with identifying itself in the market

The products under the company logo appear costly compared other products in the market

Limited market shares and penetration



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