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Petroleum Essays (Examples)

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Social Performance of Organizations
Words: 2206 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37254592
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company British Petroleum, its products and services, the critical success factors for its operations and its salient stakeholders. It also discusses ways in which the primary stakeholders affect an organisation's financial performance. Then it evaluates the controversial corporate social responsibility issue of Deepwater Horizon Accident of 2010 and the formation of a stakeholder coalition to address this issue, including plans to address the challenges in persuading the affected stakeholders in forming the coalition.

British petroleum is a company with worldwide operations. It provides energy products and services to customers around the world to meet their modern energy demands. Its upstream segment is responsible for discovering oil and gas products around the world. The downstream segment is associated with energy products and services such as fuels, petrochemicals and lubricants (BP, 2014). BP has a range of products and services to cater energy demands of customers.

Air BP: This is the aviation…


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Larson et al., (2000). Stakeholder Collaboration. Washington, DC: WWF-U.S..

Discovery of Oil in the
Words: 756 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27209546
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Of course, this does not include such amenities as drilling exploratory wells, the cost of pipelines and floating facilities, such as oil platforms from which most of the drilling takes place. However, several important advantages linked to this discovery and to similar oil endeavors is that oil companies "will have to pay the U.S. less taxes, royalties, oil payments and other levies" as compared to drilling for oil within the national water boundaries of other oil-producing nations" (Gold, 2009, Internet), many of whom are members of OPEC.

In addition, there are plans for exploring a second Lower Tertiary site in the Gulf of Mexico known as the Chinook and Cascade Prospects which was discovered by a Brazil-based oil exploration company earlier in 2009. However, as compared to the BP discovery, this site will require a hugely expensive floating production platform which will be used for storage and as an off-loading…


"BP Announces Giant Oil Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico." (2 September 2009). BP. Internet.

Accessed November 17, 2009 from ?


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Boone Pickens The Business Roundtable
Words: 2886 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6350726
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m., signaling you "to your desk, just like school." And other bells rang during the day signaling different duties and places to be. They didn't like people staying after 5 p.m. ("I once got reprimanded for staying until six") and worse yet, "paranoia was rampant," Pickens remembers (10). hat really bothered him though was "the waste" and the fact that management would not listen or even give consideration to "alternative ideas to save the company money or find more oil" (10).

Pickens then quit and started his own company, mentioned earlier in this paper. He claims he was just a "…normal, red-blooded American guy" who got drunk once in awhile "but never two nights in a row" (13). He takes several pages to describe how he grew Mesa into an oil giant, it is worthy to note that in his first year (1964) with Mesa he had 239 investors, he…

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Strategy and Corporate Governance
Words: 3368 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74781707
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BP Oil Spill

Strategy and Corporate Governance

The bp oil spill of 2010

British Petroleum (BP) is one of the largest oil exploring companies in the world. It is recognized for its efficient practices. In recent years it has positioned itself as an environmentally responsible company by stressing its commitment to undertaking exploration activities by causing minimum harm to the natural environment. It has also invested in technologies to make drilling under the seabed more secure so that oil spills do not occur. However, these claims were brought into question on April 20, 2012 when a massive explosion and oil spill took place on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig over the Macondo oil well in the U.S. Gulf. There was huge damage to the marine environment and to the livelihood of people living in the coastal communities in Louisiana and other coastal states. The poor response of the company was…


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Social Performance of Organizations
Words: 1885 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74668823
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Business Ethics

Social Performance Of Organizations

BP PLC (famous as British Petroleum PLC) is a multinational company from Britain. The company's headquarters is located in London, England, United Kingdom. The company mainly deals in the production and distribution of oil and gas. BP PLC stands as the sixth largest company in the global oil and gas market-by-market capitalization and fifth in terms of revenue. BP PLC is vertically integrated, which in microeconomics refers to a common style of growth and management control in a variety of related industries. This is when a company expands its operation into levels that are located different points along the same production path.

From this arrangement, BP PLC owns separate companies that are engaged in the production, processing, and distribution of oil and gas and able effectively to reduce operational costs to achieve efficiency (Hotte, Sumaila, & University of British Columbia, 2013). As a global…


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What Is China's Role in Globalization Why Is it Significant
Words: 7994 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75280432
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How Africa's Petroleum Supply Is Important to China's Economic Growth and Development

While China continues to grow, its oil demand is poised to grow rapidly. For China to ensure its oil security, it must obtain oil from the global world because it lacks adequate domestic resources to quench the thirsty appetite of the country's rapid economic development. Any approach for growth that the country takes in its demand for oil is likely to affect the global oil market and influence existing system and order of international oil. As one of its oil strategy, China's firms are reaching every corner of the world to purchase oil or invest in oil fields showing to have opportunities disregarding the possible enormous risks. Some of China's national oil enterprises have made outstanding investment activities in African countries (Ma, 2010). Today, China's largest imports from Africa continue…


Bhaumik, T.K. (2009). Old China's new economy: The conquest of a billion paupers. New Delhi: SAGE.

