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Classic Tale of Inflation to Recession

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ussian Public Debt Downgrade

The ussian economy is heading into a deep recession: the projected average growth over the next three years has been estimated at 0.5%. The years of the ussian oil boom are fading fast and tensions continue to rise with the West, in light of ussian pugilistic actions in the Ukraine. Standard & Poor's has judged the ussian government's prospects for servicing the debt as continuing to narrow, with few options left for the central bank of ussia to employ: available mechanisms are scaffolding for the teetering ussian banking sector or propping up the ruble. Following the credit downgrade, the ruble fell 7% in after-hour trading to reach a new low of 68 rubles to the dollar.

In what appears to be a terrible and perfect storm, the ussian economic growth prospects are diminished, the flexibility of the monetary policy of the ussian Federation has weakened, and…… [Read More]


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Translation Theory

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Russian Formalism to Translation Studies Scholars

This report will focus on two translation methodologies, Russian Formalism and the Translation Studies Scholars. The paper is designed to be a contrast study of the two translation theories and will focus on their fundamental theoretical assumptions in regard to translations. The contrast will also include a critical analysis of the translation theories as opposed to only providing a simple literature review. In regard to translation, theories have been considered as a re-organizing the apparent clutter of details received from experience. Theories therefore are a means for reducing the clutter from the world.

Russian Formalism

The Russian Formalism movement was created during the 1920's and ran through 1930. The movement's objective was to create literary criticisms and interpretations. "Members of what can be loosely referred to as the Formalist school emphasized first and foremost the autonomous nature of literature and consequently the proper…… [Read More]

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