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Neoliberalism Essays (Examples)

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Neoliberalist Development
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39792070
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Neoliberal ideology has contributed to the rise in development and reduction of poverty in much of the world since World War II. The main bodies responsible for neoliberalism, such as the United Nations and later the World Trade Organization have encouraged trade, economic openness and democracy. Where these things have not been accepted -- where neoliberalism has been rejected, living standards tend to be lower, and where neoliberalism has been embraced wholeheartedly the living standards are as high as have been enjoyed by any humans in history.

De Soto describes some of the development that has occurred in Peru, which is a moderately neoliberal state. He argues that individual effort can come before collective effort, a hallmark of neoliberalism and that this has resulted higher living standards for many of the country's citizens. De Soto also notes that these changes have also been at the social level. The people…

Democratic Education Question No What Are the
Words: 2620 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60875072
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Democratic Education

Question No.

What are the principles of democratic education? How are these principles and values in tension/contradiction with our social construction of children and youth? For example, what assumptions do we make about teaching, learning and youth that democratic schools challenge? How does "one size fits all" centralized curriculum contribute to what Apple called the "de-skilling of teachers"? What is lost when this approach is adapted, especially when it is combined with the "intensification" of teaching? Explore the contradictions between what we say we want our students to be when they are finished their schooling (engaged, critical thinkers, active contributors and problem solvers) and how we are often educating young people. How does democratic education address this? What are some of the challenges educators who want to introduce democratic principles into their schools face? What are some of the potential rewards? How does democratic education address the notion…


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Economics the Dominant Economic Theme
Words: 1262 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35208956
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ealth does not equate to happiness, a sense of purpose, dignity or respect. One of the key underlying assumptions of neoliberal philosophy, as derived from Milton Friedman, is that financial wealth is the ideal end goal of all activity. hile financial wealth solves many problems it does not solve all problems. Opponents of globalization, whatever their other arguments, incorporate this understanding into their protestations.

Naomi Klein goes further, suggesting that the unequal wealth distribution in the globalized economy is deliberate. The march towards globalization is not an altruistic endeavor borne of a firm belief in the power of the free market, but is a calculated strategy on the part of the world's elite to seize the world's wealth and power at whatever expense is necessary. Indeed, any economic benefits realized by the masses are incidental. Casualties -- be they citizens of Iraq, indigenous peoples or indeed any of the world's…

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Alain Touraine Discusses in His
Words: 871 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37032727
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He gives the examples of Great ritain, whose rise to supremacy was given in fact by the invention of the telegraph (Touraine, 13). This comes to point out the fact that in his opinion, it is not the system that changed the world, but rather certain technological inventions, thus the current state of affairs has been seen before. Indeed, the passing from one society to another has been marked by technological impressions. However, this idea cannot be applied to the current situation of the global world because information represents the driving force of the world, regardless of the level of analysis one addresses. The information has led the world towards a communication strategy, a market change that has yet to be seen before at this intensity.

Thirdly, he argues that transnational commerce and corporations have been seen before, in the middle of the 20th century, "when catastrophic talk of globalization…


Touraine, Alain. Beyond Neoliberalism. Trans. David Macey. Cambridge: Polity, 1998.

Long-Term Costs of San Francisco
Words: 1358 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67507384
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Neoliberal Social Theory

Neoliberalist Theory has been known and defined as a philosophy or thinking that promotes the continuous production and distribution of goods and services, and is adapted after the concept of Neoclassical economy that the economist Adam Smith had introduced in his book, "The Wealth of Nations." Through Adam Smith's famous economic and philosophical treatise, the idea that market economies can function and regulate itself without government intervention came into being. This is precisely one of the most important characteristics of neoliberalism: the market economy produces and distributes goods and services at an optimum and efficient rate without any intervention from the government.

Neoliberalist theory is characterized by a number of important aspects, which are the following: it promotes "a stable currency, free market capitalism, and free trade" (Wikipedia 2002). Further, neoliberalism advocates not only for deregulation, self-regulation, and free trade, but also to privatization of business enterprise…


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Economics Crisis as an Inevitable
Words: 4733 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43936576
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The U.S. is a property owning civilization and a number of the people wanted land and housing. Americans however scarcely ever create savings. "The country itself lives on other countries' savings by issuing bonds to finance its excessive consumption. The current crisis began with cheap housing loans offered by banks. Banks provided loans but instead of holding the loan in their books, they packaged them into collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and sold them to other agencies. These agencies passed them on to others and spread them globally as assets" (the Current Economic Crisis, its causes, its impact and possible alternatives, 2009).

Interest rates were lowered and housing loans went up with construction activities leading to land prices increasing. The real estate was booming, generating employment and incomes. But as the rate of interest on housing loans came down, banks started to compete to get more business. Because of low interest…


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Social Policy Kiwisaver as a
Words: 3323 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60464989
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The authors believe that some citizens have become "...socialized into a particular ideological system that molds their values, attitudes, beliefs and/or symbolic predispositions on a wide range of issues, including political parties and the economy." And this article also found that most party interests and self-interests revolve around both ideological considerations and economic considerations; however, those voters who are on the lower rung of the economic ladder tend to be less ideological and more economically-motivated, which makes sense.

