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Segmentation -- Barcelona Travel

Market segmentation is a technique that groups consumers with similar needs and common buying behaviors into segments. These segments become the basis for targeted marketing, which is a more efficient and effective method of marketing than advertising to the masses (Epetimehin, 2011). A feature of market segmentation is the creation of consumer personas or profiles. Consumer personas are pegged to distinct market segments identified through the segmentation processes (Epetimehin, 2011). The use of consumer personas and market sub-segments requires a balancing act of using fine-grained filters while avoiding too discriminations that are too fine. Conceptually, consumer personas and sub-segments help businesses to reconcile consumer needs and desires with the limited resources of the firm (Epetimehin, 2011). A marketing segmentation approach is essentially a customer-centered approach that allows the products and marketing offerings to be adjusted so as to match the distinctive attributes and behaviors of consumer groups.

A market segmentation approach is conducted by following certain fairly standard steps that are designed to understand the correlations patterns among large consumer groups. Segmentation begins by identifying a constellation of metrics that will be used as the basis for determining how to group consumers (Epetimehin, 2011). Demographic information is typically included in the segmentation metrics. The most common demographics include attributes such as age, gender, level of education, household income, area of residence, and so on. Obtaining more detailed information about consumers strengthens the segmentation process, generally improving the success of the ultimate marketing campaign. (Epetimehin, 2011)

The two consumer profiles for the couples traveling to Barcelona follow.

Ambassadors of Architecture

The consumers in this group are young, newly married, university graduates, traveling on their honeymoon. They are seeking romance and luxury on a budget. Their travel plans include spending time together, indulging in quality walking sightseeing tours, and following their passion, which is the architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

Gallery Gazers and Gourmet Grazers

The consumers in this group are keenly interested in visiting the art galleries in Barcelona and, are particularly fond of the work of Picasso. Since they enjoy regional foods, they are interested in the internationally renowned restaurants in the city. Because the couple in this profile are of upper-middle age, they plan to avoid climbing stairs and walking long distances. They prefer public transport and taxicabs to travel to the sights of Barcelona. They are considering some guided tours to locations just outside of Barcelona.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. The population of Barcelona is roughly 1.5 million people. Located on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, Barcelona is flanked by beautiful beaches. In 1992, the Olympic games were hosted by Barcelona, an event that infused the city with modern renovation and innovation. The city boasts extraordinary examples of old and new architecture and design. Yet Barcelona maintains the intimacy for which European cities are well-known, with features such as world-class restaurants, shops full of handcrafted treasures and luxury goods, outdoor markets, and a plethora of basilicas and museums.

Barcelona was governed by the Romans and the French, and these influences can still be seen in the neighborhoods throughout the city. The major districts of Barcelona are as follows:

Ciutat Vella -- This is the Old Town of Barcelona that contains sights that are pseudo-medieval, retaining many old structures such as Barri Gotic, El Born (or La Ribera), El Raval, and La Rambla. Barrio Eixample is now a modernist quarter and is visited most often for its art nouveau structures and buildings. Bario Gracia was once an independent town, but joined the city in the


Largely a residential area, Bario Gracia is cosmopolitan with narrow streets and an artsy, fresh atmosphere. Sants-Montjuic offers the Placa d'Espanya or Spain Square where exhibitions and fairs are held in good weather; for instance, the notable Universal Exhibition of 1929 was held in this square. Because of the happy mix of festivals, monuments, and museums, Sants-Montjuic is very popular with tourists. Sant Marti is primarily a business district of little interest to tourists, and the Inland Suburbs are residential areas.

The following itineraries have been built for the two customer profiles, but will occasionally mesh when the couples engage in activities as an extended family unit.

Itinerary for the Architecture Ambassadors

The sightseeing tour for the Architecture Ambassadors will begin with two of Barcelona's best sights that are so close in proximity to one another that it takes just five minutes to walk from one of the sites to the other. These famous sights are La Sagrada Familia and Hospital de Sant Pau. Tourists that are not in the know will go to the Sagrada Familia metro station straightaway, but more experienced visitors to Barcelona will go to the Hospital de Sant Pau at the Sant Pau Dos de Maig metro stop. When they disembark at this metro station, the visitors will see Barcelona's famaous contemporary hospital that is built in a modernist design style.

When the tour of the hospital is complete, the visitors will take off walking down the Avinguda de Gaudi toward Gaudi's very famous unfinished basilica, La Sagrada Familia. It takes some time to walk all around the perimeter of the basilica -- and it takes time to take it all in. A visit to La Sagrada Familia should never be hurried.

With two new tally marks on their belts to reflect their visit to these beloved and famous architectural attractions, the couple will want to put some nourishment under their belts, too. There are many good places to grab some lunch in establishments that are within walking distance. It is best to examine the sandwich boards on the sidewalks outside of the restaurants as the menus change daily depending on the catch and the markets. Indeed, the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is the largest farmers' market in Barcelona. Originating in the 13th century as a pig market, La Boqueria is one of the finest outdoor markets in the world -- a perfect stop for couple Gallery Gazers and Gourmet Grazers. The market is accessed off La Rambla, and is a popular place to grab a quick lunch in any of the tiny gourmet restaurants that provide fresh seafood and other Mediterranean specialties. Indeed, the market is populated by butchers, charcuterie shops specializing in cured meats and the famous Spanish hams, cheesemongers, fishmongers, and greengrocers.

Las Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona. Like many main streets in destination cities, Las Ramblas is lined with exclusive shops carrying expensive and luxury goods. But there are also less expensive, quirky little shops -- many smaller shops carry unique handcrafted items that are made by the owners and keepers of the shops. In addition to the interesting architecture of the buildings along Las Ramblas, there are street performers, shows, and many places to stop and sip beverages while soaking up the vibrant, ever-changing atmosphere of the main avenue. The Joan Prats Gallery, located at Rambla de Catalunya 54, was established in 1976 to promote contemporary art and to present the workds of well-known and emerging artists of all nationalities.

This full day is reserved for the Gothic Quarter. The Barri Gotic is the most famous district in Barcelona. The narrow streets are charming, offering surprise tableaus at every turn. Some of the most interesting streets are found between the Placa Reial and the seafront.

On the other side of Barcelona from Las Ramblas and the Barri Gotic is the district known as El Born. Most visitors are drawn to El Born because it is the location of the Picasso museum. The narrow streets will remind walkers of the streets in the Barri Gotic -- they are just as interesting. The Basilica de Santa Maria is worth seeing: the outside of the gothic cathedral is rather unimpressive, hemmed in as it is by neighboring buildings, but the elegant interior has unusual slender pillars and tall bright windows, along with a few works of art. In addition, the basilica is conveniently located near some very excellent wine bars.

Although it is about a half hour ride outside of Barcelona's city limits, a day trip to Montserrat is a requisite Barcelona activity. The name Montserrat means serrated mountains, an apt description for the terrain. A famous monastery is located in the stunningly jagged mountains and there are inviting hiking trails that provide a close up view of this rugged rural area just on the petticoats of Barcelona.

The Barcelona quarter known as El Raval was once a seedy section of the city. But over the past decade or so, the city has cleaned up the area considerably. El Raval now has a number of sights that are worth the trip. The Carrer dels Tallers has many music shops, there are a number of excellent restaurants, and the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona is compelling.

The primary sites of Gaudi architecture are the Parc Guell in Gracia, the Sagrada Familia in Eixample and the houses La…

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