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Practical Application Essays (Examples)

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Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students
Words: 60754 Length: 230 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 60817292
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Pedagogic Model for Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of special…

Application to Practice
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55710547
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There is still a great degree of relevance found in Uustal's "Values clarification in nursing: Application to practice," despite the fact that it was written some time ago. This relevance pertains to the nursing profession and to some theoretical and practical components of performing this job. Specifically, the article's approach to the correlation of a nurse's values and his or her actions is of extreme importance today, just as much if not more so than it was when the article was first published. In this respect, the author is able to truly get to the essence of what impacts how nurses administer treatment and interact with their patient's overall, and explain it to the reader in a way that is both lucid and informative.

The crux of the article is the notion of values clarification, which is a seven step process the author advocates that helps to clarify some…

Graduate Application Reflection the Two
Words: 838 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 163895
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My academic pogess has been quite successful to date, and I know that the beadth of knowledge I eceived as an undegaduate is extensive enough to meet the needs of the gaduate school pogams I have identified. In addition, my pactical expeience and the efeences I will be able to poduce should wok quite stongly in my favo with gaduate school admissions pesonnel. I also believe that I inteview quite well, and am able to pesent myself in a vey affable and confident manne that enables me to expess my qualifications, skills, and othe "selling points" without seeming aogant o boastful, and this will also help my chances of admission.

Although I believe I am able to pesent my qualifications, skills, and knowledge quite well in inteviews, the most challenging aspect of the application pocess by fa was the witing of the pesonal essay that both schools equied. Fo some…

references were individuals I had not really been in touch with for some time. Still, they did not seem perturbed by my request and instead were actually quite amenable to helping me, by and large, in order to assisted them, I recounted the details of certain projects or courses they oversaw or were involved in that I was a part of, not telling them precisely about my achievements but providing enough detail to rekindle memories.

Counseling Model a Practical Pastoral Counseling Model
Words: 3760 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43723048
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Counseling Model

A Practical Pastoral Counseling Model

Counseling Setting

Where Will Counseling Take Place?

oundaries for Safety and Security

Relational Style

Relational/Communication Style




Supportive Feedback

God's Riches at Christ's Expense

Annotated ibliography

A Practical Pastoral Counseling Model

This is an overview of the counseling position that I will take when working with clients/parishioners. I realize that this cannot encompass every eventuality that may occur during a counseling session, but it should be comprehensive enough to account for most of the possibilities that present themselves. I acknowledge that this is also the treatise of someone who is going to be practicing as a pastor first and a counselor second, therefore the relationship of a shepherd to his assigned sheep is the most important consideration in all of this. Also, the counseling relationship that a pastor enjoys with a parishioner is not as extensive as that between a patient…



Carlson, Dwight L. 2000. Overcoming hurts and anger. Eugene: Harvest House. ISBN: 0736901965

This book is a real help when dealing with anger. The author gives you steps on how to prevent your anger and deal with past anger in a Christian manner. He gives examples of mishandled anger, biblical principles about anger, and how to handle anger in a Christ-like way.

LaHaye, Tim and Bob Phillips. 2002. Anger is a choice. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. ISBN: 0310242835

Steven Holl Discussing the Practical
Words: 3302 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35150365
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Imagining architecture as the structure upon which meaning grows and contributes to the phenomenon of a place is particularly helpful when investigating Holl's Linked Hybrid, because the design expresses a desire to meld the objective, concrete of the building itself to the experience of the residents living and moving within.

Construction on Linked Hybrid began in 2003 and completed in 2009, when Holl's design won the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's award for Best Tall Building (CTBUH 2009). Part of a slew of new developments born out of Beijing's revitalization as a result of its hosting of the 2008 Olympic games, Linked Hybrid is a mixed-use development consisting of "a ring of eight 21-story towers, linked at the 20th floor by gentling sloping public sky bridges, lined with galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars and shops" (Busari 2008). Each tower is rectangular, with some towers being additionally linked at the…


Busari, Stephanie. CNN, "Beijing embraces Brave New World of buildings." Last modified June

24, 2008. Accessed November 6, 2011. .

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, "2009 Awards." Last modified October 2009.

Balanced Scorecard Within Application of
Words: 2048 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 49084753
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Strategy implementation can also be severely affected by the lack of commitment of employees of all levels. "The resistance from some employees who not yet see the big picture" can have detrimental affects on the successful implementation of strategies derived from the Balanced Scoreboard process (Berger 2009).

Moreover, there are long durations between creation, implementation, and results. Long pauses in implementation can drastically lower the momentum of the entire project, and "The Balanced Scorecard could pay the price of their fatigue through a lack of attention and modeling necessary to set proper tone throughout the organization (Niven 2002). So much energy could go into planning, but "Perhaps the single biggest Scorecard pitfall to be avoided, however, is lack of maintenance," (Niven 2002). Great pangs should be taken in order to make sure that appropriate levels of attention are being paid to individual problems in productivity. Therefore, "The Scorecard, like any…


Ahn, H (2001). "Applying the Balanced Scorecard Concept: An Experience Report." Long-Range Planning 34: 441-461

Atkinson, H. (2006) Strategy Implementation: A role for the Balanced Scorecard? Management Decision. 44,10: 141-1460

Berger, Serena. (2009). "Balanced Scorecard Disadvantages." Article Insider. Retrieved November 23, 2009 at 

Hopf, R.H. (2001). Guide to a Balanced Scorecard Performance Management Methodology. Procurement Executives' Association. Retrieved November 23, 2009 at

Women This Lesson Covers the Application of
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58001047
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This lesson covers the application of feminist principles to every aspect of life, including the social, political, and business domains. The main arguments are inquiries into how the world would look if feminism was integrated fully with standard human rights. Feminism is as much about changing men as it is about changing women, meaning that feminism implies a breakdown of patriarchal values. A feminist future is one in which all people and all cultures are equal. The principles extend far beyond the needs of white women. Evidence that authors use to support the arguments include references to the ways feminism has already helped women achieve some degree of parity in some specific sectors, whether that be the number of tenured professors at universities or the increased likelihood of having a female president.

The greatest strength in this lesson is the need for hope and creativity. Both men and women…

Complement Each Other in Terms of Practical
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16196913
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complement each other in terms of practical application in that a critical mind will still need a creative mind, just as much as a creative mind will need the complements from a critical mind. o delve into how the two balance inn bringing out the best option there can be, we will have a brief definition of the two then look into instance where they are applied.

