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Milky Way Essays (Examples)

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Large Scale Features of This
Words: 1761 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80693916
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The materials that are collected in them are solids from the various gases (which cooled inside these clouds). The gravity from the sun pulled them closer towards each other. This contributed to the formation of the planets and asteroids. ("Summary," 2007) (Williams, 2010)

Once a star is finished developing, is when solar winds will blow rock and debris away from the sun. This forms the Kuiper Belt and Oort Clouds, which is where the smaller debris is collected near the orbit of the outer body planets. These are the remains of the rubble that was used to create the solar system billions of years ago.

However, there is an exception to this pattern. In research that was conducted on distant galaxies, scientists discovered that there are not large outer planets with asteroid belts (i.e. Jupiter). This led to theories that much warmer Jupiter like bodies could exist closer to these…


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Electromagnetic Waves Are Energy Waves Produced by
Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96373457
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Electromagnetic waves are energy waves produced by the oscillation or acceleration of an electric charge. They include radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Their wavelengths in meters are: radio waves (0.1 to 1000), microwaves (1 x 10-3 ~ 1 x 10-1); infrared (7 x 10-7 ~1 x 10-3); visible light (4 x 10-7 ~ 7 x 10-7); ultraviolet rays (1 x 10-8 ~ 4 x 10-7); x-rays (1 x 10-11 ~ 1 x 10-8) and gamma rays (< 1 x 10-11).

Scientists have inferred that such great amounts of energy as produced by the Sun (4x1026 watts per second) can only be the result of nuclear fusion

If such energy were produced through the most efficient chemical reaction, the Sun would not last for more than a few thousand years. Evidence suggests that the lifespan of the Sun is in billions of years;…

Stars That One Might Observe
Words: 1083 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92662583
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The evolution of the intermediate-mass stars is a good example of the process by which stars are born, live, and die. This star begins as a swirling cloud of gas that takes 100,000 years to collapse into a protostar. Hydrogen fusion begins in the protostar and causes the creation of a T-Tauri star which is a variable brightness star. This new star contracts for 10 million years until the core energy is balanced with gravity. "The star has begun the longest part of its life as a producer of energy from hydrogen fusion, the main-sequence phase...The amount of time a star spends there depends on its mass" but is likely to be billions of years (Green, 2005, p. 6). When the balance between the production of fusion energy and gravity shifts, compression occurs and the star enters the "red giant" phase where it expands greatly and appears red in color.…


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Giordano Bruno Commemoration Giordano Bruno
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42679394
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This monument is intended to commemorate the brilliance and courage and integrity of Giordano Bruno. It consists of a life-size bronze figure tied to a vertical wooden stake behind him. His face is angry but focused as though he is staring into the eyes of those who murdered him for being right. Bronze flames surround him and reach almost up to his neck. At his feet is a flat stone bearing the inscription of what Bruno was said to have responded to the judges after they pronounced him guilty of heresy and sentenced him to death: Maiori forsan cum timore sententiam in me fertis quam ego accipiam along with the English translation "Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it."

Behind Bruno is a representation of the Milky Way galaxy depicted against a background of many similar galaxies that are smaller because they are…

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Search for Extraterrestrial Life The Existence of
Words: 3114 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47845214
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Search for Extraterrestrial Life: The Existence of Non-Human Intelligent Beings in Our Galaxy

The possibility of extraterrestrial life has always intrigued philosophers, scientists, theologians and even lay people for centuries. The fascinating question of whether there are other intelligent creatures in space, however, remains unsolved despite technological advancements in science particularly because thus far, there still lacks conclusive evidence. Motivations for the search for non-human life range from scientific and philosophical levels, technical and practical levels, to even the need to eliminate the loneliness of the human race in time and space. Scientists and astronomers remain committed to the search because the answer to this question has profound consequences: it will explain the nature and destiny of intelligent life on the universe, the culmination of evolution in different galaxies and provide more insight on the role of human beings on the universe, as well as what they are capable of…


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Teaching Space Science
Words: 1107 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59955088
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teaching space science. There are various complexities that affect the way that astronomy is taught, not the least of which is the enormity of scale that space science involves.

One of the basic requirements for understanding astronomy is coming to terms with the vastness of the universe. For example, a basic unit of astronomical measurement is the light year. Merriam-ebster defines the light year as "a unit of length in astronomy equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum or about 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers" (2011). hile this definition conveys factual data, it does little to make the concept real, that is, accessible to the average student.

Moreover, trying to convey the reality of light traveling at the unimaginably fast speed of 299,792 kilometers per second (186,282 miles per second) is indeed mind-boggling. Even at such amazing speeds, light takes years to…

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Q 1 What Is the Accurate
Words: 896 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 75285750
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The collapse increases internal pressure until some of the stars external matter is ejected, eventually stabilizing into a dwarf star of degenerate matter.

A variable star is one whose apparent brightness changes as viewed from earth. Cepheid variables are a certain type of variable star whose apparent brightness changes in regular cycles lasting from 3 to 50 days. Astronomers use them to measure distances in space.

