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Review Holocaust by Angela Gluck
Words: 1220 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65002626
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At an arly junctur in th txt, th author provids a usful point
of considration which dos st it apart from many othr works on th
subjct. Rathr than to simply appal to th radr's sns of pity, Wood
taks on th task of dmanding admiration of th Jwish popl quit simply
for thir prsistnc to surviv as a cultur and with an intact sns of
idntity, vn if that idntity is inxtricably now linkd to th vnts of
th Holocaust. As th txt rports on anothr pag distinguishd by
complling photographs to th cas of Jwish dtrmination, "dspit th
high walls of th ghttos and th military strngth of th Nazis, many
popl in th ghttos scaps or fought in thir harts and minds. For
most, rsistanc took th form of clinging to th lov of family and
frinds, holding on to traditions, and strngthning thir hop." (Wood,

effectively delivered in appropriate detail the realities and implications
of the Holocaust.
Publisher's Weekly (PW). (2007). Review: "Holocaust."

Wood, A.G. (2007). Holocaust. DK Children.

Review Globalization Unplugged in Globalization
Words: 2513 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24505938
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Such an example
cannt be refuted withut statistical research t make an argument against
Urmetzer, and thus his arguments refuting the impact f glbalizatin n
eliminating the natin-state's svereignty are strengthened.
This sets up Urmetzer's primary pint, and the thesis f his argument-
it is a myth that because f glbalizatin "natinal brders have becme s
prus that gvernments are n lnger able t prperly manage their wn
affairs" (Urmetzer 2005: 123). In the case f Canada, a welfare state,
Urmetzer even maintains glbalizatin strengthens the welfare state. T
reach this pint, and t prve that ecnmic freedm des nt ultimately
cmpletely eliminate plitical pwer frm the ecnmic spectrum, Urmetzter
evaluates the effects f glbalizatin n the different prgrams f
gvernment invlvement within the ecnmy. Fr example, in regards t the
afrementined welfare-state services, Urmetzer ntes hw this is an ften
verlked aspect t glbalizatin (Urmetzer 2005: 142). By tuching…

of globalization.

Urmetzer, Peter. Globalization Unplugged: Sovereignty and the Canadian
State in the Twenty
First Century. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005.

Review of the Strategic Management Society Website
Words: 847 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75353586
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What information was expected to be found and was not there expected to find much more on this site than is present today. To begin with, the SMS is a highly academically focused organization, and as a result its members are continually working on research projects, presenting papers, and also working through many academic calendars and teaching schedules. As a result of the richness of this research one would expect to find at least a trace of these materials on the site, and in fact there are none. This is disturbing. Further, the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and Strategic Management Journal aren't offered on a trial basis, and content is not even available from them. Instead there are links to subscribe to these publications. This makes the entire site look like an organization of academicians also promoting these two journals.

Links from the site that are helpful

The site does include…


Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (a) (2003). - Accessible after purchase from the Harvard Business Review Website:;jsessionid=3XHOCFKZZ3NGQAKRGWDSELQ?id=303086 

The World Is Flat (2005) - Thomas R. Friedman, author. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. New York, NY. Published 2005

Review of Neuro Linguistic
Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 53477210
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Synthetic event-Related potentials: A computational bridge between neurolinguistics models and experiments

An article was chosen from a peer-reviewed journal known as Neural Networks on the basis that it not only has various implications for the future of neurolinguistics research, but I also found it interesting and related to my intended future career profession. There have been different methods of mapping actual brain activity that occur in normal human cognition and such efforts have also led to various models of cognition and schema networks that continually become more refined as the scientific research progresses. This research began a few generations ago, and at the time the technology was fairly primitive, at least by comparison to the tools and technics that are available to today's researchers. Today, researchers are able to construct 3D representations of the brains activity that show the activity in real-time. This allows for possibilities that were never before…

Works Cited

Barres, V., Simons, A., & Arbib, M. (2013). Synthetic event-related potentials: A computational bridge between neurolinguistic models and experiments. Neural Networks, 66-92.

Review and Critique of a Magazine Article
Words: 505 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 77823352
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Offshoring IT: Beyond the usual suspects" y Karl Flinders (January 19, 2016), Computer

This paper provides a summary of the title article together with a detailed conclusion concerning the contriution the article makes to the topic of offshoring information technology (IT) services. In addition, an evaluation concerning the authoritativeness of the article including the qualifications of the author, the scholarly nature of the pulication, the use of citations and reference sources within the article, the intended audience of the article, and the overall format and style of writing of the article. Finally, the paper concludes with an assessment concerning whether this article should or should not e considered to e authoritative according to formal academic considerations.

In this article, Flinders draws on authoritative sources to make the point that growing numer of usinesses of all types and sizes are electing to outsource their IT needs, with India, China and Malaysia,…

bibliography and he is the author of one of the references he cites ("Just Eat builds in-house IT workforce in Ukraine"). In addition, Computer Weekly is a magazine rather than a peer-reviewed journal, and there is no indication that this information was evaluated by expert third-parties to ensure accuracy. Taken together, this article was written by an industry expert and supported by primary sources; however, the fact that it was published in a non-juried periodical limits its authoritativeness according to formal academic standards.

Review of Human Resource Management
Words: 3209 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95335322
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Organization Brief Description

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) can be delineated as a set of activities purposed at the management of organizational human resources at the global level to attain organizational aims and accomplish competitive advantage over rivals at national and global levels. It encompasses characteristic human resource management functions like training and development, recruitment and selection, as well as performance appraisal undertaken at the global level. So as to closely incorporate company operations across the globe, multinational corporations try to cultivate and instigate standardized human resource management practices by transmitting the practices being undertaken at the headquarters to subsidiaries situated overseas. Consequently, practices at the organization's subsidiary will have a close likeness and similitude to practices in the home nation (Potocnik et al., 2014). The organization selected is IBM, which operates at the United States in its host country and having a subsidiary in China. The two IHRM practices…

Review of Schizophrenia on Ehow com Website
Words: 816 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18207715
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Schizophrenia Website


This is an article about schizophrenia.