Creative thinking has a lot to do with creation and of noble ideas that were not at all though about by another individual looking at the same situation. It displays the imaginative process and level of an individual as most creative thinkers will give solutions that are outside the box. heir solution to complex problems is more often the most applicable yet those that the average thinker would consider last.

On the other hand, analytical thinkers will focus their attention to the little…

The modern society and jobs require individuals with aptitudes to make decisions and decide on directions that will give the company an advantage over the best skills applied by the next competitor, solve complex business and social challenges as they focus on the bigger picture as they weigh the pros and cons that will determine the ultimate result and consequence of their decisions and directions.

It is in situations as above that creativity comes into play and action, since the concerned individual will have to apply the intelligence or creativity which cannot be acquired in any institution. These are natural instincts that one possesses innately and does not necessarily need to be an educated individual with high qualifications to guide an organization. This case is seen among some of the best CEOs who are barely degree holders without masters or PhDs but drive the organizations to marvelous heights. There is an overlap however of the two, this is evident in the fact that the technical calculations and professional advice and general guidelines that one can offer to the company or organization are acquired from enrolling in academic institutions and specializing in the particular field that one wants to be a professional in. These are the analytical skills that are required from an analytical thinker. The two cannot work exclusively but with mutual co-existence they can be imbibed to give brilliant results (Perner, L.,2011).

The other sector where the two have to be applied in tandem is in a situation where creative thinking is viewed as divergent and gives many possible solutions to a problem. The creative thinker will contribute a good number of ideas, solutions and approaches that are workable and sensible in solving out complex issues. The creative thinker on the other hand gives specific, concise and thoroughly thought out solutions to a presented challenge or situation. The creative thinker and the analytical thinker will them complement each other by the creative mind giving a myriad of possible solutions, the analytical mind then carefully selects the many ideas presented by the creative mind and pinpoints the specifics and settles down to the most likely solutions to a problem, after this the

Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal Methods Practical
Words: 1379 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50168601
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Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal Methods: Practical Applications

My current circumstances could be grooming me for a totally different profession but deep inside, I have always admired the work journalists do. I particularly like how news reporters go out to the field, gather real time information, and interact with newsmakers. In addition to enjoying themselves, these ladies and gentlemen play a very significant role in the creation of a more open and just society. For this assignment, I will address a number of issues with regard to the job I would be interested in pursuing, i.e. news reporting.

Job Analysis

Job analysis according to Werner, Schuler, and Jackson (2010) is essentially "a systematic process of describing and recording information about job behaviors, activities, and worker specifications" (p. 122). In that regard therefore, a job analysis seeks to generate information regarding both those performing the job and the job itself. It…


Mathis, R.M. & Jackson, J.H. (2010). Human Resource Management (13th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Snell, S.A. & Bohlander, G.W. (2011). Managing Human Resources (16th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Werner, S., Schuler, R.S. & Jackson, S.E. (2012). Human Resource Management (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Application Paper Rapture and Tribulation
Words: 1305 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 82819605
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apture and Tribulation

The Church apture is what believers call 'Blessed Hope'. The Bible's New Testament explains a certain 'mystery', where according to Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:53, we will not all die (or sleep), but rather 'we will be changed' (1 Corinthians 15:53). Paul, in the letter he wrote to Thessalonica, writes,

"For Christ himself will come down from heaven; there will be a shout, with the archangel's voice, and with God's trump: and those who died in the Lord will first resurrect: After that, we who are living and remain will be held up together with the others in the sky, where we will meet Christ in air: and so will we forever be together with Christ. Wherefore give comfort to each other using these words." (1 Thess 4:16-17)

Trials, persecution and tribulation have been part of man from the day he left the Garden of Eden. Each…


Benware, Paul. Understanding End Times Prophecy: A Comprehensive Approach. Moody Publishers, 2006.

Ice, Thomas. "Why I Believe The Bible Teaches Rapture Before Tribulation." Pre-Trib Research Center, 2016.

Keathley, Hampton. Revelation - Appendix 5: The Doctrine of the Tribulation. 2004.  (accessed October 26, 2016).

McKim, Donald. The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms. 2. Westminster John Knox Press, 2014.

Application for medicine'studies Motivational
Words: 1603 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79347036
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Medicine as a discipline is predominantly rooted in science, particularly biology and chemistry. My strong performance in and enjoyment of sciences makes me an ideal candidate for medical school. Nevertheless, my greatest motivation to pursue the field comes from my passion for serving people. Right from elementary school through to college, I have always been passionate about serving people in a direct way. I have participated in numerous volunteer and community initiatives, which have further strengthened my desire to serve people. Serving people gives me satisfaction more than anything else. Medicine is one field that offers the opportunity to serve humanity. It is not only a job, but also a career. It enables one to practically apply the knowledge acquired in class in helping people.

Dissimilar to most courses, medicine is a vocational course in the sense that one gets practical training in a specific job. Students do not just…

Application to MBA Program at Auburn University
Words: 1200 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51038884
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Justin Abercrombie

Tell use about your career goals. How do you envision an MBA from Auburn University will help you achieve these goals? Are there other reasons you are interested in pursuing an MBA at Auburn?

After earning an MBA from Auburn, I intend to work in the business world for a small or mid-sized firm where I can get hands-on experience and learn the ropes, but my ultimate goal is to own my own business. While I am open to a myriad of options, I do have some solid ideas about the type of business I would like to own and operate, specifically, a firm that provides personal assistant services to middle-income people who can't afford or don't need a full-time personal assistant. This service would be on a contract basis, providing people with specific services, such as dry cleaning drop off and pick up, or computer back-ups, or…

Practical Health Solution
Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64453124
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Community Health Education

Obesity response

The aim of every community is to have a healthy society where each individual can carry on with their daily activities with ease and also contribute back to the welfare of the society. This is the target that I aim at in engaging in the community-based programs like the obesity reduction bid among adults. The number of obese adults within the U.S. was pegged at 34.9% between the years 2011 to 2012 and amazingly this was the same prevalence rates experienced between 2009 and 2010, meaning the prevalence rates did not change (CDC, 2013). This is a worrying trend since the adult risk of developing chronic illnesses and subsequent waste of their life in treatment is a real threat. This is one of the central motivating factors for my involvement in the pursuit to ensure the reduction in the number of obese adults and in…


CDC, (2013). Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults: United States, 2011 -- 2012. Retrieved September 25, 2014 from 

McNeal, G. (2014). Academic scholarship redefined. The ABNF Journal: Official Journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty In Higher Education, Inc., 25(1), 3-4.