Q: 4 describe and explain the characteristic of Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

what is the significant and use of this diagram? how is a black hole formed? what are the properties of black holes? compute the Schwarzschild radius for the sun.

What happens when the star shrinks to the radii? what is the most likely place to find a black hole?

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is a scatter-graph of stars that allows astronomers to plot their absolute luminosity against their specific classifications and temperatures. This technique demonstrated…

Harlow Shapley Provided Some Useful Information in
Words: 941 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45391341
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Harlow Shapley provided some useful information in determining some of the greatest mysterious about the cosmos. Shapley essentially believed that sun was not the center point of the galactic frontier. In the first decade of the 29th century not much was known about the Milky Way but Shapley soon hypothesized some useful arguments that suggested that our universe is much larger and diverse than we can possibly imagine.

To support his argument about a non-heliocentric theory of the galactic composition, he used the powerful technology available to measure a type of celestial object known as Cepheid stars. Shapley used the behavior of these stars to determine that sun was not the center of the galaxy. By assuming that these stars were the nearly the same size he figured he could measure the luminosity of these stars and therefore figure out a linear distance to the stars. Using these distances, and…


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Advances in Telescopes in Recent
Words: 1271 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 76791307
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Science teachers can utilize this article by updating their curriculum related to the universe. While textbooks currently being used convey the traditional notions of the past, newer developments need to be incorporated immediately. Most current aspects of science seem to change rapidly. Astronomers such as Fabio Governato from the University of Washington have demonstrated how supercomputers can be used to replicate the activities in space, which are invisible to our telescopes. Using the components of the article to make a presentation on the latest developments in the field of space and technology can be a good approach. While most students would consider this just like any other class, it might stand out to some intelligent ones who could build a career in this area. Science teachers can observe this article from a broader point-of-view, search for similar articles and satisfy their personal research interests.

Scientists often focus on a particular…

Galaxies Can Grow Fat Black
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However, unlike other spiral galaxies found scattered throughout the universe, the black hole which is assumed to exist in the center of the Milky Way galaxy is dormant and is not "actively feeding," meaning that it is not currently swallowing up material for some unknown reason. Almost from the beginning of astronomical observations of galactic bodies in the universe, it has always been thought that "the more massive the bulge, the more massive the black hole" which has led scientists and astronomers to reason that "somehow the formation and growth of galaxy bulges and their central black holes are intimately connected." ut in 2003 when the Spitzer Space Telescope began to be utilized to collect infrared data from a number of different types of galaxies, scientists discovered that thin or slender galaxies which lack prominent central bulges did indeed contain supermassive black holes.

During a recent study with the Spitzer…


Even Thin Galaxies Can Grow Fat Black Holes." Science Daily. Internet. January 16, 2008. Retrieved at .

Quasars and Distant Galaxies
Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67648279
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Quasars and Distant Galaxies

How primeval matter cast with uniformity in all directions by an assumed violent explosion, called the ig ang, gathered together into vast groups of starts and galaxies that evolved into the universe remains a mystery (Peterson 1990). There have been speculations about its origins, pieced together and offering new standards against which theories could be tested and measured. Some of these speculations involved cosmic strings, global textures and late-time phase transitions, notions too strange to merit acceptance. Cosmologists have to reconcile separate and contradictory observations in explaining the origins of galaxies and the structure of the universe, such as the receding of galaxies from one another and the astonishingly uniform glow of invisible radiation in the universe known as the cosmic microwave background, the left-over heat from the creation of the universe. These observations and the abundance of hydrogen, helium and lithium resulting from the initial…


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Galactic Center in Infrared
Words: 508 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30822257
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Galactic Photo

This image is of the galactic center, which is the center of the Milky Way. The photograph is taken using infrared light, which changes the appearance of dust particles so that they do not obscure the image. As Wright (2003) points out, the universe is filled with dust, which tends to block the light being emitted from light-giving objects like stars. The composition of most galactic dust includes carbon, silicon, and oxygen (Wright, 2003). The dust can grow in molecular clouds, and are created in the atmosphere of red-giant stars that are cooling off (Nemiroff & Bonnell, 2006).

Infrared allows the exposure of rays that are beyond what the naked eye can see. These rays are beyond or below the red part of the color spectrum, which is why the technology is called "infrared." Below infrared rays are microwave and radio waves. Although not visible to the human…


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comparing two poems by tang poet li po
Words: 1094 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 40241787
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Li Po's corpus of work reveals the poet's unabashed joie du vivre and celebration of sensory pleasures, particularly the pleasure found in drink. His lifestyle parallels the content of his poems, too, as Li PO was known not for being an elite or erudite poet but an eccentric and a wanderer. His role at court became that of poet-fool, and as Stephen Owen points out, "people in power in China liked to keep a couple of these around. It was considered sort of nice to have one. They entertained you. They were supposed to be wild and free." Most of Li Po's work have a "wild and free" quality. Li Po poems do not seem to make a point or generate deep philosophical meaning as they do capture the pure pleasure of living in the moment and enjoying the human experience, especially an intoxicating one. Nature also plays a strong…

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Science New Imaging Technology Enables
Words: 614 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96513858
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Technologies like array tomography also show how the human brain may be best understood as a computer that operates on both electricity and on chemicals. One section of the brain, the cerebral cortex, contains more than 125 trillion synapses. Boyle's (2010) source material from the Stanford School of Medicine notes that the number of synapses in the brain is "roughly equal to the number of stars in 1,500 Milky Way galaxies," (Goldman 2010).

