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Ordinary Men Essays (Examples)

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Man in the Iron Mask
Words: 2164 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49964144
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He is the last resource of the dying; he is the instrument of heavenly mercy. Sire, we supplicate you with clasped hands and bended knees, as the Deity is supplicated! Madame Fouquet has no longer any friends, no longer any support; she weeps in her poor deserted house, abandoned by all those who besieged its door in the hour of prosperity; she has neither credit nor hope left. At least, the unhappy wretch upon whom your anger falls receives from you, however culpable he may be, the daily bread which is moistened by his tears. As much afflicted, more destitute than her husband, Madame Fouquet- she who had the honor to receive your Majesty at her table; Madame Fouquet, the wife of the ancient Superintendent of your Majesty's Finances,- Madame Fouquet has no longer bread."

eality v Fiction

There are many ways in which Dumas stretches the reality of not…

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Man Did Evolve Man Is
Words: 3818 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67588956
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He purported the theory that strength is the only acceptable or even desired quality in a human being and weakness in any form was a great failing, good will survive, and bad will fail. Ultimately, goodness will be replaced by strength; humility will be replaced by pride, the very basis of survival will be threatened by equality and the principle of democracy and power will replace justice in all aspects, and power will eventually be the judge of the destiny of humankind. The Church and religious heads of the time vehemently opposed these theories since they felt that this meant that human kind would be subjected to the theory of the 'survival of the fittest' wherein the weak become exterminated by the strong. (it's a Matter of life or Death)

Nietzsche's thoughts, though for the most part forgotten, do stay alive in 'Philosophical Investigations' by Wittgenstein, where Nietzsche's 'Theory of…


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Man's Realization of His Dream of Becoming
Words: 1766 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33370580
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man's realization of his dream of becoming a United States Army Drill Sergeant. The introductory part provides an initial glimpse of how drill sergeants are commonly seen by ordinary people and the stereotype Hollywood movies have made on this important members of the United States Army. Thereafter, the paper takes the reader to how the person became a drill sergeant and the kind of course taken to earn the title as well as have the privilege of wearing the drill sergeant hat and badge. The paper then progresses into the initial assignment after completing the drill sergeant course and concludes with the more responsible posting as a Senior Drill Sergeant in one of the United States Army's training schools.

Personal Experience


Most people have seen and are familiar with the United States Army recruiting slogan "e All You Can e." For over two decades (from 1980 to 2001), these…


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Response to Themes in Barry's Machine Man
Words: 1737 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50319705
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Barry's "Machine Man"

Originally published in 2011, Max Barry's futuristic science fiction novel "Machine Man" was first made available to readers as an online serial, before being updated and collected into a full-fledged book. Barry bucked publishing industry protocol and posted excerpts from his "Machine Man" to his personal website, imploring his regular readers to submit criticism and feedback in the hope of collectively shaping his creative vision. As one of the first literary works to be "crowdsourced" in terms of content, the version of "Machine Man" which emerged from this collaborative process is, much like its conflicted protagonist, an amalgamation of various constituent parts which comes together to form a harmonious whole. Barry's thematic thrust with the novel -- which tells the tale of Charles Neumann, a subordinate scientist working for a military research conglomerate known as Better Future -- is humanity's ceaseless pursuit of perfection, and the consequences…

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Language of Ordinary People Thomas Paine
Words: 1806 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74487215
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Language of Ordinary People

The American evolution could not have been as strong as it was if it were not for one man, Thomas Paine. He was the one who supported and fought for it with all his synergies, combined in the written form of most celebrated and valued book and pamphlet Common Sense and The American Crisis, which turned the tables for revolution and brought a vibrant change in the history of America. Thomas Paine spoke the language of common people through his words. This assisted them in being able to rise up for their individual rights. He believed that ordinary people should defend their liberty and this concept was written strongly in his top works of eighteenth century, which is still remembered and read throughout the America as an inspiring piece of inscription to raise the most necessary revolution to change America. This thesis tends to explain how…


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Existential Analysis of a Man
Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32877302
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This is a journey that requires the utmost steadfastness and the ability of face the truth. In existentialist terms, the world and all experience is essentially absurd and the more one questions the meaning of existence, the more the irrationality and absurdity of existence is revealed. However, this reality must be faced with acceptance and equanimity.

In the case of the protagonist of this short story, he is embedded in ordinary, everyday existence and refuses to acknowledge the absurdity of existence. Ziegler, like most people, is comfortable to hide behind a wall of logic and scientific rationality; the life of non-authentic existence. However, this illusion is destroyed by the alchemist's pellet that that undermines the illusion that the world is rational or structured in an orderly way.

What the author of this story is attempting to say is that the reality of existence must be faced in the existential journey…


Hesse, H. A Man Named Ziegler. Place of publication: publisher (1908).

Older Woman Younger Man Relationships
Words: 2685 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92525814
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So, we see that women are committing to their partners even if they are older than their male companions, even if they rarely get married to them, they enter and stay in a stabile relationship. We have every reason to believe that women are in it mainly for the psychological comfort. But what about the men? Young men can date women of any age, given the fact that youth is one of the most powerful arousal-factors for all species of mammals. it's slightly unlikely for a younger man to stay in a common-law relationship with an older woman, as it usually happens in an average age-discrepant couple (Boyd&Li, 2003), just for one reason: sex, money, influence, etc. But the subject is open to debate.

How does society reacts to age-discrepant unions? Until now, not quite well. The significant difference in age for a couple, whether it's a young woman with…


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Carol Tavris' The Mismeasure Women Men Women
Words: 1621 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52668454
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Carol Tavris' "The Mismeasure omen" men women define intimacy experience love differently. In ways differences affect nature relationships capacity maintain personal commitments? You refer cultural messages cultural scripts men women expected act.

omen as love's victims:

Conceptualizing women and intimacy in the modern age

Both men and women may be capable of romantic love, but love between a man and a woman has been conceptualized as fundamentally different throughout the ages, according to Carol Tavris in her book The Mismeasure of omen. Tavris notes in classical literature, men have tended to be seen as the more self-sacrificing gender, capable of grand, dramatic gestures for love like Sydney Carton or Lancelot while women have functioned as objects -- often objects unworthy of the love of their lovers and husbands (Tavris 246). Of course, most of these works about great male lovers were authored by men: women were portrayed as cold, indifferent,…

Work Cited

Tavris, Carol. The Mismeasure of Women. New York: Touchstone, 1993.

