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Globalization and Its Impacts in

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No efforts have been made to create a strong consumer base in the Philippines itself by improving the lot of the Filipino workers (Bello 3). Had a local market been created and some protections afforded to Filipino workers, development may well have proceeded in a more positive direction as the nation would have been better able to take advantage of those aspects of globalization that offered true benefits, rather than sinking all economic hopes into the long shot that the small nation could compete with nations like India and China as a source of cheap labor. Despite this reality, economic reform in the Philippines has consistently focused on re-creating the nation as an export economy, specifically in the it industry. It probably seemed like a natural extension of economic development in the 1980s and 1990s when the Philippines was attempting to embrace globalization. Globalization offered a way to integrate with the world economy, and the it industry was one of the most in-demand industries in the world. Thus, by the mid-1980s, the Philippines was already trying to capitalize on this fact by focusing on manufacturing semiconductors, a tack the country has relentlessly pursued ever since. Unfortunately, semiconductor manufacturing is a…… [Read More]

Austria, Myrna S. "Assessing the Competitiveness of the Philippine it Industry." The Philippines Institute for Development Studies. Jan. 2000. 2 Dec. 2007 .

Austria, Myrna S. "Competitiveness of the Philippine it Industry: What Lies Ahead." Philippine Institute for Development Studies. Feb. 2000. 2 Dec. 2007
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Philippine Women Fashion Clothing History the

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The idea of dressing in civilized and well clothed are well deserving of freedom because t this group that is highly valued despite the fact that the Malay peasants who struggled for the independence have been devalued in the official history of nation -- building and their mark and contribution has been ignored. 'This shown that apart from the influences from the other cultures social classes have been instrumental in shaping the clothing style of the Philippine.' (Grace, 2008) Due to this many would want to dress in a particular recognized and accepted way to be recognized in the class of the rich. This is just part of the culture that has been impacted to the Filipinos which ahs influenced their manner of dressing.

Despite the different Muslim groups in he south and the mountain tribes have their own distinctive garments and seem to have influenced less. The Maranao Muslims of southern Mindanao for instance still have the colorful malong. This is a large cloth wrapped around the body and is worn by both men and women. The Muslim in the Philippine have not been much affected by the influences of other countries which could be attributed to their religion…… [Read More]

Alfredo R. (2008) Philippines Culture Shock; California, Wiley Publisher

Grace R. (2008) Culture Shock! Philippines: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette California, Wiley Publisher
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Viability of Coconut Production and

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But neophytes should not attempt to do this. Halved coconuts can be dried in one of two ways. The first is by letting them dry by the heat of the sun, which takes a longer time. The other and faster way is by heating them. A bamboo house or shack without walls is built at about 3 feet above the ground. It has only a roof and a floor. The halved coconuts are piled on the floor. Some coconut husks are piled beneath the shack but not too close to burn the shack. A torch is used to set fire on these piled coconut husks but they are monitored carefully. More fire is set if it turns low. The halved coconuts turn brown and separate from the shells when ready for scooping. Just enough heat from medium to low is used to avoid burning. When the fruits at the bottom are done, the fire is taken out and the coconuts are allowed to cool. When cool, the coconuts are taken to another working area. When some are not too well done, they must be separated and heated again until they turn brown and cooked enough for scooping. Harvesters scoop the…… [Read More]

-. Mercedes.

PSA. Camarines Sur. Philippine Statistics Authority: National Statistical Coordination

Board, 2014. Retrieved on April 30, 2014 from
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Business and Political Argument Against

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The government has rather low environmental expectations. In fact, the consultant found that they are about as lenient as the Mexican restrictions, though the Philippines presents no public relations nightmare as protestors are not rallying against health concerns, as they were in Mexico.

Although the conditions in the Philippines may seem even more ready for outsourcing then the conditions in Mexico, the ethical costs of operating the company in the country are once again too high. Like the situation in Mexico, workers in the Philippines may work for lower wages than workers in the United States, but owners are not being provided with the same level of skill that they would be if continuing to operate the factory in the United States. Because the factory workers would consist mainly of underfed adults and impoverished children, the company would be lucky if workers managed to produce sufficient amounts of products throughout the day. Additionally, employing workers for this cost allows the company once again to act as an enabler, allowing social injustice to continue in the world instead of working to stop it. In a country committed to economic reform in which the first stage of reforms has produced economic growth,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Esselaar, Jeanne. (2002). The Debate over Outsourcing in South Africa: Evidence from a case study. Proceedings from Development Policy Research Unit Conference '02. Muldersdrift, Johannesburg.

Casale, Frank J. (2006). The Outsourcing Institute: Mexico Trends & Opportunities.
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Natio Is a Health and Beauty Products

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Natio is a health and beauty products maker from Australia, and the company is seeking to expand its business. It has targeted countries in Southeast Asia for expansion as a result of the proximity of the region to Australia and the size of the market. This paper will explore the possibility of Natio entering one of the largest markets in the region -- the Philippines.

