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Service Industry Essays (Examples)

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Guard Services Industry Guards Are
Words: 1415 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33591700
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According to the figures for 2000 and that is the latest that is available, their average earnings are $17,570 in a year. In this business the contracts are given to the one who quotes the least and this makes the security companies oppose any government rules which will increase their costs. The businesses which employ them also do not want increased charges. This has resulted in criminals becoming security guards, and even those that are checked, go through the checking of records in only one state. Stories keep coming about beating, raping and robbing the people they are expected to protect. Even according to New York Daily News, there have been employment of criminals for the protection of Statue of Liberty and some of the guards were even convicts. At the same time, the labor department expects that demand of security guards will grow up very fast till 2010, and…


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Knowledge Management Best Practices in Services Industries
Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50569159
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Knowledge Management Best Practices in Services Industries

The ability to stay on in step with customers' rapidly changing needs is only possible when a company completely commits itself to transforming data into information, while also capturing and using tacit and implicit knowledge. As this analysis will illustrate, data, information and knowledge are multifaceted and have many implications across the lifecycle of a business in general and customers specifically. Concentrating on how the data pertaining to customers can be optimized, this analysis concentrates on the Service Quality (SEVQUAL) methodology and metrics. SEVQUAL measures five dimensions of the customer experience including reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, Berry, 1985). While the scope of this analysis concentrates on SEVQUAL from the standpoint of capturing data, information and knowledge from a customer standpoint, there are many ancillary implications that also apply to the knowledge-based theory of firms as well. The use of…


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Service Quality Research the Research Discussed in
Words: 2696 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63790144
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Service Quality esearch

The research discussed in this paper is based on the application of the SEVQUAL model to the restaurant sector of the hospitality service industry. The SEVQUAL model was developed in 1985 and has been refined since for use in the service industry. In contrast to goods, service quality has been difficult to measure because of the intangibility, variability and heterogeneity of the service. Moreover, the service quality depends on the interaction between service provider and consumer. The SEVQUAL model was developed to overcome these limitations. The research articles discussed in the following sections were all conducted to apply the model in the restaurant sector to evaluate the service quality of various kinds of restaurants.

In addition to the SEVQUAL model, another useful model is the DINESEV model which has also been used by a couple of the researches discussed in this paper. The researches discussed in this…


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Services Sector Comprises Vast Groups
Words: 4816 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99330239
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Banks have thus the role of distributing these products to their customers. Added to that in the international arena banks are dealing more with derivatives and foreign exchange, making the role of the bank far more important in the overall well being of the economy. Banks are diversifying and redefining themselves as trading, banking and service institutions. The banks are multifunctional and are known by various terms like the 'clearing bank' in UK, 'Commercial banks' and 'Investment banks' or 'Merchant banks'. Banks are thus redefining themselves to suit the wider rage of operation sand services offered. (Cranston, 1997, p. 3)

2. Globalization of banking sector

Globalization is a phenomenon that has invaded all industries and human life. The changes that have come about after the break down of the cold war and the new social interaction between nations have affected the financial sector as well. Globalization has removed restrictions for…


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Service Delivery Strategy the Reliance
Words: 1802 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85397217
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The balancing of costs and customer loyalty are being mediated by the service supply chain considerations as well in each of these companies. As the major limitation is intelligence of how self-efficacy changes over time as customers are routed to new avenues of participation, much work needs to be done in this area as it is critical for the growth of these strategies across all lines of services offered. The critical link of customer identification with the services needs to stay intact despite the challenge of keeping these roles in sync with supply chain visibility and planning.


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Service Demand & Supply Service Demand and
Words: 2251 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13340021
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Service Demand & Supply

Service Demand and Supply Planning

Planning is considered the most important function of every project and organization (Singla, 2011). Successful organizations spend their more than 60% of the time in the planning process. It is because strong planning makes the subsequent steps easy. If planning is poor, the rest of the activities are bound to fail. It is, therefore, mandatory to spend maximum time and put in the best efforts in the phase of planning so that execution and implementation can be made possible without hassle.

In the context of business organization, the major game to play around is maximizing profitability (Tulsian, 2002). It is the core objective of every commercial organization and the very survival and existence of organization depends upon the ratio of profits it earns. The simple formula of profit calculation is revenue less expense. In order to maximize profits, organizations adopt any…


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Service Work and Self-Service the
Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 31500618
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This, according to Karen blurs the line between the organization and the people among whom it is established. There is a likelihood of the organization losing the social identity and touch with the people among whom it is established who, as a social culture, should be part of its identity. This is seen from that lacking human face of the organizations and all that people encounter are machines and software.

However, looking at the entire aspect with the postmodern theory perspective, there is always the temptation to believe that this is the right trend to follow. The post modern theory attempts to bring sense into the multifaceted and the highly dynamic business environment. According to Bryan C. (2004) postmodernism explains a series of breaks and continuations experienced within the contemporary community. It is based and argues for advancements, innovation, and adaptation to the contemporary dynamic goings on. This then means…


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Industry Forecasting the Future of
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95292318
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The best-known companies who are selling CM systems today on the SaaS platform include, today a $1B company, ightNow Technologies and SugarCM both of which are growing at an average of 7% to 10% a year in revenue and new subscribers (Tsai, 2010).

