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Packaging Print Design What Print

Words: 934 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41438073

That type of printing can be selected.

To be considered is quality and cost effectiveness. The choice have to be made on the value chain to improve prove packaging and create efficiencies. Can the method cut cost and increase revenue? And how efficient is the productive process? Are some of the questions that have to be asked; along with the consideration of the suppliers, and the volume-based cost structure are some of the major considerations in this respect. There must be chosen the least cost and high efficiency process for bulk printing. (Sand, 2010)

The question then is if it will be o-set, gravure or "exo" the consideration then is between these high-volume printing methods, the 'Web O-set, otogravure, and Flexography.' (Keif; Goglio, 2005) the three processes can be used for this purpose and the advantage sought must be in terms of quality, cost and efficiency. Considering the web o-set…… [Read More]


Keif, Malcolm G; Goglio, Tom. (2005) "Identifying High-Volume Printing Processes" Visual

Communications Journal, vol. 12, no. 1, pp: 42-47.

Henson, Jerry; Pfaff, Michael R. (n. d.) "The ABC's of Flexo for Folding Cartons: IDS

Packaging White Paper" Mark Andy Inc. Retrieved 22 February, 2012 from
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Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation

Words: 1592 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59514064

In some cases, reliability and the quality of service as well as the type of relationship that was involved between companies were of equal or even greater importance than cost. In the final analysis, it is reasonable to conclude that even when an optimum mix of these four supply chain elements is developed, the process is never truly completed but rather requires ongoing oversight from logistics managers to ensure that their supply chains are as efficient as possible.


Boyson, S., Harrington, L.H. & Corsi, T.M. (2004). In real time: Managing the new supply chain. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Carter, J.. & Ferrin, B.G. (1995). The impact of transportation costs on supply chain management. Journal of Business Logistics, 16(1), 189-190.

Chapman, K. & Ellinger, a.E. (2009). Constructing impact factors to measure the influence of supply chain management and logistics journals. Journal of Business Logistics, 30(2),


Mollenkopf, D., Closs, D., Twede,…… [Read More]


Boyson, S., Harrington, L.H. & Corsi, T.M. (2004). In real time: Managing the new supply chain. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Carter, J.R. & Ferrin, B.G. (1995). The impact of transportation costs on supply chain management. Journal of Business Logistics, 16(1), 189-190.

Chapman, K. & Ellinger, a.E. (2009). Constructing impact factors to measure the influence of supply chain management and logistics journals. Journal of Business Logistics, 30(2),

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Retail Packaging Printing Instructions Assume Task Developing

Words: 1247 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72473775

etail Packaging Printing

Instructions Assume task developing retail packaging a product. The product package produced a small town China shipped sold United States. The product small runs package a folding carton a color print.

Since the company is looking at doing small runs at first, flexography method of printing is considered. Flexography uses a flexible relief image which is made on thin and flexible printing plates that are made of rubber. This is what is used to press on larger areas of solid color. Flexography can be used to print on various materials which include cellophane, metallic films, and polythene. Since the company needs to print packaging materials which are expected to be made of cellophane and polythene, flexography is deemed to be the most cost-effective solution for short runs. Lithographic printing is also another option.

ationale for flexographic printing

Flexographic printing unlike lithographic printing which is an offset process…… [Read More]


Eisenstein, E.L. (2012). The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Mattern, J. (2003). The Printing Press: An Information Revolution. New York: PowerKids Press.

NIRR Board. (2009). The Complete Book On Printing Technology. Delhi: NIIR Project Consultancy Services.
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food packaging using nanoparticles

Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97239759

Traditionally, beer bottles are made of glass -- a packaging material that has been around for thousands of years. Glass has been used to bottle beer since the early 20th century (Brody, Bugusu, Han, et al., 2008). ecently, Miller Brewing company became one of the first big-name brewing companies to use plastic instead of glass for beer bottles. Plastic has been shunned in beer packaging because of plastic is just porous enough to allow carbon dioxide gas to escape, also allowing oxygen in -- thereby spoiling the beer. Nanotechnology has allowed the carbonated beverage industry and beer firms specifically to capitalize on the lightweight and unbreakable features of plastic without sacrificing product shelf life or quality. Clay is the most common nanoparticle type used in the manufacture of plastic beer bottles. The addition of clay to the plastic extends the shelf life of the product to about six months (Silvestre…… [Read More]


Brody, A.L., Bugusu, B., Han, J. H. et al. (2008). Innovative Food Packaging Solutions. Journal of Food Science 73(8): R107-R116.

"Food Packaging Using Nanotechnology Methods: an Overview of 'Smart Packaging' and 'Active Packaging'" AXONano. 25 July, 2005. Retrieved online: 

"Nano in packaging," (n.d.). Retreived online: 

Philpott, T. (2014). Are nanoparticles from packaging getting into your food? Mother Jones. 11 June, 2014. Retrieved online:
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hazardous materials transportation'safety

Words: 957 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37895059

Most state and federal regulations related to the transportation of hazardous materials were first established in 1975 with the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act. The Act broadly defines hazardous materials as anything that “may pose an unreasonable risk to health and safety or property,” (OSHA, 2017). In practice, hazardous materials generally include explosives, hazardous waste, gasses, radioactive material, flammable or combustible materials, and harmful chemicals. However, each state would have its own regulations, which sometimes conflicted with neighboring states or federal regulations. Further complicating the issues related to safe transport of hazardous materials was the fact that a large number of federal, state, and local agencies would have different jurisdictions and subject to different regulations or laws, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Federal Railway Administration (FRA), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) (Federal Motor Carrier…… [Read More]

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Direct Labor and Direct Materials

Words: 990 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72171729

Taguchi also expanded the focus of quality cost analysis and shifted his emphasis to improving production methods and service. As well as quality control in production, quality control was necessary in product planning and design, process design, and production services after purchase. Taguchi's quality loss function was designed to measure the success or failure of quality control in an absolute fashion, over the entire lifecycle of the item (Taguchi, 2010, Business Dictionary).

Question 2: What factors contribute to a manager's decision to recall a manufactured product? Support your answers with specific examples. How can managers within a service organization improve sales and control costs when utilizing the Taguchi quality control method? Give examples.

First and foremost, the question of product safety must be on the minds of managers when making the decision to recall a manufactured product: a product that has a defect in its design (such as an SUV…… [Read More]


Cost variance (CV). (2010). Project Management Knowledge: Definitions. Retrieved April 17,

2010 at 

Kaner, Cem. (1996). Quality cost analysis: Benefits and risks. Quality Control Handbook.

Retrieved April 17, 2010 at
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Sow Cost Estimate Statement of Work Date

Words: 785 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82734547

SOW Cost Estimate

Statement of Work

[Date published]

[Presenter's name]

Time and materials

Client's administrator

Relocation of Office Headquarter

Engagement duration

Begin date

eb' 2012

End date

eb' 2012

Schedule of rates [Include fixed-rate costs for items such as equipment and hourly rates for employee time and service.]