The cosmetics industry is a relatively lucrative industry, with competition split among hundreds of competitors. Many such competitors operate worldwide, but there are strong regional players in Asia as well. Consumers tend to be relatively brand loyal. The largest cosmetics industry in Asia is in Japan, worth 10 billion yen a year (Lloyd, 2004). Cosmetics are marketed in department stores, in drug stores/chemists and in standalone stores as well. The market globally is worth an estimated $170 billion USD, and the market in the Philippines is worth an estimated $2 billion per year, with an average growth rate of 7.7% (Personal Care, 2010). This makes the country one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia, despite a relatively high rate of poverty. Imports account for around $150 million of the market, as most cosmetics consumed in…… [Read More]

Lloyd, T. (2004). Blueprint for a cosmetics empire. Japan Inc. Retrieved October 18, 2010 from 

Personal Care. (2010). Inside Philippines cosmetics market. Personal Care. Retrieved October 18, 2010 from
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Feature Story on Transwoman and Cause

Words: 917 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42103345


Geena Rocero is a model with a purpose. Rocero was born and raised in the Philippines, and recently returned to her homeland to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan. In the midst of a busy schedule, Rocero spends time in her first interview because she feels that sharing her life story is one of the first steps toward helping others. "We're all in this journey together," Rocero exclaims.

Coincidentally, the interview falls on Transgender Day of Remembrance, which commemorates all transmen and transwomen who lost their lives because of targeted attacks. "Transwomen of color are the most marginalized," Rocero reminds us. "70% of hate crime in the LGBT community is committed against transwomen of color. I want this to change. I need this to change. I get so emotional about this and I'm reminded how privileged I am," she says with tears in her eyes.

Rocero works as a model but recently, it seems the bulk of Rocero's work has not been in front of the camera. On November 21, Rocero spoke at a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders at the Arena in New York City. This December, Rocero is scheduled to deliver a speech at the University of Philippines.…… [Read More]

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International Business and Politics in

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The combination of the factors is showing how the Ukraine is the ideal environment for GE to construct this kind of plant. ("Ukraine's Solar Energy Industry")

Evidence of this can be seen with Activ Solar. This Australian-based firm; is the owner of one of the largest solar power plants in all of Europe. At the same time, they have tremendous operations producing components for the facility. This is allowing the firm to reduce their costs and become one of the largest players (for alternative energy). In the case of GE, this is an ideal location that will help the company to establish itself inside the sector. ("Ukraine's Solar Energy Industry")

The Ukraine vs. The Philippines Political Situation

In contrast to the Philippines, the government has been slow to respond in dealing with challenges such as improving infrastructure. At the same time, they are ineffective in collecting tax revenues and using them to benefit the nation. For many manufacturers, this is problematic as these kinds of challenges could hurt their operations. ("Philippines") ("Ukraine's Solar Energy Industry")

Moreover, the county has higher duties and taxes in contrast with the Ukraine. Even though the Ukraine has it problems, most of these issues are…… [Read More]

"Philippines." CIA, 2012. Web. 30 Sept. 2012 < >

"Ukraine." CIA, 2012. Web. 30 Sept. 2012
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Military -- Naval Support at

Words: 3000 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43785882

[footnoteRef:32] This lack of forces for other Pacific struggles generally weakened the Japanese war effort, as the Japanese were forced to fight those battles with insufficient men, weapons, ammunition and other related materiel. [27: Eric Hammel. Guadalcanal: Decision at Sea: The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 13-15, 1942. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Military History, 1999, p. 346.] [28: Colin G. Jameson. "Battle of Guadalcanal: 11-15 November, 1942." Web site. 1944. (accessed March 18, 2013), p. 78.] [29: Robert Leckie. Challenge for the Pacific: Guadalcanal: The Turning Point of the War (Paperback). New York, NY: Bantam Books, 2010, pp. 127-128.] [30: Mark Stille. USN Cruiser vs. IJN Cruiser: Guadalcanal 1942. New York, NY: Osprey Publishing, 2009, pp. 19-20.] [31: Leckie, p. 306.] [32: Ibid.]

The Allied victory at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal through the leadership of Vice Admiral William F. Halsey, the Southwest Pacific Theater commander, was also a turning point in the Pacific Theater because that victory caused and marked a decisive shift in Japanese military efforts from offensive to defensive action. In retrospect, the defeat was so devastating to Japanese forces that the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was the last major attempt by the Japanese to regain…… [Read More]

Baer, George. One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy, 1890-1990. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1993.

Frank, Richard B. Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle. New York, NY: Penguin Books USA, Inc., 1992.
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Yoyo This Guy's Giving Me

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You will likely want to purchase a yo-yo for yourself as well, and remind her that as even today, a "battle of the sexes" goes on - you are challenging her to a yo-yo contest. Or perhaps, you both can learn new techniques together. Along with giving this new friend, or as you note, "the girl of your dreams," a unique yo-yo, a flowering potted plant would be great to bring as a peace offering. This serves two purposes:

To accent the words, "I'm sorry I did not drop you off directly at your aunt's house last week. Will please forgive me?"

The flowers will remind her of you each time she has to water it.

Later, if your friend does in fact qualify to be "the girl of your dreams," you and she can laugh about you giving her a yo-yo and a potted plant. When this happens, the question you need to answer before Friday would be a good one to ask her: "What do you want in/out of life?" Knowing what you want, not only in/out of life, but also determining exactly what you want out of this particular relationship will help insure you know the…… [Read More]

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Twain's To the Person Sitting

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They are so shrouded in mental and spiritual darkness, say the oppressors that they require outside assistance in the form of religious missionaries and military personnel. Christianity and the armies that propagate it are here to help the "Persons Sitting in Darkness," to save them from themselves. Thus, Twain uses the printed word to demonstrate how American foreign policy is founded on principles of social Darwinism and thinly concealed racism.

