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Personal Security and the Internet

Words: 2573 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58176171

The responsibility to seek out and use the most appropriate form of protection for a particular system lies with its user. If a user does not regard these duties with the appropriate seriousness, the consequences could be dire indeed. Another very threatening form of computer crime is the phishing scam.


Phishing involves email from an apparently legitimate source such as a bank or other place of business that requires the user to respond with personal information. Most commonly, banks are used as a front for these scams. The most common messages of this type is that a user's account has been disabled and will only be reinstated once the apparent company has received the specific requested data. When a user sends this data, the criminal can then use it for his or her own purposes, such as identity theft or credit card fraud.

According to (2011), phishing criminals…… [Read More]


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Personal Financial Management During a

Words: 1712 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85727051

Finally, anybody hoping to conserve money in a recession must avoid spontaneous expenses, whether at the grocery store or the mall. Purchases should always reflect what one actually needs and never spontaneous impulses to buy anything for which the consumer did not already have a conscious need in advance. Purchasing milk at the grocery store after forgetting to list it is one thing; purchasing a new pair of shoes at the mall "because they were on sale" when one already has a closet full of shoes at home is quite another matter.

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Personal Portfolio of Skills Enhancement

Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19778513

Open communication is key to organizational success, and this openness can be demonstrated to employers through honesty and forthrightness (within the bounds of professionalism, of course) during the interview process.

In addition to these directly employment-related knowledge and skill areas, the course I took in Personal Finance will have a substantial positive impact on the way I approach my profession and my attractiveness to potential employers. Not only have I been provided with information on how to spend wisely, save appropriately, and even gauge investment opportunities in my personal life -- all of which will give me enhanced stability and security, which will be seen as a benefit by potential employers -- but these skills will also transfer to my profession in terms of assisting home health care recipients and practitioners alike in reducing their own expenses and thus providing additional value to expected services and relationships. In addition, appropriate…… [Read More]

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Personal Cash Management Policies and Practices The

Words: 2093 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46512264

personal cash management policies and practices. The paper starts with by stating the methodology through which the content was collected for the relevant literature in the paper. The paper then presents a clear definition of what cash management is and presents an overview of some of the most utilized personal cash management practices. The literature review also presents numerous internal cash management policies and practices that can prove to be feasible and profitable on the personal level. The paper concludes with an overview of all the facts discussed.

Search Strategy

In order to collect relevant data for the results, concise and yet comprehensive information related to the topic have been compiled from articles published online individual researchers, practitioners, as well as, international research institutions. The aim of the study is to critically review the strengths and weaknesses of both conception and implementation of research pertinent to our topic -- Cash…… [Read More]


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Personal & Organizational Ethics Personal and Organizational

Words: 2664 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88810160


Personal and Organizational Ethics Values for, for-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Ethics is a requirement of the society to both individuals and organizations. Ethics are applied to business and personal behaviors, and are used to determine how companies and individuals abide to policies. To indicate the application of ethical principles in organizations, an analysis is carried out of For-Profit and Non-For-Profit organizations, in this case Bank of America and Boys Club of America. This is by analyzing an ethical dilemma they are experiencing, their approach to the problem, and the legal, political, and social outcomes emerging from this cause of action.

Part One

The Boys Clubs of America is a non-for-profit organization founded in 1860s in Harford, Connecticut Formed with the aim of giving boys who roamed the streets a positive alternative. The club has undergone major changes beginning in 191 when several boys' clubs affiliated to…… [Read More]


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Finance Has Always Been a

Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4934845

The experience has proven to be a real world confirmation of what I want to do in my professional life. I was charged with handling financial computations, modeling, forecasting and transactions. While doing so, I knew I have found my niche in life and need only gain both theoretical training and further real world experiences to become the best I can be in my chosen field. Once I have completed my graduate studies in Finance, I intend to apply for work at leading firms specializing in international finance and trade. This will enable me to apply knowledge learnt in undergraduate and graduate studies. Graduating from two prestigious institutions in the United States will accord me the opportunity to practice anywhere in the world since I have had the global education necessary. It will be a different world since I would have left the secure confines of the academe and enter…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Taking a Risk

Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46992226

As a part of my work, I have conducted on-going analysis and monitoring of the risks involved in a variety of investment funds. I remained at the cutting edge of market research, for I must be aware of the subtlest differences amongst different funds. This invaluable work experience has not only steeled my stomach to risk, but has shown me the importance of mathematics and programming in the financial field. Quantitative data, properly studied, remains the most invaluable tool in risk management today.

I have also already begun my initial creative work in the field. Recently, I developed my first quantitative model at work, an original program using Excel to generate risk ratings for different funds, based on statis data. Through my employment as well I have broadened my knowledge base about derivates in the capital markets products, through direct involvement in transactions as well as self-study conducted at in-house…… [Read More]

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Personal and Family Finance The

Words: 848 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11073347

arren advises families to cut back, and essentially budget themselves as if they only had one income. Pay the regular, family expenses from one salary, rather than from both salaries as 'insurance' for the rainy day that will inevitable come. Families must need to engage in regular 'financial fire drills' -- doing a preliminary audit of expenses, to make sure they can still remain solvent with their heads above water, provided they face some unexpected circumstance or simply a downturn in the economy, as is occurring today because of the increased price of gas and looming recession. According to arren's companion book All Your orth, families must clearly distinguish in their budgets from 'Must Haves,' such as rent, mortgage, gas, food, and car payments, with 'ants,' or extraneous expenses. If 'Must Haves' exceed 65% of the family budget, the family is courting disaster, given that one financial setback could mean…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Warren, Elizabeth with Amelia Warren Tyagi. All Your Worth. Free Press, 2006.

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Finance Questions on Capital Raising

Words: 1282 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15500782

For example, many of the large investment banks may choose to deal only with large deals will have minimum transaction sizes. Therefore, the first consideration may be the suitability of the bank given the size of the organization. There may also need to be consideration of the degree of attention and expertise that the investment banker direct with the company, even if the minimum is met, large organizations with a large number of clients may have a higher level of expertise that can be directed, but they may also be more focused on large clients. This can only be assessed by talking to the relevant investment bank.

Prior to taking on any investment bank it will be necessary to allow the investment banker to make a pitch. oss details of the organization's financial position may be given prior to this pitch, but an investment banker should be willing to sign…… [Read More]


Friedman, Benjamin M, (1982), The Changing Roles of Debt and Equity in Financing U.S. Capital Formation, University of Chicago Press

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Personal Financial Situation the Management of a

Words: 964 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58675585

Personal Financial Situation

The management of a Fortune 500 organization utilizes financial statements to craft corporate strategy on a quarter to quarter and year over year basis. These statements: balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows contain crucial financial information which explicates how successful a company has been and its potential future prospects. These same three statements can be used by me as I face financial scenarios which require examination of assets, income, and its sources.

Financial Statements

I will look to my financial statements as I seek to purchase a home, save for retirement, and contemplate starting a small business. A corporation's financial statements are contained in the annual report distributed to shareholders; my personal financial statement will contain the same data in a single page format. The balance sheet portion "summarizes a company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time (Investopedia. N.D.);…… [Read More]


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Personal Statement -- Public Policy

Words: 980 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31370530

If given the opportunity to amend the policy, what action would you take and why?

The national proposal to increase sin taxes on alcoholic beverages is long overdue and should be supported not only by all sectors of the government but the American public most especially. The fact is well-known that alcohol consumption is not only dangerous for the consumer but also has various economic and social harms for the society as well as users' immediate environment. It means that alcohol can affect not only the drinker but other people in the form of violence or road accidents. Taxing alcohol at higher rates will provide a mechanism that will taper buying due to high prices. But I believe that taxing alone should not be the only thrust of this policy. Rather, continuous education and awareness campaigns by both the public and private sector will go further to ensure that people…… [Read More]

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Personal Agency The Importance of

Words: 2482 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24222691

Bernie Krisher of American Assistance for Cambodia set her up in Phnom Penh twice more, but each time she ran away after a few days, desperate to get back to her meth supply" (Kristof and uDonn, p.39). hile I have not returned to Mexico and the carefree lifestyle I led there, I cannot deny having the desire to do so, on occasion. hile I know that the life I lived there was not the right life for me, I still long to return to it on occasion.