Item description

Delivery schedule

(Business days)



desks (with associated chairs)

day- 1st eb 2012

day- 1st eb 2012

Coffee Tables

day- 2nd eb 2012


Small Items (120 X 160 boxes)


day 3rd eb 2012

Computers (with monitors)

day- 1st eb 2012

Payment terms


Completion date

Payments due

Phase 1 -- Movement of urniture and Computers

2nd eb 2012


Phase 2 -- Movement of rames and Small Items

3rd eb 2012


Phase 3- Cleaning, Organizing and Arranging relocated items at new premesis

4th eb 2012


Statement of work


ollowing assumptions are to be made…… [Read More]

Full name

3/2/2012 Statement of Work Page 2

3/2/2012 Statement of Work Page 5
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Supply Chain Strategies

Words: 3054 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62410581

Research indicates that supply chains help organizations attain competitive advantage. In turn, the successes or letdowns of such supply chains are determined in the open market by the end consumers. Rendering the fitting product, at the fitting price, at the fitting time to the consumer is not only the fundamental aspect to competitive success but also the vital element to survival (Christopher and Towill, 2001). Owing to the fact that the intricacy of supply chains in the present day, partly as a result of globalization and out-sourcing, the manner in which supply chains are structured can make a difference between an organization generating profit or loss. Different types of structures avail the management the choice to select the one that best suits consumer expectations. However, it is imperative for such chosen pipelines to go hand in hand with the business strategy of the supply chain (Christopher and Towill, 2002). In…… [Read More]

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Human Production and Consumption Habits

Words: 548 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22230937

In the meantime, we have not sufficiently developed alternate energy technologies. In the last few decades, nations that were too poor to benefit from the Industrial evolution have begun dramatically increasing their consumption of fossil fuels as larger proportions of their populations become able to afford modern conveniences. As a result, societies in China (in particular) are now experiencing the exact same problems once experienced by European industrial cities immediately after the Industrial evolution (Poiman & Poiman, 2007).

Meanwhile, in the First-World nations, production and consumption habits in relation to other byproducts of fossil fuels have been exploited to produce a wide variety of goods made from plastics and other petroleum-based products (Poiman & Poiman, 2007). A consumption-oriented mentality has generated incredible volumes of trash that, because if its petroleum-based composition, is not biodegradable. Modern consumer goods, and even the packaging materials used to ship them, contain large amounts of…… [Read More]


Attfield, R. (2003). Environmental Ethics: An Overview for the Twenty-First Century.

Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Poiman, L.P. And Poiman, P. (2007). Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application. Florence, KY: Wadsworth-Cengage.
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Marketing Pricing Strategies the Pricing of a

Words: 1095 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16045130


Pricing Strategies

The pricing of a product or service is an important aspect of the marketing mix. The pricing of a product will need to be set at a level that will support the firms' long-term profitability; even were there are short-term market penetration strategies or loss leading prices, the ultimate aim of the firm is for the generation of revenues and creation of profit. The pricing strategy chosen by a firm will depend on a number of factors; these will include the market conditions and strategies of the competing or complimentary products, as well as the level of differentiation and the market position that the firm us seeking to gain (Kotler and Keller, 2011). Two examples may be used to assess the way pricing strategies may be formulated; a media distributor and aspirin.

Media Distributor

A media distributor, such as NetFlix or Love Film, has a limited amount…… [Read More]


Drury, C, (2012), Management and Cost Accounting, Cengage Learning EMEA

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Mintzberg Henry, Ahlstrand Bruce, Lampel Joseph B. (2008), Strategy Safari: The Complete Guide Through the Wilds of Strategic Management, Financial Times / Prentice Hall
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Products and Services That the

Words: 3842 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16624550

This is because the public image that is created can be very good for creating a good reputation and company image. This is mainly fueled by positive consumerism.CS should therefore be integrated into corporate strategy.

Environmental problems

Food Packaging

Almost all parts of the industries that deal with packaging, not excluding food packaging, are facing several environmental problems. For instance, the shops that are dealing with fast-food are receiving a lot of pressure to minimize the quantity of the solid wastes that they are generating (Testin and Vergano, 1991). As a result, the company will result into numerous environmental problems. Packaging is indeed an essential part of modern life style. The loss from packaging is more rampant in the firms that process food and those in the system of distribution. In the countries that are still developing, packaging is a rare thing and sometimes, it does not exist. In such…… [Read More]


Demetrakakes, P. (2004, Oct). Nestle's packaging wraps up the world: a truly international food company combines local and global strategies in packaging its huge array of products

Domberger, S. And Fernandez, P. (1999), Public-Private Partnerships for Service Delivery.

Business Strategy Review, 10: 29 -- 39

Kakabadse, a.P. And Kakabadse, N. (2000a) Sourcing: new face to economies of scale and the emergence of new organizational forms. Knowledge and Process Management 7(2), 107 -- 118.
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Biomimicry & Package Sustainability Biomimicry

Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 48401533

As the article on SPC (sustainable packaging Coalition) describes, packaging itself contributes to as much as a third of the waste in developed countries. The two articles are closely related in that SPC is all about effective biomimicry in the packaging industry. The new approach to producing sustainable industrial designs is based on life cycle analysis where eliminating waste and conserving energy are key components. The sustainable packaging coalition, a new environmental group is working towards creating new standards for industrial packaging that ensure that products are 'sourced responsibly', designed to be 'safe and effective', 'cost effective' and most importantly, recyclable.

The SPC formed by leading companies is promoting and sharing innovative packaging design solutions that are inspired by nature and therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable. In other words the SPC is working towards innovations in package designs that are modeled on natural systems. The SPC also studies and reports…… [Read More]


1) Tim McGee & Dr. Dayna Baumeister, 'Biomimicry',
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Plastic Debris on Marine Species

Words: 3763 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87349845

In Indonesia, this shoreline litter covers about 90% of the upper shore.

How plastic debris affect marine life

There are two major ways in which detrimental effects to marine life occur. One is when these marine animals become snarled up in the marine debris and the other way is when they ingest the plastic wastes. Some of the materials which can cause the snarl up are pieces of fish lines or nets and rings which are used to bind six-pack beverages. These materials can cause the marine animals to drown or suffocate thus killing them. Death can also be an effect of the materials strangling the animals or starvation when the animal is trapped and unable to reach any food. These materials can also cause severe injuries to the animals. Entanglement is especially important to sea lions and seals. These animals are known to have a curious nature like that…… [Read More]

Works cited

Allsopp, Michelle, et al. Plastic Debris in the World's Oceans. Amsterdam: Greenpeace International, 2006. Print.

Arthur, Courtney. Plastic Marine Debris: An in-Depth Look2010. Print.

Dong-Oh, Cho. "The Incentive Program for Fishermen to Collect Marine Debris in Korea." Marine Pollution Bulletin 58.3 (2009): 415-17. Print.

Jose G.B, Derraik. "The Pollution of the Marine Environment by Plastic Debris: A Review." Marine Pollution Bulletin 44.9 (2002): 842-52. Print.
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Product Lifecycle Management Best Practices

Words: 3216 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8746319

This practically also pays big dividends for manufacturers as they continue to strive to keep their Energy STA Compliance ratings on products, leading to lower costs for power supply, electrical system integration and less product wear due to more efficient use of energy. Studies also indicate that Energy STA compliance, when designed in as part of the DfE initiatives in a PLM system, can have an exceptionally high accumulative impact as well (Preston, 2001).

Integrating DfE into PLM frameworks then not only alleviates the unnecessary and often high costs of noncompliance to federal and global mandates, this integration has also been shown to reduce the net amount of new product components necessary, further creating higher levels of reliability in products over time (Mascle, Zhao, 2008).

There are many additional benefits to integrating DfE product development practices into the broader PLM frameworks manufacturers use for designing, launching, managing and discontinuing products.…… [Read More]


Abramovici, M. (2007). Future trends in product lifecycle management (plm). Springer-Verlag Publishing, London, UK. (pp. 665-674).