This is an article about Schizophrenia posted on the Canadian Psychiatric Association's (CPA) website.


The information presented on the CPA's website is very accurate. The website is edited by psychologists and professionals in the field and the information is vetted by the CPA, which is a leading authority in Canada and internationally psychological issues and illnesses. The information presented on this site is a brochure on schizophrenia that was funded by a public health education grant.

The information on the website is provided by freelance writers who work for Demand Studios. Demand studios provides freelance writers with topic titles to write about and then the writers follow pre-formatted templates to create articles about the provided topics. Freelance writers then submit their writing to a copy-editor who is supposed to fact check the information and sources provided…


Canadian Psychiatric Association: Schizophrenia, The Great Puzzle -- About Schizophrenia

Review of Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence
Words: 884 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19181222
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Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence

In today's competitive world, it is the professional organizations that lay the foundation of much of the social structure. Today's corporate and professional offices are considered important venues for an interactive growth sphere. Thus, the aspects of emotional intelligence (E1), leadership style and gender are now surfacing as really important aspects to understand the overall associative quality and nature of these workplace relationships and how these can be advantageous to the companies that pay attention to their quality (Quader, 2011). We now see a rising interest in how leadership can have an influence on emotional intelligence and vice versa. Especially in the past 2 decades, we see more research and findings being dedicated to the subject matter and so far more results and conclusions are coming to the surface. Quader (2011) in his recent study also highlights how emotional intelligence affects gender differences in the…

review of an article on positive psychology
Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 75812450
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Canadian Psychology entitled "Expanding Opportunities for Diversity in Positive Psychology" presents the results of a systematic review of literature. The review of literature covers the years between 1998 and 2014, spanning the bulk of the duration of the field of positive psychology. The purpose of the systematic review was to examine how issues related to race, class, and gender were addressed in literature on positive psychology because of what the authors claim to be a widespread perception of the field ignoring these relevant issues. Findings of the systematic review of literature were varied, and included an underrepresentation of female authors of peer-reviewed articles in the field of positive psychology in spite of an over-representation of female participants in empirical research. Additionally, ao & Donaldson (2015) found that discussions about gender, race, or ethnicity issues are nearly absent from positive psychology literature altogether. The bulk of research in positive psychology is…


Rao, M.A. & Donaldson, S.I. (2015). Expanding opportunities for diversity in positive psychology. Canadian Psychology 56(3): 271-282. Retrieved on EBSCO.

Reviewing a Vocational Assessment
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77888701
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Vocational Assessment Test eview: Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment that can help guide people to suitable vocations, but which is also useful in other scenarios. It was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cooks Briggs, from a Jungian psychology perspective. Although they began working on it in the early 1940s, it was first published in 1962. It is a self-report questionnaire, which examines the individual's preferences along different components of personality. It was created for a normal population distribution and can be used for members of any demographics that can process the test, though it is probably most appropriate for late teens and beyond; perhaps ages 14 and up. The MBTI is a multiple-choice test and is written at a 7th grade reading level. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to administer the test, but the test is not timed and…


Carlyn, M. (1977). An assessment of the Myers Briggs type indicator. Journal of Personality

Assessment, 41(5), 461-473.

Fretwell, C., Lewis, C., & Hannay, M. (2013). Myers-Briggs type indicator, A/B types, and locus of control: where do they intersect? American Journal of Management, 13(3), 57-66.

Lok, C. (2012). Career development: what's your type? Nature, 488, 545-547.

Review of Nursing Articles
Words: 2415 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 12586458
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Inpatient Whiteboards

This study is a theoretical framework exploring whiteboard use preferences and recommendations for patient-centered care and communication through whiteboard use.

This study is a theoretical framework exploring whiteboard use, script-based communication, and hourly rounding to evaluate effectiveness of care associated with pain management and patient satisfaction.

The study utilizes a conceptual framework.

This article uses a conceptual framework that provides a literature review

Conceptual framework

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

A 3-week pilot involving multidisciplinary whiteboard use

The setting is Stanford University Medical Center

Sample characteristics (# of patients) Patients available for the pilot were 104 patients: 56 from inpatient units with use of whiteboards and 48 from inpatient units with no use of white boards.

internal medical residents were also surveyed.

Design: The study involved a semi-structured interview.

Setting: The interview took place in a pediatric urban academic hospital inpatient surgical service

Sample characteristics (# of patients) The…


Alaloul, F., Williams, K., Myers, J., Jones, K. D., & Logsdon, M. C. (2015). Impact of a Script-based Communication Intervention on Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management. Pain Management Nursing, 16(3), 321-327. doi:10.1016/j.pmn.2014.08.008

Brosey, L. A., & March, K. S. (2015). Effectiveness of Structured Hourly Nurse Rounding on Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Outcomes. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 30(2), 153-159. doi:10.1097/ncq.086

Cholli, P., Meyer, E. C., David, M., Moonan, M., Mahoney, J., Hession-Laband, E., . . . Bell, S. K. (2016). Family Perspectives on Whiteboard Use and Recommendations for Improved Practices. Hospital Pediatrics, 6(7), 426-430. doi:10.1542/hpeds.2015-0182

Emerson, B. L., Chmura, K. B., & Walker, D. (2014). Hourly Rounding in the Pediatric Emergency Department: Patient and Family Safety and Satisfaction Rounds. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 47(1), 99-104. doi:10.1016/j.jemermed.2013.11.098

