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Risk Management Essays (Examples)

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Analysing and Managing Risk at AMU Arena
Words: 3751 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 24994618
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The American Military University Arena is located in Charles Town, West Virginia. This is a multipurpose facility that hosts events in college and professional football, basketball, and hockey. This is a newly structured arena and it has a sitting capacity of 65,000 people. The arena also includes a gymnasium, a modern gym with the best bodybuilding facilities, and a swimming pool. Some of the facilities that exist include parking garages, sports grounds, spectator sitting areas, cafeterias, and sporting facilities. The main focus of the risk analysis will be the sports arena. Due to the number of spectators that the facility can hold at any one given time it is vital that there be enough consideration placed for the safety of the participants and the spectators. The main stakeholders of the sports arena are the university management and administrators because they are directly involved and the sports arena was built…

Political Social and Economic Risk in Business
Words: 1045 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 52292116
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Global Business and Politics: Risk Management
When it comes to managing international risk, there are three main areas that must be addressed: political risk, economic risk and social risk—i.e., the limits to expansion. This presentation will address each of these three risks and show how expansion of the scope of the organization should proceed.
As DiDraga (2013) notes, the scope of risk management is based on three points: 1) analysis—i.e., posing the question of what happens if…, 2) response—i.e., formulating an answer to the question posed in point 1; and 3) control—i.e., monitoring the situation and making adjustments when necessary (DiDgraga, 2013). These three points should be considered whenever risk is to be managed.
Political risks can be seen everywhere today. The recent case of “Brexit,” with the UK voting to leave the EU, has created an international environment in which nationalism and new trade deals are a constant issue.…

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