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How nursing practitioners evolve

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A practitioner in the nursing profession is someone who is intelligent enough to offer comprehensive health services for the people of Alberta at all times whereas an NP (Nurse Practitioner) is a registered professional with high level education at graduate level. An NP's role involves the provision of a wide range of health services and the role played by an NP is different from that played by a registered nurse due to the fact that an NP has to have superior knowledge and advanced skills in decision making which need to be acquired through extended clinical practice, experience and education. This makes it possible for the NP to manage more duties that are beyond the scope of what a registered can do. The NP’s accountability, responsibilities and professional role entails consultation, referral, collaboration, leadership, research and most of all clinical practice (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta,…… [Read More]

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Nursing Practitioner

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NP "role" definition

A nurse practitioner is any independent certified nursing care provider who offers primary, specialty, or both primary and specialty, nursing services in long-term, ambulatory and acute care settings. NPs are engaged in the chronic or acute episodic ailment assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management. They are specialists in the areas of illness prevention and health promotion, and perform the tasks of ordering, performing, overseeing and interpreting lab and diagnostic tests, prescribing non-pharmacologic treatment and pharmacological mediators, and educating and advising their patients (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 2015).

History of the Nurse Practitioner Role, in General

The demand for individuals providing primary care in the nation grew with the launch of the Medicaid and Medicare initiatives, developed after the enactment of the 1965 Social Security Amendments. The two initiatives ensured low-income kids, women, aged persons, and disabled individuals could now access healthcare. Thus, with the enhanced need for…… [Read More]

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Family Nursing Practitioner Application Justification the Quest

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Family Nursing Practitioner Application Justification

The quest to become a nurse, that was finally realized when I became a registered nurse, was prompted by the need to work among the very underprivileged of the community in the poorest areas and vulnerable conditions. Having been a N, there are vast experiences that I have undergone, not only in the technical aspect of learning the prognosis and prescription but also further experiencing first hand the social needs of nursing and the existing gaps at the homestead levels. Combining the expertise and the human face to nosing will enable me to positively contribute in to improvement of the health status of both the American citizens who are extremely poor and the foreign missions that will be the next quest, particularly to Africa or Asia. This way the training I have undergone will not be confined to the codified nursing tenets and bedside care…… [Read More]


Nevidjon, B., (2012). The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. The Nursing Shortage: Solutions for the Short- and Long-Term. Retrieved September 10, 2013 from
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Nursing in 2021

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Nursing Future in 2021

Nursing has not changed greatly for decades. Nurses now have more freedom than they did two decades ago, but nurses still provide the same care they have for the past century. This has been changing with the advent of nursing master's programs that are allowing registered nurses the opportunity to become more specialized in fields of their choice. A nurse can choose from many different nurse practitioner specialties to become more engaged in their field. Nurse practitioner programs allow nurses to be more involved in decisions that are made regarding patient care, so that the nurse becomes more responsible. The position of neonatal nurse practitioner is explained more fully in the following essay.

Neonatal care refers to the hospital department that takes care of an infant at the earliest stages of life. A neonatal nurse practitioner "frequently reports directly to a neonatologist or other specialists who…… [Read More]


Ellis-Christensen, T. (2011). What is a neonatal nurse practitioner? Retrieved from