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Middle Class Essays (Examples)

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Class Structure
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87063850
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Great Britain has always possessed a rigid class structure with few chances for upward mobility. However, in modern times, class structure has received a new face-lift. Instead of the traditional three tiered social class structure, instead is in place a seven tiered class structure that has various ways to measure class that include social, cultural, and economical. Therefore, class within British society, is not just categorized through how much money a person has, but also how socially and culturally active they are. Still, there is some debate to whether or not class plays an important role in British society as much as it did in the past. Evidence suggest it does and the more money and influence a person has in society, the more likely they will do well and receive more opportunities, therefore removing the notion that class does not have much of an impact on a person's future.…


Akinwale, B., Lynch, K., Wiggins, R., Harding, S., Bartley, M. And Blane, D. (2010). Work, permanent sickness and mortality risk: a prospective cohort study of England and Wales, 1971-2006. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 65(9), pp.786-792.

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Class and Gender
Words: 4228 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11311644
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Oppression of Class And Gender

Class and gender are two separate but related concepts in the sociological analysis and understanding of inequality and oppression in society. A definition of class is "A group of individuals ranked together as possessing common characteristics; as, the different classes of society; the educated class; the lower classes." (Definition of class)

According to the sociologist Max Weber class is defined in relation to the way that goods and services are distributed or allocated in a society.

All communities are arranged in a manner that goods, tangible and intangible, symbolic and material are distributed. Such a distribution is always unequal and necessarily involves power. "Classes, status groups and parties are phenomena of the distribution of power within a community."

(MAX WEER: asic Terms)

Class therefore refers to the categories in a society of those who have access to wealth and privilege and those who do not.…


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"Changing Ideal Body Types over the Century." 2002. Retrieved May 12, 2005.

Middle School Years That Students
Words: 1121 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 47646197
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In short, there are numerous reasons to state the need for intervention of school counselor during the middle years, all of which can be summed up under the discovery that middle school students perform better academically, consider more intensively their future, and possess more achievement -- styled goals when they are in touch with a mentor (Zirkel, 2002). Students, at all ages, make choices, but middle school students are likely, for the first time, to make autonomous and independent choices that may significantly effect the rest of their life. Students seek differentiation from parents, responsibility, and independence, and it is the role of the counselor to assist students with decision-making skills and to help them select choices that are healthy and growth promoting.

Other areas that students need assistance in dealing with are class electorates as well as negotiating their way between multiple teachers and new peer groups. This complex…


Akos, R, Konold, T., & Niles, S. (2004). A career readiness typology and typal membership in middle school. The Career Development Quarterly, 53, 53-66.

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Class and Economic Concerns in the Films
Words: 1764 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10482254
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Economic Concens in Film

Metopolis, Invasion of the Body Snatches and La Jetee span fou decades, although the latte two could be consideed examples of Cold Wa science fiction. Metopolis was set duing the Weima Republic, although cetain scenes wee eeily pophetic of Nazism, but in eality the city itself could also have been New Yok o any othe uban cente of the futue. Fo diecto Fitz Lang, the city was a symbol of Fodist mass poduction and mass consumption, with the wokes down below butalized by povety, hunge and dull, outine, obot-like jobs, while at the same time, the middle and uppe classes above wee also dehumanized by mindless hedonism and nihilism, o dull, confomist cleical and administative wold. Dehumanization was also a majo theme of La Jetee, in which the suvivos of a nuclea holocaust live undegound, lacking even the basic necessities of food, wate and medical cae,…

references to these. Only superficially does the world of Santa Mira still resemble an American town, since the main work of its residents had become production and distribution of seed pods, which they distributed to surrounding towns. In this work, they were like a totalitarian hive of worker bees or ants, having only the instinct to survive. Of course, they also had to eliminate any internal dissent by converting everyone in town to creatures like themselves, with Dr. Miles Bennell and his lover Becky Driscoll as the last human holdouts. They attempt to escape, with everyone in town pursuing them, although Miles loses Becky when she falls asleep and turns into one of 'them'. Only at the very end did Miles manage to convince the humans on the outside that they are in grave danger and that the authorities must be called in to deal with Santa Mira before this alien virus spreads completely out of control.

Both Body Snatchers and Metropolis have happy endings, even though these feel more than a bit contrived, while La Jetee is grim from start to finish. Civilization survives in the first two films, even though the real question might be whether such a society should have survived at all. Lang's vision of middle class charity and humanitarianism bringing about a reconciliation of capital and labor looks very unlikely given the extreme divisions presented between the underground and aboveground worlds in that film. Nazism restrained class conflict mainly by abolishing organized labor and leftist political parties, and using police state methods against all dissent, and history shows that the workers only received justice and a fair share of the social pie when they were politically well organized and able to vote. La Jetee does not even make a pretense that civilization is being saved, since what little of it survived the Third World War resembled an underground Nazi concentration camp, with prisoners experimented upon and exterminated to suit the needs of their overlords. Both of these films reflect grimmer European historical circumstances that Body Snatchers, which is certainly a disturbing and creepy film by American standards, but with a Hollywood ending in which the hero saves the day in the end. Although the world of the pod people in Santa Mira still looks like Middle America on the surface, they have all been infected by some alien virus that turns their town into a totalitarian police state run by zombies, robots and clone, lacking human individuality, desires and emotions. In fact, their all-American town was starting to look too much like something in Germany and Russia, which is why it hard to be destroyed in the end.

Middle East the Crisis in
Words: 312 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1091147
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Theological differences are the least important issue facing Jews and Muslims. The Palestinians rightfully believe that the British stole their homelands from them after the Second World War, and that both the United Kingdom and the Untied States unabashedly support Israel. The Israelis, on the other hand, point to the recurring incidences of terrorism that plague the country and prevent peace.