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Deathe, A., MacDonald, E., & Amos, W.. (2008). E-waste Management Programmes and the Promotion of Design for the Environment: Assessing Canada's Contributions. Review of European Community & International Environmental Law, 17(3), 319-334.
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Electronic Waste Adoption of Cross-Functional

Words: 3632 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94776130

Cross-functional team dynamics require leaders who can be transformational in their ability to communicate compelling missions, goals and objectives for the teams, not just managing by action item lists and project plans (Santa, Ferrer, Bretherton, Hyland, 2010).

The best cross-functional teams then have a level of passionate intensity about them; they see the much greater result they are attempting to accomplish as worth the sacrifices they need to attain them (Feng, Jiang, Fan, Fu, 2010). Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of new product development and introduction (NPDI), especially in high tech manufacturing where product lifecycles are so rapid (Boks, Stevels, 2007). In the leading high tech companies including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others, sustainability engineering, product development engineering, packaging, repackaging and remanufacturing all have their experts on cross-functional teams to share their expertise and insight to make sustainability initiatives accomplishable through better use of internal knowledge…… [Read More]


Albino, V., a. Balice, and R. Dangelico. 2009. Environmental strategies and green product development: an overview on sustainability-driven companies. Business Strategy and the Environment 18, no. 2, (February 1): 83.

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Bongsug (Kevin) Chae. 2009. Developing key performance indicators for supply chain: an industry perspective. Supply Chain Management 14, no. 6, (November 1): 422-428.
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Workplace Motivation

Words: 1187 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77237755

Workplace Motivation

In recent years, the topic of workplace and employee motivation has emerged as a significant concern for both employers and management personnel. An analysis of such strategies at a Target Retail Store provides an example of how such motivational strategies affect the company's sales, profits, workplace morale, and future. One of the most important issues at a Target Retail Store is the timely method and manner of placing and displaying the merchandise on the sales floor before the store actually opens to the public at 8:00 A.M. This must be effectively done with limited resources and staff. As a result, management must be able to appropriately and effectively motivate all staff employees and improve performance and employees' resistance to increasing productivity. This paper will examine the organizational efforts of Target Retail Stores in this area, and identify and analyze two motivational theories not currently in practice by Target.…… [Read More]


Maslow, A.H. (1943). A Theory of Human Motivation. Psychological Review, 50, 370-396.

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McGregor, D. (1960). The Human Side of Enterprise. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Mitchell, T.R. (1992). Motivational Strategies. Personnel Management, 10.
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Social Business and the Retailer

Words: 9885 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 5588703

Social Media etailing Applications: Opportunities and Threats

How Has Social Media Developed and What are the Benefits and Downsides of Using Social Media for etailers Today?

This study examines social business in general, how it developed and the benefits of using social media in particular. Second, this study provides a discussion concerning the potential positive as well as the effects of social business in the retail sector which is followed by a description of optimal business strategies for social media applications, the pros/cons of using these tools in the industry, and some representative case studies concerning companies that succeeded and some that recently failed in their use of social media. Finally, the study provides a summary of the research and important findings is followed by a series of recommendations concerning how retailers should use social media technologies in their own businesses in the concluding chapter.

Social Media Business Applications

Chapter…… [Read More]


About Honda. (2013). Honda. Available: . Last accessed 1 November 2013.

About Virgin. (2013). Virgin America. Available:

Baumann, M. (2010, June). @Twitter Discloses Business Model #Promotedtweets RT.

Information Today, 27 (6) 1-5.
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Wal-Mart Supply Chain

Words: 2017 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38755293

Wal-Mart Delivery Time Cycle

The author of this report is asked to speak to Wal-Mart and their delivery time cycle performance vis-a-vis its benefit to Wal-Mart and how it allows Wal-Mart to remain so dominant in the retail sector. Indeed, there are other big-box stores that closely or loosely match what Wal-Marts sells including Kroger, K-Mart/Sears, Target, and so forth. However, in its half-century or so of existence, Wal-Mart has become the juggernaut of the world retail sector and there is little to no chance of that changing anytime soon barring a cataclysmic even in the retail sector or broader business or cultural world. While Wal-Mart has taken its share of proverbial black eyes for wages and benefits and how much it buys from China, its position as the retail cost leader and how much its supply chain and delivery time cycle figure into this calculus is something that cannot…… [Read More]


Bayat, A., Sundararajan, S., & Gustafson, H. (2011). Sustainably driven supply chains. Industrial Engineer: IE, 43(8), 26-31.

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Dharmadhikari, S. (2012). Eco-Friendly Packaging in Supply Chain. IUP Journal Of

Supply Chain Management, 9(2), 7-18.
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Sustainable Practices by Dos Toros

Words: 905 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2178799

Economics and Ethics of Sustainable Design

Dos Toros is a U.S. food manufacturing company. The company manufactures foods of different types from plant food to animal food. At this company, there are several deliberate measures that are employed to ensure that these kind of food produced meets the desired standards. In this case, Dos Toros managed to carve a sizeable market share by distinguishing itself. Chipotle Company, on the other hand, is a beef producing company located in Texas. This company sells meat from naturally raised cows. The cows that they slaughter are bred under natural conditions with no adulteration of chemicals. There is no use of drugs in sustaining the lives of the animals. The kinds of food that the cows eat are those availed by nature. This is similar to Dos Toro's approach to business. As a result, both companies have earned a name for their consideration of…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Dasmann, Raymond F. Environmental Conservation. 2d. ed. New York: Wiley, 2010. Print.

Henningfeld, Diane Andrews. Genetically Modified Food. Detroit: Greenhaven, 2014. Print.

Leff, Enrique. Green Production: Toward an Environmental Rationality. New York: Guilford, 2011. Print
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Marketing Plan for Miller Inc

Words: 6075 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79496921

As a result of huge growth, the company's management may lose focus of the scope of their business.

Miller Inc. has a highly centralized hierarchy of management and lacks the managerial backup to promote creativity amons the employees.

Single-sourcing which is the characteristic of Miller Inc. could be a recipe of disaster should the supplier fail. Contingency plans for supplies need to be considered.

The constrant production nature of the product leads to huge strains on personnel and machinery.

Product line and client base lack diversification.

While the small number of staff promotes camaraderie, unfortunately, it also impedes growth and development.

Miller Inc. is reactive rather than proactive in its marketing efforts. This is as a result of its heavy reliance on mass-media advertising for obtaining new business.

The current facilities of Miller Inc. are crowded thus there is little room for expansion of workforce or equipment.



The…… [Read More]


Armstrong, G., et al. Marketing: An Introduction. Essex: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2009. Print.

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Cooper, Lee G. "Strategic Marketing Planning for Radically New Products." The Journal of Marketing 64.1 (2000): 1-16. Print.
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Uncontrollable Environmental Variables Meadwestvaco Is

Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80160245

When expanding to foreign countries, Meadwestvaco needs to also research these political factors, as they may impact heavily upon the types of materials as well as fees and consequent income. Some countries also have competition clauses in order to avoid that foreign companies compete too strongly with domestic companies of the same nature. Meadwestvaco need to take these factors into account in order to ensure that profitable business is possible in the specific country.

There are many benefits associated with understanding buyers and markets in the foreign market. Meadwestvaco is already familiar with this principle, as can be demonstrated by its lucrative presence in China. Understanding cultural symbols, for example, has the advantage of creating a positive image (or avoid negative connotations) in the mind of the foreign buyer. Creating positive image via the active use of cultural symbols can play a large part towards driving sales.

