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Pushkin and His View of Petersburg in the Bronze Horseman

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Peter the Great and the Petrine Reforms

The reforms of Peter the Great, or the Petrine Reforms, changed the character of Russia to a much more administrative and secular one from the religious character that it had assumed hithertofore. Anisimov notes that there was a "decisive triumph of secular principles over confessional and religious ones" as a result of the Reforms, which themselves were the result of an infusion of humanism and Enlightenment philosophy from Europe in the late 17th century (216). Peter's administrative reforms saw the breaking up of Russia into more manageable parts, rather than overburdened administrations overseeing densely populated cities; and his Table of Ranks was established so as to provide a standard list of rank in the government, court and military. The Table of Ranks was meant to serve as a system of title/honors according to numeral, which would indicate one's closeness to the Czar. It…… [Read More]

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Why Was Nicholas I Called the Wooden Tsar

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Nicholas and Russia

Nicholas I has gone down in history as "the wooden tsar" for a number of reasons. First, on a purely superficial level, it could be said that this name supported the solid features that he displayed as tsar -- "his physical beauty and his majestic bearing" as Nicholas V. Riasanovsky notes in his words on Nicholas I (Cracraft 268). Nicholas, like so many wooden churches and cathedrals in Russia, stood as the "Christian conscience of Russia" -- a notion of embodiment passed on from one ideological generation to the next. Yet Nicholas, as Emperor of Russia, displayed rather little of the humanity needed for a truly father-figure position such as Emperor: instead, he was more soldierly and stolid in demeanor -- concerned primarily with adherence to minute details. His will was inflexible like iron and he had an extreme singleness of purpose, which caused him to overlook…… [Read More]

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Eastern Front in the Context of the Second World War

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World War II -- Eastern Front

While the personality of any dictator may significantly influence the military decisions of his/her dictatorship, perhaps the clearest instance of this phenomenon occurred in World War II's arbarossa, an invasion of Russia in the Eastern Front. Obsessed with his messianic delusions, Hitler's personal flaws resulted in the ultimate failure of the greatest invasion in recorded history. The failure of that invasion, in turn, directly resulted in Germany's loss of World War II.

Hitler's Personal Flaws Caused the Failure of arbarossa

Synthesis of reputable historical sources, some of which stress Adolf Hitler's personal flaws while others minimize or ignore them, reveals that Adolf Hitler's personal shortcomings caused the failure of arbarossa and, therefore, caused Germany's loss of World War II. Hitler's warlike personality was apparently dominated by "the three p's": prejudice, paranoia, and perplexity. Though Hitler was famously prejudiced against Jewish people, his prejudice against…… [Read More]


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Accountability of Corporations

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Corporate Governance in ussia

Accountability of Corporations

Delivering a financial report in a timely manner is quite important. Financial report becomes stale quickly, so informing while the information is still new and relevant is important. The longer one waits to post financial information, the less significant it is[footnoteef:1]. Timeliness of financial reporting and channeling is one of the benchmarks the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has began to show the quality of a corporation's corporate governance practices. The present research shows the timeliness of financial posting of the ussian banking sector and contrasts it to the timeliness of financial publishing for selected banks in the U.S. And Europe. [1: Guriev, Sergei and Andrei achinsky, "Ownership concentration in ussian industry," Background paper for ussia CEM 2003 March 2004]

Approach and characteristics of the system

Ten years of improvements, during which the economy in ussia has undergone historical changes, have…… [Read More]


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Revolutions of the Early 20th

Words: 1186 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56653730

" The revolution was also responsible for establishing "conditions for an era of economic development. Capitalist development had begun in Mexico prior to the revolution, but it had been constrained by the power of the large landholders and lacked the sponsorship of an active, development-oriented state (MacEwan)."

During the 1920s and 1930s, the modern Mexican state "came to embody the dual heritage of the Mexican revolution, representing and containing the interests of Mexico's working people and also leading a process of capitalist development by actively intervening in the country's economic life, resulting in a highly nationalist state. The revolution had in part been a reaction to the power of foreign investors, and nationalist policies struck a popular chord (MacEwan)."

In order for the country's economy to experience its total growth potential, it was essential that Mexican capital receive "support for the state and protection from foreign competition (MacEwan)."

Russia's Revolution…… [Read More]

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Leadership of Small Medium Enterprises

Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13148212

The SMEs are competitive in ussia, but many under developments are causing a lag in the developments of the companies. There are many inconsistencies in the leadership, but other factors also discourage the improvement of the small companies. These issues include lack of resources in ussia, and also lack of capabilities. The development in infrastructure has proven to be slow and also lack of equipment. Many companies are waiving from the ussian market mainly because of the complexities and also the issue of transition economies.

