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Maternity Leave Essays (Examples)

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Fathers Should Get More Paternity
Words: 1408 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18041639
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The lack of paternity leave does not promote greater flexibility for employers and employees to agree on the most suitable way to balance work and domestic needs without interference from the government.

hy Fathers Should Get More Paternity Leave:

Despite of the stigma associated with men's involvement in child care and domestic issues, fathers should get more paternity leave because of the benefits of taking some time off after the birth of a child. Currently, there is a growing body of research that demonstrates that longer paternity leave contribute to certain long-term benefits. Some of the major benefits and reasons for more paternity leave to fathers include & #8230;

Increased Involvement in Child Care:

Based on the findings of a 2007 study by Columbia University researchers, fathers who get more paternity leave are more involved in child care months after resuming work (eber par, 13). Furthermore, an evaluation of leave-policy…

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Balancing Work and Life
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27195752
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Work Life Balance

When planning to have children there are ideals that one may wish to achieve; a good work life balance is one. The idea scenario would be to have a successful career which will provide for a good income and quality of life, and the ability to enjoy that good quality of life with the family. uality of life includes the provision of material well being, such as a comfortable house in a good neighborhood, to have nice holidays, and not worry about paying the bills. However, quality of life also includes psychological well-being, and intangible aspects of life, including time to spend with loved ones, including helping children learn and enjoying watching them grow, playing with them were relaxed and happy, and being an integral part of their lives.

The problem faced by many is the way in which this balance can be achieved; it may be…

Question 2

The United States should require companies to provide paid maternity leave, but only in certain circumstances. For example, it would be unfair to require an employer to provide an employee with maternity leave, along with maternity pay, if they have only been with the company short period before they fall pregnant and have to take time off. However, once an employee has been with the company for a minimum period, for example two years, then I believe maternity pay should be provided. It is notable, that in countries such as Sweden, there are significant requirements for paid maternity leave, and the U.S. is the only country which does not guarantee paid maternity leave (Shaw, 2014). However, it maybe argued that expecting employees to meet the entire burden of this may be difficult, especially in the beginning. Therefore, the government should provide some assistance, is paid maternity leave and also be benefiting the government in short-term, in terms of potential welfare payments, and in the long-term by supporting a better work life balance. Therefore, company should gain some type of subsidy or other benefit such as increased tax breaks in order to counteract the cost of providing maternity care.

Paternity care may also be

Designer Story Now the Whole
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 82932375
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It was tough the first year of being in business for himself.

Breaking Points

Although his mother was unsupportive of his decision to be a designer, David persisted through the lean times. One day, he spotted an ad for the Elle New Talent Competition. He started to apply, and then realized that he needed to submit full storyboards and materials overnight. Like a scene from Project Runway, David pulled an all-nighter and made it happen. Three days later, he was in the top twelve. Three months later, he was in the finalists, and then…he won.

Winning the Elle New Talent Competition launched David's career in earnest, but it did not mean instant success. He still had no full-time, dependable clients. As he considered returning to teaching, David had a lucky break. The House of Montiac called him to work in Cape Town. Rather than leave his budding business in Johannesburg,…

Employment at Will Concept in the Modern Work Environment
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 11759084
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Gizmo Inc.

Will either of their grievances be heard in court? Why?

Becky's case has a very realistic possibility of being heard in court. This is from releasing her at a time when she was experiencing complication during her pregnancy. In this situation, she can claim that the company did not abide by the different provisions of the law through terminating her employment (after she asked and was initially granted maternity leave). This surpasses the arbitration clause in her employment contract by directly violating the Family Leave and Medical Act. (Cihon, 2013)

Under the law, she can take up to 12 weeks off without having fear of retribution, demotion or suspension. However, in order to be eligible, she must request leave with 30 days prior notification to her employers. Evidence of this can be seen with guidance provided to employers from the Department of Labor which states, "Employees must comply…


Cihon, P. (2013). Employment and Labor Law. Mason, OH: Southwestern.

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Federal Tax
Words: 1151 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66328881
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Employee Compensation Deduction

Tax Research Memorandum

Mr. Jones, President

From: Tax Accountant, CPA

Tax Treatment of Employee Compensation in Business Deductions


Mr. Jones is the President of a corporation owned by him and members of his family. Mr. Jones was paid $48,000 in salary and the corporation paid $12,000 in a pension plan contribution on Mr. Jones's behalf for the tax year. The IRS Agent claims that both the salary paid to Mr. Jones and the pension plan contribution must be taken into account to determine whether the total compensation is reasonable in amount. The corporation wants to know if the pension plan contribution must be taken into account in determining the total compensation reasonableness to Mr. Jones.


The issue is whether the pension plan contribution paid by the corporation must be included with Mr. Jones salary for the tax year to determine whether the total compensation was…

Women in the Workplace Has
Words: 2387 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57161227
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At the same time, occupational segregation still exists in management positions. Part of the problem is that men are able to devote much more time to their career advancement vs. women who have to also consider raising a family and bulk of the responsibilities of that family. At the same time, however there are now many more women who have created role reversal than ever before, becoming the breadwinners within their nuclear family. The glass ceiling primarily exists because there is still exclusivity in the hiring process. Since the job of management hiring is typically sourced to executive search companies, many times such search teams do not include women because of the extra concerns associated with them. As a result, the only method by which many women in management have taken is to remain loyal within their corporate environment until they can climb the corporate ladder. This strategy grants women…


RACE, GENDER AND WORK: A Multicultural

Economic History of Women in the U.S. By Teresa Amott and Julie Matthaci.

Understanding Cultures Influence on Behavior by Richard Breslin

Employment Law in Vietnam Summary of Minimum
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64593249
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Employment Law in Vietnam

Summary of Minimum Statutory Entitlements

Annual Leave

Maternity Leave

Form of Contract


Discrimination Laws

Data Privacy Legislation

The Mandatory Social Security Fund

Employee Compensation

Summary of Visa Requirements

This booklet provides general advice only and should not be treated as a substitute for legal advice. While care has been taken to ensure that details are correct, no responsibility can be taken for losses arising from the reliance upon its contents. Should you have any speci? c questions please contact Dao Nguyen on +84 8 822-8860 or email at dao.- -- .