Application of Technology in Education
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66448284
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Technology and Academic Success

Higher education across the world and the lure of new information technologies has remained uncertain as it is unsettling. While few people doubt information technology has great potential of enhancing teaching and learning there is a wide and general agreement on how technology can and should be used to boost academic productivity or whether this type of increase is on its own a valid goal if its enhancement means that the substitution of technology to take the place of the more traditional and labor intensive forms of higher education. It is not that there is lack of technology in micro scale but there are many examples of new technology applications that abound. Most of the institutions have invested majorly in new technologies, distributing the capacity of computing across most of the campuses creating a link between the faculty and the students as well as with the…


Reichstetter, R.(2007). Literature Review: Technology Use and Its Relevance to Academic Achievement. Retrieved March 25, 2014 from 

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Junco R.(2010). Using Emerging Technologies to Engage Students and Enhance Their Success Retrieved March 25, 2014 from 

Brown J., (2011). Does the use of Technology in the Classroom Increase Students' Overall Academic Performance? Retrieved March 25, 2014 from

Application of Criminology Theories Sociology
Words: 1885 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23733167
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theoretical concepts from parts XII and XIII to the events and actors at the Malheur Wildlife efuge occupation. Be sure to utilize the different sections in your application.

Environmental criminology often focuses on opportunity theory, which is linked with rational choice theory. Opportunity theory suggests that criminal behavior is motivated or prompted by available opportunities to commit the crime. Although the Malheur occupiers were not environmental criminals in the traditional sense of being motivated also by an environmentalist agenda with related ecological goals, the Malheur Wildlife efuge is a nature preserve. There are also compounding issues related to territoriality, the "extent to which a space conveys a sense of being 'owned' or 'private' and has having clearly designated purposes," (XII, p. 459). Territoriality has been a primary driving factor in the occupation. The occupiers, spearheaded by Ammon Bundy and the Hammond brothers "sought to turn the refuge into a symbol…


Bernton, Hal. "Birds -- and staff -- return to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge." Seattle Times. 27 March, 2016. Retrieved online: 

Carpenter, Zoe. "Inside the Bundy Brothers' Armed Occupation." The Nation. Jan 5, 2016. Retrieved online:

Application of Motivational Theory in Healthcare
Words: 898 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49458345
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Employee Motivation

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is perhaps the most commonly known theory of motivation, which is likely due to the broad applicability of the theory. Maslow developed his hierarchy of needs as part of his research on human potential and a component of positive psychology he termed self-actualization (Maslow, 1943; 1954). Maslow believed that human motivation is heightened when people seek fulfillment through personal growth and discovery. Self-actualized people are fully engaged with their potential, in an ongoing, lifelong effort to create meaning in their lives through highly personalized, positive endeavor (Maslow, 1962).

Doubtless, employers would enjoy not having to be concerned with motivating their employees if, in fact, their employees would "self-actualize" through their work. Indeed, some people do experience self-actualization when they are engaged in their paid employment. But, perhaps more often than not, people who become self-actualized are able to spend time either playing or laboring…


Maslow, A.H. (1943). A Theory of Human Motivation. Psychological Review, 50(4), 370-96.

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Tay, L., & Diener, E. (2011). Needs and subjective well-being around the world. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101(2), 354.

Legal Case Analyses and Application
Words: 1060 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86351585
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Specific Performance by Virtue of Substantial Performance -- Stainbrook v. Low

In this case, the purchaser or real estate sought to enforce the specific performance of a contract for the sale real estate. Specifically, the plaintiff-buyer had entered into a valid binding contract with another party, a seller who died before the completion of the contractual obligations of the parties. Representatives of the seller's estate refused to accept payment and sought to rescind the contract. The plaintiff argued that he was entitled to specific performance because he had substantially performed his obligations and that to the extent his performance was incomplete, it was only because the defendant had refused his offer to fully perform.

The court held that the plaintiff was entitled to specific performance because he offered to fully perform his obligations as per the contract. This concept is important because otherwise, any party who wished to escape the…

GUM Origins and Applications of
Words: 1671 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5344254
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Cox, Forbes & Harris for example claim that:

The scope of the GUM is generally restricted to models with a single output quantity, so that metrology fields involving complex quantities are not directly covered. The presentation of the material is sometimes criticized and a number of documents aimed at providing a more tutorial explanation have been published [1, 26]. If Bayesian methods are to be used widely in metrology, they will need to be related to and made consistent with the general principles of the GUM. This could be the topic of a further supplement and could include guidance material on modelling, model selection and model validation. We should point out that Bayesian methods already have some currency in metrology and have had so for some time [27]. (2004, pp. 87-88)

Though the common use and understanding and indeed the spread of the GUM method of expressing uncertainty is clear…


Ashley, K, Brisson, M, Howe, A, & Bartley, D 2009, 'Interlaboratory Evaluation of a Standardized Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Method for the Determination of Trace Beryllium in Air Filter Samples', Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, 6, 12, pp. 745-750, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 24 June 2011.

Bell, S 1999 A Beginner's Guide to Uncertainty of Measurement 

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New Software Application Versus What Users Want
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80761746
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Software Application Debate

Computer users may not be interested in how software actually work, but they certainly want to be able to get the hang of things easily and without much trouble. When Microsoft or any other firm for that matter comes up with a new software application, initially there is apprehension as people are afraid of the unknown. While they are keen to see how the new software benefits them, they are also scared of what they might encounter and many feel more comfortable with the old version. But software developers know how the new software application offers increased functionality and thus are keen to help people accept the new software quickly. It is important to understand that oftentimes software may not offer exactly what the customer desires because there software developers are more concerned about functionality than they are about people's wishes and expectations.

For example with every…


1) Software functionality: Accessed online 26th Jan 2005:

Best-Of-Breed Application Systems Solutions What Are the
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56286451
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best-of-breed application systems solutions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of integrated application systems solutions? Discuss any experiences you have encountered with either of the solutions.

