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Medical Terminology Essays (Examples)

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Healthcare -- Terminology the Fundamental
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In principle, there is a very good reason for the standardization of medical terminology: it reduces one of the most common and preventable potential causes of serious error: miscommunication.

Non-Standard Medical Terminology in the Insurance eview Process

From the perspective of the medical insurance claims professional, non-standard medical terminology is equally problematic. The insurance claims process is highly codified (literally) into numerical designations for specific procedures and expenses. In combination with the degree to which the process relies on computer functions and databases encoded with those specific designations, that process is even more susceptible to error from non-standard communication than healthcare delivery, although rarely with comparable harm to patients. However, in some cases, the miscommunication caused by unnecessary non-standard language can indeed result in serious harm or even death, such as where crucial services are denied for coverage improperly as the result of issues of terminology that are not discovered…


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Journalists Their Terminology and Terrorism in the
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Journalists, Their Terminology and Terrorism

In the age of terrorism and in the age of the Internet, journalists are coming under more and more intensive scrutiny and are increasingly urged to act more sensitively to the power they have and the power which they can wield when it comes to reporting current events -- particularly those related to terrorism. As some scholars have illuminated, journalists are indeed arbitrators of rhetoric, and ones which have limited success: "Evidence of arbitration is seen in comparisons between how media personnel describe terrorist events and their perpetrators and how government officials make similar descriptions. Journalists serve as creators of rhetoric whenever they report terrorist events. The rhetorical tradition employed determines the nature of that rhetoric. The role of formats, the presentation conventions that are used to package information and determine the significance and the information that news packages carry, are also important" (Picard 1989).…


Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from 

Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from Ahramonline:

Reaction to Business Terminology in Clinical Med
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Business Terminology in Health Care

The Health Care Industry, idealistically is a large conglomeration of helping individuals and organizations who's sole purpose is to help people become more healthy, be that through prevention of disease or treatment of disease. Yet, it is known among nearly all health care professionals and almost all people who have ever been treated in the health care industry, even in the most minor way, which includes nearly all of the population, that the "Health Care Industry" is just that, an industry. This industry is governed by profit and loss just as any other; possibly even more so in the sense that the more loss there is the less people can be helped.

Over the past fifty years, as technology expands and costs rise there has been a noticeable change in health care delivery, for better and for worse most would say.

Change in the United…

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts American Companies
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Organizational Behavior

Terminology and Concepts

American companies have suffered in recent years. In their efforts to reduce cost, restructuring and downsizing have affected almost every organization either directly or indirectly. These attempts to 'right the ship' so to speak will cause problems for these organizations in the terms of their ability to perform in the long-term. Organizational behavior has been cast aside in too many areas which entails that these companies have shown poor leadership by trying to capitalize on technological breakthroughs as opposed to building the human resource aspects of their businesses. This paper is a summary of some organizational behavior concepts and terminologies that are affected by the quest for profits. Through readings, articles, and my personal experiences, I have summarized what I feel can be construed as organizational behavior, culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness, efficiency and learning. I have been blessed by the fact that I hold a…

CPT Codes in Medical Offices That Employ
Words: 759 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66744667
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CPT codes in medical offices that employ Health Information Management professionals. Many current practices are using HIM professionals to help document patient visits and any treatments performed or offered to them. Having well trained HIM personnel can help the practice receive maximum reimbursement for the services that are performed there. This brief review will document the numerical system used for CPT codes that are detailed in billing literature as well as the appropriate methods for using them.

Coding professionals provide an invaluable service to physician practices and hospitals as they are truly the front line defense as far as ensuring reimbursements are near or even at maximum for their patients. The medical team works very hard for the patients they serve, and they should be reimbursed for it appropriately. Correct and appropriate medical codes will allow the office to recoup as much as possible from the services they provide.



Torrey, T. (2011) What Are CPT Codes? . Last accessed January 18, 2011.

Implementing a Clinical Terminology in Nursing Practice
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SNOMED-CT is a clinical term that was originally introduced by the College of American Pathologists and is currently managed by an international organization that deals with health terminology standards. Generally, SNOMED-CT is a terminology that adds understandable meaning to electronic medical record and plays a major role in delivery of affordable, high-quality care through meaningful, effective depiction of medical information ("SNOMED CT -- Adding Value," 2014). Given its significance in the enhancing the delivery of affordable, high-quality health care services, it is increasingly important to develop a suitable strategic action plan for implementing SNOMED CT in nursing practice. The strategic action plan entails identifying the major stakeholders, suitable strategic actions or initiatives for each stakeholder, and developing an effective communication plan for implementing this clinical terminology. For this strategic action plan, the major stakeholders in the implementation process include healthcare professionals providing patient care, support staff interacting with patients, and…


"Engaging Stakeholders in the Effective Health Care Program" (n.d.). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website: 

"SNOMED CT -- Adding Value to Electronic Health Records." (2014, February). The International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization. Retrieved October 9, 2015, from

Root Suffix and Prefix Sections
Words: 513 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44506943
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The word means "breath, spirit or wind." So pneumothorax means a collection of air in the thorax (pleural cavity) that leads to partial or complete lung collapse.

3. Gastro is the Greek word for "stomach," and "Entero" means "intestines." Anything ending with ology means it is being studied. So gastroenterology is the study of the stomach and intestines.

4. Cardiac is the Greek word for "heart," and we use the two words interchangeably. "Arrest" means stop in Greek, so arrested behavior means the behavior has been stopped. In this case, the "cardiac" or heart has been "arrested" or stopped.

5. Intraosseous Infusion is made up of two words. Intraosseous is made up of intra-which means "within," os which means "bone" in Greek and eous, which means "the nature of." Infusion is a shot, as liquids are infused into something; in this case it means "an emergency infusion of fluids, blood,…


Taber. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, edition 18. U.S.A.: F.A. Davis Co. 1997.

Kluwer, Wolters. Medical Terminology Made Incredibly Easy. Springhouse, Lippincott, William & Wilkins. 2007.

Lone Star Transcript Accurate and
Words: 582 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 58919280
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Certified in Medical Terminology

80 WPM Typing Aptitude

40-Hour Work Shifts A.M. And P.M.

Expediter Transcriptionist for RUSH/STAT Transcription

In-House IT to Ensure System Security and Operations

QUALITY CONTROL STRENGTHS: Quality control is essential to the customer, and to us, to ensure accurate and timely products and services. Our transcriptionists receive:

Continuing Education Services in Industry Related Education

Yearly Medical Terminology Testing

HIPPA Updates and Testing

We perform:

Random Quality Verification/Checks


WEAKNESSES: LoneStar recognizes its weaknesses as areas of potential growth.

