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Network Security Essays (Examples)

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Creating a Secure Network
Words: 1917 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86864285
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Network Security
This report is the answer to a scenario that was provided as the basis for this assignment. The idea is that a security firm has been awarded a contract for a local government agency. As part of that contract, the author is being asked to provide a number of deliverables. These would include an information flow diagram, an equipment list that would be required so as to make up the network security infrastructure, a maintenance plan to keep the network running and operating in optimal fashion, a list of at least four security measures that could be developed, two physical security vendors that could be used and how human resources could and should figure into all of the above. While there are multiple ways to undergo a network security system plan, there are some options and paths that are more required than others.
The network information flow…

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Network Plan for ABC Corp
Words: 2595 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5407711
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The paper creates Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers.

Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 20

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 21

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 22

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 25

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq 35

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq18

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq19

access-list 101 permit tcp any eq39

access-list 101 deny tcp any eq26

access-list 101 deny tcp . any eq23

Further steps is the configuration of ACL for ABC Corporation. Configuration of Extended Access Control list is critical for the protection of network infrastructures of ABC Corporation.

Configuration of Extended Access Control Lists for ABC Corporation using Port Numbers.

The following…


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Network Design Network ABC Network Design a
Words: 3772 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10270326
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Network Design



A Comprehensive Proposal and Design for ABC Inc. Network equirements

Network Proposal Overview

Telecommunication Overview

Telecommunication Proposal

Network Configuration Management Plan

In order to meet the needs of the customers, ABC Inc. must insure that productivity is not hindered by the growth of the company. The employees at ABC Inc. must have a robust network so that customer service is not jeopardized. The accounting firm has grown from five to fifty employees with the acquisition of a large account. Currently, each employee has their own standalone computer which contains Windows 7, Office 2010 and QuickBooks accounting software. The company does not have a network in place. Currently information is shared by copying data to a flash drive and each workstation has a stand-alone printer. The objective of this proposal is to provide a centralized solution for all of ABC's network needs.

Given the highly…


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IEEE Software, 12(1), 55-63.

Network Password Policies and Authorization
Words: 547 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 39338168
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All network authorized personnel must be instructed to use "strong" passwords consisting of at least 8 characters; they must include at least one upper and one lower case letter, at least one Arabic number, and at least one "special character" in addition to avoiding any form or abbreviation of the user's first or last name (Boyce, 2002; Kizza, 2005).

Network administrators must also implement applications capable of ensuring compliance by automatically rejecting improper password choices. Additionally, administrators must require authorized users to change their passwords at specific intervals. Finally, office managers must monitor compliance with common-sense rules about behavioral aspects of password security, such as prohibiting divulging passwords to co-workers, requiring users to log off if they leave their terminals, and by providing training into recognizing attempted social engineering to obtain secure information through deception (Larson, 2007).

Likewise, authentication layers can also significantly enhance network security. In that regard, the…


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MO: Elsevier.

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Network Research Encountering -- and
Words: 2984 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96557868
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The behavior of both botnets and worms in peer-to-peer networks have been empirically examined and models or simulations of their behavior have been attempted, and the manner in which different nodes in peer-to-peer networks develop in and of themselves and in terms of their relationships with other nodes -- the very architecture of the network itself, in other words, which is necessarily dynamic in a peer-to-peer network -- makes it easier for these threats to spread and evolve undetected due to this architecture and to the patterns of information flow over such networks (Fan, 2011; Xu et al., 2011). When it comes to worms propagating in peer-to-eer networks, the activity of the worm itself has been demonstrated to be the most necessary knowledge in terms of tracking and preventing the continued spread and damage of such a threat, while botnets generally show more "robustness" an are better impacted by shifts…


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Network Design Proposal
Words: 4024 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 86117569
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Network Design Proposal

Network equirements

ABC School Stats/User Counts

Having a current strength of approximately 845 students, ABC School provides education from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th Grade. According to the requirements of The New York School District, 250 Curriculum computers along with 75 Administration computers are to be installed. The requirements for the wiring per room of layer 1 are that it should adjust a total of 25 computers, 24 of which will be used for the curriculum, whereas one will be used for administrative purposes.

WAN Design

The model for the WAN is 2 layers of hierarchy having a total of 3 hubs, one connecting the District Office or the Data Center, one the Service Center, and the remaining one connecting the Black Hawk School. A Frame elay WAN will be responsible for providing the required internet services.

IP Addressing

For all the hosts, interconnection devices, and servers an…


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Network Monitoring Network Activity According
Words: 536 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29086356
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The responses to a network security monitoring attack needs to be based on an assessment of the method of the attack that is being leveled against the network and its security monitoring, and thus can be as varied and complex as the attacks themselves (Bejtlich, 2004). Two tactics or tools that an attacker might use to attack network security monitoring are an attack from a stepping stone or an attacking using a spoofed source address. Both of these are methods by which the attacker uses tools and processes to hide their location and identity, making it more difficult to trace the origin of the malicious activity and thus to end it and also causing problems when it comes to the legal end of proving and prosecuting crimes. There are numerous methods of addressing attacks that utilize such tools, including different ways of attempting to track the true and hidden identity…


Bjetlich, R. (2004). The Tao of Network Security Monitoring: Beyond Intrusion

Detection. New York: Pearson.