Ip Man The Grandmaster and Women in Kung Fu
Words: 4082 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84280743
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Grandmaster and Gong Er: Wong Kar Wai's Ip Man and the Women of Kung Fu

Wong Kar Wai's Grandmaster begins with a stylish kung fu action sequence set in the rain. Ip Man battles a dozen or so no-names before doing a one-on-one show with another combatant who appears to be at equal skill and strength. Ip Man handily defeats him and walks away unscathed. Thanks to fight choreography by Chinese director and martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping (The Matrix, Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), the sequence would seem to set up a different sort of movie than what follows, which is a mostly soulful, introspective look at period in the life of Ip Man. Wong Kar Wai gravitates towards dramatic license in many places -- especially with the fictional character of Gong Er, who repeatedly enters and re-enters Ip Man's life in the film (even though no such…

Old Man and the Sea
Words: 1880 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76517341
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For Santiago, there is nothing that gives him more pleasure than baseball so he uses it to preserve himself and give him the strength he needs to survive one more day. He is not thinking about pleasing Christ when he refuses to resort to despair but his goal is a more earthly one. He wants to be able to make DiMaggio, his baseball hero, proud. Santiago is an ordinary fisherman and for him, a dream of DiMaggio is far more accessible than pleasing Christ. He just wants to be "worthy of the great DiMaggio, who does all things perfectly even with the pain of the bone spur in his heel" (68)

Similar in order to survive, Santiago keeps thinking about baseball. For example when the fish finally surfaces, it conjures up images of baseball in his mind as he muses: "his sword was as long as a baseball bat" (62)…

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Anita Silvers the Elephant Man
Words: 1000 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6484789
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The hideous ugliness of normalcy is perhaps best demonstrated in the mob scene where Merrick is trapped in an underground station, and cries out that he is not an animal, but a human being. In truth, the so-called normal persons have been acting like a stampede rather than compassionate creatures, unlike Merrick who still retains the individualism, that is humanity's truest birthright. This reversal or world upside down where the persons dehumanized with animal or medical names actually exhibit the values that make human beings distinct from animals validates the suggestion that the way that both popular and medical culture celebrates health, symmetry, and beauty is profoundly misguided.

In her essay, "From The Crooked Timber of Humanity, Beautiful Things Can Be Made," Anita Silvers makes a profound call that the standards of symmetry and wholeness be rewritten as a standard for human health in a way that is sounded like…

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Peyotism the White Man's Reality
Words: 2855 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6886688
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Shamanic intervention is also a part of the social fabric of these cultures, and the Shaman is often consulted in terms of political and tribal disputes. The classic Shamanic trance or journey consists of a number of elements:

Leaving the realm of the mundane, that is, the physical world; (2) Traveling to the supernatural; and (3) Returning to the world of the mundane.

In order to facilitate this vital function the Shaman often uses psychoactive plants such as Peyote to aid his perception of the spiritual world. "The transition between the world of the mundane and the supernatural world is frequently facilitated by inducing trance states using psychoactive plants."


The use of Peyote and the origins of the Peyote cult are buried in antiquity. An early Spanish chronicler, Fray ernardino de Sahagun, "estimated on the basis of several historical events recorded in Indian chronology that Peyote was known to…


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Victor Frankl-Mans Search for Meaning
Words: 314 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90983569
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This sense of leading a purposeful life sustained Frankl in the concentration camps during orld ar II. There he witnessed other Jews finding meaning in their lives. Some men found that their love for their wives made life meaningful while others found meaning in religious faith. Finding meaning in the world helped them cope with what would otherwise be unbearable sorrow and travails.

Frankl believed that the super-meaning of life, the ultimate purpose of human existence could only be understood or put into words by ordinary people. The super-meaning of life was infinite, but the human capacity to understand the world beyond our own narrow terms and limits was finite (Hanes 2001). Still, human beings must try to make limited meaning out of their lives to be psychologically healthy and to make the most of human existence.

orks Cited

Hanes, Martin. (2001). "Man's Search for Meaning." orld Religions. Retrieved 27…

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Summer of 1787 The Men
Words: 2046 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65655599
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By gradually introducing the participants, and then showing how they work and debate together during the Convention, they become easier to understand and follow, and their actions seem to fit their personalities and ideals.

Clearly, the author spent a great amount of time researching this book. His comprehensive list of notes and sources spans nearly 50 pages, and he includes additional reading sources, as well. The author uses a variety of primary and secondary sources, from a lengthy list of online primary documents, such as the Constitution itself and other historical documents, to journal articles, memoirs, letters, books, and just about any historical document available related to his subject and to the men who created the Constitution. For many of the most intimate details about these men, he refers to short passages in letters which describe everything from their eye color to their disposition and even the diseases from which…


Stewart, David O. The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007.

Social Responsibility Two Prehistoric Men
Words: 1689 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58820063
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A capitalistic society that provides open and free competition did not bring about Enron and similar debacles. It was the second part of Friedman's statement: "without deception or fraud" that led to such situations. It was the greed of several individuals who misreported their profits to get a larger part of the pot. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals like this -- it is human nature. That does not make the whole system corrupt. One can say that the competition inherent in the capitalistic enterprise encourages such behavior. Hoarding by one of the cave dwellers would never work. The hope is that lessons are learned from situations such as these -- that nothing works perfectly.

ichard E. Hattwick, professor at Western Illinois University and co-founder of the American National Business Hall of Fame concludes:

competitive market situations encourage the reasonably high standard of business ethics called the ethic of justice.…


Boatright, J.R. 1994. Fiduciary duties and the shareholder-management relation: or, what's so special about shareholders? Business Ethics Quarterly 4:393-407

Friedman, M. The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits. The New York Times Magazine. September 13, 1970." 

Hasnas, J. 1998 the normative theories of business ethics: a guide for the perplexed.