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CSR What Are the Different Layers Dimensions of
Words: 1096 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91180262
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What are the different layers/dimensions of corporate social responsibility?

Evaluate your organization's current CR strategy.

Discuss your suggested improvements to your organization strategy. What beliefs and social values are driving them.

What would be the consequences of your suggested CR strategy on business strategy and on society at large?

Corporate social responsibility (CR), as Mrs. Gentile remarks, has to be closely linked to the organization to be work well, to please the stakeholder, and to be a not one-off effort. Only in this way, does it become true philanthropy since it is congruent with the organization's goals.

In order to assess whether my organization coheres to this standard, I would first need to explore the concept of CR and then investigate ways that my organization does / does not meet its tenets.

Corporate social responsibility, in short, is the manner in which the business goes beyond itself to care,…


Qatar Petroleum.

Qatar Petroleum. 20th World Petroleum Congress Issues Final Call for Projects

Qatar Petroleum. QP Activities.

Qatar Petroleum. Media Center

Roles and Responses of Key
Words: 2429 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1910319
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ubsequent AWAs stipulated that the employer had to abide by fundamental regulations dealing with occupational health and safety, workers' compensation or training arrangements. However, the AWA had to adhere to (and was not expected to exceed) the most minimal Australian Fair Pay and Conditions tandard neither did it take dispute resolution procedures into equation. Even though the AWA has been reformed in parts by consequent Acts, the essence remains unchanged and critics condemn it as endeavour on the behalf of powerful corporation to inhibit the growing influence of trade unions.

In 2006, it was discovered that from a sample of 4% of 6,263 AWAs made during that year, 100% of AWAs removed at least one protected Award condition; 64% of AWAs eliminated annual leave; 63% of AWAs have removed penalty rights; 40% of AWAs cut out leave of public holidays; 16% of AWAs removed all bonus and promotional conditions and…


ACTU (2003) Future of Work: Industrial Legislation Policy 

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Economics of Public Policy
Words: 4599 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40440193
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Monopolies and Trusts:

Appropriate Areas for Government Intervention?

Capitalism is the economic system that has dominated the United States virtually since the day of its independence. A social and economic system based on the recognition of individual rights; capitalism demands that owners' rights to control, enjoy, and dispose of their own property must be respected. In a capitalist system, the purpose of government is to protect individual economic rights, and to make sure that no one individual, or group may employ physical or coercive force upon any other group or individual. The success of capitalism is well evident. The surpluses that this system produces have enabled individuals to experiment; to create new products, and market new ideas. These private surpluses are traded in a free market in direct competition with other buyers and sellers. Such competition is best represented by the efforts of two or more parties acting independently to…

1998 Dupont Spin Off of Conoco by
Words: 2428 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79339594
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1998 DuPont spin off of Conoco by analyzing the transaction itself. Then, we look at one possible alternative and compare it with the actual long-term impacts of the sale. This is when we make specific recommendations about which choice was a financially prudent decision.

Over the last several years, corporate America has often turned to spin offs as a way to increase their bottom line numbers. This is because it is an effective tool in helping a firm to: divest itself of an unprofitable division and to raise to large amounts new investment capital. This money can be used to help repurchase stocks or make strategic acquisitions that will allow the firm to adapt with the changes that are happening in the market place. Once this occurs, is when a company can be able to refocus on core segments that will dramatically increase their profits margins. ("Spin Offs," 2011)



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Words: 2036 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17228264
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An environmental loudmouth and the media are specifically there to get advice about publicly amplifying our efforts, because utliately this affects everybody and we want everybody to get on board with the effort. BP needs to know that if they don't listen to us, that it will be them vs. The world. This gets us more bargaining power.

Getting cooperation between these different groups could prove a challenge. While we all believe in the same general objective, I do not doubt that everybody's interests are different, such that it might to tough to get agreement with regards to objectives and methods. However, we will seek to find common ground and start pushing BP to make improvements on the most critical areas first, like increased protection against spills.


The first challenge is to get agreement about what we will push for specifically. Different groups have differnet interests and objectives, so…


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Ruddiman's Account of Ancient Human
Words: 2518 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69627461
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Humanity might not have the same effective power over the environment when fossil fuels run out. While this assumption is certainly believable, humans will not doubt reach a point where the greenhouse gas absorbing plants and bodies will no longer be able to keep up with human activity. This will further exacerbate the problem of human-caused global climate change. On the other hand, if humans are able to develop non-fossil fuel alternatives that do not have a negative effect on the environment on a global scale, the warming trend might very well be reversed in a generation or two. Either way, Ruddiman's arguments will likely be proven to be wrong or right, on a long enough timeframe.

ection IV: Opposing Points-of-View

Anthropologists, specifically, disagree with Ruddiman. ince the author himself is not an anthropology professor and admittedly has very little experience in this field, it would only seem natural that…


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Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Words: 2774 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58808042
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drivers of using biofuel in the airlines industry are closely linked to the evolution of oil prices in the last decade, as well as to the risks associated with the use of petroleum fuel. First of all, the oil prices have continuously increased over the last decades and the evaluations that this would happen date back to after 2003.