Network Design Scenario Straight Sales
Words: 1313 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95130534
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The company should use the Cisco hedge router to make the company to achieve a reliable communication over the internet. The edge router will also make the company to achieve higher capacity, scalability, and improve routing protocol convergence at lower costs. As traffic volume increases, the solution will allow the company to implement incremental bandwidth upgrades without necessarily changing the router interface. The edge firewall will be used to protect the network from the unwanted traffic. The firewall will also be responsible to enforce the internet access policy. As an added security policy, the company should also use the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to detect and prevent unwanted traffic into the network.

Explanation of how hosting servers will affect the above choices

The router needs to link LAN communications on a WAN. However, the leased line is expensive, the paper recommends that the company use…


AL_Taiey,T. (2011).The Complete One-Week Preparation for the Cisco Ccent/CCNA Icnd1 Exam 640-822 with Three Cisco Simulated Exams a Certification Guide with Over 2160 Sample Questions and Answers with Comprehensive Explanations (First Edition ).

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Network Management and Systems Administration
Words: 937 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 86522281
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Network Management and System Administration

The aim of the paper is to establish the difference between a system administrator and a network administrator. The paper is thus divided into three sections. The first section deals with the basic definition and responsibilities of a system administrator; the second does the same for a network administrator and the third compares their responsibilities to clearly identify the differences between the two.

System Administrator

The maintenance of computer systems in a company is the sole responsibility of a system administrator. They are responsible for maintaining, upgrading and installing servers. They are also entrusted with the task of checking the security of the server and maintaining its backup as well. They are also involved in programming for automating tasks at the server. For this purpose, they write programs, also known as scripting (Schneider, 2012a).

Education criteria for System Administrators:

With respect to the level of…


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Network Management Information Technology Management
Words: 2226 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 99856119
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). Such security should also preplan strategic responses to attacks associated with the network (Dawkins et al.).

A book entitled "Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process, and Technology" explains that the rapid expansion networking and networking technologies necessitates greater security needs. The author asserts that parts of the network such as routers, switches and even network printers are vulnerable (Andress). The article further explains that the router or switch contained between the firewall and the internet access or between the firewall and the internal network are often vulnerable. Organizations with networks should work hard to secure them at these points. The article also states that if attackers can gain access to a network at these points, they can gain access to sensitive information and compromise the stability of the network. Also attackers who gain access to a network at one of the aforementioned points will also be able to…

Works Cited

Strong Case for converged Networks." 24 October, 2008 

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Security and Baseline Anomalies Base Lining Is
Words: 702 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89291428
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Security and Baseline Anomalies

Base lining is the performance of measuring and evaluation the presentation of a network in instantaneous situations. Provision of a network baseline calls for quizzing and reporting of physical connectivity, throughout the range of network usage. Such in-detailed network scrutiny is required in identifying problems associated with speed, accessibility, and finding vulnerabilities within the network. Predefined security settings are put in place to manage large security networks. These settings can be applied on a number of similar computers in a network. Settings and templates helps to reduce the occurrence of errors and omissions and this also helps in securing the servers.

How to obtain a baseline system

A baseline system of network behavior can be obtained through sub-netting a network. This entails dividing a network into smaller networks through a series of routers. Routers help to improve the security of the sub-nets by regulating the users…

Network Vulnerabilities and Controls
Words: 1304 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4388821
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Network Vulnerabilities and Controls

Computer networks are constantly under threat from many different sources of attacks. In order to get a clear understanding of the different views on computer security and its characteristics, it is important to define a network. This term means a group of computers that have been interconnected to communicate to one another using electrical signals. The network can be either wired or wireless and the most common of them nowadays is the wireless computer network. The internet or wide area network can link very many computers that are widely and geographically apart.

Computers are therefore linked to communicate with one another via the internet. However, these same computers are prone to attacks from all different angles. Any unauthorized access to ones computer can be defined as an attack since in the process, valuable information may be retrieved from the computer or even deleted. The information may…


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Network Standards
Words: 2900 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7883739
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Network Standards

A Brief Look Since 1995

This is a research paper that focuses on network standards and protocols that involve strategies in management. Leadership strategies cannot handle the need for network standards to handle billions of users and user generated applications. Therefore management strategies are more appropriate. Furthermore the history of network standards shows layering through the OSI models follows a management approach vs. A leadership approach.

In the OSI model, there are seven layers. The seven layers then acts as a means of managing problems within that layer as it is separated and contained. People can run communication through these layers much more easily and smoothly than through a singular, whole layer. The several layers are more efficient and can handle and spot problems and inefficiencies more quickly. It serves as the basis for network standards.

The history behind network standards provides valuable insight into how organizations emerged…


Faynberg, I. (1997). The intelligent network standards. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Security Analysis in the UK
Words: 2541 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92583051
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Security eport

In the present day, organizations are reliant on information in order to continue being relevant and not become obsolete. To be specific, organizations are reliant on the controls and systems that have been instituted in place, which provide the continuing privacy, veracity, and accessibility of their data and information (Lomprey, 2008). There is an increase and rise in threats to information contained within organizations and information systems (Lomprey, 2008). There is also a rise in the intricacy of such systems and information, which places emphasis on the importance for organizations to understand and gain an understanding of how to better safeguard their information as well as information systems. As stated by Briggs (2005), globalization has instigated the world to become a global village. This, in turn, has increased the level of complexity and intricacy of the information security aspect of the organizations across the world. There is greater…


Alfawaz, S. M. (2011). Information security management: a case study of an information security culture (Doctoral dissertation, Queensland University of Technology).

