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Residential Property and its Economic Political Demographic and Geographical Factors

Words: 2501 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 11756535

Interest Rates and Monetary Policy
Interest rates and monetary policy significantly affect residential property capital values. The official cash rate (OCR), the rate at which banks borrow from The Reserve Bank, determines the level of interest rates. When the OCR increases as a result of monetary policy, interest rates are likely to go up, and vice versa. These movements have an impact on the housing market. An increase in interest rates usually means a higher cost of loans and reduced consumer confidence, consequently affecting house prices and sales. Similarly, a decrease in interest rates means a decrease in the cost of loans, improved consumer confidence, and reduced house prices.
Residential property capital values are also affected by inflation – the general increase in prices. During periods of high inflation, there is usually increased investment in residential property. Consumers and firms with cash reserves or borrowing ability feel incentivized to…… [Read More]

references. Real estate agents also provide information to clients regarding the sale and purchase transaction, and work together with the seller and the buyer to formulate or develop specific clauses relevant to each party. Once the initial agreement is reached, the agent monitors the transaction to ensure all the specified conditions are fulfilled.
Compared to most property market participants, the conveyancer is a relatively new role. Following the enactment of legislation in 2008, conveyancers are now recognized participants in the New Zealand property market. Conveyancers are professionals with a specialty in property law. They have expertise in real estate transactions such as property sale and purchase as well as mortgage execution and registration. Technically speaking, a conveyancer can be used as an alternative for a solicitor, especially for transactions involving selling and buying property.
Accountants are usually required when the property in question is for investment use or when the underlying legal structure warrants the preparation of financial accounts. An accountant may also be required if the borrower intends to use residential property to acquire a business loan. The accountant works closely with the client’s team of professional advisors, which includes, among others, the mortgage adviser, the real estate agent, and the solicitor. Most professionals have robust relationships with accountants. The role of accountants is restricted to offering professional accounting advice if need be.
Insurance Adviser
Insurance advisers act as advisers on matters risk. They assess the client’s present financial position and accordingly offer advice on the client’s risk position, especially in terms of debt and financial obligations. The advice specifically focuses on the appropriate insurance product to cover the property against fire and other unexpected destructive events. In some cases, the risk adviser may be the mortgage adviser. In such cases, the mortgage adviser must provide the necessary disclosure statement and comply with the relevant regulations and standards.
Property Manager
A property manager runs a property on behalf of the owner. The property manager identifies and attracts tenants, completes tenancy documents, collects rent, provides routine maintenance, and regularly reports the status of the property to the owner. Property owners usually seek the services of property managers due to their expertise on matters such as rent trends and rent collection. Additionally, lenders can rely on property managers to make lending decisions. As property managers are extensively knowledgeable on rent trends in their localities, lenders are likely to accept their objective evaluation of rental property.
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Water Geography Part One Terms

Words: 2762 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16776764

But after local wastewater plants were "...upgraded and farms' management practices were improved, the amount of phosphorus declined and the copper sulfate was no long considered necessary" (Royte, 2007). The Times' story reports that to prevent the dumping of partially treated sewage water into the waterways, septic tanks need to be upgraded and "cleaning the water in sewage treatments plants even more thoroughly before it is discharged into the watershed..." is necessary. That will be quite a job, because "more than two dozen of the roughly 100 wastewater treatment plants that discharge into the city's watershed use a suboptimal cleaning process."

TO: The flooding problem. hy has it become a more serious problem in recent years? Taking New York City as an example of the problem and its roots, the New York Times article alluded to in the previous section points out that recently, as developers began clearing more and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Clausen, Jan. (2000). Northwest Tribes Fight Against Formidable Odds to Save Endangered

Salmon. Nation. 270(3), 22-24.

Gelt, Joe. (2005). Managing the Interconnecting Waters: The Groundwater-Surface Water

Dilemma. University of Arizona. Retrieved Oct. 16, 2007, at .
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Water and Plastic Bottle Burden

Words: 1800 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79110006

With this information, people can make informed decisions regarding the water they consume. Which additives are healthful? Which are not? These are examples of only some of the questions responsible consumers should have when choosing their water. Regarding the use of plastics, the solution is simple. By simply changing their habits from plastic water bottles to stainless steel or any of the other alternatives, not only is the consumer choosing something that supports of the well-being of the planet, but also supports the well-being of themselves.

This is merely one solution of many meant to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle across the globe. That the consumption of water increased so quickly, all over the world, signifies the impact of advertising on consumer choices. This can be a reason for hope, since just as quickly the use of stainless steel water bottles and clean water can be brought into individual…… [Read More]

7. Fluoride Action Network, Health Effects, ( ...)

8. Fluoridation/Flouride, Toxic Chemicals in Your Water, ( )

9. Worth Health Organization, Water Related Diseases, ( ...)
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Water Cycle the Water or

Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17989621

Questions: Why are there different forms of precipitation? Why would it make sense that the water cycle regulates the amount of water on earth?

Actvities: Analyze different forms of precpitation by following a drop of water through water cycle. Why is it important that some water be stored in ice or snowpacks? (See:


Focuses on a particular aspect of experience and demonstrates conceptual understanding.

Questions: Does salt water act the same way as fresh water in the water cycle?

Activity: Place appropriate terms for water cycle in visual representation, as the one from the U.S. Geological Survey. (3 stage learning technique; identification, understanding, evaluation/explanation). See:


Challenge and extend conceptual understanding and skills through new, deeper, and broader activities.

Questions: What impact has civilization had on the water cycle? Are there dangers to irrigation or transforming arid areas into agriculutural areas? What about the polar ice caps?…… [Read More]


The Water Cycle. (2009). Cited in: U.S. Geological Survey. 

Water Facts. (2011). Cited in:
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Water Usage in CA an

Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66753689

England's tendency to accentuate surroundings (streets, storefronts, lawns, balconies) with plants and flowers lends a natural beauty, grace, and charm to cities -- as though a piece of the countryside were still a part of them. If people in L.A. find that they can afford to do the same, why should they not? For some it will seem like a waste of money, but let the facts tell the story: those who will protest are the same who are likely to offend in less tasteful ways.

As for sticking to native plants -- I believe it is a novel idea. There is something to be said for sticking to nature's plan: if cacti are what are most natural, then let us plant cacti. This may be the highest wisdom to prevail in these discussions. For those who wish to surround themselves with fauna and flora of a different climate, there…… [Read More]

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Water Legislation Origins of Environmental

Words: 11427 Length: 37 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 87395038

The Leblanc alkali production processes were especially pernicious, but they followed along the lines of previous industrial processes. In other words, the first British environmental legislation was a response not so much to a qualitative change in industrial processes and their environmental impact but more to a quantitative increase in sources of pollution that had up to that point been (if only barely) tolerable.

Legislation Arising From Public Anger

At the center of the first British environmental legislation was the Leblanc process, an industrial process that produced of soda ash (which is chemically sodium carbonate) that came into use in the first decades of the 19th century. Named after its inventor, Nicolas Leblanc, it replaced an older process in which soda ash had been produced from wood ash. However, as the availability of wood ash declined (because of deforestation, a process that was occuring both in Great Britain and across…… [Read More]

Resources Act (WRA) of 1991. This act "establishes the duties of the Environment Agency (EA) on flood defence and other areas relating to water management and quality."

"The EA has discretionary powers to improve and maintain river conditions. This means that the EA is not obliged to construct or maintain such works. In practice, the EA will only proceed with schemes that are not only beneficial but cost-effective.

