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Nationalism Essays (Examples)

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Flagging the Homeland Reading Response
Words: 515 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95156040
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In “Flagging the Homeland Daily,” the author shows how nationalism and patriotism are constructed in subtle, daily ways. The physical symbol of the flag is a visible reminder of nationalism, but itself not sufficient for the deep and meaningful ways nationalism is inculcated. Nationalism is inculcated through daily discourse, in words, phrases, and gestures that are often taken for granted. Even if nationalism on an overt level is no longer in vogue, a more “banal” type of nationalism has taken its place, according to Billig. This banal nationalism is “not necessarily benign,” which is the author’s central argument throughout the text (p. 94). For example, the citizens of nation-states still have an us-them mentality, conveyed through the discursive meanings of seemingly innocent terms like “the people,” (p. 94). It is difficult to recognize these subtle forms of brainwashing because they have become habits of speech.
The mass media is of…

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Modern Asian History
Words: 1546 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49793411
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Nationalism and Anthony Smith's anti-primordialism in his view of modern Asiatic history and the construction of what is 'Asia'

Nationalism and what makes a nation a cohesive and functioning unit has been one of the essential questions of modern political philosophy, particularly in Asia today, where in India, China, Tibet, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea, a plurality of different regional and religious identities fight to dominate particular national territories. Anthony D. Smith is one of most important contemporary scholars of nationalism and is the author of many books on the subject including such classics as his 1986 The Ethnic Origins of Nations, a book of supreme relevance in particular for the region, given the frequent rhetorical role of ethnic identity in a people's claim to territory and nationhood.

According to Smith, the idea of essential ethnic origins of nations has caused some scholars to assume nationalism and nations as preexisting entities,…

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Korean History
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11001718
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Nationalism as a Construct

Emotional attachment and loyalty to one's nation are concepts that are strongly related o the respective individual's comfort zone. Both South Korea and North Korea are the product of centuries of individuals coming together and sharing their passions, their interpretation of the world, and generally creating an environment that they identified with. Henry H. EM makes it possible for his readers to gain a more complex understanding of the factors that encouraged these people to get actively involved in wanting to promote their cultural values.

Even from the time when Koreans were accustomed to answering to an aristocratic form of government, there were songs meant to have them identify with their culture and to be proud of it. The fact that Koreans shared cultural values during the Koryo period meant that they began to think of themselves as a united community and that they started to…

Press on Globalization and Its
Words: 5481 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23431412
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Not only does this benefit them as a port destination, but the influx of trade goes through Taiwan with the majority of manufactured goods of the Pacific region flowing through their ports. Since Taiwan has a favorable relationship with the Western states, it has been able to absorb the growth of the East Asian region and serve as an effective broker for traffic of goods. Thus it plays a central role within the region as a broker between lesser developed nations and the developed super powers.

Not only does Taiwan hold an enviable position within global trade, but it also has developed its internal capacity to become a manufacturing force. Taiwan has focused its industries on two key developments, high end technology products including semi-conductors and high end technology product development. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the world's largest independent semiconductor foundry. As a joint venture through subsidized state…

Lee, Pei-shan, "Regime Transition and Economic Governance: The End of Development. Annual Meeting of the Taiwanese Political Science Association, National

Sun Yat-sen University. 9-10 December 2000.

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Politics the Nation Based on
Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54676594
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This also helps indicate the U.S. is indeed a nation and a nation with conflicting goals and ideals for many.

It is interesting that Heywood notes that in nations, there is a growing trend against nationalism and socialism toward religious fundamentalism. This is very clear in the Middle East, but it also seems to be taking place in the U.S. Just last week the national news reported there are a group of disgruntled Republicans who do not like the way the party is becoming more "liberal," and want to form a third, ultra-conservative, Christian Republican party. This seems to fly in the face of the Constitution, which clearly separates church and state, but it also seems to be a natural progression in nationalism as Heywood sees it.

Thus, the United States is indeed a nation; it fits the definition of several forms of nationalism that Heywood discusses. Just like states,…

Nuanced Face of Zionism it
Words: 4726 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91472133
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Rather, it was more a question of magical thinking: Ben-Gurion wanted a place for ews and his desire was sufficiently strong that it blinded him to the nature of Palestinian self-definition and identity.

Another point that I will examine in greater detail later that would change Ben-Gurion's views towards Arab nationalism was that he could not, in the 1930s predict the extent of the Holocaust. The death of so many ews so quickly would rewrite the equation -- for Ben-Gurion as well as others -- of the relationship between ews and Arabs.

At the same time that Ben-Gurion was pushing to create an increasingly powerful economic base of ewish workers and employers, Lockman writes, he was at the same time denying the legitimacy of Palestinians claims to Arab nationalistic authority and strongly arguing that ews had a far stronger claim to the land. This is perhaps the best-known understanding of…

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Colin Shindler. A History of Modern Israel. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, p. 12.

