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Equity Compensation at Netflix

State your study's hypothesis (include the clearly stated IV and DV)?

The dependent variable is the effect or the variable that is being elucidated. On the other hand, the independent variable is the explanatory variable or causal variable. The determination as to whether the variables are dependent or independent is centered on the context. In this case, I will be testing the hypothesis that if the payment system being undertaken by Netflix is fair, the employees are more probable to report and assert that they are satisfied. If the employees consider the payments are not fair, they will more probably assert that they are dissatisfied. In this case, the compensation equity, deemed to be paid fairly, is considered to be the variable that influences the level of satisfaction of the employees. Therefore, in this case, the independent variable is the compensation equity. On the other hand, the dependent variable is the employee...


In particular, the survey research design will be fitting and apt for this study for two key reasons. The first is that it is a cross-sectional study, as the data from the participants will be gathered at one point in time. Secondly, the research study is purposed at measuring the standpoint and perspective of the participants, in terms of satisfaction, regarding the compensation they attain from the company for the work done. The participants would be questioned regarding how they feel about the compensation Netflix is offering them, and how that impacts their level of satisfaction. Being one of the top companies, Netflix ensures that its employees are properly satisfied, regarding their compensation. This is to make certain that the employees are motivated to work all the smarter and harder (Ghazanfar et al., 2011).

What data collection methods will you use? What advantages/disadvantages do the methods present?

The population that will be examined in the research study will include roughly 70 employees. Taking into account that this is a small population, a survey will be used for the purpose of data collection. In particular, the data will be gathered by means of a personally administered questionnaire. The main aim for making use of questionnaire for…

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