When both sides focus on the past instead of the future, the crisis will never disappear. Instead, political leaders need to focus on creating a multifaceted solution to the problem that most likely entails making Jerusalem an international zone. If a Palestinian state is created, it must be dedicated to the eradication of terrorism. Likewise, Israel must agree to cease treating Palestinians in Israel like second-class citizens and move toward a more egalitarian and free society.

Personal Social Class My Parent's Class Position
Words: 1894 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50777628
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Personal Social Class

My Parent's Class Position

My parents grew up in poverty in Latin America. Their story is not an unfamiliar one in America. My parents were able to obtain a middle school education, which at that time in Latin America, was a good educational accomplishment. Like most children living in impoverished, lower class families, my parents both had to contribute to the household income. Opportunities for earning extra money were scarce, but my parents were creative and determined; they took what jobs they could find and set themselves up to establish work where there had previously been none. My mother would say that sometimes people just didn't know what work they needed someone else to do -- but if you do some work, and the people like it, they see that it is nice not to have to do the work for themselves. When my grandparents immigrated to…

Race Gender Class
Words: 551 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1837637
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Visual Representations of Class Consciousness

This paper discusses visual representations of class consciousness, and what these representations mean in a larger cultural and social sense. The paper also discusses my picture of myself, and my class, and what this picture tells me about who I am, and what I am supposed to be. The paper discusses how this combination defines me, and how it puts me in a specific box, or allows me more freedom.

Firstly, how do I see myself? I am female, black, Hispanic. I have been living in the U.S. For four years, and am in college in Florida. My Dad has a good job, so my Mum does not need to work. I want for nothing, as we are affluent, and so based on these markers (or visual representations), I would call myself middle class.

What visual representations of class do I portray to the outside…

Identity Class Has Been an
Words: 2473 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26782061
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This construction gave credence to the concept of class consciousness. Class consciousness is really class identity; it is the way entire groups of people conceive themselves as belonging to a whole. This understanding permeates the corpus and unites the initiated into a common group think. This group or class view is reinforced through the economic determinants that are at the foundation of the group's position. These determinants reinforce inequalities and class identities.

The challenge to class as a locus of identity formation; results from the assertion that contemporary society is too layered and complex for class identity to be relevant. The discussion centers not on the existence of inequalities but the explanation of those inequalities. In the postmodern context the inequalities that exist are not anchored in an a priori formulation of class structure. This formulation considers the development of a classless society. This is not to be interpreted as…


Becker H.S. (2003).The Politics of Presentation: Goffman and Total Institutions Symbolic

Interaction, 26 (4):659-669.

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Imperialism in the Middle East
Words: 4117 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70971428
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The Egyptian King Faud (1922-36) repeatedly disbanded popularly elected afd governments, despite huge majorities, due to their distinctly nationalist platform. The fickleness of the British position is exemplified by their later coercion of King Farouk (1936-52) to appoint an enfeebled afd government due to their need for a neutral Egypt during the Second orld ar. This intense irony does not detract from the fact that the monarchs in Egypt and Iraq were very powerful political actors but were 'so closely associated with the structures of colonialization that they did not outlast them' (Owen 1992, 19). The British imperialists exploited the constitutional power of the King to dismiss any elected government of nationalists 'that threatened to tear up or amend the arrangements…defining Britain's rights' (Owen 1992, 19). Hence, once again, diminishing the authority of the regime they installed and creating a lack of respect for lawfully elected governments.

Pan-Arabism Causes Conflict…

Works Cited

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Beinin, J, and Z. Lockman. Workers on the Nile. London: Tauris, 1988.

Determinants of Social Class in
Words: 1208 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43556174
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There is little chance for them to obtain a college degree, either because s/he does not have the money to afford it or the time to spend for it, or both. What is evident is that the plight of the lower class members of the society makes it impossible for them to compete against the higher class, since the latter has the money, time, and opportunity to maintain the lifestyle of attending formal schooling at private and acclaimed universities in the country.

Although religion is said to encompass social boundaries determined by human society, social class ultimately determines an individual's affiliation to a religious institution. As discussed in the text, Episcopalians, Baptists, and Methodists cater to various social classes in the society: the middle- to -upper classes, lower classes, and heavily on the middle class, respectively. Attaining salvation from one's sins, an important teaching of Catholicism, also favors those who…

Sociological Class Theories
Words: 1940 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41664843
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Sociological Class Theories - ush

In every society, people are grouped into a variety of categories in order to determine how they earn a living, and how much they earn that actually affects or is affected by the economy. This kind of social stratification is common in virtually all of modern societies, but social class theories can help explain or provide some insight as to why a certain economy works smoothly or inadequately. In effect, the real question becomes, is each social class being served fairly, or does one appear to have a class advantage over the others? The three primary theories of social class are 1) conflict, 2) functionalist, and 3) interactionist. If we examine George ush's economic policies we'd notice that these were implemented for the express purpose of benefiting the upper classes even though tax cuts may at first glance, seem like an equal benefit for all.…


Kornblum, William. Sociology in a Changing World Sixth edition New York: Thomson-Wadsworth, 2002.

Greider, William. "Bush's Touchy-Feely Economics: The Rich Still Get Richer and the Rest Get the Shaft, But It's Done in a Friendlier Way" The Nation (August 7, 2000) v271 i5 p24.

Herbert, Bob "There's A Catch: Jobs" New York Times (Oct 27, 2003) A21.

Graham Jill and Charlie Mitchell. "Pivotal Events in Congress" National Journal Feb 10, 2001 v33 i6 p416

Social Classes
Words: 975 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61315875
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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, better known as Miguel de Cervantes. The first section will be a brief biography of his life and times. Following will be an examination of his works, including Don Quixote, La Galatea, and Entremeses. Focus will be on how different classes of people appear in his works with examples of characters of lower, middle and upper class standing in Cervantes' world. The paper will conclude with ideas of class in general.