As early as 2009, the predictions for the period 2009-2016 reflected oil was expected to increase by 50% (as a trend) from an average at that time of around $50 (Kitov, 2009). This was based on existing statistical facts and evaluations and past data, thus carrying a high level of abstract objectivity. These evaluations were translated in practice, with oil prices currently at $92. All this would translate into an increased cost for the airline carriers.

Even more worrying when it comes to oil is that much of the price is…


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Alberta Tar Sands
Words: 2721 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6044718
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Alberta Tar Sands Issues

The tar sands oil reserves in Alberta, Canada, represent the second largest proven petroleum reserve in the world -- right behind the reserves in Saudi Arabia. The Alberta tar sands are located in the vast boreal forest of Canada, just north of Montana, and it is estimated that nearly 179 billion barrels of oil are in the tar sands, according to Bridget Mintz Testa, writing in the peer-reviewed journal Mechanical Engineering (Testa, 2008). The great volume of crude oil is seen as a positive, reliable source of energy for Canada and other countries that will be importing this oil. The extraction, production, and transportation of tar sands oil also represents a number of serious environmental impacts, which will be reviewed in this paper.

The Science Involved in Tar Sands Oil Production

Notwithstanding the fact that tar sands oil is in plentiful supply, one of the down…

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Biodiesel Business Plan Executive Summary
Words: 2519 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62176801
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Historically one retailer in the area has offered 100 gallon drums of 100 to consumers for purchase, but has recently restricted sales to 500 gallons per purchase, no doubt to serve industry. While another retail location has spotty supplies that must be called upon, on a weekly basis to determine if 100 is even available, though conveniently they do sell it by the gallon. (iodiesel in Tampa Website)


One of the most essential aspects of beginning to build a biofuel infrastructure on a local level in a domestic city is to create such an infrastructure that would curtail the dominance of foreign biofuel in the region. As was seen in the first section of the work EarthFirst Technologies serves as a significant local and regional competitor as this company has seen and answered the need to import biodiesel to answer a growing need in the U.S. For such sources.…


Biodiesel in Tampa Website Retrieved May 23, 2008 at

Adams D. Huettel, S.(November 19, 2005) Huge biodiesel shipment arrives: A Tampa company has lofty plans to continue importing the alternative fuel from Ecuador to sell for use in diesel engines. Tampa Bay Partnership Retrieved May 18, 2008 at ;

EarthFirst Technologies Website Retrieved May 18, 2008 at 

Florida Biofuel Coop Website Retrieved May 18, 2008 at

Royal Dutch Shell PLC a Brief Recent
Words: 5673 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19217563
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oyal Dutch Shell PLC

A Brief ecent History of oyal Dutch Shell PLC

eason Behind Choosing

Information Gathering and Accounting Business techniques

esult, Analysis, Conclusion & ecommendations

SWOT Analysis of DSP

Porter's Five Forces Analysis of the Chosen Company

Financial Analysis of DSP

Finance is the name of allocating the funds at a place from where the likelihood of receiving a good return is bright (Bragg, S2006). Organization is basically referred to a place wherein hundreds of people work together just to achieve a specific goal (Cinnamon, & Larsen, B.2006). The goal may be of two fold, like the goal can be economical or can be non-economical. According to the organizational officials and analysts, investment decisions are always tough to take as far as an organization is concerned (Cinnamon, & Larsen, B.2006). The economic decisions include ad hoc research, analysis and lots of study as well. The essence of risk…


Bragg, S (2006), Financial Analysis: A Control Guide, New York McGraw Hill Publications

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Team Skills Mock Scenario Analysis Scenario Big
Words: 764 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41646199
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Team Skills Mock Scenario Analysis


Big Petroleum Company is merging its eastern and western offices, and 72 employees from the company's eastern office will be moving to the west. In order to ensure that the move runs smoothly in terms of moving logistics, housing, office space requirements and integration of the eastern employees into the existing western office structure, a skilled team of workers must be compiled. In viewing the components of the five-member team needed for the success of this project, one can better understand why this project is suitable for a team and how each respective member plays a role in the project's overall success.

Five-Member Team, Duties, and Significance to the Project

The successful completion of the aforementioned project will need the respective successful completion of an innumerable series of tasks that will each prove necessary to ensure that a fully functioning integrated Big Petroleum Company…

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Quality," in International Journal of Management, 28(4): pp. 36-40. December 2011. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database.

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Ethics and Social Responsibility What
Words: 559 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 22947576
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4) if the World Bank and Chad's government fail to settle their dispute over amendments to the Petroleum Revenue Management Law, what should the consortium do? Should they make funds available to Chad's government in defiance of the World Bank's wishes?

The consortium was the primary investor in the project and the case reveals no agreement between consortium members and the World Bank to help enforce the Petroleum Revenue Management Law. Thus, from a financial and legal perspective, the consortium should make funds available to Chad's government. However, from a corporate social responsibility perspective, the consortium should not make the funds available, but should instead back the World Bank. This move would help to protect other international interests and corporate reputations. These factors, in the long-term, could more than compensate the oil companies for lost revenues in Chad.