Of course, the differences in countries and cultures are, in many ways, becoming less apparent as the world becomes more global. This globalization has challenged the existing social structures in many countries, including those countries with castes or caste-like socioeconomic divisions. Discussing India, Kapur stated that, "ancient social structures are collapsing under the weight of new money. Bonds of caste and religion and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Kapur, Akash. "How India became America." The New York Times. 1-2. 9 Mar. 2012. Web.

6 May 2013.

Kristof, Nicholas and Sheryl WuDunn. "Microcredit: The Financial Revolution." Half the Sky:
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Personal Autobiography My Name Is

Words: 393 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97114158

I studied there for two years and then again relocated to complete three years of college at California State Northridge.

My five years of education at these two universities, as well as my education in Australia have exposed me to many varied international peoples and has further broadened my understanding of the diversity of language and culture. As a student I am clearly focused on group work as an essential element of success in education and demonstration of knowledge and this has been greatly influenced by my exposure to many cultures and friendships with many diverse individuals. Group work is also essential in business and I hope that my focuses as a business/finance major in group work success will aide me extensively in my career.

Within the development of my personal and educational life I was drawn to Finance as a professional and degree goal. I have extended this commitment…… [Read More]

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Personal Philo One of the

Words: 2584 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74764397

" (7)

Chomsky warns of ideological motivations of some scientific paradigms, just as with the aforementioned racial emphasis of early anthropology. Here, Russell espouses a Platonic episteme by enunciating the expectations of behavior between different classes. While Plato philosophized that persons are born with the characteristics fitting of their caste, Russell envisages a society in which "ordinary" men and women are expected to be collectivized and, therefore, devoid of individual expression.

Jean Jacques Rousseau paid his respects to the philosophy of Plato, although he thought it impractical, citing the decayed state of society. This sort of romanticism has been downplayed by the modern scientific establishment, who denounce the noble savage theory of human nature. Humans are not born purely good, modern science maintains. Instead, evolutionary traits are promoted at the biological level, thereby giving rise to how people are. It is not society that corrupts, but rather an interrelationship between…… [Read More]

9. Woolhouse, R.S. (1995) Locke: A Biography. Cambridge University.

10. Pinker, Steven. (2007) the Blank Slate, New York: Penguin Books.

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Finances Critical Book Reviews America's

Words: 2634 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79526987

Sorkin, however, posits no argument per se. ather, his book offers insight into how the financial crisis manifested from a far more personal perspective of those involved than anything else. The book is informative in nature, and give insight into some of the thought processes and activities those on the outside may not otherwise be exposed to or privy to. The title of the book sums it up best, and the book outlines how the banks and the primary players and stakeholders have become too big to fail. The book highlights the self-interest of those in charge of some of the biggest financial institutions in the world and their blatant disregard for Main Street.

The book has a place in the larger academic debates raised within public knowledge because it adds to the public's real knowledge of those involved in the nation's financial industry and government offices. Instead of speculating…… [Read More]


Cassidy, J. (2008). Anatomy of a meltdown, New Yorker, 84(39), 1-756.

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UNC Press Books.

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Finance Consumer Credit There Were

Words: 360 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2954395

It was also very interesting to note that many large suppliers may actually step in to help their troubled client. Again, this makes sense, especially if the client is a long-term business partner doing a major amount of business with the company. Saving a company actually makes sound financial sense in these cases, and uniting with a group of company creditors is also a good idea. It seems that for the most part, when a company runs into financial difficulties, if they are a viable and respectable company, there are resources available to help them regain their footing and continue business. This shows how important it is to always have excellent relationships with customers, no matter what business you engage in.


Brownstein, Howard and Edward Gavin. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Customers." Business Credit, June 2003, retrieved from ProQuest…… [Read More]


Brownstein, Howard and Edward Gavin. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Customers." Business Credit, June 2003, retrieved from ProQuest 27 June 2007.
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Finance the Fcf-Based Valuation Model Is Based

Words: 1844 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57398264


The FCF-based valuation model is based on the following formula:

EBIT (1-Tax Rate) + Depreciation & Amortization - Change in Net orking Capital - Capital Expenditure

Investopedia, 2012)

is the free cash flow each year, C0 is the original cash outlay, and r is the discount rate. The free cash flows in this type of calculation are only those cash flows that are incremental to the investment decision. Thus, they do not include such non-cash items as depreciation or amortization expense, and they do not include either sunk costs or non-incremental flows like overhead allocations. The r is the discount rate, and the firm can select its discount rate from a number of different options. The most common, and arguably logical, is the firm's weighted average cost of capital. This reflects the firm's cost of equity, its cost of debt and its capital structure, with allowances for preferred shares…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Personal Have Chosen to Pursue

Words: 497 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37549042

I'm also good at communicating with the internal and external stakeholders of an organization. For example, at Sam Jacinto Community College, I was constantly interfacing with the athletic department and ground maintenance. And, as a sales manager, I developed a wide range of communication networks with area businesses and vendors.

A also believe that I have the unique breadth of skills required in education administration. y earlier work in the field of boxing clearly demonstrates my ability to handle complex and diverse tasks. I was effective at many activities such as promoting events, organizing local sponsorships, producing newspaper and television advertisements, completing contracts, setting venues, establishing commissions, selling tickets, booking hotel and food accommodations, making travel arrangements and paying operating expenses. Administration was also a large part of my sales management responsibilities that included ensuring acceptable revenue generation, tracking company inventory, expenses and payroll, preparing contract proposals and loan documents…… [Read More]

My strong interpersonal and communication skills are another motivating factor guiding my career decision. In my present position at Las Vegas National Gulf Course, I communicate extensively with the public and club members to make sure they understand rental and schedule policies as well as to promote club tournaments. I'm also good at communicating with the internal and external stakeholders of an organization. For example, at Sam Jacinto Community College, I was constantly interfacing with the athletic department and ground maintenance. And, as a sales manager, I developed a wide range of communication networks with area businesses and vendors.

A also believe that I have the unique breadth of skills required in education administration. My earlier work in the field of boxing clearly demonstrates my ability to handle complex and diverse tasks. I was effective at many activities such as promoting events, organizing local sponsorships, producing newspaper and television advertisements, completing contracts, setting venues, establishing commissions, selling tickets, booking hotel and food accommodations, making travel arrangements and paying operating expenses. Administration was also a large part of my sales management responsibilities that included ensuring acceptable revenue generation, tracking company inventory, expenses and payroll, preparing contract proposals and loan documents and preparing monthly financial reports. My recognition as a collegiate baseball national world series champion and a nationally ranked professional boxer shows that I'm a hands-on contributor as well as a leader.

In 2002, I received a B.A. degree in finance and sports management from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Although I feel that have put my education to excellent use, I would value the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in education. Additional skills and knowledge will help me make inroads into my future career aspiration, becoming a (what? ). Thank you for your consideration.
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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership Has Been

Words: 1971 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42203081

Personal Model of Ethical Leadership

Leadership has been defined as the "procedure of social influence where a person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the achievement of a common task" (Jam, 2012). Leadership is something that remains as one of the most appropriate features of the organizational context. A leader is an individual who influences a group of people in the direction of a specific result. It is not really dependent on title or official authority. Leaders are normally recognized by their volume for caring for others, clear communication, and a commitment to persevere. Some experts believe that good leaders are made not born and others say the opposite. Some leaders have the belief that when people have the willpower and desire, then they can become an effective leader. Some managers even mention that a good leader develops through a never ending procedure of self-study,…… [Read More]


Jam, J.I. (2012). IMPACT OF CORPORATE ETHICAL VAULUES ON ETHICAL LEADERSHIP AND EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE. International Journal of Business and Social Science,, 23(9), 23-56.

