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Secondary Market Essays (Examples)

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Market Differences the NYSE Is
Words: 324 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1859822
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Secondary markets can help to bundle capital with the best managers of that capital, which can be used to generate capital in the primary markets, but in general the primary market is more efficient at allocating capital and of the two is the only one that truly generates new capital, as it funds actual production (Harris 2003).


The Hussman strategic growth fund most closely aligns with my need for long-term financial growth and security, as I am still many years away from retirement, I do not need to take any unnecessary risks in order to achieve more aggressive growth. Though such a fund might be an appropriate secondary investment, the bulk of my capital should be somewhere safer and more assured (Hussman 2009).


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Market Analysis and Marketing for
Words: 1837 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37907304
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For this type of customers, Diesel should create a special line of clothing items, different from the one for the primary target customers. For the primary target customers the central piece is the jeans. For the secondary target customers Diesel designers should combine jeans with other clothing items that are best suitable for 25-35 aged customers, that have good jobs and that are present in high social circles. For the secondary target customers the price should be significantly higher than the price for the primary target customers. The secondary target customers are trying to buy a certain status together with the clothing items they buy, so the higher the price of the clothes, the higher the status they are achieving. Other than this, the price should reflect the work invested in creating these clothing items, which require extra care for the secondary target customers.

As mentioned above, the communication strategy…

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Secondary Mortgage Market in Detail It Puts
Words: 2277 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68739053
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secondary mortgage market in detail. It puts light on the functioning of secondary mortgage market. It also discusses different tools that are used in this market and the benefits and drawbacks of this market. This paper also highlights some of the secondary mortgage market organizations and agencies. The evolution and growth of secondary mortgage market has also been discussed in this paper.

The secondary mortgage market is a place where the investors buy mortgage loans from the originators. An originator itself can be an investor also, by buying the loans provided by other originators. An originator can also sell these loans to an intermediary, who then converts these loans into securities and sell them to other people. It is a place where the mortgages originated in the primary mortgage market are resold. The already issued notes are also sold in the secondary mortgage market. These notes are purchased by the…



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Market Analysis of House of Fraser House
Words: 804 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93509961
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arket Analysis of House of Fraser

House of Fraser was founded in 1891 by James Arthur in Glasgow. Originally a drapery shop, the store quickly expanded and by the end of 1891, the entire Fraser family was investing in the company. At this point, the store was renamed to Frasers & Sons. Over time, the store expanded from selling draperies to selling clothing, shoes and other department store apparel.

The company has continued to grow through the purchase of smaller companies. In 2005, House of Fraser aquaired Jenner's department store and in 2006 it took over Baugur. In 2008, the company had three new openings in London, Belfast and Bristol. The company continues to grow and is a ripe competitor.

House of Fraser is ranked high in the market overall with its six major competitors being arks & Spencer, John Lewis, Harrods, Debenhams, Selfridges and Fenwick. John Lewis is by…

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Secondary Data Review
Words: 1129 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13062202
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Secondary Data eview

Solving the Problem of Decreasing evenues

Due to continuing instability in the stock market, the business I originally wrote about, Unit Investment Trust that was part of JP Morgan, had been losing money since 2002. Ultimately, those in charge of such decisions, chose to sell the UIT part of the business.

Over the last few years, many businesses have faced similar problems because of the recession and stagnant economy, and other businesses have gotten into trouble because of other issues.

One such company is featured in an article from the Boston Business Journal. Ultimate Parking Inc. is a Boston-based valet parking company. This company was doing well enough that it was able to spin-off another venture called premier Curbside Valet. Originally the second company did very until the curbside restrictions in the aftermath of 9/11 completely destroyed the second company. In the words of the owner and…


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Market Orientation and Healthcare Case
Words: 841 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 26572052
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3. How the quality of service changed and why?

The quality of service increased significantly as all practices areas of the hospital better aligned to the cultural norms, values and needs of each ethnic population represented by the segments served. The quality also increased because the staff also began to better understand the unique needs of the patients being served, with more emphasis on interpersonal communication than had been the case in the past. This personalization aspect of leadership works both ways; the hospital staff had a much better appreciation and understanding of the unique needs of the population they were serving, and the potential patients and customers developed familiarity and trust with the providers. The next step for the hospital is to create a means to continually evaluate the level of satisfaction they are delivering to patients. The hospital could use the SEVQUAL metrics to evaluate the level of…


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Market Summary Swot Analysis Victory Motorcycles
Words: 874 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 54769487
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Even public transportation is growing more expensive, given that cash-strapped states are raising fares.

SOT Analysis:


Victory offers customizable bikes with great value and power, according to its promotional literature. I


Victory began as an "offshoot" of Polaris Industries, which is mainly known for marketing snowmobiles and ATVs. Amongst the target audience, particularly in the South and areas where snowmobiling is uncommon, it may have little brand recognition.


The economic downturn and demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles could be capitalized upon as a great opportunity for the company -- more individuals are likely to be seeking out motorcycles as a mode of transportation.


In a recent head-to-head of Harleys and Victories, one trade magazine said that Victory produced the superior model, but Harley had the better-known name: "It comes down to cooler character of the Harley vs. The better handling, more powerful Cross Country. I know…

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Market Potential and Forecast Analysis
Words: 996 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37804965
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The assumptions of industry structure and pricing are based on the market shares of the leading competitors in the motorcycle market including Harley-Davidson with 65% and Honda with 12.9%. There are over 40 different manufacturers of motorcycles globally who comprise the remaining 22% of the worldwide market (Murphy, 2008). Gaining distribution for a new motorcycle model will be challenging given the concentration level of competitors in the market. As motorcycles are considered discretionary purchases, they are influenced by the consumer sentiment index, the level of per capita disposable income, the downstream demand for motorcycle dealership and repair, and the available time consumers have for using them (Diamond, 2008). All of these factors are taken into account in the factoring of both the baseline motorcycle industry forecast and the hybrid motorcycle forecast as well.