Throughout "To the Person Sitting in Darkness," Twain concentrates on lambasting the notion that America stands for freedom, liberty, and Civilization. According to Twain, these concepts are "only for Export." Moreover, they are costly. Twain makes sure to bring up the financial motives for American political maneuvers: "The Actual Thing that the Customer Sitting in Darkness buys with his blood and tears and land and liberty." The word "Customer" drives home the point that money, not concern for the well being of the people, motivates political decisions and colonialism. Occasionally Twain uses graphic imagery for emphasis: the Americans sentence "innocent little children to inevitable starvation and lingering death" for "blood money." The ideals that America purports to possess and implement become distorted when applied to its territories.

The author also…… [Read More]

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Kc but My Friends and Family Call

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KC but my friends and family call me Mary. I was born in the Philippines, on the island of Luzon in 1965. I lived in Philippines for roughly 22 years and then moved to Los Angeles, in 1992. My first few years in the United States were difficult. I had to come up with different strategies to get over my homesickness and to make it in the land of opportunity. The adjustment to American culture, clothes, language, and food were the most significant challenges of my life, but I overcame those them. Today, I have two children and they blessed me with four grandchildren whom I adore. Living alone in strange world made me who I am today. After all, I believed that our determination/dedication dictates our future.

After long years of school, I completed a baccalaureate degree in nursing few years ago. I have had been in practice for approximately 12 years. My experience includes roles as a clinical nurse in ICU, SICU, MICU, CCU, BURN both adult, geriatric, RRT, and pediatric. I have worked with many wonderful people during this time, and have been able to learn so much from them. I also learn from my patients, by…… [Read More]

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Project Management IT Project Management Questions Outsourcing

Words: 2449 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23870870

Project Management

IT Project Management Questions

Outsourcing -- Big Savings, Big Risks

Social Software for Project Management

Social Software can provide a number of opportunities for managing projects. What are some challenges or issues that should be considered before a project team implements a blog or a wiki?

Jonathon Edwards, an analyst with the Yankee Group, states that "Some people clutch to their corporate email boxes as if they were cigarettes. They're hopelessly addicted. We're all so accustomed to it. You can't change the way people work overnight." Blogs and wikis have a number of advantages over email. As a project manager, how could you reduce your project's team's resistance to rely less on email and embrace the use of social software?

Global Technology Solutions

Question One -- What role does quality play in the IT project Methodology?

How does verification/validation and change control support quality in an IT project?

Why should the project team focus on both internal and external customers? 7

ERP and Change Management at Nestle 8

What, from a project management perspective, could Nestle have done better in implementing SAP? 8

The primary lesson that Dunn says she gained from this project is "No major software…… [Read More]

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Era According to Lecture Which

Words: 1365 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22498259

S. led colonial expansion in the area. One impact of the treaty was that it gave the United States the rights to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Both Guam and the Philippines were critical additions because they signaled the beginning of U.S. involvement in the Pacific. It also marked a significant change in how America was viewed in the global arena, because almost all of Europe was sympathetic to Spain, and did not wish to see the decline of a fellow colonial power. However, with the treaty, the U.S. entered into the global arena and poised itself to emerge as a superpower. This status also brought about an atmosphere of economic, population, and technological growth that lasted for more than a century. Furthermore, the Spanish-American War helped repair the rift between the North and the South, and helped establish better relations between blacks and whites during that time period, an improvement that was temporary, but real. Perhaps most significant is that Teddy Roosevelt became a war hero in that war, which paved the way for his presidency.

4. After taking Theodore Roosevelt's program and accomplishments in office into account, what do you think is his 'lasting legacy?

As…… [Read More]

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Battle of Midway a Naval Battle Fought

Words: 3803 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40227286

Battle of Midway, a naval battle fought near the Central Pacific island of Midway, was the most important victory for the United States in World War 2. Before this battle Japanese forces were on the offensive, gradually capturing territory throughout Asia and the Pacific. Japan was now the dominant naval force after severely damaging the U.S. Pacific Fleet during the attack of Pearl Harbor six months prior (Newman). Japan was convinced that they were now in position to expand their empire in the Pacific, and Midway was the next strategic move. By capturing Midway the Japanese planned to use the island as an advance base, and hoped to further decimate the U.S. Pacific Fleet into eventual surrender. However, successful American communication intelligence resulted in breaking codes that provided crucial information on Japan's strategy to attack Midway. Being prepared for the conflict the U.S. Pacific Fleet were able to surprise Japan by being in position prior to the strike. This resulted in the sinking of four Japanese aircraft carriers, while losing only one carrier of their own. By successfully defending Midway, and by essentially wiping out the air power of the Japanese Fleet, the U.S. were able to regain Naval supremacy…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Bicheno, Hugh. Midway. London: Cassell, 2001.