Reviewing a Grant Proposal
Words: 1210 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91939391
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Adaptation theory, memoir, and dance
Specific Aims
The writer of the grant proposal introduces adaptation theory for the English literature review related to dance. Writer notes how dance has been used to capture literature. However, what has not been explored is dance becoming literature. Meaning notable American modern dance choreographers and their memoirs, how-to guides, autobiographies, and criticisms. These various forms of literature on dance provide an idea of how dance can be turned into something worth of review from a literary standpoint. Moreover, the writer points out the choreographic memoir as the best example of such form.
Therefore, the writer aims to explore choreographic memoirs and autobiographies and how they should be considered their own literary genre to allow future generations to better understand dance in a literary sense. By performing various choreographic memoirs, the writer wishes to discover the criteria and components for the ‘new genre’. This literary…

Review of Samsungs Governance Principles
Words: 2864 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74717127
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Corporate Governance at Samsung Group

'Corporate governance' refers to a corporation's control, supervision methods and processes, and management accountability. Corporate Governance, worldwide, doesn't merely cover legal controls set by local companies, or by national legislations, or by common international regulations; its scope is much broader, going beyond legal aspects to cover accountability as well, with regard to both legal restraint, and best practice norms and self-regulation (Australian Insitute of Business, 2014).

In Korea, corporate governance once again assumes prominence as a major social and political subject. Corporate giants such as Samsung Group (called 'Chaebols' in Korea) have, all through Korea's past, dominated its economy. While Korean companies' corporate governance has, on the whole, improved considerably in the past few years, Chaebols still dominate the country in terms of political and economic power; in fact, their dominance has intensified over the years. Samsung Group is in the midst of controversy. Despite…


Australian Insitute of Business. (2014). Corporate Governance: Concepts and Practices. Australian Insitute of Business.

Connelly, B. L., Hoskisson, R. E., Tihanyi, L., & Certo, S. T. (2010). Ownership as a Form of Corporate Governance. Journal of Management Studies, 1561-1589.

Howe, I. (2015). A Report reviewing the governance of the Board of Directors of the ABC International Ltd. and the recommendations needed for its appropriate improvements.

IFAC. (2009). International Good Practice Guidance - Evaluating and Improving Governance in Organizations. New York: The Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Review of Annie Dillard S Living Like Weasels
Words: 1147 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73154035
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Annie Dillard's "Living Like easels"

During the height of the Great Depression in 1931, James Truslow Adams coined the term, "the American Dream" in his book, Epic of America, to describe the growing expectations of a better life for all Americans, a life characterized by the pursuit of happiness, significant material rewards and individual security in exchange for hard work and honesty (Lallas 162). In her essay, "Living Like easels," Annie Dillard makes the point that people, who are logical and live by choice, can learn from animals, who are illogical and live only by necessity. This paper provides a review and analysis of Dillard's essay to identify what choices are involved in attempting to live out the typical American Dream and how those choices differ from living according to necessity. The review and analysis concerning the differences between the lifestyles defined by the American Dream as opposed to those…

Works Cited

Benesch, Klaus and Kerstin Schmidt. Space in America: Theory, History, Culture. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2005. Print.

Dillard, Annie. "Living Like Weasels." Print.

Lallas, Demetri. "From the People, by the People, to the People: The American Dream(s) Debut." Journal of American Culture 37(2) (June 2014): 162-165. Print.

Loewen, James W. (1995). Lies My Teacher Told Me. New York: The New Press. Print.

Reviewing China S Pollution and Health Care Issues
Words: 1344 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72798214
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China's Health Indicators

China has gone through impressive economic development over the past few years, and has experienced a big reduction in poverty along with other positive achievements. Due to improvement in living conditions, nutrition, and healthcare, there have been " ... declines in infant mortality and deaths from infectious diseases," according to The New England Journal of Medicine (He, 2005). But there have also been negatives associated with urbanization and industrialization -- in particular China's stubborn air pollution and its negative impacts on health -- that have increased the risk of " ... chronic disease, including vascular disease and cancer" (He, 1125). This paper reviews the health indicators for China along with other pertinent data and information relating to the well-being of the Chinese people.

China's Demographics and Data on Health Issues

The population of China (based on 2013 data from the orld Health Organization -- HO) is approximately…

Works Cited

He, J, Gu, D., Wu, X, Reynolds, K., Duan, X., Yao, C., Wang, J., Chen, C-S, Chen, J.,

Wildman, R.P., Klag, M.J., and Whelton, P.K. (2005). Major Causes of Death among

Men and Women in China. The New England Journal of Medicine, 353(11), 1124-34.

Ooi, E. W-L. (2005). The World Bank's Assistance to China's Health Sector. The World

Review of a Current Homeland Security Issue That Affects the US
Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 64127428
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Transportation Security and Intrusiveness of Security Screenings

America's land, seaways, and air transportation systems are structured in such a manner that enhances efficiency and enables easy access, the two features that also at the same time make these transportation systems susceptible to attacks. The expenses and difficulty of protecting the entire transportation systems from attacks raises a critical issue for legislators and other policymakers in the government: in that how much money and effort should be utilized towards preventing attacks in the country compared to the alternative of pursuing and defeating terrorists wherever they are. While completely proofing the entire transportation sector from attacks is an almost impossible task, strategies can be formulated to significantly reduce the risk of attacks. The emphasis by policymakers should be put in coming up with the resources to build a prevention, protection, and rapid response system that can greatly reduce the likelihood and consequences…


Accardo, J., & Chaudhry, M. A. (2014). Radiation exposure and privacy concerns surrounding full-body scanners in airports. Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences, 7(2), 198-200.