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Miao, Q.N. (2013). The relationship between ethical leadership and unethical pro-organizational behavior: Linear or curvilinear effects? Journal of Business Ethics, 22(5), 67-70.
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Personal Statement Why the Candidate

Words: 539 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3592485

==> With over ten years of administrative, managerial, retail and title work experience and degrees in accounting and public administration, I hope to share with my colleagues what I have learned and experienced in teamwork, communication, leadership, business ethics and human resource strategies. I believe that my positive outlook and enthusiasm will encourage my peers to explore their full potential and to use their education to find a personal sense of purpose and vision.

Real-world business challenges that the candidate currently faces that might be explored using the knowledge that the candidate will attain through his or her participation in the MBA program.==>

I am under considerable economy-related challenges in my retail and government jobs. It is definitely a challenge maintaining a viable retail store during these difficult economic times and profitability has definitely suffered. Far too often, I struggle to keep up with the prices of competitors and understand…… [Read More]

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Personal Financial Plan in Creating

Words: 308 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30672189

Check also if they have the lowest possible interest rates on loans, mortgage or credit cards. A married individual should also determine their future financial goal which is time bound and measurable: when to pay debt; establish educational funds for the children; or payoff the mortgage. Then, the individual should design a plan to reach his established goals and take that plan into action. Keep tract of income and debts, make sure to be in the budget or have enough emergency fund for uncontrolled events. Lastly, monitor the set plan. Keep tract of the progress in reaching the financial goals monthly or quarterly, update the net worth statement at the same time and be ready to make adjustments if the individual deviates from the plan.

ibliography… [Read More]

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Personal App the Strategic Management

Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94757004

The SMCO site would serve as a portal bookmark and I might return to it if I needed to research a topic and needed to know at once a list of all the major business trade magazines, or if I needed to find multiple ways of checking company data on sources like ZDNet and Bloomberg Financial Market reports. I can see how the SMCO would be a helpful place to start compiling material for a case study. The SMCO also comes in handy because it would be too cumbersome to bookmark all the links offered there.

Several issues about the website seem disappointing, though. The SMCO's graduate school links is practically useless. Instead of offering a list of programs and departments, the SMCO simply gives useless links such as to the Kaplan GMAT Test Prep. Undergraduate or transfer students would find it much more helpful if the SMCO listed universities…… [Read More]


Academy of Management Online. Retrieved Mar 20, 2007 at

David, F. (2006). Strategic Management Club Online. Retrieved Mar 20, 2007 at
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Personal Statement My Country of

Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14745766

(Quite recently, she recently passed away, and the loss has been devastating to me and my family. To give tribute to her memory, I continue to press on in my work, and hope that my eventual degree will be a lasting credit to her memory).

The method of teaching in America was very different than what I had experienced in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, students listen and take notes, and accept what the teacher says as the gospel truth. In America, students are encouraged to argue and debate with the professor, and if they do not they are regarded as less engaged with the material. In my eyes, the attitudes of my American colleagues seemed startling and challenging.

A far higher level of personal independence was expected in America than in Bangladesh. Students were encouraged to select their classes with relatively little assistance. Because of the large nature of UTA, there…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement -- Oct My Life Story

Words: 766 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54111667

Personal Statement -- Oct.

My life story thus far has not been the kind of existence most people my age have had to experience. From a very young age, I had to be the man of the family, supportive to those around me and a rock that others could rest their emotions on. When I was little, everyone who knew my father would remark how much I reminded them of him, particularly because of the blue eyes that I inherited from him. When I was eight years old, my father passed away and often it would hurt the people around me to look into my eyes. They would too often see him reflected on my face. So not only was I put into a difficult position by having lost my father, in a way I had to make up for his absence.

This taught me to be strong and to…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement During My Third Year of

Words: 747 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99019169

Personal Statement

During my third year of my undergraduate studies in mathematics I was struggling to stay attentive to my required courses. Although I deeply enjoy mathematics and mathematics theory, I was finding that much of my academic time was being spent studying theories and abstract material. I also found that I couldn't discuss my work with many of my friends outside of my major because the topics were not relatable. After experience some deep frustration during my first term, I enrolled in an Operations Research course and from the first day of class, and I enjoyed the course material and the very practical mathematics applications we discussed and read about. I began learning about topics that connected mathematical analysis to concrete issues in the financial and technology industries, and for the first time I saw how my coursework related to many current events. My near-perfect grade in the course…… [Read More]

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Personal Savings According to the

Words: 1571 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28642002

This is especially likely given the fact that prices are increasing faster than wages and faster than interest rates. There is little incentive to save, as inflation erodes the value of savings at current savings account interest rates. Instead, consumers are motivated to put their money to better use, which for them means purchasing the goods that they want and taking advantage of a newly-soft housing market in order to upgrade their homes. It is for these reasons that I believe the overall trend towards lower savings rates will continue, even if the current decrease does not hold over the long-term. As soon as consumers believe that the economy is set to improve, they will start spending again and this will reduce the savings rate again.

Only a renewal of economic crisis, perhaps spurred by the euro debacle, could undermine the long-term trend. Britons are most likely tired of saving,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Finance Financial Assessment of Supervalu

Words: 3480 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94897314

Since 2010 the organization has demonstrated a decline in revenue of 11.08%. However, one would expect some decline as a result of the divestments took place in 2011.

The gross profit for the year ending 2012 was $8,019, which equates to a gross profit margin of 22.21%. However, the operating profit demonstrated a loss of $519, hindered by high ongoing Goodwin and intangible asset charges. However, was a lower operating loss compared to the operating loss in 2011 when it was $976.

The income statement shows the net earnings. In financial ***** earnings may be presented either before or after tax. As Supervalu are struggling and benefited from a negative tax payment in 2011, this report will use the definition of net earnings being earnings after tax. Calculated after provisions for income tax, showed a loss of $1,040, equating to -2.88%. However, it is notable that this is an improvement…… [Read More]

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Finance Strategic Planning and Budget

Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61247808

Consortiums and collaborations

Harvard is part of the original Ivy League sporting conference, encompassing Yale, Princeton, Brown, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Dartmouth. Harvard students are also able, with permission, to take classes at MIT and at Harvard graduate institutions. Harvard offers extensive study abroad options.

Intercollegiate athletics

Harvard has 41 Division I intercollegiate varsity sports teams for women and men, more than any other Division I college in the country. Harvard is also a proud member of the Ivy League, which is a sporting conference of some of the nation's finest academic institutions (Athletics, 2009, Harvard College).

Community involvement

Harvard has an extensive network of student-directed community service organizations: "Students direct over 120 different programs in and around the Greater Boston area" (Community outreach, 2009, Harvard College). Student-lead groups include afterschool tutoring programs for the disadvantaged members of the community, health awareness and drug abuse prevention programs, mentoring…… [Read More]

Works Cited

At a glance. (2009). Harvard College. College Board. Retrieved June 21, 2009 at

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Community outreach. (2009). Harvard College
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Personal Statement - Biology Program I First

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7149899

Personal Statement - Biology Program

I first experienced working in healthcare at the XYZ Home, a nursing community in my hometown of XYZ City, XYZ State.

From 19##-19##, while still in high school, I worked as a volunteer with elderly residents. During those two years, I helped organize social activities for the seniors. I assisted with feeding duties and helped the residents get involved in physical activities, such as stretching limbs or a simple walk around the garden.

The best part of the job, however, was being a valued part of lives. In addition to the official duties, I often read to some of the older. A tall, proud, World War II veteran regaled me with tales of fighting in Normandy. Elizabeth, a sweet, frail-looking grandmother even tried to teach me how to crochet.