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Security Metrics the Intent of
Words: 718 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 50416125
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(%) Cross Site Scripting (XSS) errors -- by far the most common strategy hackers use to gain access to the source code of websites and the databases supporting them is to use a technique called cross-site scripting (Brodkin, 2007). Actively monitoring the percentage of XSS errors over time can determine patterns of when hackers attempt to gain access to a website's source code, database links, pricing and e-commerce systems. This is one of the most often used metrics in security dashboards used for monitoring Web-based applications and multisite installations.

(%) Incidence and Trending of Buffer Overflow Injection Flaws -- This is most commonly associated with attempts to gain access to SQL databases supporting a website by forcing a buffer overflow condition (Brodkin, 2007). This is one of the most effective hacking strategies there are as it forces a system to fail and allow access.

(%) Authentication Soft and Hard Errors…


Brodkin, J.. (2007, October). The top 10 reasons Web sites get hacked. Network World, 24(39), 1,16-17,20.

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Security Auditing Strategy for FX Hospital EHR EMR Website
Words: 2990 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 97278498
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Security Audit for FX Hospital EH/EM Systems

The study carries out the security audits for the FX Hospital EH/EM information systems to identify the vulnerabilities in the systems. The study uses the BackTrack as an auditing tool to penetrate the website, and outcomes of the auditing reveal that the website is not secure and can be subject to different vulnerabilities. After carrying out the auditing, the study is able to collect as much patients' data as possible revealing the website can be subject to vulnerable attacks. One of the vulnerabilities identified is that the website UL starts from HTTP showing that an attacker can easily break into the website and collect sensitive information. Moreover, all the data in the website are not encrypted making them easy for an attacker to collect patients' data.

By consequence, the FX Hospital can face lawsuits for failing to protect patients' data because if patients'…


Abdel-Aziz, A. (2009). Intrusion Detection & Response - Leveraging Next Generation Firewall Technology. SANS Institute.

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Network Fundamentals
Words: 1989 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68755874
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Network Fundamentals


Gulfstream Network Proposal

Network Fundamentals

Cover Letter

Appended information

Mr. Jet Buyer

1952 Kanako Lane

Gulfstream IV Network Proposal

Bob Smith

Customer elations

In less than one hundred years, air travel and networking and computing communications have evolved from the Wright brothers and the UNIVAC housed in several huge rooms to fully functional in-flight Gulfstream network communications. Passengers today expect their palm pilots, laptops and PC's to work as seamlessly as the flight itself. The modern day concerns are mired in the fact that digital conversation now entails a two way link that has inadvertently opened up a can of worms for airline network administrators. Network security and key distribution and management authenticating and authorizing ad-hoc networks have taken on new meaning in the realm of personal aircraft.

The objective here is to tender a viable design regarding the configuration of a fully integrated local area network…


How Stuff Works. (2009). "Networking." Retrieved on December 7, 2009 from

Network Performance for Davis Networks
Words: 5282 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 13903902
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Network Implementation for Davis Networks Inc.

In the proposal, effort is made to develop an affordable local LAN for Davis Networks Inc. The effort involves provision of wireless Internet connection to all individuals for their desktops and laptops from the current high speed connection they have at an affordable price (800 USD -- 1000 USD). Provision of the internet to the same location costs approximately 700 USD including all other expenses like doing the wiring etc. To implement the project, there are various obstacles that have to be considered like electric poles, trees and walls. The core location is the Computer Center building. It has the highest speeds of connection. From this building, there will be distribution to the surrounding buildings located between 500 and 1000 meter range. The establishment of the network needs 5 Wireless Access points (WAP) having Omni antennas (A, B, C, D, E) and two directional…


Chapter 2 Wireless Networking Basics (2005).

Deep, G., Kush, A. & Kumar B. (2010). PROPOSAL FOR LOW COST WIRELESS NETWORKING. International Journal of Computing and Business Research (IJCBR) 1(1).

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Network That Houses the Storage
Words: 1247 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88779534
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Examples are 10BaseT ethernet and 100VB AnyLAN networks. I would devise an intelligent hub that would have enhanced capacities for other features such as remote management capability.

Switches are an addition o hubs and would also provide this prospective network with support capacities such as multiple bandwidths, bridge functionality, and router functionality.

I will install a bridge that will filter data packets according to their various addresses. This will forward only the appropriate packages to the relent address. The packet moves on if it does not belong. This function seperates the various files and ensures that each receives its correct one without clogging up the system. It also provides data security so that each receives only that which he is permitted to have access to. Bridges help th traffic. They require, however, that network managers install and update their list of addresses.