Business Ethics Quarterly. 8:19-42

Women and Men Differing Poetic
Words: 1744 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52516949
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Being of nature, a supposedly passive entity does not necessarily stime the female poet, it can also, in Bishop's construcion, empower her as a speaker.

Yet, there is one caveat -- for Bishop's poem remains tantalizingly silent about her own gender as a female. Thus, even as late as Bishop, the idea of an openly female speaker within a poem associating herself with nature, and seeing herself reflected in nature remains tenuous. Thus, although not Byronic in its imposition of meaning upon the natural world, nor Barrett Browning like in its denial of it, Bishop does not comlpetely deny the cultural assumptions of associating women with nature that still haunt female poets today. Unlike men, women must grapple with this association as authors, of passivitity and feminine voicelessness as mere subjects of the poetic experience -- while men can chose to view nature as neutrals, rather than as conciously gendered…

Works Cited

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Issues Surrounding Christ's Ascendence as a Man and a God
Words: 894 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56657759
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hen confronted by a man who claims that Jesus Christ -- because he was human -- could not also be from God and of God, what should the response be? This paper delves into that topic.

hat is the biblical basis for Jesus' humanity? On page 239 of Christology the author explains that Christ was "sinless and also utterly different from other men"; and his "true humanity is specifically witnessed to as if it might be called in question." He was the Son of God but he also was human, and to show his humanity he was invited to dinner with Levi, "…along with many tax collectors and other disreputable sinners" (Mark 2:15). His humanity had been prophesized in various passages in the Old Testament. "I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came…

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United States Men and Women
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34521286
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For any person diagnosed with ADS, having to wait for drugs could effectively be a death sentence, which gives this study all of the greatest purpose so that there is a better understanding to the problem and hopefully, there will be possible solutions (HV and African-Americans)

According to (Gray, 2004, p. 59), everyone is labeled by sex, race, and religion, an outline of a theory of values-based labeling as a social movement argues that it is motivated by the need tore-embed the agro-food economy in the larger social economy. A review of some basic premises of embeddedness theories derived from the work of Karl Polanyi reveals their connection to particular values-based labeling efforts. From this perspective, values-based labeling presents itself as primarily an ethical and moral effort to counter unsustainable trends within presently existing capitalism. These labels distinguish themselves from ordinary commercial labels by a focus on process and on…

It argues that when teens get to a certain age, they realize the consequences of their decisions, which includes if they have AIDS.

Religious and racial traditions call their members to care for the poor and marginalized, yet no study has examined whether physicians' religious characteristics are associated with practice among the underserved. This study examines whether physicians' self-reported religious characteristics and sense of calling in their work are associated with practice among the underserved (Farr a. Curlin, MD1,2, Lydia S. Dugdale, MD3, John D. Lantos, MD2,4 and Marshall H. Chin).

In the article, by Friedma,(2007), it is clear that people are debating that decisions made on religious grounds are not considered to be rational; however, serious medical decisions (including the refusal of treatment) can only be made based and accepted on rational grounds. For example, if the risk of bad side effects is really high, the medical treatment could be refused. From there, this article argues the pros and

Humor and Violence in U S
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 27845192
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..There is reason for concern, therefore, when aggressive acts are presented in a humorous context in the media" (622).

Although it is intended to refer to society and its misdemeanor, satire cannot be considered to be offensive, since there is a small probability that it will produce any resentment in people. A good example of the American society giving birth to something that is funny and enjoyable, despite its satirical character, is Charlie Chaplin. In times when movies were something new to the American public, the English actor succeeded in making it addicted to him and to his movies. His merit is also largely owed to the scriptwriters and to the movie directors that invested hard work in making the respective movies. Even with his obvious success among the American public, there still are a number of critics believing that the characters played by Charlie Chaplin had been too vulgar…

Intimidation and the Choices That Successful Women
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7218999
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intimidation and the choices that successful women have in finding their partners.

There was a time when women were thought of as a second class citizen. Only men worked in offices, fought in wars, ruled countries etc., men were responsible for providing the basic needs of the family. On the other hand women did all the work at home such as laundry, cleaning dishes, cooking food etc. omen were not allowed to have a corporate career. However as the time passed, the concept of equal rights picked up. Feminists' movements and human rights activist have allowed women to redefine the purpose of living. The term "It's a Man's orld" does not apply any more in the estern countries. Standards have changed along with the changing society.

The immediate questions that comes to mind after discussing the transformation of the society is that how have men responded to that change? Are…

Works Cited:

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Warfare and Its Meaning in
Words: 1591 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42619120
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"The upper lip and gum and teeth were gone. The man's head was cocked at a wrong angle..." (O'rien 126).

At the same time, the author juxtaposes the image of war and horror with symbols and images of beauty.

The young man's head was wrenched sideways, not quite facing the flowers" (O'rien 128) the author also couples " sunlight " with " ammunition belt" (O'rien 128).

These contrasts reflect on the gentle life that the dead soldier once led and his reluctance to be a part of the war. However, he was obliged to become involved because of the pressure for his family and society. This again refers to themes in the other works discussed, where the social views of 'glory' and patriotism are sharply and ironically contrasted with the gruesome realities of war.

In this story, the writer uses descriptive images to achieve his critique of war. This is…


DiYanni, R. Literature: Approaches to fiction, drama and poetry. (2nd ed.) New York: McGraw-Hill. 2004.

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Crime and Punishment Rodion Romanovitch
Words: 869 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92192783
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First, the old pawnbroker may be viewed an evil person who is actually harming society by her vile and cynical grasp on the poor citizens who come to her for pawning. According to Hegel, any harmful segment of society should be removed. Therefore, Raskolnikov reasoned that by murdering the old pawnbroker, he would be removing a harmful thing from society.

Next, Hegel believed that the ends justified the means, i.e., if the ends are noble, then the means may be justified. Using this rationale, the old pawnbroker has a lot of money which will be wasted upon useless masses and requiem services after her death. With this money, Raskolnikov would be able to complete his education without being cramped and the may devote himself to the service of humanity.