How Trends Today Will eshape the Market Tomorrow

All of these trends of analytics, process-based application development, and SaaS platform development will accelerate the adoption and use of CM systems over time. In addition, the use of SaaS-based platforms is going to open up the use of customer information stored on social networks. In the next five years, social networks and CM applications will be tightly integrated together, providing more insights than ever before into customer needs, wants and preferences. The exponential growth of social networks and the wealth of customer data contained in them is also a dominant trend in the development of future generation…


Bernoff, J., & Li, C.. (2008). Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.

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Service Encounter
Words: 3070 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45008332
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service encounters from your own perspective as a customer and as a services marketing manager. Part one will consist of examination of an organization that provided the worst service of any organization ever encountered by recognizing the concepts of service marketing from the appropriate chapters of the prescribed text, and Part two will be comprised of an account of an organization doing an excellent overall job by applying services marketing concepts recognized.

ad Service Organization

AT&T undoubtedly has provided the worst service ever encountered by the writer of this work. The company advertised a bundled package that included a home phone and broadband internet service along with mobile phone service. The company failed to inform the customer that the area in which they resided did not have roadband service and sold the customer the bundled package at a set price. When the customer received the mobile telephone, the customer soon…


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Service Recovery in a Successful Relationship After
Words: 4534 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56482705
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Service ecovery in a Successful elationship

After exhausting all the possible thresholds of the product manufacturing industry the marketers and the organizations are showing a clear tilt towards the services sector. The service industry refers to the companies that are involved in the rendering intangible services for the benefit of the customers. Irrespective of the fact that the service industry deals with intangibles but yet the services sector operates fully to accommodate the basic principles of business and marketing in the competitive environment. The customers and profitable customer relationship management are equally important for the organizations concerned with the tangibles as well as intangibles.

Service Sector

Services encompass all the activities of an organization that are mainly focused on ensuring that the requirements, desires and needs of the customers are appropriately catered via intangibles. It is hereby required by a service organization to satisfy the needs and wants of the…


Friedman, N. (2007). Service Recovery. The Art of Damage Control .

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Service and Manufacturing Operations Consider
Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77154869
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must be factored into the equation of how much it will cost to operate the business.

Finally, because human beings are one of the primary resources of the service sector, employee attrition is always a problem. Poor employee training results in poor customer service, and a loss of critical demand. In manufacturing, a behind-the-scenes employee can be retrained with greater alacrity, and his or her personality and ability to provide good customer service is less critical to the survival of the business.

From an operation manager's perspective, the most frustrating difference between the two sectors lies in the fourth area of expense, the greater overhead costs of the service sector. It is often more difficult to pinpoint where needless waste is occurring, in the service industry, because it is often due to human factors, or incorrect use of the equipment by employees. In the manufacturing sector, a manager can quantitatively…

Service Recovery in Successful Relationships
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34232345
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al.). Organizations that are attaining the highest levels of performance in services industries have created processes for internalizing lessons learned in service recovery and transforming them into processes and strategies (Boshoff, 43, 44). Based on the accumulated research a proposed Services Recovery Model is also defined in this analysis. This proposed model defines the need for coherence and consistency between organizational and individual service recovery strategies, based on the foundation of accumulated expectations of customers. The focus of the Services Recovery Model is the validation and reinforcement of trust through coherency and consistency of organizational and individually-oriented recovery strategies.

From these theoretical foundations, the developments of strategic responses to service recovery are possible to design, implement and monitor over time. Service recovery has progressed as an academic discipline and business practice due to the increasingly commoditized product strategies that rely increasingly on price and service, less on product or services…

Services Is a Small Family-Owned
Words: 2126 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62138306
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To evaluate whether or not the blog is successful, the company should see an increase in the number of visitors with each post, and an associated increase in traffic to the main website of the company.

Financial Implications or equired Budget:

The financial implications for these marketing strategies are very cost effective. One of the most costly part of the strategy is likely to be the initial revamp of the company website, with hiring a seasoned web content writer, for the new SEO content creation. PPC advertising is very reasonable in price. In some instances, such as advertising via Facebook, the PPC amount is left up to the discretion of the advertiser, with a minimum of 1 cent per click. Currently, their suggested rate is between 47 cents and 69 cents per click. An additional cost to this advertising will be the design of the ads themselves. With Facebook, a…


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Service Quality Club Pacha Club
Words: 3480 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13021842
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The focus must also be on how to create the place or location so it is eclectic enough to meet the diverse expectations of the customer base.

When the Gap Model of Service Quality is applied to Place there are many areas of marketing strategy that need to be taken into account. First, there is the need to ensure the Place or location does not cause the need for service recovery completely on its own. This can happen if the variation in quality of locations varies so significantly that customers perceive big differences in expeie3nces between floors of the club Pacha for example. As the website and club have shown through marketing, each floor is unique yet of consistent high quality in terms of sound systems and seating, lighting and dance floors. All of these factors or place service to differentiate the club overall but also create the potential of…


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Service Operations
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 98132517
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Service Operations

Celebrity Cruises Inc. falls under the competitive premium or cruising industry. The company faces the task of surviving within the competitive market while executing effective and efficient differentiation process. The aim of the strategy of the organization is to stand out in the perspective of the consumers hence improving on chances to combat competition. The report seeks to evaluate the situation of Celebrity Cruises within the industry and offer effective recommendations to solve the problem at hand.

