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Netflix Essays (Examples)

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Services Marketing
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77990257
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Netflix Raises Prices, Lowers Investor Confidence

Netflix has reached a new low as it broke its 52-week low, erasing 12 months of considerable growth. This news happening after massive losses of users after Netflix announced in July that it was raising the price of its most popular subscription plan by 60%. A move Netflix officials say is necessary to maintain the entertainment subscription services offered by the company amidst higher costs and changes in the broader state of the economy. Despite being the largest single entity consumer of internet Bandwidth in the world, Netflix has had its ups and downs over the past year. Two financial firms, Barclays Capital and Goldman Sachs, have lowered their expectations of Netflix for the near future. Goldman Sachs has reevaluated the stock to be $270 per share, from earlier estimations of $330 per share. Likewise, Barclays Capital has evaluated Netflix stock to be $260…

Diversification Strategies
Words: 1866 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35407621
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Tera vs. Netflix


Teva, which you likely do not even know (Northrup, 2010), has won its business game by betting its success on products with a true future, while Netflix, stuck with a well-known brand name, appears to be dying the death of overconfidence. Technically, Teva could still do less well than anticipated because the market they are in -- the production of generic drugs and the ingredients that allow for making generic drugs -- is coming up for grabs. But right now they are seen as a clear success. Netflix, on the other hand, has not actually failed -- at least not yet. But they do seem to be doing their best to act like they should. At least one well-known investor has sounded my warnings and believes that Netflix has all but disappeared, even in the face of a number of possible industry opportunities (ChartProphet,…



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Porter's Five Forces Movie Rental
Words: 1097 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45938617
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'Throttling' has been one way that Netflix prevents the costs of shipping the rentals to the movie-goer exceeding the shipping fee -- in other words, delaying shipments to its highest-volume users. Netflix only recently publicized the fact that the fewer DVDs customers rent, the higher the priority they receive in being sent their movie selection. They did so "after a San Francisco subscriber filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had deceptively promised one-day delivery of most DVDs" (Frequent Netflix customers, 2006, MSNBC). Through using this practice, Netflix garnered a great deal of negative publicity.

Threat of substitutes

The threat of substitutes -- spanning from other forms of media such as the Internet and television, to the library, to bootlegged copies, to films seen online and 'good old fashioned theater' seen in-house -- is considerable.

Critical success factors for edbox, Netflix, and Movies on Demand

Virtually every element of…


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Blockbuster Developed Into the Largest
Words: 1454 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84627470
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The consumer simply selects the film using the hand-held remote for the cable box and watches it right away. Some systems are able to empower the viewer to pause and rewind as well, just as if he or she were watching a DVD and not a signal from a central location. This is very convenient and immediate, and it may also be cost-effective when compared to driving to the video store and renting a film. This competitor is still limited in each, for not everyone is on a cable system that has this capability, though more and more will be in the coming years. Blockbuster has to be prepared for that eventuality.

An even greater threat might be found in the possibility of downloading films onto a home computer for burning or playing, though this technology so far is too slow for most uses. Even a small movie file can…

Blockbuster Case Analysis Summary of
Words: 887 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2558025
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The high level of debt capitalization inheent in how they have financed thei stoes, which is infeed fom the case study, also could be applied to a moe effective cloud-based delivey achitectue. Netflix did this and was vey pofitable as a esult. Thid, Blockbuste has fa to go in tems of ceating a moe effective custome expeience. Thee is significant potential fo geat upsell and coss-sell as a esult.

The theats include a highly commoditized and shinking move ental maket in the U.S. And globally, including the apid commoditization of titles that ae easily gained though othe channels. In addition, the gowing theat and costs of piacy is vey significant fo Blockbuste and evey othe etail chain as well. Thid, the cost stuctue of the chain is slanted towads etail and epesents a significant financial isk in tems of continually financing the debt.

Poblem Statement

Blockbuste is continually on the…

references. Become a very focused marketed on the customers with the highest potential for Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) and the lowest churn rates possible.

