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Mercedes Benz Essays (Examples)

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CRM Systems Help Effect
Words: 2509 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75069227
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However, if the company / dealers begin using the CM solution, to follow up and address customer service issues, it could help to identify possible factors affecting vehicles after the initial purchase. This would help to improve customer relations by bringing those products which are having problems, into the dealerships, so that they can be repaired quickly. If the situation cannot be fixed, then the dealer should replace the vehicle at no cost to the customer. Utilizing this kind of strategy, would allow both Mercedes and its dealerships to be able to improve effective customer communication. Where, it will eliminate the lack of: communication and follow up that often occurs, once the customer has purchased a vehicle.

Another way that this technology could be utilized is: to identify possible design issues. Where, the various CM tools would help to improve communication and identify specific factors that could be related to…

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Built to Order Bto Model Is Used
Words: 536 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47459873
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Built to order (BTO) model is used since it is most applicable with vehicles and is, in fact, the value chain model that is often used in conjunction with vehicle producing manufactures. One doesn't know the end result or the client who will buy the product; therefore the product is only built once a confirmed number of orders have been received. It is the most appropriate approach for highly customized / configured orders and the Benz vehicles try to be just that. The Approach is also good for this company since holding inventories can be highly expensive and this approach diverts that.

In the context of Benz (or any other automotive context), the product is scheduled and built in response to the order of a final customer and it excludes dealers, national sales companies (NSC), point of sales, or other intermediaries in the supply chain.

Build to stock (BTS) is…


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Designer Story Now the Whole
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 82932375
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It was tough the first year of being in business for himself.

Breaking Points

Although his mother was unsupportive of his decision to be a designer, David persisted through the lean times. One day, he spotted an ad for the Elle New Talent Competition. He started to apply, and then realized that he needed to submit full storyboards and materials overnight. Like a scene from Project Runway, David pulled an all-nighter and made it happen. Three days later, he was in the top twelve. Three months later, he was in the finalists, and then…he won.

Winning the Elle New Talent Competition launched David's career in earnest, but it did not mean instant success. He still had no full-time, dependable clients. As he considered returning to teaching, David had a lucky break. The House of Montiac called him to work in Cape Town. Rather than leave his budding business in Johannesburg,…

Audi My Chosen Company Is
Words: 1255 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89495610
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I was able to use these enhanced skills to successfully set the store apart from the competition by means of product differentiation and targeted sales strategies, as well as specific product promotions. I worked with my team and the community to enhance the benefit our products could provide to customers.

2. Why do you want this job?

I believe that your company and I can be of mutual benefit to each other. For myself, I feel that Audi has more self-development opportunities than any other company. Also, I love Audi's products and feel it would be a great honor to be able to work as part of the product management team. I feel that my years of experience and skills developed during my studies and professional experience will help the company move forward to achieve new goals every year.

3. What do you consider your main weaknesses?

My main weakness…


Audi Worldwide (2010).

Online Portfolio
Words: 1954 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59787109
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perfect candidate for a non-technical human resources position at Westinghouse. I will graduate from obert Morris University in May 2014 with a B.S.B.A in Human esources and Marketing. I have studied courses in recruiting, retention, training, compensation and benefits, as well as courses related to marketing. I intend to begin my career as a Human esources generalist.

I have previous experience with Westinghouse, having written my final project in Organizational Communications on the company. For that project, I interviewed Camille Kovach, the Vice President of Human esources, Operations and Global Training & Development. I went away from that experience very impressed with Westinghouse as a business, and as a place to work. This application is a direct result of having seen what Westinghouse is and wanting to be a part of that.

An active OTC cadet, I have a lot more to offer than just a degree. I have been…

References (2013). Personal financial advisors. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved December 12, 2013 from

Perceptual Map Is a Marketing Tool That
Words: 438 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66255245
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Perceptual map is a marketing tool that is used to help place a brand in context of its competitors in terms of public perception of the brands with respect to critical industry variables (Daye, 2009). The two-dimensional nature of the map means that there are two dimensions (elements) that are evaluated. Consumer opinions about these variables and a variety of brands are taken in order to construct the map. The objective of the perceptual map is to understand how the brand's position in perceived by the public, and use this information to shape marketing strategy either to reinforce this perception or to change it.

Two major variables that people consider when purchasing a vehicle, other than price, are safety and prestige. For car buyers, safety is an important issue because of the inherent dangers in driving and the need to minimize the risk to yourself and your family. Prestige is…

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Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process
Words: 23212 Length: 80 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46964051
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Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Review of the Relevant Literature

Types of Mergers

Identifying All Stakeholders in a Given usiness

Strategic Market Factors Driving Merger Activity

Selection Process for Merger Candidates

Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations

The Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Mergers and acquisitions became central features of organizational life in the last part of the 20th century, particularly as organizations seek to establish and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly globalized economy (Nevaer & Deck, 1996). Mergers are generally described as being the formal joining or combining of two corporations or business (Prichett, 1987), although both the framework and the method of merger vary greatly. The reasons for mergers are different based on what a company is trying to accomplish. The acquiring firm may seek to eliminate a competitor; to increase its efficiency; to diversify its products, services,…