Sales and Unit Forecasts

Using exponential smoothing and an average sale price of $9,100, the forecast for…


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International Financial Markets and Institutions Throughout the
Words: 2559 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45284927
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International Financial Markets and Institutions:

Throughout the globe, today's landscape of international financial market and institutions has continued to experience several changes that require practitioners to examine new models. The need for practitioners to examine new models that are relevant to the state of these markets and institutions has also been necessitated by the recent events that contribute to financial crises, which have been very dramatic. Actually, the recent financial crisis has had significant impacts on the financial institutions and markets resulting in the need for changes. International financial markets and institutions have become an important aspect of economies because they affect daily life. This is primarily because they involve the huge flow of different types of funds in the entire economy that in turn impact the profits of businesses, production of goods and services, and economic well-being of countries. In some cases, the events in these institutions and markets…


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CDO Market the Recent Recession
Words: 1221 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33661738
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Hansel & Krahnen (2007) conducted a study that noted the equity beta of banks engaged in the marketing of CDOs increased relative to banks that did not market CDOs. This again highlights the risk associated with CDOs, especially given that the impact on the firm's beta was more pronounced in smaller, less well-capitalized banks.

hile CDOs introduced more risk into the banking system, they also encourage more risk in the credit markets. CDOs accomplished this by providing a secondary market for credit assets. There was only a limited secondary market for low-grade corporate debt and for subprime mortgages prior to the rise of CDOs (Deng, Gabriel & Sanders, 2008). The increase in the amount of subprime loans granted in the U.S. correlates with an increase in the availability of a secondary market for such debt in the form of CDOs. In turn, this encourage the adding of more subprime debt…

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U S Housing Market Boom to
Words: 5097 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39295058
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(Der Hovanesian, 2010)

Increased Promotion of Discounted mortgages.

The way that subprime lending practices, and some call predatory lending practices affect the housing market has yet to be realized on such a large scale, as these tactics have always been carefully controlled by lending institutions, due in large part to their historical long-range view. Subprime lending on the other hand is fundamentally not a long-term view practice; it is a short-term tactic that is now being dealt with on a massive scale as foreclosures mount and more and more families see foreclosure looming in their future and more and more banks take on this debt, with the added burden of holding on to mortgages that far exceed the new depleted value of homes as the market corrects naturally from the housing bubble. The marketing for such subprime lending was absolutely saturated as nearly every individual was admonished to buy a…


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Policy Analysis Market Over Its
Words: 1643 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50284095
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In my opinion, the disadvantages of PAM were a little too numerous and too consistent to justify its creation and capacity to operate and I think time would have conclusively shown this as well. The accuracy of the information on the market is sensitive to the subjectivity of the investors and it is difficult to make a positive evaluation on the effects PAM would have had.


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European Market With a Chilean
Words: 2837 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66979132
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Thus, despite the high per-capita incomes in Scandinavia, consumers are value-conscious. Unlike Germany, Scandinavians are willing to pay more for wine, and recognize quality differences.


Like Scandinavia, the Netherlands is open to wine imports. With historical connections to Spain and Portugal, and without alliances with Italy or France, Dutch wine drinkers are friendly to imports and to the Spanish character found in Chilean wines. Like Scandinavians, the Dutch have high per-capita incomes are willing to spend for super-premium wines. They are unwilling to 'overpay' for quality, however, and are likely to compare the quality of an 8 pound Chilean wine to similarly-priced products from Australia, the U.S. And other major wine exporting countries.

Chilean Wine Promotion in Europe

Chile is not alone in wanting to increase wine exports to Europe. Australia and the United States have developed significant market share and see growing exports to European markets. The Wine…


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Indian Stock and Bond Markets Do You
Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87852972
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Indian Stock and Bond Markets

Do you think an investment in the Indian stock market is a good long-term investment?

The Indian stock market has experienced a number of fluctuations over the past 20 years or so that would suggest that investors might want to adopt a "wait-and-see" approach before making the plunge into these financial waters. For example, Schmidt and Hersh emphasize that, "The history of the operation of the Indian stock market has been dotted with brokers often unable to meet their commitments, allegations and proved instances of insider trading, and deliberate manipulation of stock prices by bears and bulls" (2000, p. 131). The prices for stocks listed on the Indian stock have experienced a number of highs and lows, with the most significant boom taking place during the period 1993 to 1995; however, although there have been some spikes, there has been a downward trend experienced since…


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The role of primary and'secondary financial markets
Words: 332 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13633349
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What role do primary financial markets play in the current economy? What role do secondary markets fill? Describe the relationship between financial institutions and financial markets and suggest a method by which this relationship could run smoother. Support your rationale with at least one citation from the literature.Primary financial markets play a very critical role within the economy. First, they provide critical capital to emerging companies through the IPO process. Here, individuals with excess capital can deploy it through stock ownership of public companies. In exchange for this capital, the companies can then create further products, good, and services that ultimately benefit society. If dont properly, investors will be rewarded through capital appreciation of the stock and dividend over the course of the investors holding period. Primary financial markets ultimately help to facilitate the exchange of capital to businesses that need the capital.Secondary markets are just as important as they…

References 1. Bryant, R.C. 1980 Money and Monetary Policy in Interdependent Nations. Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution.