Does not Service Hawaii or Alaska

Out-Sourced Competition

In-Country Competition


LoneStar can address its weaknesses with growth, expansion, and by providing quality, timely, and accurate products, and developing sound and personalized business relationships. LoneStar will make in-person visits to the current customers on a bi-annually basis to solicit feedback and hands-on industry input and recommendations as to how we can better serve our clients.

LoneStar will…

Job Driven to Succeed as
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74487486
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Greeting family members, ordering supplies, maintaining and copying records, answering phones, and completing admissions and discharge papers kept me busy and helped create an organized and efficient working environment at Westwood. enjoyed working at the front desk almost as much as enjoyed working one-on-one with the patients as a nurses' aide. Because enjoyed the front desk job at Westwood and felt confident and capable, am currently seeking a career in medical records.

A key reason why enjoyed working at Westwood was the nursing staff. Surrounded by supportive coworkers, thrived and never grew discouraged even when we worked long hours or with difficult patients. My supervisor Liz became like a friend to me. One of the ways gauge my success is through the eyes of my friends and family: the people know and trust offer me feedback that helps me make changes in my attitude or skill set when appropriate. Unfortunately,…

In addition to the early nurses' aide job at Westwood, I also performed front desk duties to gain a better understanding of hospital administration. Greeting family members, ordering supplies, maintaining and copying records, answering phones, and completing admissions and discharge papers kept me busy and helped create an organized and efficient working environment at Westwood. I enjoyed working at the front desk almost as much as I enjoyed working one-on-one with the patients as a nurses' aide. Because I enjoyed the front desk job at Westwood and felt confident and capable, I am currently seeking a career in medical records.

A key reason why I enjoyed working at Westwood was the nursing staff. Surrounded by supportive coworkers, I thrived and never grew discouraged even when we worked long hours or with difficult patients. My supervisor Liz became like a friend to me. One of the ways I gauge my success is through the eyes of my friends and family: the people I know and trust offer me feedback that helps me make changes in my attitude or skill set when appropriate. Unfortunately, Westwood was forced to shut down due to financial troubles and in 2002 I returned home to Illinois. Undeterred, I am now pursuing a higher degree to learn more about medical office procedures. The next phase of my health care career will be in the field of medical records. Because of my experiences at Westwood, working as a nurses' aide and as a front desk clerk, I feel confident and sure of my success.

My decision to pursue a career in medical records reflects the positive experiences I encountered at Westwood Hospital in Texas. No matter where I work in the future, I will reflect on what I learned at Westwood and incorporate those lessons into improving my productivity and helpfulness. The health care profession focuses on serving the needs of others: patients, coworkers, and doctors. As I expand my skills and knowledge base and acquire more training, I will offer the highest quality service as possible.

Patient Autonomy
Words: 1416 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85670763
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Patient Autonomy

The concept of patient autonomy, as opposed to medial paternity, is one that has gained much ground in recent years; "... about 30 years ago, issues began to appear that were difficult to solve using traditional ethics. New medical and reproductive technologies, research controversies, and a societal ethos that questioned all authority posed difficult questions." (Czaplyski, Larry, 2002)

At issue in this paper is the meaning and significance of patient autonomy and the way in which is relates to medical paternity. As the discussion will outline, the case for patient autonomy is not only ethically valid but also essential for the moral and practical balance in the medical profession. Underlying this view is the fact that the issue of patient autonomy does not exist in isolation or in the medical field alone - but relates to other issues and ethical problems in the society at large. These larger…


Bernstein Maurice, (2004) Social/Political Paternalism vs. Patient Autonomy.

Retrieved October 4, 2004 from Bioethics Discussion Blog: Web site:

Bradley, Gerard V. (1989). "Does autonomy require informed and specific

Refusal of life-sustaining medical treatment." Issues in Law & Medicine, December 22, 1989. Czaplyski, Larry. (2002)

Patient Histories Can Often Provide a Great
Words: 1078 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 87376546
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Patient histories can often provide a great deal of information about their condition and what the underlying causes may be. As such, taking an accurate patient history can be one of the most important aspects of a patient's visit to a medical facility. There are a number of factors that are important with respect to taking a patient's history, and they include one's ability to gain accurate information, one's ability to have a rapport with the patient that encourages trust, honesty and openness, and being very thorough, so as to not miss important information, such as current medications or past medical events. The following is a review of an article presented in Nursing Standard concerning the details of how to take a patient's history.


The article is very thorough in its instructions on how to take a proper patient history. The article begins by emphasizing the importance of taking…


Craig, L.H. (2007). A gudie to taking a patient's history. Nursing Standard, 22(13), 42-48.

Fantastic Voyage Welcome Aboard the SS William
Words: 1587 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96147003
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Fantastic Voyage

Welcome aboard the SS William Harvey! As you well know the human body is a complex system of intricate cells that work together to maintain a perfect and efficient environment on which an individual can thrive. Two systems in the human body that work together to ensure that a human individual remains healthy are the circulatory and the cardiopulmonary systems. Working in conjunction with each other, these systems help with the transportation of gasses, nutrients, and hormones to different organs within the human body. While the intricate mazes that make up the different systems in the human body may confuse some individuals, finding one's way from the femoral vein in the circulatory system to the lungs is not as complicated as it sounds.

Join us as we embark on this Fantastic Voyage through the human body as we visit and discover new cells and organs of the human…


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Analyzing Patient Injuries and Malpractice
Words: 2089 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56761963
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clinical cases and examine malpractice perspectives.

Background Info

Concerns over mounting healthcare expenses have resulted in increased inquiry into medical practices. With the rise of malpractice risk and medical liability to unprecedented levels, the field of medical law has influenced defensive medical practice as healthcare providers endeavor towards liability risk mitigation (Nahed,, 2012).