Celebrity Cruises, Inc. came into play after the initiative by the Chandaris Group in Greece. The company hit the market in 1989. At the initial stage, the company oversaw adoption of 47,000-ton vessels. The lower-berth capacity of the vessels was approximately 1,400 visitors. The destinations of the cruises at the initial stage were Alaska, Bermuda, and Caribbean. In order to improve the size of operations, the company saw the need to…


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Services Marketing Strategy Report the Airline Business
Words: 2534 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66334608
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Services Marketing Strategy eport

The airline business is among the most competitive sectors in the economy. The business requires the investors to invest huge amounts of capital to sustain the operations of the business. The difference in the capital available has resulted into emergence of superior airline companies that have dominated the global market. The airline companies are mainly a service delivery oriented offering transport for passengers and language.

The airline company under evaluation is Singapore Airlines. The company was incorporated in 1947 originally as Malayan Airways Limited. With the help from British Commonwealth airlines, the company increased its fleet size to become among the major players in the airline industry. The company has a strong presence in Asia, which is the major market. The company operates trans-Pacific flights, which increase revenue. The company also diversifies its operations to provide services like as aircraft managing and engineering services (Lee &…


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Industry and Regulatory Strategy the Generic Drug
Words: 1238 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25022845
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Industry and egulatory Strategy

The generic drug industry provides the public with pharmaceutical alternatives to branded big name prescription drugs. "In 2010 alone, the use of FDA-approved generics saved $158 billion, an average of $3 billion every week."(Generic Pharmaceutical Association. 2011. P.1). With the continuing increase in health care expenditures and health insurance premiums for business and consumers; in 2011 premiums increased by nine percent (Abelson, eed. September 27, 2011. P.1), and "with so many people relying on prescriptions, the cost implications loom large for the American public, health insurers, and government payers" ( N.D.P.1). Generic drugs must play a more prominent role in the U.S. health care profile, as such as CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPA), the organizations legislative push is toward patent reform which would call for generic drug competition within seven years of the name brand drug introduction. In so doing pharmaceutical prices would fall…


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Future Pharmaceutical Markets. Bio Job Retrieved December 12, 2011 from

Industry Attractiveness the Athletic Footwear
Words: 837 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 21398038
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Nike, for example, operates in approximately 150 countries around the world. Also, there is room for brand and line extension. This leverages core brands and competencies to move into similar business. In recent years, Nike has built its Hurley and Cole Haan lines in recent years using their manufacturing and distribution competencies, and Reebok has expanded its core brand into ice hockey.

There are many threats to the industry, however. First, the slowing in the U.S. market has resulted in an increase in competition as growth prospects slow for the key firms. The industry is also subject to economic slowdown, especially the top firms, who generally operate with a premium pricing strategy. As most firms in the industry operate with a model featuring global procurement, they are at risk to increases in transportation costs, which cut into their margins.

Another risk is intellectual property rights violations. Two of the key…

Works Cited

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Industry Pattern Describe the Industry and Explain
Words: 1029 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88369131
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Industry Pattern

Describe the industry and explain the general pattern of change of the particular market model.

Since the 1990s, the electric utility industry has been going through tremendous amounts of deregulation. This is because the monopolistic model made them ineffective in delivering different services. When this happened, consumers began to experience dramatic increases in the costs for their utility bills. In general, this was considered to be a naturalistic monopoly, as the government regulatory agencies could protect the interests of consumers. However, after it became clear that this approach was ineffective, is when there was a transformation in these strategies. This occurred with many governments around the world opening the marketplace to foreign competitors or selling their assets to private individuals / entities. (Griffin, 2005, pp. 39 -- 110)

Moreover, the increasing demand from consumers meant that this model was simply unsustainable. Evidence of the can be seen with…


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Service -- Dominant Logic the
Words: 3560 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70776516
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First the process of co-creation will be defined, followed several examples of successful co-creations of the customer experience.

5. Customer experience is the brand and co-creation is the process

A firm that migrates to a service-dominant logic will move from selling a commodity to co-creating the customer's experiences. If you utilize the brand definition in the introduction portion of this paper -- a brand is the summation of a customer's interactions with a firm and their products and services - one must come to the conclusion that building a customer experience equates to building a brand (Prahalad, 2004). The job of a marketer becomes one creating positive encounters; encounters which influence the customer's ability, willingness and opportunities to co-create with firm. (Payne, 2009).

The process of co-creation is evolving. In 2004,Prahalad and Ramaswamy, describe the building blocks of interactions. To co-create, a firm needed to facilitate dialogues, create access to…


Andreu, L., Sanchez, I. & Mele, C., (2010). Value co-creation among retailers and consumers: new insights into the furniture market. Journal of retailing and consumer services. Retrieved on April 18, 2010 from: .

NOTE: Your may want to download this article and complete this citing.

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Service Level Networks When it
Words: 2990 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 32191202
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In other words, the facilities that are available will be laid out in the best possible pattern and fashion so as to maximize efficiency and convenience for people who use the services (Handler & Mirchandani, 1979). There is obviously no way to put all of the facilities into the same space, and some of them take up more land than others, but there is no reason that urban planning officials, city leaders, and companies that want to build in a particular area cannot work together to meet everyone's needs. Often they want to accomplish this, but they simply are not sure what the best way to go about it would be.

Consider, as an example, a network model of an urbanized area, shown on the following pages and reproduced from Larson & Odoni, 1997-1999

All of the nodes (a through H) indicate points at which service demands are being…


Beltrami, E., & Bodin, L., (1974). Networks and Vehicle Routing for Municipal Waste Collection, Networks, 4 (1), 65-94 (1974).

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Service Operations Management Report Mccarran
Words: 2781 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20051100
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While this paper focuses on process-centric improvements to McCarran, the research completed for this paper highlights the critical need for an all-encompassing IT architecture that allows for data to support both processes as thoroughly as possible.