WWI the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Words: 1553 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55010445
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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife represented a culmination of several concurrent forces, all of which led to the outbreak of World War. The concurrent forces that led to World War One can be loosely grouped under the following categories: nationalism, imperialism, and militarism. Within each of these categories are ample sub-categories that can testify to the extent of forces that shaped the pre-war conditions throughout not just Europe but the entire world. World War One was a total war for many reasons: it involved serious civilian casualties on a horrific scale for all parties. The Great War also brought to light the impact of globalization on the global economy and political enterprise. Nationalism, imperialism, and militarism all played a part in shaping participation in World War One; the effects of which continue to reverberate.

As Marshall (2001) points out, "Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were all…


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Living Memory Disappears Having Read the Second
Words: 2382 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 53276837
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Living Memory Disappears

Having read the second slide in the Power point presentation concerning the deaths of the last French veterans of World War I, what difference do you think it makes to our appreciation of history when those that actually experienced it die?

The appreciation of history is intensified when the living connection to the event is extinguished. That particular time in history cannot be revisited through the stories and tales from the people who actually lived through it, but can only be accessed via books, magazines, newspapers and photos. For this reason, the event actually becomes more significant because it is historical and there is no way to retrieve details of it anymore through the people who experienced it firsthand. The difference in appreciation of history comes from the knowledge that a closure to an event has arrived.

Question 2

Belle Epoque and World War I

If you…

Global Media
Words: 1874 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45318100
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Censorship and Freedom of the Press

In 2009, Frank ainimarama, the self-appointed Prime Minister of Fiji said that freedom of speech causes trouble and is to blame for his country's political turmoil (AC News, 2009). This is only a small portion of controversial remarks and actions made by ainimarama surrounding the announcement made by President Iloilo stating the abrogation of Fiji's constitution, the dismissal of the judiciary, and the deferral of democratic elections until 2014 (Puppet show, 2009). Iloilo's decision, given its relationship to ainimarama's interim regime, which took power in a coup in 2006, being declared illegal by ruling of the Court of Appeals demanding that a neutral leader replace ainimarama immediately with dissolution of the existing government and elections to commence as soon as possible (Puppet show).

ainimarama expressed his grievance towards this decision by the Court and did not hesitate to ignore it as he showed up…


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Composer Alberto Williams
Words: 3129 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95695965
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Alberto Williams and Nationalism

Introduction & Brief History Lesson

Generally speaking, the term nationalism is used to describe a sense of identification which individuals within a society or culture share regarding their state of residence. Most countries are characterized by this identification to some degree or other and Argentina is no exception. However, if one considers the fact that Argentina has been an independent country since 1810, what is striking is how long a true sense of nationalism took to fully blossom (Douglas). Specific to the topic of this paper, Alberto Williams was not born until 1862. Furthermore, his music would not have been able to affect the listeners in his country until he reached adulthood and was able to actually compose it. Then one must consider that the music would have had to have been accepted by Argentine society and then disseminated across a wide enough area of the…


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11 Apr. 2003.

Cosmopolitanism International Law and the Persistence of
Words: 1944 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99305984
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Cosmopolitanism International Law and the Persistence of the Sovereign Nation-State

Seyla enhabib can only point to the European Union as an effective and practical example of transnationalism or post-nationalism in today's world. International law and organizations have certainly become more important than they were in 1945, but integration has proceeded much farther in Europe than any other region of the world. Today, this has become a political, social and cultural arrangement, not simply a free trade zone established to create larger markets for capitalist interests. Most rational observers would agree that this has been beneficial for all concerned and that the condition of Europe today is far preferable to that in 1918 or 1945. Will Kymlicka has no argument against European integration per se, and even welcomes the expansion of liberal nation-states to areas once ruled by fascists and Communists. His main argument with ehabib is that the nation-state cannot…

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Jeremy Waldron and Melissa S. Williams (eds). Toleration and its Limits (New York University Press, 2008).

Ethnic Conflict When Considering the
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9370457
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Hence, his plan here was not even based upon the assumption of ethnic plurality, but simply upon his own hunger for territorial power.

Franjo Tudjman, equally power hungry, was the elected president of Croatia in 1990. His focus was not ethnic plurality. Rather, his aim was to establish a Croatian state for Croatians, without providing any minority rights to other citizens. For this reason, his focus on Bosnia was also to annex the Croatian areas of the country.