Elements Needed to Prove Malpractice

Medical malpractice is associated with four fundamental elements, all of which have to be present for forming the base for any claim. For any case of medical malpractice to succeed, an attorney is required to prove all four aspects, which are: duty, causation, damages, and breach (What are the Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim? n.d.). The first element -- Duty -- implies that health care professionals owe their patients the duty to take reasonable and appropriate action; i.e., the practitioner is accountable for delivering some form of treatment or care…


Florida Healthcare Law (n.d.). - A Florida Medical Malpractice Blog - Shoulder Dystocia Erbs Palsy. What are the Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim? -- Florida Healthcare Law - A Florida Medical Malpractice Blog - Shoulder Dystocia Erbs Palsy. Retrieved March 8, 2016, from 

Kurreck, & Twersky. (2012). Home -- AHRQ Patient Safety Network. Residual Anesthesia: Tepid Burn -- AHRQ Patient Safety Network. Retrieved March 8, 2016, from 

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Saltzman, J. (2008, January 29). Medical Malpractice Attorneys Lubin & Meyer -- Boston, MA, NH, RI. Family Sues in Operating Room Fall - Wrongful Death Lawsuit. Retrieved March 8, 2016, from

Business Plan for Legal Nurse
Words: 1974 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 92414386
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This is further based on the following assumptions:

1. The company will charge $150 per hour for each client.

2. The company expects to spend at least 80 hours a year with each client.

3. The company expect to see at least 30 clients per year, which will generate a revenue of $150 x 30 x 80 = $360,000. For the purpose of this computation, this will be regarded as the selling price.

4. The company expects its yearly fixed costs to be $526,000. This fixed cost consists of the cost of staff remuneration, utility bills and advertising.

5. The company expects its variable costs to be about $344,000 a year, comprising of the cost of equipment servicing and maintenance, legal costs, and so on.

Given the above assumption, the company's yearly break-even point can be computed as follows:

The implication of the above computation is that LNS must service…


Graham J.R., Smart S.B., & Megginson W.L. (2010): Corporate Finance -- Linking

Theory to What Companies Do. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Hubbard R.G., O'Brien a.P. (2009): Macroeconomics. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-


Standardizing Data Coding in Healthcare
Words: 747 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11994340
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Coding: Comparing Different Systems

Standardized comparisons are essential when evaluating a new drug. To understand the drug's efficacy relative to other drugs on the market and to place any adverse events in perspective requires an effective and uniform system of comparative analysis. "Coding of patient data is critical in the grouping, analysis, and reporting of data. Coding decisions directly impact submissions for New Drug Applications (NDAs), safety surveillance, and product labeling" (Troung & Li, 2007, p.1). This paper will review a number of the most popular methods of coding data, specifically MedDA and WHO Drug, and will examine their unique and specific uses. It will also assess attempts to provide greater standardization to the system of conducting research trials.

MedDA (Medical Dictionary for egulatory Activities) is the "globally accepted, clinically validated medical terminology used within all phases of the drug development process, including classification of medical events for clinical trials…


Frequently Asked Questions -- MedDRA. (2016). Retrieved from: 

Frequently Asked Questions -- WHO Drug. (2016). Retrieved from:

Spirit Faidman Anne 1998 the Spirit Catches
Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93210658
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Faidman, Anne. (1998) The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The title of Anne Fadiman's book on the implications of multiculturalism in modern nursing sounds more like a religious testimony than a textual asset to the modern nursing profession. However, Faidman tells a tale of Biblical proportions, and the emotional nature of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is epic in its intensity. Moreover, the title is indeed descriptive, for it encompasses in its scope not simply faith, but also functions as a description of the symptoms of epilepsy that affects the patient at the book's core. The title describes how the parents of the patient viewed the symptoms of their child, in direct contrast to the representations of the modern medical system in America, whom treated this young child of recent immigrants. (Faidman, 1998)

The main theme of Faidman's…

Works Cited

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Hendricks, C., Byrd, L. et al. (2001). "Self-esteem matters: Racial and gender differences among rural southern adolescents." Journal of Black Nurses Association, 12(2).

Using Language Kingston Tannen and Klass Show the Limits of Language
Words: 1323 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32245849
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A woman who asks too many questions may be viewed as incompetent even though her questions are legitimate and she might be doing so simply to make her fellow employee feel better about himself by being able to answer such questions. Once again, Tannen's examples reflected my own personal experience at work. One of my most competent friends is a very nice woman who is always very concerned about doing the right thing. hen she speaks, her voice frequently rises as if she is asking a question even if she is making a statement. henever someone questions her judgment, she always apologizes and no matter how silly the question she always rushes to answer it and make the other person feel better. Because she is so intelligent and sweet she is well-liked yet I know she has never been given a position of leadership in her work. I believe this…

Works Cited

Kingston, Maxine Kong. "Silence."

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Statistical Analysis to Improve Prescription Processes
Words: 1328 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15478029
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Health Care -- Statistical Thinking in Health Care

The HMO pharmacy is inaccurately filling prescriptions. Prescribers blame pharmacy assistants, the assistants blame pharmacists and pharmacists blame prescribers. Analysis of their system show points ripe for change in order to improve accuracy. In addition, there are multiple measures that can be applied to substantially enhance the quality of the HMO pharmacy's work.

Process Map & SIPOC Analysis

Process Map of Prescription Filling Process

Process Map of Prescription Filling Process

Prescriber determines patient needs medication

Prescriber selects medication type

Prescriber selects medication dosage

Prescriber hand-writes prescription

Prescription delivered to pharmacy

Prescription entered into pharmacy computer system by pharmacy assistant

Pharmacist selects medication

Pharmacist measures medication

Pharmacist counsels patient about prescription

Medication delivered to patient

SIPOC Analysis of Business Process

SIPOC Analysis of Business Process



Process Steps




Patient information

Determines need for medication

Determines type of medication


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Ouuch Making Excellent Health Responses
Words: 4319 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 96010800
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Prior to Launching Technology Initiatives

Over the past seven years, many healthcare organizations, like OUUCH, have begun to transition from the traditional paper-based systems to EH systems. esearch has shown that over a period of time. EH systems can improve quality of care for patients, provide more accurate information, and overall improve safety issues relating to reducing mistakes with patients. In the exploratory study, "Change factors affecting the transition to an… [EH] system in a private physicians' practice: An exploratory study," Aaron D. Spratt, Social Security Administration and Kevin E. Dickson (2008), Southeast Missouri State University, report that the U.S. health care industry reportedly ranks among the world's leading inefficient information enterprises. Although the system needs major changes, the transition process however, creates a high change in the business aspect of an organization. Spratt and Dickson (2008) explain that for an EH system to be successful, doctors must be involved…


Amatayakul, M. (2009). EHR vs. EMR: what's in a name? Healthcare Financial

Management. Healthcare Financial Management Association. Retrieved May 13, 2010

from HighBeam Research: 

Bennett, D. (2009). EMR market includes small and large system vendors. Managed Healthcare

Postoperative Vision Loss Elements of
Words: 8700 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21606334
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More times than not, a patient will argue that he did not understand what the physician stated to him; even amidst documented proof the medical professional and the patient did engage in an informed conversation. "The fact that a meeting took place does not necessarily mean that there was a meeting of the minds" (Informed consent…, 2010, ¶ 5). This issue leads some health care providers to assert that informed consent forms possess little value, particularly when a legal battle ensues and the professional cannot prove the patient did, in fact, understand the informed consent process.