Labour...[which is] traditionally welfare state in ideology, was the party that initiated the conversion to neoliberalism" prior to the election of the Alliance in 1999, the article continues. Allen and Ng write that many members of the Labour party "felt confused and betrayed" when the Alliance moved away from the welfare state policies and into neoliberalism. Another result of the Labour Alliance's shift from welfare to neoliberalism was an "increase in poverty…

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Neo-Liberalistic Legal Concepts on Nations ith Distinct Legal Tradition (Common, Civil, Socialist)

This review of the related literature focuses on broad definitions of the law as historically legislated and then as practiced in three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Common law, civil law and socialist law will be defined separately and then as they each apply to the country which has used that system as its focus for legal practice. The effect that neo-liberalism had after the Asian financial crisis on these three nations will be then be examined. Finally, this review will determine if there has been a change post-crisis in merger and acquisition or public finance law.


It is necessary to begin by defining terms that will occur throughout this review. The three systems of law to be initially discussed in the review are common law, civil law and socialist law. Of course, many dispute the fact…

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Sustainable Development
Words: 1713 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79309132
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Urbanization in Latin America was the result of the industrialization that took place in the 18th century and attracted rural population to migrate in order to get better employment and life facilities. However, Neoliberalism caused privatization and resulted in the economic opportunities and growth prospects but the long-term effects tend to be declining in terms of growth due to the imbalance of job availability and job requirements and autonomy of corporate companies.

Import Substitution Industrialization vs. Neoliberalism

Urban primacy


Urban Growth

Over Urbanization

Informal Sector

Squatter Settlement

Sustainable Development


Drug Production

Neoliberalism and Sustainability



Import Substitution Industrialization vs. Neoliberalism

Import-Substitution-Industrialization or (ISI) refers to the policy which facilitates trade and country's economy by means of replacing imports with the products that are produced domestically which ultimately focuses on a country's dependency and protects it from the foreign economic shocks. The policy was adapted by many countries…


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Regional Economic Integration in Which
Words: 800 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 92482321
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Using web marketing strategies combined with educational initiatives -- such as downloadable podcasts and educational websites with a marketing and advertising component might be one way to capitalize upon this trend (Trade blocs, neoliberalism, and the quality of life in Latin America, 2004, UCLA).

hat potential impact does the most important trade bloc have on the marketing and business strategies of Apple Computer and general website marketing?

Mercosur has taken a hostile attitude, in general, to large estern companies. It believes such companies are profiting off of less-developed nations and prevent such nations from fully entering the developed world as global players. This reflects, to some extent, the attitude of the citizens of the nations of Mercosur countries. Deemphasizing the 'Americanness' of Apple might be necessary in Brazil, in contrast to nations where the American quality of a product might have more cache.

Does this trade bloc represent primarily economic…

Works Cited

Trade blocs, neoliberalism, and the quality of life in Latin America. (2004, June 16). UCLA

Conference: Mercosur, NAFTA, and the Free Trade Area of the America.

Retrieved January 25, 2009 at 


Government of Chile Reduces One
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2541705
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Similar to what happened in Chile happened between the 1930s and the late 1970s in most countries in Latin America that used the import substitution industrialization model (ISI) to build their industry and therefore reduce their dependency upon imports from foreign countries. The result of the ISI in these countries has included the rapid urbanization of one or two major cities and a growing urban population of the working class and a membership in the world economic system via globalization through the vehicles of the IMF and the World Bank. Much of this was done in response to the economic crisis of 1997 when the leaders of these countries very quickly adopted and the implemented new neoliberal policies. In countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Uruguay, capitalism and central private banking are now the norm with firms and economies being one intact whole (Taylor,…


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Tanks Application to Real-World Economics
Words: 2268 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72061166
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The Canadian Centre for Policy Initiatives, on the other hand, is an Interventionalist think thank that advocates government intervention in some cases, but chides it in others.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Montreal Economic Institute can be described as a Neoliberal think tank. The organization, which was founded in 1999, seeks to "promote an economic approach to the study of public policy issues." By studying the organization's publications, however, one can quickly realize that most contributors call under the classification of Neoliberal economists. Shah calls Neoliberalism the "mechanism for global trade and investment." The movement is the one practiced by capitalists and free market economists. Neoliberal economists generally see the international markets as self-governing, motivated by Adam Smith's invisible hand and self-interest. Government intervention, therefore, is looked down upon in any case other then protection from invaders.

Though the think tank's information did not specify Neoliberal ideas…

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Effecting Meaningful Change in the Global South
Words: 1920 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80342862
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Future of Global Neoliberalism

One of the harsh realities of life in the 21st century is that the vast majority of the world's population continues to struggle to survive in the face of dwindling arable land and governmental policies that serve to constrain rather than promote economic development. To determine the facts, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to explain why some theorists have maintained that the state continues to be a central agent that facilitates the advancement of global neoliberalism. A discussion concerning the rationale in support of this position, including an analysis of the possibilities and barriers that neoliberalism creates for genuine long-term sustainable human development; the objectives, strategies, and achievements of social movements as well as the barriers they face; and state-led models of development that run counter to the neoliberal agenda. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings…


Abahlal. (2009, August 7). Winning our land back -- the Landless People's

Movement wins a major court victory. Abahlali baseMjondolo. Retrieved from .