I have always found great fulfillment in healthcare and in being part of people's recoveries. For…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement as the Year

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A seasoned professional, both my academic and career experience has prepared me to contribute to your program. I received my achelor's Degree of Science and Marketing from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in 2003. In 2009, I furthered my education by obtaining a Master's of usiness Administration and Organizational Leadership from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. So far, my curriculum has covered relevant topics such as cross cultural leadership, effective communication, International law, and professional ethics, in addition to a variety of other courses dealing with business, management, organization, and finance. With the preparation provided to me by my academic history, I am ready to become an effective contributor to your PhD program. My previous education has not only provided me with the tools to understand basic and advanced concepts of organizational leadership and marketing, but it has also procured for me a greater interest…… [Read More]

By attending the University of New Mexico's American Studies PhD program, I will improve this cultural understanding and sensitivity, making me better able to continue in my current business interests, organizational leadership and marketing. In addition to benefiting me academically and professionally, the privileged of attending this program will benefit me personally, as I will gain a greater appreciation for cultures and their importance in this global age. This will serve me well as an active member in my community and society, as well as a world traveler.

Though I believe the American Studies PhD program at the University of New Mexico will benefit me greatly, I also believe that my academic and professional skills will contribute a great deal to the program, its instructors, and its participants. As education is meant to be the free flow of ideas between student and teacher, this is the ideal situation for this advanced level of education. A seasoned professional, both my academic and career experience has prepared me to contribute to your program. I received my Bachelor's Degree of Science and Marketing from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in 2003. In 2009, I furthered my education by obtaining a Master's of Business Administration and Organizational Leadership from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. So far, my curriculum has covered relevant topics such as cross cultural leadership, effective communication, International law, and professional ethics, in addition to a variety of other courses dealing with business, management, organization, and finance. With the preparation provided to me by my academic history, I am ready to become an effective contributor to your PhD program. My previous education has not only provided me with the tools to understand basic and advanced concepts of organizational leadership and marketing, but it has also procured for me a greater interest in the topic of culture, especially as it relates to business. Like any academic, the knowledge that I have gained has driven me to obtain further knowledge. This genuine interest in the topic, as well as my dedication to my previous education, which is exemplified by my Master's GPA of 3.8, have prepared me to make an important contribution to your program.

In addition to this academic experience, I have launched a professional career working in my chosen field. My experience through this career path has given me the real-life situations and examples necessary to not only learn a great deal from your program, but also to contribute to the makeup of the program participants with a unique viewpoint. This experience includes working as a buyer for Toys R' U.S. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2003, as well as working as a customer service representative and investment officer for Citibank partner Samba Financial Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A combination of my desire to learn, my academic achievements, and my work experience makes me a perfect candidate for your American Studies program.
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Finance Portfolio FedEx Corporation NYSE

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Target's chart, however, shows that the company has tracked the market and GDP fairly closely, indicating that perhaps it does not trade the way a discount retailer should.

Johnson & Johnson

JNJ is a pharmaceutical and consumer products company. It competes in pharmaceuticals, consumer products in the health and beauty segment and in medical devices. The company was founded in 1886 and today is a multinational conglomerate with operations in 57 countries and with approximately 250 subsidiaries.

To a certain extent, JNJ's product line is price inelastic. Pharmaceutical demand is tied to overall consumer demand and the state of the economy, but not to the same extent that many other consumer products are. As a result, JNJ would be expected to have less significant swings in its stock price relative to the GDP, other macroeconomic indicators, or the Dow Jones. The stock, however, has traded roughly in line with the…… [Read More]

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Finance Would the GEICO Acquisition

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This in fact gives Buffet the upper hand to know that his investment will turn around and bring substantial monetary gain to him and his business over the longevity of the business holding.

What might account for the share price increase for Berkshire Hathaway at the announcement? In actuality, Buffet used a simple component that was recognizable through most of his other business purchasing transactions. In all transactions, there would be an increase in the offer per share. Another cause of the increase could be that often interest in a company would significantly increase when Berkshire Hathaway would become involved. Due to being, a well-known substantiated person/company that is significantly known for increasing the value of a company, not necessarily in the short-term but yet using concepts dealing with longevity. In fact, it is evident that when buffet is considering such an accusation that he has increased the dollar per…… [Read More]

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Behavioral Finance Human Interaction a Study of the Decision-Making Processes Impacting Financial Markets Information Processing

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ehavioral Finance and Human Interaction a Study of the Decision-Making

Processes Impacting Financial Markets

Understanding the Stock Market

Contrasting Financial Theories

Flaws of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Financial ubbles and Chaos

The stock market's dominant theory, the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) has been greatly criticized recently for its failure to account for human errors, heuristic bias, use of misinformation, psychological tendencies, in determining future expected performance and obtainable profits.

Existing evidence indicates that past confidence in the EMH may have been misdirected, as the theory's models do not show a thorough understanding of trading operations in a realistic light.

Researchers have suggested that a variety of anomalies and inconsistent historical results demand that traditional financial theories, namely the EMH, be reconstructed to include human interaction as a key decision-making process that directly affects the performance of financial markets.

This research paper aims to determine whether or not there is a…… [Read More]


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Business Week. (September 29, 1997) The Perils of Investing Too Close to Home.
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Purchasing Personal Real Estate

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Purchasing Personal eal Estate

eal property or real estate is legally defined as land, together with the buildings situated upon it (Find Lawyer, 2015). A more comprehensive definition of the term is property, comprising of land together with the buildings situated on it, as well as natural resources like water, crops, or mineral; immobile things of this sort; a vested interest in the land; and, in general, housing or buildings. It further covers the real estate business, which denotes the business of buying, renting, or selling, land, housing or buildings (OED, 2015). This essay will address the residential property purchasing process for first-time buyers.

Making the ight Choices

The activity of selling or purchasing a home may prove rather time-consuming and complicated. Even prior to making major decisions with regard to which land one should purchase, which housing loan one should choose, or which real estate agent one should engage…… [Read More]


Consumer Affairs Victoria. (2012). Real estate: A guide for buyers and sellers. Melbourne: Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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Personal Statement Emba Additional Details Hesitate Mail Thx

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personal statement emba additional details hesitate mail.thx SARFARAZ IQBAL PATEL Dubai, U.A.E Mob # 00971506505573 E-mail: -- KEY PROFICIENCIES INCLUDE: • • Business Development • Recruitment selection • Motivation Reward • Key networking skills • Strategic Accounts • Employee Development • Relationship Development • Market Identification ? PROFILE Highly qualified professional strong background Sales, Sales Management, Business Development Account Management collaborative environments.

Personal statement: MBA

I have over twelve years of experience in sales and marketing leadership positions with my current employer Orchid Gulf FZ, an independent trading company specializing in luxury paper. As part of my work for Orchid, I have cultivated relationships with a variety of international companies, spanning from Fedrigoni (Italian), Mohawk (U.S.A), Schefeulen (Germany), to Terraskin (U.S.A). My position has enabled me to become fluent in a variety of business customs, cultures, and attitudes. I seek to broaden and develop this fluency over the course of…… [Read More]

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values Between

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between for-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations

For-profit and not-for-profit companies often operate very differently from one another. Here this will be shown with a comparison between the American ed Cross (a not-for-profit company) and the Coca-Cola Company (a for-profit company). The background of each one of them will be addressed, and they proposed solutions and recommendations will be discussed. Each company has its problems, whether it is for-profit or not, but there are unique problems faced by each kind of company. The differences in whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit can have a significant effect on the companies themselves and whether they are able to continue being successful or whether they must make changes in order to see growth and development in the future.

Case Study Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations:

The ed Cross and Coca-Cola

Introduction…… [Read More]


Bennett, A. (2005). The Geneva Convention: The Hidden Origins of the Red Cross. Sutton Publishing, Gloucestershire, England.

Boissier, P. (1985). History of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Volume I: From Solferino to Tsushima. Henry Dunant Institute, Geneva.