Blockbuster Has 2800 Video Stores in 28
Words: 1096 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38649726
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lockbuster has 2800 video stores in 28 countries around the world, many of which are franchises. Its membership is thought to number 40,000,000+ people. lockbuster manages $5 billion in annual sales, and is the top retailer for movie rentals in the U.S. Recently, however, it has been facing tough competition, in view of the fact that the five major Hollywood movie studios are planning to rent movies to college students directly, and in view of the fact that new web-based movie-rental companies are starting up, for example, Netflix, which offer more flexible, movie-on-demand services. We will be discussing more about this competition that lockbuster faces later.

In view of this, lockbuster has therefore had to radically rethink its marketing strategies, and its pricing policies, in order to try and keep its existing customers, and to attract new customers to use its services. The first way it did this was to…


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Pricing Comparing the Pricing Strategies of Media
Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81507688
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Comparing the Pricing Strategies of Media Distributors (NetFlix)

And Canned Food

Pricing strategies vary significantly by the type of product or service, its supply chain, timeliness of delivery and consumption constraints (as is the case with live events) and the value-based costing used as the basis of creating the product or service. All of these components must also be coordinated together to create a unified message to the market, strengthening the position of the product or service with the pricing strategy. Pricing is the most powerful marketing variable or strategy there is in defining a brand's value over time (Jarmon, 2009).

Analyzing the Pricing Strategies of Media Distribution and Canned Food

The pricing strategies for media distribution are significantly different than any other good as the value of the product (entertainment) has a much more rapid product lifecycle compared to durable goods or consumables. While a media distribution company…


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Marketing Pricing Strategies the Pricing of a
Words: 1095 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16045130
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Pricing Strategies

The pricing of a product or service is an important aspect of the marketing mix. The pricing of a product will need to be set at a level that will support the firms' long-term profitability; even were there are short-term market penetration strategies or loss leading prices, the ultimate aim of the firm is for the generation of revenues and creation of profit. The pricing strategy chosen by a firm will depend on a number of factors; these will include the market conditions and strategies of the competing or complimentary products, as well as the level of differentiation and the market position that the firm us seeking to gain (Kotler and Keller, 2011). Two examples may be used to assess the way pricing strategies may be formulated; a media distributor and aspirin.

Media Distributor

A media distributor, such as NetFlix or Love Film, has a limited amount…


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Future of Broadcast Network Television Is and
Words: 1241 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26134811
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future of broadcast network television is and suggest some possible strategies that networks (not cable) might engage in to increase their viewership and maximize their profit potentials

What is the future of broadcast television?

Traditional broadcast television, for all intents and purposes is dead. Yes, it still exists in some forms: there have been 'must see' shows in recent years, such as Lost and Modern Family. But the nation will never again huddle around a few television stations, all united by a common bond of viewership. During the 1970s and 1960s, television was the central uniting thread linking Americans of all races, creeds, and economic classes. Everyone stopped to watch the Vietnam War unfold on the news, to see racial issues dramatized in All in the Family or to watch hot new artists on American Bandstand. Today, television is atomized and segmented. Moreover, even the best of television does not…


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Examining Roku
Words: 1760 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49161578
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Roku: Examined in Terms of Knee's Competitive dvantage

Roku refers to a particular form of device known as a set-top box or streaming device which allows your television to be connected to Internet video. Roku is a device which allows Internet video to be played on one's television: this gadget has been relevant as a result of recent years: "The technology to bring Internet video to TV has been around since the 1990s, but until the past few years, it didn't have much impact because there wasn't much Internet video worth watching. Now nearly all mainstream movies and TV shows are available on Internet services like mazon Instant Video, pple's iTunes Store, Google Play, and Netflix. You can also stream music with services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify."

Roku is one of these devices that competes among others available and which needs an Internet connection of a minimum of 1.5…

Ann Louise Bannon, Can Roku Save You Money? Retrieved from, 2013.

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Operational Improvement Plan for Blockbuster
Words: 2054 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 68425671
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This has mainly a promotional and marketing scope: the client needs to feel that the company is responsive to the issues that he or she have identified and is ready to take the necessary measures to correct these problems, even if it means allocating more money in these areas. The actual costs that such a service implies are relatively small, especially since this can also be an online communication services of the YM type that can be employing individuals working from home.