Routers are also an inescapable piece of my…

Network Technology Structure and Protocols
Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 53104003
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Wireless and Wi-Fi

The dominant approach used today for connecting to network, wireless technologies including W-Fi is dominating the entire area of networking, from 3G and 4G on smartphones and tablet PCs to the development of hotspot technology on the attest iPad. This is the future of networking for many consumers. The reliance on Wi-Fi as a means to stay connected to business and friends has exponentially increased and will continue to for the long-term (Gilmer, 2010). The fundamentals of Wi-Fi are easily taught as they are based on IEEE standards that create a framework for teaching these technologies with clarity and insight (Greiner, 2001). Wi-Fi continues to increase in terms of speed as well, with 3G and 4G now commonplace. Consumers need to know about this technology and how it works to troubleshoot problems on their smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. The best approach to managing the teaching process…


Gilmer, B. (2010). Networking software. Broadcast Engineering, 52(3), 24-27.

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Security and Online Privacy Regulations
Words: 5553 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 47299634
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" (Muntenu, 2004)

According to Muntenu (2004) "It is almost impossible for a security analyst with only technical background to quantify security risk for intangible assets. He can perform a quantitative or qualitative evaluation using dedicated software to improve the security of the information systems, but not a complete risk assessment for the whole information system. Qualitative assessment based on questionnaires use in fact statistical quantitative methods to obtain results. Statistical estimation represents the basis for quantitative models." Muntenu states conclusion that in each of these approaches the "moral hazard of the analyst has influence on the results because human nature is subjective. He must use a sliding window approach according to business and information systems features, balancing from qualitative to quantitative assessment." (2004) qualitative study of information systems security is reported in a study conducted in U.S. academic institutions in the work of Steffani a. urd, Principal Investigator for…


Burd, Steffani a. (2006) Impact of Information Security in Academic Institutions on Public Safety and Security: Assessing the Impact and Developing Solutions for Policy and Practice. Final Report." NCJ 215953, United States Department of Justice. National Institute of Justice, Oct 2006.

Muntenu, Adrian (2004) Managing Information in the Digital Economy: Issues & Solutions Information Security Risk Assessment: The Qualitative vs. Quantitative Dilemma

Full text PDF: , Adrian (2004) the Information Security Risk Assessment: The Qualitative vs. Quantitative Dilemma. Managing Information in the Digital Economy: Issues & Solutions.

Security of Network Is Fundamental
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65834680
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It therefore assists in identifying network vulnerability and corrects them immediately.

SSL Certificate

Ferland (2009) noted that Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a network protocol used in encrypting data so that the information send remains secure until it reaches its destination. It also used in the validation of the identity of the website which is using certificate. It informs the user the authentication of the website and that such a web site as been validated by the third party certificate authority. Both the source and destination of any send data has their own unique keys for encryption. However, the organization would install SSL certificate so that the customers has trust in our website

Digital certificate

Digital certificate is describes as an electronic "tag" that shows the credentials of an organization when doing business or any other transaction online. The certificate contains the name of organization, serial number, and expiry date,…


Al-Slamy K., (2008) E-Commerce: Security Challenges and Solutions

Stawowski M., (2007). The Principles of Network Security Design

The Global Voice of Information Security; ISSA Journal | October 2007

Ferland M., (2009). WIPO Customer Certification Authority Information

Security Technology in Next Five Years Globally
Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23783697
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Security Technology in Next Five Years

Globally security concerns have placed great pressure on the survival of human life and had threatened the daily life, confidence and dignity of societies at large. To resolve the security concerns and overcome with this disastrous obstacles, security technological advancements have been made in many facets. Human life is playing its vital role in moving the world to a secure place where families, businesses, trade, educational system, media, governance, art and science thus all fields of life is affected by the security concerns (Sen, 2002). Now the big question here is how technological development can contribute towards the security concerns especially in the areas of biometrics, forensics and physical security.

Although, there has been intensive increase in human security as the consequences of technological development, the historical background of technology has not rooted much confidence in the societies that further technological development will reduce…


Magarinos, C. (2001) Human Security and Science and Technology. Inauguration Statement of the UNIDO Director-General, 10 October, 2001. United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

McGinn, R (1991) Science, Technology and Society. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Paris, R. (2001). Human security: paradigm shift or hot air?,International Security, retrieved July 21, 2011 from 

Sen, K. (2002). Basic Education and Human Security. Report of the Kolkata Meeting in Commission on Human Security Bangkok, Thailand. Compiled by Center for Social Development Studies, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. Retreived on July 21, 2011 from

Network Structure and Functions of
Words: 3241 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81473385
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After server authorization four domains for giving and registration of addresses of clients are created. "If a physical LAN has more than one logical subnet, how can different groups of clients be allocated addresses on different subnets?

One way to do this is to preconfigure each client with information about what group it belongs to. A DHCP feature designed for this is the user class option. To do this, the client software must allow the user class option to be preconfigured and the server software must support its use to control which pool a client's address is allocated from. (DHCP FAQ (

In order to create domain, wizard is used. In nets,, elimination range is used only from one (last) address of range, because it's assigned to router's port as it was mentioned above. All other nodes, including printers may be set up on automatic receiving of…



Donald, Lisa MCSE 2000 JumpStart: Computer Network Basics Morgan Kaufmann 2003

Les Freed PC Magazine Guide to Home Networking Wiley 2004

Peterson, Larry L. Computer Networks: A Systems Approach Morgan Kaufmann 2003

Security the Implementation of System-Level
Words: 568 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98232916
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There is a trade-off with regard to this first layer to ensure a high level of physical security that does not compromise the system-level flexibility and support. This first level of support can be as simple as locks, fireproofing and safes to biometrically based access as well. The components of physical security are surveillance and notification systems. These are systems that react to smoke, intrusion or a threat in the form of a break-in for example. Using motion sensors, intrusion detection equipment and closed-circuit televisions are all part of this step, as are continual centralized monitoring of the entire site as well. Organizations have successfully been able to integrate emergency self-start shutdown procedures for systems when intruders are discovered, disabling all system access to protect the data. A third class or component of security is the reliance on combining physical monitoring systems with the actual enterprise systems to ensure all…


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Employment Relations Today, 32(1), 41-46.