"The Act also grants the EA powers to issue flood warnings and regulate what can be discharged into rivers, estuaries, coastal waters, lakes and groundwaters."

Canadian law on flooding is similarly divided between common law and statutory law.

First Nations
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Property Chapter 1 Deals With

Words: 2730 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54099729

The delivery of the deed and the warranties of title are all notions being presented in this chapter.

Chapter 11 discusses notions related to the title assurance, starting with the basic information pertaining to the recording system. The chapters introduces the basic, common law rule, which is that a grantee who was prior in time prevailed over one subsequent in time. The chapter continues by defining the several types of recording acts ("race" statutes, "notice" statutes, "race-notice" statues) and to the process of recordation, as well, as the effects of recordation and the requirements for this process.

The second part of this chapter refers to title registration. This is a process that is separate from the recording system and is currently used only in a couple of states. This type of approach does bring several potential issues, mainly claims of defects in conclusiveness. This is argued both with the defect…… [Read More]

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Properties of Acetyl Chloride Acetyl Chloride Is

Words: 486 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42629585

Properties of Acetyl Chloride

Acetyl chloride is a colorless, fuming liquid used primarily in the chemical industry.

a) How is acetyl chloride produced? If 915 gallons is produced and shipped, will DOT require the carrier to display the FLAMMABLE placard? Explain your answer.

The production process used to create the colorless liquid acetyl chloride [CH3COCl], which is also known by the terms ethanoyl chloride and acyl chloride, requires a controlled reaction between hydrogen chloride [HCI] and acetic anhydride [(CH3CO)2O] in the laboratory setting. This reaction can be described as (CH3CO)2O + HCl ? CH3COCl + CH3CO2H. An alternative method for deriving acetyl chloride involves the catalytic carbonylation of methyl chloride (Paquette 2005).

In the occasion large quantities of acetyl chloride are transported for industrial use, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) would require the carrier to display the FLAMMABLE (3) placard for a variety of reasons. First, because acetyl chloride…… [Read More]


Caledon Laboratories Ltd. (2011). Acetyl chloride, [Material Safety Data Sheet].

Retrieved from 

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, (2008). Hazardous substance fact sheet:

Acetyl chloride. Retrieved from website:
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Properties of Light

Words: 2011 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49230270

Properties of Light

Light is one of the most basic physical phenomena. It is observed by most people on a daily basis, and even people who lack formal understanding of the properties of light have some understanding of its properties. For example, most people have seen mirrors, rainbows, and know that glasses can improve vision, though they may not understand that reflection of light explains how mirrors work, that dispersion explains the formation of a rainbow, or that refraction of light is used to form optic lenses. This paper will describe the various properties of light and explain how it acts in various mediums. It will discuss: the nature of light, which is a particular but behaves like a wave; color; velocity; refractive index; reflection; refraction; dispersion; total internal reflection; diffraction; and interference. Taken together, these various properties help explain how light functions.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation.…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Nelson, Stephen. "Properties of Light: Reflection, Refraction, Dispersion, and Refractive

Indices." Tulane University. N.p. 29 Oct. 2002. Web. 12 Nov. 2012.

Physics Planet. "Properties of Light." Physics Planet. N.p. 12 Nov. 2012. Web. 12 Nov. 2012.

Trevor-Jones, Andrew. "The Properties of Light." Reefkeeping Magazine. N.p. 2008. Web.
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Water in Your Area Your Perspective on

Words: 1787 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28363722

water in your area? ("Your perspective on water differs whether you live near the Great Lakes, in the arid west, or by the coast."(McCarthy, 2009)

Outline a brief water conservation plan for your own daily use. How will these changes affect your personal life? What impact will it have on your local water supply?

There is plentiful water in my region (I live in the Great Lakes region). Nonetheless, a brief water conservation plan is the following:

To use water for just its needs and to ensure that tap water is not left running in between those needs.

To double used bathwater as water that can be used for washing the floor.

To, as much as possible, use rainwater for gardening

In order to supply water to humans certain technologies must be utilized.

Desalination is one of the methods that are used for promoting pure water supply. It literally means…… [Read More]


FAO report reveals GM crops not needed to feed the world (11/03/2012) GMO Food Debate in the National Spotlight )

Greenopolis. Top 10 Environmental Success Stories and 10 Future Challenges.

Groves, J (19 December 2009 ) Climate change summit accepts 'toothless' U.S.-backed agreement - but deal is not legally binding  -- officials-admit-enough.html#ixzz2Cg3714zQ
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Waters Troubled The Life of Ida B

Words: 1031 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 7496995

Waters Troubled: The Life of Ida B. Wells by Linda O. McMurry. Specifically it will contain a critical review of the book. Ida B. Wells was a black activist who came of age after the Civil War in the American South. She was influential, perhaps one of the most influential black women in American history. The author wanted to portray her history so people would have a greater understanding of what she did and who she was, and she did that admirably. She included great detail as to how Wells accomplished her goals and brought attention to many occurrences in the South, but she also focused on many items of Wells life that really had nothing to do with her many accomplishments.

The ultimate goal of Ida Wells' activist work was to bring attention to the practice of lynching of blacks in the South. Wells was orphaned at the age…… [Read More]


Esquivel, Laura. Like Water for Chocolate. New York: Doubleday. 1992.

Yoshimoto, Banana. Kitchen. New York: Grove Press, 1988.
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Groundwater Water Is Starting to Become an

Words: 1205 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82993937


"Water is starting to become an issue" in Harper County, Kansas, where groundwater reserves are running dry (Vaidyanathan and Gilmer, 2012). Low rates of precipitation, coupled with diversion of groundwater to the oil industry, are threatening to diminish available water used for farming and domestic use. Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of groundwater in Harper County, Kansas and the flow rate of pumps in order to prepare for the future.

Harper County is in south-central Kansas, and abuts Oklahoma. The county "lies partly in the Wellington Lowland minor division of the Arkansas iver Lowland section of the Central Lowland province and partly in the ed Hills minor division of the Dissected High Plains section of the Great Plains province," (Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin, 1960). More recent geological surveys divide Harper County into six main areas: the Upland area, the Bluff Creek area (with Pleistocene deposits), the…… [Read More]


Barlow, Paul M. And Leake, Stanley A. 2012. Streamflow Depletion by Wells -- Understanding and Managing the Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow. United States Geological Survey. Retrieved online: 

Ellis, Blake. Water grab in Kansas oil boom. CNN Money. 12 June 2012. Retrieved online: 

Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin, 1960. Geology of groundwater resources of Harper County, Kansas. Retrieved online: 

Kansas Geological Survey, 2005. Retrieved online:
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Teaching Properties the Properties of

Words: 1392 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23399341

When students can see and manipulate objects, they can be asked to describe them and put objects in visual and verbal terms that they can relate to, in their current developmental stage. Piaget observed students relate to objects at this age by touching what is concrete, describing objects and an object's location in space.


How well did Jenny follow constructivist guidelines? What could she have done differently to make the lesson more constructivist?

Jenny made use of group activities, and socially engaged forms of learning, although a strict constructivist would have wanted her to begin with such group activities.

Discuss constructivism in terms of the constructs defined and discussed by both Piaget and Vygotsky in the text. What is the basic difference between the approaches of these two theorists?