Array tomography as a visualization instrument also reveals advancements in digital imaging as well as nanotechnology. The mouse brain used in initial array tomography experiments was sliced at only 70 nanometers thick (Goldman 2010). Measured at the level of the nanometer,, the layers of the brain that can be cut and then imaged with array tomography are small enough that scientists are able to understand more about how the brain works. Without technologies like array tomography, the…


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Is Genesis in the Bible Correct According to Cosmology
Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73782837
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In chapter one of the Book of Genesis as found the Holy Bible, it states that "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth/and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep/and God said, let there be light; and there was light" (verses 1-3). It then states "And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night/and God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also/and God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth" (verses 14, 16, & 17). These six verses relate the Biblical origins of the universe according to God's design, yet scientifically, this description is invalid and erroneous, due to the most…

George Berkeley Nature of Existence in This
Words: 752 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68474954
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George Berkeley


In this reading, we come across an interesting discussion, which focuses on the nature of existence of things and persons. Here, the two friends Hylas and Philonous are trying to argue the true nature of existence with Hylas, being a materialist arguing in favor of existence without or without perception while Philonous believes that to exist, mind should have an idea of the ting and without idea, things simply do not exist. Philonous is of the view that when we cannot see a thing in our mind, it is impossible to say that it actually exists. In other words, it is our senses that help us establish the existence of something but if they fail to do, that thing simply wouldn't exist. He cites the example of fire, which can be seen and touched but if our senses fail to acknowledge its heat, this fire…

Violin Stringed Instruments of Some
Words: 2013 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42863584
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This means that all of the stars in the universe must be moving away from Earth. If all of the stars are moving away, the Universe itself must be expanding. It was this discovery of the Doppler Effect in star light that led to the Big Bang Theory. (Science Clarified)

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed on November 7, 1940. Incredibly, the whole collapse was caught on tape. atching the tape, it is clear that the bridge collapsed from instability caused by enormous waves moving with periodic motion through the structure of the bridge. It is not clear, however, what caused this wave motion in the first place, or what caused it to get progressively worse until it destroyed the bridge. The cause of the collapse of the bridge continues to be a subject of debate among engineers.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was one of the earliest and longest suspension bridges.…

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Infant Brain Development Complex Dynamic
Words: 1671 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99124870
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The complex dynamic processes that underlie the development of the various functionalities of the infant brain and its maturation into an adult brain continue to be studied by researchers working to uncover the pattern of brain development. Earlier, there was a battle between the role of nature and nurture in brain development of a Child. Today, neurologists have concurred that both nature and nurture play a significant role during the initial years of development of the brain. Advancements in neuroimaging techniques including the various refinements in MRI and optical tomography have made possible the focused study of the various developmental stages of the brain in an infant. Particularly, the portable, safe and easy to use Optical tomography has brought the scanning device to the infant instead of having to carry the infant to the scanning device. It is also now a known fact that the emotional and behavioral development of…


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End Times Is a Less
Words: 2575 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37243683
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God created the dispensations and guides humanity differently during each period. C.I Scofield outlines the dispensations including Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law, Church, and Kingdom ("End Times" 4). Dispensationalism is based on a literal and unequivocal interpretation of the Bible ("End Times" 4). Efird, for instance, describes dispenstionalism a historically accurate and nearly scientific method of discerning Biblical prophecy based on a close reading of the sacred text. Efird claims that dispensationalism prevents the "disappointment and embarrassment" that has plagued believers in the apocalypse (7). Dispensationalism is a relatively new type of Christian eschatology and has the unique hallmarks of American Protestantism. The Catholic Church does not embrace a strict interpretation of millennialism. On the contrary, Catholics prefer a more symbolic interpretation of the Book of Revelations ("End Times" 4).