Botswana Bond Market the Development
Words: 3039 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 85313680
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Domestic debt is also needed for monetary policy purposes including for sterilizing inflows of foreign exchange." (Kahn, 2005) In addition bond markets assist in the provision of interest rates across the maturity spectrum and more efficient pricing of risk. y providing an alternative source of financing they reduce concentration of intermediation in banks. ecause lending can be hedged in the bond market, banks have the ability to lend longer." (Kahn, 2005) Kahn notes that PECC (2004) states general requirements for bond market development which include: (1) the simultaneous development of market width, market depth and market infrastructure; (2) effective coordination among government agencies; (3) close public-private sector partnership; and (4) regulation focusing on maintaining and enhancing transparency and the treatment of taxation. (Kahn, 2005) Kahn concludes by stating that if bond markets are to be development in SSA or in other emerging markets, the role of the state becomes critical,…


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Market Place - A Poor
Words: 1609 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88488725
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S. pefeences of design. We will assess thei selection of spectacles to evaluate the design and band that most seem to choose and design ou spectacles accodingly. We will also eseach all chaacteistics of the glasses that will appeal to an Ameican population.

At the same time, we will ceate one o moe focus goups of the tageted client as well as of veteans in the eyewea industy who wok in Ameica and quey thei expeience, ecommendations fo the entepise, and thei opinions egading success of the entepise and pojected population.

Ou next step will be to single out a few stoes in paticula tageted aeas, maket JIN bands that combine elements that emeged fom eseach, maket them to tageted population using Ameican-type maketing stategies, and obseve the level of sales success in those stoes. We may do that by asking ownes to ecod thei sales and following up sales…

references of design. We will assess their selection of spectacles to evaluate the design and brand that most seem to choose and design our spectacles accordingly. We will also research all characteristics of the glasses that will appeal to an American population.

At the same time, we will create one or more focus groups of the targeted client as well as of veterans in the eyewear industry who work in America and query their experience, recommendations for the enterprise, and their opinions regarding success of the enterprise and projected population.

Our next step will be to single out a few stores in particular targeted areas, market JIN brands that combine elements that emerged from research, market them to targeted population using American-type marketing strategies, and observe the level of sales success in those stores. We may do that by asking owners to record their sales and following up sales with customers soliciting their feedback on product. We may make these test eyeglasses particularly cheap in order to entice customers to buy them.

A statistical analysis (correlation; predictive) will be run on results in order to see whether customers evidence interest in this new design.

The experiment therefore will be a triangulated study involving both qualitative together with quantitative design.

Market Driven Management
Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32150042
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


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market'structure and economics
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11283056
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Elasticities & Market Structure

There are many different factors to consider when making strategic decision such as the one that Autoedge currently faces. The board of directors needs to consider many different implications that might occur if the company decides to relocate its manufacturing to the United States. If the company manufactures its products domestically, then one possible implication might be that this could add value in terms of consumer perceptions. Although it seems that the "Made in the USA" brand maybe a secondary consideration for many consumers, there is some evidence that it does actually add substantial value to products and services. For example, one study found that (Schurenberg, 2012):

"In a study of consumer perceptions of clothing made in the United States vs. that made in China, Jung Ha-Brookshire, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, found that when offered a choice between a shirt made in…

Works Cited

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E-Groceries Primary Data Collection Secondary Data Collection
Words: 12291 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 50065159
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Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Collection

Performance evaluation of the optimized supply chains

McLane e-grocery

Carrefour Ooshop e-grocery

Logistics Optimization

Structural decisions items of operations strategy in logistics

Hardware of the firm

Operational Facilities

Operational Capacity

Process technology

Supply Network

Infrastructure decision areas

Software of the organization

Planning and control


Organizational Structure

Comparison of structural and infrastructural logistical operations management decisions


Capital Investment

Globalization and Logistics Optimization

Logistical optimization models

Challenges in e-grocery Logistics

E-grocery logistical solution

Store-based order picking model

Figure: Store-based order picking model

Store-based order picking for attended goods reception

Store-based order picking for unattended goods reception

Dedicated order picking model

Figure: Dedicated order picking model

Delivery from dedicated centers for attended goods reception

Delivery from dedicated centers for unattended goods reception


E-basic needs frameworks so that organizations can get beneficial

Execution methodology

Distinctive logistical results

ecognize e-basic framework

E-basic framework

E-basic model…


Anand, G., Ward, P.T., Tatikonda, M.V., & Schilling, D.A. (2009). Dynamic capabilities through continuous improvement infrastructure. Journal of Operations Management, 27(6), 444-461.

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Perspective. (6th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Fixing the Mortgage Market Over
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74547839
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This is one of the biggest causes that contributed to the financial crisis. Where, the lack of ethical standards within the industry, helped to cause a number of executives from: loan officers to real estate appraisers, to engage in predatory and illegal lending tactics. Where, many would falsify the income, credit histories or out right lie to borrows about the mortgages they were receiving, along with the terms. This perpetuated the crisis as millions of bad loans were given to borrowers who did not qualify or could not afford the mortgage, if there was a change in interest rates or the economic landscape. ("Financial Reform") to prevent this situation in the future, the regulation of the entire real estate industry should fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Where, the SEC or the Federal Reserve could oversea the proper training standards in the industry. Under this kind of system,…


"Financial Reform."New York Times. 2010. Web. 21 May 2010.

"Record Number of Foreclosures in 2009." International Business Times. 2010. Web. 21 May 2010.

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Moxie Market Analysis Every Individual
Words: 1833 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15755426
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Once the technology is recognized as effective, by the industry and enforcement agencies these mines could even be offered deductions as a result of their reflected commitment to reduce injury and fatalities in the industry, through the provision of "Moxie" to employees. This jump in efficacy could reasonably take place, given the relative cost of the equipment and the desire of the industry to have such technology in as short a time as five years. It is hoped that once the efficacy is proven and the minors are recognized to have avoided accident and tragedy that the device will become a required aspect of equipping a minor and will therefore skyrocket in sales and more importantly improve the overall safety of the mine, tenfold.