5) Subsequent to the signing of the pipeline agreement, world oil prices…

Individual Project This Week Submitting Proposal Project
Words: 1155 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 79470771
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Individual Project This week submitting Proposal project. This: Introduction case study the integrated project designed tie newly acquired knowledge energy economics analysis major global issues face career.

The project will be a research paper that analyses the future demand of OPEC oil. In the research, the uncertainty range will be analyzed and researched. There is a continuous growth of energy needs globally, while the oil prospects and gas production are declining. This gives a negative outlook as the energy demands will outweigh its production. The limited amount of oil found globally is an issue that is been discussed widely, which makes oil a valuable resource. The organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) controls majority of the world's oil, which is produced by its member states.

There are many uncertainties affecting the supply of oil by OPEC members. Currently instability and tensions affecting some countries have led to disruptions in…


DERMOT GATELY, N.A.-Y., AND HAMAD M.H. AL-SHEIKH, 2012. The Rapid Growth of OPEC's Domestic Oil Consumption.


YOUSEF, N.A. 2013. Demand for Oil Products in OPEC Countries: A Panel Cointegration Analysis. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 3, 168-177.

BP Management Change Presentation
Words: 1426 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 21955474
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British Petroleum

hat is BP

British Petroleum (BP) is one of the world's largest oil and gas companies in terms of production capacity and revenue; BP explores for oil and natural gas in approximately 30 countries and possesses proved reserves of 18.1 billion barrels of oil equivalent (Hoovers, 2004).

BP owns 16 refineries

BP processes 4 million barrels of crude oil per day

BP markets these products in 80 countries

BP owns a network of 22,400 gas stations

BP's Global Projects (BP, N.d.)

BP's Issues

Oil and gas reserves are becoming increasingly hard to come by. Oil companies are now targeting some of the harder to access reserves. This requires a great deal of technological sophistication and drives up extraction prices. It also creates a substantial amount of risk for the organization which has recently manifested in the Gulf of Mexico.

In April 2010 an explosion occurred and a major…

Works Cited

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Haywood and Obama -- Leadership
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98702819
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Both people and organizations want leaders. People want leaders to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Organizations want leaders to not only motivate, but to provide organizational direction for employees to follow. According to Kouzes and Posner (1994), five key behaviors for what is wanted of leaders from both people and organizations are: "(a) challenge the process, (b) inspire a shared vision, (c) enable others to act, (d) model the way, and (e) encourage the heart" (Kouzes and Posner, 1994, 960). his is the basic rubric we will use to evaluate the efficacy of Obama and Hayward in their overall approach to the oil spill issue.

ony Haywood Background and Response -- ony Hayward is a British businessman and joined British petroleum as a rig geologist in 1982, quickly rising through the ranks in a number of increasingly complex roles, finally becoming the CEO of the company in May 2007.…

Tony Haywood Background and Response -- Tony Hayward is a British businessman and joined British petroleum as a rig geologist in 1982, quickly rising through the ranks in a number of increasingly complex roles, finally becoming the CEO of the company in May 2007. His tenure ended with BP in October 2010, largely due, most believe, because of the circumstances and his management of the BP oil crisis in the Gulf (Milmo, 2010). Perhaps Hayward was hoping for a quick fix, or did not quite understand the enormity of this crisis, because he initially downplayed the incident by referring to a "very big ocean" and a "relatively tiny" amount of oil leaked with a potential impact as "very modest" (Webb, 2010). Needless to say, over the course of the next several weeks, that "very modest" impact seemed like an inappropriate response. It was not that Hayward lacked empathy for the situation, but it seemed the crisis so integrated his personal life that he found that an appropriate example for the world. On May 27th he changed his view from modest to an "environmental catastrophe," and on May 30th told a reporter, "we're sorry for the massive disruption [the spill] caused to… lives… There's no one who wants this thing over more than I do, I'd like my life back (Durando, 2010). Widely criticized as a selfish comment, it was likely not made in that vein, but certainly phrased in a way that may have seen more victim than leader. Subsequently, on June 2nd, Hayward apologized for the "hurtful and thoughtless comment when I said that I wanted my life back" (BP Chief Apologizes, 2010).

Hayward's appearance before a Congressional Subcommittee in mid-June was also less than stunning. While he acknowledged that BP would address the situation in a responsible manner, he refused to take ownership of the problem, stating, "This is a complex accident, caused by an unprecedented combination of failures. A number of companies are involved, including BP, and it is simply too early to understand the cause" (Mouawad and Krauss, 2010). Subsequently, BP's Board removed Hayward from day-to-day management and public scrutiny of the situation, and within months Hayward was no longer CEO of the company.