Piaget believed that biological development drives the movement from one cognitive stage to the next, while Vygotsky stressed the need…… [Read More]

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Proposal on a Water Park

Words: 604 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21477040

Building a Water Park

Statement of Work Project- Project Description and Project Product

The project will be to develop a water park. It is both an indoor and outdoor facility. The basic idea is to offer consumers with an assortment of rides throughout the year. We intend to do this, by purchasing a 500 acre property and developing two parts of it. The basic idea is to have enough room to address the current needs and expand in the future. The steps that will be taken include: buying the land, constructing the park, building a following of customers and continuously expanding to meet their needs. The final product will have a heated indoor wave pool. It offers over 30 different slides everyone can enjoy. In the summer, this will be connected with the outdoor pools and slides. (Mill, 2007)

Project Deliverables

The tangible outputs are the access to the rides,…… [Read More]


Mill, R. (2007). Resorts: Management and Operations. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
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Ocean Water Modifies and Influences

Words: 3103 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16827822

The larger particles can influence the absorption rates of solar energy by a factor of three over particulates such as phytoplankton and minerals (Stramski and Woz'niak, 2005). This means that a small concentration of these particles can do a lot for the absorption rates of the water they are suspended in. The smaller particles can also have this effect, but their concentrations need to be proportionately higher to exact this same influence. The smaller particles are more influential as far as backscattering is concerned, and represent a massive shift in the way that scientists think about light diffusion and backscattering within the ocean. Previously, scientists thought that only the larger of these particles combined with other particulates were responsible for most of the solar radiation absorption (Bricaud, a., Morel, a. And Prieur, L., 1981). Now scientists understand that in shallow, mineral-rich waters, even a small presence of these tiniest of…… [Read More]


Babin, Marcel, and Dariusz Stramski. (2004). "Variations in the mass-specific absorption coefficient of mineral particles suspended in water." Limnology Oceanography. 49(3), pp. 756 -- 767.

Bricaud, a., Morel, a. And Prieur, L. (1981). "Absorption by dissolved organic matter of the sea

(yellow substance) in the UV and visible domains." Limnology, Oceanography 26 (1). pp.43-53.

Dera, J., S. Sagan, and D. Stramski. (1993). "Focusing of sunlight by sea surface waves: new results from the Black Sea." Oceanologia, 34. pp. 13-25.
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Marketing Product Safety and Intellectual Property Legal

Words: 2675 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46206825


Product Safety, And Intellectual Property

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Marketing, Product Safety, and Intellectual

Ethics and legal issues refer to the morals and principles that govern the behavior and conduct of individuals or organizations. These legal principles and ethics serve to guide and offer directions on how to act or respond when faced with moral dilemmas. Marketing, advertising and product safety are areas of importance to everyone in the community. Production, distribution and use of products or services are areas guided by the laws of the land. The laws function to protect the community from exploitation or mishandling by the participants in the above sectors. In the marketing and advertising framework, the concept of ethics deals with personal moral principles and values. Under this framework, the society understands that laws are values and standards that are enforceable in the court. In the production of goods and services, the…… [Read More]


Ventola, C.L. (2011). Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising. Journal List, 36 (10), 669-674,681-684. > Journal List > PT > v. 36 (10); Oct 2011

Hurd, H.M. (1996). Deontology of Negligence, The. BUL Rev., 76, 249.

Carden, S. (2006). Virtue ethics: Dewey and Maclntyre. New York: Continuum International

publishing group
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Gray Water Systems

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67300469

Gray Water System

As the world's population continues to grow, there will be an ever greater need for potable or purified water. Most people are completely unaware of just how big the problem of world water consumption is because they never think past turning on their sink or sprinkler system. Take into consideration the demands on the water supply by less obvious factors such as livestock and farming. There is an economy of scale: those massive agricultural irrigation systems that suck water out of rivers, lakes, streams and ponds consume hefty amounts of water that cannot then be used for any other purpose. Farms, cities, industry and the many other levels of human consumption place a great deal of pressure on Mother Nature. Globalization has actually increased the demand for water and has strained many regionally dry areas into even worse water deficits. For example, "industries and communities located in…… [Read More]

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Judiciary Review and Private Property

Words: 2505 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 79191952

Judicial eview for Private Property

The role that has been played by the judicial review when it comes to protecting the rights of private property was discussed by Daniel Cole in "Political Institutions, Judicial eview, and Private Property: A Comparative Institutional Analysis." The tension which exists between property rights and democracy was examined by Cole in his article. Cole starts by focusing on the concerns shown by Madison regarding the protection of individual property rights within a democratic society and how this democracy proves to be a challenge for many of the property rights' notions (Cole, 2007).

A tension has always been there between democracy and the ownership of private property however, in Cole's point-of-view this tension has increased with the rise of the welfare state which basically involved making use of the private property for the public use. The notion of regulatory taking was introduced by Holmes according to…… [Read More]


Anderson, T. And McChesney, F. (2003). Property Right: Cooperation, Conflict and Law. Princeton University Press.

Brill, S. (2010). Government for Sale: How Lobbyists Shaped the Financial Reform Bill. Cover Story of Times Magazine.

Cole, DH (2007). Political Institutions, Judicial Review, and Private Property: A Comparative Institutional Analysis. The University of Chicago: Supreme Court Economic Review.

Kelo et al. (2005a). Petitioners V. City Of New London, Connecticut. On Writ Of Certiorari To The Supreme Court Of Connecticut.
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International Water Policy

Words: 2453 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48183499

operation and data management of the water-authority with a specific focus on the ability to provide a sustainable water supply for the next century in the Caribbean. This literature review will examine previous studies (both qualitative and quantitative) of water sustainability and specific problems related to water quality, such as the build-up of nitrogen in the water supply. It will also review ways to assess water quality through the use of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) as a feasible tool of water management. The review will conclude with different philosophies of water delivery in the developing world, specifically the use of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and the philosophy's pros and cons.

Water management

According to Gleick (1998), the impending water crisis is one which will have seismic political and environmental consequences, if not addressed soon: "as human populations continue to grow, these problems are likely to…… [Read More]


Al-Barqawi, H. & Zayed, T. 2008. Infrastructure management: Integrated AHP/ANN model to evaluate municipal water mains' performance. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 14:305-318.

Aspinall, R. & Pearson, D. 2000. Integrated geographical assessment of environmental condition in water catchments: Linking landscape ecology, environmental modelling and GIS

Journal of Environmental Management (2000) 59, 299 -- 319

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Chemical Properties of the Universe Astronomers Hypothesize

Words: 1130 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63120187

Chemical Properties of the Universe

Astronomers hypothesize that about 5 million years ago, the Solar System was filled with a plethora of hot gases and dust, swirling around a hot core. They think that once the core approached about 1 million degrees, the physics and chemical properties caused the gases to coalesce, forming the sun. During this time, there were millions and millions of asteroids. As these asteroids collided with one other, some combined and as their mass increased, gravity pulled more and more particles and debris in, and the planetoids became larger and larger until the planets of the solar system were formed. This was a process known as accreation, and over hundreds of millions of years, the solar system formed -- the continual bombarding of asteroids changing the planets, forming the rings of Saturn, and the landscapes of others, including the moons -- which were just smaller planetoids…… [Read More]


Gagnon, S. "Hydrogen." March 2006. Jefferson Labs. Web. May 2013. .

Hubble Space Telescope Project. "Coposition of the Universe." May 2009. Web. May 2013. .

Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "The Planets and Their Composition." March 2011. Web. May 2013. .

Jones, L. Stars and Galaxies. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing, 2010. Print.
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Common Property and Animal Testing

Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89483570

Q1. List ten real-world common property resources with which you are familiar. Describe an example of one of these common property resources that is not (tragically) overexploited (use the term “institution/s” in your discussion).