In conclusion "Moxie" will offer the minor and the organization they work for, greater assurance that toxic gas will no longer be an unavoidable danger…

Works Cited

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USDL OSHA's Mission Statement website at

Marketing Audit a Market Research Plan Is
Words: 2256 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69551210
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Marketing Audit

A market research plan is the systematic study that deals with the gathering and analysis of the concerned data to assess the role of a certain company in the market and persuade the customers to by their products. Marketing research assist the companies to design better strategies for future with respect to customer behavior (Pickett, 2010).

Marketing audit: It is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of a company's activities and the results achieved due to its capabilities .In order to carry out marketing research one must understand the role of marketing audit in research.


Marketing audit is necessary because the Wal-Mart has to compare its performance with the constantly changing market environment. There are certain micro and macro environmental factors that affect the business and marketing operations of the retail business of Wal-Mart largely. A detailed description of them is as under:



Cangemi, M.P., & Singleton, T.W. (2003). Managing the Audit Function. New York: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

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How to Effectively Market and Manage Quality Australian International Education
Words: 5052 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 89337200
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'How to Effectively Market and Manage Quality Australian International


A primary focus for the nearly half a million international students choosing to study in Australia each year seems to be on obtaining a higher education; oftentimes it is because they believe it is an investment in their own future. For the vast majority of these international students the hope is that their education will lead to improved employment opportunities and a higher quality lifestyle, either in Australia, another country, or after they return to their homeland. Interestingly enough, almost half of the surveyed higher education graduates and two thirds of VET graduates were living in Australia, with most either already having been granted permanent residency or hoping to obtain permanent residency status.

Graduates who were working in Australia had a slightly higher level of unemployment than those who returned home, although most were working or undertaking further study.…


Anctil, E.J.; (2008) Recommendations for selling higher education, ASHE Higher Education Report, Vol. 34, Issue 2, pp. 89-98

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Gray Markets for Pharmaceuticals
Words: 2839 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48303911
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Pharmaceutical Gray Market on Operations and Strategies

The safety, security and prices of pharmaceuticals in the United States represent a fundamental national security interest. When essential drugs are unavailable or priced too high, the public's health is threatened and this is what is happening because of the pharmaceutical gray market. This paper reviews the relevant literature to determine how the pharmaceutical "gray market" affects the operations of pharmaceutical companies operating in the U.S. pharmaceutical market as well as strategies used by pharmaceutical companies to combat this issue. A summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues are provided in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

Generally speaking, pharmaceuticals are enormously expensive to develop and bring to market (Kelly, 1999). According to Kelly, "The development of prescription pharmaceuticals requires costly and time-consuming research. After a product has been developed, it must undergo the rigorous approval process of the Food and…


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30(2), 196-202.

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Technical Analysis in the Implication of Efficient Market Hypothesis on Silver Market

The thesis is for the study of simple commonly used technical trading rules, which are applied on silver market. It covers years 1989 to 2005. A famous study carried out by Lakonishok, Lebaon and in year, 1992 has clearly shown that technical analysis can lead to abnormal prices when compared with buy-and-hold strategy. Other studies have been carried out and found out that technical trading rules cannot over-rule passive investment management strategy. The study uses Brock et al.'s methodology. Several trading rules are discussed (Dawson & Steeley 2003).


In financial theory, efficiency of financial silver market is highly disputed. This has led to many attempts to explain efficiency of silver markets. Eugene.F. Fama formulated the most famous definition in 1970 referred to as the, Efficient Silver market Hypothesis (EHM). The basis of the hypothesis is that…


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Demand States in a Market
Words: 3929 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2145792
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Yet, they do not know exactly what it is that they want. A database would be extremely helpful at this stage as it could offer information on the type of products and services the customers need and the new market could as such be created. A relevant example of an emergent market is constituted by the it products and services within most developing countries. The second evolutionary stage occurs as the products and services introduced in the emergence stage begin to register high levels of sales. At this level, more producers are interested in promoting their own products within the growing market and the future expectations related to it are generally positive. The growth stage of the market is also supported by customers, who realize the benefits of the given product, but also by companies which develop and implement strong marketing campaigns.

The third evolutionary level is maturity, a situation…


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Simulation Market Research Simulation the
Words: 798 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58907081
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Ultimately the use of multiple forecasting techniques serves to increase the knowledge of a market and minimize market entry risk.

How would you forecast sales force size in a specialized industry, for example, aircraft?

As the demand for aircraft is defined by a select set of customers who have highly specialized information needs, defining the sales force size for aircraft would be easily accomplished by looking at the average sales cycles in this specific industry (which happen to be quite long) combined with the project management skills necessary to ensure a design win. A design win is the event where the aircraft is designed into the broader program of an airline, or in the case of military aircraft, purchased by a branch of the Department of Defense. Taking the average length of sales cycles and the total population of potential customers for the specific aircraft, calculating the size of the…

Housing Market Economic Analysis to
Words: 2240 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68197804
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Even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be made totally independent from the government. This should be followed up by other methods to increase the individual ownership of housing and at the same time reduce the costs of owning a house. Even if the housing sector cannot be made totally private, it is important that the government make statements saying that it has no intentions of supporting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac any further, and at the same time, try to improve the operations of these two companies. This can be achieved by limiting the amount of debt that these regulatory deposit organizations can hold and also focusing clearly with the two institutions on the sections of the housing market where their activities would provide the best social benefits. (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Housing Finance: Why True Privatization Is Good Public Policy)

The weakness comes from the feeling that…


After the Housing Boom. 11 April, 2005. Retrieved at . Accessed on 30 April, 2005

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Survival of This Market Primary Data Reveals
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survival of this market. rimary data reveals the direct relationship between the company and consumers. Secondary data, on the other hand, is reused primary data; it assesses the accumulated information and then uses that to reassess and improve its product. It also relies on the data collected during a past period to restructure the product in different ways.