Alberto, V., & Bogatz, D. (2015, November 10). Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening

System ("Capps Ii"): National Security V. Civil Liberties. Retrieved from

Bajoria, J. (2010, December 28). The Debate Over Airport Security. Retrieved from Council on Foreign Relations:

Reviewing History Websites
Words: 1846 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81982532
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History ebsites

The four American history-related web sites used for this paper are: United States History (; American History: The Heritage of the United States (; History (; and (

United States History: How much information is provided? hat sort of information is offered? In the United States History site, there is an enormous amount of specific information within each time period. For example, there are fourteen window of time (up to 1630; 1630-1763; 1763-1783; all the way through 2001), and in each window there are eight to ten links that take the reader to specific events, personalities, groups and laws. In the 1815-1860 window of time a reader can get in-depth information on the Monroe Doctrine, Nat Turner Rebellion, The Alamo, Manifest Destiny, The Compromise of 1850, and the California Gold Rush, among several other links.

Is the eb better at transmitting some kinds of information as compared…

Works Cited

Best of History Websites. (2013). Welcome to Best of History Websites. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from . (2013). History by Topic. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from .

Legends of America. (2012). American History / The Heritage of the United States. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from .

United States History. (2013). American History / Time Period / Historical Era. Retrieved

Review of Diabetes Study
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30660511
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Diabetes Intervention

The author of this report has been asked to find, analyze and assess a study that is related to a diabetes intervention. The study found needs to be recent and will be described in terms of the major aspects and traits of the study. Precisely such a study was found and it involves the review of the effects of food label use on diet quality when it comes to Latinos that are type II diabetics but are getting assistance from community health workers. The article actually came out this month in a prominent academic public health journal and is very illuminating. While food labels are only so effective as they have to be consulted and used, the concurrent use of community health workers to coach and assist type II diabetics in the study seems to show some promise.


Brief Summary of Disease

Type II diabetes, unlike its…


Kollannoor-Samuel, G., Shebl, F. M., Segura-Perez, S., Chhabra, J., Vega-Lopez, S., & Perez-

Escamilla, R. (2016). Effects of food label use on diet quality and glycemic control among Latinos with type 2 diabetes in a community health worker-supported

Intervention. American Journal of Public Health, 106(6), 1059-1066.

Mayo. (2016). Symptoms & Causes - Type 2 Diabetes - Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 24 June 2016, from -

Review of before and after
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81107689
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pursuit of preparing the data analysis for the prior PICOT question that has been detailed in numerous ways, it shall now be described how the data will be analyzed. The analysis that shall be completed has three aspects that will be described in this brief section. They include a detailed description of the intervention that will be tested, a detailed description of the data collection process and the analysis that will be completed for the collected data. While the PICOT question and structure as well as the associated analysis is not terribly complicated, it must be completed in a thorough, diligent and proper way.


Intervention Details

First off is the intervention that shall be employed in the experimental group. Of course, there will also be a control group that is not subject to the intervention described below. With that established, the intervention group will be exposed to the following…


Hanley, J. A. (2017). Correction of Selection Bias in Survey Data: Is the Statistical Cure Worse

Than the Bias?. American Journal of Public Health, 107(4), 503-505.


Lund, T. (2012). Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches: Some Arguments for Mixed Methods Research. Scandinavian Journal Of Educational Research, 56(2), 155-

Imagery Literature Review Guided Imagery
Words: 1189 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 38369494
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Participants filled out a Short-Form McGill Questionnaire, an Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale, and Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire in order to measure their levels of pain over the past few weeks. What the researchers found through statistical analysis was self-management strategies that reduced pain over time were most effective in the group that was exposed to guided imagery techniques. The level of guided imagery therapy was not itself significant, but more of the fact of whether or not it was present in the patient's therapy or not. This helps illustrate the effectiveness of guided imagery in managing long-term chronic pain when there are no fundamental cures present within traditional therapeutic practices. Pain management symptoms improved, but the symptoms overall remained. This shows that guided imagery is not a cure in and of itself, but rather an effective way to reduce and manage the pain that is present in chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.



Ferrell, Betty R., et al. "Pain management for elderly patients with cancer at home." CANCER-PHILADELPHIA- 74 (1994): 2139-2139.

Menzies, V., Taylor, a.G., & Bourguignon, C. (2006). Effects of guided imagery on outcomes of pain, functional status, and self-efficacy in persons diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 12(1), 23-30.

Weydert, J.A., Shapiro, D.E., Acra, S.A., Monheim, C.J., Chambers, a.S., & Ball, T.M. (2006). Evaluation of guided imagery as treatment for recurrent abdominal pain in children: a randomized controlled trial. BMC pediatrics, 6(1), 29.

Features of Review Writing Are
Words: 1722 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6031008
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This is because majority of people who read theater reviews are knowledgeable and they will quickly tell if the reviewer is an expert or just an amateur. Therefore, according to Palmer (1988)

any theater critic should be an expert in one of these areas acting, directing, theater music, theater history, stage crafts, and drama history. Since Through the Wire is a new play, the reviewer has to comment on the script. Indicating how well or badly the script flows, and also how it intertwines the various characters.

Concentrating on the script and the characters within the script has ensured that the review does not take up much space than required Stefanova-Peteva and Stefanova 1993.

The characters have given life to the play and the script has been written as an account of real life stories.


McCallum, John. 2003. "Waiting for Godot & Endgame (review)." The Australian, 119-121.

-- --…


McCallum, John. 2003. "Waiting for Godot & Endgame (review)." The Australian, 119-121.

-- -- . 2004. "Brutalisation for the sake of our nation." The Australian, 015.

Palmer, R.H. 1988. The Critics' Canon: Standards of Theatrical Reviewing in America. WestPort, Connecticut: Greenwood Press.