The advantage of…… [Read More]

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Virgin Mobile USA Pricing for

Words: 3176 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91857409

In addition to gaining a high percentage of the 15-29 segment as defined in the case study, there is the added strategy of being able to take more of the mainstream customers from cellular service providers with bad service, high prices, and complex programs to understand. Presented below are the specific assumptions that illustrate the financial viability of this strategy:

Pay-as-you-go is expected to be the fastest growing segment of cellular telephone service industry (SEC 2007) as defined by research firms the Yankee Group and Current Analysis. Included in this analysis by these research firms is significant churn from existing cellular telephone service providers, which is a strength of Virgin Mobile.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is assumed to stay flat over the forecast period for both basic and deluxe service levels, further increasing profitability and the potential for increasing investment in capital equipment and service assets, including customer service…… [Read More]

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Poor Public Image

Words: 1600 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46600274

Poor Public Image

Conceptual framework

Perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associations are all widely used concepts and therefore they are applied in this study. Apart from the analysis of the way brand equity influences consumer behaviour, the connections between these four dimensions are also studied (Buil, Martinez & de Chernatony, 2013). Previous researchers have identified connections among perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associations (Vukasovic, 2016; Buil et al., 2013). Laying emphasis on the immediate impact which the sizes of brand equity could have on it would reveal that the biggest effects are expected to be from brand associations, brand loyalty and perceived quality. Brand awareness has been identified as an important but insufficient factor for value creation. This paper talks about the concept of corporate rebranding strategy as well as the concept of a coordinated group of proposition proposals focused on its conceptualization as…… [Read More]


Berk, C.C. (2017). McDonald's earnings top Wall Street views as global same-store sales strengthen. CNBC. Retrieved from  on 29 Jun. 17

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Vukasovic, T. (2016). A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Consumer -- Based Brand Equity. Managing Innovation and Diversity in Turbulent Time, 991-997.
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Business-To-Business Marketing Environment and Critically Analyse Them

Words: 2643 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89989947

business-to-Business marketing environment and critically analyse them, with special reference the UK market in Europe

Identify the major trends in the business-to-business marketing environment and critically analyse them,

With special reference the UK market in Europe

Of the many trends in Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing, the most significant are social media, the continual growth of globalization, supply chains, outsourcing, green marketing and data driven marketing. Taken together these trends are completely redefining the platforms, programs and strategies of B2B marketers throughout the UK and Europe. The intent of this analysis is to provide insights into each of these trends and illustrate how B2B marketers can make the most of the opportunities they provide.

Social Media's apid Ascension and Its Impact on B2B Marketing

Social networks are redefining B2B marketing strategies faster than any other trend included in this analysis, as the collection of these applications are defining customer relationships. Instead of…… [Read More]


R. Anbanandam, D.K. Banwet, and Ravi Shankar. 2011. Evaluation of supply chain collaboration: a case of apparel retail industry in India. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 60, no. 2, (February 15): 82-98.

Bernoff, J., and C. Li. 2008. Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review 49, no. 3, (April 1): 36-42.

Bughin, J., M. Chui, and J. Manyika. 2010. Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch. The McKinsey Quarterly no. 4, (October 1): 26.

Chapple, K., C. Kroll, T. Lester, and S. Montero. 2011. Innovation in the Green Economy: An Extension of the Regional Innovation System Model? Economic Development Quarterly 25, no. 1, (February 1): 5.
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Oceana Group Limited Is a Company Listed

Words: 2274 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91025240

Oceana Group Limited is a company listed in Johannesburg and Namibia stock exchanger. The company is in the food and beverage industry with core business being fishing as well as allied services sector. The company is engaged in the catching, processing as well as the procurement of various marine species such as pilchard, redeye, sardine anchovy, lobster, herring, tune, horse mackerel as well as hake. Other deep-see species also form their specialty. Their products are prepared and then sold via local and international marketing channels. Additionally, the company provides fruit handling as well as cold storage facilities at an extensive level (Oceana,2011). The company operates via various divisions, subsidiary stakeholders as well as companies.

The South African-based firm engages in the catching, preparing for sale and procuring different fish products in South Africa.It also deals in canned fish products. The company's market capitalization was valued at ZA 3113 million or…… [Read More]


Glamis Research Institute (2010). Oceans Group Limited

Glamis Research Institute (2010b).Food and Beverage Industry
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Categories of Cost Can Be Divided Into

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Categories of Cost

Cost can be divided into following six categories:

Variable Costs

Fixed Costs

Semi-Variable or Mixed Costs

Total Production Costs

Direct Costs

Indirect Costs (Overhead)

Variable Costs: Variable costs are those costs that change with number of units produced or volume of production (Jackson, Sawyers and Jenkins, 2009). These are also called as the product costs as they vary with each unit of production. Some of the variable costs that changes with the production level include materials, labor and shipping.

Fixed Costs: Fixed cost is the costs that is not affected by the volume of production and remains the same, regardless of the number of units produced. It is also called as period costs which is the name derived by its ability of being occurring over a particular period. Examples include: ent, business licenses etc.

Semi-Variable or Mixed Manufacturing Costs: Semi- Variable or a mixed cost has components…… [Read More]


Drury, C. (2008). Management and Cost Accounting, Seventh Edition, South Western Cengage Learning.

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Making, Fifth Edition, South Western Cengage Learning.

Yoe, C. (2012). Principles of Risk Analysis, Decision Making under Uncertainty. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group.
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Plastic Bags & the Environment

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5 billion pounds is up 2.3% from December 2006. Angier lists all the plastic-based materials around her desk at the Times and in her personal life, including her computer keyboard, credit card, telephones, her motorcycle helmet, luggage, earrings, for starters. Plastics also pad mattresses, "elasticize our comfort-fit jeans, suture our wounds, plug our dental cavities, encapsulate our pills, replace our lost limbs, lighten our cars and jets" and much more (Angier).

The city of San Francisco banned "traditional plastic bags" in November 2007, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (Buchanan, 2007). "People are used to getting free bags and thinking there is no real consequence to them," said Jack Macy, recycling coordinator for San Francisco's Department of the Environment. "But there is a cost," Macy went on. Part of the cost to city of San Francisco -- where about 180 million plastic bags were handed out annually…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Buchanan, Wyatt. "Starting Tuesday, plastic bags illegal at big S.F. grocery stores."
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Political Economic and Civil Spheres in Exxonmobil Chemical

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ExxonMobil Chemical: Analyzing Three Spheres / Political, Economic and Civil Spheres in ExxonMobil Chemical

Economic Sphere

Political Sphere

Civil Sphere

What company says about itself

Personal Take

What Stakeholders said

ExxonMobil Chemical, XOM, leads the world in the petrochemical sector, applying cutting-edge, patented technology for developing products that enrich the lives of people across the globe (ExxonMobil, 2015).

Economic Sphere

The company concentrates on developing its supplier capabilities and human resource, alongside their strategic local community investments. Emphasis is primarily placed on the training and education of local personnel; skills and capacity enhancement of local suppliers who can deliver the company requisite services and material; and, improvement in community members' livelihoods by means of strategic community-centered investments. ExxonMobil customizes local content to every location's specific requirements. The company formulates plans at the local level on the basis of factors, like development priorities of the government, regulatory environment, infrastructure present (and…… [Read More]


ExxonMobil. (2014a). Local economic growth and development. Exxon Mobil Corporation. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from 

ExxonMobil. (2014b). Political contributions and lobbying. Exxon Mobil Corporation. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from 

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ExxoMobil. (2015). Company Profile. Exxon Mobil Corporation. Retrieved on 7th October, 2015 from
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Tariffs and Nontariff Barriers for

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However, our company need likely not worry about import controls, since import regulations and controls only apply to products under monopoly control such as medication.