© 2008. Mayer Brown LLP, Mayer Brown International LLP, and/or JSM.

Mayer Brown is a global legal services organisation comprising

legal practices that are separate entities ("Mayer Brown Practices").

The Mayer Brown Practices are: Mayer Brown LLP, a limited liability partnership established in the United States; Mayer Brown International

LLP, a limited liability…

Business Ethics Pregnancy and Job
Words: 1486 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51939609
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While pregnancy per se is not a permanent condition, there are long-term consequences of the state. (M kel, 2005) the issue of work/life balance and quality of life can become important factors in the life of the female employee. Many organizations also tend to have the perception that women with children will be less focused and dedicated to their work. (Kidwell, 2001) the idea that the man is the bread winner and the woman the nurturer is still the main stream value. Although women have been in the workforce since the industrial revolution, in the past they exited the workplace after a child was born and returned only much later. In the past few decades however, women are less likely to want to leave the workforce. Many factors have impacted this decision -- higher standard of living, single mothers, lower wages and fewer opportunities to return back after an extended…


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Harmonizing Personal and Professional Balance Study of
Words: 9493 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66484944
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This study seeks to show that there are several different family friendly policies being utilized by employers in the U.K. And that these have been necessary for some time. The three main policies are: part-time work, flex-time (flexible start and finish times) and teleworking. All three of these policies are important for working mums and others that would like to have time with their families or for other pursuits. However, not all employers are interested in offering these kinds of arrangements, and many prefer to stick with the traditional work schedule where individuals all come in at a certain time and all leave at a certain time. There is increasing evidence, though, that this does not work well for many people in the U.K. And this is the reason for studying this issue and determining what…

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Lafleur vs Cleveland Sometimes it
Words: 854 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21849856
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There is no individualized determination by the teacher's doctor -- or the school board's -- as to any particular teacher's ability to continue at her job. The rules contain an irrebuttable presumption of physical incompetency, and that presumption applies even when the medical evidence as to the individual woman's physical status might be wholly to the contrary. (Skotzko 65).

The Court did not say what it considered an appropriate time to take leave. It instead alluded to the fact that the woman, herself, with the advice and certification of her physician, should decide when to leave and when to resume work. The Court also did not indicate whether this ruling shoud apply to private institutions. Thus, such determinations must be made on a case-by-case basis.

The one dissenting Justice ehnquist, along with the Chief Justice, viewed the majority decision in terms of philosophical controversy over the validity of presumptions as…


Skotzko, Eugene. "Significant decisions in labor cases." Monthly Labor Review. April 1974. 97, pp. 65-67.

Employment Laws in the United Kingdom
Words: 3644 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68780965
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The author of this report will offer a summary of two important laws and regulations when it comes to employment in the United Kingdom. Those two pieces of law will be the Employment Rights Act of 1996, commonly known as ERA 1996, and the Equality Act of 2010, commonly known as the EA 2010. For both laws, the particulars, specifics and common requirements for all parties involved, both employee and employer, will be covered. While the two laws covered in this report were pass nearly a generation apart, both of them hold a very important place in the employment law paradigm in the United Kingdom.
Employment Rights Act of 1996

Scope & Summary

There are several important requirements and regulations when it comes to the Employment Rights Act of 1996. When an employee starts work with an employer, they are obligated to get a summary of terms and requirements. As…

Women and Children Research and
Words: 1196 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75923162
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Finally, WIC is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (, 2011). WIC offers programs to ensure adequate nutrition for low-income women and infants, during and after pregnancy (, 2011). WIC also offers referrals for "prenatal and pediatric" health care through Medicaid (, 2011

Identify the philosophical attitudes and perspectives that have led to either the support or lack of understanding for and marginalizing of this group.

Women have faced many challenges that do not generally apply to men, including violence and abuse, low relative wages, unequal opportunities in the workplace, insufficient prenatal and general health care, and a lack of emotional and financial support for single-parenting. Progress along these lines has sometimes been slow due to discriminatory attitudes against: women in general (sexism, or objectification leads to abuse), women in the workplace, women who have children when unmarried, birth control and abortion, and low-income women.



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Sociology in the Workplace
Words: 784 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 5352357
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Using your sociological imagination, consider structural, social barriers that may account for racial or ethnic discrimination in the workplace.

Institutionalized racism often goes unnoticed, especially by members of the dominant culture. However, there are serious structural and social barriers that may account for racial and ethnic discrimination in the workplace. As Dumaine, Overfelt, Spruell, Tanz & Whitford (2003) point out, there are still significant barriers to achieving great strides in business for non-whites, even male non-whites. obert Johnson notes, "It's hard for African-Americans to borrow money from banks or raise money from venture capitalists," (cited by Dumaine, et al., 2003). Lack of access to financial capital is of course a preliminary structural barrier to achieving success in the workplace. The underlying social barrier is exclusion; blacks are not part of the "good old boy" club, which continues to characterize social structures in the workplace (Johnson, cited by Dumaine, et…


Collins, S.M. (2005). Blacks on the bubble. The Sociological Quarterly 34(3): 429-447.

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Tahmincioglu, E. (2007). Pregnancy discrimination is on the rise. Retrieved online:

Working Regulations & Conditions the Working Tine
Words: 917 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63123841
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Working egulations & Conditions

The Working Tine egulations of 1998 established a variety of legal provisions impacting the working hours and rest periods of employees. egulation 12 establishes the right to an uninterrupted break of 20 minutes for a daily work period in excess of six hours. egulation 10 establishes an entitlement to a daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours for each 24 hours during which the employee works, although there are a host of exceptions to this provision. egulation 11 establishes the right of adult workers to one day off a week, averaged over a two-week period (National Archives 2012).

There are a variety of provisions, and rights, available to mothers, fathers, and adult caretakers that impact the terms and conditions of an employee's employment. Using women as an example, it is clear that there are many provisions intended to protect, and enhance, the employment conditions and opportunities…

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Differences in Countries' Healthcare Systems
Words: 2074 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62190220
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Healthcare Systems

healthcare system is regarded as one of the most expensive across the globe though it underperforms as compared to other developed and/or advanced countries. The states of America's healthcare system relative to its costs have attracted considerable attention from policymakers, health experts, and business leaders. These various stakeholders continue to look for viable means of improving and reforming the system in order to enhance its efficiency and improve performance. One of the major ways towards this process is comparing the U.S. healthcare system with those of other countries in terms of costs and efficiency. This article compares the American healthcare system with that of Canada and Germany with regards to costs, services provided, and outcomes like infant mortality and insurance coverage.