Lastly, Hegel argued that one small crime may be wiped out by thousands of good deeds. Raskolnikov could use the money…

Shaman as a Spiritual Specialist
Words: 2131 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 85190069
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( Achterberg 21) The man then proceeds to chop up the rest of his shaman's body, which he then boils in a pot for three years. After three years the body is reassembled by the spirits and covered with flesh. This means that in effect the ordinary man is now, through the process of initiation and dismemberment, resurrected as a shaman who has the capability to communicate with the spiritual world and who can acquire the knowledge to help and heal numerous illnesses. As the research by Achterberg notes, he now has the ability to, "…read inside his head…" (Achterberg 22) In other words, he now has the ability to see in a mystical sense without the use of his ordinary vision. (Achterberg 22) The initiation process also refers to the view that the shaman acts and perceives in a way that is different to ordinary human beings.

The world…

Works Cited

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Shambala Press. 1985.

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Press. 1998.

1857 Indian Rebellion Been Elusive to Characterize
Words: 7067 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4021342
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1857 Indian Rebellion been elusive to characterize as "The first war of Indian independence?"

Lack of Strategy

ad Generalship

Shortage of Military Skills

Unity in Communities

The first war of Indian independence in 1857 is also characterized in terms of mutiny and the movement of civil disobedience. A brief about the historic events taking place during 1957 revile that the movement started with a notion to refuse using the cartridges used by the ritish Military. The greased cartridges were provided to the native soldiers of the military. The solider MangalPanday of arrackpur in engal refused to use these cartridges on 28th April 1957 and he also shot two of his superior officers of ritish military. He was caught and hanged for instigating a single-handed revolt on 8th April, 1957. He is also named as the first martyr of freedom movement. [2: .RaghunathRai. Themes in Indian History (New Delhi: VK Publications,…

Bibliography:Alison Blunt. "Embodying war: British women and domestic defilement in the Indian -- Mutiny --, 1857 -- 8.," Journal of Historical Geography 26, no. 3 (2000): 403-428.Andrew Ward. Our Bones Are Scattered: The Cawnpore Massacres and Indian Mutiny of 1857, London: John Murray Publishers, 1996.Bipan Chandra, eds. India's Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947, New Delhi: Penguin Books India, 1989.Clare Anderson. The Indian Uprising of 1857-8: Prisons, Prisoners and Rebellion, New York: Anthem Press, 2007.George Bruce Malleson and Colonel Malleson. Kay's and Malleson's History of the Indian Mutiny of 1857-8, Vol. 1, London: Hesperides Press, 2006.Mukherjee, Rudrangshu. Awadh in revolt, 1857-1858: a study of popular resistance, New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2002.Pati, Biswammy, eds. The Great Rebellion of 1857 in India: Exploring Transgressions, Content, and Direction New York: Rutledge, 2010.Rai, Raghunath.Themes in Indian History, New Delhi: VK Publications, 2011.Richard Collins. The Great Indian Mutiny: A dramatic account of the Sepoy Rebellion, USA: Dutton & Co, 1964.SailendraNath Sen. History Of Freedom Movement In India (1857-1947), New Delhi: New Age, 2009.Samuel Matrin Burke and Salin al-din Quraishi.The British raj in India: A Historical Review, London: Oxford University Press, 1997. Simon Paul Mackenzie. Revolutionary armies in the modern era: a revisionist approach, New York: Routledge, 1997.Taylor, P.J.O. What really happened during the mutiny: a day-by-day account of the major events of 1857-1859 in India, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1997.The Great Mutiny: India 1857. Christopher Hibbert; Viking Press, 1978.]


The rebellion events of the 1857 war were started through a soldier revolting the orders of its superiors and killing the officials of British authority. The results of violent actions against the rebel soldier sparked a wave of revolution and instigated the rebel activities. The later review of the reasons and motives behind the rebel actions provides an account elaborating these actions. The actions of the soldiers were primarily religious. The reasons of disobedience were that the soldiers believed that the cartridges provided to them are coated with the pig and cow fat which is not allowed in their religion.

The religious ground so the revolt soon turned into a national revolt after the execution of the rebel soldier. The soldiers of his regiment and others showed their solidarity with the forces and started a revolt movement. The movement soon turned into a violent activity as soon the locals joined the forces to ensure that the British forces are fought and sent back to their country. The local lords and land holders did not patronize with the revolutionary forces and sided with the British occupation. The turning point of the movement from purely a religiously motivated action into a national independence war is observed when the unsatisfied locals aided the rebel soldiers. The locals fought side by side with the forces and captured various strategic and symbolic places of the foreign establishment.

The question rises that the rebel actions and nationalized efforts of locals to regain their freedom from the British forces remains acts of revolt and rebellion events. They fall short of a national movement and a nationwide war for independence. More importantly the actions of the rebels also remained unaccepted as to be noted as the first war of Indian independence. The historians provide various reasons after the review of events and the effects of the war. The major reasons are described as the lack of national motive, bad generalship, and lack of war skills.

Faustus and Everyman an Analysis
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Faustus, who sees his time also coming to a close, becomes a kind of Hamlet-figure and doubts that he can be forgiven. Faustus' problem is more than a life of misdeeds -- it is a problem of lack of faith. The faith of Everyman may have been lukewarm, but it was not corrupt. The faith in the time of Everyman has been polluted by Lutheran and Calvinist doctrines.

Considering the form of the narrative, this is not surprising: Faustus is obsessed with fame and renown. Everyman has no name proper -- and neither does his author. That the author of the medieval morality play should be anonymous is nothing out of the ordinary, and indeed seems all the more fitting when one considers that the second most printed book after the ible was The Imitation of Christ, a work whose author never put his name on the original (and which…


Craig, H. Morality Plays and Elizabethan Drama. Shakespeare Quarterly 1(2), 1950, 64-

72. Retrieved from 

Everyman. NY: Fox, Duffield and Company, 1903.

Gardiner, H. Introduction. The Imitation of Christ (Thomas Kempis). NY:

Wine and War by Don and Petie Kladstrup
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orld ar II: Historical book review. Kladstrup, Donald & Peter Kladstrup. ine and ar.