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School of Engineering and Design
Words: 15360 Length: 56 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38518716
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The last century has seen an increase in the level of international purchases which has been supported by the developments in transportation and technology. Goods can move faster than before with developments in logistics. The negotiation and forming contracts for purchase with companies and communicate with potential suppliers in distant countries is also easier than in the past with the internet and tools such as video conferencing and emails. This facilitates the use of international suppliers. However, other firms may choose local suppliers believing strategy will best suit their needs. Local suppliers may be able to provide where there is an increase in the transparency of the supply chain, less exposure to risks such as interruption and exchange rate risks and proximity may allow closer collaborative relationships to develop. Both procurement strategies are viable, to assess the advantages associated with each approach the procurement from international and local suppliers can…


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Government in the Market Economy
Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15135750
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B. In market economies, governments are supposed to provide economic conditions for private enterprises to function effectively. However, the main purpose is to create an environment for a healthy national economy, in which all the parties are prosperous, not only private enterprises (USINFO, 2007). The main difference between market economies and planned economies lies on whether the influence of the government is used to preclude private decision (Wikipedia, 2007). The fact that the Mercedes bidding process took place at the state and local level of governments probably influenced the inducements for this project. In other words, a federal government probably would not have offered such favorable tax condition for the Mercedes plant implementation, being more preoccupied on the social welfare.

C. The state and local governments were definitely in favor of the Alabama Mercedes project, and the enormous amounts of money invested in this project by the Alabama government prove…

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South Australia Ambulance Service Organizational Behaviour Case
Words: 5163 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58704794
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South Australia Ambulance Service

Organizational Behaviour Case Analysis


ay Main should develop a system which empowers the culture of organization along with the shift towards automation and excellent customer service.

Has to do what

The leadership of South Australia Ambulance Service is required to do the following:

To set a strategic direction for SAAS this would be compatible to the new strategic plan.

Meet the service expectations of the clients by focusing more on efficient customer services.

Empower the service delivery personnel fully and hold them accountable for every action.

The expectations of donators and community should be aligned.

Make SAAS compatible to respond to mass casualties.

Workforce retention should be increased.

Emergency sector and healthcare should be integrated to respond efficiently to any casualty.

Interventions should be prioritized.

The impact of any change should be evaluated on the patient as patients' life is more important. (Daniels 2009)



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Policy Extension
Words: 1679 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21719184
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Policy Extension

General Context

The company was established in 1886 and since its inception the technology developed by Daimler has revolutionized the automotive industry (Daimler AG, 2014). Daimler's initial product line started with a motor carriage and a three wheeled vehicle. The quality, safety and comfort of Daimler's vehicles have impressed their customers, establishing the standards of the industry.

With automotives being a physical product, it is very easy to measure them. Standards of the industry are established and brought to public notice, allowing all customers to understand them and rapport to them. In this industry products are physical received by customers and they enter customers' possession once all contractual and financial aspects have been attained. Product reception takes place under the terms established by the seller and agreed by the buyer.

There are several ways customers can address in order to find out information about the price and characteristics…

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Economics This Project Will Discuss the Different
Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89514659
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This project will discuss the different hedging needs of Mercedes-Benz in Japan. The company sells its cars in Japan, but does not produce them in that market. One of the key demand hedging strategies for the company is vertical integration.

The demand in the Japanese market is relatively stable, but Mercedes wants to ensure a relatively low level of inventory, because inventory sitting on lots is an inefficient use of working capital. In addition, cars depreciate over time and a year-old car on a new car lot will need to be discounted in order to be sold. To avoid this, the company must carefully manage its inventory levels. Vertical integration in this sense reflects control over the company's distribution channels (Investopedia, 2012).

The vertical integration strategy involves owning the dealerships that sell the cars. This makes it easier to estimate demand. In addition, there is no incentive for the…

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Japanese and European Automobiles the
Words: 1425 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57417543
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In January 2004, the J.D. Power and Associates, named Honda as the highest non-luxury brand of car. This same study looked at buyer's perceptions of problems such as engineering problems, quality of workmanship and worker errors in production. Buyers were happy with Honda, and it ranked fourth behind Lexus, Cadillac and Jaguar. The Honda also ranked first in Van and entry level SUV, and in the top three in compact, sports car, and midsize SUV (Honda anks, 2004). This study clearly shows that reliability and quality workmanship are important to the public when they are looking for an automobile to purchase.

Clearly, there are differences in the markets that each automobile company targets for sales and this makes the individual qualities of the vehicle important to the consumer. By 1990, the public could choose from 572 models of vehicles. Advertising and the public's perception of the automobiles are important. The…


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Study. (2004). Retrieved November 7, 2004, at  / about.htm

Future of Radio What Is
Words: 4053 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33134248
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He doesn't mention Apple's iPod, iPod Touch, and iPad, but those devices also pose a challenge for traditional radio broadcasting. People can "…select music that suits their individual tastes and many have wider repositories of music in their own libraries" -- thanks to the iTunes and similar services -- than are offered on the playlists of radio broadcasters (Picard, p. 1).

Moreover, Satellite and Internet radio are offering "hundreds of choices of highly focused music formats," Picard continues, making radio "…a less relevant platform" for music and entertainment than it was previously (p. 1). Besides using Satellite radio -- and being willing to pay for a service that specializes in exactly the music genre listeners prefer -- users are downloading podcasts on a number of topics that interest them, Picard explains. The problems for radio resulting from these alternative audio choices are "compounded" in the United States due to the…

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Consumer Behavior - Branding the
Words: 2754 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14186640
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As Farrell (June 14, 2000) states: "The idea is to make milk the "cool" drink. The "mustache" still runs, with current stars such as Britney Spears." The success of such milk advertising to teens, it seems, represents an especially skillful endeavor, since milk is otherwise so much (and traditionally) associated with babyhood and early childhood, life stages (and self-images and reflections by others) that teens in particular generally yearn to leave far behind. Moreover, the considerable success of the "milk mustache" campaign proves very well the fact that just about anything can be successfully marketed to teens, as long as it is marketed to them with enough imagination, research, and skill (and with plenty of advertising dollars).