This book provides an overall review of the Battle of Midway. It pays particular attention to the strategic errors made by both sides and how those errors contributed to the battle's outcome.
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Jollibee Fast Food Case Study Jollibee Foods

Words: 1628 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58811202


Fast food case study: Jollibee Foods Corporation

Define the problem

The Philippine-based hamburger chain Jollibee Foods Corporation is currently contemplating international expansion. The first question it must answer is where: should it expand into America, Hong Kong, or the developing world market of Papua New Guinea? If it decides to expand into America it faces another choice: should it focus on mainstream America consumers or recent immigrants and Philippine expatriates? (Bartlett & O'Connell 2001: 34)

Outside concepts that can be applied: The challenges of globalization

Regionalization was vital in Jollibee's original success: it offered larger spicy hamburger patties more attuned to local diners' palates vs. McDonald's more generic offerings. Political instability in the region resulted in reluctance for foreign companies to make incursions into the fast food landscape and enabled Jollibee to establish a secure foothold in its home nation. However, poor initial selection of partners abroad, poor quality control, and high rents meant its early forays abroad into East Asia were failures in the company's international organization, making Tony Kitchner's effectiveness as the first head of Jollibee's international division mediocre at best (Bartlett & O'Connell 2001: 39). The primary medium used for expansion was franchising, including an agreement…… [Read More]

Bartlett, C & O'Connell. (2001). Jollibee Foods Corporation. Harvard Business School

Case Study.
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Republic Manages Its Imperial Reach 1900-1914

Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14447204

International Peace Conference

The purpose of this work is to examine the First International Peace Conference and identify the background, or what led to the meeting of delegations, the factors, actors and what was as stake. Further to explore the decisions and interactions that took place as well as the outcomes of the conference. Finally to evaluate the outcome and examine what might have been done differently as well as how the effect of a different outcome may have demonstrated itself historically.

The spring and summer of 1899 was witness to the gathering of twenty-six nations of the world for the First International Peace Conference which was held at the "House in the Woods" at The Hague by generous offer of The Netherlands Queen, Wilhemenia. Although the gathering failed to effectively address disarmament the adoption of other important agreements and conventions paved the way for collective efforts to follow.

Elements that Helped to Bring About this Meeting of Nations:

Increased capacities in technology, rapid military growth and expansion in Germany, expansion in trade and economic growth, imperialist growth as well as fast developing interactions between countries all across the globe paints a gloomy picture of the world in the years…… [Read More]

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Nations Can Thrive Without Democracy

Words: 1011 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3805903

In addition, he notes that the Chinese and Russians somehow "choose" to be continuing autocracies, and then acknowledges the power of their leaders. Thus, the people are under the thumb of their leaders, and may be "settling" for autocracy because they see democracy as unattainable and out of reach. Take the Russians, for example, who had a real shot at democracy when the Soviet Union fell, and have instead allowed Putin to create another autocracy not unlike much of the Soviet regime before the fall. Indeed, people may choose autocracy, or they may be bullied into it, or they simply may be more comfortable with it, because it is so ingrained in their lives.

Gee does make valid points throughout his essay, including the notation that most large, successful countries fail without democracy. Rome and Greece are two of the dominant democratic cultures that notoriously fell from power and crumbled as their democracies crumbled. What does that say about autocracies? That they will do the same thing? Gee writes, "It would be equally naive to think that the capitalist autocrats of Moscow and Beijing have invented a formula for governing forever without the nuisance of elections. Some day soon, their…… [Read More]

Gee, Marcus. "Nations Can Thrive Without Democracy, but Only for so Long."
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Pacific Rim the World Bank

Words: 549 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49651618

China has been a strong driver of growth since 1980, and South Korea has contributed. The wealthy city-states of Hong Kong and Singapore may be among the richest countries in the Pacific Rim, but their overall economies remain small compared with the big three. The other nations in Asia that were charted -- Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all were noted as being minor economies. They may have seen growth in fifty years, but they remain small economies with relatively low GDP per capita rates. As a result, the conclusion that can be drawn from the data is that Japan remains the most sophisticated economy in the Pacific Rim, with South Korea and China making some contributions to the region's economic relevance. The city-states are valuable contributors, albeit with small economies, and other nations remain peripheral to Asia's economic success story.

There has not been any noted dropoff in any of these economies over the study period. Each economy has seen a steady upward trajectory. This holds true even for troubled nations -- China's GDP per capita saw some declines in the 60s and 70s but quickly recovered. Vietnam emerged from the 60s and 70s with no economy and has…… [Read More]

All statistics derive from the World Bank:

Exhibit A: GDP in Constant 2000 USD 1960-2010 for Selected Asian Nations
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Industry With Which I Have

Words: 3675 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28198741

I think that proper networking and research on who is making quality products, and finding a vendor with a good track record of customer satisfaction would be crucial in getting a positive consumer reaction.


Networking is invaluable when you do not miss opportunities that are available just from people talking about your product. Some of the smaller stores are involved in fairs and events where products can be introduced to the public without the burden of larger brand name competition.

Additionally, my variety of personal strengths will help me succeed when I launch my new business. I am not intimidated by the possibility that my business might fail. I know that I will work very hard to make my business successful, and if the business is not successful, I will know that I would have done everything possible to make the business succeed.

I am not afraid or intimidated by required changes within the business. I will be able to adapt to different situations that may occur when the business starts to grow. The best way I have found to get any information about different makers of products is the Internet. Information about the production of the product as…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
The Body Shop. (2004) Where we come from. Retrieved October 2, 2004, from:

Bath & Body Works, Inc. (nd). Retrieved October 2, 2004, from: -- /free-co- factsheet.xhtml
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Jemaah Islamiyah Tracing the Roots

Words: 3157 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97718047

Social dynamics, meanwhile, look into the prevalent perception of JI's society and the international viewpoint on radical Islamism. Lastly, the political dynamics centers on the viewpoints supporting and opposing JI activities, specifically its linkage with Al-Qaeda.