The so-called tragedy of the commons is defined as the fact that people tend to exploit common resources to the maximum degree possible for their own benefit, thus indirectly harming other or future people who could benefit from the resource (“Tragedy of the Commons,” 2018). Examples of common property include public parks, fish in the ocean, public monuments, highways, clean water, clean air, public bathrooms, trees, schools, and public playing fields. Although some of these resources are, indeed, exploited, this is not the case with all of them.

For example, public monuments are usually relatively respected by individuals (although there is a risk of them being defaced). But one of the reasons for this may be…… [Read More]

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Physical Properties Diffusion Structure Function Epithelia Epithelial

Words: 431 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45591701

physical properties diffusion structure function epithelia epithelial cells digestive circulatory systems animals larger end larger. In answer, surface area volume ratios (SA/V) ratios change organisms larger effect (s) change imposes structure function organisms.

Epithelia: Solving the SA/V (surface-to-area volume) problem

"Epithelium is one of the four primary tissues of the body. It consists of cells usually arranged in sheets or tubules that are attached to the underlying basement membrane" (Epithelia, 2012, SUNY). One of the problems for the epithelium is that as a cell grows larger, the cell's volume increases at an exponentially faster rate than the cell's overall surface area. This could place a limit on the cell's size, since it limits the speed substances coming into the cell can diffuse throughout the entity (Moffatt 1998). However, a number of mechanisms have evolved to cope with the SA/V (surface-to-area volume) problem besides simply 'staying small.'

One solution is the…… [Read More]


Epithelia. (2012). SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Retrieved at: 

Moffatt, J. David. (1998). How cells get around the SA/V problem. Hillfield-Strathallan

College Hamilton, Ontario. Retrieved at:
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Geophysical Properties of Soil

Words: 2164 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 13017258

geophysical and geotechnical properties of fined-grained soil in this project the following procedure should be done. The Atterberg Limits test was used in order to find the liquid limit, plastic limit, and shrinkage limit. A compaction test for sandy clay soil to find dry density was also used. A Time-Domain reflectometry test was incorporated to find the water content of the soil. To calculate the shear strength of the soil, the shear box test was utilized.

Soil preparation

It was suggested that 40% English China Clay and 60% Leighton Buzzard Sand be granulated in the mixer at the laboratory and carefully pass through a 5.0 mm test sieve, but it retained a75?m (micrometre) test sieve according to BS8204 for sandy clay. There was 5Kg of soil that needed to be prepared for the test's procedure.

Optimum dry density

Testing the soil at optimum dry density in order to experiment with…… [Read More]


The test is performed on three or four specimens from a relatively undisturbed soil sample. A specimen is placed in a shear box which has two stacked rings to hold the sample; the contact between the two rings is at approximately the mid-height of the sample. A confining stress is applied vertically to the specimen, and the upper ring is pulled laterally until the sample fails, or through a specified strain. The load applied and the strain induced is recorded at frequent intervals to determine a stress -- strain  curve for each confining stress. Several specimens are tested at varying confining stresses to determine the shear strength parameters, the soil cohesion (c) and the angle of internal friction, commonly known as the friction 
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Capalaba Treatment Plant Redland Water Treatment

Words: 1431 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27647838

edland Wastewater Treatment Plant

edland Water is the department of the edland City council that oversees the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste water in edland City. esidential households and commercial premises such as shopping centers, cafes, commercial laundries, butchers, car-washing centers, and restaurants are the main sources of waste water in edland City. Once collected, waste water is stored temporarily in abattoirs, before being released for treatment in one of the seven treatment plants located in Point Lookout, Dunwich, Mount Cotton, Victoria Point, Thorneside, Cleveland, and Capalaba (edland City Council, 2012). The author paid the Capalaba Treatment Plant a visit, and found that the plant had just upgraded to a new waste water treatment technique referred to as the Vetiver Grass System, herein referred to as the VS. The Vetiver system, "a green and environmentally-friendly waste water technology as well as natural recycling method," had just been approved by…… [Read More]

Reference List

AMPC, 2005. Waste Water. AMPC [online] Available at

Ash, R. And Truong, P., n.d.The Use of Vetiver Grass Wetlands for Sewerage Treatment in Australia. Dokuz Eylul University Library [online] Available at 

Piemonte, V., De Falco, M. And Basile, A. Eds., 2013. Sustainable Development in Chemical Engineering: Innovative Technologies. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons

Redland City Council, 2010. Waste Water. Redland City Council [online] Available at
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Proposition 207 Arizona Private Property

Words: 1498 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34984890

What this means is before the passage of 207 if the government suddenly decided that a rose was protected, and land had natural roses growing on it the land could not be sold or developed as the owners would be government ordered to set aside that land as a natural preserve.

The change that proposition 207 brought was that if a government action reduces the value of one's land then the government must pay the landowner for causing that to happen.

Another example of this is when a person owns a large piece of land and that land is currently zoned to allow 20 houses to be built on it. If the government decides that it does not want that dense of a population in the area, due to current traffic congestion or any other reason, then the government might decide to change the zoning to only allow three houses…… [Read More]


____(2006) EDITORIAL: Proposition 207 step to restoring property rights.

The Sun

____(2006) Impact of Prop. 207 Vexes City Officials: Land-Use Decisions Will Feel Effects of Voter-Passed Law. The Tribune

Meltzer, Erica (2006) Land rights at root of Prop. 207. AZ Daily Star
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Seawater Properties and Two Examples of Desalination

Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92526541

Seawater and Desalination

The seas are made up of water, but that water is not drinkable, requiring treatment in desalination plants prior to distribution in drinking water systems. To understand how and why it is not drinkable, and the complexities of desalination, it is necessary to look at the chemical and physical properties of seawater. Following this, two different desalination methods are discussed.

Chemical and Physical Properties of Sea Water

Seawater is made up of water and various salts. Water, which makes up approximately 96.5% of all seawater (Anthoni, 2006), is believed to originate mainly from water which condensed in the earth's early atmosphere, falling to the ground when the crust of the earth solidified (Pidwirny, 2006). Additional water has been added through volcanic activity, while some scientists speculate comets entering the atmosphere may also have been a water source (Pidwirny, 2006).

The dissolved salts in the water have a…… [Read More]


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Uranium Background History and Properties

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Uranium Trioxide (UO3)

Uranium trioxide occurs as an orange powder and is the form of uranium identified in the colored glass found evidencing its use as a paint color component dating back to the First Century AD (Krauss, 2001).


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Coasts Are the Dynamic Junction of Water

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Coasts are the dynamic junction of water, air, and land. Winds and waves, tides and currents, migrating sand dunes and mud flats, a variety of plant and animal life -- all combine to form our ever-changing coasts." (USGS, 2004) Coastlines all over the world are subjected to a wide variety of erosion and denudation effects. Some of these effects are natural occurrences while many are the result of human interaction with the environment. While natural occurrences have be taking place for thousands of years, threats to coastlines from coastal communities in the form of recreational and residential development, waste disposal, spill accumulation and waste disposal are all cause damages to the coast line at a much faster rate.

Wave action, wind, surf and rising sea levels are all impacting coastlines all over the world. Many of these actions of coastlines are very gradual; the effects on the coastlines take many…… [Read More]

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Tva Tapping Water Power the

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TVA Company Profile

The TVA is a self-financed government agency with approximately 13,000 employees, as of 2002 estimates.