Forsythe, D.P. (2005). The Humanitarians: The International Committee of the Red Cross. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Giebelhaus, A.W. (2008). Coca-Cola Company. The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Georgia Humanities Council.
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Finance and Financial Entrepreneurship The Basis of

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finance and financial entrepreneurship. The basis of the article is on a discussion that was held on this subject among four leading lights of financial entrepreneurship in the United States - Michael Milken, Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes. These people are famous in their own right and have had a sizeable role in financial entrepreneurship in the U.S. over the last 20 years. We have first discussed their achievements to get a clear idea about their personal achievements. This would certainly give a clear idea of what is possible in the U.S. today. They are of course interesting characters and one has to remember that the ideal entrepreneur of the 21st century cannot be thought of as an updated version of Henry Ford. After the discussion of the people, the meeting and the discussions held there are summarized. ased on the total information collected, we have come to…… [Read More]


Altman, E.I., ed. The High-Yield Debt Market: Investment Performance and Economic Impact, 41-57. 1990.

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Personal Statement of Purpose

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child growing up in China I have had an interest in business. I would often sit and watch shop keepers and store owners run their businesses and think about how I would one day run my own place. As a learner and thinker, I have always been drawn to education and I loved school. My education eventually brought me to California to study at USC, and now, after completing my B.A. In finance, I'm decided to pursue advanced studies in economics.

As an international student at USC I've had the opportunity to work and learn with a very diverse population of students from both the United States and abroad. The varied perspectives of my classmates help me understand that the study of economics and business is an intricate mixture of finance, culture, and even language. As I explored the options for my graduate studies I became interested in attending the…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Intended Major

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SOP Major

Despite of a global economic recession, China surpassed Japan in GDP to become the second-largest economy. This is great news but it disguises the real impact of China's economic growth on social and political affairs in the country. Housing prices are so high that most young Chinese people cannot afford to buy even the smallest house. ncome disparity has grown between the rural poor and the comparatively wealthy urbanites. Compounding the problem are quality of life factors, such as water and air pollution.

have myriads of questions and concerns related to my country's role in the world, and how it is addressing its domestic problems too. My interest in economics as a field of study stems from a personal understanding of the links between issues like GDP and growth to the underlying social and political problems in a country like mine. My parents helped me to see this…… [Read More]

It is a good thing for me that mathematics has always been my main strength. In elementary and junior school, I attended International Mathematical Olympiad training classes every weekend. Because I received much advanced training while young, I was enrolled in Mathematical Elite Class in high school and maintained excellent academic record. Therefore, I feel prepared to meet the challenges of a higher education that focuses on economics.

Instead of attending college right after graduating from high school, I took one year off for an internship. I wanted to see whether applied economics was what I expected as a career, and knew that this was an opportunity to meet people in the field and find out for myself. From September 2009 to June 2010, I did my first internship in XXXX Certified Public Accountants as a secretary. Although I only did some basic work, such as printing, filling expense accounts, and research, I actively consulted my colleagues and learned about IPOs, auditing, and capital assessment. More important, I had many opportunities to acquaint myself with hundreds of companies in diverse fields and provinces. I observed how these companies applied economic knowledge to their daily practice and business strategies. I learned how different economic policies affected markets in different areas.

Recognizing that the Chinese market economy still has a long way to go, I also know that the path forward will be a fascinating one and I want to be on its forefront. An advanced education in this program will prepare me to be one of China's leading future economists.
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Personal Philosophy of Life Applied

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Currently, there are approximately five to six special interest group lobbyists working on behalf of the private health insurance industry for every single publicly elected representative in Washington, D.C. (eid, 2009). The breakdown of political support for legislation and policies that benefit the industry reveals a remarkably close association between political contributions from that industry and the voting and statement records of political representatives (Kennedy, 2006; Tong, 2007). It is no surprise that the major source of opposition to some of the most potentially beneficial elements of healthcare reform at issue today comes from the representatives who have received the largest campaign contributions from the private health insurance industry and representatives from states where the largest corporate parents of private sector health insurance companies (eid, 2009).

Preventative Medicine and eimbursement Based on Beneficial esults

Sufficient information already exists from other nations that very strongly suggests that any efficient, affordable, and…… [Read More]


Beauchamp, T., and Childress, J. (2009). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. Oxford Kennedy, E. (2006). America: Back on Track. Viking: New York.

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Tong, R. (2007). New Perspectives in Health Care Ethics: An Interdisciplinary and Cultural Approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
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Finance Industry

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Financial Industry

There appears to be a disjointed understanding concerning the functioning of a capitalistic economy and its use of money. Financializaition is a mostly new model of the use of money as a valuable resource in and of itself. Money is essentially fetishized as the most prominent capitalists strive to gain more and more money. Money makes the world go around in many ways, but there lies a question in to how humanity uses the precious inventions of trade and commerce in more reasonable and just manner that excludes the negative aspects that financial institutions and their machinations attempt to dominate the economic progress of a people.

The purpose of this essay is to argue that financializaition and its offspring intermediaries have set the capitalistic world balance off a productive trajectory. The greed of those who seek value in material wealth without any real or substantial backing is at…… [Read More]


Afsar, M., Afsar, A., & Mecik, O. (2014). Financializaition Process and the Outcomes in Developed Countries. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 6(12), p192.

Cobb, Joel. "How firms shape income inequality: Stakeholder power, executive decision- making, and the structuring of employment relationships." Academy of Management Review (2015): amr-2013.

Crotty, J. (2009). Structural causes of the global financial crisis: a critical assessment of the 'new financial architecture'. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 33(4), 563-580.

Cushen, Jean. "Financializaition in the workplace: Hegemonic narratives, performative interventions and the angry knowledge worker." Accounting, Organizations and Society 38, no. 4 (2013): 314-331.
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Personal Individual Information

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activities since high school. Include jobs held, extra curricular activities, service, and volunteer activities, honors, and awards, any military or other service to the country and any significant periods during which you were neither employed nor enrolled in school. Also, explain in detail any two of the activities that were most meaningful to you.

If you were to meet me in my ordinary, grounded daily life, you would probably have no idea that in my not-so- copious spare time I am learning to fly a single engine airplane. Eventually, I hope to obtain my private pilot license. Yet although I have spent more than my fair share of time in the air, most of my life's work and my life's passions have remained securely grounded, focused upon helping others and communicating with others in the medical profession.

After graduating from high school, I began work at the Tug Valley Veterinarian…… [Read More]

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Human Resources for a Personal Financial Advising Career

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Business -- Human esources

Personal Financial Advising

Personal financial advisors review the financial needs of people and help them with investments, tax laws, and insurance decisions. Advisors help their clients recognize and plan for both long-range and short-range objectives. Advisors help clients plan for retirement, education expenses, and general investment decisions. Many also supply tax advice or sell insurance. Even though most planners offer advice on a wide assortment of topics, some specialize in areas such as retirement and estate planning or risk management (Personal Financial Advisors, 2009).

Personal financial advisors regularly work with a lot of clients and frequently must identify their own customers. A lot of personal financial advisors spend a great deal of their time advertising their services. A lot of advisors meet probable clients by giving seminars or by way of business and social networking. Identify clients and building a customer base is one of the…… [Read More]


Anspach, D. (2012). 5 Search Engines to Use to Find The Right Financial Advisor.

Retreived from

Financial Advisor: Interview Questions for Financial Advisors with Answers. (2009).

Retrieved from
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Master's Degree in Finance From MIT Sloan

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Master's degree in Finance from MIT Sloan. I have embarked on a number of high-level internships that have given me significant financial industry experience. This has been built on a foundation that includes a high-quality undergraduate education, along with several years of working experience.

In terms of competencies, I have the necessary mathematical skills in order to excel in the Finance program. I achieved my B.Sc. In mathematics at Bogazici University in Istanbul, which is one of the top universities in Turkey. I know that advanced-level finance requires not only mathematics but also extensive work with computer software, and I have built my skills in that area as well. Additionally, I have worked to become a talented writer, able to express my ideas with clarity and concision.