Butt, S. (2013, June 26). Incredible India: Home to modern slavery. The Real

News. Retrieved from

The Cuban Revolution and Marxism
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82439649
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What were the ideological influences on Revolution in Latin America?
Latin America experienced several changes throughout the years in various countries. Cuba, for example, experienced a revolution brought on by influences from Marxism and Soviet-style communism. Seen as a turning point in revolutionary history and Latin American ideology, 1959 became the year of Cuba. The Cuban Revolution and the ideals that came with it, spurred countries like Chile and Uruguay to test the waters of political change. It is important to understand and explore how Marxist and communist ideologies became intrinsically connected to the Cuban Revolution and how these ideals changed Latin America as a whole.
The Cuban Revolution became one of the few instances in Latin America where change in ideology generated a new identity for a country and a people. As Alan Knight points out, the Cuban Revolution brought with it seeds of change towards socialism and later…

Neoliberal Economic Globalisation the Subject
Words: 874 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19641343
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Korea and Taiwan in 1960 had a per capita income no higher than Kenya at the time (CIA, 2007). Now, South Korea's income has moved to the top 12 in the world. Taiwan and Japan experienced similar growth. All three countries benefited primarily from freeing their currency, reducing barriers to company formation, and focusing their government policies on increasing productive capacity.

The second, and more dramatic, application of neoliberalistic ideas was in China and India. China's revolutionary changes started with Deng Xiao Ping's reforms in 1977-1981, in which he freed the peasants from communal farms; this followed from the 1965 reforms which allowed peasants 1/3 acre for their own cultivation. The latter action increased Chinese agricultural production by 30%, while the former (freeing the peasants) resulted in an increase in real peasant income in China by 40% during the 1980's. Few recognize that this was the first and most dramatic…


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European Union Member States Relations With Their Overseas Territories
Words: 17554 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 16781713
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political framework of EU and OCT

European Union (EU) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) are in association with each other via a system which is based on the provisions of part IV of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU), consisting of detailed rules and measures which are laid down in the document issued on 27th November 2001 title Oversees Association Decision. The expiry date of this association decision is 31st December 2013. Stress has been laid down by the European Council in its conclusions issued on 22nd December 2009 that the relationship between OCT and EU should continuously be updated in order to reflect latest developments not only in EU and OCT but thorough out the world. The commission has also been encouraged to make revisions to the Overseas Association Decision and present it in front of the council prior to July 2012 (Hill et al.,…


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Challenging the Beijing Consensus China Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
Words: 24240 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 17194104
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Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Structure of Chinese Foreign Policy

The "Chinese Model" of Investment

The "Beijing Consensus" as a Competing Framework

Operational Views

The U.S.-China (Beijing consensus) Trade Agreement and Beijing Consensus

Trading with the Enemy Act

Export Control Act.

Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act

Category B

Category C

The 1974 Trade Act.

The Operational Consequences of Chinese Foreign Policy

The World Views and China (Beijing consensus)


The Managerial Practices

Self Sufficiency of China (Beijing consensus)

China and western world: A comparison

The China (Beijing consensus)'s Policy of Trading Specialized Goods

Chapter 5

The versions of China (Beijing consensus)'s trade development

The China (Beijing consensus) Theory of Power Transition


Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Chapter 1


ACD arms control and disarmament

ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ADB Asian Development Bank

ADF Asian Development Fund

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

AF ASEAN [Association of Southeast…


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Chawla, S., Gurtov, M., & Marsot, A. (Eds.). (1974). Southeast Asia under the New Balance of Power. New York: Praeger. Retrieved September 10, 2011, from Questia database:

Corporations Send Out Messages Constantly
Words: 10552 Length: 38 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 75275540
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The analysis cited above continues to describe the ways in which corporate "life" (in the sense of how many different individuals and entities are vital to the running of a corporation in the current climate):

Businesses today must be consumer, profit, and publicly oriented. Only a few years ago, the first two would have sufficed. But, in support of our dualistic argument regarding the marketing concept, that is -- creating exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives more effectively and efficiently than the competition -- Philip Kotler (2000) has labelled marketing as inappropriate in a world of environmental deterioration, population expansion, world hunger and poverty, and neglected, under-funded, and business-like social services. Thus, marketing as exchange has been augmented by the need to preserve or enhance consumer and societal well being, too. Increasingly, this extends beyond 'seeming' to the needed 'substance' of corporate social responsibility.

The above touches on…


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American Pragmatism in the 20th
Words: 1778 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64171687
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Neo-liberal policy theories are best understood when delineating Williamson's (1990) "Washington's Consensus" that first introduced and pioneered the concept.

Williamson sought to transfer control of the economy from the public to the private sector believing that this would improve the economic health of the nation and make for a more efficient government. His 10 points included the recommendations that: tax reform would encourage innovation and efficiency; that by governments running large deficits they were, potentially, ruining themselves; that public spending should be redirected to more humane systems such as pro-growth and pro-poor services; that there should b trade liberalization policies as well as encouraging opportunities for investment in foreign projects; privatization of state enterprises; fianncialiaziton of capital; deregulation of restrictions that hamper competition; and privation of state enterprises.

Whilst on first blush, neoliberalism seems to cohere precisely with pragmatism in that it encourages private competition and seeks to transfer power…


Felkins, L. (1997) Introduction to Public Choice Theory, 

James, W. 1907. Pragmatism: A New Name for some Old Ways of Thinking, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 1975.

-- -- 1909. The Meaning of Truth, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 1975.