Some advertising for teens is also currently undergoing some interesting media changes, internationally. Within one global mega-conglomerate, Coca Cola, according to Foust (March 1, 2004):

Coke has diverted money into new initiatives that…


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Smart Cars Re The Smart
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27437963
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Because of its hip European style, its environmentally-conscious image, its fuel economy, and its novelty, the Smart Car will appeal to a large segment of American consumers.

Proposals for marketing the Smart Car in the United States:

The Smart Car will appeal mostly to consumers in urban and semi-suburban areas. Therefore, marketing should be targeted at that segment of the population.

I have no recommendations for product adaptations to the two-seater Smart Car. However, I strongly recommend that Daimler-Chrysler introduce the SUV model of the Smart Car because of the American obsession with the SUV. The SUV Smart Car will appeal to Americans who don't want the stigma of driving an SUV but who at the same time need the extra space.

The Smart Car will appeal to all ages and genders but will be best marketed toward well-educated consumers, college students, and persons of a liberal political philosophy.


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State Incentives Economic Development
Words: 2316 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32597951
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Incentives and Economic Development

When attracting new businesses to our community, or encouraging the start-up or expansion of businesses that are already here, the eacon Council promotes the many advantages of doing business in Miami-Dade County. Those advantages include a number of business incentive programs and a favorable tax structure that have encouraged many domestic and international companies to relocate or expand their operations here.

MW, Mercedes-enz and Federal Express are just a few big companies that have been lured to various states by hundreds of millions of dollars in business incentive packages, bringing promises of new jobs and economic development to these states.

In 1992, MW decided to build in South Carolina after the state offered the company $130 million in business incentives (McIntosh, et al., 1999). Mercedes-enz's decision to build its first United States factory in Alabama was strongly influenced by the state's offer of more than $300…


Industry breaks blasted in report. The Advocate, May 26, 2002.

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Amex Return on Investment
Words: 1602 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44665114
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American Express

Creating ROI in a New Environment

American Express (Amex) is one of the world's largest financial services company in the world, as well as the largest provider of many travel services. The company has a long history of building value for consumers by offering many services that are often free to them. Most credit card companies charge the consumer an interest rate for the use of their services, however Amex created an innovative strategy to differentiate that model. AMEX typically does not charge interest rates and the company generates its revenue through merchant processing activities, annual fees, and various fees. However, has struggled with many of its growth initiatives in recent years and faces and increasingly competitive environment in the financial services industry as there is a high level of innovation from within the industry. This analysis will consider the company's current operations in light of the evolving…

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Strategic Management Plan Process
Words: 2779 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93691501
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BMW Strategic Management

The Car Manufacturing Industry

esearch has proven with time that the most creative and efficient labor force in this globe of conventional production has come from both Japan and Germany who lead the world in creative initiatives. Moreover, studies have also shown that the reason for these two countries being highly productive is because they follow their cultural heritage. There are only few luxurious brands in the car industry that even an infant recognizes and hence there are a few factors that need to be taken it into account when recognizing the strong and continue existence of BMW group in this heavily competed industry (othacher, 2004). Hence, the following trends visible were very visible in the growth of luxurious car brands in Germany and Japan. Understanding these trends could help others brands and products to establish their footing as well:

At the time of company's establishment it…


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Change Management and Lewin's Change
Words: 2072 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41907253
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Yes, the merger may have been a good idea in the beginning and would have allowed both companies to form a considerable economy of scale, but only if they could work out their differences and be able to make the changes necessary. According to Lewin's model they never even got past the first age, therefore they were never able to make the changes in the first place. A merger requires that both companies "unfreeze" of their business model and other elements of their company. Unless they can get past the first age, they will not be able to get to the second and third stage of the change model. This one the key lessons that is learned by the failed merger of Daimler-Chrysler.

In 2007, the failed restructuring attempt led to the decision by Daimler AG to sell Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management (Szczesny, 2007). One of the key reasons…


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Lee Iacocca the Man Who
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40313558
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.. business performance and long-term economic success; the responsibility for the sparing use of our planet's resources and for maintaining an intact environment for present and future generations, and the responsibility for the people involved in or affected by our company's business activities and for society as a whole" ("Chrysler Group," Internet).

Currently, Daimler-Chrysler is headed by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, appointed in 1998 and until the year 2010. His leadership style is wholly based upon the company's "Integrity Code," being guideline... which defines limits to the activities of employees worldwide... And contains rules of conduct concerning international transactions, conflicts of interest, the issue of equality, the role of internal monitoring systems (and) the right to the fulfillment of statutory standards." As to the company's ethics, it currently adheres to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act "which is applicable to board members and other senior officers" within and without the company. Also, Daimler-Chrysler "acknowledges…


Chrysler Group." (2006). DaimlerChrysler. Internet. Retrieved at .

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Harcourt-Brace & Company.

David Carson When David Carson
Words: 1749 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49275025
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"Hopefully, I am evolving as an artist and a designer, and Digital Kitchen seems to be a place that [offers me the best] chance at getting to the next level" (Remson, 2002, p. 6).