Figure 3: Combining the Check-in and retailing processes for greater efficiency

Luggage and Baggage Process Improvements

Another major area of process improvement McCarran needed to focus on was luggage and baggage handling. The airport had been losing between 10% to 30% of all bags, leading to high levels of customer dissatisfaction and many manual processes attempting to compensate for the confusion around this broken process. Relying on Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) McCarran piloted several programs for baggage tagging, management and retrieval using the RFID standard. In the retail industry, Wal-Mart has been a pioneer in establishing higher levels of performance in logistics and supply chain performance using RFID, and McCarran's many efforts have…

Joustra & Dijik (2001) - Paul E. Joustra and Nico M. Van Dijk. SIMULATION OF CHECK-IN AT AIRPORTS. Presented Proceedings of the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference B.A. Peters, J.S. Smith, D.J. Medeiros, and M.W. Rohrer, eds.

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Service Fairness in CRM in
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47566725
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Time Warner approaches the issue of returns and service adjustment through a series of escalation paths and programs. These are the first step in averting any potential need for service recovery. When the service disruption is their fault or the fault of weather-related causes the company, Time Warner is quick to provide a refund or at least a credit for lost service. This is consistent with the concept of reciprocation and respect for customers as well (Thanh, 2007).

Time Warner is less apt however to provide a refund or credit if there is a conflict with a customer over the quality or latency of a signal over time. This is unquantifiable from a Time Warner standpoint, but very real to a customer. The divergence between what quality level Time Warner thinks it is delivering and it actually is from a customers' perception causes the majority of churn in their customer…


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Dang, Dan Thanh, 2007. Tenacity more help than warranty. The Baltimore Sun Tribune Business News. Washington DC.

Service Fariness for CRM Modern
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Would the peson taking the action in question be willing to have eveyone act that way?

Is the peson taking the action teating othes with espect?

Is the peson taking the action teating othes in ways that they have consented to be teated? (Caoll, 2000; Velazquez, 2005).


SW, and most of the majo ailines, have not eacted with fainess with thei seat sizes; Ameicans ae gowing lage, but seat distance and sizing emains equal to, o smalle, than 3-4 decades ago. This is unfai and unethical because it punishes eveyone, not just the obese.

Ailines egulaly chage fo excess baggage based on thei own ules; excess gith o weight is not so diffeent. Tickets ae based on clients comfotably and safely filling a seat- if eithe issue is off, then the pocess becomes unfai.

It is not just the obese passenge's consideations that must be addessed, but the othe…

references. In Mikula, G., ed. Justice and Historical Interaction. New York: Plenum Press, pp. 167-218.

Velazquez, M. (2005). Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases. New York: Prentice Hall.

Services Marketing
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There are four broad categories of services. These are people processing, possession processing, information processing and mental processing. These four categories represent the process view of services, which is based on the idea that services are essentially transformative in nature. Something is transformed as part of the service, and services can therefore be categorized in terms of what is being processed.

The first is people processing, which is a focus on the customer as the person to whom something is done. A haircut is a good example, but another good one would be a hotel room. The service is provided in terms of the provision of rest and a personal space. There is a physical component, but they call it the hospitality industry because the key deliverable is the hospitality and the physical component is just a manifestation of that.

The second is possession processing. This is similar to…


Lovelock et al. (2012), Essentials of Services Marketing (2nd ed.), Pearson

Service-Oriented Architectures in it Service-Oriented
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Web Services in the context of an SOA framework are designed to be the catalyst of greater order accuracy and speed, further increasing performance of the entire company in the process. The collection of Web Services is meant to not replace the traditional and highly engrained EP systems in a company; rather Web Services are meant to extend and enhance their performance and making them more agile over time (Alonso, Kuno, Casati, Machiraju, 2004). Theorists have suggested that the SOA framework is only as successful as the approaches taken to creating a unified Web Services strategy that creates a single system of record of customer data the entire company standardizes on (Kobielus, 2007). This concept of the system of record is defined as Master Data Management (MDM) and is the basis of analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), which are fueling more focus on measuring the value of SOA frameworks from…


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Services Marketing Industry Overview Mcdonalds
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S. recession -- the ability to make up for such downturns with growth elsewhere is highly valuable. The internal systems allow for two things critical to McDonalds -- efficiency and consistency. The McDonalds experience is the same in every restaurant in every country, something that is essential to brand development.

There are few weaknesses at McDonalds. The company does not have a good reputation among certain segments of the market because its food is perceived as being unhealthy. The company has had a few product missteps in trying to explore opportunities in other business -- pizza being one such failure. These weaknesses have not proven to harm the company in the long run but there are times when such instances will have an adverse effect on the company's revenue streams or cost structure.

There remain opportunities for McDonalds. The company sees coffee as an opportunity and is pursuing market share…

Service Workers as Robin Leidner's
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Dealers are required according to casino policy to make customers feel relaxed and at ease, and to help put them in the same spending/gambling mood that all of the other elements of the decor and operation are meant to create, as well (Sallaz, 2002). In order to do this, the casino employs primarily young female dealers and encourages them to happily chat with the players regardless of how the action is going or how much tipping occurs (Sallaz, 2002). In reality, things don't actually operate quite this way, with dealers clearly motivated to act differently depending on how the tipping is going -- motivated by their own gain rather than by the casinos -- but this highlights a problem with the setup of the employer/employee relationship, and does not question the basic premise of the idealized relationship between the service worker and the consumer in terms of emotional work (Sallaz,…


Leidner, R. (1993). "Over the Counter: McDonald's." In Fast Food, Fast Talk. Berkeley,

CA: 1993.