Miguel de Cervantes Saaverdra

Miguel de Cervantes Saaverdra's reputation rests almost entirely on the most famous figure in Spanish literature, Don Quixote. Known by most as Miguel de Cervantes, his production of novels, plays and poems was considerable. According to Jean Canavaggio, author of "Cervantes," a contemporary of Cervantes, William Shakespeare, had read Don Quixote. (1990) In spite of his fame throughout Europe, Cervantes spent his life as a poor man. Cervantes life was unsettled…

Race Class and Gender in the United States
Words: 947 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66050457
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Race, Class, And Gender in the United States

The purpose of the book Race, Class, and Gender in the United States by Paula Rothenberg is to explore sociological implications of these three topics. The book discusses how each of these ideas, which some believe to be innate, are actually mere labels that people have given to describe certain generalizations. Each of these sociological terms is coupled with the actual term. Rothenberg asks readers to critically think about the words we use to describe different groups and if the meaning we intend to apply is different than the term defines it as. There is the delineation between race and ethnicity, between class and social standing, and the difference between gender and sex.

The first portion of Rothenberg's book deals with the understanding of the terminology applied to race, glass, and gender and how the words people use with regard to these…

Works Cited:

Rothenberg, Paula S. (2010). Race, Class, and Gender in the United States. 8th. New York:


Race and Class the Social
Words: 784 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26833162
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Secondly, this different approach also led the American society to experience a distinct social evolution. The fact that the ritish colonists were less reluctant to encourage social mobility offered the new settlers the change to become an important member of the society despite his eventual modest origin. Consequently, the highest level of the social scale was that of the colonial aristocrats, represented by wealthy planters and merchants, the middle class was represented by the land owning farmers, while the hired help made up the lower class. Indeed, there were racial frictions as well, which forced African-Americans to be considered the least important in the society. Nonetheless, despite this hierarchy, the geographical conditions enabled every man to go in search of wealth and thus improve his social conditions.

The Spanish and Portuguese colonial empires, although they offered a different social structure for their colonies, they left little mobility between classes. The…


Lewis, Laura. "Spanish ideology and the practice of inequality in the New World." Racism and anti-racism in world perspective. Ed. Benjamin Bowser. London: Sage Publications, 2002.

Loury, Glenn C., Tariq Modood, and Steven Michael Teles. Ethnicity, social mobility, and public policy:comparing the U.S. And UK. London: Cambridge UP, 2005, 22-25.

Lesson Plan for Gustav Klimt Art Class
Words: 6407 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67881416
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Gustav Klimt Lesson Plan

Central Focus

"Describe the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in the learning segment".

Students will learn the art of Gustav Klimt, which will assist in creating the work of art that will resemble Klimt's style. Moreover, students will be introduced to the Gustav Klimt's artwork focusing on his love for cats. (Weidinger, 2007).Students will also learn their artistic style and utilize their patterns and shapes to fill up their works. Moreover, students will continue to build and develop the basic skill sets utilizing art tools such as paint, glue, scissors, and oil pastels. Students will also learn how to utilize the line variation, stylized form, symbol, color, and media variety with the ability to create their "Tree of Life". Moreover, the lesson plan will assist students to learn about cool and warm colors incorporating them into the artistic styles of Gustav…

Jean Anyon Social Class and the Hidden
Words: 794 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49568615
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Jean Anyon: Social Class And the Hidden Curriculum of ork

Is there a hidden curriculum in schools for teachers to approach their classes based on how smart the teachers perceive the students are, and what socioeconomic status teachers believe students fall into? Essayist Jean Anyon observed five elementary schools during a school year in 1980, and it is her belief that students in certain schools are "being prepared to occupy particular rungs on the social ladder," which is abhorrent to some educators and leaders since there has been a sense in American education that all students should be motivated to achieve the best they can achieve.

hat do I disagree with in her essay? In the working class schools the teachers did not make any attempt to explain the reasoning behind the math problems, but instead just drilled them on steps to take. This is somewhat familiar to me as…

Works Cited

Anyon, Jean. (1980). Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work. Journal of Education,

162(1), 1-13.

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Education. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Issues of Social Class
Words: 898 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77882676
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Social Class

My current social class is dependent upon the fundamental reason why I am writing this paper: my level of education. Even though it is an idealization to consider that education in America is as meritocratic as it pretends to be, and whether its high price-tag is merited. The price tag looks particularly high when viewed in comparison with most European countries, in which the cost of university education is virtually subsidized. Recent riots broke out in London over the raising of the level of school fees required to be paid by students at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. By American standards, even the proposed raised fees make Oxford only as expensive as a community college education would be for an American. Nevertheless, the price tag of an education in America is only part of the complex process whereby it does offer an automatic way of increasing one's own…

Race Class Gender Journal Word Count Excluding
Words: 1072 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 70450076
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Race, Class, Gender Journal

Word Count (excluding title and works cited page): 1048

Race, Class, and Gender is an anthology of articles that express various interpretation and insights of the relationship between race, class, and gender and how these things shape the lives of people and society. he topics and points-of-view offered in the anthology are vast and interesting. hey offer a strong historical and sociological perspective on such issues as prison populations, the working poor, or the life of Muslims in the United States. his journal is my personal reflection after reading this book. How did the reading make me feel? Did any of the readings make me feel uncomfortable? Was there any part of the book that rang true with me? Were any of the articles disturbing, shocking, surprising, or impressive? Finally, an original poem will be included in response to the experience of reading Race, Class, and…

Text me


L., M, & Hill, P. (2007). Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology. Wadsworth Publishing Company, KY

Race Class Gender
Words: 1147 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3125820
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Race, Class, Gender

The question regarding Barbara Neely's first novel, Blanche on the Lam, isn't whether or not the novel has anything interesting to say on the subjects of race, class and gender, but rather, how can a novel so packed full of commentary on race, class and gender remain a compelling story, and an entertaining one as well?