Religious dynamics

Explicated earlier is the ultimate goal of JI in establishing itself as an Islamic militant group: to create an Islam-centered social order, starting specifically in Indonesia. Jones' (2005) analysis of the history of JI as a terrorist organization delved deeply into the events surrounding its early establishment in Indonesia, and its later development as one of the Muslim groups who subsisted to jihad to promote this main objective.

Jihad is an important concept in the lives of JI members, for this became the manner in which it succeeded in increasing its membership and strengthening its network of Muslim militant groups, both locally and internationally. Among the initial contacts that JI had in establishing itself as the "locus of jihad" in Asia were Singapore and Malaysia. The decision to recruit members within these countries was motivated by a geo-political strategy: by expanding its territory of influence from Indonesia to Malaysia and Singapore, JI is gradually strengthening its hold on Asian Muslim countries, wherein…… [Read More]

9/11." (2006). Foreign Policy, Issue 156.

Chehab, Z. (2006). "Al-Qaeda: Still a step ahead." New Statesman, Vol. 135, Issue 4799.
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U S Government and Ethical Issues of Outsourcing

Words: 2353 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48421302

U.S. Government and ethical issues of outsourcing

Description of Ideas-5

Analysis of Concepts-6

Evaluation with Reasons-7

Possible Solutions-9

U.S Government and Ethical Issues of Outsourcing

USA is at present one of the fastest growing countries as a target for outsourcing. Of late outsourcing which was once the buzzword of corporate America has been looked down upon in recent years because of growing concerns of ethics involved in outsourcing the same. Majority lament the outsourcing of jobs to low-wage economies like Asia, Philippines and elsewhere. In a slowing economy with unemployment figures hovering around 10%, outsourcing jobs is viewed as extremely undesirable. However some experts are of the opinion that outsourcing per se is not bad as it helps business to lower costs to remain in business, particularly during periods of recession. When outsourcing permits a company to cut down on costs and make production at less cost, it augurs well for the company in the long run. After all it is the bedrock of comparative advantage. But the ethical concerns far outweigh the benefits that companies gain. By outsourcing, individual privacy is compromised, the cost of educating an American student is wasted when his job is outsourced to a different…… [Read More]

Breslin, David A. (1999) "On the Ethics of Outsourcing" Program Manager; vol. 28, no. 6,

pp: 24-26.
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America Great Americans Worked With Unselfish Devotion

Words: 1918 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99461637


"Great Americans worked with unselfish devotion toward one goal, that is, to use the power of the myriad of peoples in the service of America's freedom. They made it their guiding principle. In this we are the same; we must also fight for an America where a man should be given unconditional opportunities to cultivate his potentialities and to restore him to his rightful dignity." ~ Carlos Bulosan

The United States of America is called a melting pot because there are so many diverse cultures living together all in one country. There are pockets of cultures from all over the world which have come together to form the American identity. The question then becomes, what is the American identity and what constitutes an American. Both the novels American Son by Brian Ascalon Roley and America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan explore how people from minority cultures live in the United States and learn to combine their heritages with those of the U.S.

The first words of American Son describe a young man named Tomas who embarrasses his family. "He is the son who causes her embarrassment by showing up at family parties with his muscles covered in…… [Read More]

Bulosan, Carlos. America Is in the Heart: a Personal History. Seattle: University of Washington,

1973. Print.
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Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes

Words: 28549 Length: 95 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64807002

The organization of the five chapters in the study includes:

Chapter I: Chapter I includes the design of the study, the study's research problem and three research questions, study objectives, the scope and limitations of the study, significance of the study of DNA, research methodology and philosophy of the studies from different related literature.

Chapter II: During Chapter II, the researcher presents information to address the first research question; presented in the introduction for the thesis: What evidence points to the origin of flutes in SEA? During Chapter II, the researcher relates the kinds of flute in SEA that have been passed on from one generation to the next and their physical structure which attributes scale, sound, expressions, melody, and rhythm. In Chapter II, the researcher also discusses the studies on ethnic groups of SEA and their flutes, and additionally notes studies on history of geology and aboriginals' migration map to provide information regarding the origin of these particular individuals and the kinds of flute they played. This chapter also includes relevant information regarding SEA.

Chapter III: In Chapter III, the researcher addresses the second research question of the study: What kinds of flutes and characteristics depict those flutes that…… [Read More]

Purple highlight means reference from his thesis, chapters 1-5
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Image Chronicles the History of the United

Words: 975 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14874550

Image chronicles the history of the United States and the Philippines over several hundred years of modern history. Karnow's main argument about the relationship between the new nation is that the United States had an empire over this far-off but ostensibly independent country that "dare not speak its name." Over the course of the book, Karnow paints a convincing portrait of a nation colonized. Karnow suggests that what was particularly damaging about the de facto (if not de jure) American empire in the Philippines was that America's self-image is that it is a democratic, non-empirical country. By engaging in the sort of relationship America had with the Philippines, America betrayed its most fundamental principles as a nation as well as engaged in exploitation. Because America did not perceive itself as a nation capable of exploiting other nations like its parent country England, it could not even acknowledge the abuses it perpetuated after the fact in the Philippines

Karnow is fairly explicit in the vehemence of his thesis from the onset of the book. Even the subtitle of the book "American's Empire in the Philippines" reinforces the idea that America attempted to make over the Philippines into a nation into our…… [Read More]

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Government the Japanese Government Has a Constitution

Words: 2298 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48006341


The Japanese government has a Constitution created in 1947. It is founded on three principles, respect for fundamental human rights, sovereignty of the people, and renunciation of war. There are also three branches of the government. The legislative or Diet, executive or cabinet, and judicial or courts.