One of my greatest strengths is in leadership. I have worked to build my leadership skills as well over the past few years.…… [Read More]

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Lakes Tax Research Memo Personal Injury Winning

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Tax Research Memo

Personal Injury winning treatment and other issues research


NearLakes City

John Smith tax issues

Treatment for purposes of Federal Tax Income of $300,000 fee received out of the amount awarded by Jury.

Applicable Law:Any winnings in a personal injury lawsuit that cover the treatment of physical injuries are not taxable except for attorney fees which are taxable. IRC SEC 104(a)(2).Taxability also depends upon the place of residence of the taxpayer.

$300,000 received by John Smith as fees from jury award is taxable for federal tax income purposes.

Treatment for purposes of Federal Tax Income of $25,000 expenses paid upfront and received out of the amount awarded by Jury.

Applicable Law: Any winnings in a personal injury lawsuit that cover the treatment of physical injuries are not taxable except for attorney fees which are taxable. IRC Sec 104(a)(2).Any expenses can be claimed as a deduction.Taxability…… [Read More]

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Business Finance the Most Difficult Task for

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97565748

Business Finance

The most difficult task for individuals starting business is raising the initial capital required to kick-start the business. A budding entrepreneur may have the necessary ideas about starting a successful business empire but without initial investment, the idea may as well be dead and gone. For this reason, this report outlines several sources of finance a business can source from, their implications, cost as well as appropriateness. These sources include venture capital, bank loans, friends and family, savings and credit cards among others.


Payback Terms



Personal Savings

No cost

Easy, cheap

Risk of Loss

Friends & Family

Usually good rate or none

Very flexible

Flexible, best value

Can create friction

Home Mortgages - Traditional or Seconds


8-14% on equity loans

Very long and flexible

80-100% + of home equity value

Cheapest, longest term

Your house is at risk in the event of non-payment

Credit…… [Read More]

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Trends in Campaign Finance and Its Effect on Outcomes of Elections

Words: 3540 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55151844

Campaign Finance and its effect on Outcomes of Elections

In this paper, we are examining the underlying trends in campaign finance. To do this we will look at four different gubernatorial campaigns. Once this takes place, is when we will be able to see what patterns are developing in how campaigns are financed.

Over the last several decades, the issue of campaign finance and its outcome on elections has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because the relationship between politics and special interests will come together during an election. As political candidates, are forced to run for office through spending massive amounts of money. While having to accept funds; from a number of special interest groups that have active memberships throughout the country. This has led to a host of scandals with names such as Watergate, illustrating how this relationship between political and…… [Read More]


2002 General Election. (2002), Election Returns. Retrieved from:

Contributor Results. (2011). Follow the Money. Retrieved from:

Candidate Election Results. (2011). Vote. Retrieved from:

Contributor Results. (2011). Follow the Money. Retrieved from:
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Accounting and Finance Henkel AG Is a

Words: 2826 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72406272

Accounting and Finance

Henkel AG is a multinational company focusing its brand and technologies in three business areas that include Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care and Adhesive Technologies. Established in 1976, the company holds its global market positions in both the consumer and industrial products with well-known brands that include Lactate, Persil, and Schwarzkopf. Henkel's headquarter is in Dusseldorf in German and the company has over 47,000 employees globally. Typically, the company is considered among the most "internationally aligned German-based companies in the global marketplace." (Henkel 2012).

Objective of this paper is to use various financial models to carry out financial analysis and valuation of financial Henkel AG.

Valuation Model

One of the methods to carry out the valuation of a company is to use enterprises discounted cash flow (DCF). The DCF could be carried out using WACC (weighted average cost of capital) that represents the opportunity costs that…… [Read More]

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Finacial Statements Personal Financial Statement

Words: 560 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94996156

But my annual expenditures are estimated at about 21,400, which mean that I will lack 3,400 to keep this level of my expenses up.

Professionally prepared personal financial statements can be required to admit in many different situations, such as various financial transactions; working out estate, retirement, or other financial plan; making a guarantee; identifying the property before signing the marriage contract or under a divorce proceeding; running for a public office; or, of course, obtaining a loan. In my current financial situation, I am considering obtaining a student loan to pay for my future studies and meet my financial needs. In this very situation I will have to provide a clear financial statement of my current assets and liabilities. This will give the bank the precise information on what kind of borrower I am.

I would like to apply for financial aid from the state. If I do not…… [Read More]

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Financial Accounting Personal Financial Situation This Essay

Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45913507

Financial Accounting

Personal Financial Situation

This essay examines the personal financial statements of Manny Harris, part-time student and part-time sales associate at Wal-Mart. Manny is considering three significant life events that will affect details of his financial statements.

The first significant change in his personal circumstances that Manny is considering is whether to apply for a loan so that he can afford to attend college full-time. Manny is concerned with the trade-offs involved; he wonders whether a bachelor's degree will help him obtain a job with sufficient compensation to justify the burden of paying back student loans. According to Oloffson in her Time magazine article, Manny's concerns are well-founded. The cost of average tuition rose by 6.5% during the fall of 2009, and the average amount of student debt rose to $23,200 in 2008. However, the unemployment rate for recent graduates rose as well, and stood at a record high…… [Read More]

Reference List

Mantell, R. (2010). Changing economy poses challenges for job seekers. The Wall Street Journal Market Watch online. Retrieved June 14, 2011 from 

Oloffson, K. (2009). The job market: is a college degree worth less? Time online. Retrieved June 14, 2011 from,8599,1946088,00.html

Stanny, B. (2011). 16 things I wish I knew about money when I graduated college. Forbes online. Retrieved June 14, 2011 from
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Business Finance for Pizzapalace Analyze and Recommend

Words: 3461 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31410880

Business Finance for PizzaPalace: Analyze and recommend optimal capital structure

Assume you have just been hired as a business manager of PizzaPalace, a regional pizza restaurant chain. The company's EBIT was $50 million last year and is not expected to grow. The firm is currently financed with all equity, and it has 10 million shares outstanding.

When you took your corporate finance course, your instructor stated that most firms' owners would be financially better off if the firms used some debt. When you suggested this to your new boss, he encouraged you to pursue the idea.

As a first step, assume that you obtained from the firm's investment banker the following estimated costs of debt for the firm at different capital structures:

P e r c e n t FI n a n c e d w I t h D. e b t, w d r d


8.0%…… [Read More]

References (2011). Operating leverage and DOL. Retrieved May

12, 2011 from

Ehrhardt, M.C. & Brigham, E.F. (2010). Financial management theory and practice.

Thomas One. 13th Edition. Pp 351-800.
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Statement of Purpose Finance

Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38236618

Career Objectives

Pursuing an MS in Finance is the first step toward beginning the rest of my life. I am excited to be this close to graduating from college and taking the next step, entering graduate school. I am pleased about moving closer to launching my career and about exploring the possibilities that lie ahead. This Statement of Purpose discusses my progress to this point and my plans for the future, and considers how an MS in Finance will help me achieve my goals.

Because I understand that a Masters degree does not automatically qualify me for career advancement, I want to pursue realistic goals, and that includes personal satisfaction. Whenever I have considered my long-term educational plans, I always thought in terms of a Masters degree, and possibly even a doctorate. So obtaining a masters degree will satisfy one long-term goal and put me in position to pursue another…… [Read More]

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Department of Finance

Words: 2124 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58116095

Department of Finance is the lead agency supporting the Government's key economic and financial policy outcomes through the provision of advice and coordination of resource allocation for Government programs. It also provides financial services to the Government and the community, covering asset and liability management, collection of state taxes and insurance and superannuating administration. The organization is made up of a diverse group dedicated people with a wide range of skills, including accounting, finance, economics, business service, insurance, superannuating and management.