Barack Obama Background and Response- History was made in November 2008, not just American history, but world history as the United States elected its first African-American President. but, the election of a Black man as President, as unheard of as it might have been just 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago, was history because it was a national catharsis -- a repudiation of the greed, avarice, and selfishness that had so characterized American society for the past eight years. Obama's election was a referendum on a new America -- a younger America with an optimistic, but not Pollyannaish, view of the grave

Business Value How Information Technologies
Words: 1299 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71672176
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As costs continued to escalate and IT was not creating any significant cost reductions through efficiencies, the focus shifted to outsourcing non-critical functions that were routine in nature and could be therefore replicated easily. In 1991, BP senior executives chose to begin outsourcing operations, telecommunications, systems development and IT maintenance. This strategy, along with the recentralization of IT led to the company eventually cutting their IT budget in half from $360M to $170M. BP also was able to redefine their entire centralized spending strategy for IT, with 70% of their budget going for core applications critical to their business including geophysical analysis software and core technologies to help the company be more effective in discovering new energy sources (Cross, Earl, Sampler, 1997). What had been so elusive for BP for decades of IT spending had been hidden in the high costs of duplicated enterprise software licenses that were spread across…


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Role Sumed Pipeline Egypt International Trade Kind
Words: 1184 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78409003
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role sumed pipeline EGYPT international trade kind special services customers petroleum sector. notice: references internet .

Sumed Pipeline in Egypt

Traditionally, oil would be transported from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean region via the Suez Canal, which has also earned a remarkable historic resonance to its name. After a decade of construction, the Suez Canal was first used in 1869 and its aim is that of allowing transportation by water from Asia to Europe, without having to travel around Africa.

The Suez Canal is the traditional choice for transporting goods from one region to the other, and it is open to the access of all vessels, in times of war and peace, regardless of the flags carried by the vessels. Still, a shortage in using the Suez Canal is represented by the delays which can be encountered and the queues that can be created.

As a result of these…


Strumph, D., Whittaker, M. (2011). Egypt unrest strokes oil, gold. The Wall Street Journal.  accessed on October 30, 2012

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Production Engineering -- Summary the
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Ideal fracture geometry differs depending on the relative permeability conditions. Reservoir length is the most important dimension in low-permeability reservoirs, whereas reservoir width is more important in high-permeability reservoirs.

Artificial Lift

In general, the objective of artificial lift processes is to reduce the bottom hole flow pressure by increasing the flow rate. The Gas Lift method relies on gas compressor systems controlled by valve systems and produces oil and gas at the surface. Beam pumping has been used in its most conventional form, relies on gravity-based beam pumping units used by the industry since the 19th century. Various more modern forms of beam pumping systems include unitorque, air-balanced, and low-profile pumping unit configurations.

More recently, the electrical submersible method was developed and it can be advantageous in various operational environments and conditions. More particularly, electrical submersible pumps can lift high volumes of product at lower cost per volume; they are…

Anticipatory Logistics in the Corporate
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Many people think only of weapons when they think of military supplies, but these individuals have all of the same basic needs as everyone else, and these needs must be met or these soldiers will not be able to defend the country to the highest degree possible (Taylor, 2004). Anticipatory logistics, therefore, helps not only the soldiers that get what they need when they need it, but also makes the whole country less vulnerable.

Because supply chain management, in its modified form, works so well for the military, it is only logical that the anticipatory logistics, in a modified form, would work well for the corporate world. The similarities between the anticipatory logistics and the supply chain management are already very strong, and therefore they can both be adjusted to suit the needs of the opposite groups. ith some small changes to focus on profit instead of mission completion, anticipatory…

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Work a Investigation Project Piper Alpha Disaster Content
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Piper Alpha Disaster

An Environmental and Safety Management Analysis of the Disaster that Occurred on the Piper Alpha Oil Rig off the Coast of Scotland

Piper Alpha (Seconds from Disaster, 2013)

The Incident

The Piper before the Explosion

Timeline of Events

Piper Alpha Mechanism

Root Causes of the Analysis

Human Factors

Design and Process Factor

Financial Consequences

Permit to ork System

Safety Training

Fire alls

Temporary Refuge

Evacuation and Escape

The Incident

Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. The platform began the oil production in 1976 and then later converted to gas production as the hub of multiple networked rigs. The piper alpha platform was operated in multiple shifts by the employees who worked the whole platform to continue supply the oil and gas on a perpetual basis. The operations of the Piper Alpha platform included receiving the oil and gases…

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Global Cultural Analysis Nigeria
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Global Business Cultural Analysis


Nigerian History

Synopsis of Nigerian government

Nigerian monarchy to presidential system

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Nigerian major commodities



The major elements and dimensions of culture in Nigeria

Cultural dimensions


Power distance



Model of culture

Universalism or Particularize

How is the integration of elements and dimensions that Nigerians doing business in the country?

The effects of governments on the prospects for its business around the world

How the elements and dimensions compared with the United States, culture, and business?

The role of women in the workplace

Business visitors must be dressed in an elegant and tie (for men!)

Cross-cultural business transactions between the United States and Nigeria




Thurstan Shaw and Steve Daniels, who are the founder for archaeological research proved in their research that Nigeria has been developed since 9,000…


Afolayan, T.E. (2011). Coming To America: The Social and Economic Mobility of African Immigrants in the United States. Inquiry (University of New Hampshire), 6-11. Retrieved from EBSCO host. 