Sometimes by focusing on a relatively minute or specific detail about a nation, a historian can reveal a great deal about a nation's history -- and about the larger panorama of world history against which the minor, personal dramas of individuals were played out. So it is in ine and ar. By focusing on the experience of French winegrowers during the Second orld ar, the authors Donald and Peter Kladstrup are able to illuminate the greater struggle about the non-Nazi identified French farmers to retain their unique identity, even in the shadow of the German Vichy governance and domination over their traditional modes of life.

Ironically, despite the Nazi assertions of the German cultural superiority in all matters, this assertion did not extend to wine -- thus requiring French wine producers to protect their stores, as…

Work Cited

Kladstrup, Donald & Peter Kladstrup. Wine and War. New York, 2001.

Gideon's Trumpet -- Not a
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Even if the decision might not be popular, wrote the court, "from the very beginning, our state and national constitutions and laws have laid great emphasis on procedural and substantive safeguards designed to assure fair trials before impartial tribunals in which every defendant stands equal before the law," and because these procedures are often very complicated to understand, "this noble ideal cannot be realized if the poor man charged with crime has to face his accusers without a lawyer to assist him," when he or she is striving to make a credible defense before a judge or jury. ("Gideon v. ainwright," 1963)

Justice, and the work of the nine men (today, eight men and one women) on the court, is not always about the will of the majority of the American people, it is often about the rights of the individual. A case that demonstrates this principle even more vehemently…

Works Cited

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Gideon v. Wainwright." 1963. Source: 372 U.S. 335 (1963). [5 Dec 2006]

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Precious Than Independence and Liberty
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Ho Chi Minh was highly educated and attended various universities around the world according to the literature from numerous sources including the Eastern Worker's University and Lenin School in Moscow. He was trained in Moscow involving revolutionary tactics (Columbia Encyclopedia 2008).

Minh had a strong desire to make Vietnam an independent country and spent his whole life in pursuit of this dream. In southern China, Minh trained the exiles in techniques involving revolutionary tactics. According to by 1925 he had organized the exiles into the Viet Nam Thanh Nien Cach Menh Dong Chi Hoi (Revolutionary Youth League) and the inner group within the Revolutionary League, the Thanh Nien Cong San Doan, or Communist Youth League (CYL) (Wars and Battles 2010 the Revolutionary). Years of oppression and hardship drove the Vietnamese people to join Minh in his ideals. The seemingly ordinary man was highly educated according to all sources referred and…

I Ching Classical Understand vs Aleister Crowley
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I Ching Classical Understand vs. Aleister Crowley

Any belief, whether it is a self-made system or is bestowed upon us from above, can be taken as a religious view, for how does one define religion except as a system which sets upon humans a certain lifestyle to follow. The definition might seem vague at the least, but to define religion is becoming increasingly difficult, as more and more new sources of religious believes emerge. In all sense of the world, there is a message, however it may or may not be from an omnipotent, invisible God; it can be from a messiah or a man who has been raised to the level of a Messiah by his/her followers, as is the case of Buddha. [1: END NOTES Connelly, Paul. Definition of Religion and Relates Terms. 1996. 23rd March 2012 .]

The same has been the fate of many of the…

Self and the Other
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Trojan Wars and Culture

The three epic stories namely, The Iliad, the Trojan Women, Pericle's Funeral Oration are powerfully written master pieces of work, that illustrate the element of horridness of war beautifully.

The Iliad

The story of Homer's Iliad focuses on the "rage of Achilles." eading this epic poem makes one believe that it is based entirely on the totality and gruesomeness of war. However, it tells us about the details of war with full description and information. Though war is an important aspect of the tale, but the real story is based on the remarkable fighter and hero-that man is none other than Achilles.

Achilles possesses the greatest military expertise of any of the Achaean ranks and also the greatest fighting ability out of all of the warriors, Trojan or Achaean. At the beginning of the epic, Achilles becomes liberated from his fellow warriors and retreats back to…


Homer, The Iliad

McLaren, The Trojan Women

Thucydides, Pericles's Funeral Oration

Women and the Historical Enterprise
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As an anthropologist, as she observed hoodoo practices of Southern blacks and became such a hoodoo priestess herself, she embraced subjectivity. (79) historian and woman ahead of her time, Hurston thrived not only, out of necessity on the physical margins of academia, but also on the professional margins of 'writing history.' But her techniques not only "became spaces of perspective" and "turned black folk" into legitimate subjects. Her perspective also made for a better writing of American history in general because it included the voices of marginalized figures. (118) Zora Neale Hurston took advantage of her "heightened penchant" for interdisciplinary study "to forge some of the first substantive academic research on African-Americans" but highlighted the need for interdisciplinary and openly subjective historical study in general, particularly of those peoples deemed to be marginal to mainstream 'written' American society and history. (138)

Hurston studied Black culture partly to recover her own…

Works Cited

Des Jardins, Julie. Women and the Historical Enterprise: the Female American Historian. University of North Carolina Press, 2003.

Islamic Philosophers
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Ibn Sina (or Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abadllah and also known as Avicenna) of Hamadan, Persia (now Iran) believed himself to be a master of all the sciences, i.e., logic, the natural sciences and mathematics, and that all the gates of knowledge were opened to him (p 1 par 4). He is said to have mastered the Qu'ran at 10 and all the sciences at 18. His one all-consuming life obsession was learning and mastering knowledge: "I ... warned my father that I should not engage in any other occupation but learning." (p 1 par 2). The most important things in his life were, consequently, learning and reading on which it depended.

A precocious learner at an early age, it naturally disturbed him badly when he could not comprehend the Greek philosopher Aristotle's "Metaphysics." When he finally did after reading Abu Nasr al-Farabi's "On the Objects of Metaphysics" (which he…

American Revolution Criticisms Against and Praise for
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American Revolution

Criticisms against and praise for colonialism in America: A comparative analysis of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine and "Origin and Progress of the American Rebellion" by Peter Oliver

The declaration of King George III of the United Kingdom that America is in an active state of rebellion in August 23, 1775, marked the opportunity for Britain's 13 colonies in the country to be liberated from British colonialism. The path towards rebellion in America is an arduous process, where there had been a series of economic and political pressures that Britain had imposed in order to maintain control over the gradually rebelling members of the colonies.