Currently, lawyers routinely challenge informed consent forms in courtrooms throughout the United States (U.S.). "The model consent forms incorporate substantial details of anesthesia techniques, risks and other elements of 'informed consent', so that a strong presumption is established on its face" (Informed consent…, 2010, ¶ 7). During the informed consent process, to help inoculate…


Anaesth, B.J. (2009). Perioperative visual loss: What do we know, what can we do? Department

of Anesthesia and Critical Care. University of Chicago. Retrieved January 25, 2010 from 

Booth, B. (2008). Informed consent at the heart of New York lawsuit. Retrieved January 26,

2010 from

Nursing Healthcare Information Systems Key
Words: 3682 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 9839470
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Others include delays in data accessibility, albeit shorter delays and the continued need for source data verification (Donovan, 2007).

Other obstacles have occurred in the developing of mobile healthcare applications. These have included mobile device limitations, wireless networking problems, infrastructure constraints, security concerns, and user distrust (Keng and Shen, 2006).

A third problem that has been encountered is that of a lack of education on not only the importance of the information technology but also training on how to use the specific pieces of equipment. The tools that are provided to people are only as good as the training that is provided on how to use them. The tools may be able to do wonderful things, but if those that are using them do not know how to get the best use out of them they will in the end be less efficient.

Medical Errors

According to an Institute of…


Al-Assaf, Al F., Bumpus, Lisa J., Carter, Dana, and Dixon, Stephen B. (2003). Preventing Errors

in Healthcare: A Call for Action. Hospital Topics. 81(3), 5-12.

Brommeyer, Mark. (2005). e-nursing and e-patients. Nursing Management -- UK. 11(9), 12-13.

Damberg, Cheryl L., Ridgely, M. Susan, Shaw, Rebecca, Meili, Robin C., Sorbero, Melony E.,

LR Explor The Nurse Leader Role
Words: 8934 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 96826619
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(Feldman & Geenbeg, 2005, p. 67) Staffing coodinatos, often nuse leades must seek to give pioity to educational needs as a eason fo adjusting and/o making schedules fo staff, including offeing incentives to staff not cuently seeking educational goals fo assisting in this pioity egadless of the implementation of a tuition eimbusement pogam. (Feldman & Geenbeg, 2005, p. 233)

Nuse Leades as Academic Theoists

The fact that many nuse leades seve as the fundamental souces fo new and emeging nusing paadigms and theoies cannot be ignoed in this eview. The theoies associated with nusing ae as divese as nuses themselves and seve seveal puposes. With egad to nuse ecuitment and the ole that nusing theoy and paadigm plays in it, nuse leades seve to espouse theoy though mentoship and taining that helps individuals see thei futue intinsic ole in nusing. To explain this ole a bief discussion of nusing theoy…

references and Affirmative Action in Making Admissions Decisions at a Predominantly White University. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 31(4), 269.

Burgener, S.C., & Moore S.J. (May-June, 2002) The role of advanced practice nurses in community settings. Nursing Economics 20 (3) 102-108.

Cimini, M.H., & Muhl, C.J. (1995). Twin Cities Nurses Reach Accord. Monthly Labor Review, 118(8), 74.

Cleary, B. & Rice, R. (Eds.). (2005). Nursing Workforce Development: Strategic State Initiatives. New York: Springer.

Daly, J., Speedy, S., Jackson, D., Lambert., V.A., & Lambert, C.E. (Eds.). (2005). Professional Nursing: Concepts, Issues, and Challenges. New York: Springer.

Literacy the Topic of Information
Words: 4349 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68341627
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The other sector of life where information literacy is vital and omnipresent is the career field. It is not simply a matter of preference or choice. Many businesses actively embrace the harnessing and day-to-day use of computer and informatics technology because the business being able to thrive in the marketplace or even survive in general as a business can literally depend upon it. Such a state of affairs requires employees and leaders that are well-versed and adept in literacy regarding information, computers and informatics, among other things such as project management skills, leadership traits, and so on.

Job descriptions discoverable online are bereft and thick with requirements that relate to information, computer and informatics literacy. Examples include prospective employees being familiar with the construction and/or use of database technology, internet technology, familiarity with operations systems such as Mac OS and Windows, software suites like Microsoft Office and so on. Failure…


Creedy, D.K., Mitchell, M., Seaton-Sykes, P., Cooke, M., Patterson, E., Purcell, C., & Weeks, P. (2007). Evaluating a Web-Enhanced Bachelor of Nursing Curriculum:

Perspectives of Third-Year Students. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(10), 460-

Edwards, J., & O'Connor, P.A. (2011). Improving Technological Competency in Nursing

Students: The Passport Project. Journal of Educators Online, 8(2), 1-20.

Clinical Coding Specialist Is a
Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 99921909
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Employment Opportunities

Clinical coding specialists may work in hospitals, clinics, ambulatory, long-term and mental health care facilities, physicians' offices and government agencies that need coding expertise. (Western Kentucky University Website "Clinical Coding Specialist," 2003, NP)

Professional Association

American Health Information Management Association

233 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 2150

Western Kentucky University Website "Clinical Coding Specialist," 2003, NP)

According to an interview I conducted with a CCS, the traditional route to becoming a CCS has been to learn the systems on the job, especially with regard to institution specific computer coding systems, with minimal additional facility sponsored continuing education credit hours per year, yet as the job becomes increasingly important, with regard to accountancy and cost containment in medical care more and more institutions are requiring certification and therefore prior education with regard to clinical coding. The professional noted that when she began her job 15 years prior it was…


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Mental Health and Addiction
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ecovery can be a difficult journey for many. The reality of having to change old habits for new ones can take a lifetime. The recovery approach/model realizes the struggle of change and transformation and makes it so that way emphasis is not placed on the destination, but rather the journey. Although other approaches like the disease/medical model aim to treat one aspect of recovery from addiction, the recovery model encompasses all aspects making it one of the most advantageous models to adopt to fight addiction.