Regardless of the denomination of Christianity, the end times is central to the religion's teachings, its cosmology, its theology,…

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Birth and Life of Stars
Words: 1029 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97537449
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This mass floats through space "unseen and undetected through space. It takes a very long time for a white dwarf to cool enough to become a black dwarf, and many astronomers suspect the galaxy hasn't aged enough for any to have yet formed. If any have formed, it will not be easy to find them" (McGrath). hile space may look like it is not changing from Earth, we can know that it is - even in death. Red dwarf stars are the result of a dying star that is very small - anywhere from 65% to 3% of our Sun's size. Red dwarfs are cool and very faint; however, there are many of them sprinkled throughout the universe. Stars can also die and become brown dwarfs, which are actually pseudostars or "failed stars" (NASA) with not enough gas to fuel the "hydrogen-fusion reaction that powers true stars" (Heckert). Brown dwarfs…

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Hubble Space Telescope
Words: 3457 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30233308
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Hubble Space Telescope

As the world's first Earth-orbiting reflecting telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) represents the culmination of the dreams of many astronomers and the fulfillment of a hope that began in the 1950's when the United States launched instruments into space in order to study the Earth's atmosphere. Our planetary speck in space, namely the Earth, is only one of hundreds of billions of planets that surely orbit other star systems; our Milky Way galaxy, composed of billions of stars and other astronomical bodies, is but one out of billions of other galaxies. Thus, in order to increase our knowledge of the universe, the Hubble Space Telescope serves a vital function, for since its launch in 1990, despite several crucial problems, it has revealed a universe full of mysterious bodies, nebula, star systems and galaxies and has expanded the possibilities that humankind is not alone in the universe.…


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Young 'so Gifted'so Old
Words: 1066 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85692980
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As with Lawrence's young protagonist, the burden of excellence becomes too great, and the girl feels she cannot provide for her family -- intellectually, rather than financially. The metaphor of the boy's rocking horse, endlessly rocking back and forth to churn out the names of winners in maddening repetition becomes transformed, in "Suicide Note," into another kind of repetitive metaphor, that of failed flight. The boy, who should have rode on a real horse into his future becomes locked in childhood, madness, and misery, trapped by the adult-sized needs of his family, and the girl, who should have sailed confidently into adulthood dies a failed attempt at flying. The girl is endlessly flapping her invisible wings to take flight but sinks to her death as she jumps to her demise, trying and failing to fly for real. The anonymous speaker of the poem is an adolescent, unlike Lawrence's child, and…

Good or Bad Aviation Project Management
Words: 1108 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36922120
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Aviation Project - SpaceX

The current aerospace technologies being built and flown by the private commercial company known as SpaceX (from California) have a remarkable record of success thus far. The "Dragon," which is the cargo capsule built by SpaceX, put into orbit by the Falcon 9 launch rocket, delivered its second load of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, March 3 (Segal, 2013). The SpaceX contract with NASA is for a total of twelve cargo missions to the ISS over the coming years; the first Dragon cargo ship was launched and delivered supplies to the International Space Station in October, 2012. The un-manned Dragon is designed to carry supplies to and from the ISS, and it is the first privately built commercial spacecraft to handle those chores -- or conduct any space-related activities per se. NASA contracted with SpaceX in 2008 after NASA had retired its…

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Faith of Universal Structure Is
Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95563028
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This extends to environmental concerns as well, because scientific research has demonstrated that the diversity of an ecosystem is what allows the constituent parts of that ecosystem to thrive, with the diversity of genetics, organisms, and personalities giving any given ecosystem a robustness such that it is not as susceptible to destruction or eradication at the hands of a single negative element. Adherents of the Faith seek harmony with all things, such that one goal is the advancement of technology to the point that humans might be able to genetically and technologically alter themselves such that they may sustain their own lives without causing undue harm to other lives, whether those be the lives of animals or plants. Thus, adherents of the Faith look towards the day when humanity has used the ample intellectual and scientific skill amassed over the years to overcome the current limitations of biology so that…

Navajo Mythology
Words: 2453 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55898181
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Navajo mythology [...] Navajo mythology and how it works in their society. Navajo mythology is a deeply rooted part of their society, and closely tied to the land where they live. They relate their myths to the land, the people, and to their gods, and these stories of creation and emergence permeate their lives and everything they do. The Navajo myths are important to understand, because when the student understands the myths, they will come close to understanding the Navajo people, too.

The Navajo people of Northern Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Utah identify with the land where they live, and many of their myths center around important landmarks on their lands, such as Monument Valley in Northern Arizona, and Shiprock in New Mexico. The Navajo were originally nomadic people who moved over the land throughout the seasons of the year, tending their flocks and hunting, but when they were…


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Peyotism the White Man's Reality
Words: 2855 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6886688
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Shamanic intervention is also a part of the social fabric of these cultures, and the Shaman is often consulted in terms of political and tribal disputes. The classic Shamanic trance or journey consists of a number of elements:

Leaving the realm of the mundane, that is, the physical world; (2) Traveling to the supernatural; and (3) Returning to the world of the mundane.

In order to facilitate this vital function the Shaman often uses psychoactive plants such as Peyote to aid his perception of the spiritual world. "The transition between the world of the mundane and the supernatural world is frequently facilitated by inducing trance states using psychoactive plants."