There are always "next levels" for Carson. Looking at his design for the book the Architecture of Patterns, at first the eye sees the + signs and interprets them as crosses in a cemetery. A closer look and maybe they are just "X's" turned on their sides. Small, smaller, with a few very large + positioned on the cover. The book title is blurred and interrupted by the +'s. Carson's design for Quicksilver and Pukas Surfboards is rowdy; a surfboard shape is permeated with circles and a macrame-like swirl connecting to what could be a bow. it's bizarre, but it's pure Carson. The Bark catalog design uses fonts creatively, a patented Carson approach. "Born on the…

Works Cited

Adweek. "End of Print?" 44.42, (1994): p. 32.

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San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2000.

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Cummins Is the Dominant Player
Words: 1376 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 75943737
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Legal Actions

Information about ongoing legal actions is typically disclosed in the annual report. An examination of Cummins' Form 10-K from 2008 reveals that while the company is subject to a wide range of legal risks, there are no major legal actions pending. Referring to environment-related legal actions, the company states that "we do not believe that these lawsuits are material individually or in the aggregate."

Negative Publicity

At present, there is little indication that Cummins is faced with any significant negative publicity. The company faces some minor environmental lawsuits, which may not be financial material but could generate some negative publicity should the company be found culpable for any impropriety.

Cummins' track record with regards to negative publicity -- or the lack thereof -- is enviable for a multinational country, in particular one with manufacturing operations overseas. Cummins' approach has been proactive. There are hints of the company's…

Works Cited:

Cummins website. Various pages. Retrieved February 22, 2010 from 

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Cummins 2008 Form 10-K.

Purdah Purdah Is Practice of
Words: 1317 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20399953
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Benazir Bhutto: The first and only female leader of Pakistan, Bhutto was a strong political figure and fighter for freedom and women's rights in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Exiled and brought back by popular demand, she was assassinated in 2007.

Mo Yan: Mo Yan is an incredibly prolific and respected author in modern China, whose works are largely concerned with social commentary. He was formerly a soldier in the People's Army and is a member of the ruling Communist Party.

Khmer Rouge: The followers of Pol Pot and the Communist Party in Kampuchea (now Cambodia) were known as the Khmer Rouge. The regime is noted for the massive human rights violations and state-sponsored murders in the guise of social engineering.

Nigeria and Biafra: Biafra was a secessionist state in Nigeria populated largely by the Ibo people. The secession of te state, which was recognized by several neighboring African countries,…

Elring Klinger AG Elringklinger Is
Words: 1597 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 94618044
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That core operation accounted for 94.5% of the group's profits in 2007. This compares with 93.3% in 2006; 90.9% in 2005; and 89.1% in 2004. n 2007, the ErlingKlinger AG subsidiary accounted for 58.6% of the group's revenues. All told, the AG subsidiary's net margin was 21.2%, compared with 13.2% for the group. Exclusive of AG, the group's net margin was only 1.7%. Thus we can extrapolate that the core AG business is the main profit driver for the ErlingKlinger Group. The remaining subsidiaries contribute little in the way of profit to the company.

The statement of cash flows reveals that ErlingKlinger has continued to grow its operations in the past year. Growth in cash from operating activities was 10.4%. The company made significant investments in property, plant & equipment and investment properties. These investments increased 94.6% in 2007, driving growth in total cash outlay for investments to 117.1%. The…

In terms of profitability, ErlingKlinger's main AG subsidiary is the most profitable. That core operation accounted for 94.5% of the group's profits in 2007. This compares with 93.3% in 2006; 90.9% in 2005; and 89.1% in 2004. In 2007, the ErlingKlinger AG subsidiary accounted for 58.6% of the group's revenues. All told, the AG subsidiary's net margin was 21.2%, compared with 13.2% for the group. Exclusive of AG, the group's net margin was only 1.7%. Thus we can extrapolate that the core AG business is the main profit driver for the ErlingKlinger Group. The remaining subsidiaries contribute little in the way of profit to the company.

The statement of cash flows reveals that ErlingKlinger has continued to grow its operations in the past year. Growth in cash from operating activities was 10.4%. The company made significant investments in property, plant & equipment and investment properties. These investments increased 94.6% in 2007, driving growth in total cash outlay for investments to 117.1%. The aforementioned shift in debt from long-term to current is reflected in the financing activities portion of the cash flow statement, with cash flows from financing moving from a reduction of €41.7 million to an addition of €4.4 million. All told, the company had 35.75 more cash at the end of fiscal 2007 than it did at the end of fiscal 2006.

Overall, ErlingKlinger is a financially strong company. They are liquid and have demonstrated strong revenue growth. Profit growth has been even stronger still, reflecting the company's ability to control costs. The deterioration in liquidity in this past year is unlikely to have a long-term impact on the company, since it merely represents debt that will in all likelihood be retired. The company's gross margin has grown slightly, as have research and development expenses, but the net margin has grown more substantially. Returns on both assets and equity have grown steadily over the past four years as well. All told, there are no red flags with regards to ErlingKlinger's financial performance. Overall, however, it is worth noting that the AG group, the largest component of the company, provides the lion's share of the company's profits. The company's other endeavors are, in general, breaking even.