It realized a $6.99 billion sales from hydroelectric power generation, fossil fuel, electric power generation, nuclear power generation, other electric power generation, electric bulk power transmission and control and electric power distribution. Its mission is to bring prosperity to the Tennessee Valley through excellent business performance and public service. These are to be achieved by supplying low-cost but reliable power, maintaining a thriving River, and fostering economic growth throughout the southeaster region, traversing 7 States. At the peak of its growth, TVA was serving more than 8 million users in more than 80,000 square miles of region

The TVA's integrated management of water resources, combined with its exceptional institutional capacity enabled it to lift one of the poorest regions in the U.S. into a strong economy and healthy environment today.

It accomplished…… [Read More]


Findley, M. And Alavian, V. (2000). Tennessee Valley authority experiment. Case Study

in Integrated Water Resource Management. USAID Water Team: United States

Agency for International Development. Retrieved on November 11, 2010 from 

Funding Universe (2010). Tennessee Valley Authority: company profile.
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Consultation Report Sample Title Page Consultation Report

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Consultation eport

***Sample Title Page

Consultation eport: Homes' Blue Oaks


Consulting Arborists, Inc. was called by ASAP Enterprises to assess the damage to species Quescas douglasii on the property of Steve and Christine Homes because they have recently become brown and show signs of dying. The initial program was to walk the property and visually examine the trees to determine the extent of the damage and see if any other species are similarly affected. It appears that all Blue Oaks on the property, both those that are in the actual landscape and those in the surrounding forest, have been affected but no other plant species appear to be in distress. The homeowners were then questioned as to their actions to try and alleviate the issue, and they said that they have only pruned the dead branches but have not used any fungicide or other herbicide. The landscape includes irrigation…… [Read More]


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Xeriscaping A Great Way to

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In this regard, Norton points out that, "Once xeriscaping becomes an element of the community's identity, and citizens encourage a change in the tastes of their neighbors, a trend toward less water use and more native habitat might build on itself, providing increasing returns on a small investment. Investments such as this could pay increasing returns in lowering per capita demand for scarce resources and buffer the economy against shortages and rising prices" (2002: 265). Likewise, Vogel reports that because the technique can help to save water in all types of climates, xeriscaping has become increasingly popular in many regions of the United States.

In reality, xeriscaping is not a mysterious or difficult process, but it does require taking several principles into account that can help reduce water usage. First and foremost, the area to be xeriscaped must be regarded as an interrelated network of soil, plants and water. Despite…… [Read More]


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in the Community of Life. London: Routledge, 2001.
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Popol Vuh the Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya

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Popol Vuh the author sets the overarching setting: the continual tension between the forces of good and evil, order and chaos, and the divine and the human. The theme running throughout these conflicts is that of power; it is on the earth and through mankind that the Lords of Heaven are able to demonstrate their power; and this power requires mankind to adore and sustain the influence of the spirits. Essentially, man is needed by the divine in order for the divine to be praised, celebrated, and recognized as great. So, when the earth and water deities united their thoughts they immediately realized that man needed to appear or else there could be no glory or grandeur in the universe. In this respect, human beings, in the Popol Vuh are intended to be the vessels through which the power of the heavens can be demonstrated and played out. However, particularly…… [Read More]


1. Nelson, Ralph. The Popol Vuh. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1976.
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Hydration Campaign

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Hydration Advocacy Campaign

Health Advocacy Campaign

Part 1 Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

Health advocacy programs are mostly tailored to specific groups of people that are in need of special attention. While this approach can be useful, simple approaches are sometimes more effective and can address widespread problems more economically and efficiently. The importance and simplicity of water and its role within our health and well being represents an approach of basic health advocacy and may target many in need of such information. Health advocates must look out for their patients and subscribe to the most important issues of the day that may have a deep and profound impact on healing the individual and the healing processes that can evolve in and throughout the community.

The purpose of this health advocacy development plan is to argue that the issue of hydration, for all people, is one of the most significant…… [Read More]


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PTSD Treatment Modalities Evidence-Based Recommendations

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Trauma-elated Disorders and ecommended Treatment

Clinical Presentation of Trauma-elated Disorders and ecommended Treatments

On January 13, 2015, Andrew Brannan, a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran was executed in Georgia for killing police officer Kyle Dinkheller in 1998 (Hoffman, 2015). At the time, Brannan had been living in a bunker on his mother's property without water or electricity and had stopped taking his medications. According to the Veterans Administration (VA), he was 100% disabled due to combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He also suffered from bipolar disorder, had lost two brothers to a military plane crash and suicide, and lost a father to cancer. Veterans groups, death penalty critics, and mental health advocates, all petitioned the Georgia Supreme Court for a stay of execution unsuccessfully. The veterans groups were particularly interested in preventing the death of yet another veteran who developed severe psychiatric problems while serving his or her country.

Trauma in general…… [Read More]


APA (American Psychiatric Association). (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association.

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Dursa, E.K., Reinhard, M.J., Barth, S.K., & Schneiderman, A.I. (2014). Prevalence of a positive screen for PTSD among OEF/OIF and OEF/OIF-era veterans in a large population-based cohort. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 27, 542-549.

Ehring, T., Welboren, R., Morina, N., Wicherts, J.M., Freitag, J., & Emmelkamp, P.M. (2014). Meta-analysis of psychological treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder in adult survivors of childhood abuse. Clinical Psychology Review, 34(8), 645-57.
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U S Sugar Deal Purchase for

Words: 1549 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 68291345

What would make you decide to put an end to th e project/

What are you solutions for dealing with the problem?

Part of the problem of cost and procrastination is the continuous spate of law suits. What can be done, if anything, to resolve conflicts between the opposing parties and to make opposing parties more amenable to th ugar deal?

Further resources

Learn & Teach About the Everglades

Everglades Foundation

Florida's Water

Water's journey Everglades


Burnham, Michael. (2010). Energy and Environment News. Energy by the Acre.

Caperton Morton, Mary. (May 20, 2010). Land Deal Likely to Improve Everglades, Ecologists ay. Inside cience News ervice.

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Eye on Miami Blog. (2010) Kendrick Meek's sweet tooth could doom his political campaign for U.. enate.

National Research Council of the…… [Read More]


Burnham, Michael. (2010). Energy and Environment News. Energy by the Acre. 

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Freechild, a. (2010).Sugar Barons and Stakeholders:the Impact of the U.S. Sugar Deal on Everglades Restoration
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Backwashing and Sand Filter Medium Filters Are

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Backwashing and Sand Filter Medium

Filters are the much-in-need tools for getting clean fluids when purity is declining in all the substances. Whether water or milk, fluids can be filtered using a porous material. Where there are even many other methods of filtration like crystallization and evaporation, the filtration through sand as medium is highly effective especially while filtering water. Filtration plants remove suspending particles from water at commercial as well as domestic level. These plants are easy to operate as well as maintain. These plants can be backwashed thus cleaning the medium of filtration i.e. sand. The water as well as size of sand particles decide when the sand should be cleaned through backwashing. While paper and cotton can also be used in filtration process, they have much lesser life than sand. The regular cleaning of sand keeps the waste management plants operational. The sewage water is the most…… [Read More]


Cleaning the pool filter sand, (2013), Retrieved from: 

Chalasani, G. And Sun, W., (n.d.), "A Report on Backwashing of Sand Filter medium," Retrieved

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Wetlands Regulation in USA

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Stress: Regulation of etlands in the United States

Regulation of etlands in the United States

Defining etlands and their Value

A wetland refers to a place where water covers the soil. A wetland is a saturated land that comprises of swamps or marshes. Lewis defines a wetland as, "an ecosystem that depends on constant or recurrent, shallow inundation or saturation at or near the surface of the substrate" (p.3). He further ascertains that the minimum necessary qualities of a wetland are sustained inundation, saturation or recurrent at or near the surface and the existence of chemical, biological and physical facets that reflect recurrent, saturation and sustained inundation (Lewis 3). The major diagnostic wetland features include hydrophytic vegetation and hydric soils. These characteristics present biotic, anthropogenic or physicochemical features apart from where the growth of these aspects has been blocked (Lewis 3). The wetlands are located near rivers, oceans, lakes or…… [Read More]

Work Cited

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Understanding. New York: American Bar Association, Dec 30, 2005.