Culture There Are'so Many
Words: 1263 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86849342
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This research focuses on the public housing neighborhood of Bezirganbahce. Like the first, this article shows how Turkish society "marks the areas populated by the urban poor as dangerous, a breeding ground for illegal activities, and areas of social decay or social ill," (Candan & Kolluoglu 2008 p 38). Those lower ranking social classes and ethnic subgroups are often excluded from the daily existence of mainstream Turkish culture and forced to life a marginalized life in a segregated area that isolates lower socioeconomic classes from the rest of society. The urban poor that reside in the neighborhood are excluded from an external source, and thus left to fend for themselves. In this marginalized space, the residents of this neighborhood have actually created a culture that is all their own outside of the boundaries of typical Turkish life. Like as shown in Yilmaz (2008), this neighborhood is seen as having to…


Candan, Ayfur Bartu & Kolluoglu, Biray. (2008). Emerging spaces of neoliberalism: A gated town and a public housing project in Istanbul. New Perspectives on Turkey, 39(2008), 4-46.

Yilmaz, Bediz. (2008). Entrapped in multidimensional exclusion: The perpetuation of poverty among conflict-induced migrants in an Istanbul neighborhood. New Perspectives on Turkey, 38(2008), 205-234.

Individuals Might Volunteer to Help Others by
Words: 2527 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43497056
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individuals might volunteer to help others by comparing experimental results with the self-reported motivations of Teach for America volunteers. Ultimately, the study demonstrates that volunteerism is rooted in self-interest, and this is evidenced by not only the experimental data, but by the actions of Teach for America as an organization as well as the self-reports of individual members. Although this does not help explain why volunteerism is held in such high regard, it does serve to demonstrate that volunteering and ostensibly altruistic actions are not as difficult to explain as one might think.

The question of why people volunteer to help others is difficult to answer succinctly, because answering it demands that one consider a number of relatively disparate fields of study and investigation, including everything from evolutionary psychology to management theory. However, one can at least begin to formulate a general explanation of volunteerism that seems to hold regardless…


Fogarty, M. 2011, "Teach for America fails the test," Education, pp. 7.

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Engineering Progress, pp. 12.

Zapatistas the Essence of Zapatista Philosophy and
Words: 1757 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92037103
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The essence of Zapatista philosophy and action is the discovery of a new order of revolution. In the wake of failures of other socialist movements from Lenin to in Russia to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the small group of Mayan farmers in southwestern Mexico contend not only with reconstructing revolutionary tactics but also with the massive opposition from dominant governments, including those in Mexico and the United States. Governments that continually uphold the principles of capitalism will find in the Zapatistas an idealistic, hopeless cause of swimming against the tide of globalization. Even before the ratification of the North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexicans struggled with political and economic oppression. The indigenous peoples of Mexico, like the Mayan nations of Chiapas, fared worst. Lowest on the scale of economical, social, and political power, these individuals hearkened to the voice of their martyred namesake Zapata, who was murdered on…

Works Cited

De Angelis, Massimo. "Globalization, New Internationalism and the Zapatistas." Capital and Class 70 (2000): 9-35.

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Arguing for Egalitarian Societies
Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81266852
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Capitalism vs. Democracy

Curing Neoliberalism with Democracy

Pope Francis, never one to shy away from controversy, attacked contemporary forms of capitalism as not only exclusionary, but also deadly (Downie). To support his claim, Francis notes that the news media regularly report a meaningless one or two percent change in the Dow Industrials, but the death of a homeless person goes unnoticed; or that daily tons of food is thrown into the trash while millions starve. Although some liberty was taking in the paraphrasing of Francis' words, the point is the same; i.e., capitalism today, as it is being practiced, rewards the ruthless and powerful and marginalizes the rest. According to the author of the ashington Post article about Pope Francis' stinging criticism of neoliberalism, James Downie, what separates Pope Francis from earlier papal proclamations of capitalist evils is that Francis talks specifics, such as the destructiveness of trickle-down economics and…

Works Cited

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Piketty, Thomas. Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Trans. Arthur Goldhammer. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press, 2014. Print.

Democracy and Pluralism
Words: 1974 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44669207
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Critically assess the extent to which deliberative democracy, neo-conservatism and/or neo-liberalism promote and/or restrict democratization for groups that are excluded and marginalized. Please refer to the debates presented in the attached readings to make your points and cite your sources.

Civil society may make up a place for democratization, owing to its ability to enable individuals to decide on living their public life and resolving common issues. Individuals who consider deliberation to be the soul of democracy ought to be drawn to a broad form of public domain. Postmodernists, who hold rather divergent views, conceptualizing democracy with regard to agonistic regard formed via identity and difference negotiations, ought to similarly be drawn to pluralism. Democrats ought to support, in general, a state complete in key elements, as appropriately organized exclusion may prove beneficial to democratization and democracy, even from excluded parties' standpoint. All historical decisions taken by governments to ensure…

Globalization is not Americanization
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Globalization arguably began even before Marco Polo’s expeditions, possibly being traceable to Alexander the Great’s establishment of overland routes between Eastern Europe and India. The assumption that globalization equals Americanization is profoundly arrogant, and is also ignorant of the history, meaning, and implications of globalization. Globalization implies integration and interdependence of the world. Predating the United States of America, globalization nevertheless reached a peak in the 20th century, when a globalized economic, political, and cultural landscape became inevitable and entrenched. While it seemed that McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Shell, and other proudly American companies have dominated the corporate landscape of a globalized international economy, a wealth of non-American companies have likewise participated in the dissemination and distribution of ideas and neoliberal policies that characterize postmodern globalization.