What made the study of the history of the American Revolution interesting is that there are numerous literatures illustrating the political and economic climate between the Americans and British at the time where rebellious ideologies and propaganda are gradually increasing. There had been…

How Traveling and Tourism Contribute to U S Economy
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Travelling and Tourism contributes to U.S. Economy

How travelling and tourism contribute to U.S. economy



United States Department of Commerce

Commerce Department Data Show U.S. Travel and Tourism Exports Contributed $87.1 Billion to U.S. Economy in First Six Months of 2013

The official website of the U.S. Department of Commerce takes keen interest in finding who enters the country for the purpose of traveling and tourism and what is the impact of traveling on the economy of the country. The department oversees International Trade Administration. It is found that the international investors contribute multibillions to the economy of country every year. During the month of June this year, the international investors contribute about $14.6 billion. The contribution is increasing every year and from June 2012 to June 2013, the investment increased about 5%. The role of international travelers and tourists is positive on the economy of USA. Only…


Guido, C., and Paolo, F. "The Economics of Tourism Destinations," Springer. (2012).

International Trade Administration. Year-to-date U.S. travel and tourism exports contribute $72.6 billion to the U.S. economy, (2013). Retrieved from: 

Independent. Keeping nine per cent rate good for jobs, tourism and economy, (2013). Retrieved


Battle of San Pietro by
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"After shots of soldiers' dog tags nailed to rough wooden grave markers, we see survivors smiling wearily, but the voice-over undercuts the relaxed moment: 'Many among those you see alive here have since joined the ranks of their brothers-in-arms who fell at San Pietro.... Ahead lay ... more San Pietros, greater or lesser, a thousand more.'" the shot of the dog tags as grave markets could be interpreted, in their raw form, as a poignant statement about the soldier's sacrifice, but Huston's statement that these dog tags once represented living human beings with camera shots of real soldier's faces is used to remind us that many American soldiers will never again smile or set foot on their native soil. The question as to whether their sacrifice is worthwhile and worthy is left for the viewer to ask him or herself (Schoenherr 2005).

The images of ordinary civilians, poor, dirty, and…

Works Cited

Erickson, Hal & Mark Deming. "The Battle of San Pietro." All Movie Guide. February 11, 2010. 

Schoenherr, Steven. "The Battle of San Pietro." UC Sand Diego. Film History.

November 7, 2005,

Henry V Using Barthes Theory Myth- a
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Using Barthes theory myth- a type speech defined presenting a transforming, order meaning- analyze comment important myth themes found Henry V. Cite Barthes essay points.

Barthes theory of myth: Henry V

Shakespeare's history play Henry V functions as a drama of nation-building as well as a drama of a king's self-mythologizing. In the play, the formerly profligate hero Henry V shows himself to be an upstanding leader as he emerges victorious over the effete French. The play establishes an image of the English as hardy, rough-hewn souls. The army unites Britons of all different nationalities and ethnicities under the banner of Henry, who is able to lead, because of his history, with a common touch. This underlines the greatness of the English monarchy. Henry's inclusive spirit and his victory come to symbolize the greatness of England and English values. Over the course of the play, there is also…


Barthes, Ronald. (1984). Mythologies. Translated by Annette Lavers, Hill and Wang, New York.


Shakespeare, William. Henry IV. Retrieved:

Magic Mountain Thomas Mann's the
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On several occasions he is tempted by the opportunity to return to the working world. After a time, he feels that he has become enriched by the "adventures of the flesh and the spirit" that the Mountain has presented him, and would have much to contribute were he to return (Mann, 994). The first signs of tuberculosis provide him the pretext to remain, initially, and spend his days dreaming of Clawdia. However, upon the first anniversary of his visit he is unequivocally branded fit for departure; this fact, Castorp refuses to accept. Castorp's uncle also comes to rescue him from the appeal of the Mountain, but finds that he must leave before he too succumbs to its charms.

Still, these interruptions of Castorp's dream-like existence are menial by comparison to the definitively external event that eventually lands him on a battlefield in Flanders -- the outbreak of war. Again, despite…

Works Cited

Mann, Thomas. The Magic Mountain. New York: Alfred a. Knopf, 1958.

Germany and the Holocaust
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Goldhagen and Browning: How the Holocaust Could Have Happened

The Jewish Holocaust has inspired countless theories on how such an atrocity could take place in a seemingly humane and otherwise "normal" society, as Germany was in the 20th century. In other words, it was not really any different from any other society or culture in the modern era -- and yet understanding how the Holocaust could have happened, how human beings of the modern era could take part in such a mass killing, has been the debate of historians. This paper will compare and contrast the arguments of Daniel J. Goldhagen and Christopher R. Browning -- both of whom give a distinct take on how such an atrocity could happen.

The main substance of Goldhagen's argument is that Germans were able to take part in the killings of the Jews because under Hitler and the National Socialist German Worker's Party,…

Problems and Challenges of Catholicism Confucianism and Islam Between 1450-1750
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Confucianism, Catholicism and Islam between 1450 and 1750.

Three major religions, located at diverse axes of the world, Catholicism, Confucianism, and Islam, were faced with similar problems and challenges in the years between 1450 and 1750. Catholicism encountered a militant Protestant Reformation in the shape of Martin Luther King that espoused religion whilst criticizing the Pope. Confucianism, in the shape of the renowned philosopher and politician Wang Vangming, grappled with a future that threatened to challenge its traditional learning and way of life whilst Wahhabism introduced fundamentalist religion into an Islam that had gradually become more secular and detached from the Koran-simulated way of life. The following essay elaborates on their individual problems and challenges.


Luther's Protestantism effectively ended the many years of sole religious monopoly that the Catholic Church had on Europe. At the same time, Catholicism was also threatened by the new Humanism that tentatively insisted, first…

Sources. (vol. 2) Bedford; New York, *.

1 Strayer, p.751

2 Strayer. p.755

3 ibid.