Quota amounts are subject to annual review, but again our company is likely not going to be concerned with this since, although largely restricted to goods from developing countries, quotas are imposed only on textile goods and clothing,

Exchange control is the responsibility of the Central bank and is administered by authorized banks 4.

In short, our German construction common will be faced with minimal to no non-tariff restriction whatsoever.

Technical Barriers to Trade

Included under non-tariff barriers is Technical Barriers to Trade - a category unto itself, which entails that, each and every item of prefab and connected to prefab that the company imports into Switzerland has to cohere to mandatory technical regulations and voluntary standards that define specific characteristics. These define elements of…… [Read More]


Australian Government. "Doing business in Switzerland," (accessed February 1, 2011)

European Commission Trade: "Non-Tariff barriers,"  (accessed February 1, 2011)

World Trade Organization (WTO), 2003. incidence of non-ad valorem tariffs in members' tariff schedules and possible approaches to the estimation of ad valorem equivalents pdf.  (accessed February 1, 2011)

1 WTO, 2003
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Environmental Policies Comparing and Contrasting

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It not only recycles, but unlike Universal Studios it donates electronics, furniture, and office supplies to community organizations, so that the products will be put to good use. Like Universal Studios, the alt Disney Company is committed to purchasing recycled-content products, and uses packaging materials that can be reused or recycled. It tries to buy in bulk to minimize packaging waste ("aste Minimization: The alt Disney Company," 2007, the alt Disney Company ebsite). In a unique program that is not present at Universal Studios, the company educates Disney employees both in company policies regarding environmentally sound living and encourages and instructs employees to engage in such practices in their own homes.

orks Cited

Bernards, Kori. (21 Apr 2006). "Film studios maintain healthy recycling rate: Earth Day

Report Shows Studios' Continued Commitment to the Environment." Motion Picture Association of America: Press Release. Retrieved 17 Apr 2007 at

Go Metro Specials."…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bernards, Kori. (21 Apr 2006). "Film studios maintain healthy recycling rate: Earth Day

Report Shows Studios' Continued Commitment to the Environment." Motion Picture Association of America: Press Release. Retrieved 17 Apr 2007 at 

Go Metro Specials." (2007). MTA. Retrieved 17 Apr 2007 at 

Waste Minimization: The Walt Disney Company" (2007). The Walt Disney Company
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Soda Tax in California the Issue of

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Soda Tax in California

The issue of soda tax, or the implementation of rules that guide the soft drinks industry in terms of guiding the consumer on the content of the soda which often is at the expense of the manufacturer, is not new to California. New York City had a similar bill that was passed but later on shelved due to a court ruling that favored the soft drinks manufacturers who pressed for a ruling out of the directive as unconstitutional. There were three consecutive appeals that failed hence the hopes for that regulation that banned sale of big size bottles of soda among other regulations seem to fizzle out flat (Matias C., 2014).

It is the same spirit as that of Bloomberg in New York that state senator Bill Monning has put forth a proposal that would require the sugary drinks for instance the sports drinks that are…… [Read More]


Calefati J., (2014). Health warning labels proposed for sodas, other sugary drinks sold in California. San Francisco Mercury News. Retrieved November 28, 2014 from 

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Esterl M., (2014). Berkeley Voters Approve Tax on Sugary Drinks. Retrieved November 28, 2014 from 

Matias C., (2014). New York City's Soda Ban Fizzles Out For Good. Retrieved November 28, 2014 from
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Strategic Management at Mcdonald's Strategic Management Strategic

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Strategic Management at McDonald's

McDonald's Strategic Management

Strategic Management at McDonald's

Strategic Management at McDonald's

McDonald's: Introduction

Organizational Structure and Corporate Governance

Industry Sector Analysis

Michael Porter's Five Forces Model

Key conditions in the External Operating Environment of McDonald's and its Industry

The Value Proposition on McDonald's Products

Financial Performance

SWOT Analysis for McDonald's

TOWS Matrix for Alternative Strategies

BCG Growth Share Matrix for McDonald's

Marketing, Financial, and esearch & Development Strategies

McDonald's Leadership

Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and Partnerships

Performance Measurement Methods and Benchmarks



Table of Contents

Sr. No.


Page No.

Figure 1: Organizational Structure of McDonald's

Table 1: TWOS Matrix

Figure 2: BCG Growth Share Matrix

Table 2: Gantt chart for Strategy implementation

List of Figures and Tables

Executive Summary

This report presents a complete analysis of strategic management practices at the world's largest fast food restaurant chain, McDonald's. The report starts by introducing and…… [Read More]


About McDonald's, (2011). Sustainability Scorecard. Retrieved on November 24th, 2012, from

ADVFN, (2012). McDonald's Historical Stock Chart. Retrieved on November 24th, 2012, from

Baertlein, L., & Dorfman, B. (2012). McDonald's July same-store sales flat, worst in 9 years. Retrieved on November 24th, 2012, from

Hill, C.W., & Jones, G.R. (2012). Strategic Management Theory, 10th Edition. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning
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Management in Business Operations and Performance

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Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Systems - a Critical Study of TQEM

Relevance of TQM to Environmental Management

Scope of Dissertation

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Management

Understanding TQM in Relation to TQEM

History of TQM

Operation of TQM

Quality and Environmental Management Standards

Environmental Management Systems

Weaknesses of EMS Standards

Total Quality Environmental Management

Comparing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

Integrating the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System


Impact of certification on economic and ecological performances

Research Design and Nature

Integrating a Sustainable EMS with TQM

Steps to Implementing an Effective TQEM Strategy

Final Word




ackground and Overview of Study

For decades economic growth has been considered the main indicator of a healthy society (Oliver, 1996). However, only recently has society begun to recognize the environmental cost of this growth. As a result, there is now an…… [Read More]

Bibliography working paper. Winnipeg, MB: International Institute for Sustainable Development, 1996. 58

Bisang, O. (2000), Green Banking - The Value of ISO 14001 Certification

Chattopadhyay, S.P. (2001), "Improving the Speed of ISO 14000 Implementation: A Framework for Increasing Productivity," Managerial Auditing Journal, 16/1, pp. 36-39.

Chinn, R. (March 21, 2001). Roadmap to Realization -- "Getting Started with Your QMS/EMS Integration Process. Alamo Learning Systems.

Clark, D. (1999), What Drives Companies to Seek ISO 14000 Certification, Pollution Engineering, Summer, pp. 14.
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Chemical Formula: C12H18Br6

Molecular eight: 641.70

3D Rendering using Chemitorium:

Functional Groups: bromo, cyclo

Shape and Geometric Features: The atom is always a 12-sided figure with six Br vertices. It takes the shape of an octagon that is connected to a hexagon on one side. In a three-dimensional rendering, the molecule takes on a more oval shape rather than the stricter appearance of the two-dimensional rendering.

Chiral Properties and Isomers:


Isomers are the addition or subtraction of electrons in the molecule. The below are the most common isomers of Hexabromocyclododecane. These are coded as alphahexabromocyclododecane, betabromocyclododecane, and gammabromocyclododecane. These indicate which portion of the Bromine in the molecule has been affected by the electron changes.

Chiral Diastereomers: -, ?-, and ?- HBCD

Chirality, by definition is a type of molecule that lacks an internal plane of symmetry. The chirality of Hexabromocyclododecane yields many pollutants which have an adverse…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Arnot, John. "An Evaluation of Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) for Persistent Organic

Pollutant (POP) Properties and the Potential for Adverse Effects in the Environment." European Brominated Flame Retardant Industry Panel (EBFRIP). 2009. Print.