The use of Peyote and the origins of the Peyote cult are buried in antiquity. An early Spanish chronicler, Fray ernardino de Sahagun, "estimated on the basis of several historical events recorded in Indian chronology that Peyote was known to…


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Words: 1609 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 13309430
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"omance," "omanticism" and "omantic" are three related words frequently utilized rather loosely by literature readers and hence requiring some clear definition. The most important fact is these words are always written with the first letter capitalized to differentiate them from the words "romantic"and "romance" -- words which are generally used to denote erotically intensified conditions and events or love stories. While omances commonly do contain love interests, it isn't a prerequisite for this genre. Similarly, omantic poets don't just address experiences of love and love affairs; their poems revolve around the entire continuum of experiences of humanity.

omanticism, meanwhile, represented an intellectual and artistic movement between the late 18th-century and 19 thcentury. The emphasis of this movement was powerful emotions, which formed the fountainhead of aesthetic experiences. Especially emphasized were emotions like fear, consternation, terror, and wonder experienced in the face of nature's sublime-ness. omanticism elevated language, tradition and…


Rahn, J. (2011). Romancticism. Retrieved from Jalic Inc.:

Small Pieces of Glass The
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The Ptolemaic model was accepted by most philosophers of note until it was radically challenged by the Polish astronomer Copernicus in 1530. The Catholic church condemned the Copernican System in 1616 and forbade holding, defending, or even teaching alternatives to the Ptolemaic conception of the universe endorsed by the Church (Fowler 2008:10). But both theories were mere conjecture until the development of the Galilean telescope. Galileo's telescope was a modification of the currently existing lenses used for reading by the long -- and short-sighted. Galileo did not invent corrective lenses or even the telescope, but he did substantially improve them. By making use of both convex and concave lenses, Galileo was able to expand the magnification power and distance vision of ordinary gazers, enabling to look wide into the heavens (Fowler 2008:10).

"Galileo's belief that his discoveries with the telescope strongly favored the Copernican world view meant he was headed…


Fowler, Michael. (2008, August 23). Galileo & Einstein. University of Virginia Physics.

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Miracles Exist But Perhaps They Are Only
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Miracles exist. But perhaps they are only miracles to our eyes, because they seem to defy known laws of biology or physics. My thesis is that miracles are everywhere, from the tiniest single-celled organism up to the milky way, but that all miracles -- those we understand and those we don't -- follow natural laws. The universe itself could not exist without consistent and natural laws.

Let's consider one of the most miraculous events of all: the existence of life. Nobody can prove just how life came about, and though we have many theories about its origin -- from the idea that God created life, to the idea that life came in the form of microbes from outer space, to the contention that life arose from an amino acid soup over 4 billion years ago -- there is no doubt that even a simple bacterium is a miracle. Consider that…

Modern Age Cinema and Pluralism in the Arts
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Whitney collection, what qualities do the art works seem to have in common?

When you look at the Whitney collection from the year 2000, it is clear that that all of the artists are reflection of a sense of realism in the various works. As, they are taking everyday events and are depicting them in such a way, that they are giving the audience a sense of appreciation for what many people see regularly.

A good example of this can be seen by comparing the works of Doug Aitken with John Coplans. In the Doug Aitken's photograph, he is illustrating an everyday event by highlighting a single shopping cart sitting in a parking lot. As, everyone has: went home and Aitken is showing how this is part of everyday life in America. This is giving the viewer a sense of appreciation for the kinds of images that we see everyday,…


"Doug Aitken." Whitney Collection, 2011. Web. 23 Jun. 2011

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"Whitney Collection." Whitney Collection, 2011. Web. 23 Jun. 2011

Stephen William Hawking The Writer
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It is almost as if Hawking wants science and religion to agree.

He also uses a sense of humor often times to get his point across. In UIAN, he uses visual jokes, written puns and several witticisms to get you in a light mood to keep going through the book and picking up the important ideas that are in there. His life work has been dissecting these questions and proposing answers and it seems important to him to get the reader and his listeners, students and followers excited with him.

Stephen illiam hawkings

Hawking's mother spent part of her life in dangerous places during orld ar II. His mother went to live in a safe town and gave birth to Stephen.

The family were soon back together living in Highgate, north London, where Stephen began his schooling.

In 1950 Stephen's father moved to the Institute for Medical Research in…

Works Cited

The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen William Hawking "ALBERT EINSTEIN, the DISCOVERER of the SPECIAL and general theories of relativity, was born in Ulm, Germany, in 1879, but the following year the family..." (more)

SIPs: shadow brane, ground state fluctuations, our past light cone, brane world, brane model (more)

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Bantam; 1st edition (November 6, 2001)

Paintings Colors and Self-Portrait Introduction
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Pissarro took a special interest in his attempts at painting, emphasizing that he should 'look for the nature that suits your temperament', and in 1876 Gauguin had a landscape in the style of Pissarro accepted at the Salon. In the meantime Pissarro had introduced him to Cezanne, for whose works he conceived a great respect-so much so that the older man began to fear that he would steal his 'sensations'. All three worked together for some time at Pontoise, where Pissarro and Gauguin drew pencil sketches of each other (Cabinet des Dessins, Louvre).