4 ibid

The Aristotelian Tragedy and Shakespeare S Othello
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Othello Is a Tragic Hero

Othello is an Aristotelian tragedy

This paper will show that Othello can be correctly labeled a "tragic hero" and that the play fits the form and function of the Aristotelian tragedy according to the model as it is understood and interpreted by critical scholars.

Defining the tragic hero and the Aristotelian tragedy

The tragic hero is good, valorous, true to life and consistent

The Aristotelian tragedy is complete, an imitation of an action and produces a cathartic effect through fear and pity

Othello is a Tragic Hero

He is Good

The senate loves him because he is strong

Desdemona loves him because he is brave

His men love him because he is a leader

He has Manly Valor

He is viewed as a moral man

He is unafraid of meeting a challenge

c. He is true to life

He has faults and weaknesses

He falls…


Aristotle. (1970). Poetics. (trans. by Gerald Else). MI: University of Michigan Press.

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Weekly, 6(1): 2-4.

Bates, C. (1997) 'Shakespeare's Tragedies of Love', Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Personal Philo One of the
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" (7)

Chomsky warns of ideological motivations of some scientific paradigms, just as with the aforementioned racial emphasis of early anthropology. Here, Russell espouses a Platonic episteme by enunciating the expectations of behavior between different classes. While Plato philosophized that persons are born with the characteristics fitting of their caste, Russell envisages a society in which "ordinary" men and women are expected to be collectivized and, therefore, devoid of individual expression.

Jean Jacques Rousseau paid his respects to the philosophy of Plato, although he thought it impractical, citing the decayed state of society. This sort of romanticism has been downplayed by the modern scientific establishment, who denounce the noble savage theory of human nature. Humans are not born purely good, modern science maintains. Instead, evolutionary traits are promoted at the biological level, thereby giving rise to how people are. It is not society that corrupts, but rather an interrelationship between…

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11. Grasha, Anthony. (1989) Teaching Styles. Cambridge University.

U S Governance Practices Government for
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(Henry, 2009)

So while the new changes are definitely a good sign, they still need to go a long way in ensuring that they are truly serving the purpose for which they were first initiated. Public voice is a major issue and government needs to check if the changes in governance practices are fostering or obliterating these voices.


Lake esearch Partners/Topos Partnership. 2009. Transparency Poll Data Memo. Available at

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of Transparency in Public Life." In Globalizing ights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures

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Freedom of Information Act." Jan.…


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of Transparency in Public Life." In Globalizing Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures

1999, ed. Matthew Gibney. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Run for Your Wife Ray Cooney's Run
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un for Your Wife

ay Cooney's un for Your Wife through Philosophical Inquiry

un for Your Wife is a British farce written by ay Cooney who also played the main protagonist, John Smith, in the play in theater performances in Britain in the 1980s. The play explores numerous issues ranging from ethics, polygamy, and faithfulness to the aesthetics of British culture in the 1950s. The whole play, however, is a farce and sometimes acts in the play seem to be mindless, performed just for the sake of humor although some forms of humor used in the play also seem to be bland. One way to make sense of the play is to explore it through branches of philosophy such as metaphysics and epistemology. Both of these branches of knowledge ultimately suggest that there is subjectivity and relativity in our ways of knowing. This may be useful in understanding un for…


Metaphysics (n.d.) PBS Glossary. Retrieved on 17 October 2011, from 

Steup, Matthias (2005) Epistemology. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved on 17 October 2011, from

Swamp Fox Throughout History in
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Tarleton was known for cruelty and slaughter. When his troops took Marion's nephew Gabriel prisoner during an unsuccessful attempt to capture Georgetown, Tarleton followed up by murdering Gabriel in cold blood. But Marion did not engage in any similar brutality or seek revenge by killing British prisoners of war. it's a testament to his moral character and to "a scrupulous piety that was part of his Huguenot background" (Smith, 1976, p. 1437). By his own upright behavior he set a standard for those who served him, and the men under him made it their standard too (American evolution - General Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox web site).

Marion got his nickname "The Swamp Fox" from the enemy. Colonel Banastre ("Bannister") Tarleton called him that because of his elusive tactics (the Swamp Fox web site). Cornwallis was determined to put an end to Marion's daring exploits and had sent Tarleton to…


American revolution web site. Francis Marion, Revolutionary War 'Swamp Fox': Retrieved 17 June 2007 at 

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Leadership qualities web site: Retrieved 19 June 2007 at

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Film Behind the Lines Is
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He was twenty-five when he died." ("ilfred Own," 2005)

One figure, however, besides the more aristocratic poets, who is entirely fictional is a working class man named Billy Prior, a who had risen through the ranks to become an officer, but is now mute. This character is used, not for historical accuracy, but as a symbolic state of the working class during this period, and as a contrast to the highly articulate, and also upper-class experiences of Sassoon and Owen. The film thus transposes reality, when it is visually or verbally suitable for conveying its theme, with occasionally flights of fictional 'poetic' reality. In other words, it would have been dishonest to only show the experience of psychotherapist, poets, and the upper classes of a war that was fought by large numbers of ordinary working class men, many of whom became officers like Prior, as more of the aristocratic 'officer…

Works Cited

Bowman, James. "Behind the Lines: Regeneration." Film review. Directed by Gillies Mackinnon from a screenplay by Allan Scott and based on the novel by Pat Barker. 1997 

Sassoon, Siegfried." World Book Online Reference Center. 2005. World Book, Inc. 10 Nov. 2005

Behind the Lines: Regeneration." Directed by Gillies Mackinnon from a screenplay by Allan Scott and based on the novel by Pat Barker. 1997.

Administrative Evil Review of Unmasking Administrative Evil
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Administrative Evil

Review of Unmasking Administrative Evil

In Understanding Administrative Evil, authors Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour explore the idea and evolution of the concept of evil. Adams and Balfour begin by defining historical evil as "knowingly and deliberately inflicting pain and suffering on other human being" (xix).

However, in modern times, this idea has undergone a critical change. Historical evil has evolved into administrative evil, a form of evil that is unique to modernity. Administrative evil is made possible by the rise of technical rationality, a culture that "emphasizes the scientific-analytic mind-set and the belief in technological progress." As a result, administrative evil "wears many masks" (xxi) keeping its nature hidden from the people who unintentionally carry out its plans.