Sallaz, J. (2002). The House Rules: Autonomy and Interests Among Service Workers in the Contemporary Casino Industry. Work and Occupations 29(4): 394-427.

Marketing in the Banking Industry Prescott Valley
Words: 4958 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 73265458
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Marketing in the anking Industry

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Abridged Literature Review


Annotated ibliography

While there are many industries in the world that are growing at a rapid pace, one of them is exceedingly doing well. This is because it relies upon the monies and funds of its customers and greatly influences the other industries as well. This is the banking industry. Although a common part of every consumer's life, the banking industry has been growing and developing globally. To understand such growth, the attention instantly goes to the strategic and marketing techniques that have been applied by the people of this industry. Therefore, to gain a thorough and concise outlook of the marketing wonders that have continue to enable the banking industry to succeed at all fronts, the research topic that has been proposed for this research paper is 'marketing in the banking industry'. This topic will not only…


Berger, A.N. (2003). The Economic Effects of Technological Progress: Evidence from the Banking Industry. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Volume 35.

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New Service Economy
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New service economy is an economy that is based on knowledge, services and communications between people. This is an economy where there are relatively few manufacturing jobs, and most people work in the service industry in some capacity. The new service economy reflects the dominance of this type of industry in our economy. This newfound dominance of the service economy has an impact on our ability to have a sustainable environmental management approach.

Sound environmental management practice implies the prevention of environmental catastrophe and the strong stewardship of the environment, within the context of a functioning, growing economy. In part, the new service economy facilitates a higher level of environmental stewardship inherently, because most people earn their living without producing very much in the way of physical goods. People trade on knowledge, experience and skills, things that do not cause much waste.

These new knowledge industries can play a strong…

Servqual in Airline Industry
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SERVQUAL Method: Airline Industry Use

The objective of this study is to examine use of the SERVQUAL method in the airline industry. This work will examine five articles on use of SERVQUAL.

The work of ozorgi (2007) entitled "Measuring Service Quality in the Airline Using SERVQUAL Model (Case of IAA)" reports that competition in the airline industry is constantly growing and that airline companies should pay close "attention to their competitors." (p.1) ozorgi notes that it is important as well for airlines to "understand their customers." (2007, p.1) The work of Nyeck, Morales, Ladhari, and Pons (2002) entitled "10 Years of Service Quality Measurement: Reviewing the Use of the SERVQUAL Instrument" reports that research on service marketing has traditionally focused primarily on the "analysis of service quality." (p.101) Additionally stated is that there are researchers in this discipline that "emphasize the explanation of the perceived quality by using the SERVQUAL…


Bozorgi, MM (2006) Measuring Service Quality in the Airline Using SERVQUAL Model (Case of IAA). Retrieved from: 

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Products and Services
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Products and Services for Internet Cafe

This is a paper that outlines a business plan for setting up an internet cafe, describing the industrial trend of the products and services available for the cafe. It uses 5 sources in MLA format.


usiness Nature

The following is a business plan for an Internet Cafe -- AC Cafe. Unlike ordinary computer business, the genre of this business will belong to the entertainment industry. The products and services include Internet access for browsing, computer games, chatting, office work and beverage services. Instead of merely providing Internet Cafe services, the business will differentiate itself from competitors by providing a cafe atmosphere like those of a hip joint while providing Internet services. Hence, food stuff would be provided on the one side of the cafe while on the other side, computers will be placed in triangular tables to compensate for physical…


1. Khalil Abdullah / Staff Writer of The Dallas Morning News, Friday's, Dave & Buster's plan international growth., The Dallas Morning News, 02-18-1998, pp 2D.

2. "Hard Rock Cafe International Releases Mid-Year Financial Results; Sales Up 5% and Operating Profits Up 18%." PR Newswire Issue: Sept 8, 2000

3. Corinne Simon, Cafe offers UF students gateway to computers., University Wire, 09-08-1998

4. Hard Rock Cafe International Teams Up With Liquid PR Newswire March 14, 2001

Pal's Sudden Service Is a Quick Service
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Pal's Sudden Service is a quick service restaurant chain that seeks to compete in part through excellence in the service function. Part of the strategy involves delivering food very quickly to customers, with a minimum of errors. To achieve these goals, the company expends considerable energy on training its employees. This paper will outline some of the principles that I would use if I worked for Pal's in order to continue to eliminate errors and increase overall quality.

educing Errors

If I was in charge of training, I would utilize the same techniques to reduce errors that are found in production management. Those techniques, while typically developed for manufacturing enterprises, can be easily adapted to the service industry. Something like Six Sigma is a good approach because it focuses on statistical analysis to determine the root causes of errors (Smith, n.d.). A good starting point might be something like the…


MindTools. (2013). Kirkpatrick's four-level training evaluation model. Retrieved September 25, 2013 from 

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Self-Service Technology SST and Its Effect on
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self-service technology (SST) and its effect on customer service. The essay reviews six articles, the results of their SST research, and talks about what the findings mean for companies and their relationships with consumers.

Self-service technology, which allows consumers to produce services for themselves without help from a company's employees, is becoming more and more important to companies. Beatson, Lee & Coote (2007) studied how consumers feel about SST. Their research tried to explain how SST affects consumer satisfaction and consumer commitment.