The Finance Department is comprised of three divisions:

Finance Administration Division

This division is responsible for the overall direction and policy implementation. It is also responsible for coordination of the Finance Department, which includes:

a) Budgeting and Accounting

Finance is responsible for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the City's Operating, Utility and Capital budgets. The focus is to administer these processes to meet the needs of the community,…… [Read More]


Yesilhark, M. (2000). What are the roles and responsibilities of a finance department?

Retrieved February 12, 2005, from

Web site: 

Department Functions. (2002). Retrieved February 12, 2005, from City of Kirkland
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Private Finance the Private Financing Initiatives When

Words: 2393 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38585582

Private Finance

The private financing initiatives

When the Private Finance Initiative was launched in 1992, it was seen as a mechanism to achieve extra public-sector investment by bringing in private finance for capital projects as well as a means to improve the public procurement process that was routinely criticized for poor project management and construction cost overruns. PFIs cut across a range of public services, including hospitals, prisons, public transport, roads, and schools. Each PFI depended on the public-sector purchaser to specify the outputs or outcomes it hoped to achieve, and put private-sector capital at risk for the delivery of those outputs or outcomes. By relaxing the emphasis on input specification, PFIs sought to mobilize innovation and optimize whole-life costs and quality to meet the public requirements. The financing mechanism served to reinforce the long-term nature of the relationship by linking payments to the achievement of outputs over the life…… [Read More]


Chung, Demi. 2009. "Developing an Analytical Framework for Analysing and Assessing Public-Private Partnerships: A Hospital Case Study." Economic and Labour Relations Review 19:69+. Retrieved September 26, 2011 (

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Internet Research Project Memo Finance

Words: 970 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44095581

Michigan law prohibited parties from participating in motor vehicle finance unless they were a either an installment dealer of automobiles or a finance company.

Because the finance company was within the scope of businesses who could participate in a retail sales finance contract for automobiles, and it did so in direct cooperation with its affiliated dealers, it was acting as part of a joint venture in the sale of the automobiles. Therefore, it was one of the entities contemplated as a taxpayer under the Michigan General Sales Tax Act.

Though the statutory language changed after the events in aimler Chrysler, it still encompassed parties participating in any part of the retail transaction. Given that the majority of car sales involve finance companies, it is clear that a finance company would be a foreseeable, perhaps even an expected part of a retail automobile sales contract. Furthermore, the finance contract was certainly…… [Read More]

Daimler Chrysler Services North America LLC v. Department of Treasury, Michigan Court of Appeals, No.

(2006). Retrieved July 12, 2008 from Michigan Court of Appeals. Web site:

Id., citing MCL 492.101 et seq.
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Economics Finance and Management in

Words: 3112 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23917516

This could indicate that the latter two countries seek to join the EU in hopes of more prosperous futures.

e) State of education in the country

From the standpoint of education, this is best ranked in Belgium, with a score of 8.8 on a scale from 1 to ten, and it is closely followed by France, with a score of 8.5, on the same scale. The Germans ranked their educational system with an 8, and the Dutch ranked their educational system with a 7. Turkey reveals a similar perception of its educational system as the Dutch, but the Croatians and the Turks have less positive perceptions over their educational systems.

From this standpoint then, it could be argued that all three non-EU member states would benefit from the accession to the EU as this would serve as grounds for improvement of their educational sectors.

f) State of health services in…… [Read More]


Ozturc, Y., 2007, Negotiating modernity: early childhood education policy in Turkey in the context of seeking European Union membership -- a case study of the General Directorate of Preschool Education,

Tunah, I., Bashevent, C., Female labor supply in Turkey, in The Turkish economy: the real economy, corporate governance and reform, Routledge

Round 4 of the European Social Survey, / last accessed on January 12, 2012
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Fixing California School Finance the

Words: 3370 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48945082

The fair / unfair distribution of school resources. In 2000, the ACLU filed suit (Williams et al. v. State of California et al.), claiming that the obligation of the state to provide all students with "basic educational necessities" was not fulfilled. One million of California's students are deprived of educational basics, such as qualified teachers, decent school facilities, and appropriate textbooks.

An important part of these problems are caused by the inadequacy of the school system funding in the state. Others are problems to be solved by individual school districts, since they are seen as a local management problem.

The new concept behind the reform of school finance of California is the "weighted student formula" or "student-based budgeting," which is believed to be a way to a more equitable and effective school funding system. Still, skeptics doubt that it the concept is applicable to California's 9,000 schools serving 6 million…… [Read More]


1. Californians rank low in education, highway spending

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2. Tiebout and tax revolts: Did Serrano really cause Proposition 13?

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Ethics of Campaign Finance Marxist

Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98576349

While this does not seem ethically questionable on the surface, it is certainly questionable when one considers that the only way for a capitalist to keep being a capitalist is to keep acquiring capital, and the only way to acquire capital is to exploit labor for profit. This means that the bourgeoisie must oppress the proletariat in order to continue to exist, and that the proletariat must struggle to survive.

Some may say that this is not an ethical problem -- merely the brutal nature of the world. Even if this were so, it becomes an ethical problem when considered politically, and, as Marx and Engel assert, "every class struggle is a political struggle" (p. 46). In a country that binds itself morally to the concept of inalienable political rights, the decision of the highest court in the land to grant enormous political "voice" to entities whose necessary economic purpose…… [Read More]


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International Trade and Finance Law

Words: 2844 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78054175

In the case of United States, Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides for practically all types of security agreements for owned property that are both for own use as also for commercial purposes. This type of agreements includes fixtures which mean personal property that is attached to the property, and the ready example can be a water heater. This does not include other liens taken on the property like the lien of a mechanic are not covered by this act, but are covered by the individual laws that govern them. There is also a statute of frauds and that requires a security agreement to be in writing for it to be valid, unless the property has been pledged for getting the loan. This sort of a pledge takes place when the borrowing party shifts the collateral to the lender of money in exchange for the loan that he…… [Read More]


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Retrieved at Accessed 10 November, 2005

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Banking: An overview. Retrieved at Accessed 10 November, 2005
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International Development Law and Banking and Finance Law

Words: 9595 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48754475

English Right of Set-Off and Combination in the Circumstance of Insolvency

The right of combination and set-off, as developed under English law offer a number of safeguards to banks and creditors in general. These rights were expanded under the principles that they were necessary to effect substantial justice and that they would stimulate economic growth and trade. In the following paper, I suggest that the judicial application of these rights has tended to unfairly favor banks at the expense of the individual customer, which may initially stimulate growth by encouraging banks to provide loans, but in the long-term may serve to deteriorate trade, particularly at the international level. Customers in other countries, particularly civil law countries, experience much more risk when they do business with an English bank, and hence may be better off refraining from bringing their enterprises there, or at any rate must be extremely careful in drawing…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Professional Skills on Personal Effectiveness

Words: 2772 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17615357

The negotiation ended with one of the parties walking out of the room and the problem had to be settled eventually by a ruling from management. This event also had a negative effect on the working relationships between members of the different groups in the debate.

What has become obvious to me since then is that negotiation is a process that requires sensitivity and a search for balance, rather than just an attempt to overwhelm the other party. It also requires intense focus and perception.

I noticed that many of the negotiators entered the process without having a concentrated and clear focus of their aims and not being fully prepared. I realized that the negotiation process can in fact be a very productive process and that it can help to solve problems through mutual understanding. I also came to the conclusion that communication skills are a vital part of the…… [Read More]


Austin, KR 2010, 'Personal Effectiveness and the Finance Officer'. Government Finance Review, vol. 26, pp. 61+.

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Boyatzis, RE 1999,Presentation to the Linkage Conference on Emotional Intelligence. Chicago, IL.

Cronin-Harris C. 2004, 'Negotiation Strategy: Planning Is Critical', CPA Journal, Dec.
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Harvard MBA Management Statement Personal

Words: 1409 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82170037

Therefore, many of those whose homes are most at risk are victims of their need to live beyond their realistic financial means, mainly for the sake of living up to a social image and impressing their neighbors.