Neely makes it clear from the very first page that this book will be about those three issues, although the race and class issues seem to get slightly more attention than gender, at least in a direct, in-your-face way. On the very first page, Neely sets Blanche up as a worthy and experienced commentator on the issues of race and class. Blanche is in a courtroom, and the judge admonishes her to learn to earn her money before she spends it, "like the rest of us." (p. 1) But Blanche has…

Works Cited

Neely, Barbara. Blanche on the lam. New York: Penguin USA, 1993.

Race Class and Gender
Words: 1458 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80454724
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In the Struggle for Democracy (Greenberg, 483-84) the author explains that gradually, little by little, the Supreme Court of the United States responded to the need to rule segregation unconstitutional. And in the process the Court ruled that any law passed using the criteria of race was also unconstitutional. The Brown v. Board of Education vote in 1954 meant that segregation in schools was not constitutional and it was the agency of black activists and advocates that got it done by bringing litigation forward. Meantime Jones mentions that Eisenhower had a "hands-off" policy regarding enforcing the Brown v. Board of Education; and while that "emboldened" segregationists and racists to resist the Supreme Court ruling, it activated ordinary African-Americans to joined in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Thanks to the marching feet of tens of thousands of Black Americans - and the boycotts led by people like Rosa Parks…

Works Cited

Greenberg, Edward S. The Struggle for Democracy.

Jones, Jacqueline. Created Equal: A Social and Political history of the United States.

Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center. 2008. Northeastern University. Retrieved April 14, 2008, at

Labor and Class Factors for Prejudice
Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66251699
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American Labor Market

Darrick Hamilton's assessment of discrimination and how discrimination is measured in the U.S. labor market reveals a number of variables that play a part in determining the nature and extent of inequality in the U.S. hat the study does show is that class dichotomies are apparent and that economic disparity essentially ensures that the two classes remain divided by socio-economic barriers, which prevent the lower class from ever rising beyond the class ceiling that keeps them within their socio-economic status.

Class is an obvious issue in America: classism interacts with racism in various ways but the exact manner of the interaction -- or how it is interpreted -- depends on some degree to the manner in which the interaction is measured. As Hamilton notes, "An individual may experience discrimination and not interpret it as such, or an individual may not experience discrimination but perceive that they were…

Works Cited

Hamilton, Darrick. "Issues Concerning Discrimination and Measurements of Discrimination in U.S. Labor Markets." Perspectives, 98-111. Web.

Infant Child CPR Instruction for Young and Middle-Aged
Words: 1289 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81426018
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Infant/Child CPR

CPR Instruction for Young and Middle-Aged Adults with infants and young children.

I will be teaching CPR for infants and young children to a population of young to middle-aged adults at ible aptist Church in Chickasha, OK. Those likely to take this course will range in age from 19 to 40 years old and are likely to be both male and female. This class will teach the highest level of prevention -- the support of life until medical help can arrive.

I determined the learning needs of this group by interviewing several people within the target population. I found that most of the adults in two Sunday School classes at this church knew little or nothing about how to perform CPR on infants and children. At the same time, the people I talked with expressed an interest. Those people were parents or grandparents of young children. In particular,…


Canadian Group for Emergency Training."Child/Infant CPR Course." Accessed via the Internet 9/20/05.

Smith, Donna, and Williams, Jessica. Date not given. "Don't Leave it to Luck: Learn Infant/child CPR." Toddlers Today at Accessed via the Internet 9/20/05.

Staff writers. 2003. "Babysitting Is a Serious Job." USA Today, March, Vol. 131, pp 6+.

Race Class & Gender Color-Blind
Words: 1805 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 32893564
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For example, one of the interesting points that grabbed my attention was Dill's discussion of gender relations among African slaves. Slave men and women had a more egalitarian relationship than free white men and women. That is because slave men did not possess the power and authority of free men. So, power is inherently corrupting? At least, this is what Dill's description of gender relations in antebellum America suggest.

I wish, as a professor of sociology, Dill could have made more direct relations with the present (describing history just for the sake of history is the job of historians). I also wish, she could have allotted as much space to the story of Chinese-Americans that she does to White, African-American, and Chicano families. But I still admired this essay because it powerfully tells how society often subjects women to double or triple burdens. In colonial and antebellum America, the society…


Andersen, M.L, & Collins, P.H. (2010) Race, Class & Gender: An Anthology, 7th Edition. Wadsworth Publishing.

Social Class
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83583733
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Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class directed by Loretta Alper. Specifically it will evaluate how work and social class is perceived in this documentary film and other television shows. The working class always seems to be the brunt of negative humor and satire on television and this documentary explores that phenomenon, from the 1940s to the present day. If a person bases their opinions about the working class only on television, they will come to see an uneducated, group of buffoons who are entertaining but certainly not enlightening. Instead of poking fun at the working class, the media should acknowledge the contribution most working class families make to the American culture.

The film opens with the statistic that about 62% of Americans are members of the working class, and that means they are the average people you might meet on the street, stroll a shopping mall with, or dine…

Social Category of Class
Words: 1884 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24593147
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Holly Sklar writes, "the gulf between the rich and the rest of America will continue to widen, weakening our economy and our democracy. The American Dream will be history instead of poverty."

With the advent of more billions into the ranks of the Fortune 400, so it is; instead of witnessing the booming middle class that marked the Scientific and Industrial evolutions, America is undergoing a transformation that more clearly limns the demarcation between classes than ever before.

With economic segregation an ever more encroaching reality, the distinctions between race, age, and gender come increased under review as Americans are forced to examine the origins of social class, its solidification in early childhood, and its place in the national life.