The recovery approach/model to addiction and/or mental disorder places a strong emphasis on a support for an individual's potential for recovery. ecovery means a person undergoing a personal journey instead of determining and setting an outcome. This personal journey involves the development of hope, a sense of self, a secure base, social inclusion, meaning, empowerment, and coping skills that will take that person past the…


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sociology article and how it relates to a theory
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Gallant, J. (2016). Alleged sex abuse victim's fight for justice turns into bureaucratic nightmare. Toronto Star. 2 Dec, 2016. Retrieved online:

In this article, Gallant (2016) describes the ongoing legal battle between Sveta Kholi and her former neurologist, Paul O'Connor. Kholi has accused O'Connor of sexual abuse. After the complaint was lodged formally, a complex bureaucratic process ensued whereby the entire case appears to have been stalemated. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has a committee that formally handles complaints, and the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) is a civilian body that hears appeals specifically from that very same College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

However, the bureaucratic complications become even trickier. According to the journalist, the College of Physicians and Surgeons also has an Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. The HPARB has ordered on two separate occasions for the Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports…

International Clinical Harmonisation Proper Systems in Place
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International Clinical Harmonisation


The International Congress Harmonisation

WHO Principles of Good Clinical Practice

Clinical research is conducted to insure the safety and efficacy of health and medical products and practices (WHO 2002). In the past, randomized controlled trials gave most of the information about the safety and efficacy of these products and treatments. Randomized clinical trials were considered the foundation of evidence-based medicine but reliably only when conducted according to principles and standards. These principles and standards comprise good clinical research or GCP. The guidelines were created to help national regulatory authorities, sponsors, investigators and ethics committees to implement GCP for overall clinical research. These were based on the guidelines provided by major international organizations, such as the International Conference on Harmonization or ICH GCP, and used as reference (WHO).

GCP incorporates accepted and established ethical and scientific quality standards complied with for the design, conduct,…

Health-Related Interviews Cultural Difference
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Heritage Assessment Tool

Benchmark assessment

Heritage Assessment Tool: Cultural values and health beliefs

Cultural sensitivity is an integral part of effective nursing. Although the definitions of concepts such as 'health' and 'wellness' might seem on their surface to be self-evident, these notions are, in fact, highly mutable and particular to the individual and his or her culture. Cultural insensitivity can result in patients becoming alienated from the medical system and this results in poorer, ineffectual care. One of the reasons instruments such as the Heritage Assessment Tool can be so useful is that it can be a clear and efficient way to establish the culturally-contextual health beliefs of a patient whose experiences and values that are different those of the physician, nurse, or other healthcare provider treating the patient.

The first family I interviewed was a Chinese-American household. Although the family was relatively assimilated and the children were second-generation residents…

Nursing Summaries Ember Benson Bn
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FCER Points Out Error to erck; erck Confirms Change"

This commentary illustrates the issue of problematic wording within the medical community. A Doctor of Chiropractic expressed concern to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research over improper phrasing written in the erck anual.

The bothersome statement written in the erck anual was thought to have originated from medical data derived over 30 years ago. This article points the importance of knowing one's own specialty, and having a thorough knowledge of medical terminology so as to correct and prevent medical mishaps.

ackechnie C, Simpson, R (2006) "Traceable Calibration for Blood Pressure and Temperature onitoring" Nursing Standard 21, 11, (2006): 42-47

Correct diagnosis and monitoring largely depend on accurate pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and body temperature measurements. any measurement errors can be minimized by confirming that instruments are calibrated. This article emphasizes to need for instruments to be traceably calibrated to national…

Mackechnie C, Simpson, R (2006) "Traceable Calibration for Blood Pressure and Temperature Monitoring" Nursing Standard 21, 11, (2006): 42-47

Correct diagnosis and monitoring largely depend on accurate pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and body temperature measurements. Many measurement errors can be minimized by confirming that instruments are calibrated. This article emphasizes to need for instruments to be traceably calibrated to national standards.

Nurses are responsible for taking measurements, so it is imperative that nurses be aware of the issues of measurement precision. Unreliable instruments (due to lack of traceable calibration) can lead to inaccurate measurements resulting in misdiagnosis and poor patient care.

Chronic Fatigue
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Chronic Fatigue in the Aviation Industry

Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue is the mental and/or physical state of being weak and tired. Mental and physical fatigue is different, but the two will often exist together. A person becomes mentally tired if they are physically exhausted for a long period. A person being unable to function physically at their normal levels manifests physical fatigue Jackson & Earl, 2006.

Mental fatigue will manifest itself by a sleepy feeling and inability to concentrate properly. In medical terminologies, fatigue is not a sign, but rather a symptom. This means that a person suffering from fatigue is able to feel and describe the condition. Experts have indicated that around 10% of people globally suffer from persistent tiredness at any one time. Females are more prone to persistent tiredness than males. It is not easy to define fatigue in humans because of its large variability of causes. The…


Avers, K., & Johnson, W.B. (2011). A review of Federal Aviation Administration fatigue research: Transitioning scientific results to the aviation industry. Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors, 1(2), 87.

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People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology
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Overly Dependent on Technology

The relevance of technology cannot be overstated especially given that very few aspects of our lives remain untouched by the same. In the recent past, significant advancements have been made on the technological front with innovation being the primary driving force behind the advancement. Today, technology plays a key role in shaping the way we communicate, learn at school, or even access news. Advances in technology have over time been beneficial to the human race especially in the field of medicine. However, regardless of the critical role technology plays in our daily lives, questions continue to emerge on whether we are becoming overly dependent on the same. In this text, I highlight some of the trends that point to our increased dependence on technology.

The elevance of Technology: An Overview

That technology has significantly aided commerce is a well-known fact. ecent advancements in e-commerce and online…


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Tourette's in Children
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Tourette Syndrome in Children

hat is Tourette Syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is an inherited neurological disorder generally associated with tics. Tics are defined as either involuntary body movements, or involuntary vocal sounds that are usually repetitive. The occurrence of TS in children is about 1 of every 2000 children, with an increased occurrence in boys as opposed to girls. The syndrome itself is named for the French neurologist Dr. George Gilles de la Tourette, who diagnosed the first patient with the illness in 1885.

How do you know if you have it? (Symptoms and Diagnosis)

Diagnosis specifics vary from one source of information to the next. Some publications, such as the website for the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children, suggest waiting until the tics are present for at least one year, and that multiple tics must be shown - vocal and physical (though not at the same time). Other sites…

Works Cited

Tourette-Syndrome Online. Craig Whitley, Ed. "Facts About Tourette Syndrome 2002

Tourette-Syndrome Online. Craig Whitley, Ed. "Facts About Tourette Syndrome" 3 Apr 2002. 2002

Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. "Tourette Syndrome's Frequently Asked Questions" 3 Apr 2002. 

Tourette-Syndrome Online. Craig Whitley, Ed. "Facts About Tourette Syndrome" 3 Apr 2002.

Communication Diversity This Is the
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17. Johann calls you and says that Billy smells and he needs a shower. If you don't move Billy to another ward, Johann will sign himself out. Explain in details what you would do to resolve this cross cultural situation.