Mbusa Case Study Selection of
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here are also the costs of having to re-issue training materials and content, and this also makes the Web-based learning system more efficient and far more economical. Lastly, the support of the strategic initiative on the part of MBUSA of having the highest quality service delivered via its SARMARK program is also essential to keep the Mercedes Benz brand solid and the reputation of the company for exceptional service intact. All of these factors need to be taken into account as the customers' day-to-day experiences with MBUSA will dictate its JD Power ratings which are mentioned in the study, and over the long-term, impact its brand as well. MBUSA must align its strategies to support line-of-business objectives if the company is to be successful. A critical area of this is the developing of agile, responsive it architectures that can align with the needs of MBUSA employees, and in this case,…

Total Cost of Ownership, multi-purpose Intel Server

Windows Server 2000 Operation System

Net Savings Web-Based Savings

Revolution in U S by Thomas
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What autos a society depends on says a lot about that society too, and the gas-guzzling SUVs and pickups that have made up the backbone of American transportation indicate our indifference to global problems, including the problems the country is creating itself.

What is so disturbing about America's role in the five-gas-stations theory is the message it sends quite openly to the rest of the world. Friedman notes in his essay that this message breeds resentment because the United States is not content to spread technology and industrialization. In addition, it is spreading democratization, capitalism, fast food, and even Hollywood values to the rest of the world, and many of them strongly resent America for its presumption that everyone would be better off following her example, whether they want to or not (Friedman 134). The country feels the need to drag everyone down the same "righteous" path, and that is…


Friedman, Thomas L. "Revolution is U.S." Signs of Life in the U.S.A., 5th ed. Maasik & Solomon, eds. New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2006. 130-135.

Port of Baltimore Corporate Strategy
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Port of Baltimore's Strategic Orientation

As the Case Review by Ross et al. (2005) shows, the Port of Baltimore finds itself almost perpetually in a highly challenging and precarious position where environmentalism is concerned. The demands of its industry, and particularly those relating to the highly competitive market driven by the leverage of the shipping sector, require the POB to seek a balance in the variant priorities of profitability, satisfaction of state interests, security and environmentalism. Often, when this last dimension of its operation is relegated behind other considerations, POB has been forced to confront the ire of environmental advocacy groups, lobbyists and public agencies.

One of the more complex issues surrounding its environmental position is that relating to dredging, which has a mix of negative and constructive implications to the ecology surrounding the port and the Chesapeake Bay. According to Ross et al., "dredging, which is the process of…

Works Cited:

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Optics Applications in Information Technology
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The scanner's ability to translate typewriter characters into bit-mapped image into ASCII text depends on a number of factors, including the sensitivity of the device itself and the legibility and method of preparation of the original document; however, improvements are being made all of the time and even formerly graphic-based scanning systems such as Adobe's notoriously slow PDF applications have incorporated character recognition systems that allow for textual scanning. Some of these character recognition systems incorporate features that provide output options to convert the text into a format used by common word-processing programs such as TF, Word and so forth. According to Dry and Lawler, the term "scanning" is frequently used today to describe the process of creating digitized images; in this approach, a graphic picture of the page, rather than an actual transcription of the text itself, is stored in the computer. "While this provides an effective means of…

References dictionary of business, 2nd ed. (1996). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Business Total Quality Management Total Quality Management
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Total Quality Management

Total quality management (TQM) is defined as "a philosophy of organization-wide commitment to continuous improvement, focusing on teamwork, customer satisfaction, and lowering costs" (Daft 640). This definition shows the various aspects that are a part of a total quality management approach to business. These include that a TQM approach involves the whole organization, that continuous improvement is a major focus, and that there is an emphasis on satisfying customers. To consider quality management in more detail, these three aspects will now be considered. This will be followed by a consideration of the importance of quality management in business. Finally, the effects on both managers and employees will be discussed. This will provide an overview of quality management, while also showing the impact it has on organizations.

The first important aspect of TQM is that it involves the entire organization. This includes that it involves all tasks,…

Works Cited

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Outsourcing Jobs or the Practice
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The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that services to foreign clients brought Americans $131 billion in 2003. This was in addition to offshore services for U.S. customers, which grew by $7 billion.

The report shows that labor-intensive production and administrative work has grown in low-cost places, while talent sensitive activities have grown in the United States (Malachuk, 2004). This is a major benefit of outsourcing.

Weidenbaum (2005) argues that many American employees are able to keep their jobs because outsourcing allows their companies to stay competitive. Companies in higher-labor-cost economies can stay competitive and thus preserve jobs that remain (Jones, 2005). Many employees as a result will get new or better jobs because the company's financial strength has been enhanced. For example, when a company outsources upgrades for its software system, the domestic demand for basic programmers may decrease, but there will be an increased need for higher-paid systems integrators…


Feldman, W. & Feldman, P. (2005). In or out? Journal of Property Management, 70 (1), Jan/Feb, 32-35.

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Sales of Off-Highway Trucks Is
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When fully loaded the weight distribution is 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle. Given the likely adhesion conditions, the powertrain will drive all axles.

Suspension geometry design and assessment

Steering design

Turning circle

When the vehicle is cornering, each wheel must go through a turning circle. The outer turning circle, is to our main subject of interest. This calculation is never precise because when a vehicle is cornering the perpendiculars via the centres of all wheels never intersect at the curve centre point (Ackermann condition). Additionally, while the vehicle is moving, certain dynamic forces will always arise that will eventually affect the cornering manoeuvre (MAN,2000).

The formula used.