In principle, the issue pointed out by Einstein applies equally to "overly ambitious" first home buyers in the half-million dollar range as to Wall Street debt traders for whom that same amount represents the price of water craft more than primary residences. Obviously, the comparison was not something completely foreign to me before, but the words of Einstein impressed the idea on me in a more meaningful way nevertheless, especially in combination with some of his other observations, such as:

The aim (of education) must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, can see in the service to the community their highest life achievement.... Never regard your study as…… [Read More]


Crown (1982) Albert Einstein: Ideas and Opinions
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Classism in Finance and Education

Words: 1589 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34762776

Debt Got to Do with it?" By Brett Williams and "At the Elite Colleges" by Peter Shmidt. Though the artiles appear to disuss different worlds, they are atually disussing two sides of the same soial oin: lassiism, whih favors the privileged over the underprivileged. The individuals suffer, of ourse, but soiety also pays a greater prie: mediority in leadership and despair in the underprivileged.

"What's Debt Got to Do with It?" By Brett Williams

What are the main issues and ideas ontained in the reading?

"What's Debt Got to Do with It?" By Brett Williams disusses fringe finanial "servies" loated in poor neighborhoods and offered to low inome or redit risk people at an enormous ost. The author disusses Amerian's Cash Express (ACE) "welfare banking" servies, suh as hek ashing for 2% or higher of the hek value, payday loans for 20 -- 35% interest on the loan amount, prepaid…… [Read More]

cited in the article were news to me. I am concerned by my own naivete, angered by the system and disappointed at the advantages given to the advantaged over the disadvantaged.

The two articles appear to discuss two different worlds but address two side of the same social coin: classism. Whether based on skin color, wealth, location or whatever, the privileged are favored over the underprivileged, who are gouged for the even greater advantage of the privileged. The underprivileged individuals lose but ultimately society loses with the mediocrity in "high places" and the despair in "low places."
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Harmonizing Personal and Professional Balance Study of

Words: 9493 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66484944


This study seeks to show that there are several different family friendly policies being utilized by employers in the U.K. And that these have been necessary for some time. The three main policies are: part-time work, flex-time (flexible start and finish times) and teleworking. All three of these policies are important for working mums and others that would like to have time with their families or for other pursuits. However, not all employers are interested in offering these kinds of arrangements, and many prefer to stick with the traditional work schedule where individuals all come in at a certain time and all leave at a certain time. There is increasing evidence, though, that this does not work well for many people in the U.K. And this is the reason for studying this issue and determining what…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Clay, Joan M. 2001. Employer liability for telecommuting employees: Despite the many potential benefits of telecommuting, employees based in remote offices may cause unanticipated legal liability for employers. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly.

Joshi, Heather. 2002. Production, reproduction, and education: women, children, and work in a British perspective. Population and Development Review.

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Reporting and Accounting Finance

Words: 1576 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88886530

Financial Accounting egulatory Compliance

The roles of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of a public company are invaluable in establishing an ethical environment that generates quality accounting and reliable financial reporting for shareholders and investors. In fact, their involvement in this important issue largely pertains to corporate structure and corporate governance. Understanding that structure requires cognizance of the fact that when a company is publicly traded, it is technically owned by the shareholders. Shareholders, of course, are the many different people who own public stock in a corporation. In that respect, everyone who works for the corporation actually works for the shareholders. The next level up in corporate governance is the employees who work for the corporation, and who are responsible for the daily operation of it. These are the people who are actually responsible for implementing the measures ordained by their superiors -- the Chief Executive…… [Read More]


Hanna, J. (2014). The costs and benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley. Retrieved from

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Healthcare Finance

Words: 1675 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96594035

Healthcare Finance

The relationship between the doctor and a possible patient is established when the physician asks the person for the first time as how he could be of possible help. This direct and simple enquiry is the beginning of the trust of the patient that has to be put in the physician for any treatment to proceed. The patient is in need of help at that time, and has to trust the professional for getting the help and the patients want to do it. They need a person to take care of them during their period of suffering from illness. This relationship between the patient and the physician in the financial sphere also involves the same amount of reliance, confidence and trust, as otherwise, not treatment can be undertaken. This makes it essential that the physicians clearly mention to the patients when there is any conflict of interest in…… [Read More]


"Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization: Deriving Best Practice Models for the U.S. Health Care Safety Net: A Cross-State Meta Analysis of Finance, Organization and Outcomes" Retrieved from hl=en Accessed on 7 June, 2005

'Health Administration Press" (March/April 2003) Journal of Health Care Management.

Volume 48, Number 2. Retrieved from hl=en Accessed on 7 June, 2005

"The Core Program: Trust and the Patient -- Professional Relationship" (September, 2000) The
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Analyzing the Illicit Finance

Words: 1772 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98997368

Illicit Finance

Why is the internet important to money laundering?

A large number of nations now have aggressive policies in place against money laundering, rendering it exceedingly difficult for offenders to apply traditional money laundering tactics. But this also leads them to strive at creating new tactics with the Internet being one of the popular new modes they employ (Kassner, 2013).

Globalization and the Internet have made it possible to pay for services online. Several online merchants and customers make use of the numerous web-based payment services available. A number of these individuals aren't eligible to own credit cards or have no bank accounts. Thus, web-based payment services enable them to purchase products/services online and transfer cash directly. Numerous online sellers are very willing to get paid online, since they are cheaper than credit card payments (Delta & Matsuura, 2008).

The web-based payment services may be located anywhere in the…… [Read More]


Delta, G., & Matsuura, J. (2008). Law of the Internet. Aspen Publishers Online. Retrieved from

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Kassner, M. (2013, Dec). Money Laundering, the Internet Way. Retrieved from Techopedia:
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Campaign Finance Reform

Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13153723

voters in the United States feel campaign finance reform is a necessity. They see candidates for elected offices being curried by special interest groups. Voters fear, with some justification, that money may corrupt a candidate who is elected using special interest money to finance the campaign, and not keep the voters' needs foremost. Politicians have acknowledged that they have until recently spent an inordinate amount of time phoning businesses, organizations such as labor groups, and individuals for donations. It seems obvious that people donate to the candidates they feel will help their personal political interests most strongly. Very recently it became known by the general public that Enron, a company which went bankrupt after participating in questionable energy deals that cost many taxpayers a great deal of money, donated to a number of political campaigns. Many voters suspected that they received special favors in return for that money.

The question…… [Read More]

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Apple's Finance and Globalization

Words: 2522 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88392012

Apple (Mac) Finances and Globalization

Apple's goal is not making money, claims Sir Jonathan Ive - Apple's head of design. For a mega company that is worth a reported $539 billion, this might pass as a frivolous statement and Ive admits this. However, he asserts that his sentiments are true and factual. Ive clarifies that their goal is producing excellent products. These statements were made at the British Embassy's Creative Summit and were reported by The Telegraph. He stated that in being successful at this goal, consumers like the products Apple produces and when the company operates efficiently then revenue will definitely follow.

What happened in a courtroom in California does however negate these statements as Apple has engaged Samsung in several patent law suits in a number of countries the world over. In one such case against Samsung tablets and smart phones, Apple claims that Samsung products are blindly…… [Read More]


Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis. (2012). Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis, 1-9.

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U S Healthcare Hard Economic and Finance Choices

Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23823803

U.S. Healthcare

Hard Economic and Finance Choices in U.S. Healthcare

The United States has recently undergone a financial crisis that has made the government, and the citizens, more conscious of what things cost and have produced debates regarding the costs of items. One debate that has intensified in volume is that over the large, and ballooning cost of healthcare. Although the Affordable Healthcare Act is supposed to take care of a portion of that, evidence shows that costs will remain exorbitant. The main reason for that is the research and development costs of therapies and associated drug treatments. Currently, new therapies have been coming on the market that are able to prolong the lives of cancer patients, but a cost-benefit analysis prove that these therapies are too costly. The debate then is whether a few weeks, months, years of life are worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. This…… [Read More]


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