Decrease profit margins

The issue here is relatively simple: lockbuster should decrease its proposed profit margins in order to become more competitive on the online market and be able to increase its future revenues. In this way, with a balanced reduction of costs as well, the company can go from current losses to a potentially profitable business in the near future. The costs can be easily cut by…


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Advertisement Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages Macbook Pro
Words: 1367 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30529856
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Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro (Apple, 2012)

The Apple MacBook Pro-is a powerhouse of a laptop that features some of the greatest hardware available at this time. Although the computer's hardware is more than adequate to provide the processing power necessary to run the most sophisticated software packages, what Apple focuses on the most is the Retina display that represents the next generation of display technology. The Retina display offers a bright and crisp display that can be viewed from virtually any angle. Previous generations of displays, as well as inferior models, could only be viewed at a certain range of angles and under certain lighting conditions. For example, you cannot see the display on most monitors from the side or in direct sunlight.

The product is being promoted in a traditional Apple style. One the primary commercial video the laptop is at the center of…

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Innovation Apple Inc Apple Is a Classic
Words: 916 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23124852
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Apple Inc.

Apple is a classic example for the modern business world of a company that bases a significant proportion of its strategy on innovation. Most all of its products are innovative by some measure while a few of their product offerings have been revolutionary. There are two events that have occurred recently that make an examination of Apple an especially interesting event. The first is that the co-founder and the commonly known Apple visionary, Steve Jobs, has recently stepped down as the company's chief executive and shortly after he passed away (Sherr, 2011). Another headline that was recently reported on the major media channels recently is that Apple had passed up Exxon Mobile to become the world's most valuable company in regards to its total net worth (Market Data Staff, 2011).

Apple's strategy of innovation is built into its product design. Apple doesn't manufacture the products it sells…

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Blue Ocean
Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29814542
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Blue ocean strategy is importance because it is based on innovation and differentiation. However, these factors are not applied to products and services, but to market space. Essentially, blue ocean strategy requires finding one's own niche market space which is at variation with that of industry standards. It requires a company to find ways in which it can effectively create its own space in which competition is minimal or unimportant and, based on the products and services it provides, is a relatively unique way of providing those things to customers. In fact, the focus of a blue ocean strategy is one in which organizations do not focus on existing customers, but rather focus on potential customers and a customer base that is different from its current one. Similarly, the focus is not so much on competitors and keeping up with others as it is in finding alternative ways to create…


Kim, W., & Mauborgne, R. (2004). Blue Ocean Strategy. Harvard Business Review. 82(10), 76-84.

Murray, A. (2010). What is blue ocean strategy? The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

Analyzing Diffusion and Adoption Strategy
Words: 1400 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54774744
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Diffusion and Adoption Strategy

The idea of innovation is commonly discussed in corporate circles but there has been little research that explores the dynamics that influence its occurrence, or even the fact that people are often hesitant to embrace new ideas that are the hallmark of innovation. It is ironical that even though innovation is the actual transition driver that ensures continuity from one phase to another in the corporate sector and industry, there is less than adequate research available to the players concerned; to equip them with the requisite skills and attitude for a fertile ground that will enable innovation to thrive. All CEOs in the modern business era are faced with stiff competition. They have targets that sometimes turn out to be almost impossible to achieve because innovation is either dormant among the key players in their teams, or that there is little appreciation of the role of…


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Global Communication Benchmarking Competition Ford
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60700716
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Indeed, according to later reports, this is indeed what the company has done. Whether this will have the desired effect or will simply drive Blockbuster further away from their competitive edge, remains to be seen. Indeed, Netflix has the advantage of diversity in terms of its rental titles. The Johnson piece reports that Blockbuster was planning to gain customers by offering better Internet deals than Netflix. In retrospect, the problem is however that the deals are so excellent that they badly affect Blockbuster's revenues (Cruise, 2007). Indeed, the company's current strength - its in-store customers - is being undermined by its efforts to increase its online customers to compete with Netflix.