Stefanova-Peteva, K., and K. Stefanova. 1993. Who Calls the Shots on the New York Stages? Newark, NJ: Harwood Academic Publishers.

Healthy People 2020 Review of Three Articles
Words: 1120 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38801242
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Healthy People 2020

eview of Three Articles from Healthy People 2020

Global Health

The goal of improved global health is to strengthen U.S. national security through global disease detection, response, prevention, and control strategies. Threats to health in one part of the world may have far reaching consequences that impact public health across the globe. The 2003 SAS epidemic and the 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreak are recent examples. Furthermore, improving the health of the global population promotes political stability, diplomacy, and economic growth worldwide.

The world and its economies are increasingly interdependent and international travel and commerce is becoming more prevalent. Expanding international trade introduces new health risks. A complex international distribution chain has resulted in potential international outbreaks due to food borne infections, poor quality pharmaceuticals, and contaminated consumer goods. Since the 1970s one or more new diseases have been identified annually. apid identification and control of emerging infectious…


"Early and middle childhood." (2012, January 10). Healthy people 2020. Retrieved January 12, 2012, from 

"Global health." (2012, January 10). Healthy people 2020. Retrieved January 12, 2012, from 

"Immunization and infectiuos diseases." (2012, January 10). Healthy people 2020. Retrieved January 12, 2012, from

Human Resources Literature Review in an Article
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29889688
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Human esources Literature eview

In an article titled "Management Derailment: Personality Assessment and Mitigation," which was published in the American Psychological Association Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2010, the research team of Joyce Hogan, obert Hogan and obert B. Kaiser conduct a thorough literature review on the subject of management derailment. By examining over 100 scholarly articles and case studies, the reviewers sought to determine why a curious phenomenon within the study of human resource practices has consistently emerged. As the authors of the literature review observe in their Introduction, although "the economic literature clearly shows that good management enhances organizational performance and that some managers are better than others & #8230; there is little consensus in the psychological literature regarding the characteristics of good managers & #8230; (while) the research on bad managers converges rather well" (Hogan, Hogan & Kaiser, 2010). The thrust of the authors' research…


Hogan, J., Hogan, R., & Kaiser, R.B. (2010). Management derailment: Personality assessment and mitigation. American Psychological Association Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 3, 555-575.

Green to Gold A Review
Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 21943348
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2009). Therefore, organizations will need to redesign their entire scope in order to fit an eco-friendly motive to influence the adoption of the ideas. Thus, organizations can reconstruct simple operations, like featuring recycling bins and limiting water usage, as a way to increase the belief in the company's mission by employees.

The second strategy examined here is the one focusing on the redesigning towards green innovation. Typical beliefs assume that consumers are more willing to pay a premium for products that utilize eco-friendly production practices. Essentially, this idea postulates that consumers are willing to pay higher prices for products produced with and in eco-friendly circumstances (Green Biz p 1). This means that the organization must employ eco-friendly products in order to still charge a premium without damaging its consumer reputation. However, contemporary research does show that there is a limit to what consumers want to spend, and on their devotion…


Bonini, Sheila & Oppenheim, Jeremy. (2008). Cultivating the green consumer. Stanford Social Innovation Review. Web. 

Carmazzi, Arthur F. (2010). Are your leaders environmentally friendly? Write for HR. Web.

Carmazzi, Arthur F. (2010). Organizational culture-based leadership -- Affecting corporate culture through systematic psychology. Eco-Friendly Ideas. Web.

Etsy, Daniel C. & Winston, Andrew S. (2009). Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage. John Wiley and Sons.

Vincent Vinikas' Review of Dominic J Capeci's
Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 47036174
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Vincent Vinikas' review of Dominic J. Capeci's The Lynching of Cleo Wright takes a critical stance toward Capeci's account of the case of Cleo Wright, a black man who was lynched in Missouri in 1942. ather than examining the underlying causes concerning why lynching took place (particularly as late as 1942), Vinikas restricts his focus to elucidating logical fallacies that hinder Capeci's article. Vinikas argues that it is lamentable that even in books that purportedly reveal information concerning actual lynching cases, the true facts involved in such cases is never truthfully revealed, such that the public is still not privy to crucial information that colors America's history. In contrast, in her article "An Outrageous Proceeding: A Northern Lynching and the Enforcement of Anti-Lynching Legislation in Illinois, 1905-1910" Stacy Pratt McDermott applies a more comprehensive approach, determining the cultural forces that promoted lynching and made it incredibly difficult to abolish. Consequently,…


McDermott, S.P. (1999). An outrageous proceeding: A northern lynching and the enforcement of anti-lynching legislation in Illinois, 1905-1910. The Journal of Negro History, 84(1), 61-78.

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Professional Review of the Sigchi Website Itm
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Professional eview of the Sigchi Website

ITM 433 This professional web site review assignments part session long project. For Module 3, assignment familiar professional organization website called

This is a website review for a premier international society called SIGCHI. The main purpose of the website is to bring together people from different locations who are interested in human-computer interaction. Human-computer interaction is mainly concerned in ensuring that computers and computer systems are accessible by people with disabilities. The website provides an avenue for members and non-members to get to know more about the society through the articles posted on its blog, community page and publications. It also provides an easy connection gateway via its email lists to other people who are involved in human-computer interaction around the world.

The website uses a consistent theme thus ensuring consistency in all the pages. With consistency the visitor will not be shocked and…


Hughes, R., Jr. (2001). A Process Evaluation of a Website for Family Life Educators. Family Relations, 50(2), 164-170.