I would tell Johann that we are doing all we can to ensure Billy's hygiene and that if his body odor continued to bother Johann that we can move him to another room or ward in the hospital.

18. There seems to be a language and cultural barrier that's blocking effective communication occurring between these two gentlemen. Considering they are both your clients, what strategies would you put in place to improve this situation?

The best way to remedy the situation would be to introduce the two patients to each other. A handshake, some eye contact, and small personal interactions can go a long way toward eliminating prejudices and stereotypes…


Australian Indigenous (2008). Retrieved Feb 29, 2008 at 

Department of Education and Training (2005). "Racism No Way." Retrieved Feb 29, 2008 at 

Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Health." Retrieved Feb 29, 2008 at

Health Unit Coordinator Description a Health Unit
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Health Unit Coordinator Description

A health unit coordinator may also be known as a unit clerk, ward clerk, or unit secretary (Health Unit Coordinator). They help maintain the facility's service and performance. One of the main responsibilities is acting as a liaison between patients and staff, which includes communicating with doctors, nurses, patients, other departments, patients, and visitors that visit the patients.

Prospects of health unit coordinator positions are in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, and home health agencies all across the nation. Employment opportunities for this position are expected to grow in demand as agencies require more help to coordinate services and performance. The start salary can range from $21,600 to over $24,000. The health unit coordinator may specialize in several different areas, such as reception, scheduling, safety protocols, or patient interaction.

High school courses of algebra, biology, chemistry, computer skills, data processing, psychology, English, composition, social…


Health Unit Coordinator Certification, Exam, and Licensing Information. (2012, Dec 8). Retrieved from Edcation Portal: 

Health Unit Coordinator. (n.d.). Retrieved from Health Careers Center:

Pituitary Gland Major Organ Systems
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Organ Systems: The Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland, according to Davies (2007), "is a pea-sized endocrine gland at the base of the brain," linked to the hypothalamus by the infundibulum. It is divided into several parts; i.e. The anterior lobe (front part) and the posterior lobe (back part). The anterior lobe secretes seven hormones that are essentially responsible for the regulation of a number of activities that take place in the human body - from reproduction to growth. Of the seven, five are tropic hormones (induce other glands to secrete hormones). The pituitary gland secretes only two hormones. The targets and effects of the nine are presented in the table below.

The Anterior Pituitary

Tropic Hormones




Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)

Adrenal glands

Involved in the stimulation of the cortex of the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol and aldosterone. Cortisol regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well…


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Fantastic Voyage-Fem Artery to Right Lung a
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Fantastic Voyage-Fem artery to ight lung

A Fantastic Voyage from the ight Femoral Artery to the ight Lung

The human body is an intricate system of labyrinths that work together to maintain essential functions and thus maintain an individuals physical health. Two systems that work together are the circulatory and cardiopulmonary systems. Together, these systems help to transport gasses, nutrients, wastes, and hormones to various organs in the body. While it is may be easy to get lost in the multitude of paths that lead to the rest of the body from the heart, finding one's way from the right femoral vein to the lower lobe of the right lung via the right pulmonary artery is much simpler than would be expected.

Let us begin our journey in the right femoral vein. After a long and treacherous journey, we find ourselves in the right femoral vein and must figure out…


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Buck Ruxton Case
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Buck uxton

From the perspective of being a death scene investigator, the Buck uxton case was very unique and trend-setting for a number of reasons. The concept of a perpetrator killing a witness and/or a lover due to perceived or verified infidelity was nothing new, then or now, but a lot of the other components of the case and how it was solved were absolutely groundbreaking at the time and in several ways.

One thing that made the case quite unique was the fact that the murderer was a doctor. This probable became quite clear because of the way the bodies were dismembered in such a way so as to conceal their identities but the case was groundbreaking in the sense that fingerprint technology and other forensic methods were used to identify the body and the time of death. Analysis of the maggots on the body as well as looking…


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Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Systems Integrated
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Integration of Cardiovascular/Gastrointestinal Systems

Integration of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems within the human body

The integration of the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems allow for nutrients to be introduced, broken down, and absorbed by body to maintain and promote healthy bodily functions. Independently, these systems serve separate functions, but when working in conjunction, help to transport necessary nutrients throughout the body, while maintaining and promoting homeostasis within the systems. Any imbalance within these systems will greatly affect the body, as a whole, and can lead to potentially fatal results.

Integration of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems within the human body

The gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems of the human body help to breakdown and transport items that are ingested, such as food and medication, to the necessary parts of the body, expelling wastes that are not needed. Separately, the gastrointestinal and cardiac systems have different functions, but when the systems work in conjunction…


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Film Sarah and James by Nikowa Namate
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film Sarah and James by Nikowa Namate offers an opportunity to reflect on the deeper themes in light of several film theories including Freudian theory, Queer theory, and an understanding of realism, naturalism, and kitchen sink drama. This essay will offer a nuanced and thorough analysis of my role in the filmmaking experience. In Sarah and James, I played the role of James, one of the title characters. As the title of the film suggests, though, James is not the only protagonist. The interplay between James and his sister Sarah is the foundation of the film, which addresses the way mental illness impacts intimate relationships. Moreover, I was in charge of lighting during the production of Sarah and James and will discuss elements related to lighting during the production of the film. This essay will hinge on the application of realism, naturalism, Freudian theory, and queer theory to my experience…


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Risks of Epidural Anesthesia in
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Howeve, befoe giving the medicine, anesthesiologist caefully examines the condition of the pegnant woman to whom anesthesia is to be given. Epidual anesthesia duing labo and nomal delivey does not cause unconsciousness; thus, patients do not lose thei psychological aletness (Halpen and Douglas 2008).

Dissetation Pat

Accoding to (Oebaugh 2011), epidual anesthesia is commonly administeed by injecting the medicine in the lumba egion of the back, specifically in the epidual egion. The detailed pocedue egading the administation of epidual anesthesia has aleady been discussed in the pevious section of the pape. Howeve, the anesthetic dug injected in the epidual space inteupts the passage of neve impulses that oiginate in epoductive ogans and tavel though neves to lowe spine and then to bain. This hindes the feeling of sensation/pain that is poduced in the lowe pats of the body.