United States, Canada, and Germany Health Care Systems

As previously mentioned, the American healthcare system is the most expensive throughout the world though it significantly underperforms across…


Baribault, M. & Cloyd, C. (1999, July 26). Health Care Systems: Three International Comparisons. Retrieved from Stanford University website: 

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Thomson et. al. (2013, November). International Profiles of Health Care Systems, 2013.

Ground and Statement of the
Words: 2893 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81527009
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Other polices that are in use in organizations include five day work week, flextime, family leave, and employee assistance programs and turn over intention. The policies include the government-mandated Family and Medical Leave Act which stipulates that an employee is provided with 12 weeks of unpaid leave of absence for family or personal needs, and discretionary policies offered by the organization voluntarily.

Family leave policies allow employees to be away from their workplace for a varying period of time because of family responsibilities. However some specific polices for time away from work for maternity, paternity or adoptions are at the discretion of the employer in different organization. Family leave policies differ between organizations or employers. Female employees are however entitled to have a minimum of 10-week maternity leave in case of pregnancy.

1.2.2. hat are the aims and objectives of the policies?

The need for family friendly policies is to…

Works Cited

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Glover & Crooker, 2006; Working Life, Diversity and Intersectionality: A Critical Review and Research Agenda, London

Working Women and Breastfeeding
Words: 1801 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38995146
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It has been recognized that breastfeeding constitutes the best source of infant nourishment, functioning as nutrition as well as the "living fluid" imbued with a complex blend of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, unique to the mother and her infant. Baby formula is unable to replicate the above essential substances. As breastfeeding is recognized as the superior mode of feeding infants, it must be protected, promoted and supported even among working mothers, after they return to their jobs. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation is that babies ought to be given nothing but breast milk until six months of age, with some amount of breastfeeding to be continued, at least till they reach two years of age (Deirdre Desmond & Sarah Meaney, 2016).

Breastfeeding at the Workplace

Breastfeeding rates in a majority of industrialized nations are generally below the desired levels. For instance, the 2002 U.S. estimate is that roughly seven…

Business Using Gelso 2006 Harlow
Words: 16758 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35830950
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esearchers have an occasion to further organizational science and to make research practical by producing information that can impact changing organizational forms and circumstances. Pragmatically, academic researchers are not likely to get access to a company that is going through change unless the practitioners believe the research will be helpful (Gibson & Mohrman, 2001).

There have been a number of calls to augment the significance and effectiveness of organizational science to companies. The usefulness challenge cannot be defined merely as getting practitioners to value and include what academics learn. It is believed that the usefulness of research depends, somewhat, on the degree to which the perspectives of organization members are incorporated in research procedures and the results are included into those members' organization design activities that take place as their company adjusts to its changing environment. esearch is more likely to be seen as useful if there are occasions for…


Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (U.S.), National Academy of Sciences

(U.S.), National Academy of Engineering & Institute of Medicine (U.S.). (2009). On

being a scientist: A guide to responsible conduct in research, (3rd ed.). Washington,

D.C.: National Academies Press. Retrieved from:

Economic Globalization Is Regarded as
Words: 4337 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5935419
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By means of automation, specialized works that were predominantly done by men in the manufacturing industries situated in the developed nations were diminished. Conversely, non-specialized jobs mainly in the electronic parts manufacturing industries, particularly the microchip, in which unskilled women in a number of developing nations find employment, became bigger. Thus, the electronic parts manufacturers, instead of investing in huge capital-based units, had favored to make use of manual workers based in nations wherein inexpensive, quiet, and for that reason mostly women workers was quickly accessible. (Mitter; owbotham, 1995) Hence, women in Asia could get several jobs from the electronics manufacturing industry. Fresh high school passed out graduates from the tiny villages moved to the cities for jobs available in the semiconductor units. Usually the daughters of those villagers who were high-incomes, these young females, irritated by the absence of clerical as well as semi-skilled employment prospects in their villages,…


Ahmed, Fauzia Erfan. (2004, Summer) "The Rise of the Bangladesh Garment Industry:

Globalization, Women Workers, and Voice," NWSA Journal, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 34-45.

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Electronics Manufacturing: A Longitudinal Study of Occupational Safety," Review of Business, vol. 24, no.3, pp: 35-42.

HRM Best Practices the Primary
Words: 1557 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59535863
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The survey will be distributed among employees to gauge which benefits they deem most necessary in the upcoming decade to promote retention and high performance in the workplace. In addition the researcher proposes interviewing via an open ended questionnaire 10 HM officials within 10 organizations to gauge their views on the emerging trends and role human resources plays in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Data Collection

Surveys and questionnaires will be distributed via electronic format and respondents will be allowed to provide information anonymously in the hopes of gathering as much information as possible. The information gathered from the surveys and questionnaire will be compared with information gathered from the literature review.


From the information gathered from both the field research and the literature review the researcher will develop scientifically grounded conclusions that will hopefully reveal what the emerging best practices and trends are with regard to HM. The research…


Bishop, T.R. & King, a.S. (1991). "Functional requisites of human resources: Personnel professionals' and line managers' criteria for effectiveness." Public Personnel Management, 20(3): 285

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Public Personnel Management, 30(2): 137.

Role Strain and Stress in
Words: 2040 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10590328
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"From the moment of conception where our survival depends on the intrinsic and extrinsic decisions of our host, to the conflicts of development within our internal and external environment, we are consistently reconciling our past, present and future" (Bjorklund & Bee, 2008).