Vehicle Model T31, 19.314 FC

Wheelbase lkt = 5000 mm

Front axle Model V9-82L

Tyres 315/80 . 22.5

Wheel 22.5 x 9.00

Track width s = 2058 mm

Scrub radius r0 = 58 mm

Inner steer angle…


Catapillar (2001). 769D-Off-Highway Truck.

Ivanov V, Shyrokau B, Augsburg K, Vantsevich V (2010)System Fusion in Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics Control09/2010; in proceeding of: Joint 9th Asia-Pacific ISTVS Conference, at Sapporo, Japan

MAN (2009).vehicle calculations

Rafael, M, a. Lozano, J. Cervantes, V. Mucino, C.S. Lopez-Cajun (2009).A method for powertrain selection of heavy-duty vehicles with fuel savings. International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems

Culture of Germany Has a Very Unique
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Culture of Germany

Germany has a very unique culture that is shaped both by medieval realities, Cold War politics, and modern day success. Before becoming a country, Germany was made up of dozens of small fiefdoms or princeling states, territories that were German speaking but controlled by local municipal cities. Germany as a country did not exist formally until 1871 when the Prussian Kingdom defeated France, and became united with Bavaria and the West German states to form the German Empire. Otto Von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm II were the leading forces behind the unification of Germany, and with the unification of Germany came great success and a rebalancing of power in Europe. The success of Germany at the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century led to power struggles that split Europe into two, causing the start of World War I in 1914. (German…

IPAD2 Changing the Canadian Market How IPAD2
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IPad2 Changing the Canadian Market

How IPad2 can Change the Canadian Market

It is amazing the buzz that some products generate. Every year at Christmas time there seems to be some must have product that all parents are scrambling to get their child. However, this sort of frenzy is nothing compared to that which accompanied the launch of Apple's iPad in 2010 (aters). Now, the iPad2 is already on store shelves less than a year later, and though it has also been accompanied by some hype, it is not as great as last year's initial launch. People seem to satisfied with the product, but tablet-type products (such as PDAs) have been on the market for several years already. The question is, how can the iPad2 change the Canadian tablet market? Is there some type of marketing plan that can make this product really take the tablet market by storm? This…

Works Cited

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Offshore Accounts an Offshore Bank
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• Competitiveness in the Euro currency markets (Cayman

Depositors can also invest globally. There are minimal reporting requirements, and strong client confidentiality, and the Cayman Islands, being under British jurisdiction, has political and economic stability (Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking)

ome of the Comnaonies in Cayman Islands

Famous U.. companies located on Cayman Island include:

Deloitte (accounting)

Financial Consulting & Accounting Ltd.

Custom Accounting olutions

Media Works

Xanadu Distributing Ltd. (Marketing)

Ford - Vampt Motors

Mercedes-Benz - Ultimate Imports Ltd.

Hi-Tech Electronics Inc.

Britannia Magazine

Alphasoft Ltd. (telecommunications)


Others are Coca-Cola, Oracle, and Intel that all use the Islands to avoid paying taxes

"One quarter of the 100 largest contractors with the U.. federal government, including Altria Group Inc. And Tyco International Ltd. have had subsidiaries in the Caymans, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office." (Evans (May, 2009). eagate is one of these companies.



Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking )

Cayman Islands. 

Evans, D (May, 2009) Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel Use Cayman Islands to Avoid U.S. Taxes Bloomberg,

Present a Problem
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eflexivity in a Leadership Context

According to Ann L. Cunliffe (2004) in her article "On becoming a critically reflexive practitioner," effective managerial practice demands an existential understanding of the implications of leadership beyond conventional business theory of 'what works' and what 'doesn't work' in practice. The manager must have a clear understanding of who he or she is and his or her effect upon others. There is no single way to manage and the process is highly dependent upon the social context in which the manager's decisions are taking place. Critically reflexive practice also requires that the leader understand that two people do not always inhibit the same reality: they perceive the world differently, based upon their past experiences. When a leader is giving advice to a subordinate or a colleague, there is no objective 'truth;' rather both parties will look at the world and the problem from their own…


Cunliffe, Ann. (2004). On becoming a critically reflexive practitioner. Journal of Management

Education, 28(4), 407-426.

History of the Michigan International Auto Show
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Michigan Auto Show: History

Early History

The history of the Michigan Auto Show (now re-named as the North American International Auto Show) dates back to 1899 when it was held for the first time as the Detroit Auto Show in Detroit. The credit for organizing the earliest Detroit Auto Shows goes to illiam E. Metzeger who dealt in bicycles before becoming associated with the auto industry. ("Zacharias"). Metzeger had traveled to England in 1895 to attend the world's first auto exhibition and returned to Detroit to become its first auto dealer. (Ibid.)

In 1899 Metzeger and an associate formed the Tri State Sportsman's and Automobile Association and leased the Light Guard Armory in Detroit to organize a hybrid exhibition of sporting equipment and automobiles. At the first show, the major attractions were big-game trophies from Africa, fishing tackle and assorted sporting equipment, rather than automobiles. Metzeger was the only auto…

Works Cited

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2002 NAIAS: History." Woman Motorist. (n.d.) March 10, 2002.

Online Video Programing
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Online Video Business Model and its Impact on Communications

What is Online Video?

Online video is more commonly referred to as "streaming video" which is "video that plays over the Internet without downloading to the end user's computer. hink television and radio for your computer. Streaming is different from downloading in that playback starts immediately with just a mouse click for the viewer, and the large file is not saved to the viewer's computer. his provides a high level of security for original content.