In academic circles, social class describes the relationships between individual agents and groups as they struggle through social hierarchies. Weber famously defined the social stratification as a three-component theory frequently…


Adair, Vivian C. "Branded with Infamy: Inscriptions of Poverty and Class in the United States." Signs. Vol. 27, No. 2. (Winter, 2002.)

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Kotlowitz, Alex. There Are No Children Here. New York: Anchor Press, 1992.

social class'status in america hierarchies
Words: 563 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93408539
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What are the purposes of determining to which social class a person or occupation belongs? How does class background, or current class position influence individual actions? 

In creating a democratic form of government, Americans had long prided themselves for creating a radically new society divorced from the Old World social hierarchies. Yet social class stratification persisted in the United States since the birth of the nation. Social class has also intersected with gender and race throughout the history of the country. Class stratification serves several functions, not least of which is the ability of a ruling elite—including the owners of the means of production—to exploit the lower classes for labor. Moreover, the elite social classes possess social and cultural capital in addition to financial capital. Forms of social and cultural capital serve to facilitate the actions of the upper classes, while preventing those with lower status to access positions of…

Austen the Influence of Class
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This is a fact that Austen herself most certainly appreciated as an unmarried female of the same social set she was writing about, which explains the centrality of this concept to so many of her novels. Persuasion is far from the only Austen novel where conflicts between emotional love and the necessary practical considerations of marriage arise, nor the only one where ironic changes in circumstance lead to the formation and/or solidification -- as well as the dissolution -- of friendships. Similar circumstances occur in Emma and Pride and Prejudice, for example, and Anne Elliott could certainly have taught Emma Wodehouse and Elizabeth Bennett something about love and politics as these two heroines of these respective novels also navigate the waters of their social class and end up finding themselves husbands, whether or not they even knew they were looking.

Elizabeth Bennett regarded most men with disdain -- most people,…

Existence of a Super Class of Individuals
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existence of a "super class" of individuals within American society. These individuals through both economic and political influences control as vast amount of the resources commanded by American society. As such, these individuals tend to utilize this unseen power to foster their own unique interests within society. These influences are usually conducted in secret and often unseen by the general public. This concept, as the article illustrates, creates a false sense of democracy with American civilization. The article also explains how both the political industry combined with the mass media colludes to preserve the super elite structure within society. The political elite use their over influence within the finance, policy and lobbying domain to enact policies that favor their own ideals. Meanwhile, the mass media attempts to downplay or outright black out news that could adversely affect their agenda from moving forward. Together, these two concepts form a powerful combination…


1) Michelle, Cottle, "The Real Class War," Washington Monthly (July- August1997)

Effects of Sustained Silent Reading on Reluctant Middle School Aged Children
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eading is a fundamental part of a child's education. Many techniques have been utilized in an effort to make learning to read and reading comprehension easier for students (McCray 2001). One such technique is Sustained Silent eading (SS). The purpose of this discussion is to investigate Sustained Silent eading as it relates to reluctant middle school aged children. Let us begin our investigation by discussing the theoretical framework of Sustained Silent eading.

Sustained Silent eading (SS)

Jenson & Jenson (2002) report that The Uninterrupted Sustained Silent eading program (USS) was first implemented by Lyman Hunt at the University of Vermont during the 1960's (Jensen & Jensen 2002). By the 1970's the program was implemented into the American public school system (Jensen & Jensen 2002). Forty years after its initial inception this same program has an array of aliases including: Motivation in Middle Schools (MIMS), High Intensity Practice (HIP), Free Voluntary…


Broughton, M.A., & Fairbanks, C.M. (2003). In the Middle of the Middle: Seventh-Grade Girls' Literacy and Identity Development Here Is a Look at the Ways in Which a Group of Girls Perceived Themselves and How Their Perceptions and Behaviors Changed as They Moved from the Sixth Grade to the Seventh Grade: The Middle of Middle School. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 46(5), 426

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Learning to Use Technology in Class
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Planning Process

Explain in detail how you will address each of the needs identified in part 2 include changes necessary for environment, engagement, application, and tools. Make sure to include a list of technology resources currently available and those that must be purchased.

State Goals and Objectives with Local Strategies and Measures

Environment The changes necessary for the environment involve going from one based on the physical environment to one that is predicated on a cloud-based environment. In this regard, the change is mostly one of architecture. Virtually all applications and requisite software the students and instructors will use will be accessed through the cloud.

Engagement The means of engagement will be the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, in which students utilize their own mobile devices for the purpose of working in the classroom. Those without such devices will be provided the most accessible ones (a smart phone) via the…

Middle School High School and Now College
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middle school, high school, and now college, is my ability to focus on an academic task when I really need to buckle down and concentrate. I get decent grades because I can give enough focus at the last minute, some call it "cramming," to get through the test, or get the paper done in time. But because I can't bring a consistent sense of concentration in a regular pattern, I become stressed when time comes to be tested, or to turn in a research paper or essay.

When I am assigned to read a book, I have a problem concentrating on the text, and very often I have to go back and read the whole previous page over again because I have no idea what I just read. Even very interesting fiction, my mind drifts off while I'm reading. But I have come to grips with my reading problem and…

Middle School Math Teachers Over
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These exams would also tap teaching performance and other capabilities unlikely to be adequately assessed using conventional paper along with pencil instruments." (Shulman, 1986, pp. 4 -- 14)

These different elements are important, because they are providing a foundation for helping the schools to become more competitive in mathematics. As, they are working together to create a basic standard for: improving learning comprehension and provide the ability to solve more complex issues. Over the course of time, this will help to increase the student's ability to understand a wide variety of concepts. This is the point that they will be more prepared to deal with the various challenges that they are facing in the 21 century. Once this occurs, it will help them to establish a foundation for adapting to the changes that they will have to deal with from: shifts in technology and through these transformations because of globalization.…


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Middle Range Theory of Self Transcendence
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Trancedence Theory

