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Need help with my assignment, which is to write a reaction paper on the following movies: Never Hear and A Twist of Faith addressing pastoral care and counseling implications and appropriate intervention?


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We are starting with the assumption that the two movies in your assignment are A Twist of Faith and Never Heard.  We cannot locate a movie called Never Hear, but Never Heard is a popular movie for pastoral or theological classes because it explores the role that faith plays in redemption set against the backdrop of some pretty significant criminal activity.  We are proceeding as if that is the movie being discussed.

Both of the movies focus on crimes, specifically on the crime of murder.  In one movie, the main character is accused of murder, though he claims he is innocent of the crime.  In the other movie, the main character witnesses the murder of his wife and children.  While they both focus on murder, the fact that they approach it from the perspective of the families of a person who has been victimize by murder and another man who has been accused of murder.  Both stories are compelling and the collateral damage of the murder becomes apparent as the audience sees how the crime impacts the people in their communities. 

One of the interesting things, which has implications for care and counseling, is the loss of identity.  When Jacob Fisher’s family is killed, he loses his identity, not just as a father and husband, but also as a Cantor and a Jew.  It places him in a crisis that extends to his spiritual life.  When Aaron Davis is accused of murder, he also loses his identity as a father because his incarceration prevents him from participating in his son’s life in a meaningful manner.  Aaron’s son, Jalen, becomes embroiled in drugs and a life of crime and Aaron is helpless to step in and help his son unless he can also prove his own innocence of murder.

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