Many of the studies of stressful life events and health have used the Schedule of ecent Experiences, an instrument developed in the mid 1950s, or the Social eadjustment ating Scale, an elaboration of this instrument developed by Holmes & ahe in the mid 1970s. These instruments are not considered state-of-the-art at this time. A detailed history of the evolution of major stressful life event scales can be found in Cohen, Kessler and Underwood Gordon (1995; Chapter 1) and Wheaton & Turner (1995). Moreover, a reader planning to use a life events instrument is strongly encourage to read Wheaton & Turner's (1995) detailed discussion of issues in measuring stressful…


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At& t's Compensation and Benefits AT& T
Words: 1315 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71267733
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In the case of retirees of 65 and over, it decreased from 7.5% in 2007 to 6.36% in 2008. The rate to which the cost trend is assumed to decline was maintained at a constant level of 5% in 2007 and 2008.

Given the company's financial situation and the current global economic conditions, it is estimated that the compensation and benefit costs will decrease in the following years. The company estimated the following evolution:

Pension benefits: $4,964 in 2008, $4,841 in 2009, $4,864 in 2010

Postretirement benefits: $2,520 in 2008, $2,636 in 2009, $2,733 in 2010

Medicare subsidy receipts: $120 in 2008, $130 in 2009, $140 in 2010

The company is very active in the stock-based compensation plan. This type of compensation is encouraged by the company's board of directors. The compensation cost in 2005 reached $143, in 2006 it reached $301, and in 2007 it reached $720.

Advantages and…

Reference List

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Annual Report (2007). at&T. Retrieved February 20, 2009 at .

Sexual Discrimination in the Work Force
Words: 1117 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11658773
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Sex Discrimination in the orkplace

Salomon Smith Barney is one of the world's largest financial brokerage groups, with headquarters in New York City and 500 offices serving more than 100 countries around the world. Recent studies indicate that the financial industry as a whole continues many practices that are discriminatory to women, such as unequal pay as well and discriminatory hiring and promotion practices. This paper examines whether a gender gap in pay and promotion does exist within Salomon Smith Barney and the issues these practices raise from a human resources standpoint. It looks at the deleterious effects these practices could have, both in terms of lawsuits, negative publicity and market/employment competitiveness. Finally, the paper makes recommendations on how the human resources department could help Salomon Smith Barney avoid clams based on sex discrimination in the future.

Studies comparing the salaries of men and women show a dramatic disparity in…

Works Cited

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Marketing Management at Redwoods Group
Words: 1839 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34230702
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Marketing Management

My organization is the edwoods Group, which is a specialized insurance provider. The company states its core purpose is to serve others, and its focus is to keep kids safe. They note that solutions to many problems are "often inconvenient for those used to doing things a particular way" and that edwoods "engages in uncomfortable conversations with people who are not ready to face these issues: public officials, educators, philanthropists, social service and business leaders" (edwoods Group 2013 eport). The company's main business is that of an insurance company, and as a risk consultant. In these roles, edwoods insures YMCAs, camps and community groups. Providing insurance to these bodies, edwoods is not strictly focused on profit-taking, but rather providing the insurance at a level that finances edwoods but otherwise the lack of profit-taking allows it to undercut other insurance companies in competing for non-profit insurance business. The company…


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Working Women Breastfeeding
Words: 1943 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68152077
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Working Women and Breastfeeding

According to Bouchez (2016), nursing babies once involved hardly any complications. As a majority of mothers were housewives, it wasn't hard to keep up with breastfeeding.

However, the scenario today is quite different and complex. With throngs of females joining the labor force, an increasing number of new moms face breastfeeding-related problems, which they must balance with their career demands. About 70% of moms in the workforce have kids aged below three years. About 33% of this cluster rejoins their jobs as soon as their baby turns three months, while about 66% return to work within half a year of the baby's birth. Clearly, a large employee group's breastfeeding requirements are to be accommodated. A number of females claim rejoining their jobs is the key cause of breastfeeding cessation. The many physical and emotional obstacles they encounter at work are: the absence of a pumping-friendly, private…

Close Scrutiny of Books Journal
Words: 9042 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21005672
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2) states:

An eligible employee shall be entitled to a total of seven days of leave because of the death of a parent, spouse, son, daughter, or person for whom the employee serves as designated representative... If the deceased died in the line of duty as a member of the uniformed services. Such leave is intended to permit the employee to prepare for or attend the burial ceremony of the deceased member of the uniformed services and may be paid or unpaid leave.

Conversely, however, the United States Federal government presently has no laws in place to similarly (or otherwise, in comparable and appropriate ways) formally acknowledge and honor the passing of federal government personnel other than military personnel.

According to U.S. Code Title 5, Part III; Subpart E; Chapter 63; Subchapter II (2005), the federal government does in fact authorize, according to three separate sections of Title 5: (1)…


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United States Department of Defense. Retrieved January 31, 2005, at .

Interviews Int 1 And Int
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Both mothers reported that the experience was one that was difficult because it did not fit their expectations. Mother 1 stated: "It's kinda... you know you're glad you have the baby and the baby's doing fine but you know it's like a shock you weren't expecting it to happen this way." Mother 2 noted that, "It's more of an emotional stress. Its like you expect good things to happen and then as good things start happening something happens and it all changes. Additionally, both mothers noted making changes to their plans in the aftermath of the birth. In both cases, maternity care was put on hold and schedule changes were needed to ensure that all of the demands of work, family and home could be met.

The initial loss of control appears to be well illustrated in early questions posed to the mothers about the habits and responses of…

Elise Case Elise Smart Case
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The consistency and the transparency as well as the fairness of performance reviews and their attendant bonuses is important to the organization as a whole, and should not be tampered with here due to one interpersonal issue.


The primary objective of the performance review is not punitive, but rather corrective. As such, Ketchum's review should be approached in as constructive and understanding a manner as possible, yet without making any excuses or additional allowances. The accomplishments that Ketchum achieved and the difficulties in her personal life and her work situation should be acknowledged, and then her failure to meet her most major goal of the year should be directly addressed. Ketchum's own input regarding the reasons for this failure should be sought before Smart gives her own assessment, and this assessment should initially be presented in the form of questions that Ketchum has the ability to agree or disagree…

Compensation and Benefit Systems Implemented at a Major United States Company
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Fun is Good

The Benefits of Google Inc.