The highest organ of state power, the Diet, is Japan's national parliament. They are the singular law-making organ of the states. There are 480 seats in the House of Representatives, 242 seats in the House of Councillors, all a part of the Diet. Furthermore, all Japanese citizens, once they are 20, can vote in election.

Diet members elect not a president, but a prime minister from amongst the group. The cabinet, from where the prime minster leads, is responsible to the Diet. Things like currency are run by the Diet. On page 21 of Choi's book, he explains the connection between the U.S. And Japan in terms of currency. [footnoteRef:1]"By the mid-1990's, the sluggish economic growth of Japan and the recovering U.S. economy, and the consequent reversal in their bilateral power relationship, made the Japanese yen weaker against the U.S. Dollar." It also shows how the United States has played a role…… [Read More]

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Filipino Culture Pearl of the

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Guests are also served with sticky rice with coconut milk and sugar cane syrup, altogether wrapped in banana leaves. Especially grown glutinous rice with sugar is served as the traditional dessert in these special occasions. Filipino men love to drink gin and beer and eat balut, which is duck egg hardboiled with the embryo intact. Dog meat is another delicacy eaten by the men (Baringer).

Filipinos have also adopted foreign cuisines, including Spanish food, Chinese food, American food and Indian food (Bruce, 2011). Besides imported cuisines, the different regions and provinces have their own distinct dishes for which they are known. Their vegetables are often mixed with seafood or meat or with whatever can garnish the dish. They also prepare mixed dishes like minced pork with fowl and seafood. They use seasonings on dishes, particularly the very famous patis, herring or bagoong and soy sauce (Bruce).

Modern Dating among Filipinos

Dating among Filipinos consists of native beliefs, religious customs, native, eastern and western influences (Soriano, 2010). It is the official start of courtship. The guy is the expected initiator of a date. He picks the girl up from her house and then returns her there after the date. That is…… [Read More]

Shvoong (2008). Filipino culture. Retrieved on February 28, 2011 from

Soriano, R.H. Modern Filipino dating culture. Helium: Helium, Inc. Retrieved on February 28, 2011 from
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Culture Realms of Southeast Asia

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The population in Indonesia is 202,110,000, with people speaking the Javenese language. The religion of Indonesia is Sunni Muslim, and the majority of people there live to be 63 years old, with 1 out of 100 people owning cars. Indonesia is a mixed economy with many socialist institutions and central planning but with a recent emphasis on deregulation and private enterprise. Indonesia has extensive natural wealth, yet, with a large and rapidly increasing population, it remains a poor country. In Indonesia, underemployment is widespread, a result of about 2.3 million workers annually entering the labor force. Once the world's largest rice importer, Indonesia is now nearly self-sufficient.

The oil sector dominates the external economy, generating more than 20% of the government's revenues and 40% of export earnings, however, the economy's growth is highly dependent on the continuing expansion of non-oil exports. The Indonesian form of currency is called the rupiah, and the rapid growth in the money supply in 1989-90 prompted the country to implement a tight monetary policy in 1991, forcing the private sector to go to foreign banks for investment financing.


Laos is located in south-east Asia between Vietnam and Thailand, occupying a total area of 236,800…… [Read More]

Scholastic Inc. Atlas of the World. (United Kingdom: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd., 2001), 157.

Scholastic Inc. Atlas of the World. (United Kingdom: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd., 2001), 156.

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Manny Pacquiao Trinidad's Pacific Storm Dispatches on

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Manny Pacquiao

Trinidad's Pacific Storm: Dispatches on Pacquiao of the Philippines begins with an epigraph from Ernest Hemingway, stating that "courage above all is the first quality of a warrior" (p. 1). But in my own engagement with both Filipino boxing -- and with the amazing life story of Manny Pacquiao, currently deemed to be (pound for pound) the greatest boxer in the world -- I think I would have to disagree. I do believe that boxing requires courage -- this seems obvious. But from what I have learned in my own short study of these subjects, I would argue that if Pacquiao or any boxer is truly a warrior, then the "first quality" that distinguishes the greatness of Pacquiao is not so much courage as endurance. It is easy to understand why a commentator on boxing would emphasize Pacquaio's courage: when one is raised in American culture where the public face of boxing has been defined for a very long time either by Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, then surely Pacquiao looks like the definition of courage, for physically he is certainly a David rather than a Goliath. But Pacquiao is able to triumph against such odds for the…… [Read More]

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Attitudes Towards the Environment in

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The Partido Revoluationario Institucional Party was an "enormous social network that reached the most remote parts of the country..." (Aerni, 2001) the PRI Party is accredited with having created "the largest public interest groups such as Unions, Farmer Organizations and Consumer Organizations and it somehow managed to keep the political influence of the powerful Catholic Church under tight control." (Aerni, 2001) in order to assess agricultural biotechnology and the environment from the view of developing countries it would also be necessary to asses the traditional crops grown in developing countries. For instance, Mexico begin modernizing its agriculture following World War II and established a research center CIMMYT which was an international research center for the improvement of corn and wheat and later added was high-yielding corn varieties. The agricultural revolution in the Philippines began when the International Rice Research Institute was established in the 1960s.