Gauguin settled for a while in ouen, painting every day after the bank he worked at closed.

Ultimately, he returned to Paris, painting in Pont-Aven, a well-known resort for artists.

X...for pic

Le Christ Jaune (the Yellow Christ) (Pioch, 2002) Still Life with Three Puppies 1888 (Pioch, 2002)

In "Sunny side down; Van Gogh and Gauguin," Martin…


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Astrophysical Object Pluto's Demotion From
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"Once every 248 Earth years, Pluto swings inside the orbit of Neptune. It stays there for twenty years. During those twenty years, Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune. During this period of time, like the other eight planets, Pluto's atmosphere undergoes a fundamental change in character, briefly developing an atmosphere. As methane and nitrogen frozen at the poles thaw. As it moves toward its farthest point from the Sun, Pluto's atmosphere freezes and falls back to the ground" (Dejoie & Truelove 2008).

These eccentricities further suggested that Pluto was really much more "like a new group of objects found in the outer solar system," called dwarf planets and not worthy of the status of the other eight (Inman, 2008, p.2). Still, many astronomers argued in favor of a more inclusive definition that would still retain Pluto's status as a planet. In fact, one radical proposal: "would have made…

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Apollonian and Dionysian Analysis of
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The horn, like Saturn,

Is suspended in its ring of steering wheel;

And below is the black tongue of the gas pedal,

The bulge of the brake, the stalk

Of the stick shift,

Lines 17-21)

The simile, "like Saturn" succeeds in expanding on the image of the car in adding a sense of its larger symbolic meaning. The other images also tend to provide the car with natural attributes - such as a tongue.

In the final lines of the poem, there is a suggestion of Apollonian individualism. The protagonist overcomes the fear of the car and drives. This can be seen as an assertion of individuality over the Dionysian mystery or, on the other hand, acceptance and entrance into that mystery. The last lines of the poem tend to favor the latter interpretation.

The world's open gate, eternity

Hits me like a heart attack.

There is a sense of…

Multicultural Marketing to a Multicultural Audience --
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Multicultual Maketing

Maketing to a multicultual audience -- Stabucks and McDonald's

All businesses today must be multicultual to some extent (Makgosa 2012). The Intenet has opened up new potals to multicultual, multinational consume audiences. Moe foeign nationals in developing nations aspie to imitate the Ameican, consumeist life they see potayed in the moden media. Ameica itself is gowing inceasingly divese, which demands a moe caefully-segmented appoach to maketing. Howeve, this ceates a poblem fo global businesses such as Stabucks and McDonald's. On one hand, the coe foundation of thei business is based upon maketing a paticula type of lifestyle, a lifestyle gounded in an image ooted in Ameicana (o in the case of Stabucks, a vey Ameican vision of a Euopean cafe). The coe poblem of today's multicultual maketing is that changes must be made to addess an inceasingly divese audience: an audience which demands moe than mee tokenism o…


Palacios, S. (2011). Multicultural is the wave of the future. Ad Age. Retrieved: 

Patterson, P.G., Scott, J., & Uncles, M.D. (2010). How the local competition defeated a global brand: The case of Starbucks. Australasian Marketing Journal, 18(1), 41-47.

Starbucks: Japan's highest-rated coffee chain. (2009). What Japan Thinks.

Pathophysiology of Gastric Acid Stimulation and Production
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The digestive fluids that are secreted by the stomach glands aimed at breaking down solid food and to kill bacteria in the stomach are referred to as gastric juices. Gastric acid is produced by the gastric parietal cell located on the walls of the stomach. The region where the gastric juices are secreted into the lumen is the most acidic environment in the human body and is known as the secretory canaliculus (Schubert & Peura, 2008). The secretion of the gastric acid into the lumen occurs in response to a variety of messages from the paracrine, hormonal, and neurocrine inputs. Gastrin, produced by the G cells that are located in the pyloric mucosa of the stomach is the primary hormonal stimulation for gastric acid production. There are various inputs that will stimulate the parietal cells in order for them to secrete hydrogen ions that will flow into the gastric lumen,…

Performativity the Intersections Between Gender Sexuality Identity
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The intersections between gender, sexuality, identity, and lifestyle converged at an expected moment. I was as prepared as anyone else. Andrew is my brother, and I know him well. It was his friend Darren's 21st birthday. Darren is adorable: he's six feet tall, with plump lips naturally blushed the color of Fuji apples. His skin is milky white, and his eyes are shimmering sateen blue. I haven't got a crush on Darren; I would, but Darren is gay. He's been out of the closet since he was fifteen years old. My brother has known Darren since the two played together in our little apartment complex playground. Almost two decades later, the two friends are doing shots together in a gay nightclub. My brother is straight. Really, he is. But on Darren's birthday, something happened to place my brother Andrew temporarily in an interstitial realm. My brother, not being the…

Blue Bowl by John White Alexander
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John hite Alexander's "Blue Bowl"

American painter John hite Alexander produced several full-body portraits of elegantly dressed women in the early Twentieth century, including "The Blue Bowl." Painted with oil, an inherently viscid material, on an imposing canvas four feet long and three feet wide, the "The Blue Bowl" initially seems imposing and heavy. Like the heroine's elaborate gown and her fabric belt, the painting's limited palate imparts some sense of restriction and tightness. However, the woman's active, dancer-like pose, and the painter's use of line, color, and composition collectively impart a rhythmic intensity that makes an otherwise heavy painting dynamic and engaging to the eye.