The benefits and compensation system for Google Inc. is both varied and complex. It offers many options for the worker at Google Inc. And is meant to increase employee retention rates within the company. Compensation and benefits systems enable leaders to generate and maintain a chance for an effective mechanism that stimulates a culture of self-empowerment, creative modernization, and self-motivating employees. Google is among the top companies in promoting self-motivation and innovation within its employee pool leading to its continual success and high profits.

Google Inc. has become one of the top 100 companies in the world with profits increasing since its formation in 1998 and its first public offering in 2004. Ever since the mid-2000's, Google has received a steady wave of success. "Companies like Cisco Inc. And Google Inc. have structured their leadership to provide the best environment to motivate…

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Business Decision of Downsizing
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.. Of key people, but this material is rarely organized in a fashion that allows for its transmission to other. Employee turnover can negatively affect firm performance through loss of social capital. We expand this by taking into account the tacit knowledge that firms lose when employees leave" (p. 50). Although it is difficult to quantify the value of the tacit knowledge lost when downsizing takes place, it is reasonable to conclude that a company may be shooting itself in the foot by intentionally terminating qualified and knowledgeable employees who represent a potential asset rather than the liability reflected in the downsizing approach.


The research showed that the term "downsizing" as well as the more palatable term, "rightsizing," refers to the practice of companies terminating employees in an effort to become more streamlined and profitable. These terms can also refer to the elimination of redundant positions, temporary layoffs, allowing…


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Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination
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These figures dwarfed what other big businesses paid for discriminatory practices. These businesses included Texaco, Inc.; Shoney's, Inc., Winn-Dixie, Stores, Inc.; and CSX Transportation, Inc. Critics saw Coca-Cola's settlement as signaling a major breakthrough among big businesses as coming to terms with diversity in the workplace (King). ecause the company has been a leader in many areas, these critics regarded it as setting an example of greater openness to promotions across races of employees (King).

Settlement terms included $23.7 million as back pay; $58.7 million as compensatory damages; and $10 million as promotional achievement award fund distributed to the complainants. A remaining $20 million went to attorney's fees and $36 million to the implementation of internal program reforms. Coca-Cola would also create an external, seven-member task force to insure that the terms were complied with and to oversee the company's diversity efforts (King).

According to Social Networks. - Connections in…


Bland, T. (1999). Equal pay enforcement heats up. 4 pages. HR Magazine: Society for Human

Resources Management

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Business Journal: CBJ, LP

Compensation and Non-Compensation Dimensions
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Q12. Describe the impact of legislation on the field of compensation management.

Minimum wage and overtime laws restrict the minimum amount employers can offer to workers; anti-discrimination legislation mandates that employees are compensated without regards to their racial, ethnic, gender, or disabled status.

Q13. Identify the impact of incentives such as bonuses to a compensation program.

For some professions, such as sales and investment banking, bonuses derive the bulk of the individual's expected salary. Bonuses can also be a means of distinguishing social status between employees. Bonuses can also simply be used to encourage higher levels of performance, based upon short-term outcomes.

Q14. Explain how the global market affects U.S.-based companies' compensation.

In a global marketplace, high-quality employees are more 'portable,' but because of the ability to outsource labor, employees may also find their salaries kept artificially low through the availability of lower-cost foreign workers.

Q15. Describe salary/market surveys.


O'Brien Interview Miriam O'Brien Began Her Teaching
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O'Brien Interview

Miriam O'Brien began her teaching career in 1959. After several years hiatus in the mid-1960s, during which time she gave birth to two children, Mrs. O'Brien returned to the classroom in 1967. She remained there until her retirement in 2002. In a 2011 interview, Mrs. O'Brien spoke about her teaching career and about women's roles in County Wexford, Ireland, during her life and working years. One can reflect on the struggles for equality that American women faced and the changes that were effected thanks to the women's movement of the 1960s and 1970s. In Ireland, women faced even greater roadblocks in a traditional, patriarchal society. Mrs. O'Brien spoke of the inequity of men's and women's roles in the teacher profession. It is a fascinating look at practices that many people find shocking at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Mrs. O'Brien first discussed the competitive nature of gaining…

Time Bind
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Russell Hochschild, Arlie. The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work. New YOrk: Owl Books, 2001.

Explain the title. What is the "Time Bind"?

The author of The Time Bind, Arlie Russell Hochschild, states that for many parents today, particularly women, when the formal, paid part of their work shift ends, another unpaid work shift begins. This second shift comprises the demands of home and family care and is effectively another full-time job. This creates a tension, or time bind between work and home, leaving no time for private leisure, much less devoting time to making a better world and community life for the next generation.

More and more women are working, and these women working full-time rather than part-time, despite the demands of their children. Also, men are working more rather than fewer hours, leaving husbands and fathers even less available to help raise the…

People Often Shift to Other Jobs When
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People often shift to other jobs when they feel unsatisfied. This is the case for nurses. Nurses have a high turnover rate in not just one country, but internationally. There is growing shortage of nurses because of lack of job satisfaction. Abualrub & Alghamdi performed a study back in 2012 determining whether leadership style had an impact on job satisfaction and retention rates. The article titled "The impact of leadership styles on nurses' satisfaction and intention to stay among Saudi nurses," pinned transactional leadership style against transformational leadership style, to see if one was more effective at creating higher job satisfaction in Saudi nurses. The authors used a myriad of tests for analysis, the response rate (slightly over half), generated a result that shows Saudi nurses favor transformational leadership style over transactional leadership style.

This essay is not only a critique of the article but it also examines it through…


Andrews, D., Richard, D., Robinson, P., Celano, P., & Hallaron, J. (2012). The influence of staff nurse perception of leadership style on satisfaction with leadership: A cross-sectional survey of pediatric nurses. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 49(9), 1103-1111. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.03.007

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Employee Productivity as a Function
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Adopting the program that enables employees to work from home by accessing their work pc is an innovative and inexpensive method to boost productivity by having employees leave work early or at their leisure to attend to personal matters. The best application is to have the employee on salary to effectively enable this form of work-life flexibility.