In some ways, globalization is the antithesis of Americanization. As Collins (2015) points out, globalization “has led to the continuing deindustrialization of America,” as labor…

Feminist Theory and International Relations
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The Central Question
How important is it that IR (International Relations) scholars reflect on the relationship between power and knowledge? From a feminist theory perspective, it is critical for IR scholars to highlight the relationship between power and knowledge in order to uncover the gender dynamics of power and knowledge in an IR setting. Feminism is more than simply a theory about women—it also provides a framework for understanding gender and gender constructs and how these constructs impact international relations.[footnoteRef:2] In order for IR scholars to excel in their work and more fully understand the parameters of IR, they have to be attentive to the socio-political implications of the political structures within which they work. [2: Christine Sylvester, “The Contributions of Feminist Theory to International Relations,” International Theory: positivism and beyond (1996), 254.]
Key Terms
Feminist IR theory proceeds from Critical theory, which is based on past fundamentally disruptive theories…

African Development Structural Adjustment Policies
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(Shah, 2010)

F. Impact of Structural Adjustment Policy Preconditions

According to Shah the preconditions impact poorer countries in a devastating manner and it is reported that the following factors result in "further misery for the developing nations" and ultimately keep these countries dependent on nations that are developed: (1) Poor countries must export more in order to raise enough money to pay off their debts in a timely manner; (2) ecause there are so many nations being asked or forced into the global market place -- before they are economically and socially stable and ready -- and told to concentrate on similar cash crops and commodities as others, the situation resembles a large-scale price war; (3) Then, the resources from the poorer regions become even cheaper, which favors consumers in the West; (4) Governments then need to increase exports just to keep their currencies stable (which may not be sustainable,…


Poulizouh, Thierry (2007) Chief of Staff Ministry of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation Central African Republic: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper -- Preparation Status Report. International Monetary Fund, Feb 2007, IMF Country Report No. 07-58. Central African Republic Ministry Of Economy, Planning And International Cooperation Office Of The Minister Steering Committee On The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Permanent Technical Secretariat Of The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper No. 3325/2006/MEPCI/DIRCAB/CP-CSLP/STP-CSLP Bangui, November 17, 2006.

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (1999) The World Bank, Projects and Operations. Online available at: /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/PROJECTS/0,,contentMDK:20120705~menuPK:51557~pagePK:41367~piPK:51533~theSitePK:40941,00.html

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers -- Operational Issues (1999) Staffs of IMF and the World Bank. 10 Dec 1000. International Monetary Fund. Online available at: 

Shah, Anup (2010) Structural Adjustment -- a Major Cause of Poverty. Global Issues. Online available at:  

Proletarianization and Professionalization Politics of
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Neo-liberal and neo-conservative thinkers in Alberta were so focused in the end results of educational policies that they proposed two other programs that differed little from results-based curriculum: program continuity and continuous progress. Many teachers could not really understand what these programs were about. The Department of Education, for example, placed program continuity together with "results-based, levels-organized curriculum." Program continuity envisioned that students knew what they needed to learn and what they could accomplish, and the curriculum accordingly was supposed to gear towards achieving those goals. Teachers pointed out that imposing such expectations on students was at odds with the philosophy of letting students find their own comfort zones and levels of learning. Teachers also pointed out that these additional requirements forced them to work more, effectively turning them into working machines. What teachers resented most, however, was the "erosion of professionalism": "What I resent is that some are trying…


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Gender Success in the Classroom
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Eliot, L. (2009, Septmber 8). Girl Brain, Boy Brain? Retrieved November 2010, from Scientific American:

This article takes a number of academic studies and syntheizes into a more popular explanation and format. The author acknowledges that there are verified physical and morphiological differences between the male and female brain, but also strongly suggests that these are predispositions, and it is the experience and social/cultural expectations that help male and female behaviors become dominant.

urphy and Gipps. (1996). Equity in the Classroom: Towards Effective Pedagogy for Girls and Boys. London: Falmer Press.

This book takes a global perspective in assessing gender difference in the school system, finding that traditionally, girls have more limited opportunities, but tend to outperform boys both socially and intellectually. Because this is global in scope, it has a broader socio-cultural approach and shows how traditional values within a culture often contribute to a widening of the…

Murphy and Gipps. (1996). Equity in the Classroom: Towards Effective Pedagogy for Girls and Boys. London: Falmer Press.

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Colonial Histories Shape Future Development
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People can feel more comfortable if their sense of safety results from a strong national security. Political leadership in cohesive-capitalist countries typically has a firm grip on the labor force, albeit sometimes the leadership becomes "repressive and authoritarian" and leaders are known to use nationalism (extreme patriotism) as a driver to keep people believing in the state.

A states that Kohli identifies as having pursued a cohesive-capitalist approach to economy and governing is South Korea under Park Chung Hee. Another country that has historically exhibited a cohesive-capitalist approach is Brazil. Both of those countries have experienced some success, Kohli goes on.