B) Blockbuster believes that it can gain competitive advantage over Netflix by offering better deals to their in store customers, which could also entice online customers away from Netflix (Cruise, 2007). uch deals include in store coupons and free…


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Blockbuster Case the Document Blockbuster Fights for
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13315621
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Blockbuster Case

The document "Blockbuster fights for Survival Against Intense Competition" concerns the challenges that the DVD distributor Blockbuster faces in the light of not only new technology, but also in the face of competitors making use of this new technology to provide customers with greater convenience and better prices.

The document begins by providing an overview of Blockbuster in terms of its evolution since its birth. While not all its business decisions resulted in success, the distributor found itself on top of the competitive ladder during the year 2005. The company's traditional format, however, resulted in a steady decline since this time as competitors such as Netflix, Redbox, and other digital providers began to use new technologies competitively.

Netflix, for example, offers online rentals that can be shipped and returned free of charge. Redbox offers convenient locations in other types of stores to save customers an extra trip. Digital…

Cord Cutting and Streaming
Words: 2996 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 64249465
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Business Plan

What follows in this document is a lean business plan that will describe and detail a streaming business solution and plan for EbonyLifeTV and the market it will reside within, that being several countries in the continent of Africa. The primary items that will be covered include the overall strategy, the tactics that will be used to execute the strategy, the concrete specifics that will be used along the way and the "essential numbers" that are forecasted and planned for including sales, spending and cash flows. While the streaming market is starting to become thick with competition, now is the time to deploy what is, at the end of the day, a rather low-cost yet high-volume business opportunity.



• Secure licenses and access to material that would be attractive to viewers of EbonyLifeTV.

• Content streamed from a bastion of web servers to any paying customer…


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Smart Marketing Effects of Databases
Words: 2792 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67490231
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Depending on the way a person looks at calculating advertisers is often how the advertising affects the consumer. Yet there are many tools which help the marketer create better algorithmic advertisements for the consumer; through using the tool of '"under development [. . .] [n]egative screen data bases" will help the niche marketer better understand marketing effectiveness through capturing an entire universe of prospects with marketing history attached, not only the responders to promotion"

(Johnson G. 1992, no page number).


If the advertiser and the consumer begin to have a mutually positive relationship, could the marketing still have negative consequences? "At the heart of any communication is the creative philosophy or approach and thus, philosophies play an important role in the agency-client relationship"

(est no page number). Databases and algorithmic marketing now has ties not only in politics, but also in philosophy: the question of the meaning…

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Redbox Is a Company Specializing
Words: 1627 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74013485
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Redbox has built its success based on a sound business model, but has jeopardized this success by implementing business practices that upset its suppliers, such as selling new release DVDs for as little as $7 two weeks after release (RedOrbit, 2009). ithout the financial strength to battle the upset suppliers, Redbox has been forced to make concessions that remove some of its competitive advantages in the marketplace. This highlights the importance of building good channel relations in an industry where your suppliers provide the product that your customers really want.

The Internet strategy of Redbox is another area where the company is both strong and weak. Its reservation system is a source of strength, providing a service that customers find valuable. However, the fact that Redbox is well behind Netflix in movie streaming does not bode well for the company's future. Redbox, therefore, is a company that has some…

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HRM Issues in Global Business Expansion Introduction
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8329231
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HM Issues in Global Business Expansion

Introduction to Human esource Management

In the last several decades, human resource management (HM) has evolved into a major component of modern business organizations (George & Jones, 2008). In principle, HM functions have always been part of professional business management; however, it became a distinct professional field with dedicated specialists only since the latter part of the 20th century. Generally, HM consists of all of the processes and functions that relate to personnel management, from the entire cycle in between recruitment and retirement or alternative ends of careers such as voluntary departure and involuntary termination. More specifically, HM departments typically handle the hiring process, new-employee orientation and training, the resolution of personnel issues and conflicts, benefits administration, employee performance review, and post-employment debriefing processes (George & Jones, 2008).