Dual career couples at different stages does pose an issue due to the burgeoning family rearing responsibilities and professional induced stress disorders. If the woman is a senior with 10 or more years of experience and the man is less experienced the problems associated are not as severe as if the man were working more due to experience than the woman. A man that works over 50 hours a week will create additional stress in managing the family on the woman. This in turn will lower her productivity at work and potentially create…


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Legal Implications for International Expansion
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" (Lee, 2009)

Core labor standards are stated by Lee (2009) to be "more or less the basic labor rights: that is, the International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards that have been confirmed by the UN Global Compact and adopted or discussed by the GRI and ISO 26000." (Lee, 2009) Those standards include the following: (1) a guarantee of the three labor rights (organizing, collective bargaining, and collective action) based on freedom of association, (2) a ban on forced labor, (3) a ban on child labor, and (4) no discrimination in labor. (Lee, 2009) Stated as important secondary standards are those as follows: (1) responsibility for employment; (2) industrial safety and health; and (3) training and education. (Lee, 2009) Lee states that western multinational companies "...are capable of investment, innovation, and reporting for SR, because they have been exposed to the CSR movement for some time. Thus companies in…


Malaysia (2009) Office of the United States Trade Representative. 8 Oct. 2009. Online available at: 

Thailand (2009) Office of the United States Trade Representative. 

Singapore (2009) Office of the United States Trade Representative. 

Hong Kong (2009) Office of the United States Trade Representative.

Family Social Policy What Are the Different
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Family Social Policy

hat are the different ideological approaches to family social policy…how are they different?

Canada has traditionally taken the position that the responsibility for keeping a family intact is a private issue, not a public / governmental issue, according to Module 9. In terms of the ideological approach to families, the Module 9 explains four strategies.

Familialism is the approach taken in Canada for heterosexual family values; this approach supports women staying home to raise children and men getting jobs outside the home. Any struggles the family may have (money, marriage difficulties) are to be kept within the family.

Liberal Feminism differs from Familialism in that men and women have an equal basis for respect, both in the workplace and at home, but especially in the workplace. This ideology does not suggest that women should be raising children, staying home, and being homemakers. That typical role for a…

Works Cited

McDaniel, Susan A. (2007). Families, Feminism, and the State. In Power and Resistance.

Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing.

Module 9. Family and child Welfare Policy.

Labor Economic
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Labor Economics

Labor is a commodity that needs to be purchased for business activity. In the uncivilized world of the past labor could be exploited to the extreme, but in modern times trade union movement, increased public consciousness, health, safety and environmental regulations and labor regulations have meant that the near slavery condition of the past are totally unacceptable.

Nevertheless, labor remains a commodity requiring efficient, humane and cost effective management to increase profitability and balance human rights and investors' interests. This effort has resulted in labor economics developing as a branch of microeconomics. This paper reviews labor economics and its importance in the modern day economic and business activities.




Important Components of Labor Economics

Labor Supply and Demand

Quality of Labor (Investments in Human Capital)


Non-Wage Labor Costs

Wage Differentials

Workers Mobility

Pay & Productivity

8. Economics of Discrimination

9. Social Accountability

10. Trade Unions…


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Women at Work What Causes Lack of Respect in the Workplace
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gender roles in the workplace pre-exist much of what we think defines what work really is; not only do they pre-exist the modern working world of offices and factories, but they also seems older than more basic things, like writing and currency. From the world of the Tasaday tribe in the Philippines to that of such fields as genetic engineering and astrophysics, men and women are compelled to function within the workforce in different ways. In the United States, women dominate fields such as nursing, teaching, and clerical positions, while fields like engineering, programming and accounting are thought to be the domain of men. Some positions, such as those of flight attendants and nurses, are considered so intrinsically "female" that many men refuse to enter these fields for fear that others will question their sexual preference. Other more coveted positions, such as that of the CEO of a large company,…


Last chapter to include a section for reflection-comments on the research process and, explanation of what I have learned while doing research. Research project must have practical impact on an organization. Purely academic studies are not acceptable. Need to establish measurable objectives.

This action research project is the final component in my degree program.

Women at Work: What causes lack respect towards women in the workplace.

Smoking in Cars With Children Present
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Banning Smoking in Cars With Children: Moral and Legal Issues

Five states in America, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine and Oregon, and also Puerto ico -- have made it a crime to smoke in cars when children are there, and more states are considering the adoption of this legislation as well. For instance, other nations such as Canada, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates are also leaning towards such a ban. The ban is viewed as beneficial in the sense that it not only protects children but it also minimizes the amount of accidents which will be derived from cigarette-related distractions, such as lighting, ashing or dropping them while driving ( However, the biggest impetus for this legislation is the desire to protect all innocent children from exposure to the hazards which are inherently connected to cigarettes and cigarette smoke. One of the inherent necessities of this issue is in…

References (n.d.). Smoking Should be Banned in Cars Whenever Children are Present. Retrieved from 

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Jarvie, J., & Malone, R. (2008). Children's Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Private Homes and Cars: An Ethical Analysis. American Journal of Public Health, 2140 -- 2145.

Strategic Compensation
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Incentive Pay: Strategic Compensation and Its Impact on Human esource Management in the United States

Compensation refers to a wide array of benefits and pay that a company uses to reward employees for performance. Strategic compensation refers to any type of compensation strategy that is aimed at rewarding good performance. Because the variety of companies and their internal structure varies wildly, strategic compensation strategies can vary wildly. For example, many direct sales companies where employees are actually independent contractors use strategic compensation strategies, giving prizes for hitting certain sales goals and increasing compensation percentages with sales. On the other end of the spectrum, large corporations almost always include stock options in higher-level compensation strategies, which directly ties the degree of financial reward to overall corporate performance. Individual companies can tailor their compensation strategies to what their firm does, the number of employees, and what is likely to motivate those employees.…


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the mediating role of knowledge management capacity. Journal of Business Research, 62(1), 104-114.

