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Checklists vs Rating Scales

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Observations vs. interviews

Observations, as the name suggests, involve the observation of the study subjects, in a natural or an experimental environment. The researcher takes notes upon what he or she sees, either in a prominently-displayed position or in a less obtrusive position. Interviews may be unstructured, semi-structured, or highly-structured, but all types involve directly soliciting information from subjects (Aiken & Groth-Marnat & 2006).

There are potential benefits and drawbacks to both observations and interviews. In terms of validity, observer bias and lack of awareness can corrupt observational data. However, interviews can likewise be problematic given that the questions can intentionally or unintentionally be used to shape the respondents' replies in a particular and inaccurate fashion. Observations can be very difficult to reproduce, given they take place at specific moments in time and both methods make use of relatively small test populations, versus quantitative studies. This narrows the demographic reach…… [Read More]


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