When it comes to selecting either approach, both contain advantages and disadvantages. For instance, "With the best-of-breed approach, you select each software application based on its inherent qualities. If the practice management and EM systems you choose come from different vendors and need to exchange data, you build an interface that allows that to happen. When combining EM and practice management systems from different vendors, registration interfaces are the most common. This allows your front desk to automatically send data for new patients entering your practice to your new EM" (Kleaveland, 2007). However, this can put an additional burden onf members of staff, namely because there's no registration interface. This implies that staff members will have to separately enter patient data in practices management…


Businessfinance. (2001). Breeding Success: Finding the Right Solution with Best of Breed Applications. Retrieved from 

Kleaveland, B. (2007, June 5). The Tech Doctor: Best-of-Breed or Integrated Systems? - See more at:  

Family Theory Application the Purpose
Words: 1595 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6216315
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Specific recommendations for family therapists who employ parent training techniques are offered.

Summary and Conclusion

While Rogers does not completely define precisely the 'human' it is easily understood to be that of all aspects of the individual therefore, the environmental/ecological interaction theory, while not perfect is a good basis for the provision of healthcare to families by the nursing professional. Every aspect of the lives of a family illustrated through the interactions between the individuals and the community, neighborhood, place of employment, daycare institutions or school, laws, safety precautions, travel, mode of travel, mode of living, housing environment and indeed all elements expressed by the Macro, Micro, Meso, and Exo Levels effect the individuals. The individuals affect the environment and the elements contained therein as well through either actions or even inactions. These two facts clearly demonstrate the validity of the theory and the theoretical framework base described in this…


Sandelowski M. Troubling distinctions: a semiotics of the nursing; as cited by Joan Engebretson in Document entitled Hands-on: The Persistent Metaphor in Nursing, Holistic Nursing Practice Vol.16 No.4 07-01-2002 ISSN 09979311.

The Ecological Theory (nd) Online available at

The Theoretical Matrix for a Rogerian Nursing Practice" by E.A.M.Barrett 2000, Theoria: Journal of Nursing Theory, 9 (4) p.3-7. Copyright 2000 by the Swedish Society for Nursing Theories in Practice, Research, and Education. Reprinted with permission.

Meyers, S.A. An Ecological Approach to Enhancing Parenting Skills in Family Therapy "http: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Critical Thinking and Application Problem
Words: 1667 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56395990
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Positive effects:

UPB management will be able to capitalize on the five years of training and other investments in Mark Williams

The colleagues will feel a sense of security as Williams has decided to stick with the company

Costs with replacing him will now be incurred and the money could be used in another direction

UPB clients will be content as they will not have to switch consultants

Mark Williams will feel loyal and the sense that he has betrayed his 'savior' will not torment him

Negative effects:

Mark Williams will continually feel frustrated with the sense of things at UPB

He will give up his opportunities for further professional development and promotions

It is highly possible that his sacrifice will not even be recognized by the UPB stakeholders

7. eflections

Mark Williams graduated Business College and found a job at UBP Consulting in a time in which nobody else…


Brown, C., Ethical Theories Compared, Trinity University, 2001,  last accessed on June 26, 2009

Geuras, D., Garofalo, C., Practical Ethics in Public Administration, 2nd Edition, 2005, Management Concepts, ISBN 1567261612

Todd, H.C., Speaking of Ethics -- Changing Jobs, The District of Columbia Bar, 2009,  last accessed on June 26, 2009

Statistical Concepts Have Literally Thousands of Applications
Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21118543
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Statistical concepts have literally thousands of applications, but I will focus on those that apply to several major fields: political science, marketing, economics, social services, and insurance. Statistics are so key to the nature of these fields that most of them could not exist without concepts such as the median and sampling.

Political campaigns are designed to appeal to targeted demographics, which form the basis for blocks of voters. Whereas Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address on the train to Pennsylvania on the back of an envelope, modern political speeches are designed to specifically appeal to a median group of voters, and to reflect the reasoning skills and personal tastes and values of these voters. A concept like the 'Axis of Evil,' seems adolescent to university professors and political analysts, but speech writers didn't have these people in mind when they created the concept; by definition, the median IQ is…

Establishing a Strong Application to Fashion School
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84658020
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The capacity of good design is evident in its use to solve substantive socio-economic poblems thoughout the wold. My expeience and taining at Pason's was ich and compehensive, and left me with a lasting fascination fo design -- and with many skills needed fo a poductive, meaningful caee in fashion management.

4) Study Poposal Summay

Fashion in Tukey is a fast moving secto that has been hampeed by only summe and winte seasonal lines. Tends once launched twice each yea but with the addition of sping and autumn, the secto is expeiencing fou launches pe yea. These fast changes ae a wateshed of the etail migation to online and mobile channels.

As a case in point, conside that the Japanese clothing stoe Uniglo has established a vitual dessing oom -- a Magic Mio, as it is known; the Magic Mio uses a 60-inch colo-changing monito that lets shoppes ty diffeent…

references -- and over the long-term as the e-tail website learns their shopping habits. And the retailers and wholesalers benefit from receiving data about customer preference, in the form of metrics that show color swatch selections and such.

5) if you had a question to ask of the person interviewing you, what would it be?

If you had to choose just one, what single attribute is critical for success by a student of fashion management in this program?

How can a student in the program make the best use of many networking opportunities offered with university partners and fashion professionals?

Programming Rapid Development for Web-Based Applications by
Words: 1604 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58576568
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Programming: apid Development for Web-Based Applications" by Frank Maurer and Sebastian Martel of the University of Calgary and is composed of an in-depth explanation of extreme programming (xp). The bulk of the content of the article describes the advantages and benefits of this method. One of the most immediate benefits of extreme programming is that it changes the way that work and communication can manifest in the world of programming: it makes it a more social and team-oriented form of work which is a tremendous advantage. This essentially means that work can be conducted in a more pleasant manner, which means that members of staff will enjoy doing it more, something which will ultimately lead to greater productivity. For example, as the article aptly states, "XP's focus on small teams lets it replace paper-based documentation with face-to-face communication. Hence, it's a good fit for many Web-based software projects, which often…

References (2009, March 29). Top 10 Benefits of Extreme Programming. Retrieved from 

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Smith, K. (2003). Benefits of Extreme Programming (XP). Retrieved from

Probability Concepts & Applications 1 Describe the
Words: 3656 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61403906
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Probability Concepts & Applications

(1) Describe the rationale for utilizing probability concepts. Is there more than one type of probability? If so, describe the different types of probability.