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55(5), 55,8.

Security Program Increasing Employee Participation
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The greater the employee ownership and vested interest in a program's success, the greater the probability of its success. This emanates from a leader's choosing to endorse and actively support an information security program and show consistency of effort and focus to attain tis objectives (Madnick, 1978).

A third critical success factors is the providing of periodic feedback as to the progress of the information security program. The ability to actively monitor an information security program's progress using analytics and metrics of performance will significantly increase the likelihood of continued support (Straub, Welke, 1998). As is the case with many change management initiatives, the use of analytics and metrics also provide feedback to the employees and leadership of an organization, reinforcing adoption to the information security program over time (Guttman, Herzog, 2005).


The basis of effective change management is predicated on giving employees the ability to attain autonomy of…


D'Arcy, J., Hovav, a., & Galletta, D. (2009). User awareness of security countermeasures and its impact on information systems misuse: A deterrence approach. Information Systems Research, 20(1), 79-98,155,157.

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Security Implementation of
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Information System Security Plan

The information security system is required to ensure the security of the business process and make the confidential data of the organization secure. The organization's management is required to analyze the appropriate system to be implemented and evaluate the service provided on the basis of their required needs. The implementation of the system requires the compliance of organizational policies with the service provider to ensure the maximum efficiency of the system. The continuous update and maintenance of the system is required to ensure the invulnerability of the system towards the potential internal and external threats.

Data Security Manager and Coordinator

Develop Plan

Implement Plan

Employees Training

Test Safeguards

Evaluate Service Providers

Internal isks

Change Passwords Periodically

estricted access to personal information

Safeguard paper records

eport unauthorized use of customer information

Terminated Employees 1

3. External isks 1

3.1 Firewall Protection 1

3.2 Data Encryption 1



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Network Vulnerabilities That Avionics Are
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In this manner, it makes network management and filtering a lot easier. Even though SPF can protect the network infrastructure against certain attacks that are known to exploit the weaknesses that are inherent in the various network level protocols, it can never provide protection at application level. The application defense needs more awareness of the content of the payload.

Circuit Proxy Firewall (CPF)

This type of firewall operates by relying as an relaying agent that exists between the external and internal hosts (Stephen, 2004). The whole idea is to protect the network's internal hosts from direct exposure to the outside environments.

The CPF firewall operates by accepting various requests from the internal hosts for the sake of establishing the connection to the external world. It then destroys the device's initial IP address as well as the header of the network layer.

Disadvantages of CPF

The payload is then encapsulated in…


[1] N. Thanthry, M.S. Ali, and R. Pendse, "Security,

Internet Connectivity and Aircraft Data Networks,"

IEEE Aerospace and Electronic System

Magazine, November 2006

Importance of Security
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Network Security and Why Use It

Security And Why Use It

The security of any network should be taken seriously. A network allows someone to share resources and information with others on the network. Networks allow for distribution of computer viruses, Trojans, human intruders, and employees can damage more than just one computer. To better understand the importance of network security, one needs to think of what might happen if all the data for a company that is stored in their servers vanishes. This scenario would cause losses that the company might never recover. Networks are divided into three main categories Internetwork (internet), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN). These three categories of network require security to ensure that no malicious humans gain access, and no viruses attack the network.

To better understand network security, one needs to know what a network is. A network is defined…


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How Would a CIO Handle Security
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Network Security

The Key equirements of Network Infrastructure Security

Measures for Internal Network Architecture

Storage of sensitive information on Networked Systems

Network Connection Control

Administrative Services

Visitor access

Third Party Access to Internal Networks

Security of the IT network for any company is very important. Scores of sensitive business information is stored electronically in the IT systems and the company network. An unsecured or a partially secured network has the potential to cause financial losses to the company if the information falls in the wrong hands. Therefore there is need for installing and network security systems.

For any network security to become operational the company must first look into whether the system can be implemented technically and whether it can be implemented throughout the organization. Another consideration for the selection of the network security is to ensure that the system clearly define areas of responsibility for the users, administrators, and…


Andres, S. (2004). Security sage's guide to hardening the network infrastructure. Rockland, MA: Syngress Pub.

Convery, S. (2004). Network security architectures. Indianapolis, IN: Cisco Press.

Heng, S., Wright, R., & Goi, B. (2010). Cryptology and network security. Berlin: Springer.

1 | Page

Implementing Security
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Security Implementation

Identity Management and Security Awareness Training Plan Strategy

all departments.

Duration and frequency: three sessions of one hour each. Technology developments that are used in permanently updating the company's security features must be communicated to employees. Update training sessions of two hours must be performed every three months in order to keep up with technology improvements.