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Trends and Best Practices in HR
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Business, Legal and Financial Environment

SEIIC is in a technical insurance business. While the business has changed from its traditional characteristics since 9/11, those changes were not outlined in the case so we actually know very little about the challenges that the company is facing in the industry today, just that they are struggling. The business environment is getting more competitive. This could mean that there is competitive from foreign providers, or just new domestic companies entering this business. Insurance was always a quantitative business in nature, so it is also possible that with the rise in built-in diagnostics, the role of the inspector for heavy equipment has changed significantly and may even be less of a technical skill than it once was. Certainly, the skill set demanded of the workers is going to be slightly different. Otherwise, the way that government regulates the insurance business has not changed much,…

Analyzing Compensation and Benefits
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Toyota Company is the world's largest automobile manufacturing company in the world. Similar to what their vision states about being the most respected and successful car manufacturer in the world, the company has achieved that objective. With its headquarters in Japan, the Toyota Company has several branches around the globe. It is not surprising that the company employs hundreds of thousands of employees because of its huge size. The fact that the company employs such a high number of employees also means that it equally has a responsibility to take care of that many employees to guarantee high performance. One of the most important responsibilities of any organization is to fairly remunerate its staff, if they are to ensure better results. Once an organization creates employment opportunities, it then becomes its responsibility to make sure that all the talent and work put in is adequately compensated (McHugh & Nickels, 2008).…


Huitt, W. (2007). Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved from, 

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Business Dictionary. (2015). Retrieved from: 

Maslow, A. H. (1943). A Theory of Human Motivation. Psychological Review, 50(4), 370-96.

Employment Law Is as Important as Knowledge of Criminal Law to the Security Manager


The role of a security manager requires diversity; they are required to oversee a department in order to reduce theft, fraud and make sure an organization's assets are well protected. At the same time, the managers enforce the company's policy and procedures. Mostly, the managers are expected to wear their "human resources hat" to be able to understand the rights and welfare of their co-workers. This, together with the direct line reports, enables them to work within the codes of practice while maintaining a professional working relationship. Therefore, it's crucial for the security manager to generally understand the employment law, especially in those areas that directly relate to their role. The knowledge is critical whilst dealing with issues or situations that may arise with regards to other employees.…


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Financial Counseling Profile Tackling Mid-Life
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She is well-connected within the community and is confident that her business would be profitable within a year or two. She has a strong, charismatic personality and is also connected to Milwaukee's artistic community through her husband's architectural work restoring some of the city's beautiful historic buildings. She has a considerable portfolio, and occasionally sold stock photos or worked as a wedding photographer when she was in law school.

Laura realizes that in the current market, individuals and companies may be cutting back on "luxuries" like professional family and staff pictures. However, she has a range of expertise in architectural and interior photography as well as portrait and event photography. She is willing to diversify her skill set and pursue further education if necessary, although in her field an additional artistic degree would only be desirable for teaching or competing for gallery showings at a national level.

According to her…


College Board. (2010). Trends in college pricing, 2010. Retrieved from 

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Parisse, a., & Richman, D. (2006). Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask… and Investors Need to Know. Chicago: Kaplan.

Labor Discrimination - Equal Pay
Words: 6312 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 68485530
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Goodyear which effectively denied employees the right to sue for wage discrimination after the passing of 180 days that "Justice Ruth ader Ginsberg was so incensed she read her scathing dissent aloud from the bench. She defended Lilly Ledbetter's right to sue her employer, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc. For pay discrimination on the basis of sex, giving a not-so-gentle reminder of the realities of the American workplace." (Steiger, 2007) Specifically written by Justice Ginsburg is that as follows:

worker knows immediately if she is denied a promotion or transfer, if she is fired or refused employment. And promotions, transfers, hirings, and firings are generally public events, known to co-workers. When an employer makes a decision of such open and definitive character, an employee can immediately seek out an explanation and evaluate it for pretext. Compensation disparities, in contrast, are often hidden from sight." (Steiger, 2007)

Steiger reports that…


Abrams, Jim (2009) House Approves Bill to Fight Wage Discrimination. Yahoo News. 9 Jan 2009. Online available at 

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Birth Places a Tremendous Emotional
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Breast pumping techniques.

Introduction to Internet and print resources for new mothers.

Introduction to social networking and support groups for new mothers in her area.

Teaching Strategies Used and ationale

The teacher and learner will have a high degree of privacy in the hospital room during the teaching project. Therefore, lessons on breastfeeding will be comfortable and cause little embarrassment for the learner. Having privacy will help the learner feel relaxed and willing to breastfeed in front of the teacher. Also, the private setting will help the learner express her emotions.

Having determined that the learner prefers to observe and then act, the teaching strategies used for the project will include demonstrations and imitation. The learner's positive attitude directly suggests her high level of motivation to learn. Also, her cultural background and tendency to be compliant with hospital standards and procedures imply that the learner is likely to be highly…


American Academy of Family Physicians (2008). Breastfeeding: How to pump and store your breast milk. Retrieved July 14, 2008 at 

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Women's Studies Gender and the
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As in most other places around the world, the demands of family - caring for children, keeping house, obtaining and preparing food for meals - fall predominantly on women. In the case of Cuba this situation is made worse by the distortions of the communistic economy:

People's motivation to work waned as there was little to work for. Money came to have little meaning in the legal economy - but not by design as, according to Marxism, it was supposed to do in a utopian communist society. There simply was little to buy through officially sanctioned channels, and the government provided most social needs gratis or for minimum fees. Under the circumstances, material as well as moral incentives became ineffective in the legal economy. The burdens of sheer survival and transport difficulties also led people to miss work with increased regularity, above all women on whom the burdens fell most.…

Works Cited 

Choudhury, Nusrat. "From the Stasi Commission to the European Court of Human Rights: L'affaire Du Foulard and the Challenge of Protecting the Rights of Muslim Girls." Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 16.1 (2007): 199+.


Cross, Mdire Fedelma. "4 Women and Politics." Women in Contemporary France / . Ed. Abigail Gregory and Ursula Tidd. New York: Berg, 2000. 89-106.

Worth Can Be Defined as
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64867907
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However, the factors such as less dedication to work, outside commitments and other factor strongly impact the contribution of women in the same work environment. As a result, comparative worth is extremely hard to practically and equitably implement within organizations.

Current pay equity research utilizes the same mechanisms of job evaluations as the basis to compare traditionally male and female jobs relative to their skills and responsibilities. However, these systems also commit the fundamental omission of intangible factors such as dedication and work intensity that should be an important determinant within wage selection.