One uses probability mathematics in order to assess the probability of a particular occurrence or the results of a particular action; For instance, whether or not one should go into a certain market or invest in a certain product -- what are the chances or possibilities of the product succeeding.

There are five major approaches of assigning probability: Classical Approach, elative Frequency Approach, Subjective Approach, Anchoring, and the Delphi Technique

Classical Approach -- this is used when each of the possibilities have an equally likely chance of occurring. The theorem is: P (X) = Number of favorable outcomes / Total number of possible outcomes

elative Frequency Approach -- calculation is based on past historical / experimental experience. Theorem: P (X) = Number…


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Analyzing The Application of Critical Thinking in Evidence Based Practice
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Evidence-Based Practice

Critical Thinking

Palmer and coworkers (2007) write that the aspect of critical thinking forms a crucial part of the nursing profession, as nurses always encounter complex scenarios that call for precise judgments, constant learning, and taking clinical decisions. Therefore, critical thinking covers a large problem-solving and reasoning process wherein every view and clinical choice has its basis in evidence. This process incorporates the active components of deliberation, insight, and emotional intelligence, in addition to information credibility, learning, and scope for study. Critical thinking within the nursing context is impacted chiefly by environmental, psychological, and physiological factors such as confidence level, age, competences, anxiety, exhaustion, prejudice and colleagues.

The process of critical thinking proves critical to the development of evidence-based practices (EBPs) of nursing. These practices promote customized nursing care, are more efficient, dynamic, and modernized, and maximize clinical judgment outcomes. EBPs may exhibit a positive contribution to patient…


Palmer, A., Berman, C. L., Bernardo, L. D., Lobato, C., Howard, E., Cramer, S. (2007). Critical Thinking and Evidence-Based Nursing. The Journal of Nursing. Retrieved from American Society of Registered Nurses:

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Grant Application Project Title Do
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For example, if one case study is presented per week in the curriculum, this could be "dosed up" by presenting two or three case studies per week to the classes in the intervention group. This could have the desired effect of increasing the expected effect size.

Attrition rates must be accounted for when determining sample size. If there was a 30% attrition rate, the determined sample size would remain realistic, since 88 nursing schools is still a considerable number of schools to work with as long as the numbers of schools that do and do not use case studies in the study are relatively equal.

Collecting a sample of this size would not take a large amount of time. The recruitment process would involve identifying BSN and ADN programs who are HESI clients and either do or do not use standardized case studies. Enough programs would have to be identified…


Nibert, a.T., Young, a., Adamson, C. (2006). Predicting NCLEX success with the HESI exit exam: fourth annual validity study. Nurse Education, May-June (supplement), 38S-34S.

Habib, F., Eshra, D.K., Weaver, J., Newcomer, W. (1999). Problem-based learning: a new approach for nursing education in Egypt. Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health, 5(3), 6-11.

Analyzing Application for New Graduate Position Selection Criteria
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New Graduate Position Selection Criteria

Demonstrated High Level Interpersonal, Verbal And Written Communication Skills

When I worked at the eader's Bookstore, I nurtured skills and applied them in the areas mentioned above. I dealt with customers regularly, and staff and suppliers over the phone and in person. I was charged with handling customer enquiries. I applied my communication skills to the fullest extent. Dealing with book request orders involved contacting the supplier on phone, updating the computer system with the data of the customer and the book/s ordered, making the book order and reaching back to the customer to alert them when the order has been delivered. I also captured the same information in the bookstore's filing system for use by others in the firm. I established a good relationship with customers and suppliers through effective communication strategies. I also rendered effective customer service. My line manager gave a positive…


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Teaching Philosophy and Practical Experience
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Expeience with Failue Retospective Analysis

I discoveed that thee wee many moe elements of academic pefomance than could possibly be accounted fo in such a boad conceptual appoach. Likewise, the many vaiables that influence and detemine academic pefomance ae inteelated in such complex ways that my assumptions wee, appaently, simplistic albeit idealistic and well-motivated. I discoveed, fo example, that some students ae simply disinteested in many academic subjects, iespective of thei intelligence and self-esteem. In fact, in my expeience, the instances whee poo pefomance appeaed to be linked to ealy educational expeiences wee fa fewe than instances whee entiely diffeent factos seemed to be esponsible. Additionally, I ealized that it was not ealistic to assume that I would necessaily be able to identify the pecise point whee each student fist expeienced difficulties fo seveal diffeent easons. Since that time, I have evised my appoach and now ty to focus moe…

references of individual students so as to present material to them in a manner most conducive to their absorption, particularly where they appear to be more intelligent than their performance would indicate.

Sources Consulted

Adams, J. "Kant, Pestalozzi and the role of ideology in educational thought," Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 24, No. 2; (1990): 257-269.

Brehony, K. "Montessori, individual work and individuality in the elementary school classroom" History of Education; Vol 29. No. 2; (2000): 115-128.

Burton, J., Moore, D., and Magliaro, S. (2004). Behaviorism and Instructional

Lewis & Clark -- Letter of Application
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Lewis & Clark -- Letter of pplication

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application for admission to Lewis & Clark. I am certain that as a student at Lewis & Clark I will grow in intellectual stature, that my studies and activities will lead me to a level of scholarship and academic excellence that will open the door to an exciting and stimulating future.

Having carefully researched the opportunities that Lewis & Clark present to students, I believe my experiences have prepared me well, and I am anxious to be accepted, to enroll, and to become a productive, valuable member of the campus community.

The Pacific Northwest is a stunningly beautiful and ecologically diverse area of the United States, and looking through the information about the College Outdoors at Lewis & Clark, I am excited at the possibility of becoming involved in this aspect of the college.…

Also in China, I worked many hours with other volunteers to help survivors of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, a temblor that killed almost 70,000 people, injured 374,170 -- and over 18,000 were officially listed as missing in that disaster. My work in helping with that natural disaster was honored when I was given the title "Outstanding Student Representative of Volunteers" in the Wenchuan Distress area. I am very proud of my participation in that horrific human tragedy, and also I have helped the Heilongjiang Red Cross in providing warm clothing, blankets and food to impoverished people in the remote mountainous areas of China.