Contemporary Human esource Management in the Age of Globalization

In the age of globalization, HM departments…


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Behavior. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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Cincinnati, OH: West Legal Studies.

Market Model Patterns of Change Market Model
Words: 1216 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89375879
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Market Model Patterns of Change

Market Model Pattern of Change

The market model industry I research on is the rental movie industry, which the Blockbuster video was the dominant product. This industry has undergone through gigantic market change over many years. Hollywood video is the national competitor; however, they often compete with the local and regional movie rental industries. The use of the new technology has significantly led to the competition among different companies. The market model pattern of change shows that the industry has competitors or not, also, the costs in the company.

Explain the industry and outline the overall wave of change of the specific market structure

The Blockbuster video once dominated the movie rental industry; this has changed enormously due to the competition in the entertainment market. The evolution of the new technology has led to multiple competitions and has changed the consumers' purchase of the rental…


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Companies That Became Obsolete
Words: 820 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40380740
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isk Management

When it comes to risk management, may people center on things like employee safety concerns, project management, efficiency and other things like that. For example, a risk that many firms would develop is that a lack of efficiency would reduce competitive edge as well as profits. There are other things such as the proper use of equipment that can literally kill people if the wrong things are done. Even things like cardboard balers and trash compactors can be a huge problem if the equipment is not maintained properly and/or the employees are using it in the wrong manner. However, there is a risk that not many people speak of but is an absolute must to keep in mind, and that risk is becoming obsolete. Even in recent years, many firms like Circuit City, Blockbuster Video and others have fallen away and no longer exist. Other firms are hanging…


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Marketing Planning Project Quantify the
Words: 2603 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39319908
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Demographics throughout all Australian cities reflect significant opportunity for an online DVD ordering service, replicating the success of NetFlix in the U.S.

Development of music and other forms of digital content can also specifically be sold through this channel once established.

Potential exit strategy is to sell QuickFlix to NetFlix.


Well-funded broadband providers attack the downloadable movie market and force a premature consolidation of this business model.

Pricing becomes more inelastic and profitability suffers.

Postal costs continue growing exponentially and drive up costs that are not forecasted.

Order management systems fail to deliver with a high level of accuracy and much customer dissatisfaction comes about as a result.

5.0 Evaluation of Alternative Marketing Strategies

The use of a price skimming, price exception, or premium pricing strategy all are alternatives, yet the best possible approach is to define a services-driven costing model based on the specific rental levels of…

References (2007) - Assumptions and interpolations of the online DVD rental market in Australia. Accessed from the Internet on June 15, 2007:

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Obtaining Business Capital
Words: 1995 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68724029
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Business Venture

The author of this report is asked to answer to several questions and specifications surrounding a business venture and how exactly it would and should be pulled off in an effective and well-performing manner. The form and function and "how" the business would be established is the first thing while the next is the funding sources that would be undertaken to get things going. The form or forms of intellectual property that would have to be enforced and protected as next and then the overall way in which the business will be created or acquired. How the sources and need for capital would change after five years of operation is the last thing to be discussed. While getting a business up and running requires a mass infusion of cash and/or borrowed money to get going, the business will eventually be lucrative.

Questions Answered

As for how to establish…


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Bbi as of Nov 13
Words: 2012 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54930337
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..2006). In addition to the aforementioned conveniences, blockbuster also offers Total Access customers who exchange online rentals at the traditional store, a free movie rental coupon every month (Block Buster Launches...2006).

According to the press release blockbuster hopes that this new program will attract more customer to the company. It appears that it is aimed at attracting more customers not only to online subscription but also to the traditional stores.

Significant Price moves and major news events

The announcement of Total access spurred a price move on November 7th. According to an article found on euters the stock price rose 9% on this day (Blockbuster shares rise after Cramer comments). Analyst declared that "Total Access plan, which allows subscribers to its online rental service to swap DVDs at its stores, "should drive Blockbuster higher and put it ahead" of rival Netflix Inc. (Blockbuster shares rise after Cramer comments)."