The fragmented-multiclass states have policies that lie somewhere between the two extremes previously mentioned. The leaders in fragmented-multiclass states are held accountable for more dynamics in their societies than others in the previous two state descriptions. For example, on page 215 Kohli states that India and Brazil during several…

Works Cited

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Industrializing Countries." International Organization 43.4 (1989): 647-672.

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Economy 29.2 (2009): 212-227.

Political Diversity in the Developing
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According to this source, this development has been conditioned by the incorporation of the region into the capitalist mode of production for the exploitation of Latin America's resources and the negative implications linger today. To many, globalization and neoliberalism are the contemporary disguises for continued colonialism in Latin America.

The negative impacts of colonization alongside the narrow Western and U.S. understanding of the unique situations it has caused in developing countries play a very large part in limiting political and economic development. it's difficult to move forward when the developing countries do not see meaningful change in store for them.


Chiriyankandath, J. Colonialism and post-colonial development.

Comparative politics.

Dependency Theory & Latin America. http://www.*****/viewpaper/1702654.html


Chiriyankandath, J. Colonialism and post-colonial development.

Comparative politics. 

Dependency Theory & Latin America. http://www.*****/viewpaper/1702654.html

Global Governmentality Governing International Spaces
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In this order of ideas then, he strives to come up with a theory that explains the construction of global networks, as well as the systems they use to grow and prosper. In order to make his case, Kendall looks at global structures constructed in various domains, including society and technology. He comes to the realization that global peace and order can only be achieved with the full cooperation and collaboration of all structures in the international system. Additionally, there must exist a will and a way in order for the mentioned goals to be achieved. While he recognizes that his arguments address a certain kind of economists and politicians who promoted the idea of a uniform and powerful globalization, he hopes that his points will the least make for an interesting reading.

inally, in the last chapter of the book's first part, The Security of Governance, author Michael Dillon…

Finally, in the last chapter of the book's first part, The Security of Governance, author Michael Dillon starts at the premise that there exists a direct connection between the three components of population, government and security. This conclusion was found throughout a previous study, which came to raise new questions that are answered in the current analysis. In a perfect world, peace would be achieved through fruitful partnerships between private and public players and would ensure the safety of all populations and all classes. Yet, this is not the case and Dillon argues that while governmentality is the collection of cooperations and collaborations, it represents more of a "technological ontology that proceeds through reflexive epistemologies."

In other words, there is a direct connection between technology and ontology as they validate each other and support each other in reaching the pre-established goals. "Here the dialogical interplay of the ontological and the technological is in evidence. If it takes a metaphysic to imagine a technic, it takes a technic to realize a metaphysic. But even that rendition fails to do justice to the co-evolutionary dynamic that exists in the power relations between technology and ontology. This is a mutually disclosive relationship in which each seems propelled by independent dynamics as well: the technologist continuously to interrogate and refine systems, the ontologist to secure the meaning of being.

Larner, W., Walters, W., 2004, Global Governmentality: Governing International Spaces, Routledge

Structural Adjustment Policies Structural Adjustment's
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2005). A study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research reported that "77% of countries [that had received loans from the B-IMF) for which data is available saw their per capital rate of growth fall significantly during the period 1980-2000." And by the late 1990s, the article continued, the IMF could no longer "pretend that structural adjustment had not been a massive disaster in Africa, Latin America and South Asia." And so in 1999, the B-IMF met and renamed SAPs the "Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility."

PROS/CONS: The first five pages of this paper was a review of many of the "cons" of SAPs. hat are the positives? riting in the orld Bank Research Observer, John illiamson, who created the phrase "ashington Consensus," complains that the term "has been invested with a meaning...significantly different from that which I had intended..." Moreover, illiamson spends the majority of his article not…

Works Cited

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Mark; Ho, Manki; Housein, Khadra; Kulik, Dina; Lau, Matthew; Maginley, Olivia;

Military as an Institution in
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Such practices led to the growth of foreign loans and investment to Chile, which were stopped during Allende's office, but at the same time it led to the domination of foreign capital in economy sector and weaking positions of national production. Mining industry was privatized by big American corporations, which restored their traditional influence in this sector:

Pinochet's neoliberal economic policies' benefits have been sharply contested. In 1973, unemployment was only 4.3%. Following ten years of junta rule in 1983, unemployment skyrocketed to 22%. eal wages declined by more than 40%. In 1970, 20% of Chile's population lived in poverty. In 1990, in the last year of Pinochet's dictatorship, poverty doubled to 40%.[2] Between 1982 and 1983, the GDP dropped 19%. In 1970, the daily diet of the poorest 40% of the population contained 2,019 calories. By 1980 this had fallen to 1,751, and by 1990 it was down to…


Petras, James Leiva, Fernando Ignacio Democracy and Poverty in Chile: The Limits to Electoral Politics Westview Press, 1994

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Hewitt, Kenneth Between Pinochet and Kropotkin: State Terror, Human Rights and the Geographers

Metal Detectors in School
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Metal Detectors in Schools

When confronted with a frightening phenomena, people often tend only to look at the symptom, rather than the underlying cause, and in turn they end up making the problem worse, as in the case of installing metal detectors in schools in an attempt to stop violence. Although at first glance installing a metal detector might seem like an obvious choice towards making schools safer, this kind of thinking only makes the problem worse by wasting time and energy on a "solution" that ignores the larger problem, is not actually effective, and harms the very people it is meant to protect. Examining these three faults in greater detail will reveal how the use of metal detectors is born out an ignorant, careless approach to safety that harms the public while making money for a few self-interested parties.