Middle ange Theory of Self Transcendence

There are several nursing-related theories and these have the function of explaining, evaluating and applying the field in order to enhance quality of treatment. These theories are divided into three classes; low rang theories, middle age theories and grand theories. All these classes each have their specialized roles towards the improvement of the nursing practice dependent on the various treatment types they are concerned with. Middle range theories possess a number of well-defined models which are applied for experimental testing on a concept in order to determine if it is useful and effective in the nursing profession. Several active forms of middle range theories exists and they include those which are concerned with self-efficiency, empathy, human interactions, carrying out of nursing duties, reasoned action, adverse symptoms, self-transcendence etc. Generally, the benefits of these theories are evident when nursing challenges, especially those concerned…


Coward, D. D. (2003). Facilitation of Self-Transcendence in a Breast Cancer Support Group: II. Oncology Nursing Forum, 30(2), 291-300.

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Middle Age Adults
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Health Care Access of Middle Aged Adults


In the 21st century, issues of health care access for middle aged adults is closely related with issues of class. There have been several, major, economic hurdles experienced by countries around the world, and we have yet to reach the year 2020. In countries such as the United States, more people are entering and remaining in the workforce out of necessities. Middle aged adults who have access to health care have substantial enough income to pay for part of all of the costs of their health care fees and transportation to/from the health care facility. Middle aged adults who have access to health care additionally have job flexibility so that they can take time away from their work schedule, or modify their schedules so there is time available to visit a health care facility. Such adults would also have a relative amount…

Peace in the Middle East
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Middle East Peace Talks

Many people view the Middle East as having been a powder keg for the last half-century. These difficulties started when other countries, such as Great Britain, made decisions in the region, including setting boundaries, that historically did not work out well. This has been the cause of strife in other areas of the world as well. However, rightly or wrongly, many Arabs in the Middle East view the strife as going back much further. They point to the start of difficulties at the Crusades of the middle ages. This points to a very significant and basic problem: history is written, and viewed, differently by different groups in the world. In the case of the Middle East, the issue is history -- whether it's the history of something that happened last week or events from the 12th century.

To solve this difficult problem, it is necessary for…

World Cultures Middle East
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Middle East comprises a diverse group of regions, countries, peoples, customs, and cultures. On the one hand, it is daunting to offer a semester-long course that treats all Middle Eastern issues with clarity and fairness. The risk of oversimplification, however, is outweighed by the risk of ignorance. This course will explore the Middle East with as much depth and breadth as possible, stimulating student thought on political, social, religious, historical, ethnographic, and economic issues related to the region. Included in the course rubric will be current events ranging from gender issues to terrorism. In between the heavier topics, lighter lessons on local customs, culture, music, and food will reveal the ordinariness of daily life in the part of the world we call the Middle East.

Islam will be covered from a multidisciplinary perspective, allowing for nuanced and rich class discussions about the unique interface between politics, religion, and social norms.…

Anderson, Lisa. "Demystifying the Arab Spring." PDF Available: 

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Karl Marx's View of Class
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Cambridge; Cambridge, MA: Polity Press

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Cohen, G. (2009) Why not socialism?:

Performance of the Middle East
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(Jabal Omar Development Corporation 2010)


Since 2008, the real estate market in Kuwait has been continually declining. The reason why is because the economy was largely depending upon oil revenues. However, in 2010 the sector began witnessing an increase in prices. This is because of the Kuwaiti government was aggressively promoting the tourism industry. As developers are expecting a strong increase in foreign direct investment, due to the governments push to expand the sector. As a result, holiday and residential areas in Kuwait are continuing to boom. (Finkelstein)

In the housing industry, there are large numbers of shortages that are affecting prices. What has been happening is the residential sector has been facing restrictions over the last several years, surrounding building permits. As the government was slow to endorse them, which created a rush on new areas that were approved for development. At the same time, the government has…


Alexandria Real Estate, 2010.

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Jabal Omar Development Corporation, 2010

Nursing Theory Middle Range Theory
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The respondents who step out to be part of the research process should be protected from any unwanted intrusion or any other form of personal or group harassment (Smith & Liehr, 2008).

It is formal to have and conduct nursing research according to the set ethical frameworks where the entire review of the proposal will be undertaken. Whether to be undertaken by the staff or students, this research should be subjected to ethical approvals, which will make sure that the research, proposal is directed at serving the nursing school dream and intentions. Using the Middle range theory, the nursing problems and challenges will be solved in various ways as follows (Smith & Liehr, 2003).

All the nursing researchers and educators, being the staff members, must have respect upon the dignity, interests, and rights of the nursing students and other staff members related and participating in practical and theoretical learning.



Basford, L., & Slevin, O. (2003). Theory and practice of nursing: An integrated approach to patient care. Cheltenham, U.K: Nelson Thornes.

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Springer Pub.

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Community Health Middle School Officials Have Been
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Community Health

Middle school officials have been reporting a rash of mysterious absences recently. Upon examining information given by those officials and corellated by health department staff there appears to be a pattern to the absences. In the month of April there were only minor similarities in time and occurence of these absences in two schools. In contrast, in the month of May there were quite a few absences in two of the schools, Jackson and Truman, but not in the others.

The similarities first appear in the period of late April to early May, but those are few in number. The spike in absences occurs in May, from the 19th to 25th. There are two hypotheses for these occurences. The first hypotheses is that the absences are due to something as simple as the common cold. The second hypotheses for the spike in absenses is food poisoning or a…


Community Health dept. Intranet

Food Poisoning. Retrieved April 28, 2011 from: 

West Nile Virus. Retrieved April 28, 2011 from: 

Community Health

Demographics the Grace A Dunn Middle School
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The Grace A. Dunn Middle School (grades 6, 7, and 8) in Trenton, New Jersey, has a demographic that reflects the ethnic diversity of the community. The Dunn Middle School is composed of: 5% Asian; 28.88% African-American; 60.93% Hispanic / Latino; 3% Native American; and 5% Caucasian (

There are approximately 289 females at Dunn Middle School (48% of the student population) and 310 males (52%).