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Groundwater and Hydrology

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Groundwater & Hydrology

Water is the most cast off natural material in the earth. Irrespective of variations in its supply with the pace of time and location its aggregate quantity remains constant. The transformation of the water takes place through a continuation process referred to as hydrological cycle deriving its momentum through the solar energy and gravity. Down pouring of rain consequent upon condensation of clouds are extracted by the roots of plants, flooded over the surface joining the streams and rivers and to some extent absorbed by the earth to form the reservoir of underwater. Vaporization of water from water reservoirs, and transpiration of plants makes the water back to atmosphere.

The invisible underwater, which is the result of the continuous process of hydrological cycle, constitutes the key source of the water. This is also considered as the primary reservoir of pure water in a nation. Presently, the assessments…… [Read More]


Barringer, T.A; Dunn, D; Battaglin, W; Vowinkel, E.F. (1990) "Problems and Methods involved in Relating Land Use to Ground-Water Quality" Water-Resources Bulletin. Volume: 26; No: 1; pp: 1-9.

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Polymer Gels History of the

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Advancement of nanotechnology has gained significant attention in the self -- assembling characteristic of a variety of molecules, which is a vital requirement for the growing bottom -- up design of nanoscale structures. hen these molecules go through molecular self -- congregation, the consequential structural elements, for instance nanotubes or vesicles, can be further transformed to give specific charactistics to the components. Like nanotubes can be covered with metals or partially -- conducting substances to fabricate nanowires.

Smart polymeric gels are classified on various structural properties. Superporous hydrogels (SPHs) are utilized to augment the responsiveness of hydrogels. In this case, the augmented responsiveness to stimuli is accomplished by manufacturing interconnected absorbent networks. Superporous hydrogels (SPHs) correspond to a rapid -- swelling group of hydrogels with pore dimensions much bigger than the usual network of a normal hydrogel. These were firstly created as modern gastric retention devices to augment the duration…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Growing Demand for Functionally Superior Protein Gives

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growing demand for functionally superior protein gives us an excellent opportunity for endeavoring to improve the foaming properties of whey protein isolates (WPI) is dairy companies. There are several factors that effect the foaming properties of whey protein isolate. These include the following:

internal elements amino acid composition and sequence other structures inherent to the WPI

hydrophobic / hydrophilic character of the WPI surface the overall charge and the distribution of the charge the flexibility or rigidity of the protein itself

External elements ionic strength ph (i..e level of the acidity or basicity of the solution)

temperature its interaction with other food components

Reviews of attempted improvements of the WPI show that they have been affected by isolation (Ludwig et al., 1995). When Morr and Ha (1993) studied the foaming properties of WPI, he distinguished them into four kinds and found differences . His four kinds were (a) pasteurized acid…… [Read More]


Jambrak AR et al. (2008) Effect of ultrasound treatment on solubility and foaming properties of whey protein suspensions Journal of Food Engineering 86-281 -- 287

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Ludwig, I., Krause, W., & Hajos, G., (1995). Functional properties of enzymatically modified milk proteins. Acta Aliment. 24, 289 -- 296.
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Solar Thermal Systems According to

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In this regard, some exceptions have been given to the insurance companies while the other companies should follow these principles.

In the year 2005, the commercial sector of the United Kingdom spent $16,500 million for fossil fuels of 350,000 GWh. On the other hand, researchers have reported that a decline of energy consumption has been observed in the tertiary sector of the United Kingdom (Probst & oecker, 2011, pg 109-124).

Hot water consumption

Probst (2011) stated that hot water is consumed around three percent in industries and fifteen percent I the fossil energy. This shows that a total of 22,000GWh of hot water is consumed each year.

The high and low temperature hot water from the hot water boilers is used in a number of things such as apace heating, washing and in some industrial processes. The direct and straight use of hot water is in washing. Modern hot water…… [Read More]


Abbasi, T., & a., a.S. (2011). Renewable Energy Sources . New Delhi: PHI.

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Herring, H., Hardcastle, R., Phillipson, R., & Energy, G.B. (1988). Energy use and energy efficiency in UK commercial and public buildings up to the year 2000. London: HMSO.
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Economic and Environmental Benefits of

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Cost and CO2 reduction analysis were performed using local data available from both commercial and professional bodies. A majority of current thermal rating programs require the equipment to be tested in accordance to a standard test under specified testing conditions. This approach provides reliable data because it is possible to replicate such tests within an accepted uncertainty band. There are, however, some rating programs which combine a standard test and a calculation procedure to produce a performance rating. Such is the case for the energy guide label for electric and gas hot water heaters. A similar method has been developed to provide a practical rating system with the goal of presenting an easily understood comparison between SDHW systems and conventional hot water systems. Note that the performance any individual commercial enterprise will experience may differ due to location and hot water usage.

The thermal performance rating is based on the…… [Read More]


Abbasi, T., & a., a.S. (2011). Renewable Energy Sources . New Delhi: PHI.

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British Standard Code of Practice for Solar Heating Systems for Domestic Hot Water,

Bradford, J. & Bean, F. (2011). 'Here comes the sun: a field trial of solar water heating systems.' The Energy Saving Trust. [PDF]
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Geological Mass Wasting Specifically Mud Slides For

Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40352560

Geological mass wasting, specifically mud slides. For annual fires resulting mud slides Malibu, CA. How mud slide caused, things man prevent slides, damages property infrastructure.

The city of Malibu, California, has a steep topography and the fact that heavy rainfall occurs in the area contributes to land movements being frequent. Such movements can involve rocks being detached from hillsides or mud and debris being spilled in an area and covering most of it under several feet of mass. Although the steep topography and the heavy rainfall are considered by many to be the most important factors causing landslides, vegetation fires denude the area and favor the flow of water and mud.

Mudslides are typically encountered on steep slopes and involve debris and earth that liquefy and accelerate to speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour. The consistency of mudslides ranges from watery mud to thick, rocky mud that can…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Gutierrez, Mari, "Preparing for El Nino," Retrieved February 16, 2013, from the Pepperdine University Website: 

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"Westside: Road Closed by Mudslide in Malibu Is Reopened," Retrieved February 16, 2013, from the LA Times Website:
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Nozick and Rawls on Natural Rights

Words: 1731 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18477193

rights exist and where they come from can provide a useful approach to thinking about justice. To this end, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning how rights relate to Nozick's entitlement theory of just distribution and how Nozick uses the Wilt Chamberlain example to argue for his preferred view. In addition, a discussion concerning the question of society and natural rights by considering awls' focus on the original position and fairness is followed by an analysis of the applicability of awl's "veil of ignorance" to decision making. Finally, an examination of the possible implications of these two different approaches to justice and economic distribution for a real-world water case study is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

What may have been regarded as just distribution at one point in time may be viewed…… [Read More]


Aalberg, T. (2003). Achieving justice: Comparative public opinion on income distribution.