Splits and…


Annual Report (2005) Blockbuster Inc. SEC Filing Form 10-K

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Amazon Inc Marketing Plan
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Amazon as a Model for a Business Plan

Marketing Plan:

'Obsession' is the term that perhaps best describes Amazon's fervor to serve its shareholders and customers to utmost fulfillment. Growing from a flourishing dot-com enterprise in the 1990s into a 21st century multinational giant, a king in every sense - in the internet retail area, Amazon provides an exemplary marketing model for budding businesses. Its marketing manual is near legendary, pegged on the fundamental 'customers first' foundation, and a bizarre business philosophy to listen to the customer and not only work, but also invent towards their comfort, and on their behalf.

The company was founded under the tagline 'Earth's Biggest Bookstore', but as it turns out, books were only the starting point for Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO. It went online in 1995, a year after its inception, expanding into other media including MP3s, CDs, VHS, and DVDs; and…

Development and Grooming of Employees
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Training & Development

Mr. President,

You and I spoke prior and we had agreed that I would portray for you my vision when it comes to training and development as well as some specific recommendations about how best to implement this vision and philosophy as it relates to the same. I will also be offering some fairly specific recommendations about the subject so as to reinforce and propagate the vision that is being explained. While training and development is a bland and unimportant topic to many people, it is a vital part of improving and sustaining the workforce and it can fill many of the gaps that are left behind by high schools and colleges. This approach is necessary prepare our workers, especially the young ones, for the careers and jobs of the future.

Over the recent years and decades, there has been a seismic and major shift in the…


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Big Data and Supply Chain Management Essay
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Big data has become one of the most important aspects of supply chain management. The concept of big data refers to the massive data sets that are generated when millions of individual activities are tracked. These data sets are processed to yield insights that help inform managerial decision-making. Supply chains in particular have leveraged big data because companies have been able to develop technology to not only capture hundreds of millions of data points, but to process them in meaningful ways to eliminate waste and promote efficiency in the supply chain systems. This paper will examine the concept of big data, how it has arisen and come to dominate supply chain management, and look at the different ways big data is transforming the supply chain function. Lastly, the paper will take a closer look at the future for big data with respect to supply chain management. As it becomes…

Effects of the Internet Computers on Life
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Internet on Life

hy the Internet is the Most Useful Invention of our Generation

The Internet is the most useful invention of our generation. The accumulated effects of the Internet include significant contributions in the areas of education, the creation of jobs and furthering of professions, and an exponential increase in the amount and variety of entertainment for leisure time. It is the intent of this paper to evaluate the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in the areas of education, professional and leisure activities.

Advantages of the Internet in Education

There are a myriad of contributions the Internet has made to education, in addition to the many innovations occurring today in the context of individualized instruction. The development of e-learning management systems for example, which can unify an entire semesters' worth of work together into a sequential, well-defined series of steps, has shown significant potential…

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Sengupta Somini 2012 Facebook Revenue
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Yet, this has had a serious negative impact on the stock value of the company, as investors are weary that the company can stand strong while not meeting its projected numbers. Stocks dropped about 16%. The article, however, has no graphics to help portray the dramatic stock decline.

rticle 4

Dietrich, Chirs. (2012). Blue chips drop 243 points. Wall Street Journal. Web. Retrieved October 23, 2012 from

Major company 3M failed to impress this third quarter. The filing of its revenue numbers showed a dramatic decline that has been continuing to affect the company's stocks since the beginning of the year. Not only did 3M's poor performance impact its own stock prices, it helped generate poor Dow Jones numbers in general within the industrials context. Poor management decisions have led to falling income, and as such the company's stock is suffering. The article presented a short video which helped…

Article 5

Lessin, Jessica. (2012). Apple drops an iPad Mini on rivals. Wall Street Journal. Web. Retrieved October 23, 2012 from 

In a general market decline for the third quarter, Apple just announced a major competitive product to help fight with its competitors that have cheaper tablets on the market. It announced the mini iPad to compete with Amazon's Kindle and other products, whose companies are showing higher stock percentage increases. However, as the article stated, "investors were underwhelmed, with most of the new products previously reported or rumored." This management decision may have been made too early, as the company will ultimately be competing with itself based on the recent launch of the iPad 2. As such, stocks fell about 3.3% after the announcement went public. The article has several vivid imaged that showcase the new iPad Mini alongside Apple sponsored videos unveiling the product. They help showcase the product in question, but really don't provide any insight into the negative impact the announcement had in terms of stock value.