The Blue Bowl" contains several contrasting formal elements that contribute to its energetic nature. For example, a thick, black background competes with the woman's milky skin. The contrast enables her figure to jump out of the background, giving her lightness and freedom from an…

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John White Alexander." Article online at

Tomas Alfredson's 2008 Film Let
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Recognizing that the film's title functions on both of these levels is important because it reveals how Alfredson deploys common vampire tropes in novel ways which serve to elevate the emotional content of the film, so that the "rules" surrounding vampires become metaphors for the emotional development both characters undergo. Thus, following Hakan's death, Eli goes to Oscar and he invites her into his room at the same moment that she implicitly invites him into her life, revealing to him the first explicit hints that she is something other than a twelve-year-old girl. From this point on, the two work to protect and comfort each other while providing each other with the confidence and companionship they need in order to be happy. Oscar confronts his bullies, and after a period of initial unhappiness, Eli gains a friend who accepts her as a vampire.

Though Eli initially has far more agency…

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Crashaw Passivity as Active and
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Again, this feminine passivity outshines masculine action in its ability to experience divine and even human love.

As Crashaw continues, the erotic imagery becomes more emboldened and perhaps slightly more ambiguous, not clouding or confounding interpretation but suggesting several alternatives that work towards the same end of demonstrating the purity of passivity in its relation to the divine. After setting up the concept of virginity, love, and an active passivity with the juxtaposition of love with blood, Crashaw either extends or shifts this image further with the lines, "Scarse has she Blood enough to make / a guilty sword blush for her sake" (25-6). There is the clear surface image that juxtaposes the child with the soldier; the child is so small that she would scarcely stain the sword of a soldier that slays her, and already the grotesque nature of this image emerges as a means of shocking the…

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Societal Themes and Media
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Societal Themes and Media

Several different themes, narratives and ideas of the society are taken up by the media and presented to the masses in many different ways. In some cases, the purpose behind this adaptation is pure entertainment, meanwhile in the other cases; the media tries to put forth a message for the population[footnoteRef:1]. Media has the potential to positively as well as negatively affect the thought process of the people pertaining to any story, theme or narrative[footnoteRef:2]. In this paper, the theme or concept of having a fair skin, as a key to all kinds of success, in the Indian subcontinent and South Asia shall be discussed in its relationship with the media. [1: Barthes and Lavers 1972] [2: Eco 1982]

The preference of fair skin in the subcontinent- An Overview

Color has always created issues in the society. hen we talk about the est, we can see…

Works cited

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Real Cool Killers Evaluating the Status of
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Real Cool Killers: Evaluating the Status of omen Through Chester Himes

The world of Chester Himes is wrought with violence and turmoil. The story behind The Real Cool Killers is a murder mystery, where African-American cops rule over Harlem to catch a murderous pack of thugs. Still, there is a lot more beneath the surface here. Chester Himes also presents a social commentary on the status of women at the time. In this commentary, he signifies how women were still struggling against their male oppressors, and that even though there are some clear gains being made here, they are in many ways still being oppressed and treated like sex objects more than anything else throughout the novel.

The Real Cool Killers is a pulp fiction type of novel with a set of anti-hero African-American police officers solving a senseless murder on the streets of Harlem. The pair of police is…

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Woods Set Design Review Into
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The use of a retractable plateau allows for the creation of new places in the woods, and also makes the woods seem like an ever-shifting place, where identity is continually disturbed and questioned. The impression is as if the viewer shifts suddenly from a community center theater production for children to the darkness of Les Miserables, another famous musical with a moving set.

The woods are not entirely a place of freedom, however. Set designer Aaron Kennedy makes use of multiple layers within the context of the scenery to convey different 'realms.' For example, Rapunzel, the adopted child of the witch, is kept high in a tower, far from the other characters. Until Rapunzel is cast out from the tower, she can only interact with others in a limited fashion, through her singing and letting down her glowing, golden hair. A lighted knothole represents the spirit of Cinderella's mother, who…

Vaginosis a Growing Scourge Among
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A newer and easy test is the OSOM Vlue, which mixes a swabbed specimen from the vagina with a reagent. The test yields sialidase activity or presence in the vaginal fluid in 10 minutes. Sialidase is produced by V pathogens (Mashburn).

pH Level

The most reliable criterion for detecting V is a pH>4.5 (Mashburn, 2007). A normal pH should, therefore, rule out V. A pH >4.5 can also indicate trichomoniasis or muco-purulent cervicitis. Vaginal inflammation more strongly suggests trichomonas or muco-purulent cervicitis, in turn associated with gonorrhea or chlamydial trachomatis (Mashburn).