The primary data that I would need in connection with Leftfoot are the following:

I would like to know which of these shoe products are the most popular; which the least popular; and which have potential for popularity in the future?

I would like to know the mean number of consumers that frequent this site: what draws them to this site; repels them; how I can structure this site so that it appears more appealing to them. I would like t o know whether consumers are indeed satisfied by Leftfoot and whether…

Pew Research Center. (2002). Pew Internet & American Life. Retrieved December 24, 2010, from: 

Strategic Business Insights. U.S. Framework and VALS ™ Types.

Role of Market Research in
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45609654
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What is lacking however are programs to better monitor competitors, understand more macro-economic and larger industry trends, and also understand how substitute technologies could potentially influence the company's direction. In short, the company's market research department excels at the short-range projects yet is either neglecting or doesn't have the resources to deal with the longer-range research areas that will also impact the company.

Each of these areas of shortcoming will next be analyzed, in addition to a series of recommendations for making the department more effective at the longer-term market research needs going unmet today.


The company I work for manufactures high technology products including parts for computer equipment used in personal computers and network routing equipment used for creating local area networks. As this is a fast-changing industry the ability to monitor and capitalize on longer-term trends is critical for our company, which is an area of market…

IPAD2 Changing the Canadian Market How IPAD2
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IPad2 Changing the Canadian Market

How IPad2 can Change the Canadian Market

It is amazing the buzz that some products generate. Every year at Christmas time there seems to be some must have product that all parents are scrambling to get their child. However, this sort of frenzy is nothing compared to that which accompanied the launch of Apple's iPad in 2010 (aters). Now, the iPad2 is already on store shelves less than a year later, and though it has also been accompanied by some hype, it is not as great as last year's initial launch. People seem to satisfied with the product, but tablet-type products (such as PDAs) have been on the market for several years already. The question is, how can the iPad2 change the Canadian tablet market? Is there some type of marketing plan that can make this product really take the tablet market by storm? This…

Works Cited

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Expanding Hotel Business Market Plan
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The hotel seeks to promote its strategic location and incomparable services to boost its sales to the majority of people and tourists visiting Southern California. Its proximity to central Loss Angeles also gives an advantage to the hotel to target the urban dwellers seeking recreation facilities outside the central city.

Marketing programs

Pricing of services and products offered by the Long beach hotel is under management and control of market conditions of demand and supply. Prices are elastic depending on the season of the year. During peak periods, prices for accommodation services range from $100 to $400. These prices aim to meet the demands of a bigger range of people. The prices vary depending on the capability of a customer. Price charge depends on the facilities available in the hotel rooms and other services that a customer may require such as dinner and breakfast. Charges such as $400 per night…


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Second Market and Shares Post
Words: 2963 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78312117
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fictional firm (RMD) can be able to offer pre-IPO's to investors. This is accomplished by looking at the way various policies can be implemented that is in compliance with the Securities Act of 1933 along with the Securities and Exchange Act 1934. Once this occurs, is when we can be able to see how they can create a unique market that will address this demand from retail and institutional investors.

Over the last several decades, demand for pre-IPOs (initial public offerings) has been increasing exponentially. Part of the reason for this, is because there has been a shift in the focus of investors. As a large number are realizing that they can make significant returns by investing in these companies before they are going public. Evidence of this can be seen by looking at the below table which is highlighting how high investor demand for pre-IPO's had an impact on…


Chinese Wall, (2011), SEC, (available at terms/c/chinesewall.asp) (accessed 22 Dec. 2011)

Dutch Auctions, (2011), Investopedia (available at

Current Crisis Impacted Financial Market Real Economy Everyday Lives
Words: 3675 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33873594
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Effect of the recession on upon financial market, the real economy and over everyday lives

ecession is defined as the economic slowdown or decline characterized by slowing down of trade, a magnitude decline in the GDP, and a decrease in employment usually lasting between 6 months to a year. This was the situation in the U.S.A. The hardest times being from 2008 through 2009 and the early months of 2010. America is still recovering from the effects of the recession that the country experienced from 2007 to 2009.

The slow down in economy triggered a massive job loss and unemployment rates that shot through the roof, the prices went up and a great deal of uncertainty rippled through the country. This situation has now seen a reverse trend albeit at a slower rate than was expected by many. The unemployment rate in November 2011 fell by 0.4% to 8.6%…


Amitabh Shukia, (2009). Top 5 major Economic Effects of Recession on Economy.

Retrieved May 13, 2012 from 

Browder, Laura, (1998). Rousing the Nation: Radical Culture in Depression America.

Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.

International Equity Markets
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 42780096
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International Equity Markets

Advantages and disadvantages of cross listing on stock exchanges

When a company lists its stock exchange on many stock exchanges in different countries, it is referred to as cross listing. It entails exchanging in more than one country. However, a company can list its stocks on two stock exchanges in the same country. The administration is likely to be widened besides the generation of great pool of possible investors. In most cases, companies employ the common form of cross listing whereby they launch a primary listing in the country of origin before initiating a secondary listing in a foreign country. This happens when a business is pursuing to go global. For instance, an Australian firm expanding in the U.S. And seeks to reflect this in the best way (Dobbs & Goedhart, 2010).

The major reason of cross listing is to avail stock to many people across the…


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Sports Apparel Markets in the United States
Words: 887 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 23562131
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sports apparel markets in the United States and Kenya. The aim is to make a comparison between these markets in terms of how the youth perceives branded products within these markets. My population focus will specifically be young people and business owners to determine the interaction of these populations for the marketing of branded sportswear.