One of the challenges for companies considering SST is to understand its affect on customer retention. Companies cannot survive without repeat business, so they need to be sure that SST does not affect the loyalty of their customers. They need to be sure that the advantages of SST outweigh the disadvantages (Beatson et al., 2007).

The possible advantages of using SST include faster service, reduced labor costs, increased…

Dabholkar, P.A., & Bagozzi, R.P. (2002). An attitudinal model of technology-based self-service: Moderating effects of consumer traits and situational factors. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, (30)3, 184-201.

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Trade Show Industry in Germany
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Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it sheds light on a very important contributor to local and international trade. Trade fairs have a long history in providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers. They are an important channel of communication for B2B buyers and sellers. This is a significant area for study because there are limited channels of communication between B2B buyers and sellers. The previous sections have diversified the importance of communication to trade. B2B buyers and sellers cannot use mass channels of communication such as television advertising or newspaper advertising. In this market usage of personal visits and demonstrations are the common channels of marketing and communication. The B2B selling and marketing activities are less highlighted in research than B2C activities. Therefore, this study is significant because it explores a very important channel of marketing and communication in the B2B market.

The study is…

UFI.(2009). The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, 5th edition: A UFI report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group Executive Summary -- for UFI members only." Business Strategies Group Ltd. [online] Available at  [Accessed 10 May, 2012].

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Adult Day Care Industry
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Adult day care industry is well-known for providing social and basic health assistance to the elderly with physical and mental disabilities. The assistance provided in these adult day care centers include meals, hygiene services such as bathing and cleaning up, therapeutic activities and transportation. This industry is differentiated from nursing homes since adult day cares only operate during normal business hours and therefore do not include home or night care ACH National espite esource Center, 2004.

Companies in this industry depend on three major sources of finance which are grants from donor agencies, fees charged to clients or public funding from the government. Public funding represents 55% of product segmentation while client fees represent 26%. In the year 2013, the industry had gross revenue of 6.2 billion dollars representing an annual growth of 2%. 3,700 businesses operating in this industry made total profits of just over 396 million dollars. According…


ARCH National Respite Network & Resource Center. (2012). Building Blocks for Lifespan Respite: Federal Guide to Funding for Adult's and Children's Respite. (Lifespan Respite ed., Vol. 101): Chapel Hill.

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IBIS World. (2013). Adult Day Care in the U.S. Industry Report OD5942. Retrieved November 10th, 2013, from

Worldwide Airline Industry Faced Continual
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It is important that human resources within the airline devise strategies to minimize the possible negative effects that union relations may have on the workforce.

There are several issues that have impacted the airline industry as a whole, and present implications for the human resources challenges discussed thus far. The first of these issues is a drastically changing workforce demographic within the airline industry. In particular the workforce is aging. Establishments in the air transportation industry have a significantly higher proportion of employees in the 45 to 54 and 55 to 64-year-old age ranges than other industries (Wallace & Gonzalez, 2005). Specifically, employees in the 45 to 54-year-old age group comprise approximately 35% of the whole workforce (Wallace & Gonzalez, 2005). On the contrary, workers in the 14 to 24-year-old category comprise only 4% of the workforce (Wallace & Gonzalez, 2005).

This issue presents human resources challenges with regards to…


Appelbaum, S.H., Fewster, B.M. (2004). Human resource management strategy in the global airline industry -- a focus on organizational development. Business Briefing: Aviation Strategies, 70-5.

CNN (2004). Outsourcing has yet to really penetrate the travel industry. Local Needs and travel infrastructure tends to require local people on the ground. Retrieved 6/13/07 from .

Grassi, D.M. (2005). Outsourcing airline safety may prove costly.

Pratt, M.K. (2002). Contingent employees raise host of benefit questions. Boston Business Journal. Retrieved 6/13/07 from .

Red & Blue Ocean' Industries Red and
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ed & Blue Ocean' Industries

ed and Blue Ocean Industries: Quick Service estaurant Industry

Location, location, location. This is the mantra of retailers who depend highly on getting the best location as the key to increasing the presence (both physical and perceived presence) of the business, brand, and product or service to the consumer's psyche. This is especially applicable in the case of the fast food or quick service restaurant industry. Food is a universal need and commodity, and differences among consumers depend on their taste preference, perception of the brand, and value for money, among many others. But location is a very critical component for consumers, and a brand or store's presence in a trade area most often becomes the primary basis for patronizing the brand or store. If the store is not present in the consumer's location, then the store has just lost an important share of the…


Rogers, D. (2007). "Retail location analysis in practice." Research Review, Vol. 12, No. 2.

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Thrall, I. (2002). Business Geography and New Real Estate Market Analysis. NY: Oxford University Press.

Hms Host Customer Service Human
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The reinforcement power of this feedback loop strengthens the customer service culture to the point where it has become for HMS Host a source of competitive advantage.

Another way in which HMSHost develops its customer service expertise is through its partnerships. The company utilizes these partnerships to institute a two-way transfer of a wide range of competencies, including technology, logistics and training (QSR Magazine, 2002). These partnerships allow partners like Starbucks and Burger King to contribute their own strong customer service values to HMS managers, who can in turn transfer this knowledge throughout the organization. This infusion of creativity allows for a wider range of ideas and best practices to be introduced into the organization, thereby enhancing organizational learning. The same occurred when HMSHost was taken over by Autogrill -- the parent company was able to influence customer service standards and bring in new ideas with regards to enhancing the…

Works Cited:

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Quality Service Management This Case
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The hotel and the LST core values are aligned in customer service and hospitality, meeting the customer needs as often as humanly possible. (LST websites)

Measurement and Feedback and Cultural Change (Yee Tsang & Antony 2001) measurement and feedback systems are currently lacking, other than in the nature of the fact that booking groups often return, though individuals not necessarily. (Mccarville 1993)

7 Essentials for Successful Leisure Programming

1. Establish programming priorities. LST has adequately developed a set of priorities regarding both what the consumer will see, as a cultural reflection and from an historical perspective. The company has also effectively developed a TQM approach to the development of programs that meet the consumer's expectations of a tour. Individualization and keeping the costs of such within the expectations of individuals and groups will be the key in the future.