The patient's pH level is 6, indicating V.

Wet Smears

These are an inexpensive and relatively easy screening procedure for the most common sexually transmitted diseases, such as V (Iglesias, Alderman & Fox, 2000). The practitioner should be appropriately trained and experienced in using this procedure. Hence, the proper protocol and quality control are needed to insure accurate diagnosis.…


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Recurrent bacterial vaginosis? Journal of Family Practice: Dowden Health Media,

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Summer Solstice New York Compared to Jumper
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Poetry in Third Eye Blind's Jumper and Sharon Olds' Summer Solstice New York

Songs and works of poetry are often the subject of the expression of some of humanities darker emotions. The act of suicide represents a culmination of such negative emotions to a point in which an individual wishes to take their own life. It is often the case that someone is temporarily flooded with such intense negative emotions that they consider suicide in a rash decision. While many of the artistic expressions deal with death, suffering, and suicidal thoughts, fewer seem to concentrate on more of a preventive side of such emotions. Two poems were chosen because each of them takes a relatively unique approach to suicidal people. The first poem was a song, Jumper by Third Eye Blind, is a song that represents a story told from the perspective of someone trying to talk down a suicidal…

Tapioca Express Is an 11-Year-Old
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The secondary campaign will be more informational in nature. The product at this point will be repositioned -- slightly -- from being a superior version of a new Asian-American favorite to being something that can appeal to all markets. By adopting a more global feel to the marketing, we believe that we will be able to develop new markets, increase our exposure among non-Asians and do this without compromising the core audience that we will have built to that point.

There are other strategies that could work as well. For example, we could enter the market with the assumption that the brand is strong and the product is familiar. Such a strategy would thus focus on positioning the shop, perhaps as a consistently superior bubble tea experience. Standards of cleanliness, quality and service would all be featured. The main drawback to this approach, however, is that it assumes too much…

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Woods Steven Sondheim's Musical Into
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This is perhaps most notable in the punctuating words of the witch. "One midnight gone!" cries the witch at the mid-point of the first act, then sings "It's the last midnight," before she leaves the play. The return to the words and themes of the woods is the only constant of the play. This is because the play is about journeys, not about coming to some final moral conclusion. The woods, unlike the safety of the home, is unpredictable -- not even the witch knows that the spell she weaves to regain her beauty will deprive her of her magic, or that the golden floss first provided by the baker will come from her own beloved, adopted child Rapunzel.

Interestingly enough, Rapunzel is the one character who never says 'Into the Woods,' and when other characters provide often humorous reflections on what they have learned in the woods, such as…

Analyzing and Formal Analysis
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preliminary analysis of a piece of art titled "The Birth of Venus." "


Artist: Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)

Genre: history painting; Mythological

Medium: Tempera on canvas

Movement: art of the Early enaissance

Location: Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The Birth of Venus Analysis

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is an ingenious piece of art. It remains a great piece of art after 500 years since its creation. It is still one of the highest prized art masterpieces of all time. The difficulty in interpreting its meaning is, perhaps one of the reasons why the piece of art has been a subject of discussion among many analysts of works of art. The painting is a portrayal of a nude and relatively large female standing gracefully on a wide and big seashell. The female seems to show up on land, coming from the sea (The Birth of Venus). To the left…


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"The Birth of Venus." Totally History. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 May 2016. .

History of Construction Technology of
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One exception to this is Pausanias, a Greek writer. He recorded the quarrying done in Greece but he lived in the second century a.D. For other details, the information related to their architecture is limited to the writings of Vitruvius, an architect in ome, also a military engineer and a writer who lived during the rule of Augustus (Masrgary, 1957; Derry and Williams, 1961).

The Greek construction inherits its glory from the timber-framed European houses that revolved around three chambers and hearths and not from the buildings in the Near East or even the Mycenean tombs. The temples that appeared earlier in Greece were built of mud bricks with a timber roof that was thatched to facilitate a wider construction, the transverse beams were held by a row of posts that were kept in the middle and the posts were also kept in the mud brick walls for the same…


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Flavia Coffee Machine Patents Flavia
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" This is registered as IC 029. U.S. 046. G & S, under Goods & Services. The mark is the specific words, rendered in stylized form. The first use of this mark was in 2002. The application was filed on February 1, 2002. The mark was registered on March 23, 2004. The owner of the mark is Mars, Inc.

The next trademark is 78977583, "Flavia Fusion." This is registered as IC 011. U.S. 013-021 023-031-034. G & S, under Goods & Services. The mark is the name, in standard characters. The first use of this trademark was in 2005. The application was filed on March 17, 2005 and was registered on November 28, 2006. The owner of the mark is Mars, Inc.

The next trademark is 77246316, "Flavia Creation." This is registered as IC 011. U.S. 013-021 023-031-034., under Goods & Services. The mark is the name, in standard characters.…

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