The respective nationalistic and dictatorship tendencies of these two leaders, far more than intergroup ethnic conflict, have led to the complete destruction of ethnic plurality in Bosnia. Even in cities, such as Sarajevo, where ethnic groups lived peacefully side by side, political manipulation has caused only destruction. Instead of ethnic pluralism, media such as television has caused rampant nationalism, which fed on the historic fears of ethnic groups to stir them to…

International Herald Tribune Has Brought
Words: 372 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3509279
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But Bush administration as always failed to see that nationalism was the actual force and by using flawed policy to counter terrorism, it aroused intense nationalism even among people in which it was formally absent. Fundamentalists have thus stood to benefit from the flawed U.S. policy because it enraged the general public in Muslim nations that had previously been speaking against Fundamentalist. They now have a keener and clearer sense of a nation and they are as much against U.S. policies and fundamentalists have always been. "In invading Iraq, the Bush administration made a gift of Iraqi nationalism to the Islamic fundamentalists. Without nationalism, the fundamentalist cause is weak." This consistent pattern can be observed in previous cases of terrorism too. United States needs to learn from its repeated failed attempts to curb terrorism and this will help in the creation of a more effective U.S. policy.



Cesaire and Wild Thorns
Words: 822 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51249771
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Cesaire's Discourse On Colonialism And Wild Thorns

The novel describes living conditions under foreign or colonial occupation. It also describes nationalist sentiment among colonized peoples. Using material from the novel, as well as Cesaire's Discourse on Colonialism, discuss the proposition that nationalism is a solution to the colonial problem. Using specific examples from the texts, discuss how the authors present the relationship between colonialism, capitalism, and nationalism. How are the authors' positions on these issues similar or different? Do the authors provide hopeful representations of nationalism and capitalism? Why, or why not?

An easy, pure, and smug sense of African or Palestinian nationalism offers no solution to the overall problem of how to construct a national identity and a decolonialized mindset in one's people. Recent historical events have illustrated that an unquestioning assertion of national identity leads to horror and bloodshed -- but if one cannot accept the oppressor's vision…

Arabs Certain Words Must Be
Words: 1655 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80589979
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S.-supported dictators.

Thus, while the term "Arab" is useful for describing a particular group of people with a shared language, culture, and history, one cannot readily assume that all Arabs subscribe to a pan-Arabist ideology, especially in light of the often overlapping "Muslim world," which many Arabs would identify themselves a part of (above and beyond any shared connection due to their Arab heritage). In reality, a shared linguistic and cultural background is really the only thing that unites Arabs, but because the world's largely white, Christian reigning powers have for so long actively disenfranchised and brutalized the Arab world, either through direct action or proxies, this shared linguistic and cultural background has been the only unifying feature which allows for any resistance. In many ways, one may see the emerging democratic movements of the Arab Spring as the successful replacement of both pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism, because the desire for…


Goldschmidt, A., & Davidson, L. (2006). A concise history of the middle east. Boulder:

Westview Press.

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1500 History of World Societies
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40673914
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The British created a well-educated, English-speaking Indian elite middle class d. new jobs were created for millions of Indian hand-spinner and hand-weavers

The Indian National Congress can best be described in which of the following ways:


a. An Indian Civil Service that administered British rule.

b. A group of upper-caste professionals seeking independence from Britain.

c. white settlers who administered British rule.

d. anglicized Indians who were the social equals of white rulers.

Under the Culture System, Indonesian peasants had to Answer:

a. learn to speak and read Dutch b. plant one-fifth of their land in export crops to be turned over to the Dutch colonial government c. convert to the Dutch Reformed Church d. join large state-run farms.

Modern Vietnamese nationalism traced much of its inspiration to Answer:

a. Japanese modernization.

b. China's "Hundred Days" Reform program.

c. The U.S. Declaration of Independence.

d. British Fabian socialism.


Ethnic Conflict II How Does
Words: 736 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83959174
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Through policies of systematic discrimination and persecution of national minorities, Serb nationalists indirectly strengthened the radical wing of Albanian nationalist movements. The wing was represented by KSA (Kosovo Liberation Army). Most of the KSA leadership, Hedges writes, has formerly been imprisoned for separatist activities, and many were imprisoned by the Tito's communist government. The KSA's ideological base, Hedges writes, comes from a bizarre mixture of fascist and communist factions. Later in the 1990s, KSA began to receive financial and logistical support from Islamist radical groups in the Gulf States as well.

Hedges argues that KSA initially did not have the support of the majority. The radical group began to garner support after the policies pursued by Ibrahim Rugova have allegedly failed. The continuing mistreatment of Kosovo Albanians by the Serbian state and the inability of the international community to resolve the issue (for example, the European Union's recognition of Yugoslavia…

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Rebellion Discuss the Problem of How People
Words: 1339 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38673261
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Discuss the problem of how people feel excluded from society and how that leads to rebellion.

Within the fabric of every society are groups of people bonded together through their similar values, culture, race etc. The groups that bond together are prone to exclude others because of their differences. At times these similarities and differences work well together to produce a productive feeling; however, at times the feeling becomes negative and affects the society adversely as one group begins to feel resentment towards the other. This resentment can lead to full fledged rebellion and usually takes place when the basic needs of the group are affected. Consider feelings of nationalism, racism, economic upheaval all of which can individually or collectively combine to create a vortex of aggressive emotions.

In the French Revolution the masses rebelled against the aristocracy as they were getting richer at the expense of the poor.…


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