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White Normativity

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The Problem of White Normativity
In a multi-racial world, defining anyone as “black” or “white” makes as much sense as believing that all issues are “black” and “white” and that there are no shades of gray to anything. Almost everyone will certainly agree that from politics to economics to religion to any subject under the sun, there is a great deal of leeway to be given because to rigidly peg something or label it in a starkly definitive manner is to be too constrictive and narrow in one’s view. As a multi-racial woman, I myself feel that to think in terms of “black” or “white” goes against the grain. In South America, these dichotomies were virtually unknown in the past: the people accepted that their identities were more distinctively based on family lines, heritage and culture—not the color of their skin (Baran, 2007; Burdick, 1998). In the U.S., American society…… [Read More]


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False Perceptions in Life

Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63122069


In our modern world, people develop false perceptions of others that are sometimes based on learned behaviors, or things that they have witnessed in life. These false perceptions continue to dominate the contemporary world at a time when societies are becoming more diverse. Modern societies across the globe comprise of people from different nationalities, races, and ethnic backgrounds. The diversity has had positive impacts since it contributes to increased interconnectedness of people from different parts of the world including the remote parts. However, diversity is also associated with some negative impacts that translate to its discontents, particularly in relation to the development of false perceptions of others. As globalization continues to dominate today’s world, its important to examine these false perceptions and develop measures to address them in order to promote unity in modern societies. This paper discusses a false perception people have in life and how those beliefs…… [Read More]


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