This process of "moral inversion" can thus make public officers the unknowing vehicles of administrative evil.

Thus, the main difference between historical and administrative evil lie in…

Works Cited

Adams, Guy B. And Balfour, Danny L. Unmasking Administrative Evil. London: Sage Publications, 1998.

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Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah. Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1996.

History of Americanization Through Benjamin Franklin
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Americanization of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin played a major role in the American evolution and its history and his contributions changed the history of America as we know it.

One of the most interesting and influential characters in American history is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was a brilliant man that contributed deeply to both the scientific and political community. Much of what there is to know about his life can be found in Gordon S. Wood's book titled "The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin." The purpose of this paper is to examine the life of Benjamin Franklin through the provided text in order to answer these significant questions:

How come Benjamin Franklin was an unlikely revolutionary?

What caused Franklin to join the revolution?

How can we compare and contrast Franklin's mythology with his reality?

Franklin Preferred London to Philadelphia and royal governments to democracy, why?

How come American colonists were suspicious of…


1) Wood, G. (2004). The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. Penguin Books.

Business General Please List Sections According to
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Business (general)

Please list sections according to instructions

Exercise 1.1: eview of esearch Study and Consideration of Ethical Guidelines

Option 1: Stanford Prison Experiment

Go to:, the official site for the Stanford Prison Experiment.

What do you think the research questions were in this study? List 2 or 3 possible research questions (in question format) that may have been the focus of this experiment.

What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? Does natural or innate evil exist, or is evil situational? Are certain people simply born "bad apples" or are they made evil by "bad barrels"?

What is "reality" in a prison setting? This study is one in which an illusion of imprisonment was created, but when do illusions become real? How quickly and easily will 'ordinary men' adjust to the roles as prisoners, guards and…


Asby, M.D. And S.A. Miles (2002). Leaders Talk Leadership: Top Executives Speak their Minds. Oxford.

"Frederick W. Smith: The Entrepreneur Who Created an Industry." (2003). IBS Center for Management Research. 

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Lussier, R.N. And C.F. Archua (2010). Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill Development. South-Western Cengage Learning.

Court Martial of Billy Mitchell
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It takes place during the war in 1916, (before America became involved), and it shows the attack by French soldiers of a German position known as the "Ant Hill." The position is on the Western Front, near Verdun in France, and it is a gripping look at the trench warfare tactics of the war. The French soldiers are clearly unready for an attack, but the crazy General makes them attack in spite of their worthiness, because of his own selfish needs and wants. Ultimately, it is no surprise that the attack fails, the men simply were not ready, and some of them will not even leave the trenches because they know it is hopeless. The General is enraged because of this, and he convinces his commander that he must discipline the men because of their "mutiny." He chooses three men to court-martial as an example to the other soldiers.


Billy Budd
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Billy Budd Before Referencing

Herman Melville's Billy Budd: A Perfect Storm of Injustice

ho is responsible for Billy Budd's death? Discuss how Captain Vere, Claggart and Billy himself all contribute to Billy's downfall.

Herman Melville's 1891 seafaring novella Billy Budd is a Christian allegory, transposed into the relatively contemporary setting of a British naval vessel. The Christian Bible details the death of Christ as a series of betrayals and injustices. The popular leader and teacher Christ is betrayed by one of his own followers, Judas, and is handed over by the leadership of his own nation to the Roman judge Pontius Pilate. Pilate washes his hands of his responsibility for a man whom he believes is innocent, because Christ will not verbally defend himself, and because the Roman authorities have charged him with preserving order amongst the populace. Pilate acquiesces, going against his better moral instincts.

Similarly, Billy Budd is…

Works Cited

Melville, Herman. Billy Budd. 1891. Bibliomania. 23 Feb 2008.

Ancient Near Eastern Values in
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The use of physical suffering as a symbol for emotional and spiritual suffering is also well-known in the estern tradition. Centuries later, men and women would disappear into the desert in search of God. They would live apart from all human companionship, and deprive themselves of all physical comfort. Gilgamesh does the same. Gilgamesh is also like the lover who pines away for his beloved and wastes away in body, as well as in heart. The message is that the eternal truths of the universe are not easily discovered, and again that these truths are largely hidden from humankind. Humanity's lot is to suffer even in the face of our greatest happiness. Unlike the gods, we cannot know joy eternally. Enkidu was a dear friend, but he could not be by Gilgamesh' side forever. The joy and love that the hero had known were foreordained to be short. Even if…

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Master and Commander O'Brian Patrick
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It begins: "is the Captain on deck?'" asks the common sailor. "Oh no, sir, no,' said the [responding] marine. 'Breakfast only just carrying in this moment. Two hard-boiled eggs and one soft.'"(55) the breakfast scene of ship domesticity shows the hierarchy of the Captain, who is not only able to have eggs for breakfast, but even to order a "soft-boiled egg was for Miss Smith, to recruit her from her labors of the night, as both the marine and Mr. Dillon knew well; but the marine's knowing look met with a total lack of response. James Dillon's mouth tightened, and for a fleeting moment as he ran up the ladder to the sudden brilliance of the quarterdeck it wore a positively angry expression.

This shows that the hierarchy of class at sea comes with soft-boiled eggs and the parceling out of female favors, rather than with symphonic renditions of music…

Warrior Hero A Stranger in a Strange
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arrior Hero: A Stranger in a Strange Land

The figure of the hero is set apart from the common herd of ordinary men by virtue of his special qualities and abilities; in some works, this separateness is literal - he is in a strange land apart from his own kin. To see how this alienation enhances the tale of the hero's conflict, The Odyssey, Beowulf and The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice will be considered.

Odysseus, Beowulf and Othello are all warrior heroes. Odysseus, in The Odyssey, has been instrumental in the victory at Troy, and now fights to return to Ithaca and bring his men safely home; more struggles await him there. Beowulf, a great fighter who has proven his mettle in many conflicts, hears about the depredations of Grendel on Heorot Hall and journeys there to rescue Hrothgar's people. His role in the conflicts against the…

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