"Chemical Book: Hexabromocyclododecane." Web. Apr. 30, 2011.
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Inverted Pyramid Approach for the Research Beginning

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inverted pyramid approach for the research, beginning with broad concepts and general themes and increasingly focusing on how rubbish is being used to generate value and reduce the need for new raw materials in commercial societies. The general outline used to collect the relevant data for the essay is as follows:

This section was used to provide an overview of the topic under consideration and provide the reader with an idea concerning what would follow.

This section was used to deliver a review of the relevant literature following the inverted pyramid approach described above.

Finally, this section was used to summarize the research and provide a recapitulation of important findings that emerged from the relevant literature.

The Value of ubbish in a Consumer Society


The adage that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has never been more relevant than today. Around the world, developed and emerging nations alike…… [Read More]


Curlee, T.R., Schexnayder, S.M., Vogt, D.P., Wolfe, A.K., Kelsay, M.P. & Feldman, D.L.

(1999). Waste-to-energy in the United States: A social and economic assessment.

Westport, CT: Quorum Books.

George, R.M. (1998). Burning down the house: Recycling domesticity. Boulder, CO: Westview
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Economics Suggest Economic Approach Suggest How an

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Suggest Economic Approach

Suggest how an economist would approach the problem of alcohol abuse. Provide two (2) possible solutions to this problem. Include the four (4) elements of the economic way of thinking in your analysis.

Analyze how prescription drugs affect the demand and supply of other products and services in this country

Formulate a reason why the elasticity of demand is an important consideration when analyzing the impact of a shift in supply and why the elasticity of supply is an Important Consideration When Analyzing The Impact Of A Shift In Demand Include At Least One (1) Example In Each Scenario

Provide two (2) examples of increasing-cost industries in your state and propose why they would have a positively sloped supply curve.

Suggest how an economist would approach the problem of alcohol abuse. Provide two (2) possible solutions to this problem. Include the four (4) elements of the…… [Read More]


Basheda, G., Chupka, M.W., Fox-Penner, P., Pfeifenberger, J.P., & Schumache, A. (2006). Transmission Investment. In G. Basheda, M.W. Chupka, P. Fox-Penner, J.P. Pfeifenberger, & A. Schumache, Why Are Electricity Prices Increasing? (pp. 51-58). Washington: The Edison Foundation.

Gutenson, A., & Dean, P. (2011, April 26). Project Labor Agreement S. Retrieved January 30, 2012, from ABC Virginia Tells MWAA Phase 2 Metro Rail Construction Project Labor Agreement Scheme Will Increase Costs and Hurt Virginia's Construction Workforce: 

Lipsey, R.G., & Chrystal, K.A. (2007). Economics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Total Set of Thirty Observations

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Customer Service Triage at Home Depot

Despite the self-service checkout lanes being staffed by an associate to manage all four of the self-service locations, with custom orders and big-ticket items they had to inevitably get the store manager involved to alleviate the conflicts with customers. The time required to resolve both the custom orders and big-ticket purchases actually took more time for customers than it would have taken to just go through the traditional checkout lanes. The lack of information workflow, process, pricing, and employee knowledge of the processes was evident by watching the series of transactions completed. The triage or problem solving of the store manager took an inordinate amount of time to troubleshoot the pricing discrepancies on the service contracts alone would have made it much simpler to have also gone through the traditional check-out lanes. The more complex the transaction the greater the need for Home Depot…… [Read More]


AMR Research (2003) - Self-Checkout Systems -- Waiting for the 'Aha!' Moment. Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

AMR Research-1 (2003) - the Aha Moment Arrives Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

CapGemini (2003) - TRANSFORMING the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY, a Study in European Consumer Buying Behaviour. Accessed from the Internet on November 6, 2007 from location: 

Appendix a:
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Lesson Plan

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Environmental Studies Level: Grades 6-8 Duration: 2 hours

Today, recycling is one of the most important topics in the environmental conservation agenda. From trash and dysfunctional electronic gadgets to plastic materials, wrappers, and packaging materials, we generate tons of waste every day. This waste increasingly poses a significant threat to the natural environment. For instance, oceans and other natural water bodies are now filled with substantial amounts of plastics, posing a threat to water life. Similarly, when deposited in landfills, our trash emits gases that are harmful to the environment. The gases harm the environment by destroying the ozone layer, consequently creating negative effects such as global warming. The situation is likely to get worse in the future given that the human population is growing at an unprecedented rate. Greater human population will mean more consumption, more creation of waste, and hence more harm to the environment.…… [Read More]

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Positive Effects of CSR

Words: 4374 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32336805

Corporate social responsibility and business ethics have become the focus of an increasing amount of attention from the business sector and academicians following the scandal-ridden era of Enron and others during the 1990s. Although the findings from the research to date are mixed, there is a growing body of research in this area that has lent support to the notion that ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives have a positive impact on companies in terms of profitability as well as other less quantifiable areas. This review of literature examines these issues systematically to identify current trends and to describe the positive impacts that ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility programs can have for companies of all sizes and types.

The Positive Impact of Business Ethics and Corporate Social esponsibility on an Organization

To act in a socially responsible way requires organizational leaders to consider the effect of…… [Read More]


Creel, T. (2011, Summer). Corporate social responsibility: An examination of practices in the retail industry. Management Accounting Quarterly, 12(4), 23.

Fisher, R. (2007, September). In touch: Comment on corporate social responsibility. New Zealand Management, 11.

Jewe, R.D. (2008, Spring). Do business ethics courses work? The effectiveness of business ethics education: An empirical study. Journal of Global Business Issues, 1-5.

Jones, A. & Jonas, G.A. (2011, February). Corporate social responsibility reporting: The growing need for input from the accounting profession. The CPA Journal, 81(2), 65-69.
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Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

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This method makes effective use of ability of metals to float on surfaces of leachates on their own. Due to the high proven efficiency of this method, it is widely used for removal of heavy metals such as iron and humic acid from leachates in many parts of the world.

emoval of Plastic from Municipal Waste

Plastic is a non-biodegradable waste that has low recycling margin. Unfortunately, plastic is widely used in everyday products is heavily present in the municipal waste. The environmental threat posed by the presence of plastic in municipal waste is another major issue. Major plastic types that are commonly found in UK municipal waste include PET, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other plastics such as melamine. Major source of these types of plastic are fizzy drink bottles, bottles of detergents and washing liquids, plastic plates cups and spoons, bin bags,…… [Read More]

Reference List

Colls, J 2002, Air Pollution, Spon Press, London.

Friends of Earth 2009, Briefing Pyrolysis, Gasification and Plasma, Friends of Earth Limited Company, viewed 25 January 2011, < >.

Hill, T 2010, Pyrolysis and Gasification briefing, UK without incineration, viewed 25 January 2011, <
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Environment Is an Important Factor

Words: 556 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93854082

The Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of companies demands their involvement in global issues such as air and water pollution. They can promote their organization by demonstrating how their products aid in protecting the environment. Companies are taking additional measures by getting their products certified of being eco-friendly in order to maintain their position in the race with others. This helps in improving their reputation which is a necessity for future success. Adherence to International Environmental standards such as the ISO 14000 series guide companies towards achieving their environmental goals. Certification boards conduct checks on their standards before they can use these to expand their market reach. The consumers nowadays tend to stay away from products which can potentially harm their environment or those which cannot be recycled. Companies align themselves to their line of thought by presenting themselves as being receptive to the needs of the environment.