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Ruddiman Plows Annotation of W F
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He describes how wild grains and animals were domesticated, as well as the new technologies that made farming possible (sickles, baskets, pestles, gourds, irrigation, the wheel, the plow). He uses a chart to plot these movements. His evidence is mainly archeological, historical, and botanical with heavy doses of appeal to imaginary scenarios. Its power to convince is narrational. His ultimate point in cataloguing this change is to assert how, for first time in history, humans become a prime factor in altering earth's natural landscapes. Land was now exploited and degraded through deforestation for crops and soil erosion.

Summary: Ruddiman summarizes the history of how humans began to shape the earth through technology and landscape transformation. He relies on the credibility of his narrative.

Ch. 8, pp. 76-83: His main claim is that humans rather than nature have created a rise in atmospheric methane. He presents several lines of argument, beginning…

Acquire the Vacant Sol Dealership
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The third reason is that I can bring professionalism to the role of franchisee. Sol/Shell demands that their franchisees operate their stations to the highest standards in order to maintain the integrity of the brand name. I am a dogmatic manager, leaving no stone unturned. I will maintain the high standards expected of the station and fulfill all of the requirements of the franchisee agreement. In doing so, I will enhance the financial performance of Sol by bringing revenues back to the station and controlling costs.

In short, I am the ideal franchisee. I not only possess the requisite managerial skills but also possess the sales expertise and entrepreneurial enthusiasm required to perform this task to the highest specifications. I believe that as a natural born entrepreneur I can revive this business, capture a greater share of the passing traffic and increase the average receipt per customer at the station.…

De Beers Case Study Debeers
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This can only be accomplished by first focusing on the entire value chains' unmet needs, and given the monopolistic approaches of De Beers in this industry, channel partners and retailers will have many unmet process needs that once served could turn into a significant competitive advantage. The initial visits to each export market would need to be on a regular basis to build trust with each member of the value chain and also stabilize distribution channels first, and second, looking for innovative and creative ways to make adaptation and customization strategies successful in each market. Only by working to create these unique competitive advantages and most importantly, building trust throughout the entire value chain can a new market entrant be financially viable against cartels like De Beers in the long run.

Question 2 - Operations Management Questions for creating De Beers as a New Brand

Part I Process Map: Using…

Adler vs The Federal Republic
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11 million. He was asking the court to order the Nigerian government to return the total amount of money that was sent to them during this time. The reason why, is because there was a number of government institutions that were utilized as a part of the fraud. The court sided with Adler, based upon the fact that officials did not act in good faith. However, Adler was forbidden from receiving the money because he has dirty hands from activities such as: paying bribes and large kickbacks. ("Adler vs. Federal Republic of Nigeria," n.d.)

Do you agree with the decision of the court? Why or why not?

I agree with the decision of the court. The reason why, is because anyone who is engaged in illegal activities cannot come back to the courts and demand that they need compensation when they have been wronged. As, they knowingly broke the law…


Adler vs. Federal Republic of Nigeria. (n.d.).

Decisions in Paradise Part II
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Nik and the following is my problem. I have been assigned to a beautiful island in order to help my team, Alex and Chris, set up their work site. Kava, the island itself, is battered with more challenges that I have ever lived with that include tidal waves/tsunami; typhoons/hurricanes; tornadoes; floods; fires; volcanic eruptions; earthquakes. Add to this mixture HIV / AIDS; petroleum spill; high risk for avian flu; and terrorism and you understand why I am queasy about the chances of success and, more so, perplexed about where to start. Aside from the above external problems that impact the project, internal challenges include disorganization of the work location and site; shoddy H procedures, chaotic organizational structure; and non-harmonious workforce that has been reflected in the organization's history of high turnover.

My task, according to Alex and Chris, consists in helping them establish a greater presence in Kava. Ways of…


MindTools.Com. Paired Comparison Analysis. Retrieved on 2/24/2012 from:

Corporate Mergers and Public Good
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Corporate Mergers and the Public Good

The United States of America, during the last years of the Nineteenth Century, witnessed a rash of corporate mergers. The Industrial Revolution had taken firm hold, and the nation was changing rapidly. Millions of Americans who had once been independent farmers or tradesmen now found themselves in the position of what some termed "wage slaves." At the mercy of their corporate employers, they worked long hours at low pay, and often under appalling conditions. The reasons for the merger mania of this period are many and complex, as are its effects upon the population as a whole. In breaking down the traditional vocational environment, the gigantic new conglomerates also transformed the entire social landscape. ork was no longer a family business shared by all generations. Communities no longer clung together for mutual protection and aid. Suddenly, the citizen of this new world was out…

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War in Iraq
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invasion and occupation of Iraq from three different perspectives. Firstly, the paper provides a historical background pertaining to the interest of energy-hungry countries such as France, America and Britain. The paper also provides a brief background of the relationship of Iraq with its neighbors and how oil has turned out to be a major source of attraction for the imperial powers. Secondly, the paper provides an in-depth perspective of the ongoing war in Iraq from an economic perspective. The paper briefly reveals the unstable relationship of Iraq with its neighbors. The paper also reveals the importance of the Iraqi oil reserves in the war waged on Iraq and how the American and European companies have lobbied with George Bush and Tony Blair to get contracts worth billions of dollars. Thirdly, the paper studies the political aspects of this war. The paper focuses on the impact that democracy and the recent…


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Management 4 Course Book Written Chuck William
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Management 4 course book written Chuck William scenario assignment provided professor. Decision Making Case Assignment #2 - What Would You Do? Management Decision Making Case #2 Interface, Inc.

