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Please help me with essay topics that can be used as essay titles on crisis management related to family business?


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Crisis management refers to many things, but in a business context it specifically refers to how a firm identifies threats to both the business and its stakeholders and how the organization deals with the threats.  Many large organizations have crisis management plans, but smaller businesses should have them as well, since it is entirely possible for small businesses to be impacted by crisis scenarios. The possible negative outcomes of these types of crisis range from a decline in revenue all the way to the total loss of the company.  This is of heightened concern with family businesses, where there is often one person who is responsible for its daily operations or is seen as the face of the business by clients or business contacts. Here are some topics/titles we would consider for a paper about crisis management and the family business.

  1. Mourning Mom: How Small Mom and Pop Businesses Survive the Loss of a Founder
  2. Righting the Ship When the Captain Is Missing: How Business and Personal Crises Can Enhance Problems for the Family Owned-Business
  3. Beyond COVID-19: Lessons from the Current Pandemic on Building a Business Designed to Withstand Unexpected Crises
  4. Risky Business: Why Even Family Businesses Need to Have Risk Assessments and Contingency Plans
  5. Surveying the Stakeholders: Who Has a Say in the Family Business and Who Should Have a Say in the Family Business
  6. Lawsuits, Liars, and Loyalties: Can a Family Business Survive a Divorce or Other Family Disruption?
  7. Controlling Chaos: How a Great Risk Management Scenario Can Help Businesses Avoid Having to Practice Crisis Management
  8. The Domino Effect: How Work and Family Problems Exacerbate Each Other In a Family-Owned Business
  9. You’re Only as Good as Your Word: The Importance of Reputation in Crises Management for Small Businesses
  10. Strategic Survival: How Sometimes Weathering a Crisis is the Best Possible Outcome

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