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Education Literature Review Whenever the Disturbing News
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Education Literature eview

Whenever the disturbing news of yet another school shooting shatters the adolescence of innocent teenagers, the national media, concerned parents and strained educators alike once again focus their collective attention on the epidemic of bullying which is crippling American schools. In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre which claimed 13 lives and the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings that killed 32 students and faculty, recent tragedies like that which occurred at Sandy Hook elementary bring the consequences of rampant bullying in schools back to the forefront of the national consciousness. Although the loss of life associated with these terrible incidents, and the erosion of self-confidence that results from unchecked bullying, are tragedies that cause society to collectively mourn, it is possible that the diminished safety of our nation's schools has also reduced the ability of modern students to achieve academic excellence. While a causal link between…


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Education, 17, 117-140. Retrieved from

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Problems in the Elementary School Classroom. IES Practice Guide. What Works

Academic Film Review of Django Unchained
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Django Unchained

As a screenwriter and filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino has long been considered the ultimate auteur. His style and content are uniquely his own and are marked by edgy, graphic content along with fast, memorable dialogue. There is a rapt attention paid to pop culture and popular slang that all of Tarantino's films bear, and of late his films have paid attention to dark historical events. Inglourious Basterds (2011) focused on World War II and the multiple forms of carnage that this event encompassed. Django Unchained marks yet another foray of Tarantino into one of America's blackest historical marks: slavery. Like Basterds, Tarantino puts his unique stamp on this dreary historical subject by couching it from a unique and meaningful perspective: he portrays the events of slavery with the imprint of a slave who becomes a type of bounty hunter, and kills white men. This is strongly evocative of the…


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Media Review Project the 1993 Film What's
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Media eview Project

The 1993 film "What's Love Got To Do With It" presents many of the classic symptoms and effects of domestic violence. As such, it provides a great deal of insight into this phenomenon, both on the part of the abuser and on the one who is receiving the abuse. The film is a musical biography of Tina Turner, who was one of the late 20th century's most popular singers. The movie opens up with Tin Turner as a young girl singing in a church choir. Even at this early age her prowess as a singer, the power of her voice and the zeal she expresses through her musical performance, become readily apparent. It is crucial to note that despite such an enthusiastic performance, Tina Turner (who is going by her true name at this point, Anna Mae Bullock), is enduring a tumultuous home life. Her mother eventually…


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Boys Don't Cry Movie Review
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In some ways, this was the paradox of Brandon's ambiguous identity. Brandon was not a politically correct or socially aware transgendered person. S/he was very much a part of the highly 'gendered' society of the American est, where men were men and women were women. Part of Brandon's confusion lat in the fact that he did not know anyone else like 'himself,' he only knew that no available female identities suited him, so he assumed the persona of maleness. Maleness for Brandon still meant hanging out in bars, drinking, and hanging out with petty criminals. Ultimately, Brandon Teena's story and the movie "Boys Don't Cry" condemns the stifling limits of American cultural conceptions of both maleness and femaleness, as well as the limited mindset of the characters that victimize and act violently towards Brandon and Lana.

orks Cited

Boys Don't Cry." Directed by Kimberly Peirce. 1999.

Works Cited

Boys Don't Cry." Directed by Kimberly Peirce. 1999.

Business Management -- Review of
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" Journal of Management Development, Vol. 25, No. 8 (2006):


The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to determine whether or not there are specific factors of individual personality that correspond to transformational leadership; and second, to determine whether or not transformational leaders and their followers characterized the personalities of transformational leaders similarly. The study relates directly to the understanding of organizational management in that transformational leadership is one leadership style that is common in many types of business and other professional organizations. The implications of the study apply to the appropriate selection of managers and leaders in specific organizations as well as to management training programs.

The study appears to have been sound methodologically. It relied on the quantitative analysis of interviews and self-ratings of 439 leaders and of interviews of 380 subordinates on the topic of transformational leader ratings and issues of personality in leaders. The…


Boerner, S., Eisenbeiss, S.A., and Griesser, D. "Follower Behavior and Organizational

Performance: The Impact of Transformational Leaders." Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3 (2007): 15 -- 26.

Cattani, K.D., Dahan, E., and Schmidt, G.M. "Lowest Cost May Not Lower Total Cost:

Using "Spackling" to Smooth Mass-Customized Production." Production and Operations Management, (Sep/Oct 2010).

Classroom Diversity Lit Review the
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This is an approach that is not current nor balanced. By echoing the importance of race and its ability to transcend the individual, soon all students will be able to belong to a single race of beings, the human race.


The literature extant on the ideas of culture and its impact on teachers ability to communicate successfully in the classroom has wide appeal to my specific research question. The aforementioned research will successfully contribute to my larger arguments about the situation while providing precedent and argument useful in presenting a compelling and rhetorically sound hypothesis.


Banks, J.A. (2001). Cultural diversity and education. Foundations, Curiculum and Teaching (4th ed.). London: Allyn. etrieved from

Bireda, S., & Chait, . (2011). Increasing Teacher Diversity: Strategies to Improve the Teacher Workforce. Center for American Progress. etrieved from

Gao, W., & Mager, G. (2011). Enhancing Preservice Teachers' Sense of Efficacy and…


Banks, J.A. (2001). Cultural diversity and education. Foundations, Curiculum and Teaching (4th ed.). London: Allyn. Retrieved from

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Larke, P. (1990). Cultural diversity awareness inventory: Assessing the sensitivity of preservice teachers. Action in Teacher Education. Vol. 12 (3) 23-30.

Sugar Review the Authors of the Report
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Sugar": eview

The authors of the report, Carthton et al., are very well qualified to write this report on diabetes. This team not only has the medical knowledge necessary to write the report, but they have take an interdisciplinary stance in the investigation, which helps them analyze the medical, social and psychological factors involved in their diabetes self-management study (Carthron et al., 2009).

The report title is not very clear. This title does not-specify that the team is investigating how primary-care duties impact a grandmother's self-management (Carthron et al., 2009).