SMEs are not taking advantage of strategies that will elevate them to economy driven positions. The SMEs are not taking the right measures to establish business relation. The SMEs have to commit themselves in the market, it terms of investing, acquire the best personnel and realize their potential through time management. Modes of success have to be analyzed and adopted through joint ventures, engaging in…… [Read More]


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BRIC Country Analysis

Words: 1379 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36366191

BIC Country Analysis

The objective of this report is to carry out economic analysis of Brazil, ussia, India, and China (BIC) and provide the country projected economic growth, country business environment and country risk. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is one of the major economic tools to measure economic growth of a country. Using GDP, the report analyzes the country's economic growth.


China is a country enjoying rapid economic growth among the BIC countries. Over the years, the country has maintained a strong economic growth and between 2007 and 2011, the China's economy showed constant growth with economic output reaching $3.7 trillion in 2010. As being revealed Table 2, China ranks third with reference to personal disposable income where personal disposable income is projected to increase from $2,300 in 2011 to $4,190 in 2015. However, the global economic crisis that affected many advanced countries also affected China making the…… [Read More]


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Expectations Change That Led Revolution Compare Contrast

Words: 1395 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39994858

Expectations Change That Led evolution

Compare Contrast Expectations Change Led evolution 1917/Civil War ealities

How the ideological changes that accompanied the revolution shaped the arts/culture of ussia/USS

The social and economic systems experienced tremendous transitions occasioning to stress among the populations of ussia. The great reforms formed a cautious path to modernization and reform. Through emancipation, peasants were allowed to own pieces of land and had the personal freedom to share their pieces of land. However, these peasants were not happy with the settlement programs based on emancipation because they held the belief that they were legal owners of the land. This claim became a major source of discontent leading to the 1917 peasant revolution (Sampson & Marienhoff, 2008).

ussia experienced a turning point at the onset of 1917; the nation was prepared for revolution and indeed, they saw the first revolution, which brought rapid changes and increased social opportunities.…… [Read More]


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Global Pricing Decisions II Proctor

Words: 1491 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91735171


a) the fast growth specific to the Russian market - if only 53% of women reported using regular pads in 1996, a year later, the percentage of women stating the same thing increased to 78% (i.e. A 47% increase) b) the negative perception of tampons allowing a generous market share for pads - if in 1996, 37% of women reported using tampons on a regular basis, in 1997, only 20% of them continued to use such products c) the Russian women's tendency to move from traditional pads to the more sophisticated ones using Ultra technology and having wings (Plus) - in 1997, Always Plus registered a 5.2% unit share compared with Always Classic which reported a 2.9% unit share for the same year while Always Ultra reported a unit share five times higher that the one in the previous year.


a) the high uncertainty of the Russian market…… [Read More]


1. Arnold, David. "Procter & Gamble: Always Russia." Harvard Business School, 2001.
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Initial Contacts and Meetings

Words: 1068 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71339713

America in East Coast and Russia about Initial contacts and meetings in Business

There are many similarities in the way that America and Russia conduct business and in their initial business contacts. There are also, however, differences. The main difference may be the fact that Russians are more relaxed than Americans which tends to have both positive and negative ramifications. The great cultural differences need to be taken into account in order for both parties to effectively conduct business with the other

For the Russian meeting the American for the first time, it can be a culture shock. Advice is to better be over-dressed than under-dressed, to be prompt for the appointment, to keep personal space, and to respond to e-mails within a 24-hour span. Americans are e punctual. Their time is precious. They dislike small talk unless it moves them along towards their business goal. They tend to start…… [Read More]


American Meetings 

e-diplomat. Russia 

Kwintessential USA - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
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Transmedia Characters

Words: 2027 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97770693

James Bond: A transmedia character

"This was going to be bad news, dirty news, and he didn't want to hear it from one of the Section officers, or even from the Chief of Staff. This was to be murder. All right. Let M. bloody well say so."

For viewers accustomed to the James Bond of cinema, reading The Living Daylights by Ian Fleming may come as something of a surprise. In contrast to the flashy, urbane, womanizing Bond of film, Fleming's secret agent seems much more subdued. Bond is first shown at a firing range -- although Bond is a crack shot, his prowess with a pistol seems very tame compared with the fantastic gadgets he has been saddled with in various films. When he meets with M, there is no flirtatious banter with Miss Moneypenny. It is clear that this Bond is a Cold War spy, with a serious…… [Read More]