Boston: Brill.

Hill, T.E. (2000). Respect, pluralism, and justice: Kantian perspectives. Oxford: Oxford

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Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends Climate

Words: 1445 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85764318

The Green Hotel Association (GHA) suggests using "printed towel rack hangers and sheet changing cards" in the bathroom of hotel rooms. The sign on the hanger mentions that guests do not have to have their linens changed (sheets, pillow cases) if they prefer not to; they can help the hotel save water -- in fact the GHA notifies the hotel guest that "millions of gallons of water are used to wash bed sheets" every day. So when the "sheet-changing card is left on the pillow, the room attendants" know to just make the bed but don't wash the sheets (Fostering Sustainable Behavior).

The obvious positive aspect of this is not just water savings but the electricity that it takes to heat the water and run the huge industrial clothes washing machines represents even more savings. There is no negative aspect to asking the room attendants to leave the same sheets…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Albright, Evan. The Book on Going Green. Raleigh, NC: 2008.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior. "Energy and Water Reduction: 'Green' Hotels." Retrieved

February 22, 2012, from . 2010.

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True Meaning of Snow David Guterson Is

Words: 2037 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51891376

True Meaning of Snow

David Guterson is the young, American author of Snow Falling on Cedars which heavily consists of human nature and human emotions. Snow Falling on Cedars, narrates the trial of a Japanese man accused of murdering a white man in the post-orld ar II era. Throughout this literary work, Guterson uses elements of nature: land, trees, water and especially snow, as literal and metaphorical tools to develop and resolve conflicts.

David Guterson uses the same aspects and characteristics of nature in two different ways. First he describes in visual detail the literal or actual effects that elements of nature have on the characters in the novel. But more importantly Guterson uses nature to convey substantial and symbolic meaning in the lives of the characters in the story.

One of the elements of nature that Guterson uses as a tool to develop the conflicts in Snow Falling on…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Guterson, David. Snow Falling on Cedars. New York: Vintage Books, 1994. 75-428.

"Snow Falling on Cedars." Kirkus Reviews. 24 Mar. 2005 < .

Snow Falling on Cedars. Sparknotes. 24 Mar. 2005 .
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Heat How Does the Study of Heat

Words: 957 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39525488


How does the study of heat relate to the kinetic theory of matter?

First, the Kinetic theory of matter states that matter is made up of numerous small articles known as the atoms and molecules which are in constant motion. There are some assumptions that are made under this theory, one is that matter is made up of particles that are widely spaced and these particles are in constant motion (on Kurtus, 2011).

This theory also states that these molecules have great kinetic energy and move faster when subjected to higher temperatures. The moving of the particles therefore help in transferring of the heat energy by one molecule that moves fast colliding with one that moves slowly hence transferring some of the heat energy to it and in effect starts to move faster. This is how the kinetic theory of matter and the assumption that the particles are constantly…… [Read More]


Jeff Haby, (2012). The Difference Between

Temperature and Heat. Retrieved April 29, 2012 from 

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BP's Macondo Blow-Out Gulf Mexico the Objective

Words: 2075 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1699515

P's Macondo low-Out: Gulf Mexico

The objective of this study is to describe the background setting, water depth. Type of rig, depth of reservoir and unusual characteristics of the P Operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

On April 22, it is reported that an explosion "ripped the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in Macondo Exploration Well/Canyon 252 lock 41 miles off the Louisiana coast. A fire raged for about 36 hours before a second blast sank the rig. The well's blowout preventer failed to activate, resulting in the largest oil leak in history." (Gulf, Oil, and Gas, 2011) The Macondo Exploration Well/Canyon 252 lock is located in the U.S. sector of the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The depth is approximately 5,000 feet and the well drilling depth is 18,000 feet (5,500 m) below the sea level. Reports state that the plans were that the…… [Read More]


Calkins, Laurel B (2012) BP Seeks Recovery of All Gulf Spill Costs From Halliburton. Bloomberg. 3 Jan 2012. Retrieved from: 

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Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico -- Special Report (2011) Gulf, Oil, and Gas. Retrieved from:
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Business Plan Relating to the Sale of a New Financial Divorce Software

Words: 6850 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 96636947

Business Plan for a Financial Divorce Software

Business Plan Divorce Software

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software.

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software









Business Identification

Keys to Success

Company Summary

Industry History

Legal Form of Ownership

Location and Facilities

Management Structure

Products and Service

Market Analysis

Target Market

Industry Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Market Strategy

Ps of Marketing

Price List

Selling Strategy

Sales Forecast

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy


Control Plan

Financial Statements and Projections

evenue and Cost Estimate

Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement

Forecasted Balance Sheet

Financial Assumptions

Breakeven Point

Financial Position

Capital/Investment Needs



Executive Summary

Financial planning is involved in every aspect of life. Individuals and businesses have to formulate their daily, monthly, and yearly budgets in order to achieve a balance between their incomes and expenditures.…… [Read More]


Association of Divorce Financial Planners, (2012). Divorce Financial Planning. Retrieved on July 7th, 2012, from

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Second Treatise of Government the

Words: 1158 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 67051490

Marx's socialist concepts contributed a lot to the formation of socialist states. His ideas also led to the formation of labor unions and parties across the world.

Karl Marx on Private Property and Communism

Karl states that personal life and property rights have a connection. However, he denounces both and refers to them as bourgeois freedom. He claims that an individual that is not with the society solely works with his private interests and acts according with his own expectations. He says that freedom to own property is hollow, and it only aims to help one acquire something better. Therefore, this does not encourage freedom for all, but gives freedoms to the ruling class only who are also capitalists. He claims that capitalist have the means by which they control how the lower classes develop. The lower class hence depends on the capitalist to develop. However, this would be difficult…… [Read More]


Blumenberg, W. & Scott, D.(1972). Karl Marx: An illustrated biography. London: Verso.

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Univ. Press.
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Realities of Zero Tolerance Policies

Words: 1137 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80925350

If they face the full extent of the penalties, hopefully those students will find the positive aspects to their experience and help them focus on what in life matters most to them.

If I were in the situation of adjudicating their expulsion hearings, I would likely pose the same questions and present the same information as in the preceding paragraphs. I would make it clear, on the record that these students knew better, but brought the fake guns to school regardless. If I had the power to make the decision, I would expel those students. What does it look like if the students do not get expelled? It looks like all the concern for students and safety in schools, as well as issues of pervasive gun violence in American culture was all for show and insubstantial. It makes it look like zero tolerance policies are just as fake as the…… [Read More]


American Psychological Association. (2008). Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools? American Psychologist, 63(9), 852 -- 862.

Rice, S. (2009). Education for Toleration in an Era of Zero Tolerance School Policies: A Deweyan Analysis. Educational Studies, 45, 556 -- 571.

Teske, JD, S.C. (2011). A Study of Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools: A Multi-Integrated Systems Approach to Improve Outcomes for Adolescents. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 24, 88 -- 97.
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Flood Assessment in the Nerang

Words: 9418 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 51158747

The Gold Coast area has a reputation as a flood prone area, even without considering the effects of global climate change.