The abstract clearly outlines the purpose for the study and the methods used to obtain data. The paper also outlines the study's findings. They do not, however, offer clear recommendations for medical providers or social workers to work more effectively with this population (Carthron et al., 2009).

The purpose of the research is to investigate how the responsibilities of caregiving…


Carthron et al. 2009. "Give Me Some Sugar!" The Diabetes Self-Management Activities

of African-American Primary Caregiving Grandmothers. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 17 October, 2009.

Renaissance Book Review Ivor B
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This was even though he received no immediate remuneration, in terms of money or benefits, from developing such interests. Leonardo's notebooks of this period of his life reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of his time.

Ivor Hart makes it clear that Leonardo was far more than a great artist: he had one of the best scientific minds of his time. Perhaps Leonardo's great talent was in observing -- he made careful, painstaking observations of the natural world, such as birds in flight. Such careful observations of the natural world are critical, of course, to the eye of a great artist. But Leonardo's eye enabled him to carry out research of precision as well as beauty, in science as well as art.

Perhaps the real paradox is how separate art and science have become in the modern construction of the disciplines. Leonardo…

Works Cited

Hart, Ivor. The World of Leonardo da Vinci Man of Science, Engineer and Dreamer of Flight. New York, 1962.

Disclosure Literature Review Disclosure in
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1852). He states that fear might also limit a person's capacity for self-disclosure and this fear includes: "fear of embarrassment by colleagues, fear of patient reaction, and fear of litigation" (p. 1852).

Disclosure has now come to occupy an important place on political policy-making agenda. Most people now believe that they must have access to information about a professional or procedure that is likely to cause serious harm. IOM's recommendations in this regard propose access to information and states that "requests by providers for confidentiality and protection from liability seem inappropriate in this context." (Kohn, et al.: 102) Some professional health-care institutions are now looking forward to making disclosure mandatory. While the process would take some time to complete, Veterans ffairs (V) Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, has started working on it. Steve Kraman of the Lexington V hospital explains why disclosure was made mandatory, "We didn't start doing this…

Altman, I., Vinsel, A., & Brown, B. (1981). "Dialectic conceptions in social psychology: An application to social penetration and privacy regulation." In L. Berkowitz (Ed.), Advances in experimental social psychology (pp. 107-160). New York: Academic.

L.T. Kohn, J.M. Corrigan, M.S. Donaldson, eds, (2000) To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System (Washington, DC: National Academy Press).

N. Osterweil, "Truth or Consequences: Does Disclosure Reduce Risk Exposure?: Admitting Errors Makes Process Less Adversarial, MDs, Lawyers Agree," WebMD Medical News

Empathy and Counseling Review and Critique of
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Empathy and Counseling

Review and Critique of "The Relationship Between Clients' Perceptions of Therapist-Parent Similarity with Respect to Empathy, Regard and Unconditionality and Therapists' Ratings of Client Transference" (1998) by Barrie Mariner Arachtingi and James W. Lichtenberg

From a counseling perspective, it is clearly much easier to have sympathy for others in need, such as "sympathy for the poor," than it is to have empathy, which requires a significant mental and emotional involvement. A study by Barrie Mariner Arachtingi and James W. Lichtenberg (1998) investigated the similarity between clients' perceptions of their therapists and their perceptions of their parents (or early parental figures) in terms of the relationship qualities of empathy, positive regard, and unconditionality of regard and how those perceptions compared with their therapists' ratings of transference.

ypothesis. The study hypothesis was that there was a positive associated between the similarity of the therapist and parents or parental figures…

Hypothesis. The study hypothesis was that there was a positive associated between the similarity of the therapist and parents or parental figures on the relationship dimensions of empathy, regard, and unconditionality and therapist ratings of transference. The researchers cite Freud's (1912) definition of transference as being.".. The experiencing of feelings, drives, attitudes, fantasies, and defenses toward a person in the present that are inappropriate to that person and are a repetition or displacement of reactions that originated regarding significant persons in early childhood" (p. 143).

Study Participants and Methods. The study participants were 62 actual therapy dyads (27 women and 35 men), ranging in age from 19 to 63 years (M = 40.18, SD = 12.01). Clients of varying diagnoses were included in the study; however, clients with thought disorders were eliminated due to potential problems concerning informed consent. The actual number of sessions attended by clients ranged from 5 to 200 (M = 40. 18, SD = 44.77); 29 therapists participated in the study as well (17 women and 12 men) and the therapists' credentials were supplied. The authors report that the therapists' ages ranged from 25 to 61 years (M = 43.59, SD = 10.07). Therapists' descriptions of their theoretical orientations were varied, although the most common orientations included psychodynamic, eclectic, and cognitive behavioral. The average number of clients that were seen by each therapist was 2.14 (SD = 1.62).

Results. The results of the study failed to support their hypothesized positive association between the similarity of the therapist and parents or parental figures on the relationship dimensions of empathy, regard, and unconditionality and therapist ratings of transference. Rather, the researchers suggested that the clients' relationship ratings of their parents and therapists indicated that the therapists' perceptions of transference may more accurately reflect their perceptions of their clients' nontransferential (i.e., real relationship) reactions to the therapist. In summary, Arachtingi and Lichtenberg conclude that the results of their study raise the question of whether therapist-observed transference adequately reflects a distortion of the current therapy relationship and a perceptual repetition of the relationship the client had with earlier parental figures, with such repetition being defined in terms of the perceived similarity of the relationship conditions offered by the clients' therapist and parents. Rather, they suggest that there appears to be the potential that the therapists' own perceptions of transference are a function of clients' reality-based reactions to the therapist; this may result from the contrast between clients' relationships with their parents and current therapy relationship experiences. As a result, they recommend that therapists consider such a possibility when analyzing a perceived transference reaction during therapy. "Specifically," they say, "it may be appropriate for therapists to consider that a client's positive image of

Post Tenure Review
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This wide array of data strands could then be manipulated to measure the veracity of the philosophical claims informing our qualitative argument.