The degee of insensitivity induced depends on few factos that include the…

air traffic
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air traffic has continued to increase and it now constitutes a considerable proportion of the travelling public. The amount of long-hour flights has increased significantly. Based on the International Civil Aviation authority, air traffic can be anticipated to double amid till 2020. Airline travel, especially over longer distances, makes air travelers vulnerable to numerous facets that will impact their health and well-being. Particularly, the speed with which influenza spreads and mutates, via transportation routes, is the reason why the influenza pandemic is considered to be a huge threat to the human population. Pandemic is a term, which is used for a virus or microbe when it spreads over a large area, in severe cases even the whole world and large number of people start getting affecting by it (CDC, 2009).

In the past 300 years, there have been ten significant influenza pandemics outbreaks that have taken place in this world.…


Airports Council International (2009) Airport preparedness guidelines for outbreaks of communicable disease. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

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Bush, George W. (2003a). Homeland security presidential directive -- 5: Management of domestic incidents. Available at:  (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

Pancreatic Cancer
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Pancreatic Cancer


The most common cause of pancreatic cancer is smoking which accounts for 25 -- 30% of cases (urveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program). Other factors include hereditary pancreatic cancers, adults with diabetes of minimum duration two years, hereditary pancreatic, and a history of other family cancers (GUT. Guidelines for the management of patients with pancreatic cancer periampullary and ampullary carcinomas). The Consensus Guidelines of the International Association of Pancreatology advises that patients with a genetic history of pancreatic cancer should be referred to specialist centers where they can receive diagnosis of pancreatic diseases, genetic counseling, and advice on secondary screening (Ulrich et al., 2001).


Most pancreatic cancers (about 90%) originate in the ductal region and are usually discovered when they are locally advanced. They are called ductal adenocarcinoma. Others (80-90%) occur in the head of the gland (GUT). Lymph node metastasis is common as well as…


Doheny, K ( July 2, 2012) Medication Errors Affect Half of Heart Patients WebMD 

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Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program. 

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Importance of Nurse Informatists
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Nurse Informatics

The era of Information technology and knowledge explosion that introduced the comprehensive and complicated information systems has brought drastic changes in the health care sector like all other industries. The attention towards patient's safety has been increased and health care centers are pressurized to improve the efficiency and performance by standardizing the process and maintaining the quality of health care. One of these important changes and a new concept that emerged in the last decade in "Nursing Informatics."

The purpose of writing this paper is to explore the importance of nursing informatics by studying the current and emerging meta-structures, concepts and tools of nursing informatics. In addition, this paper will also explain the importance of nursing informatics in areas like EH, its meaningful use and standardized terminology that helps in improving the delivery of quality patient care.

Nursing Informatics

The information technology also affected the field of health…


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Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Issues

Reproductive Tract Diseases for human females are typically focused in the upper reproductive tract or the lower reproductive tract. The upper tract includes the fallopian tubes, ovary and uterus, while the lower reproductive tract focuses on the vagina, cervix and vulva. There are three major types of infections: endogenous, iatrogenic and sexually transmitted diseases. Endogenous diseases arise from internal cellular structures and may be bacterial, viral or genetic, usually the most common and arise from an overgrowth of organisms that are already present in the vagina; iatrogenic diseases are the result of medical or surgical treatment, and sexually transmitted diseases occur between humans as a result of sexual behavior. In addition to infections, there are congenital abnormalities, cancers and functional problems. Each infection has its own specific cause and symptoms; caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or other organisms. Indeed, some are easily treatable and cured,…

Works Cited

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Statement of Purpose for Phd in Public Health
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working with a diverse population of Native Americans, Hispanics, and other individuals in the prison systems and public clinics of this country, I have come to two, crucial conclusions. Firstly, that the currently cost-strapped environment of the national health care system cries out for innovative financial and sociological solutions. Secondly, I believe I require further education in the field of public health to accomplish my goals in seeking to remedy the systemic abuses I have personally witnessed in my own, current capacity as a physician's assistant. These two crucial reasons combine and fuse in my desire to pursue a PhD at Walden in the field of public health.

"Physician, heal thyself," goes the famous quotation -- and indeed, I have sought to heal my own gaps of knowledge through continually educating myself in the technical innovations of the medical field and of the current state of public health in America.…

Erm There Have Been a
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This 1996 Act was part of a Civil ights concern that as information became more electronically disseminated, it would lead to misuse of that information (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). Certainly, one of the benefits of electronic information is that on one hand it is available to a larger number of people, but it is also verifiable on who views that information at what time. This protection, though, is part of the ethics of individual rights. It has, however, affected scholarly research and the ability to perform retrospective, chart-based research and evaluations. One study, in fact, said that HIPAA managed rules led to a 73% decrease in patient accrual, triple the time recruiting patients, and tripling (at least) of mean recruiting costs (Wold and Bennett, 2005). However, despite the few incidents in which the regulation of this information is detrimental, most civil rights advocates praise the legislation…


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Managing an Effective Quality Assurance
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eports from medical center services and committees concerning patient incidents are used to develop appropriate interventions.

Trended data of patient incidents can point to shift and date where most incidents occur.

Desired Outcome

A 50% reduction in the number medication errors of all types over the next 12 months.

Goals and Objectives to Facilitate Outcome

The overarching goal of this program would be to reduce the number of medication errors in general and among those wards/shifts with the highest numbers of medication errors over the past 12 months. The objectives in support of this goal include:

1. Developing awareness campaign materials such as locally prepared newsletter articles, posters and brochures concerning the goal to reduce medication errors.

2. Conduct a medication error theme seminar that provides basic guidelines for avoiding medication errors (the "5 Ps").

Translation of Goals and Objectives into Policies and Procedures

The above-described goals and objectives would…


Jorm, C.M. & Dunbar, N. (2009, August). Should patient safety be more patient centered?

Australian Health Review, 33(3), 390-395.

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Homosexuality Demedicalization of the Gender
Words: 1703 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74407542
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They also offer the word of warning, however, that in being culturally loaded, this position may also be subject to future change. That is, where cultural perceptions of sexual and gender-orientation differences may actually regress, the risk of remedicalization of these conditions remains present. The article does point out that there remain a number of ideologically entrenched groups dedicated to the therapeutic treatment of homosexuality and gender-orientation differences as medical conditions. However, this cautionary note does not overshadow the more generally positive findings of this discussion, which indicate that changes in the therapeutic and medical communities reflect a broader cultural thrust toward equal perception and treatment of those with gender and sexuality orientation differences.

orks Cited:

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Conrad, P.…

Works Cited:

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Case Report Do Not Do Influenza or Step Throat
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practitioner in a family medical practice, a physician will see an assortment of ailments. Many inflicted individuals first seek aid in a family practice setting. From that point multiple outcomes and referrals are possible. The treatment can also vary greatly. Treatment can range from a simple dose of antibiotics to surgery. In this aspect, family clinics and physicians are of great importance in American society. Branchial cleft cysts are fairly uncommon and there are three known types. As it is the result of a recessive genetic disorder, both parents must be carries for the ailment. "The birth defect may appear as open spaces called cleft sinuses, which may develop on one or both sides of the neck. A branchial cleft cyst may form from fluid drained from a sinus. The cyst or sinus can become infected" (McGuirt, 2005). This type of cyst is generally composed of squamous or columnar cell…


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Fibermyoalgia or Fibromyalgia Is a
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Doctors should be consulted on their effectiveness and safety (NIAMSD).