2. Discover clients' needs. Client's needs discovery is currently produced by…


Dabrowska, K (2005) "The Lure of Libya: Weekend Breaks for Londoners in Libya? This Is Not a Desert Mirage but One of the Dreams Amelia Stewart Is Determined to Turn into Reality before Long." The Middle East, August/September, pp. 54.

"Establish Trade Links in Libya; IN ASSOCIATION WITH Rensburg Sheppards." (2006) Daily Post (Liverpool, England), September 20, p. 4.

Ford, N (2003) "Diversifying Success: Change Is Afoot in Libya Where Economic Growth Continues at a Healthy Rate." The Middle East, May, pp. 50.

"GADDAFI'S SECRET POMPEII. Caroline Hendrie Finds Roman Ruins in Libya to Match Italy's Finest - but Don't Tell a Soul, REVIEW." 2005. The Mail on Sunday (London, England), January 16, p. 94.

Management Styles Fool-Proofing a Service Operation In
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Management Styles

Fool-proofing a service operation.

In the banking industry, a significant service industry in any country, optimized operations are essential to ensure that the public has maximum confidence in the operators of this industry. ank of America and its operations have been selected for discussion in this study. The bank has grown tremendously in the past few years. CEO, Ken Lewis realized that the bank could gain a wider market share and customer base if it was able to streamline its operations and the level of service. Incorporating concepts of process management was considered essential to the improvement process. (Cox and ossert, 2005) Some of the tools such as six-sigma were used to ensure that a high level of quality was maintained in the service that the provided to the customer.

ank of America recognized that customer satisfaction was paramount in ensuring that the customer was loyal and would…


Anonymous. "Starbucks - Taking on the World." Strategic Direction 20.7 (2004): 13-15. Starbucks and Transfair USA Enter into Breakthrough Alliance to Promote Fair Trade Certified Coffee. 2000. August 5, 2005.

Cohen, Don. "Managing Knowledge in the New Economy." Conference on organizational Learning. Chicago: The Conference Board, LLC, 1998.

Cox, Daniel, and James Bossert. "Driving Organic Growth at Bank of America." Quality Progress 38.2 (2005): 23-28.

Extraordinary Customer Service Is One
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Jones (2000) explains that "Competitive advantage can be gained through customer service management (CSM) when implemented as a comprehensive approach to centering the organization on the customer. To be successful in the CSM strategy, each area of an organization must see that, directly or indirectly, achieving its objectives contributes to the customer's overall experience with the organization (Jones (2000)."

The capacity for business growth as goals are met- if customer service is good loyal customers will begin to tell others about the company and the products and services that are available through the company (Bielski, 2002). When this occurs profit could increase and many goals can be met.

Weaknesses. The weaknesses of industry as it relates to customer service are as follows;

Lack of adequate customer service training/quality assurance- in many cases industry suffers because there is a lack of customer service training that is adequate enough to meet the…


Arogyaswamy, B., & Simmons, R.P. (1993). Value-Directed Management: Organizations, Customers, and Quality. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.

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Jones, C.A. (2000, Summer). Extraordinary Customer Service Management: THE CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS. Business Perspectives, 12, 26.

U S Airline Industry Assess the
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Similarly, this could influence the international airline community. Then, a stable economy is highly dependent upon a stable oil price, which once again is not the case. "The environment will continue to become more competitive as the LCC's continue to become more convenient. Business fares will continue to drop. Leisure fares won't raise much until capacity is generally in line with demand, which won't occur until much of the capacity overhand has been employed either by surviving legacy carriers or LCC."

To the customer, the continuing of this trend will generate no benefits. "In other words, we're stuck with the current system, because it isn't really in any airline's interest to try to change it. As long as no airline makes a dedicated effort to distinguish itself from the pack, all the airlines can stay lean, even at the expense of quality."


Surowiecki, J., the Unfriendly Skies, the New…


Surowiecki, J., the Unfriendly Skies, the New Yorker, 2007

Jankins, D., Overview of the Domestic Airline Industry, the George Washington University Aviation Institute, on February 13, 2008

Airlines face fiscal problems due to war, the Daily Michigan, September 1, 2003

Quick MBA, Porter's Five Forces - a Model for Industry Analysis, 1999-2007, . Retrieved on February 13, 2008

Business Plan Funeral Services Business
Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 96989024
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One tactic which has made the John Doe group unique in the industry is its recognition of the importance of community in the viability of individual enterprises. Its damaged relationship with the communities in which it has sought to operate can be rectified by aspects of its model which are already in place. Though the company operates thousands of funeral service establishments from a centralized point of authority, its acquisition strategy incorporates the families who have owned and operated the newly purchased assets into the business plan. As a result, John Doe's holdings are hybrid entities, armed with the resources of a large parent company but endowed with the close community relationship of an independent business. Taking advantage of this model should be central to the company's overall reversal of its negative public image. This will demand that the new core of central leadership make an effort to increase…