The Gold Coast area comprises seven major catchment areas including the Tallebudgera, Currumbin, Nerang iver, Coomera iver, Pimpama iver, South Moreton Bay, Sandy Creek and Broadwater area (Mirfenderesk, 2009). The Nerang iver catchment is adjacent to the Tallebudgers catchment to the South. It is bordered by the Broadwater and Coomera iver area to the North. The Nerang iver catchment is adjacent to the Pacific beach area as well (Mirfenderesk, 2009).

Catchment areas have different levels of tolerance before the concentration of water to sediment reaches saturation levels, creating the likelihood of flooding in the area. The Tallbudgers, Currubin, and Broadwater area have time concentrations of approximately 3 hours, creating conditions favorable to short duration local flooding (Mirfenderesk, 2009). The Nerang iver and Coomera catchments have time of concentrations from…… [Read More]


Abbs, D. (n.d.). The Effect of Climate Change on the Intensity of Extreme Rainfall Events.

CSIRO Atmospheric Research. White Paper.

Boesch, D., Field, J., & Scavia, D. et al. (2001). The Potential Consequences of Climate

Variabiltiy and Change on Coastal Areas and Marine Resources. NOAA's Coastal Ocean
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Iso-Electric Point and Iron Content in Iron

Words: 3942 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95842854

Iso-Electric Point and Iron Content in Iron Hydroxide Impregnated Aluminosilicate-Based Geopolymers

Rahil Abou Saleh

Dr. Kiril Hristovski

Iron hydroxide impregnated aluminosilicate-based geopolymers (Fe-ASG) is a novel water treatment media currently under development for simultaneous removal of arsenic and inorganic contaminants. The goal of this study was to determine whether varied iron contents impregnated aluminosilicate impacts the surface charge in different pH conditions. The study tests for media types of virgin and iron impregnated ASG diluted in potassium nitrate (KNO3) for charge dispersion. pH of the sample was gradually adjusted using potassium hydroxide (KOH) and nitric acid (HNO3). Results demonstrated no significant relationship between iron content impregnated ASG and iso electric point, which suggests that surface area properties impacts the relationship.

I am especially appreciative of the guidance, encouragement, and patience exuded by Dr. Hristovski throughout the duration of this research project. Also I would like to give special thanks to…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Using Zeta Potential. American Laboratory News, 1-3.

Duxson, P., Fernandez-Jimenez, A., Provis, J., Lukey, C., Palomo, A., & van Deventer, J.
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Pre-Negotiation Memorandum

Words: 2123 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86286981

Prenegotiation Memorandum (pm)

Negotiation Team

Re: Tamarack, MN and Twin Lakes Mining Company

Position Structure

Twin Lakes Mining Company

The Twin Lakes Mining Company (hereafter known as 'company') makes significant contribution to Tamarack, Minnesota - employing 21% of the residents, providing 33% of the total real estate tax base - and is considered an integral entity to the town's longevity. The city needs Twin Lakes to maintain the current standard of living the residents enjoy.

The City of Tamarack

The city operates on a zero deficit per annum decree. Twin Lakes Mining Company has directly caused some of the need for improvements concerning water quality, air quality, and effluvia and pollution management. The city also relies upon the heavy property taxation to provide economic, culture, and recreation services to the community. Twin Lakes Mining Company does not need the City of Tamarack (hereafter known as 'city') to continue operations in…… [Read More]

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Environmental Policies Give an Example

Words: 7072 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3648279

The 1980s (the period when onald eagan was the U.S. President) witnessed a series of government measures targeting environmental regulations. This resulted in public outrage against the anti-environmental policies of the government leading to a renewed interest in nature clubs and groups and the formation of radical groups who led strong movements to protect the environment. (vii) the post- eagan resurgence (1990s onwards) - President Bush and President Clinton did not take the radical stance of their predecessor. However, President George W. Bush has taken many measures which have weakened the environmental movement instead of strengthening it. This includes opposing curbs on greenhouse emissions via the Kyoto Protocol, supporting oil drilling in the ANW or Arctic National Wildlife ange, weakening clean air standards and lifting the ban on logging in forests.

3) How does economics determine the public's opinion regarding environmental issues? Discuss the values of the dominant social paradigm…… [Read More]


Bocking, Stephen. Nature's Experts: Science, Politics, and the Environment. Rutgers University Press. 2004.

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Planetary Comparison the Earth and

Words: 1104 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25556576

The inner core, meanwhile, has greater density, at 13, and temperature, at 6,650°C (or 12,000°F).

Compared against other planets in the solar system, the Earth contains just the appropriate amounts of gases, elements, and other properties that make human and other organism life possible.

Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, has lesser mass and volume than the Earth, at a fraction of only 1/18. However, it is as dense as the Earth, although Mercury's surface is made up of more solid mass, specifically rough, porous, dark-colored rocks. Its atmosphere is made up of sodium and potassium, which accounts for the planet's density and very thin atmosphere. It was hypothesized that the core of Mercury is made up of liquid iron compound, as a result of the presence of magnetic field.

Venus, meanwhile, exhibits a unique characteristic for being the brightest and hottest planet in the sky, with the presence…… [Read More]

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Flags of Convenience and Mrs

Words: 2302 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 23671614

"When a court strikes a contract provision for unconscionability it is declaring that provision is so unfair or oppressive that the court will refuse to enforce it." (Gillespie, 2007). The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." (U.S. Const. amend. XIII, 1). The contract that the parties signed purported to make Mrs. Lowell the property of Mr. Lowell. Because the Lowells are Americans and purchased their ticket in America, it is unlikely that an American court would recognize Mr. Lowell's ability to contract away his wife's right to be recognized as a legal individual in a contract dispute. Furthermore, the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees Mrs. Lowell the equal protection of the laws, (U.S. Const. amend. XIV, 1)…… [Read More]


Cruise Lines International Association. (2008). Personal safety and security. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from Cruise Lines International Association

Web site: 

Fl. Stat. 731.301(b)(1).

Gillespie, D. (2007). Survey of Illinois law: contract law. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from Southern Illinois University School of Law
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Case of John Pozsgai

Words: 1631 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26411599

John Postal and the environmental protection agency and army corps

John Pozsgai vs. The EPA

Google the name 'John Pozsgai' and you will immediately summon up a series of articles from very divergent sources, some of which laud Pozsgai as a hero, others of which call him as a villain. Conservative sources like The Wall Street Journal and the online magazine eason laud him while others are far more suspicious of the idea that Pozsgai is a victim of the modern environmentalist movement. The evidence is overwhelming that despite numerous warnings that his actions were unwarranted and illegal, Pozsgai persisted in his actions. While it is true that his sentence may have been extremely harsh and that the government may have been able to have gone about mitigating the damage and dealing with Pozsgai in a more sensitive manner before things got out-of-hand, that does not excuse his actions.

The…… [Read More]


Gardner, R. (2011). Lawyers, swamps, and money. Island Press.

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Dam Building and Indian Lands

Words: 2272 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 39328796

Clearly, at the time when the dam was being built, no one cared if it would have had devastating effects on certain communities, since it had been certain that no white community would have been affected by the construction. One could go as far as claiming that the Native Americans have been discriminated, and, that they had no eyes in favor of the people that have approved the dam's construction in the territory.

The American government would come across several problems when being put against the ancient burial ground ethical dilemma. Leaders normally pay great importance to getting as much people as they can to vote them. Thus, if the present American president would continue to ignore the demands made by the Native American tribe, it would ruin his reputation among Native American tribes across the U.S.

The Federal Government will lose large amounts of money if it were to…… [Read More]

Works cited:

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