How to Encourage Inclusion
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people eage to analyze you eseach data athe than having it analyzed and intepeted fo them.

The autho of this esponse will explain why it SHOULD be impotant as well as how to make it impotant to the people. In tems of WHY it is impotant, the following is tue:

People should not have to be spoon-fed infomation that they accept with no question o level of concen about the veacity of the infomation

People should be encouaged to find (o at least veify) the elevant infomation on thei own should they choose o want to do so Making people poactive about finding and veifying infomation will make them bette eseaches, moe analytical and moe self-sufficient.

As fo how to make them eage, that can be done via the following:

Let the know that the infomation is out thee fo them to veify and find

They ae not esticted fom…

references within your response.

The skills that the author of this response would center on would include the ability and willingness to listen to responses, encourage an active discussion, prevent any incendiary or bullying language, encouraging people to speak up if they are tepid and so forth (Stringer, 2007)

Stringer, E. (2007). Action research. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

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Different Types of Marketing Channels
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Enhance Distribution

The author of this report has been hypothetically named as the new marketing manager of an organization. The organization is looking to enhance their distribution. The author has decided, per the assignment, to look at the channel design decisions in the organization. There will be an analysis and evaluation of the channel design, the channel objectives and the different channel alternatives. There will be a bringing forth of a recommendation on the most suitable design for the organization in question when it comes to channel management. There will also be a brief description of the organization in question and the products/services that are offered by the same. While over-analyzing channel design can lead to excessive second-guessing, it is important to get the channels figured out and aligned correctly.


Per the class text, channel management from a marketing perspective if the overall practice of and focus on getting…


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Net Neutrality Essay
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In this essay about net neutrality, we provide an overview of what net neutrality is and why it is a current political issue.  The essay will define net neutrality.  Furthermore, it will describe the pros and cons of net neutrality, including reasons that net neutrality is beneficial and ways that it could be detrimental.

The essay will discuss the current legal status of net neutrality, as well as the potential future of net neutrality.  In doing so, the essay will discuss some figures, including head of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai.   In addition to giving you an overview of net neutrality, the essay will also provide you with an excellent guide for how to write academic essays.  It includes all parts of an academic essay: introduction, hook, thesis statement, a body that includes evidence and analysis, a conclusion, and a works cited section.  All sources are properly quoted and…

Palestine Her Story Documentary
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A Documentary Filmmaking Experience
Aim and Accomplishment
Renov (1993) states that there are four fundamental purposes of a documentary: “1) to record, reveal, or preserve; 2) to persuade or promote; 3) to analyze or interrogate; and 4) to express” (p. 21). In my documentary, Palestine, her story, my aim was to observe—i.e., to record, reveal and preserve—the stories of the Palestinian women who served as the subject of my film. The film is therefore an observational documentary.
Looking back on my original proposal, I can say that I have completed at least a portion of my original project. The focus of my 20-minute film is on the three Palestinian women who live a successful life in London. Each woman is of a different generation and thus each one has a different experience to share, a different story to tell. Yet they also have one thing in common, which is Palestine.…

Redbox Direct Mail Campaign for
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The marketing campaign's objective is to significantly increase awareness throughout the target market and induce trial of the service so customers can qualify to compete for a year of free videos. The promotion of the campaign can be viral, using the best contributions to the context to promote it. In addition, the best entries every month will be shown on regional TV and over the Internet on the edbox website, Facebook and promoted through Twitter feeds. This marketing campaign gets away from using social media to shout at prospects or customers and supports a best practice many practitioners support, which is enabling a two-way conversation with members of a target market or audience (Jackson, 56). Measurement is in how many videos are made, their quality, originality and creativity and how many new customers sign up during the promotion period.

Lists (a detailed description of the lists that you…


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