The training program must inform employees on the company's security guidelines. The administrative, technical, or physical safeguards intended to protect the personal information of clients and employees must be communicated and explained to all department members. In addition to this, the company must identify current attitudes towards information security that employees have (Winkler & Manke, 2013). The training material will be structured in accordance with these attitudes.

Trainer selection:

In this case, the question is whether to select an in-house or an outside trainer. An outside trainer could have more experience on…

Reference list:

1. Winkler, I. & Manke, S. (2013). The 7 elements of a successful security awareness program. CSO Online. Retrieved February 14, 2015 from

2" .


Network Design the Process of Gathering Technical
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Network Design

The process of gathering technical requirements for a network design project may differ from one organization to another, but the requirements themselves can be described using many of the concepts discussed in the lecture this week (i.e. Scalability, Availability, Network performance, Security, Manageability, and Affordability).

Analyzing technical requirements for the customer is important in helping one best fulfill the customer's expectations. The various objectives that need to be fulfilled involve the factors of Scalability, Availability, Network performance, Security, Manageability, and Affordability.


Scalability refers to the amount of growth that a network design can support. This is particularly important for large companies that are adding users, applications, additional sites, and external network connections all the time. The proposed network deign should be able to adapt to any envisioned additions. You will want to know the prospective amount of networks, users, servers, and/or sites that may be added to…

Prioritizing the goals is helpful for both you and client, so you start off with the most important goal ending with that least important to client. A list of options, too, can be made and correlated with goals. In this way, you will be more likely to design a computer network that will meet client's expectations.


Oppenheimer, P. (1999) Top-down network Design (3rd Ed.) Cisco Press.

Network Management Define Network Management
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Another aspect of the security management area of a network management system is the development of policy-based auditing and alerts by role in the organization

(Merilainen, Lemmetyinen, 2011). This is one of the areas of knowledge-enabled security management, specifically in the area of role-based access and advanced auditing and reporting.

Fault management is also an area that no single suite of network management systems can completely meet per the ISO standards today. This requires the CIO and network managers to define specific goals in this area including the extent of fail-over support and use of advanced fault tolerance technologies (Netak, Kiwelekar, 2006). Accounting management baseline performance includes the ability to generate logs of performance and also define benchmarks for performance. This is the minimal level of functionality a CIO and network manager need to consider when selecting a network management system. Configuration management systems requirements range from the relatively simplistic…


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Security Balance Control Performance and
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S. Department of Energy).

Q3. Discuss the internet of things and its likely consequences for developing an enforceable information assurance (IA) policy and implementing robust security architecture.

The internet of things refers to the inevitable connectedness of all things in all regions of the world through the internet. "The fact that there will be a global system of interconnected computer networks, sensors, actuators, and devices all using the internet protocol holds so much potential to change our lives that it is often referred to as the internet's next generation" (Ferber 2013). Although the internet feels ubiquitous today, the internet of things refers to an even more complete merger of the virtual and the real world. "In many and diverse sectors of the global economy, new web-based business models being hatched for the internet of things are bringing together market players who previously had no business dealings with each other. Through…


Ferber, Stephen. (2013). How the internet of things changes everything. HBR Blog. Retrieved: 

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Network Design Network Engineers Together
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During the PDIOO procedure one has to define main deliverables and related actions with a direct connection to the additional value and advantage for the customer network. For instance, understanding business objectives, usage features, and network necessitieshelps a person avoid pointlesselevations and network redesigns, thus reducing the time taken to introduce fresh services in the network.

Planning Phase

During the planning period one can test the significance of the design for future complications. Planning assists in avoiding repeating a logical faultwhen dealing with a network design that a might person uses as a template in various locations.The planning phase concentrates on technical and financial criteria and considers all the necessities and constraints discussed (Asakura & Kashiwadani 2003).During this stage, it is significant to recognize all the stakeholders to make theprocedure a success. The stakeholders are individuals or organizations who have entrusted interest in the environment, enactment, and result of the…


O'Kelly, M.E., & Miller, H.J. (January 01, 1994). The hub network design problem: A review and synthesis. Journal of Transport Geography, 2, 1.)

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Reliability, 245-259.

Network It Communications Selecting the Type of Cable
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Network/IT Communications

Selecting the type of cable to be used when developing a LAN from the ground up can be a complex process with many considerations, including issues of functionality and of cost. Twisted pair cables provide a cheaper alternative to other cable types and are also the most flexible type of cable, but they are less secure and are more prone to losses in data integrity than are other standard cable types (Hsieh, 2012). Fiber optic cables provide the best protection against interference and are the most secure cable for use in a network, but the cost can be prohibitive and the heightened performance aspects are not necessary in all applications (Hsieh, 2012). Coaxial cables come in two varieties, thinnet and thicknet, with thinnet being both cheaper and more flexible than twisted pair cables (though still more expensive and less flexible) and also provide a decent amount of security…


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Security Issues of Online Communities
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This researcher rejects the existence of online communities because computer mediated group discussions cannot possibly meet this definition. Weinreich's view is that anyone with even a basic knowledge of sociology understands that information exchange in no way constitutes a community.