Interface, Inc. -- Implementing Sustainability

Which level of social responsibility best describes the company's current operations?

At present, the company is operating on a totally unsustainable model -- it generates waste in the production of the carpets it sells and the carpet materials are non-recyclable and simply fill up landfills. The company's business is "turning petrochemicals into textiles" which means using petroleum "which took millions of years to make, [and] is irreplaceable" and turning it into carpet which will not decompose and yet which is usually discarded within ten years (Fishman 1998). The factories which produce the carpets also generate pollutants.

Q2. What environmental vision do you communicate to your task force? In other words, what social responsiveness strategy will you adopt…


Climate. (2012). Interface Sustainability. Retrieved: 

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Oil Production Project These Are Essentially Changes
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il Production Project

These are essentially changes that will occur as a direct result of the project.

They can positively or negatively affect the following:

The stakeholders

The local residents

The surroundings

The benefits of the oil production project and services have a positive upshot on the economic welfare of project stakeholders, hinterland and local authorities.

Presenting the outcomes of the project to an audience using an approved format and appropriate media by using a PPT to elucidate the benefits in terms of outcomes of the project.

The outcomes result from direct changes of the project being implemented. The changes would create a difference in the lives of the stakeholders, local community and surroundings, and can be beneficial or disastrous. The outcomes of oil production are also associated with economic well being of members as well as people living in the neighborhood (Chuong, 2007). There would also be increase in…

Oil production project is one of the unfriendly initiative since it largely contributes to air and water pollution which is catastrophic to human, animal and plant habitation.

Improved Sustainability of Prices of fuel locally.

The number of people involved actively in the environmental conservation projects will be on the rise because of the adverse effects associated with oil and oil products (Chuong, 2007). Environmentalists will be involve the project owners and the locals in environmental conservation strategies to prevent health risks resulting from the project, which essentially is dangerous to human, plant and aquatic life. There would also be an improvement in partnership between the support organizations, communities and local authorities. The primary objective of initiating the project was to improve the living standards of members, local community and other beneficiaries. This is mainly through income accumulated by the project in the implementation process. The project presents many opportunities for the members, sponsors and stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds to learn the culture of the local community through interactions. They will be able to learn the language of the local, tradition and other cultural aspects. Overall, the project on oil production results into monetary and social benefits (Chuong, 2007).

Terrorism and Illicit Finance as
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S. interests. What is different is that we have names and faces to go with that warning."3 This emphasis on recognizing the adaptability

3 Dennis C. Blair, Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, (U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, 2010).

of the terrorist is central to the government's overall response, in terms of both planning and execution, as evidenced by findings presented in the wealth of threat assessment material released to the public each year.

With the oft mentioned terrorist training camps and secret underground bases littered throughout the Middle East long since located and reduced to rubble, jihadists the world over have increasingly turned to the internet to lure potential borrowers and launder funds on a global scale.4 the last Homeland Security Threat Assessment, delivered to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2008 and covering the period from that date…


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Holt, B. 2010. Islamic wealth management. Unpublished raw data, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, CA.

BP Reparations
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The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill is now as infamous as it is famous. At the time of the deep water oil rig explosion that killed eleven BP employees, media and environmentalists were calling the resulting oil spill "the greatest ecological disaster ever produced by the oil industry" (Balaguer, 2010, p. 6). While it is certainly true that the oil spill will have some long-term effects, it seems that most of the hype concerning the spill was completely overdone and very short-term in scope. From an ethical point-of-view, BP definitely made some missteps. From the moment of the explosion there should have been some immediate steps taken by BP that were not taken, or if they were taken, they were made rather late in the game. First, BP should have released the information to the victim's loved ones concerning their deaths immediately. Second, acknowledgement of the scope of the…


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Public Relation Corporate Social Responsibility
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Public elations (Corporate social responsibility)

The term 'Corporate Social esponsibility' refers to the social responsibility that a Company must honor towards the public, especially those people who have direct contact with and are therefore directly affected by the policies and actions of the company. The feeling that the social responsibility of multi-national companies are not of such standards that would satisfy the general public has lead to widespread protests and demonstrations against these companies at almost every free-trade meeting at the regional and national as well as the multi-national levels. The protests are also generally against worldwide globalization. Almost all major multinational companies are found lacking in their responsibilities towards the public. It is not at all sufficient for a company to satisfy its shareholders and investors and employees and the community in which they function from; in fact, these companies are expected to be aware of and take an…


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Corporate Social Responsibility" Retrieved at Accessed on 7 September, 2004

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Environmental Hazards as a Consequence of Crude
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Environmental Hazards as a Consequence of Crude Oil/Natural Gas Exploration, Transportation, Refining and Storage