I mention these activities not just to bring attention to my humanitarian involvement and to my altruism, but also to indicate that I am prepared and ready to becoming involved in any Lewis & Clark community support project. One of the many impressive aspects of this college is its leadership vis-a-vis the Peace Corp, which reflects very positively on Lewis & Clark.

Again I thank you for this opportunity to apply for admission to Lewis & Clark, and I look forward to hearing from you. If I am accepted as a student, I will work hard to make a great contribution to the campus and the community, in addition to availing myself of the myriad scholarly opportunities presented.

Organizational Behavior -- Theoretical Application
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Whereas poor leaders avoid choosing competent members of their inner circle to avoid losing control, superior leaders establish the most talented and effective inner circles as possible. The manager in this case had the benefit of several subordinates who were capable of becoming part of her inner circle.

Instead of inviting their contribution, she deliberately maintained the maximum possible distance from them and insisted on always reviewing their decisions after the fact. Meanwhile, her own decisions were always hers alone and simply announced to the entire team together. Instead of allowing her supervisors to relay her decisions, the manager routinely announced them to supervisors and line employees together, further highlighting the complete non-involvement of supervisors in any meaningful decisions.

Finally, the manager made absolutely no attempt to identify leadership qualities in her subordinates, mainly because she feared any competent leaders as rivals. Effective leaders realize that it is essential to…

Sources Consulted:

George, J.M. And Jones, G.R. (2008). Understanding and Managing Organizational

Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Gove, T. "The Art of Managing Up" the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 6;

(2008): 10-15.

Vendor Application Recruitment Is an
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Clients will receive information regarding their rights to submit such complaints. Clients will also be informed on the different levels and time frames related to the process of submitting complaints. Clients and their representatives will receive assistance in the process of grievances, until the complaints are resolved. It is important to the agency that not only direct clients, but also their family members and other representatives be satisfied with the quality of service at all times.

Complaints or grievances can be filed by any client of the Division of Development Disabilities, their parents, guardians, or other representatives. These persons have the right to make complaints or initiate grievances. Areas targeted for such grievances may be the conditions under which clients are treated, as well as treatment provided by the staff of the Division or other service providers under the Division. Upon receipt of such complaints, it is the obligation of…

Ecommerce Application at Spanx the Aima Atlanta
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Ecommerce Application at Spanx

The AiMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) awarded Sherpa: Web Studio as the most effective search engine marketers for the year 2008. Sherpa was chiefly highlighted for their outstanding search engine marketing for Spanx by Sara Blakely. Spanx is primarily an ecommerce website and with its association with Sherpa the online business was able to amplify the sales by 550%, by means of search engine driven traffic. The world of ecommerce is becoming compact day by day, this attribute has not just enhanced the working of the online business, but it has also eased the brick and mortar business to the e-tails and online shopping cart ease.

The present state of this online business is the end product of the 10 years ceaseless working and innovations of the owner Sara Blakely. She initiated the store from, a single brick mortar business and a capital of $5,000. But…


Alm, J. (2002). Does a Seller's eCommerce Reputation Matter? The Journal of Industrial Economics, 337 -- 349.

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Communication the Application of Five Communication Theories
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The Application of Five Communication Theories

There are countless communication theories, with each one looking at a different aspect of communication or looking at communication in a new way. The number of theories that exist raises the question of how they can be used to understand communication. The answer is that every communication is complicated, with one single theory not being enough to understand every communication completely. For this reason, various theories can be applied to various situations, with each one helping us to understand something about the communication. To consider how real situations can be analyzed, five communication theories will be described. Each one will then be applied to a real situation to show how the theory helps create understanding of the communication events and processes that make up human life.

Theory of Feminine Style

The theory of feminine style argues that the difference in the way that…

Works Cited

Dow, B.J. & Tonn, M.B. "Feminine Style and Political Judgment in the Rhetoric of Ann Richards." Quarterly Journal of Speech, 79(1993), 286-302.

McLuhan, M. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Men. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964.

Family Nursing Practitioner Application Justification the Quest
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Family Nursing Practitioner Application Justification

The quest to become a nurse, that was finally realized when I became a registered nurse, was prompted by the need to work among the very underprivileged of the community in the poorest areas and vulnerable conditions. Having been a N, there are vast experiences that I have undergone, not only in the technical aspect of learning the prognosis and prescription but also further experiencing first hand the social needs of nursing and the existing gaps at the homestead levels. Combining the expertise and the human face to nosing will enable me to positively contribute in to improvement of the health status of both the American citizens who are extremely poor and the foreign missions that will be the next quest, particularly to Africa or Asia. This way the training I have undergone will not be confined to the codified nursing tenets and bedside care…


Nevidjon, B., (2012). The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. The Nursing Shortage: Solutions for the Short- and Long-Term. Retrieved September 10, 2013 from

Employment and Application of Evidence-Base Practice
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Employing Evidence-ase Practice

The influence of evidence-based practice (EP) has found reverberations in the field of medical care giving, academia and scientific endeavors. The need for evidence-based quality arises from the need to afford improved healthcare services that are faster, accurate, and more effective. The nurses have responded to the emerging guidelines set by National expert groups. They have reoriented their practices along the lines of the evidence-based practices that have now accentuated their services and will continue to add value to their industry. The redesigning activities have touched upon the facets of academic background and training as well as field practices. They also took initiative to redesign the methodology to be followed by incorporating the scientifically proven methods and updating their information with the inputs contained from their fraternity elsewhere in the country (Stevens, 2013). "Evidence-based medicine." was a term that first made use of in the 1990"s by…


Bennett, S., & Bennett, J. (2000). The process of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy: Informing clinical decisions. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 171-180.

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Egan, M., Dubouloz, C.J., von Zweck, C., Vallerand, J. (1998). The client-centered evidence-based practice of occupational therapy. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 65, 136-143.

Teaching - Grant Application Educational
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In addition to utilizing the ELMO system as a lesson presentation tool, we intend to incorporate it as a motivational device, such as by rewarding both improvement and superior performance with the opportunity to have their work presented to the class.

Including the ELMO system in our Accelerated Reading Program and Florida Reading Initiative present additional avenues for more extensive incorporation of the equipment.

4. Proposed Evaluation of Objectives:

The proposed evaluation objectives consists of conducting comprehensive objective reading skills diagnoses before the introduction of the ELMO system into the classroom environment. A subsequent series of objective diagnostic evaluation will provide a method of measuring the beneficial effect of incorporating the ELMO system into the lesson plan.