Stakeholder Perception of Domestic Problems in Agriculture and the Potential of Genetic Engineering in the Philippines

Source: (Aerni, 2001)

Stakeholder Perception of Domestic Problems in Agriculture and the Potential of Genetic Engineering in Mexico

Source: (Aerni, 2001)

Aerni (2001) states that the study states findings that three significant differences in "the perception of Mexican and…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Dunlap, Riley E. (1994) International Attitudes Towards Environment and Development. In Helge Ole Bergesen and Georg Parmann (eds) Green Globe Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Development 1994. Oxford University Press. 115-126. Online available at 

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Tagalog Charts

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Tagalog Charts

What did I learn?

The interview with an individual named Beverly Santa Maria was intellectually rewarding and I learned a lot of about her past, her culture, and her language. Her middle name is her mom's maiden which is a common practice for this culture, and subsequently got her last name from her father which is common in almost every culture. Furthermore, her mom was named after Beverley Hills which seems to indicate the power of the American culture and its influence on other societies. Another interesting tidbit that was identified was that nearly everyone in her family was a very strong, or even famous, person in her country. Despite this, her family still decided to immigrate to the United States.

The decision to immigrate to the United States could not have come lightly. It is hard to imagine the fear of uncertainty that the family faced. However, the perceptions of what they might find in the new country were obviously enough to overcome any potential objections that they encountered. The assumptions that they had about America were pretty common assumptions. That the country had an abundance of wealth and there were many opportunities for employment.

I also…… [Read More]

Best, P. (N.d.). Philippines Best. Retrieved from The Island of the Philippines: 

IMPH Science. (2013, October 15). Philippine language relations in a map. Retrieved from IMPH Science:
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Abu Sayyaf Group Asg Has Re-Emerged Among

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Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has re-emerged among the list of most critical terrorist organizations fighting the federal government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), America, and it is allies within Southeast Asia. Established in 1991 by Abdurrajak Janjalani, a veteran in the Afghan Mujiheddin as well as associate of Osama bin Laden, the gang rapidly rose to popularity as being a deadly terrorist group dedicated to the institution of a separate Islamic county. Together with cash from Saudi charitable organizations managed by bin Laden's relative, Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, the ASG progressed rapidly. The gang targeted its terrorist, killing, as well as kidnapping initiatives on sectarian targets. But, following a plot directed by Ramzi Yousef along with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to explode Eleven U.S. airliners as well as assassinate the Pope, Khalifa's and also the ASG's functions had been exposed (Laude, 2004).

Khalifa had been struggling to go back to the Philippines, even though his charitable organizations continued to be wide open, they had been incapable to assist the more substantial Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and also the ASG like they had within the past years. The ASG had been more destabilized by a few arrests and also the…… [Read More]

Fellman, Z. (2011). Abu Sayyaf Group. Centre for Strategic and International Studies. Aqam Futures Project Case Study Series.

Abuza, Z. (2005). Balik-Terrorism: The Return of The Abu Sayyaf.
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Military Leaders World War 1 As Well as After the War

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American Military Leaders

The fighting of the First World War (WWI) started during 1914 and ended on 1918. The Second World War (WWII) started a lot later in 1939 and ended in 1945. These are the biggest military conflicts in the history of humankind. In both wars, military alliances formed by groups of countries were involved. The First World War (World War I, the War to End All Wars, the Great War) mainly occurred in Europe. The fighting nations were categorized in two groups, 'The Allied Powers' and 'The Central Powers'. Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary were in the Central Powers group[footnoteRef:1]. The Allied Powers group consisted of Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Russia and the U.S., which joined in 1917. In The Second World War (World War II), the warring groups were called 'The Allies' and 'The Axis'. Germany, Japan and Italy made up The Axis. The U.S., China, France, the Soviet Union and Britain, made up The Allies. The Second World War was very heinous due to the mass killings of Jewish by the Nazis. Numerous military leaders from America were involved in both wars. [1: World War i Vs. World War Ii]

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower…… [Read More]

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American Imperialism in the 19th Century

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Anti-Imperialist League, formed in 1899 by prominent citizens such as Andrew Carnegie and William James, held the belief that American Imperialism went against the spirit of those that fought the Revolutionary War and participated in the creation of the Declaration of Independence (Halsall, 1997). Specifically, they asserted that the American government's actions in places such as Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico represented a hostile attitude toward liberty and step in the direction of militarism (Halsall, 1997). Moreover, they argued, the American Government derived its power from the consent of the governed, and imperialism denied man's natural right to either govern himself or choose to be governed (Halsall, 1997). Instead, it promoted a form of despotism (Halsall, 1997). They maintained that, through imperialistic policies, the United States was practicing truth-suppressing censorship and the deliberation of war, and they called for an immediate end to the United States' presence in the Philippines as well as the liberation of the Filipinos (Halsall, 1997).

However, the U.S. never technically adopted a policy of "imperialism." The Anti-Imperialist league were simply the first to term U.S. actions as such, and that term, related to U.S. foreign policy, remains debated to this day. Just as today's…… [Read More]

Halsall, Paul. (1997). Modern History Sourcebook American Anti-Imperialist League, 1899.

Retreived from
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Phillipines Magellan Headed the Sixteenth

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Spaniards introduced land ownership and subsequently, social class divisions. Land ownership became a primary means of social status after Spanish conquest and remains so centuries later. Land-owning elite ruled like feudal lords, even though the Spanish governors in Manila relied on traditional tribal chiefs to administer local lands. Just as Philippine religion reflects a combination of Roman Catholic and indigenous Philippine beliefs, so too does Philippine social structure reflect a combination of European and Asian practices. The native Philippines, or "indios," practiced feudalism and slavery but with a different means of disseminating social class status than was used in Europe in the sixteenth century ("A Brief History").