The opposite problem with comparative worth implementation is also true. Managers who perform job evaluations are often gender biased, as a result it may at times be hard to determine the true worth of women within the criteria of comparative worth. The reason that bias exists within employee evaluations is the result of several different factors, first…

Implementing Comparable Worth: A Survey of Recent Job Evaluation Studies, by Elaine Sorensen

The American Economic Review © 1986

American Economic Association

Spending Time Reflecting on the Lives and
Words: 736 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 81125638
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spending time reflecting on the lives and accomplishments of Fannie Coralie Perkins, Betty Friedan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Louisa Higgins, and Ida B. Wells-Barnet, a number of responses come to mind. First, it is important to note what makes each of these women unique and how they contributed uniquely to society. Second, it is important to note how they are all similar and how the contributed collectively to the evolution of women in society.

Fannie Coralie Perkins was born in the late 19th Century and lived 85 years (until 1965). Almost 20 years after (1982) her death, Perkins was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon her posthumously because of the substantial mark she left on history. One of the defining moments that sparked her interest in issues of social justice and, subsequently her life's work, was her witness of the "Triangle Shirtwaist Fire," where several…

Sociology Race Is a Set
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Some feminists argue that all pornography is bad for women because it is degrading to women (Peterson, 1998). The "victims" need protection, they claim, which, ironically, they say comes in the form of laws restricting what women legally can and cannot do with their own bodies.

While it can be argued that pornography reinforces negative male attitudes towards women in society and it increases the incidence of sex crimes, these are unfair claims (Peterson, 1998). While men may bring deep-rooted attitdevelop negative attitudes towards women. Even if pornography were banned, negative attitudes towards women would not disappear. In addition, there is little evidence to suggest that widespread distribution and use of soft-core pornography increases numbers of sex crimes.

In addition, it is important to note that many men who support feminism and women's rights enjoy pornography (Peterson, 1998). In addition, many successful heterosexual couples in committed relationships use soft-core pornography…


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Human Resource Management and Motivation
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Motivation grows out of the awareness that someone gave the time and effort to notice one's achievement (Klaff).

Recent strikes against continuously rising health care costs have strained all employers and labor and employee relations. Employers have been trying to reduce double-digit cost increases by modifying health-care plans, which shift the expense to employees, by raising premiums for family members to providing alternatives (Klaff 2003). Health care costs have been nightmarish to companies and led to strikes, which have left more and more Americans without health coverage at all. Although some manage to come, the system itself appears headed to a collapse before any reform can be put in place (Klaff)

In their rabid search for answers, employers revaluate the traditional way of providing health coverage, but experts think that these companies or employers must first discover where the costs are coming from (Klaff 2003). A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers…


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Biological Theories of Youth Crime
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" (Magrid and McKelvey, 1990).

Although some analysts still toss around the question of nature vs. nurture, current research seems to be edging out nature and placing much more emphasis on nurture. Another notable expert who agrees with the author's premise is Benjamin B. Wolman. Wolman explores the foundations of deviant behavior in his widely-read book, "Antisocial Behavior: Personality Disorders from Hostility to Homicide," and emphasizes nurture almost to the exclusion of nature, in explaining why sociopaths are more and more prevalent in our society. According to Wolman, "the way that parents rear their children can be crucial. Parental rejection can adversely affect their children's self-confidence and self-reliance. Undeniably, these children will feel neglected and unwanted if their parents are not affectionate and considerate. These children cannot however behave aggressively toward their parents as they fear that they might retaliate. Instead, they behave aggressively toward weak people who are unable…


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Inner Workings of a Fictitious
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In the Paper, women are depicted in conflicting ways. Alicia Clark is an unfortunate caricature of a woman in power: her nasty attitude sends strong messages about women in positions of power. Clark is devoid of femininity, underscored by her dog fight with Hackett in the press room and her having followed Bernie hite into the men's washroom. However, her character could satirically suggest that women do not need to act like men to be well-respected. In fact, Martha Hackett and several other staff editors and reporters do suggest that women work on par with men in the world of journalism and do not need to act like Clark does.

The editorial decisions regarding the leading story about the wrongfully accused African-American youths relate to themes of race relations in America. Howard treats race sensitively. The black youths were framed for the killing of two white businessmen. Michael McDougal (Randy…

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Human Resource Management Using the Example of
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Human esource Management

Using the example of Google, evaluate whether the following H practices/policies is strategic or not. Does this H practice help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives?

In this paper, we are going to be looking at the impact of different policies and procedures on Google. This will be accomplished by studying the strategies that they are using to attract and retain employees. Once this takes place, is when we can show how these ideas have helped the firm to transform the company.

Over the last several years, the issue of employee compensation has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because globalization is having a dramatic impact upon firm, as they need specialized employees to deal with a host of challenges. Those firms that are able to dominate the industry are able to attract the best talent. This helps to give them a competitive…


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Human Resource Management's Role Health Care Industry
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Human esource Management's ole Health Care Industry


Human resources represent the most important cost in many organizations. How effectively a company uses its human resources can have a dramatic effect on its ability to compete or survive in an increasingly competitive environment. H policies can affect an organization's competitive position by controlling costs, improving quality, and creating distinctive capabilities. This paper will discuss the functions and roles of human resource management in today's healthcare industry.

Human resource management's role health care industry

In today's healthcare Human esource managers have several different roles. Some of these roles can be difficult. The healthcare industry has made significant changes in the last 10 years and human resource managers have to see the new challenges and come up with ways in dealing with them. Some of these challenges include: job satisfaction, patient care, and cultural conflict (Clark, 2011).

The human resource…


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Corporations Often Use Ineffective Strategies to Tackle
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Corporations often use ineffective strategies to tackle workplace diversity issues. For example, many attempt to utilize affirmative action policies prescribe hiring by quota. Such policies are doomed to fail when a company finds itself hiring unqualified people for managerial roles. If that happens, it benefits nobody. People in senior management lose faith in hiring women and minorities and this has a knock-on effect on attitudes throughout the organization as well.

In general, corporate diversity practices emphasize the superficial, be it head counts or some other means. Even more in-depth diversity programs such as having work groups to meet and discuss issues that pertain to that group do little to change the status quo. Such groups may be able to raise specific issues, but they do not inherently address issues of promotion, mentorship, and training that would bring about more meaningful change to the workplace.

Collins describes the current situation as…