Ever since crude oil was first successfully drilled in the U.S. In Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859, the demand for oil has only been increasing over the years in countries all over the world. (Camden, 1883) Crude oil, from which various petroleum products are obtained, is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon component found trapped in rocks below the earth. The word "petroleum" means "rock oil" or "oil from the earth." Natural gas is another form of hydrocarbon that is also found in nature. oth crude oil and natural gas have excellent combustibility and are good sources of energy. Crude oil is not used in the extracted form; but it is refined to obtained products such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, kerosene, gas-oil and fuel oil. Secondary products during the purification of crude oil are obtained are…


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Oil to What Extent Would
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If Nigerian local content law is not complied with equires licensee to submit a detailed programme for recruitment and training of Nigerians

(Nigerian Local Content Policy)

2.3. History of the LCL

The Local Content Law was signed into law in April 2010 by acting President Goodluck Jonathan. In brief, the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Local Content Development Bill 2010 places "…obligations on upstream oil companies in the areas of finance, community and local workforce" (Examining Nigeria's Local Content Act). The process that led to this Bill began in 2007. The initiator of the Bill, Senator Lee Maeba, provides some interesting insight into the originating impetus that led to the final acceptance of the Act. He states,

I saw that there is no law guiding the activities of Nigerian companies in the oil and gas industry and because of that, there has been a capital drift...and that is the reason…


Adefulu a. Nigeria: National Treatment & Nigeria's New Local Content Legislation.

Retrieved from 

Adefulu O. ( 2010) Does the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act

Conflict with the Country's International Treaty Obligations? Retrieved from

Oil and Gas Industry in
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A large body of literature has treated many different aspects of these influences on Asia, Europe and the United States (Busser & Sadoi, 2003). The importance of the study relates to the current trends taking place in Libya where aggressive steps have been taken in recent years to normalize relations with the international community. For example, Libya opened up its programs to develop weapons of mass destruction to international scrutiny and renounced terrorism as a political tool (Libya, 2010). Moreover, the country's political leadership has been equally forthcoming in its efforts to normalize their relations with Western nations since 2003 (Libya, 2010). More recently, Libya has been removed from the U.S. State Department's list of states that sponsor terrorism in 2006 and in 2008, Libya joined the United Nations as a nonpermanent member on the UN Security Council during the 2008-2009 term (Libya, 2010).

Other signs that clearly point to…


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Disclosure and Financial Reporting
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Disclosure & Financial Accounting

Environmental and Financial Factors in the Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry has a unique responsibility in the initiative to practice environmental safeguarding while producing the petroleum products in such great demand. The financial manager must be decide what weight to apply to costs in terms of new processes and methods that are efficient as well as environmentally friendly and complaint.

Weighing Costs in Failure-to-Disclose

Environmental and Financial Factors in the Petroleum Industry

Environmental Hazards

Profitability Factors

Future Outlook

Findings elated to Cost Factor of Compliance

BP, Conoco, and Phillips

Primary Considerations

Summary & Conclusion


Weighing Costs in Failure-to-Disclose

Environmental and Financial Factors in the Petroleum Industry


The objective of this work is the research the Petroleum Fuel industry and to render an accounting of what results from either complying with or non-compliance to environmental regulations as set down by governing and ruling bodies.…


Environmental Impact of the Petroleum Industry: Environmental Update #12 (2003) Hazardous Substance Research Centers/South & Southwest Outreach Program online available at:

The Impact of Environmental Compliance Costs on U.S. Refining Probability, 1995-2001 Energy Finance online at:  

High Gas Prices on the
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The former might be, 'What specific...' [while] Less structure might be exemplified by: "Please respond to the following in your own words: I....'" (Dereshiwsky, 1999) in addition:

adding some open-ended items such as these to a more traditionally scaled quantifiable survey, such as one with Likert-scaled attitudinal items, and/or "check/off" questions on demographic background variables, is a good way to make the survey "multimethod" in nature. This is because you'd be using that "single" data collection vehicle (survey instrument) to collect your data (responses) in more than one form: quantitative and qualitative! You could ask the same general questions in both forms and then compare the two alternative forms of responses to see if they 'converged,' or agreed, regarding the phenomenon that you are trying to measure via the survey (e.g., attitudes towards school climate). If they do, you can have greater assurance that "there's something real being captured/measured" regarding…



Gas Prices Understanding the Link
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In only six of the 16 months studied did petroleum prices move in the same direction as troop casualties, a month after those casualties occurred (See Table 1 and Graph 1). hen we consider the three months with the largest increases (145.2% in April 2006; 60% in December 2006; and 51.2% in August 2006), only once (May 2006) did the following month post increased refined petroleum prices. If we consider all months with at least 20% movement in troop casualties, in only four of the 10 months did refined petroleum prices move in the same direction the following month. Isolating months with at least 30% movement in troop casualties shows that in only one case of five did refined petroleum prices increase the following month. In short, the link gets worse as the percentage increase or decrease in casualties moves significantly.

By analyzing a two-month lag, we are left with…

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Government sources and statistics