The first problem with using metal detectors in schools is…


DeAngelis, K, Brent, B & Ianni, D. (2011). The hidden cost of school security. Journal of Education Finance, 36(3), 312-337.

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Mawson, A, Lapsley, P, Hoffman, A & Guignard, J. (2002). Preventing lethal violence in schools:

Modern Capitalism
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Growing Gap between the ich and the Poor: Is Capitalism the Culprit?

Since Karl Marx powerfully challenged Capitalism and criticized it for being exploitative, Capitalism as a system has always come under attack. Although by the end of the twentieth century, Capitalism seems to have triumphed over Communism and the socialist system of command economy, many people renew their criticism of Capitalism in times of economic crisis. ecent protests in Wall Street, which has been expanded to the other parts of the United States and many places around the world, symbolize growing frustration with Capitalism. But is Capitalism to blame for the economic crisis and other problems such as class inequality, the erosion of many social benefits and the attacks on the remaining ones, and the domination of world economy by corporate powers? This paper argues that the problem is not with Capitalism per se, but the way it…


Batra, R. (2011) The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Coming Demise of Crony Capitalism. TruthOut. Retrieved on 16 October 2011, from 

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Harvey, D. (2007) A Brief History of Neoliberalism. New York: Oxford University Press.

Half the Sky From a Feminist Perspective
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Half the Sky from a Feminist Perspective

In the last sixty years, women in estern countries and to a lesser extent the rest of the world have become outspoken about women's rights, demanding equal rights in political, economic, cultural, social, and domestic spheres. Their struggles and activism, generally known as feminist movements, helped to elevate the status of women in many countries. Yet, as Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl udunn document in their book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for omen orldwide, the struggle for gender equality is far from over. Kristoff and udunn demonstrate the deeply troubling picture of gender relations around the world where women and girls are systematically subjected to brutality, mistreatment, and discrimination. In their attempt to expose gender inequality in the world, Kristoff and udunn are largely successful, but their analysis is not well-grounded in feminist scholarship, which weakens their argumentation.

Kristoff and…

Works Cited:

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Business Key Drivers for Business
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137). Across the board, then, technological innovations will not only be a key driver of business in the coming decade, they will also facilitate the effects of the other key drivers of business discussed herein. For instance, the editors of World Economic Outlook (2002) point out that, "More trade integration is usually associated with more international financial integration, as they respond to many of the same technological and policy factors" (Trade and financial integration, p. 108). As the current fourth generation technologies are replaced by fifth and sixth generation technologies, these trends will likely become even more accelerated over the next 10 years. As Wiedmann and his associates point out, "Up-and-coming technologies like radio frequency identification and future trends like ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence, and the connected (smart) home scenario have gained special attention in both research and business practice" (p. 137).


This paper provided a review of the…


Beder, S. (2009). 'Neoliberalism and the Global Financial Crisis.' Social Alternatives, vol. 28,

no. 1, pp. 17-19.

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of the Central European Transition. Houndmills: Macmillan.

Economic Evaluation in Health Care
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Healthcare Economics Evaluation

This report is about a proposed healthcare economics investigation. Some early research has been done and will be described based on what was found and how it was found. The report will conclude with a proposed plan for further economic evaluation on that same topic with a great deal the expected and proper form and function of that research to be described in that section. A conclusion will wrap up the report.

Critical Appraisal of the Evidence

Topic Selected

The author of this report has chosen how to make health care affordable and have the most amount of people possible covered in the United States as this is one of the more omnipresent issues and matters in American society in the modern time. Health care being at the forefront of the American news cycle is nothing new as it is has been a huge part of the…


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CDC. (2013, March 19). CDC Online Newsroom - Press Release: October 17, 2011. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved March 19, 2013, from

Institutions and International Relations Question
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By way of introduction to the topic, Legro examines the general presumption that a state's sense of identity defines the parameter of its national interests, thus directing its domestic or international conduct. Rather than subscribing blindly to this fundamental precept of neorealism, Legro offers a competing theory of identity and its influence on international relations, surmising that "states become what they do as much as they do what they are, they desire what they do as much as they do what they desire" (20). It is Legro's contention that a state's distinct set of cultural norms, social values, and other markers of identity can direct governmental actions on the world stage, but that these actions will inevitably influence this identity, thus providing an entirely different contextual framework for international relations as time progresses and circumstances change.

Legro cites the example of America's divergent approaches to participation in each of the…

Works Cited

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Americans Have Always Been Hesitant
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Kerr's management strategy on campus only emboldened the New Left.

In addition to the Free Speech movement, the New Left included other student organizations including Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Congress on acial Equality (COE), and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The former focused on the antiwar efforts to end the Vietnam conflict, placing the students in direct conflict with many of America's most powerful institutions and organizations. Sit-ins, and other non-violent protest tactics were used to gain media coverage as well as to effect real change. The increasing awareness of how the War in Vietnam was proceeding caused the New Left to grow dramatically, providing a credible opposition to the Department of Defense. As Zinn points out, an increasingly large proportion of Americans ceased affiliating with either the Democratic or epublican parties, expressing opposition to the core institutions of government that led to injustices like those being…


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Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Economy
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Multilateral Environmnetal Agreements

Multilateral Environmental Agreements & Global Economy

Annotated ibliography

This document addresses an important issue of inconsistency between World Trade Organization's measures and multilateral environmental agreements. The document presents an argument on how the inconsistency between the MEAs and WTO can be mitigated and how clear trade facilitating policies which give equal consideration to environmental protection measures can be promulgated and maintained globally.