Another description of streaming videos is as follows:

Streaming" videos are digitally encoded video files that are delivered via the Internet, to be opened and viewed on an end user's computer screen. With one mouse click, a screen appears, and a (often large) video file opens, which the user can watch via a software program, such as Real Player or Media Player, available for free via… December 8, 2002. 

13 "Full Stream Ahead." Aberdeene Group Newsletter.

May 1, 2002..

Transportation Improvement Plan
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Toyota Transportation

Toyota Beginning and Emergence

The Market for the Company

The Major Partners and Suppliers

Toyota Supply Chain

Dedicated Transport Service

The Green Supply Chain

Transportation Planning

Freight Flow of Toyota



The Transport Improvement Plan

Dedicated Transport Service

oute Mapping

Environmental Concerns

Integration of services


Division of Duties at the Plant Level for Better Accountability

Mapping logistics flows

The Future of the Transport Improvement Plan

Production by region

Sales by region

Toyota is the biggest single producer and the second biggest producer of cars in the world, after General Motors.

The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is headquartered in Toyota city in Japan with regional offices and factories all around the globe. The company primarily manufactures automobiles but also has business interests in robotics, financial services and biotechnology. It employs a huge number of people and is among the top…


Antony, J., Caine, P., & Escamilla, J. (2003). Lean Sigma [production and supply chain management]. Manufacturing Engineer, 82(2), 40-42. doi:10.1049/me:20030203,. (2015). Automotive Logistics - Toyota's total supply chain vision. Retrieved 25 February 2015, from 

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DALLERY, Y., & LIBEROPOULOS, G. (2000). Extended kanban control system: combining kanban and base stock. IIE Transactions, 32(4), 369-386. doi:10.1080/07408170008963914

United States Regulation of Business
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Government-Business Relations 1004 PPP -- Reading Report

Tutorial (e.g. Monday 10.00am-11.30am):

Reading full reference

Wilson, G. (2003). Business and politics: A comparative introduction. 3rd ed. New York: Chatham House Publishers. Chapter 2. "Business and Politics in the United States," pp. 27-57.

Main point(s) made by the author(s)

In contrast to modern European democracies, the United States has embraced a form of capitalism that is extremely hostile to proactive social welfare policies. Within U.S. culture there has tended to be a more uncomplicated celebration of such values as individualism and self-reliance. Even the Democratic Party, which is currently considered the more liberal of the two major governing parties, is less supportive of comprehensive social welfare policies such as universal healthcare vs. European nations. The U.S. has a very weak welfare state, one of the weakest in the modern industrialized world. The U.S. also has a federalist system, which accords considerable power…

The Management of Products
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Product-Harm Crisis Management Interventions and Outcomes Comment by John House: Please name your files as shown in the instructions. This is very important.

Product harm crisis is one of the primary functions of an organization. Organizational leaders are required to invest in product-harm crisis management to minimize the negative consequences of poor management of a product-harm crisis. Failure to effectively manage product-harm crisis can result in causing losses or harm to an organization and its stakeholders. Organizations of the modern day are more vulnerable than any time before to adverse impacts of product crisis that that can happen at any point in the supply chain. In order to effectively mitigate the possibility of experiencing product related adverse incidents; it would be necessary to embrace continuity management that can help an organization handle product-harm crisis. This focus of this study is to explain the objective of product-harm crisis as one of…

References Comment by John House: Do not type this in bold print.The first line of a reference entry begins at the left margin. Indent the second line.

Bilkey, W. J., & Nes, E. (1982). Country-of-origin effects on product evaluations. Journal of Comment by John House: See pp. 198-202 in the APA manual for a discussion of periodical reference formats.The second and subsequent lines of a reference entry must use a 1/2-inch hanging indention. Look up hanging indention in Word Help. Hint: When typing the first line, set the lower arrow on the Word ruler to 1/2-inch.

international business studies, 89-99.doi:10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490539

Chen, Y., Ganesan, S., & Liu, Y. (2009). Does a firm's product-recall strategy affect its financial value? An examination of strategic alternatives during product-harm crises.

Journal of Marketing, 73(6), Comment by John House: See pp. 198-202 in the APA manual for a discussion of periodical reference formats.The second and subsequent lines of a reference entry must use a 1/2-inch hanging indention. Look up hanging indention in Word Help. Hint: When typing the first line, set the lower arrow on the Word ruler to 1/2-inch.

Cadillac for More Than 50
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The annual income of those who purchased Cadillac verifies from 74K to 134K, with average annual income of $110,000. The biggest part of Cadillac purchases have annual income of 98-109K, most of them are 64-66 years old and have 12-14 years of education.