There are some…… [Read More]

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Understanding Branding Techniques

Words: 2447 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2775403

Branding, And Branding Management

Brands and branding are not new concepts in business. During the Stone Age, hunters used particular brands for their swords in hunting. Since then, the concept of brands and branding has developed in terms of knowledge, procedures and theories. Some theories used concerning branding, originated primarily because of the development of commercials in media. Companies have realized the importance of branding, which has added to the interest of theories behind the concept of brands and branding. This in turn has led to substantial literatures on the subject of brands and branding. Branding has undergone evolution, but the concepts of branding continue being central in every stage of evolution. In addition, branding management has also undergone substantial change since the 1950s (Marquadrt, Makens, & Larzelere, 1995).

Background: Evolution of Branding


Prior to the 1970s, branding was not a matter of attention. Even countries that understood the…… [Read More]


Brodie, R.J., Glynn, M.S., Van Durme, J. (2002). Towards a Theory of Marketplace Equity:

Integrating Branding and Relationship Thinking with Financial Thinking. Marketing Theory, 2(1), 5-28

Doyle, P. (1989). Building successful brands: The strategic options.Journal of Marketing, 5(1),

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Nature and Form of Sales

Words: 772 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44921776


Packaging manufactured cellophane wrapping material that was used by Kern's bakery in packaging its product. Kern's decided to change its system for packaging cookies from a tied bread bag to a tray covered with printed cellophane wrapping. R-P took measurements to determine the appropriate size for the cellophane wrapping and designed the artwork to be printed on the wrapping. After agreeing that the artwork was satisfactory, Kern placed a verbal order for the cellophane at the cost of $13.000.hen the printed wrapping material was received, Kern complained that it was too short for the trays and the artwork not centered. The material however, conformed exactly to the order placed by Kern. Kern returned the material to R-P by Overnight Express. R-P sued Kern. Kern claimed that because there was no written contract, the suit was barred by the statute of frauds. hat result? Consider: Effect of noncompliance, exceptions to…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Are there different kinds of acceptance? (2004) Retrieved November 22, 2004 at 

Does a Contract have to be notarized? (2004) Retrieved November 22, 2004 at 

What is the performance of a contract -- Must a Contract Be in Writing? (2004) Retrieved November 22, 2004 at 

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Candy Factory

Words: 2379 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68107327

incurred in the Candy making process.

Candy Making Process

Process of making candy is a long process. The process involves blending and mixing of pounds of chocolate, milk & cream, sugar, candy coating and other ingredients to make candy that would be acceptable to customers. From the brief explanation of the candy making, it is revealed that the production process of candy involves combining the three factors of production such as land, labor, and capital to produce the final products.

In the Candy making, there is a need to set aside the financial resources that would be used to:

purchase the raw materials or the ingredients;

purchase the equipment to make candy;

rent or purchase the land to build the factory or lease the existing factory;

pay direct and indirect labor;

purchase office equipment;

settle other miscellaneous payments such as the telephone bills, water bills and others

After the owner…… [Read More]


Fryatt, E.H. (1999).Candy Making Basics. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.UK.

Jones, D. (2011). Candy Making For Dummies. John Wiley and Sons. USA.

Porter, M.E. (2008) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Harvard business Review, January.

Walther, L.M. (2011). Managerial Accounting. Create Space. USA.
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Importance of the Alcan Case

Words: 5996 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 46716205

Alcan's continued revenue growth is the result of the combined success of increasing sales in four main business units, in addition to growth through acquisition. The cumulative effects of these two factors have served to create a profitable business and one where a highly decentralized organizational structure dominates (Chang, Wang, 2011). The catalyst of the organization becoming so decentralized is the continued revenue gains made across four businesses, each competing in market areas that face heavy pricing and commodity-like market conditions. Despite the heavily process-centric based approaches the industry takes to supply chain management, production and distribution, Alcan has been also able to profitably grow sales in the more mature markets they compete in. The senior management and IT departments credit the highly decentralized nature of the enterprise-wide systems that run the company.

During the time period of the case, Alcan generated $23.6B in sales in 2006, and has 68,000…… [Read More]


(Benamati, Lederer, Singh, 1998)

Benamati, J., Lederer, A.L., & Singh, M. (1998). Information technology change: The impact on it management. The Journal of Computer Information Systems, 38(4), 9-13.

(Drill, 2005)

Drill, S. (2005). Assume the worst in IT disaster recovery plan. National Underwriter.P & C, 109(8), 14-15.
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School of Engineering and Design

Words: 15360 Length: 56 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38518716

The last century has seen an increase in the level of international purchases which has been supported by the developments in transportation and technology. Goods can move faster than before with developments in logistics. The negotiation and forming contracts for purchase with companies and communicate with potential suppliers in distant countries is also easier than in the past with the internet and tools such as video conferencing and emails. This facilitates the use of international suppliers. However, other firms may choose local suppliers believing strategy will best suit their needs. Local suppliers may be able to provide where there is an increase in the transparency of the supply chain, less exposure to risks such as interruption and exchange rate risks and proximity may allow closer collaborative relationships to develop. Both procurement strategies are viable, to assess the advantages associated with each approach the procurement from international and local suppliers can…… [Read More]


'Automotive and Auto Parts Industry in Turkey.' (2012). Turkish Ministry of Economy. [online] available: .

"Automotive Industry Trends Affecting Component Suppliers.' (2005). International Labour Review, vol. 144, no. 1, pp. 130-133.

Borrus, M., Ernst, D. & Haggard, S. (2001). International Production Networks in Asia: Rivalry or Riches. London: Routledge.

Burton, S., & Steane, P. (2004). Surviving Your Thesis. New York: Routledge.
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Advances in Nanomaterials and Their Applications

Words: 2098 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88061981


Advances in Nanomaterials and Their Applications

Nanomaterials, including carbon nanofibers and nanotubes, are being explored extensively for their use and application in multiple manufacturing domains. One of the most eager manufacturing sectors to incorporate nanomaterials into their midst is the athletics gear and sporting industries. Tennis rackets, surf, skate, and snow boards, skis, ski poles, boats, bicycles, hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs and balls are all potentially transformed by the use of nanomaterials. Other athletics applications of nanomaterials include sports stadium materials, artificial turf, running track surfaces, clothing, and gymnasium equipment (Chunyan, 2011). While nanomaterials are proving promising from design, implementation, and development perspectives, there are also significant safety issues that need to be taken into consideration by engineers, manufacturers, and industry regulators.

The root word "nano" comes from the Greek meaning dwarf because the particles are extremely small and require special technologies for visualization as well as…… [Read More]


3M (2013). 3M nanomaterials strengthen sports gear. Retrieved online: 

Abraham, T. (n.d.). Nanotechnology and nanomaterials -- applications and global market analysis. Retrieved online: 

Chunyan, L (2011). Study on application of biosafety of nano-materials in sports engineering. Future Computer Science and Education (ICFCSE, 2011).