With this in mind the research purpose of the paper will be first to determine the attitudes of young people in the respective countries of investigation towards branded sportswear. This will include whether and why they would prefer to buy branded products as opposed to non-branded ones. Also, the popularity of existing brands will be determined, also in a comparative way, determine which is most popular among young people. In terms of this, the size of each market will be determined.

The practical purposes that will follow include recommending ways in which businesses can develop…


Schram, T.H. (2006) - Chapters 1, 2

Trochim, W.M.K., & Donnelly, J. (2006) - Chapters 1, Sections 1-1f, Chapter 6

Chinese Sport Venue and Market Values
Words: 2184 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99949524
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The Chinese sport has been identified as one of the most dynamic sectors in China based on the market value of the sports industry. In 2013, the market value of the Chinese sports industry was more than $2.91 Billion and increased to $3.44 Billion in 2014 revealing an increase of 18.01%. Typically, Chinese sports industry also recorded the market values of $3.43 Billion at the end of 2015 fiscal year. Although the Chinese sports industry only contributes to 0.63% of the GDP in 2013, however, since 2000, the sports industry has recorded more than 4% annual growth rate based on the increase in the household spending. After the Olympic game in 2008, the market value of the Chinese sports industry has increased by 20%. A report by the Chamber of Commerce (2015) shows that before the success of Lina's, the CSSM ("Chinese Sports Sponsorship Market") value (p 1) was approximate…

Marketing Research Secondary Research Use
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As many of these types of foods are purchased for special occasions, there is also the need for measuring just how many events that typically occur in the projected customer bases' lives during any given year to further estimate market size. Not only does the number of cakes and desserts need to be forecasted, but the flavors and type of cakes and pastries as well. In short, primary research must assist in the primary strategic positioning of the store, validate the store concept, define the market position in terms of pricing and quality levels define the menu and its contents as best as can be measured as well.

In contrast to secondary research where time and costs are typically the major constraints that force companies to use published market research data, the formation of a new business is one is best managed as a longer-term, more thoroughly researched, and more…


BC Stats (2005) - 2001 Amended Census Profile of British Columbia. Published September, 2005. Accessed from the Internet on October 17, 2007 from location:

Figure 2: Richmond

Of Richmond's total population, 54% are immigrants.

Of Richmond's total population, 15% were born in Hong Kong, 10% were born in China and 5% in Taiwan.

Nike Manufactures and Markets Sports
Words: 6524 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47122026
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5% of total liabilities. Their retained earnings, on the other hand, total $5.073 billion. The heavy use of retained earnings is partially explained by their view of themselves as a growth company. hile they pay a dividend, Nike prefers to re-invest much of its profits back into expansion. They do not feel that the market has matured sufficiently to stop their aggressive growth strategy. Another consideration in their capital structure is the cost of capital. On account of its low volatility, Nike has a low cost of debt, approximately 6.8% using CAPM. Their long-term debt is primarily a revolving credit facility. The rate, based on their a+ rating, is LIBOR + 0.15%, which would equate to 4.12% based on the October 15th price of the 1-year LIBOR. If anything, Nike could become more financially efficient by increasing their use of debt financing.

Nike places strong emphasis on human resources. They…

Works Cited

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Nike 2006 Annual Report. Retrieved October 21, 2008 at

ehavioral Finance and Human Interaction a Study of the Decision-Making

Processes Impacting Financial Markets

Understanding the Stock Market

Contrasting Financial Theories

Flaws of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Financial ubbles and Chaos

The stock market's dominant theory, the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) has been greatly criticized recently for its failure to account for human errors, heuristic bias, use of misinformation, psychological tendencies, in determining future expected performance and obtainable profits.

Existing evidence indicates that past confidence in the EMH may have been misdirected, as the theory's models do not show a thorough understanding of trading operations in a realistic light.

Researchers have suggested that a variety of anomalies and inconsistent historical results demand that traditional financial theories, namely the EMH, be reconstructed to include human interaction as a key decision-making process that directly affects the performance of financial markets.

This research paper aims to determine whether or not there is a…


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Kudler Revised Launching in the Australian Market
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Kudler Revised

Launching in the Australian market represents a number of different challenges for Kudler Fine Foods. The company is based in Seoul, where it caters to the ex-pat market, including a large proportion of Australians. This convinced the company that it could take its concept to Australia. There are differences, however, including the nature of the customer base, the best means of reaching them and the messages that need to be sent. Each of these differences will reflect in the marketing communications plan for the company. The campaign will include an understanding of the current situation, a set of strategic objectives, a strategy, tactics, actions and controls (BSA Marketing, 2010).

The current situation is that Kudler has run a successful estern-style gourmet shop in Seoul, where the customer base in nearly an even split between estern ex-pats and local Koreans. The store's selection is predominantly estern gourmet goods, many…

Works Cited:

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Ukrainian Debt Market
Words: 547 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 65269025
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Ukrainian bond market, specifically seeking to determine the factors that are restraining its development. The Ukrainian bond market is underdeveloped, with relatively poor liquidity. Several different factors contributing to this are examined.

What we know already is that there is a low level of liquidity in the Ukrainian debt market. This serves to suppress demand for the nation's debt, and it increases the cost of borrowing because low liquidity means higher risk for buyers. We also know that the country's banking sector has also been a contributor to the slow growth of the debt markets. The main issue with the banking sector is that it is a barrier to investors to buying these bonds -- the banks should act as intermediary but does note.

What we need to find out is what other factors are contributing to the overall sluggishness of the Ukrainian debt markets. Some of the specific issues…

5. The data being gathered is from 2000-2010. Some of this might be available online from the above-mentioned sources. If not, these ministries will be contacted to provide the data. Obviously, things might not be running as normal in Ukraine right now. Under normal circumstances it would take weeks to get this data back from government officials there but significant government disruption is occurring and it might take longer under these circumstances. The cost should not be high -- it is not anticipated that anybody will need to fly to Kiev to get this information -- it can all be transmitted via email or registered mail.