For a cyber-place with an associated computer mediated group to be labeled as a virtual settlement it is necessary for it to meet a minimum set of conditions. These are: (1) a minimum level of interactivity; (2) a variety of communicators; (3) a minimum level of sustained membership; and (4) a virtual common-public-space where a significant portion of interactive computer mediated groups occur (Weinreich, 1997). The notion of interactivity will be shown to be central to virtual settlements. Further, it will be shown that virtual settlements can be defined as a cyber-place that is symbolically delineated by topic of interest and within which a significant proportion of interrelated interactive computer…


Al-Saggaf, Y. & Williamson, K. Online Communities in Saudi Arabia: Evaluating the Impact on Culture Through Online Semi-Structured Interviews. Volume 5,

No. 3, Art. 24 - September 2004

AnchorDesk Staff. (2000). Sign of Trouble: The Problem with E-Signatures.

Retrieved April 9, 2005, from ZDNet AnchorDesk Web site: http://reivews-

Security Plan Pixel Inc About Pixel Inc
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Security Plan: Pixel Inc.

About Pixel Inc.

We are a 100-person strong business dedicated to the production of media, most specifically short animations, for advertising clients worldwide. Our personnel include marketing specialists, visual designers, video editors, and other creative staff.

This security plan encompasses the general and pragmatic characteristics of the security risks expected for our business and the specific actions that aim to, first and foremost, minimize such risks, and, if that's not possible, mitigate any damage should a breach in security happen.


The measures to be taken and the assigned responsibilities stated in this document apply to all the departments that make up the company. Exemptions can be given but will be only under the prerogative of the CEO under the consultation of the Chief Security Officer that will be formally assigned after the finalization of this document. Otherwise, there will be no exception to the security…


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Security Awareness the Weakest Link
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To offer an information security awareness training curriculum framework to promote consistency across government (15).

Security awareness is needed to ensure the overall security of the information infrastructure. Security awareness programs is the can help organizations communicate their security information policies, as well as tips for users, to help keep systems secure, and the practices the entire organization should be utilizing. However, as Kolb and Abdullah reiterate, "security awareness is not about training but rather designed to change employee behavior" (105).

A program concerning security awareness should work in conjunction with the information technology software and hardware JCS utilizes. In this way, it mitigates the risks and threats to the organization. Security awareness is a defensive layer to the information system's overall security structure. Although not a training program, per se, security awareness does provide education to the end users at JCS, regarding the information security threats the organization faces,…


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Desktop Security Policies. The SANS Institute, 2006. Web. 24 Oct, 2010.

Security Policy and Risk Strategy
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The most appropriate products that could be used by MMC to achieve this objective would be: IP San and a Snap Lock. An IP San is a fiber optic channel that can provide secure real time data to each location. Where, software and security applications can be adapted to the current system that is being used. The Snap Lock is: a security software that can be used to provide an effective way for each location to retrieve, update and change information.

Support for why these procedures and products are the optimal approach for this organization

The reason why these different procedures and products were selected was: to reduce the overall risk exposure of the company's external threats. The current system that is being used by MMC increases risks dramatically, by having a number of different systems, where financial information is stored. If any one of these systems is vulnerable, there…


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Networked it Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages
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Networked IT

Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages

of Using Cloud-Based Systems for IT Storage and Applications

The emergence of cloud computing as a disruptive innovation is redefining the economics of information technologies, application delivery and the pace of new feature development and introduction. Companies who are standardizing on cloud computing for critical tasks including Customer elationship Management (CM) do so after evaluating several factors, including the opportunity to expense the costs vs. pay for them via capital expense, the customization of the applications, and the ability to selectively update them over time (Lashar, 2009). Cloud-based applications delivered over Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are paid for as an operating expense, which is often referred to as OPEX. Traditional enterprise software is paid for through CAPEX, or capital expense investment. This is a critical point in the economics of this market and a primary criterion that TUI University needs to consider was it…


Anthes, G.. (2010). Security in the Cloud. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 53(11), 16.

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Network Audit Case Study
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Network Audit Case Study

This study focuses on a comprehensive list of top ten tips of network and business continuity audit. These tips might lead businesses to survive and thrive in their audits without the need to overhaul their entire infrastructure.

Top ten network and business continuity-auditing tips

Segmentation of tasks distinctively: It depends on the principle of drive and conquers. It involves brainstorming about the organization's security tasks in terms of pieces and separating them into logically and physically segments. For instance, security tasks depend on ensuring people are kept on the outside by using both physical and firewall security (Bergmann & Pamplin, 2013). However, other components are safely kept on the inside using antivirus. Security does not solely imply that people should be kept from the outside. Obviously, companies have lost information from within the business. In this case, each piece must be documented and prioritized.

Documenting all…


Bergmann, T.S., & Pamplin, B. (2013). CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor: Study guide. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley Pub.

Gregory, P.H. (2010). CISA certified information systems auditor all-in-one exam guide. New York: McGraw-Hill.


Network Design Consultation Design Recommended for the
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Network Design Consultation

Design recommended for the client

The requirement of the client of the small billing business shall deserve a tailored system for his network design. This compels for network similar for a small office management process. Shall has a variety of the components suited in their places. The network shall facilitate the process of file sharing, internet access, connection to a networked printer, maintain a basic, secure environment and facilitate a multiple email addresses. The application of the client/server system shall prove vital for the entire process of the design work considering the laid requirement by the clients. The client specifies that the numbers of the user are three. This leads to the categorization as the multiple user networks (Kennington, 2011).