How do the school's demographics match up with Trenton's demographics in Dunn Middle School's 08610 Zip Code? The neighborhood is composed of: 10% African-American; 2% Asian or Pacific Islander; 2% "mixed races"; 3% "others"; and 83% Caucasian. In the 089610 Zip Code, 48% of the population is male and 52% is female, the reverse of the population at Dunn Middle School.

As to the comparison between the Dunn Middle School and the reported ethnicities in the neighborhood, nearly 29% of Dunn School is…

Works Cited

Grace A. Dunn Middle School. (2012). Movoto School Rank for Grace A. Dunn Middle School.

Retrieved October 23, 2013, from .

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Improving Mathematics in Middle School
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These include: question/answer, lecture, demonstration, discussion, individual student projects, laboratory, technological activities, and supervised practice. Previous research has demonstrated that the use of informal knowledge, real world settings and opportunities to apply mathematical thinking are effective instruction methods for introductory algebra. For this reason, instructional factors are related to achievement in algebra (p. 102).

When comparing the test scores from Japan and the United States, House and Telese (2008) found a correlations between positive beliefs in the student's mathematical ability and their test scores. Those who believed they could do well in math performed better than those who expressed a negative opinion about their skills, when compared to their peers. In addition, students who worked problems on their own had higher test scores. This supports Silver's (1998) analysis that much of the reason why American students have poorer test scores than their international peers is due to the classroom instructional…


Falco, L., Crethar, H. & Bauman, S. (Apr 2008). "Skill-builders: Improving middle school students' self-beliefs for learning mathematics." Professional School Counseling, 11(4). p. 229-235.

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Practice Middle Childhood the Objective
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(Novick, 1996) According to Novick practices that are developmentally appropriate and that contain culturally relevant teaching are: "...well grounded in human development and brain-based research..." (1996) The teacher must understand that today's schooling: "...takes place in a wider political context, one in which currently there is a great deal of anxiety and controversy regarding the nature of schooling, the economy, and our society, itself." (Novick, 1996) Schorr (1990) states that "methods and materials that promote active, experiential, inquiry based, cooperative learning activities lend themselves to accommodating a wide range of abilities and interests." (as cited by Novick, 1996)


It is critically important that the teacher of the middle-childhood classroom understand and apply in the classroom practice the theories as set out in this research in order to motive the students both on a group and individual level in their acquisition of knowledge and learning.


owers, C.A.…


Bowers, C.A. & Flinders, D.J. (1990). Responsive Teaching. New York: Teachers College Press.

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Crime in America - The Racial and Class Implications
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Race, Class & Crime

The confluence of race, class and crime is a hot topic nowadays. This is especially true when discussing events or topics of various types. Very or fairly specific examples of this would include the recent shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO and the subsequent non-indictment of the officer who shot him despite the fact that Brown was not armed and the ongoing discussion about how paying a "wage" should be a moral imperative of all employers and how people in poverty are much more apt to commit crimes. Throw in the fact that people that exist in racial minorities are much more likely to be in poverty, it seems to make sense to some that minorities are also more commonly incarcerated and committing crimes in general. However, this is not entirely true as white people commit plenty of crimes themselves. However, blacks and Hispanics are…

Education Procedures and Class Management Overview the
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Procedures and Class Management Overview

The room was arranged with long tables, and small dividers between each computer terminal, to encourage students to concentrate.

There were no formal means to ensure that pupils would use specific procedures; there were only verbal instructions and some written signs.

There were no safety procedures, but there were some rules related to logging on and off the network.

Rules for student behavior included no eating, drinking, or using phones/smartphones in class.

The positive rewards were mainly verbal in nature.

The negative reinforcement used was bad grades.

The teacher's behavioral expectations were presented verbally.

No serious inappropriate behavior came up, but the teacher used verbal scolding when necessary.

Teachers reinforced behavior with praise.

The teachers were good; they were not inspiring or interesting enough to be great.

Procedures and Class Management Overview

• The Purpose or Objective was evident and shared with the students…

Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cultural Beliefs Regarding Health Care
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The Lebanese and the overall middle easterners are known to be strict to their cultural beliefs and practices. Such beliefs and practices dictate every aspect of their lives and how they interact with other people from other cultures across the world as well as other aspects of life that are widely applicable in the contemporary world. This culture has a great impact on the structure and nature of health care that is appreciated among the Lebanese and other middle easterners (Shiloh, 2007). It is imperative to understand their cultural perception on care presentation, accommodation, and repatterning to offer a more effective healthcare under this cultural setting.

The Lebanese have a unique perception on culture care presentation. The cultural practices in Lebanon emphasize the importance of both nuclear and extended families. Moreover, the family members rely heavily on each other. During illnesses, the family members offer the primary care and support…

Poverty in Young and Middle Adulthood
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An explanation of how poverty impacts the experience of individuals in young and middle adulthood?

The vicious poverty cycle in young adults and middle-aged persons suggests the passage of lifelong impediments and problems from generation to generation. A few transmitted plagues include: lack of schooling/education, disease transmission, child labor for aiding parents in raising the family and no basic personal hygiene. Extremely low family earnings and adult joblessness give rise to an atmosphere that makes it virtually impossible for children from such households to attend school. Meanwhile those who are able to attend school fail to understand that hard work and dedication will be able to change their lives for the better, since they witness their parents regularly failing at this task (Dario, 2015).