6. The research is socially acceptable. There are no human subjects so no worries about informed consent. The study is based on past data, all of it macroeconomic in nature, so current study of this data does not seem to have any ethical implications. Socially, it is valuable to know what the influences on the markets for different financial products are. In this case, with debt restructuring in Ukraine ongoing, understanding the pricing dynamics of Ukrainian debt has high value to existing or potential lenders.

7. The main benefit of this research is to shed light on the drivers of pricing on Ukrainian debt issues. The market is underdeveloped and this research will help to shed light on what policy options can be implemented in order to build and improve this market. The investment community will benefit from this report. The Ukrainian government and people will also benefit, because they will have a more robust market for sovereign debt should the recommendations be adopted -- this will help the country's budget as it will be able to raise capital at lower rates.

Chipotle's Entry Into Singapore Market
Words: 2973 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 13067766
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Country and Company of Specialty Marketing Strategy

Introduction about Singapore

Introduction of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Background of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Global Macro Environment

Macro Environment Analysis, PEST analysis

Politics, ules and egulations


Society and culture


Opportunities and the threats



Global Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Primary competition in the selected market

Secondary competition

Entry Strategies Discussion & Evaluation in the selected country

Entry Strategy Selection and discussion in the selected country

Target market analysis & segmentation

Target market analysis

Target market segmentation

Global Marketing Mix Strategies

Product Strategy

Current product strategy with examples

ecommended product strategy

Price Strategy

Current price strategy with examples

ecommended price strategy

Promotion Strategy

Current promotion strategy with examples 13

ecommended promotion strategy 13

Place strategy 14

Current place strategy with examples 14

ecommended place strategy 14

eferences 14


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., simply referred to as Chipotle, is a…


Bogoslaw, D. (2008). Growing Pains for Chipotle. Business Week Online, Retrieved 25 June 2015 from Business Source Premier Database.

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How Can Starwood Expand Their Business Into Russian Market in Specific Kazan
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Starwood hotel chain expand their business into Kazan market?

Kazan is one of the largest cities in the epublic of Tatarstan in ussia. With a populace of just one, 143, 546 recorded for the year 2010 in the earlier results of the national Census, it ranks as the eighth most populated city in ussia and was branded as the third capital of ussia in 2009. Subsequently, it has also been dubbed as the sports capital of the region. The importance of the city can be recognized from the recent level of importance it has been given by the ussian government as it continues to increase the economic strength, foreign investment and trade for the country.

As technology brings the planet closer together, more businesses have become multinational corporations (MNC) and have included in a method in their administrative policies to strengthen their market share and profits. The success to become…


Abesser, C. (2010). Open-loop ground source heat pumps and the groundwater systems: A literature review of current applications, regulations and problems. British Geological Survey.

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Educators Weigh Ipad's Dominance of Tablet Market
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96355041
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Educators Weigh iPad's Dominance of Tablet Market" primarily explores the nearly ubiquitous popularity of iPads within the realm of education. Specifically, this article examines the prevalent usage of iPads for primary and secondary school students from kindergarten to the 12th grade. The author (Michele Molnar) begins by alluding to the fact that this particular tablet device is so pervasive in some areas that people cannot disassociate its use from its educational purpose. She substantiates her claims that iPads are the most popular tablet device by citing the fact that a San-Mateo-based research company has concluded that the device cornered over 90% of the tablet market. The rest of the article functions as a series of case studies in different schools around the country in which representatives state their opinion about the positives and negatives of this phenomenon. The positives include the fact that iPad was one of the first tablet…


Molnar, M. (2013). Educators weigh iPads dominance of tablet market. Education Week. Retrieved from

Economics Is the Study of
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If there is a risk that one of the family members will lose his or her job, that will add risk to the purchase decision. The riskier the purchase decision, the lower the price will need to be in order to compensate for that. Another factor here is the expected change in housing prices or interest rates. Buyers are inclined to enter the market if they believe that the cost of home ownership will be higher next year, but they may delay purchases if they believe that costs will be lower next year.

ith new home sales last summer, the dip could be in part due to worries about a double-dip recession. The summer was characterized by an inane fight over the debt ceiling, something that shattered confidence of many in the political system, and some of the key actors within that system. A fractured political system is one that…

Works Cited:

Hauser, C. (2011, Aug 24). Sales of new homes fell again in july. New York Times, pp. B.6-B.6.

small local business marketing plan
Words: 1663 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63442866
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Toshi Dream Spa and Salon is a full-featured spa and salon business located on Main Street and open seven days per week from 10AM until 7PM. They have been in business for fifteen years. Five years ago, they expanded and modernized, going from a hair salon with five chairs to a full-service spa that offers facials, body treatments, waxing, manicures, and pedicures. Their shop is modern, clean, and slick looking. The decor is minimalist, with a cool color scheme using white and icy blue and purple shades. Toshi Dream Spa and Salon wishes to convey an image of cleanliness and being in touch with the aesthetics and grooming needs of contemporary urban consumers.

This business uses a wide range of marketing methods to promote their business. Word of mouth is their primary marketing method, which is enhanced by relationship building through multiple social media platforms. The Toshi Dream Spa offers…

Public Relations One of the
Words: 558 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46849178
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Facebook is operating on the communication and social segment of the it industry. In this sense, it is offering a multitude of services to its clients, which include, besides the actual chat or forum-like services, photo and video sharing and, increasingly, the capacity to generate an entirely customized and personalized page for the user. From this point-of-view, we can identify primary competitors, competing in the social segment of the industry, but also secondary competitors, who focus on partial components, such as photo or video sharing.