DeJong, K.P. & Geus, J.W. (2007). Carbon nanofibers: Catalytic synthesis and applications. Catalytic Reviews 42(4): 481-510.
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Discovery of DNA on the

Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64119287

In 1953, the true structure of DNA and the mechanisms by which it passes on genetic information from one generation to the next was discovered by Crick and Watson at the University of Cambridge who proposed that DNA was structured as a double helix which could unwrap itself and thus create exact copies. Undoubtedly, "This was the culmination of a brilliant piece of detective work" and turned out to be the biological key to molecular biology and modern biotechnology. Exactly how Watson and Crick managed to unravel the mysteries of DNA is still not clear, yet they did manage to "assemble the information like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to produce their model of the structure of DNA" (2009, "The Search for DNA," Internet). Following the work of Watson and Crick in 1953, the genetic code itself was revealed between 1961 and 1965 and in 1972, the first successful DNA…… [Read More]


"James Watson & Francis Crick." (2009). Time. Internet. Retrieved May 13, 2009 from .

"The Search for DNA -- The Birth of Molecular Biology." (2009). Internet. Retrieved May

13, 2009 from
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Northampton-Based Organization Expanding to International Market

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Northampton-Based Organisation Wishes Expand Market Internationally

Strategy of International Trade

A firm may decide to operate internationally due to a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to market imperfections at home, gaining market power and favourable environment overseas. In order to operate internationally, firms need an appropriate strategy so that their resources are put to best use and the whole process of internationalization proceeds according to plan. (Twarowska and Kakol, 2013)

There are two ways of entering an international market, equity-based entry and non-equity-based entry. The former gives high return on investment and market control but it has high risk associated with it. The latter does not give sufficient market power nor high rate of return but it is volatile and minimizes the risk. (Twarowska and Kakol, 2013)

The first and the least risky method to trade internationally is engaging in import and export. Using…… [Read More]


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Consumer Attitudes Towards Green Packaged

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This study will incorporate consumer perceptions and attitude green products, green values, green label and green environment. Finally, it will provide insights on areas of green buying commitment and green purchasing intention (Biel, Hansson & Ma-rtensson, 2008).


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Hoyer, W.D.,…… [Read More]


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Redesign Package System for Covergirl

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2.6. Sources Consulted

The list of the works assessed throughout the research of this topic is revealed in the eferences section at the end of the report. As a final statement however, it has to be recognized that the previous lines only make up for the proposal and the actual research will be more comprehensive and will even include more sources, as required by the development of the research operations.


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Going…… [Read More]


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Political the Amount of Political Influence Varies

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The amount of political influence varies depending on the type of company. In the case of an industry needing a great deal of capital invested, they may be more susceptible to political risk. In the case of strapak the investment is moderate and does not require heavy foreign direct investment strategies. Though there is a need to export plastic products outside the country of South frica, the amount of required for manufacturing companies is far less than say for example an energy product industry. The amount of risk rises when the government makes changes based on politically correct moves to garner favor with global strategies such as environmental issues (Bothma, 2011). The regulations that the government can impose on a company can quickly affect its bottom line. The highest level of political risk comes from civil issues between domestic people groups. nother is war that can affect the ability…… [Read More]

At Astrapak there is only the competition to become better than the previous year. The focus is on quality improvement and an ever higher level of service. Instead of divisions competing against each other, they are poised to continuously improve. In fact the level of improvement in manufacturing due to numerous adjustments to techniques has put the firm at the front of the industry. So much so that foreign competitors are not outsourcing their packaging to Astrapak's affiliated companies rather than compete (Astrapak, 2004).

The BCG product life cycle puts products in four basic categories within the company portfolio. The first is the star or high growth product with the largest portion of the market. This is where the most revenue is invested and the highest return is expected.

The second is the cash cow that is equal to low growth due to stability in the market. This product is well-known and received it is a standard in the industry and
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Logistic and Supply Chain Management

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Salee Company Limited suffers this setback. Therefore, it should align itself in a position to maximize profits by looking in to the ways of reducing the loss. Mr. Somsak Pruksawan of the Salee Industry Public Company Limited admits that every organization, large or small businesses suffers various types of obstacle when performing businesses. Their problem is the management of the waste and the plastic defects. The management of the company notes that the company faces various difficulties. These problems range from the upstream of supply chain processes to the end customers or the consumers of their products. The material cost varies with the mass of material that that facilitates the process and the price unit of that material. The heaviness of material is vividly a result of the proportion volume and material density. However, the fraction's maximum wall widths play a role (Lindsay, 2010, p.57).

The weight of raw material…… [Read More]


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OH: ASM International.
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Use of Life Cycle Costing Management Technique at Glazer's Inc

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ationale for the use of life cycle Management at Glazers

LCM (Life Cycle Management) is a framework which manages and scrutinises the performance and sustainability of services and goods. This framework aims to achieve the long-term objectives of the business, and gives less stress on the short-term objectives. For getting a more sustainable value chain, organizations are making use of this framework, which would in turn improve their economic and social performance. Businesses throughout the world are making use of this framework for many purposes, like to improve their standing within the market, to strengthen the relationships with the stakeholders and to produce more environment friendly goods.

LCM urges the companies to look away from their own processes, and focus on activities which are not under the direct control of the company. Such activities include the upstream and the downstream operations that become a part of value chain. In…… [Read More]


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Product From the Standpoint of

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In summary, this exercise showed that quality management is much more integrative and synchronized in nature. Quality cannot be dictated into an organization; it must become part of its culture, and it is apparent from this balsa wood glider that the organization producing them is lackadaisical in their commitment to the principles mentioned in this analysis.


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Activities Which Are More Popular or Enjoyable

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activities which are more popular or enjoyable than sitting down to watch a movie with a steaming bag of freshly popped microwave popcorn. The smell and taste of microwave popcorn both invoke strong sensory cues often associated with the pleasant experience of cinema viewer-ship. It is not often that we stop to consider the content of these convenient single-serve bags, either nutritionally or chemically. However, new evidence is emerging all the time to suggest that there are significant and alarming health imperatives to begin examining our popcorn more closely. As the discussion here will show, popcorn as a snack-food is fairly innocuous and, in fact, if served properly, can be an excellent low-calorie source of carbohydrates. However, when combined with the synthetic substances, the additives and the packaging compounds used in a bag of microwave popcorn, popcorn can present its consumer with severe health risks.

This is particularly troubling because…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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United Drug Is a Dublin-Based Firm That

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United Drug is a Dublin-based firm that describes itself as "a provider of outsourced commercialisation solutions to healthcare companies operating across three divisions." The three divisions are Healthcare Supply Chain; Sales, Marketing and Medical; and Packaging and Specialty. Supply Chain involves wholesaling, sales and distribution and sometimes manufacturing. The Sales, Marketing and Medical division includes as functions contrast sales outsourcing, sales force consulting, and healthcare communications. The Packaging and Specialty division focuses on a number of packaging functions, Cold Chain delivery, nursing services to the home and vaccines. According to the 2011 Annual Report, the company's vision is "to be a true innovator in the provision of value enhancing and integrated product/service solutions in key international healthcare markets, enabling better market outcomes for producers, providers, payers and patients."

The company's mission is "to be a leader in all key international markets in the provision of exceptional integrated and market specific…… [Read More]

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Ethical Issues for Business Organizations in the

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ethical issues for business organizations in the twenty-first century. The forces of globalization have increased the degree to which diverse groups in society have grown dependent on one another. Hence, their expectations influence the freedoms and responsibilities of other groups. The expectations of various stakeholders have placed greater responsibilities on business organizations to be ethical in their communication with their stakeholders. Business organizations are under growing pressure to be ethical in their employment practices and in the sourcing of raw materials and labour for their operations. In addition, they are expected to recognize their responsibility towards the economic and social development of the communities where they operate and those that they influence through their operations. Hence, business organizations are also responsible to act ethically in relation to their use of the resources of the environment and to the extent that they influence it in adverse ways, such as by polluting…… [Read More]


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