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How the 16th and 17th century Church's relates to Church experience and today's world?


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There is no understating the importance that the Church and the development of Christianity and alternative churches have in the history of the world and the creation of modern culture.  Christianity and the Church were a driving factor behind the colonial development of the world, which required incorporating foreign aspects into worship, and led to the creation of the modern worship experience.

It is important to look at how the Age of Discovery, when the Catholic Church expanded around the globe by establishing missions in conquered or colonized countries with indigenous populations of people who already had their own religions and religious traditions, impacted worship.  On the one hand, colonization put an end to many indigenous religious practices and helped stamp out religious diversity in much of the world.  On the other hand, one of the reasons that the Church was successful in spreading is that rather than completely eliminate some cultural practices, as was seen in other missionary efforts at different times in history, most notably during the Crusade period, colonizers incorporated many indigenous practices into local religious observations of church rituals, holidays, and even beliefs.

This can be seen by looking at the diversity of modern church practices around the world.  While the core beliefs may be the same, there is a significant difference in how Catholics practice in their daily life. In addition, the Catholic Church may be synonymous to most with the Roman Catholic Church, but the Eastern Orthodox also recognizes the…

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