The design focuses majorly on the speed of the hard disk, the quality on the networks and the vital feature of the workstation to enable smooth operation.…


Kennington, J.L. (2011). Wireless network design: Optimization models and solution procedures. New York, NY: Springer.

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Network Defense Fundamentals Compare and
Words: 588 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76440137
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During this process, is when they will learn about possible warning signs and how to deal with these threats. This will help to improve monitoring and it will increase the ability to quickly identify threats while they are small. (Cole, 2006, pp. 3- 48)

Step 4: Continuous monitoring. In this step there will be a focus on watching for any kind of threats. This is when a series of red flags will be used to identify and isolate threats early. If this kind of approach is utilized, it will help to minimize security breaches and their impact on the firm. (Cole, 2006, pp. 3- 48)

What is the reason you want to remove unused or unneeded services and protocols on your servers or PCs?

There are several reasons why unused / unneeded protocols should be removed to include: they can slowdown the computer and there is the possibility that spyware…


Why is My Computer Running Slow. (2012). Norton. Retrieved from:

Cole, E. (2006). Insider Threat. .Rockland, MA: O'Reilly Media.

Security of Health Care Records
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15432259
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" (Harman, Flite, and ond, 2012) the key to the preservation of confidentiality is "making sure that only authorized individuals have access to that information. The process of controlling access -- limiting who can see what -- begins with authorizing users." (Harman, Flite, and ond, 2012) Employers are held accountable under the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules for their employee's actions. The federal agency that holds responsibility for the development of information security guidelines is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST further defines information security as "the preservation of data confidentiality, integrity, availability" stated to be commonly referred to as "the CIA triad." (Harman, Flite, and ond, 2012)

III. Risk Reduction Strategies

Strategies for addressing barriers and overcoming these barriers are inclusive of keeping clear communication at all organizational levels throughout the process and acknowledging the impact of the organization's culture as well as capitalizing on all…


Harman, LB, Flite, CA, and Bond, K. (2012) Electronic Health Records: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security. State of the Art and Science. Virtual Mentor. Sept. 2012, Vol. 14 No. 9. Retrieved from:

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Network Support Technologies Case Study
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Network and IT Technologies and Programs to Improve Small-Firm Efficiency and Staff Satisfaction

Company Overview

The networking needs of a small organization are just as vital to that firm's operational success, and in many instances are even more essential to their efficiency and degree of employee satisfaction. At Knobs Us, a lack of common technologies and basic network interfaces is creating an unnecessarily slow workflow, with inefficiencies that both limit the competitiveness of the organization and limit worker satisfaction amongst the staff in the performance of their duties. The implementation of an organization-wide network and consistent technologies and IT practices throughout the various locations and departments of Knobs Us staff and operations will allow for greater efficiency and worker satisfaction at minimal cost and risk to the firm, placing it at a better competitive advantage.

Access to technology and networking interfaces vary considerably from department to department and even individual…


Apple. (2010).

Chiang, C.; Jang, S.; Canter, D. & Price, B. (2008). "An Expectancy Theory Model for Hotel Employee Motivation: Examining the Moderating Role of Communication Satisfaction." International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration, 9(4), pp. 327-51.

Hoogeweegen, M.; Van Liere, D.; Vervest, P.; Meljden, L. & de Lepper, I. (2006). "Strategizing for mass customization by playing the business networking game." Decision Support Systems 42(3), pp.1402-412.

Kind, T.; Learny, T.; Leary, J. & Fiehn, O. (2009). "Software platform virtualization in chemistry research and university teaching." Journal of cheminformatics pp. 1-18.

Network Support Technologies Case Study
Words: 2733 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 47154371
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Network Support Technologies Case Study

Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget

Type and Configuration of the Network

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

User Policies and Legal Issues

Life of Equipment

Project Costs

Providing an Online Radio Service

Second Life

Information is now growing at speeds never thought imaginable. Today's world of Information Technology (IT) has provided the dynamic platform in which exponentially growing information resources emerge. This complex arena of knowledge management provides tremendous advantages to modern society. It allows individuals greater and faster access to resources that, in turn, can be used to facilitate more accurate decision making. This is especially true in the realm of academia.

Avington College's students will reap tremendous benefits from providing a blended e-learning solution. E-learning provides many inherent advantages through its method of delivery. Digital content can be implemented nearly as fast as it is created with virtually no risk of obsolescence. hen e-learning is…

Works Cited

Barbara Means, Y.T. (2009). Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. U.S. Department of Education.

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Security Assessment Is Done to
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This leaves those clients that are inside unsupervised while the guard is outside. There is also a lack of signage inside displaying rules and regulations along with directions. This propagates a lot of unnecessary questions being asked of the surety officer on duty. In order to alleviate these issues it would be essential to place distinct parking signage outside in order to help facilitate clients parking in the correct spaces. It is also necessary to place directional signage within the facility along with general rules and policies. All of these signs together would cost approximately $1,000 to install.

The last security issue that needs to be addressed is that of the security information processes that is in place. As each client arrives at the facility, their license plate numbers are recorded and they are then assigned a number. They are seen by the appropriate medical personnel based upon the order…


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