Envisioned Analysis:

The analysis which is envisioned as a way to address the available datasets is provided for by Creswell & Plano-Clark (2007), who denote that data-mixing is a valuable way to determine whether or not variables possess meaningful relationships with one another. According to the text by Creswell & Plano-Clark, "by mixing the datasets, the researcher provides a better understanding of the problem than if either dataset had been used alone . . .there are three ways in which mixing occurs: merging or converging the two datasets by actually bringing them together, connecting the two datasets by having one build on the other, or embedding one dataset within the other so that one type of data provides a supportive role for the other dataset." (Cresswell & Plano-Clark,…

Works Cited:

Cozby. (2009). Studying Behavior. Mayfield Publishing.

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Tenure and the Post-Tenure Review
Words: 2048 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71793289
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The consolidated data are envisioned to provide a generally unbiased view of the various opinions and issues raised.

Internet surveys, as discussed by Cozby (2009, p. 132) will not be administered. The reason for this is that the scope of Internet surveys are far greater than that required for this research. These type of surveys are generally administered when a wide variety of data are required from a large amount of interested parties. For the purpose of this study, surveys are limited to a specific set of participants from specific sectors of academic and public life.

urveys over time are also not considered relevant to the study. The issue of tenure is current to many academic institutions. The effects of tenure will be investigated in their current manifestation. Evolution of these issues and opinions over time is not an issue. A related issue to investigated could however be a hypothesis…


Cozby (2009)

Creswell (2009)

Wood and Johnsrud (2005) Post-tenure Review

O'Meara (2004) Beliefs about Post-tenure Review

Post-Tenure Review A Research Design
Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 6677221
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For each selected school, there will be three groups of which quota sampling will be employed to achieve equal number of respondents. The three groups would be the faculty members, student administrators, and students. espondents will once again be randomly-selected from the list that we shall be acquiring from the university.


A questionnaire shall be devised by the researcher in order to gather opinion and understand attitudes on post-tenure review. An Educational Administration Disposition Belief Scale shall also be provided to better assess school administrators' views and disposition to better understand their particular disposition in the issue of post-tenure review. This instrument by Charles Southern University (n.d.) has already been used in previous studies conducted. This scale shall be modified to a 5-point scale in order to gauge disposition.

Data Gathering

The timetable for the data gathering part of this research was based on a seven-week schedule. One week…


Charles Southern University (n.d.) Educational Administration Belief Scale Worksheet.

Retrieved from  on 11 Jan 2010.

Licata, C.M. & Morreale, (2006). Faculty and Administrator Views About Post-Tenure

Practices: Qualitative Findings, in Post-Tenure Faculty Review and Renewal III:

Remote Nursing Review the Roles of Registered
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emote Nursing eview

The oles of egistered Nursing in Shaping and Providing Care in ural and emote Locations: A Literature eview

The roles and perspectives of nursing have undergone major changes in the past several decades, continuing the rapid and profound development that this area of medical science and art has experienced in its relatively brief history. For quite some time, nursing existed either as a highly denigrated and unskilled profession looked down upon my others in the medical establishment and society at large, or as the semi-sacred and highly secret practice of healing through natural remedies and purely experiential knowledge transmitted orally and though demonstration from generation to generation. An appreciation and codification of nursing as a science -- albeit a science with certain subjective and aesthetic principles, making the designation of nursing as an art somewhat appropriate as well -- did not really occur until the nineteenth century,…


Banner, D., MacLeod, M. & Johnston, S. (2010). Role Transition in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care Nursing: A Scoping Literature Review. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research 42(4): 40-57.

Coyle, M., Al-Motlaq, M., Mills, J., Francis, K. & Birks, M. (2010). An integrative review of the role of registered nurses in remote and isolated practice. Australian Health Review 34(2): 239-45.

Naylor, M. & Kutzman, E. (2010). The Role Of Nurse Practitioners In Reinventing Primary Care. Health Affairs 29(5): 893-9.

Judicial Review and Democracy the
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Judicial review allows lawmakers to reflect changing morals and ideals when enacting legislation, but prevents them from allowing the hot-button topics of the moment to determine the laws of a nation. In fact, to really understand the success of judicial review, one need only look to the election in the Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Supreme Court may be the only body far-enough removed from party politics to ensure that Ukrainian voters have their say. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Justice Marshall should be very flattered.

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Women's Biology Review and Critique of a
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Women's Biology

Review and critique of a current article relating to women's biology

How Emergency Contraception Works to Prevent Pregnancy

Emergency contraceptives are drugs used to prevent pregnancy after women indulges in unprotected sex. There is a slight difference between birth control methods and use of contraceptives in preventing unplanned pregnancy. It is significant for women and men to learn and choose the appropriate method that guarantees their well-being. Use of contraceptives prevent fertilization of the ovum, while as birth control pills prevents pregnancy, and includes use of contraceptives such as, IUDs, sterilization, and abortion. This article reviews the health effects of various emergency contraceptives on female reproductive functions. The author argues that limited knowledge about Emergency contraceptive contributes to its overuse or its underuse and enhanced knowledge could trigger development of new ways, maximize use of current methods and increase acceptability of emergency contraceptives (Berger, 2012).

Review of the…


Ries, N.M. & Tigerstrom, B. (2010). Roadblocks to laws for healthy eating and activity,"

Canadian Medical Association Journal, vol. 182, no. 7, pp. 687 -- 692