In the meantime, a person with fibromyalgia can help himself or herself feel better besides taking medicines (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders 2004). He can try to get enough sleep of the right kind to ease or lessen the pain and fatigue. Although pain and fatigue may make exercise and daily activities difficult, the person should be as physically active as possible. Studies show that regular exercise is, in fact, among the most effective treatments of the condition. A patient can try walking or doing mild exercise slowly and according to the severity of his condition. He can or should also make adjustments at work, such as reducing his working hours or change to a less strenuous type of work, change some things in his work space. His diet also deserves a second look. Some persons…


National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders. (2004). Questions and Answers About Fibromyalgia. NIH Publication # 04-5326.

Nursing Ethical Compassion in Nursing What Personal
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Ethical Compassion in Nursing

hat personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to your worldview and philosophy of nursing? How do these values shape or influence your nursing practice?

The role played by the nurse professional is highly consequential to the health outcomes experiences by patients. This means that the nursing profession must be highly regulated by clearly defined and positively reinforced ethical provisions. These provisions are given by the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics and, in my personal experiences, are imperative as a way of dictating how we, as professionals, are expected to engage patients, required to relate to colleagues and trained to respect human dignity. This connection between ethicality and treatment quality contributes both to my personal worldview and to the broader field of nursing. ith specific reference to my experiences in the NICU and maternity wards, this connection takes on particular importance. Here, quality outcomes mean sound,…

Works Cited:

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Nursing Personal Statement for My Entire Life
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Nursing: Personal Statement

For my entire life, acting as a caregiver has been an integral part of my identity. I come from Cuba, and caring for the old and sick is considered to be a very important obligation. I was the child who took care of the needs of my grandmother and grandfather as they aged, as well as my father who died all too young of cancer. As emotionally difficult as these experiences were, I felt privileged to be able to do something for the people who had given so much to me. I also learned how gratifying it was to nurse someone and to provide them with a sense of self-worth and empowerment, even when they were facing their own mortality. To make this my career would be my dream come true.

I wanted to become a nurse while still living in Cuba but unfortunately Cuban nursing schools…

Using Evidence Based Practice to Resolve a Nursing Issue
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Refinement of a Nursing Concern into an Evidence-based Practice Proposal Using the Research Process


Research is mainly used to generate new knowledge or for the validation of existing knowledge based on a theory. Evidenced-based practice (EBP) is the translation of evidence and applying the evidence to clinical decision-making. Most of the evidence used in EBP stems from research. However, EBP will go beyond the use of research and it will include clinical expertise together with patient preference and values. EBP will make use of the evidence developed or knowledge discovered using research to determine the best evidence that can be used or implemented in clinical practice. Research and EBP go hand in hand in that while one will generate new knowledge, the other will make practical use of the knowledge and make use of the knowledge by implementing it into clinical practice. EBP is supported by research since any…

Standardized Coding Systems and Nursing
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Each standardized nursing language is designed for use in a number of clinical settings, including home care, ambulatory care, and inpatient treatment, with certain languages providing decided advantages within particular circumstances. Although it is true that "improved communication with other nurses, health care professionals, and administrators of the institutions in which nurses work is a key benefit of using a standardized nursing language" (utherford, 2008), the proliferation of several nursing languages throughout the years has inevitably resulted in discrepancies, wherein the personal preferences of nurses, the policy of a hospital's corporate ownership, or other factors determine when, where, and why a specific language is used.

To address the growing concern over the inability of nurse's to communicate through a single standardized language system, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) commissioned a comprehensive study which resulted in the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) being selected as the most advantageous option.…


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Significance of the Health
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Telemedicine: Possibilities and Issues

This is a paper regarding the use of communication technology in medicine and healthcare. The Issue is telemedicine, and the article related to is given in the reference.

The possibility, practicality and the desirability of the use of communication technologies are discussed and the issues in telemedicine identified. It is recommended that the issues be researched further and the implications, technical and medico legal sorted out side by side with the use of information and communication technologies in medicine.

The benefits of telemedicine can be enormous, and even save money in many cases, but there is also the potential for medico legal implications and the danger of excessive dependence on the machine rather than the man in the use of telemedicine. Overall, it is potentially a highly beneficial field provided it is driven by patient and healthcare needs rather than driven by the profit motive of…


Coiera, Enrico: "Recent Advances: Medical informatics" BMJ 1995;310:1381-1387 27 May, 1995. Enrico Coiera is project manager at Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS12 6QZ ]

Supervisor First Handed Me the Stack of
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supervisor first handed me the stack of medical documents, case studies, and academic papers, my eyes bulged. As I had no formal medical training, much of the jargon looked like gibberish to me. In fact, I felt that I needed my own translator to turn the medial documents into plainer English. I quickly wondered how on earth I would be able to accomplish this task, and wondered if I had gotten in over my head. However, I took a deep breath and relaxed. My supervisor smiled at me, offering me a strong vote of confidence just by the look in her eyes. I smiled back and told her, "Of course!"

That marked the beginning of my successful career as a technical translator. Already a lover of languages and proficient in several, I wanted badly to become a professional translator so that I could channel my talents toward a viable goal.…

CPT Codes CPT Coding Is a Fact
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CPT Codes

CPT coding is a fact of life in the provision of healthcare today. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology, and is a system first developed by the AMA (American Medical Association) in 1966 "to convert widely accepted, uniform descriptions of medical, surgical and diagnostic services rendered by healthcare providers into five-numeric codes" (Medical Coding Experts, p. 1). CPT codes are necessary in order for accurate reimbursement to be obtained for services rendered and procedures performed. Inaccurate coding may result in a loss of reimbursement or, should extra codes be assigned and/or submitted, insurance fraud.

Category one CPT codes are the standard set of codes, and are divided into six sections. These sections are: evaluation and management; anesthesiology; surgery; radiology; pathology and laboratory; and medicine (Medical Coding Experts, p. 4). Each section has a discrete span of numbers that applies to the procedures classified under that section heading. They…


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