The following experiences are also linked to poverty in young adults and middle-aged persons: Drug and alcohol misuse -- right from African slum-dwellers to American adults,…

Agriculture Technologies in the Middle Ages
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Agricultural Innovations

The Middle ages were quite fruitful in inventing a number of discoveries that include the invention of the wheels, the invention of the plow, the harnessing the power of animals to pull wagons and plows and make their use for transportation, using the power of wind for sailboats, and the invention of writing and calendar (Ashcroft et al., 1989). These innovations collectively transformed the conditions of life for societies in the middle ages. These innovations had great effect in increasing the wealth of the population and developing complex social organizations. Although all of the innovations mentioned above were important, the plow was considered as the greatest potential for transforming social and cultural change (Duerr et al., 1985). It made the use of the permanent cultivation possible in a greater variety of soils, and thereby led to the widespread replacement of horticulture by agriculture. It also facilitated the harnessing…


1. Ashcroft, Bill, Gareth Griffiths, Helen Tiffin, The Empire writes Back. Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures. London, New York 1989.

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4. Fabian, Johannes, Time and the Other. How Anthropology makes its Object. New York: Columbia University Press 1983.

Meeting Class Wrote Subject Relationship Violence Media
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meeting class, wrote subject relationship violence media (attached 'First Paper') . hen revisit thoughts, changed? How materials semester complicated, deepened, reinforced, transformed understand relationship violence media, sense matters? Draw SPECIFIC articles terms concepts materials show process development.

Violence in relationship with the media

hile society has experienced significant progress during recent years, the masses continue to be obsessed with diverse concepts such as sex and violence. The media exploits people's obsessions by using these respective concepts whenever it gets the chance to do so. hile there is much controversy with regard to the effect that this has on the masses, it is generally accepted that many have trouble filtering information and are negatively affected as a consequence of being bombarded with information promoting violence.

hile many are inclined to say that the media simply provides society with stories that have nothing to do with the real world and that cannot…

Works cited:

Al-Taee, Nasser, "Representations of the Orient in Western Music: Violence and Sensuality," (Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2010)

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Erikson's Stage 4 Middle Childhood
Words: 427 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32705578
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At school, he struggled with math academically, and occasionally had conflicts with his teachers. These conflicts were not characterized by anger, but at his teacher's frustration at what they saw as his lack of attentiveness and lack of class participation. He was often described (and still is) as quiet and reserved by teachers, friends, and family. He recalls resenting going to school many years, and did not get much positive reinforcement in terms of his academic intelligence. Although his academic performance was adequate, he says he did not feel particularly intelligent. This began to change in junior high, when his performance in sports grew stronger after a growth spurt. The growth spurt, the esteem this garnered him on the team and at school translated into a greater sense of self-worth in the classroom, and greater engagement and confidence when dealing with others. For the first time he succeeded in school,…

Works Cited

Cramer, Craig, Bernadette Flynn, & Ann LaFave. (1997). Erikson's stage 4: Latency.

Introduction to Stages. Erikson homepage. Retrieved 8 Nov 2008 at

Film Required for the Class With a
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film required for the class with a non-Required film of your choice.

One can find a lot of parallels between John Singleton's 1991 film "oyz n the Hood" and Allen and Albert Hughes' film "Menace II Society," taking into account that they both address the idea of young men dealing with violence in underprivileged African-American neighborhoods in the U.S. Even with the fact that both films are filled with stereotypes, they manage to put across the message the producers were interested in sending. They basically emphasize the harsh environment that a person has to deal with in order to be able to achieve success in his or her enterprise.

The fact that both movies are largely appreciated for the way they represent the 'Hood' means that they each have a large fan-base and that reviews are likely to differ on account of how each reviewer perceives each film. "oyz n…


Dir. Allen Hughes & Albert Hughes. Menace II Society. New Line Cinema, 1993.

Dir. John Singleton. Boyz n the Hood. Columbia Pictures, 1991.

Mark Horton A Nevada Middle School Teacher
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97620879
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Mark Horton: A Nevada Middle School Teacher Who Compromised His Duty to Teach

ecently, a Las Vegas, a Nevada middle school teacher, Mark Horton, has been accused, by several students and their parents, of compromising his duty to teach, by engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior with young adolescent girls from his classes. According to Curreri and Planas:

Students in Marc Horton's physical education classes at Garside Middle

School called him "Mr. Horton." Other students, however, knew the 27-year-old teacher as "Softball Stud" or by one of his online computer identities,

"sleepiweasel77." Horton's apparent popularity with a handful of 13- and 14-

year-old girls, however, has resulted in his gaining another title: accused sex offender. (Las Vegas eview Journal, June 7, 2005, 1B)

Allegations of improper professional conduct by Horton include improper comments to and touching of these students, both inside and outside the classroom, as well as inappropriate e-mails…


Currieri, A, & Planas, J. Middle school teacher suspended for sexual misconduct. Las Vegas review journal. 7 Jun 2005. 1B.

Stein, N.D. (Summer 1995). Sexual harassment in school: The public performance of gendered violence. Harvard educational review,65(2). 145-

"What is sexual harassment?" The guidelines of the preventing from [sic] sexual harassment.Kokugakuin University. Retrieved July 15, 2005, from: http://www


Role of Democracy in the Middle East
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Role of Democracy in the Middle East

There has recently been a wave of democratic uprisings sweeping across the Middle East. Starting in Tunisia, the call for democratic reforms spread through Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iran and many other nations. Many have likened these uprisings to the social unrest of 1848, which gave rise to the Communist Revolution of 1917, but they do so wrongly. hile the popular uprisings that continue to inflame the Middle East may have some of the same causes as in 1848, rising food prices and high unemployment, the current unrest lacks the ideological component. The protestors do not want to destroy their government, they want to reform it. In this way the uprisings of 2011 are more akin toward the establishment of a Rousseau-inspired representative republic in that the people were demanding, not a complete social restructuring, but a representative form of government that…

Works Cited

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