The document mainly presents an argument regarding a strong need of development of an organization which can have a strong control over environmental issues and which can actually act as a unilateral platform for hundreds of MEAs can mitigate the harsh impacts of WTO's measures. For this purpose, a foundation of World Environmental Organization will be exactly what is needed (and North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) can actually act as its prototype). Furthermore, an elaboration of organizational structure and its functions is also…

History of China's Importance to the U S
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history of China's importance to the U.S., from Nixon's visit to China in 1972 to the present, which contributed to the implementation of Obama's 'U.S. Pivot to Asia Strategy'?

The Cold War represented one of the most important periods in the history of the world. It did not only changed the way in which the political world was configured following the end of the Second World War, but, at the same time, it marked a change in the perspective of the way in which relations among states and international actors are perceived. From this point-of-view, the end of this period marked the beginning of an era in which the political coordinates for international relations were uncertain and lacked a particular direction. The demise of the Soviet Union left the United States as the overall winner in the bipolar struggle. However, the entire state system was thrown into a state of…


BBC. Hu rejects China political reform. 15 September, 2004. 

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Middle America
Words: 1675 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83035955
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Crime and Violence in Mexico

Introduction recent study by the orld Bank reveals that Mexico has become one of the most violent and crime-ridden regions in the world (Hart). After a slight decrease in the 1960's, the report shows that the murder rate has increased again in the 1990's to more than 16,000 murders per year (p. 111-113). The country's homicide rate was double that of the United States, with 18 killings for every 100,000 people.

Over the past few decades, Mexico's population has increased and urban poverty levels have risen. As a result of these two factors, Mexico has seen a significant increase in crime and violence. Residents have resorted to illegal means of making money, including drug rings and street crime, as the country struggled to incorporate a capitalist system.

A recent study from the Citizen's Institute for the Study of Insecurity reveals that 4.2 million Mexicans were…

Works Cited

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University of California Press, 2002.

UK Healthcare
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UK Healthcare

Within this section of Chapter One, a historical perspective of NHS will be provided. This discussion will identify problem areas that have emerged in relation to NHS with an attempt made to address the manner in which such problems have historically influenced reform efforts.

With the passage and associated provisions of the NHS Act of 1946, NHS was implemented in the UK in 1948. The NHS Act of 1946 served as the means by which a pattern of health service finance and provision was established in the UK following World War II (Baggot, 1998). According to Baggot, on the basis of the Act, the principle of collective responsibility by the state for the establishment of a comprehensive health service system was introduced, allowing for the planned use of services by the entire population at no cost. It was also intended that equality of access to services would be…


Baggott, R. (1998). Health and Health Care in Britain. London, Macmillan,

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Directorates London: BMA.

Harmonizing Personal and Professional Balance Study of
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This study seeks to show that there are several different family friendly policies being utilized by employers in the U.K. And that these have been necessary for some time. The three main policies are: part-time work, flex-time (flexible start and finish times) and teleworking. All three of these policies are important for working mums and others that would like to have time with their families or for other pursuits. However, not all employers are interested in offering these kinds of arrangements, and many prefer to stick with the traditional work schedule where individuals all come in at a certain time and all leave at a certain time. There is increasing evidence, though, that this does not work well for many people in the U.K. And this is the reason for studying this issue and determining what…

Works Cited

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Tilly, Joan M. 1998. Part-time and temporary work: flexibility for whom? Dollars & Sense.

Future of Capitalism
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Future of Capitalism

Current Economic Crisis according to Schumpeter and Keynes

A justification of the economic crisis can be precisely explained by shedding light on the perspectives of famous economists. The information gained through this method will not only be informative but will also motivate further research. The two economic theorists chosen are Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes (Blankenburg & Palma, 2009). Their thoughts appear to be most pertinent to this crisis. Keynes presents a very keen insight into the crisis through his rationalization of market psychology and concentration on cumulative demand. On the other hand, Schumpeter's thought on improvement and business cycle offers a different informative justification.

The existing economic crisis has its origin rooted in the assumption about the real estate sector. The review of the incidents that have happened, began with the permission of quite low interest rates to financial institutions for borrowing. By a small…


Audretsch, D.B., & Link, A.N. (2012). Entrepreneurship and innovation: public policy frameworks. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 37(1), 1-17.

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Open-Ended Question I Don't Know About Organizational
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open-ended question. I don't know about organizational thinking -- individuals think; an organization has no brain. I do know, however, that strategy is set within organizations on the basis of all manner of internal and external variables. Several frameworks have been developed to help understand how this process works, and if there are any differences between long-term and short-term approaches to strategy and environmental analysis. A dichotomous time-frame might be an oversimplification, since everything has a unique time-frame, but it works in a generic sense.

Environmental scanning is a critical element of strategic thinking at all levels of the organization. Porter (2008) devise the five forces that shape competitive strategy. These focus on competitive factors in the external environment, and competitive factors often reflect economic and social factors in particular. Intensity of rivalry, for example, derives largely from the competitive structure of the industry -- basic microeconomics. Social factors determine…


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