Similarly, analysis and comparison of standardized achievement tests results will provide a direct measurement of the success of this initiative at achieving the educational goals that the system is intended to accomplish.


Generic Application and Effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma Practices Across Diverse Industry Types
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Quality Management System and Continuous Improvement

Six Sigma Strategy for Continuous Improvement

Implementing Six Sigma

Lean Strategy for Continuous Improvement

Lean and Sig Sigma Interrelated

Industrial application of lean / six sigma

Lean / Six Sigma in Service Industry

Lean / Six Sigma in Manufacturing Industry

Lean / Six Sigma in Construction Industry

Lean / Six Sigma in Mining Industry

Effectiveness of the Lean / Six Sigma in the Industry

Population and Sampling

In the business management strategy, quality plays a major role for global organizations that seeks market competitive position through achieving customer satisfaction more successfully, advancing on internal business processes and reducing cost. The process of globalization is shrinking the market place, creating new avenues for business and confronting them with more challenges and international competition. Under such scenario customer expectations are growing as they can find variety and easy substitute of product and service whereas the products…


Antony, J, & Banuelas, R. (2002). Key ingredients for the effective implementation of six sigma program. Measuring Business Excellence, 6(4), 20-27.

Antony, J. (2004). Some pros and cons of six sigma: an academic perspective. The TQM Magazine, 16(4), 303-306.

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Berwick, D. (1989). Continuous improvement as an ideal in health care. The New England Journal of Medicine, 320(1), 53-56.

Psychological Testing and Its Uses in Practical
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psychological testing and its uses in practical situations. This essay will examine the intelligence test, as means to help illuminate how these assessments can be used for in a given situation. Specifically, this essay will examine how these intelligence tests can be used in the workplace for human resources purpose such as hiring and promotion.

Psychological Testing

The role of psychological testing is to provide a tool to further evaluate the mental frame work of an individual. While there are several types of these assessments such as screening, personality and achievement, this essay will examine how intelligence testing can be utilized in the workplace. Intelligence testing attempts to measure the ability of a person's ability to understand the world around them in their environment. These tests use questions that measures the intellectual potential of the person being evaluated and does not reflect a total or comprehensive model of one's totally…


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Economic and Practical Consequences of Balanced Budgets
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Balanced Federal Budgets

The federal government has a wide variety of responsibilities, most of which stem from programs that the government has created. Some of these outlays are discretionary, but many are not. The trade-offs for the federal government are usually not a question economics, but politics. The current federal budget for FY2016 shows a deficit of $474 billion. The largest outlays are for social security ($891 billion), other mandatory programs ($627), defense ($589), Medicare ($529) and non-defense discretionary, which covers a wide variety of different programs. Finding $474 billion to cut there -- or some of that money in conjunction with tax increases -- is inevitably going to be a challenge. Much of government spending in the budget is in the form of mandatory programs. Further, many of these are impossible, politically, to reduce. One does not simply cut Medicare payouts without losing a strong voting bloc, for example.…


Government Finance Officers Association. (2014). Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program (Budget Awards Program). Retrieved from 

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ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

Applied Theory to Application With Teachers
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Human Development and Education Theory

Behavioral psychologists and developmental theorists have traditionally categorized various periods of childhood and adolescence that correspond to VEY specific stages of cognitive and emotional development. While various experts differ widely in their characterization and analyses of the human developmental stages, modern educators recognize the importance of certain elements of behavioral and emotional development as equally important to early education as age-related cognitive stages of purely intellectual growth.

Traditional primary and secondary education programs are based on teaching methods and concepts designed in the nineteenth century and earlier. While the academic curricula expanded considerably during the course of the last hundred years' of American education, many of the methods still relied upon by modern educators mirror the principles designed primarily just to teach elementary reading and writing skills, which was the main (if not the sole) focus of the early education even well into the twentieth…


Smith, M.K. (2002) Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligences.

The Encyclopedia of Informal Education, Accessed July 6, 2004 at .(Last updated: 2/14/04)

Gerrig, R., Zimbardo, P. (2001) Psychology and Life 16th ed.

Allyn & Bacon, New Jersey

Computer Applications in Public Administration
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Information Systems in Healthcare

What does the author mean by informatization?

The concept of informatization is predicated on using information technologies (IT) to attain higher levels of process efficiency, performance, collaboration, communication and decision-making throughout an organization (Kernaghaii, Gunraj, 2004). The author continues with five core aspects of informatization to further illustrate this concept and its effects on organizational performance. The first is the development and introduction of IT systems to shape and define the information and data retrieval process as it relates to automated IT systems, while the second is the re-arrangement of information flows and information relationships to enable the more efficient management of IT (Kernaghaii, Gunraj, 2004).The third is one of the most challenging, and that is the change of an organizational structure and its processes based on the information generated and created using IT systems (Kernaghaii, Gunraj, 2004). The fourth point the author makes with regard…


Kernaghaii, Kenneth & Gunraj, Justin (2004). Integrating information technology into public administration: conceptual and practical considerations. ADMINISTRATION PUBLIQUE DU CANADA, VOLUME 47,(4) PP.525-546

Egotism Is Substandard Ethics Application
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Virtue Ethics Beats Egoism

One of the reasons that philosophy is such a fascinating topic that has endured virtually throughout the course of human history is because it presents the crux of human existence in the basic forms of what is right and wrong. Moreover, there are a number of different philosophies that present alternative versions of what values encompass what is right and wrong. Two of the most eminent such philosophies include egoism, championed by Ayn Rand, and virtue ethics, supported by Aristotle. Examining those philosophies with inheritance examples proves virtue ethics is better.

Inheritance itself is the basic notion pertaining to the concept of personal property, and is inherently linked to capitalism (Haslett 143). Essentially, inheritance means that after an individual dies, his or her personal property goes to someone else. There are a variety of laws surrounding this particular issue. In certain instances, people must take action…

Works Cited

Morality as Universal.

Haslett. Justice and Economic Distribution.