In terms of the primary segment, the most important competitor that Facebook has is Myspace. Myspace has successfully benefited from being launched earlier so as to attract an additional 30 million users, ranking at 100 million users before Facebook's 70 million. Bebo and Blackplanet also provide important competition on the primary market, however, the ain competition is between Facebook and Myspace. Both sites try…

Global Financial Strategy
Words: 3324 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 83072330
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Global Financial Strategy

Critical assessment of the proposal to raise capital locally rather than in the UK

In the analysis of the proposal of raising capital locally rather than in the UK, it is essential to consider four critical aspects: costs, risks, benefits/advantages, and limitations/disadvantages. In the presentation of this critical assessment, the focus will be on the four factors or aspect in order to offer reliable analysis of the situation.


In the process of raising capital locally rather than in the UK, the organization must incur several costs. One of the essential costs is the professional cost. This refers to the amount of money or financial resources paid to the legal advisors, auditors, and reporting accountants in order to execute the process of raising the capital effectively and appropriately. Another important aspect of cost is the trading cost. These are direct costs including the brokerage commissions and financial…


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Business Plan Marketing Plan Business
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They do not assume the coffee, their life style. The primary customers are those people, who are youngsters, and middle-aged people as 13 to 21 are youngsters and 22 to 35 are middle aged people. They treat coffee as modish way of living. They prefer to drink coffee as compare to tea. People of upper and middle class will also be targeted and will offer affordable prices which will be suitable for both classes.

B.4 SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of MOCHALICIOUS is described below which includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


The strengths of MOCHALICIOUS will be the quality which will be provided to their customers. People use to drink coffee for refreshing their minds. Therefore, when they will visit the coffee shop they expect to drink coffee in a peaceful environment. It will be also one of strength for MOCHALICIOUS that it has innovative flavors that they…


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IPO in the Last Few
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Many companies go public so that they can expand and so that they can offer employees additional benefits. In addition Shepherd, et al. 2001 asserts that An initial public offering appears to offer the entrepreneurial company a number of benefits, including legitimacy with stakeholders, access to debt capital (Sutton & Benedetto, 1988), and a mechanism by which entrepreneurs can reacquire control from investors (Black & Gilson, 1998). For investors, an IPO represents an exit mechanism (Sutton & Benedetto, 1988). Sahlman (1990) documents that almost all of the returns on venture capital funds are earned on companies that go public. Bygrave and Timmons (1991, p. 159) note that "hot IPO markets are by far the most important cause of peaks in venture capital returns (Shepherd, et al. 2001)."

As it relates to IPO and the current market environment the main incentive is still raising funds to expand the company and solidify…


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Online Table Reservation and Menu-Order
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Many people who choose to eat at upscale restaurants consider themselves gourmets who enjoy showing off their knowledge of fine food by ordering dishes using correct French pronunciation or by knowing the difference between flambe and flame-broiled. To have the meal pre-ordered takes away the excitement of interacting with fellow foodies or people who enjoy such dining experiences. In addition, no online reservation service can routinely offer diners with table selection or other fastidious details that a live hostess or waiter can.

However, this service could appeal to event planners and people who are responsible for organizing and arranging meals for large amounts of people. By allowing people to order online, conference and other large event planners may be able to provide more flexibility in the menu offerings and hasten the ordering process by having drink, appetizer, entree and dessert choices in hand instead of having to collect even pre-ordered…


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Cdos Collateralized Debt Obligations Were
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S. collapsed. It had been riding a speculative bubble fueled by low interest rates and creative financing. Lending to "subprime" borrowers was encouraged, in part by the liquid secondary market for subprime mortgages that was created by the popularization of CDOs. The widespread defaults in the U.S. mortgage market created a situation where CDOs were subject to considerable default risk. hile individual-specific risk had been eliminated, market risk had not. hen the market tanked, the value of the CDOs did as well. That many viewed them as investment grade products only complicated the issue -- now these investors needed to sell their CDOs because their risk profile was skewed. A European study of banks that held CDOs and banks that did not found that the banks with CDOs were riskier in the long-run than those that did not have CDOs (Hansel & Krahnen, 2007). Fender and Kiff (2004) determined that…

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Warburg Pincus Played a Huge Role in
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Warburg Pincus played a huge role in the growth and development of emgs by investing a large amount of funds as well as contributing a significant level of strategic input and design into the company after taking the company over from a third party. They were responsible for much of the improvements and advancements of the company, both through management and funding of research and technology.

Warburg Pincus was trying to take emgs public because by taking emgs public and selling stock in the company, capital could be raised easily and a higher level of legitimacy would be created for emgs and their technology.

Secondary market liquidity is an important consideration in the decision to take emgs public because without the company having a certain level of liquidity on the market, there would either be no interested buyers, or buyers, but who would only be willing to spend a lesser…

Health Care SWOT Analysis
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Coffee egional Medical Center, Inc. CMC") is a non-profit, 88-bed hospital located in Douglas, Georgia. Since 1953, CMC has served the healthcare needs of the community as the sole hospital-provider in Douglas, Georgia and surrounding Coffee County. CMC's mission is to provide the highest-quality healthcare, in a safe and caring environment, for both patients and families (Coffee egional Medical Center, N.d.).

CMC is an acute care hospital for adults and children in southern Georgia whose primary and secondary markets extend from Coffee to Jeff Davis and Bacon counties to Ben Hill and Atkinson counties.


Healthcare is miles behind the curve when it comes to technological innovation, an industry that historically has not been easy to innovate for. There are two key trends that have changed the game just in the last few months, explains Zoe Barry, CEO and Founder of Zappx, "opening up what could be a landgrab for…


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