Household income







Years of education less then 12


15 and more

The situation with owners of other luxury brands is different. The average income of BMW purchasers is $14,288,00; average income of Mercedes and Lexus purchases is $186,773,00 and $154,404,00 respectively. The education level is higher as well, which corresponds to the higher income if compared to Cadillac owners. The average number of studied years for BMW owner is 16,1; for Mercedes it's 17,5 and for Lexus it's 15,8. This data means that typical owners of BMW and Lexus have a Master or Bachelor's degree and typical owners of…

Daimler a Long and Tangled History the
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A Long and Tangled History

The Daimler car company, under various different names and throughout various configurations, has been around almost as long as the history of the automobile itself. It has seen good times -- including some very good times -- as well as some very troubled times. While Daimler, like any other company, has been to some extent purely at the mercy of chance and external forces, it has also risen and fallen a number of times because of the company's internal culture. This paper examines that organizational culture and how it has both helped and hindered the company during its recent history, relying primarily on the theoretical model of the cultural web. While "culture" is most accurately understood as an element of an integrated human community rather than a corporation (which includes elements of a wider human community but is much narrower in function and scope),…


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Fiat Chrysler -- Leadership - Teambuilding
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Fiat / Chrysler -- Leadership - Teambuilding

The Chrysler merger with Fiat was met with skepticism and doubts when it was first proposed. Chrysler had just recently emerged from near bankruptcy -- saved by a U.S. government bailout -- and Fiat is a strong internationally respected corporation building cars, earth-moving machines, and more. The merging of Chrysler and Fiat was seen as having a greater opportunity for success than did the merger between Chrysler and Daimler-Benz, but still there were doubters in the industry. However, as of May, 2012, the blending together of the two companies (Fiat and Chrysler) has produced a profitable situation. This paper examines the cultures -- and leadership -- shown within the two companies, a strong combination that has allowed success to be achieved. The paper also critiques the leadership styles in the dynamics of this merger, and delves into the concept of teambuilding when two…

Works Cited

Associated Press. (2012). Fiat Gets Another 5% State In Chrysler Thanks to Dodge Dart.

HuffPost Detroit. Retrieved May 11, 2012, from .

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Retrieved May 11, 2012, from .

Globalization and Technological Influences on International Mergers
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Globalization and Technological Influences

On International Mergers: DaimlerChrysler as a Case Study

One of the most interesting international manufacturing mergers of the 20th century was the 1998 negotiation between the Daimler auto company headquartered in Germany and the struggling Chrysler corporation, headquartered in the U.S. Daimler's buyout of Chrysler resulted in a merger that ultimately failed to benefit either party, and may have seriously damaged both organizations' capacity for future growth. Below, I will discuss how the merger proceeded -- as it was covered in U.S. And international business media -- and how the negotiations for the merger and the 2007 spinoff of Chrysler were facilitated by technological developments and global business practices. I will also discuss motivations for international mergers in general and how they applied specifically in the case of the DaimlerChrysler merger.

As a horizontal merger, DaimlerChrysler followed a popular movement towards consolidation in the international auto…


Qiu, L., & Zhou, W. (2003). International Mergers: Incentive and Welfare. Journal of International Economics, 68(1): 38-58.

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Vlasic, B., & Stertz, B. (2001). Taken for a Ride: How Daimler-Benz Drove Off with Chrysler. New York: Harper Perennial.

Sweet Grass Cheese's Development and
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This increased their word of mouth advertising and eventually led to a very large order from a grocery chain, Fresh Market. This word of mouth marketing helped expand their distribution channels as well.

The greatest opportunity for a small business, like Sweet Grass, is to focus on what they do best and serve a niche market. Sweet Grass isn't trying to be the largest dairy producer, with an all-encompassing product mix, instead, they are satisfied by providing consistent high quality cheeses. And it is cheese that they do oh so well.

Small businesses have the ability to focus all of their efforts on a limited line up of products. They can discover what they do best, and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market by doing just that. Small businesses may not be able to compete in areas such as cost or large deliverable quantities, but quality is an…


Aschwanden, C. (Mar 2005). New name, old diet. Health, 19(2). Retrieved April 19, 2005, from Alt HealthWatch database.

Carb-crazed? (24 Sept 2004). Current Events, 104(3). Retrieved April 19, 2005, from Academic Search Premier database.

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Walker, R. (5 Aug 2004). Handcrafter cheese from Georgia? The Atlanta Journal - Constitution. K1.

Japanese Car Perceptions of Japanese
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S. market. Instead of purchasing millions of dollars in research, Japanese manufacturers will often send their engineering and development teams to a foreign nation to study not just market conditions, but also the nuances of a given customer base as well (Aldridge, 1990). This will allow for greater insights into unmet needs, including the need to see the foreign manufacturers as being a contributor, not detractor, to national welfare. Toyota and Honda did this exceptionally well, as does Panasonic and Samsung with Google Android smartphones today.

2. Do you feel that there is really any difference, in a consumer's mind, between a Toyota Camry manufactured in the United States and an identical Camry that was manufactured in Japan but sold in the United States?

The indirect answer is that it depends on the individual consumer and their perceptual biases. From those consumers with a high level of ethnocentric mindsets, then…


Aldridge, D.N. (1990). Marketing strategy: The Japanese Approach. Marketing and Research Today, 18(4), 239.

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Halfhill, D.S. (1980). Multinational marketing strategy: Implications of attitudes toward country of origin. Management International Review, 20(4), 26.

Innovation Management at Ford Motors
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Additionally, aside financial resources, they also used their assets. The most relevant example in this sense is the selling of part of its interests in Mazda. It as such transformed its assets into liquidities -- the 20% shares in Mazda were converted into $540 million (Murphy) -- that better allowed them to pursue their innovation objectives.

The matter of technological innovation is not only a core focus of Ford's, but of all players within the American automobile industry. The reasons for the rivalry in terms of &D are numerous, the most outstanding however being constituted by the desire to attract and satisfy as many customers as possible, managing as such to increase organizational revenues. "&D efforts in the U.S. Auto industry are channeled into a variety of processes such as stamping, casting, machining, and assembling. Within the time-frame of our investigation, &D efforts had to embrace sudden changes in taste…


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