Application of Emotion-Focused Therapy on Clients
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Established at the outset of the 80s by Dr. Les Greenberg and Dr. Sue Johnson, emotionally focused therapy (EFT) abides by the way of life that relationships are at the center or essence of human experience. It is founded on the principles that emotionally satisfying relationships are basic constituents of mental and physical health, and that interventions that are emotionally oriented have the authority to create and reconstruct helpful connections and ties between persons. The founders of EFT have the belief that each and every individual can take full advantage of their potential if placed in a fostering social setting (Johnson, 2009). Emotion-focused treatment was advanced as an empirically-cognizant method to the exercise of psychoanalysis grounded in present-day psychosomatic philosophies of working. Emotion-focused therapy endeavors to change the emotional or mental or behavioral sense of balance by putting emphasis on the vital role of the familiarity of adaptive emotion in…


Brenning, K.M., Braet, C. (2013). The emotion regulation model of attachment: An emotion-specific approach, Personal Relationships, 2013, 20, 1

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Greenberg, L.S. (2010). Emotion-focused therapy: A clinical synthesis. Focus, 8(1), 32-42.

Christian Doctrine
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Prayer and the Death of Christ

Christian living today entails a number of important doctrines and actions, all aimed towards uplifting the individual's soul to a better relationship with God. As such, the Bible acts as a guide towards better Christian living and having a close and fulfilling relationship with the divine. Particularly, two doctrines that are central to Christian living include prayer and the death of Christ. Particularly, prayer helps the Christian individual to communicate with God on various levels, while Christ's death has profound meaning as the central premise of Christianity.

Theological Definition

The Bible Encyclopedia (n.d.) defines prayer as a "conversation with God," in which the individual addresses God directly. Prayer can be offered either orally or mentally. A person can be in constant or occasional prayer, and it can be either spontaneous or formal. In the Bible, several phrases have been used to describe prayer, including…


Bible Encyclopedia (n.d.) Prayer. Retrieved from: 

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Von Buseck, C. (2014). Three Keys To Answered Prayer. Christian Broadcasting Network. Retrieved from:

Cat a Friend Went to
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Nor do these media usually include the depth of context that allows readers to pick up such nonverbal cues from more traditional literature or visual media. The result is a kind of control mark by which we can measure the level of CAT that takes place face-to-face. While phone texting seems to be developing its own accommodation markers through the numerous abbreviations and emoticons that emerge ongoing, my own informal research group at least agrees that an email from a professor to "come see me in my office about your paper" does not encourage convergence even with a perfect grade point average, although there is no literal suggestion of divergence either.

This informal control benchmark indicates how complex forms of accommodation can become. When we hear a speaker with a regional dialect we cannot automatically tell if they are affecting an accent on purpose, or for example if they grew…

Multicultural Literature
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Multicultural Literature

what is multicultural literature? What are the characteristics of quality multicultural literature?

Within the latter part of the twentieth century, a pattern referred to as multiculturalism acquired popularity in American education (Almerico et al., 2006). Gay (1994) within an intensive research of the very commonly used meanings of multicultural literature recognized 13 particular explanations involving the idea and mentioned that a number of factors had been typical out of all definitions for the reason that all of them concur that the content material of multicultural literature ought to include:

Cultural pluralism, ethnic identities, unequal division of resources as well as

Opportunities along with other socio and political issues arising from extended track records of oppression

Multicultural education like a school of thought, a strategy for education transformation, along with a collection of particular subject material within just educational courses. (p. 3)

In her own book, Affirming Diversity, Nieto…


Almerica et al. 2006:

The authors in this research carried out a content evaluation of children's literature college books to find out the way the phrase multiculturalism had been interpreted within just the perspective of children's literature. They established the way the idea had been outlined, the degree to which various subcultures within the America had been depicted, the quantity of textual content dedicated to every depicted cultural group, and also the quantity of suggested trade books for every group.

HMC 2008:

• The racial foundation involving the classroom has and also will continue to transform.

Attend the University of Toronto
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During my two years at the Sias Marketing Group, I have put the theories I learn every day into practice through various company projects. In these projects, I am often in charge of bringing together statistical data on marketing projects for analysis and further examination. While analyzing this data with the senior management of the corporation, I have gained valuable experience in the practical use of mathematics in combination with economic theories. I enjoy this type of work very much, and hope to continue to gain more experience and knowledge for my continued career success.

I feel my education and the experience in finance qualifies me for a chance to capture the crown jewel of the world of mathematical finance, and you will accept my application to attend the University of Toronto. I look forward to hearing from…

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education Learning of Anorexia
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Graduate Certificate Nursing Education

Learning of Anorexia Nervosa & Handling Its Patients

Final Learning Report


Drafting a learning contract and adhering to it along with constant support from my supervisor, was an effective activity which constituted of four weeks. every objective had a milestone plan and necessary measures which were required to be taken for achieving them. Self-expectation after reaching these goals was also documented in order to have a clear picture of my proficiency level in the developing knowledge of Anorexia Nervosa after this activity. The primary objective was to have clear understanding of Anorexia Nervosa, its causes, symptoms and possible treatments. Furthermore, second main objective was to deal with patients having this disorder and their families. These two major goals encompassed the rest. Through reading of the concerned topic were performed and were brought into practical application. Furthermore, efforts were made to…

Owen, T. (2002). Self-Directed Learning in Adulthood: A Literature Review.

William, J. (2009), Anorexia Nervosa: Self Sabotage in Adolescence

Final Report-Anorexia Nervosa Page 4

My Teaching Philosophy in a College Aviation Department
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Teaching Philosophy in a College Aviation Department

The choice of one's profession may come about in various ways for different people. There are those who have dreamt of their professions since childhood and worked hard at achieving their dreams. Others though did not arrive at the decision until they reach college and practiced what they have studied for thereafter. Still there are those who never imagined being in a profession they are at but ended up doing so for one reason or another and excelled in the field. Then there are people who have the enviable position of being able to be who they want to be and at the same time have the chance of imparting the knowledge and wisdom they have with the profession they have been practicing. For my part, I can say that I fall in the category of being able to have the profession I…

Special Education Goetze and Walker
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Then students use AlphaSmart software to paste the picture and explain in a paragraph why, how and where in the plot they feel that picture relates to the story. This tests three things: (a) student concentration; (b) student level of understanding of the general plot; and - student imagination. This is an important implementation because it opens the students' horizons and allows them to see the general links and relations that their own lives might have with the stories that they read. The implementation of taking the pictures is one way that this has been successfully achieved. This use of a camera is a very flexible application and is being used in different ways for different special-needs students.

May (2003) found that cameras are being used to also expand the span of words or vocabulary amongst the special-needs students. The teacher hands out a set of words to the students…


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