Therefore, much of what distinguishes the Philippines from its Pacific Rim and South Pacific counterparts is owed to pre-conquest social and cultural traditions. The religious beliefs and social practices still extant on the islands today are not only a product of the Spanish invasion but also of the native practices. What makes the Philippines unique is the combination of native beliefs and practices with those of Spain in particular. Similarly, French Asian colonies combined regional practices with French ones.

Philippine geography accounts for the evolution of the archipelago's social and political systems. Spain…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Boot's Book the Savage Wars

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In short, the United States became more aggressive in attaining foreign resources and access to trade. This was a result of the expansive nature of empires, and the fact that America, as characterized by Boot, was gradually becoming a "great power."

Largely, the Great Powers of the modern world have come into being as emerging economic and political trends have allowed. The ever shifting tides of the world's social foundations have tended to produce successive powers that rise and fall over the course of history. Generally, what make these powers great are their military capabilities, but of course, these are commanded by the economic base supporting them. A powerful economy can allow for enormous military expenditures, and generate vast influence across the planet.

Naturally, the economic crux of a great power can vary in form. Most obviously, the great power of the ancient world -- Rome -- relied upon the slave trade for its riches and influence; but today, in the wake of the industrial revolution, manufacturing tends to demand which nations become great powers and which languish in mediocrity. Basically, wealth and an efficient economy generate the type of nations that hold the potential to become great powers. The…… [Read More]

Boot, Max. The Savage Wars of Peace: Small Wars and the Rise of American Power. New York: Basic Books, 2002.
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Direct Impact That Catholic Voices Had on

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Direct IMPACT that Catholic Voices had on the media contributing to the perceived success of the Pope's visit in 2010 amidst the volatile negative climate surrounding the Catholic Church in that year

Even if people are interested in knowing about various religions and getting inspired from them, a lot many get put off from the topic when religious intolerance begets riots and uproars in a city, an instance that was observed in America when the issue of burning the Korans arose. Also, the issue of the New York Islamic centre sparked a number of controversies (Ingebretsen, 2005). One way that the Catholic Church and Pope have been able to avoid such criticism in the past is by befriending the media. One of the most recent examples of this is the formation of the group -- Catholic Voices -- the primary purpose and objective of this group was to "amplify the voice of the Catholic Church in the British public square, especially in the media and in public debates, by training and briefing articulate young Catholics to act as speakers; offering media skills training to the Church; bringing together and nurturing Catholic public intellectuals; and making available a team of Catholics…… [Read More]

Catholic Voices Official Website (2010). Accessed on March 12, 2011 from

Angela Ann Zukowski and Pierre Be ' langer (ed.) Radio Presence. A Collection of International Stories & Experiences (Brussels, 2000). See articles such as: Radio vs. dictators, Unda Newsletter, x (5) (Brussels, June 1966), 1, about the role of Radio Soleil in Haiti against Jean Claude Duvalier. The same can be found in the Philippines (against Marcos) and in Peru (against Fujimori).
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Asian Economic Currency Crisis

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Asian Economic Crisis

In the summer of 1997, an economic and currency crisis rocked the Asian markets. One by one, southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan saw their economies crash in the wake of heavy foreign investment. An economic boom had made the region an attractive investment opportunity for much of the 1990s. By 1997, however, domestic production and development had stalled, and foreign investors grew nervous. A divestment run on the Thai baht triggered the crash. Large corporations, extremely dependent upon the confidence of foreign investors failed to meet debt obligations and began to fail throughout southeast Asia. Currencies throughout the region faltered and nosedived from their mid-1990s positions of stability. The causes of the Asian economic crisis are varied. Lax oversight of corporations had ramifications in economic downturns that were not a concern in the mid-90s boom. Macroeconomic policies of the southeast Asian countries made their economies vulnerable to the uncertain confidence of their foreign investors. Despite this, Corsetti, Pesenti and Roubini (1998) make the point that, "market overreaction and herding caused the plunge of exchange rates, asset prices and economic activity to be more severe than warranted by the initial weak economic conditions."…… [Read More]

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Hispanics' View of Their Culture as Immigrants in the United States

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Cultural Immersion


Cultural Informant Interview

What is your cultural and personal background? I am Priscilla, a native of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I am a 74-year-old widow of an American native from Indiana. We have two grown children and two grandchildren by each of them. I migrated into the United States in 1973 where I have lived and worked up to the present. Before my migration, I worked in my country until I found a job in Vietnam where I met my husband. I always dreamed of living and working in the United States although I have kept emotional ties with my native country. The Philippines has been through a lot of crises, especially economic, and I wanted to help. I have been able to vacation in my country a number of times.

What are Your Cultural Values, Habits, Holidays and Other Observances? Tradition dies hard in our country, especially among older folks in the countryside. These are unquestioning obedience to elders, simplicity, religiousness, courtesy, modesty, loyalty to the family and a deep sense of responsibility towards parents and younger members of the family and hospitality. Most Filipinos are timid. We are often indirect with…… [Read More]

Sue, D.W. And Sue, D. (2013). Counseling the culturally diverse: theory and practice.

6th edition. Wiley, John & Sons, Inc.