China Manufacturing Chinese Manufacturing Industry the Social
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China Manufacturing

Chinese Manufacturing Industry

The social group that I choose to analyze is the population involved with the Chinese manufacturing industry. I choose this particular group is because of three reasons. The first reason is China's economic develop is growing rapidly relative to the rest of the world. Another interesting fact is that compared with other countries, Chinese labor is much cheaper yet there is still a high skill level. Because of these factors, a large number of products are exported every year and some people have called China "factory of the world." The final reason is personal and it is because I am a Chinese, I have an intimate knowledge with China, and my family is also currently engaged in the manufacturing industry. I have access to information about the environment, economics, and politics that has led to the number of manufacturing companies in China that is currently…

Works Cited

Batson, A. (2007, Nov 05). Politics & economics: In china, big firms benefit from push to curb supply. Wall Street Journal Retrieved from 

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Tata Consultancy Services the More Complex and
Words: 1093 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 59393036
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Tata Consultancy Services

The more complex and challenging global business becomes, the greater the demand for unique and highly specific expertise. Given the accelerating pace of change regarding compliance, cost reductions and efficiency strategies, lean manufacturing and process improvement, many organizations do not have the internal resources to meet these challenges alone. The rapid rise of outsourcing providers is being fueled by these developments, leading to one of the fastest growing consulting and services industries globally (Pandit, 2005). Tata Consultancy Services is one of the leaders in the area of business process management (BPM), business process outsourcing (BPO), information systems development, and the relatively new areas of outsourcing research & development (&D) (Oshri, van Fenema, Kotlarsky, 2008). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the macro-environmental opportunities and threats for the company.

Evaluating Tata's Macro Environmental Opportunities and Threats

Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968 as the main…


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Auto Repair Service Keys to
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The copyright is protected by federal law. The law may have different interpretations in different states, but the regulation is the same across country. The intellectual property is encouraged nationwide.

4.4. The 4Ps

The 4Ps refer to the marketing mix: product, price, placement (location/distribution) and promotion.

4.4.1. Product

Auto Hicksville has the core competencies embedded its crew to work on all models of domestic vehicles and a large number of foreign ones. Quick turnaround is always on objective at Auto Hicksville with as all employees focused on superior customer service and the shop will have 3 service bays working in parallel.

Auto Hicksville considers that being honest and accurate with customers in terms of estimates for quoting costs and repair completion time is very important in this business. Auto Hicksville employees are focused on delivering their promises. The company's strategy to build strong customer relationships based on integrity and trust…

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Lean Principles to Service Processes Lean Principles
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Lean Principles to Service Processes:

Lean principles have been in existence for hundred years though global interest was fueled by the success of Toyota Company that developed Toyota Production System. The focus of operations based on lean principles is removing waste and lessening lead times that exist between customer demand and fulfillment. These principles are necessary in improving the speed, accuracy, and quality of customer service through continuous identification and elimination of activities, resources, and purchases that are not necessary to service delivery ("Achieving a Lean Service," 2010). While lean principles are applicable to service processes and generate positive results, their adoption in the service sector is relatively low. Actually, lean service shows that the practical imagination used so efficiently in manufacturing can be applicable to service industries with similar positive outcomes (Bowen & Youngdahl, 1998).

As lean principles have been effectively used in manufacturing firms for decades, these principles…


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Approach, International Journal of Service Industry Management, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 207-225.

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InformeDesign, viewed 20 July 2012,

Supplier Service Quality the Importance of Supplier
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Supplier Service Quality


Suppliers are an integral part of the value chain as they provide the raw materials, components and parts that are needed to manufacture a finished product. Their strategic value in the value chain has traditionally been obscured because of lower visibility and poor specialization and integration among suppliers. Firms have traditionally put increasing pressure on suppliers to offer supplies at lower prices, frequently switching over to competing suppliers, thereby leading to the erosion of loyalty in the supplies market. On the other hand, newer approaches to supplier-buyer relationships have shed light on the impact of strategic supplier-buyer relationships on reduced time-to-market and enhanced quality for manufacturing firms.

The Role of Supplier Service to Business Success

With the development of a globalized economy that has made national and geographic boundaries irrelevant for competition, the importance of strategic supplier-buyer relationships has become recognized.…

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Develop a Plan for Improving Customer Service
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The Challenge of Improving Upon Exemplary Customer Service: Apple, Inc.

For the purposes of this task, the organisation of focus will be the international giant, Apple, Inc. Apple is an organisation and a brand with international fame conjuring instant recognition and respect from global consumers for nearly four decades. Apple has an exceptional reputation for many aspects of their business practices such as product quality, product variety, and for the paper's purposes, customer service. As the paper will demonstrate and cite, this organisation has an outstanding reputation for customer service. Apple's customer service is ranked high both nationally (domestically) and internationally. Why choose an organisation that is so far ahead of most others? It is a formidable challenge to constantly and effectively improve upon excellence; this is the task that Apple puts before itself each year, and it is the same perspective from which the paper aligns itself.



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Leadership in Aviation Weather Services
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Servant leadership is often based on Christian principles, although this is not required. It is a leadership concept that is designed to show that a leader can be a steward for the company, lead by example, help others, and not have to use any of the more 'heavy handed' leadership styles. While the servant leadership style is more often employed by women, men are becoming increasing more aware of (and more interested in) this particular style, because it seems to work well. The easiest way to show what servant leadership is would be to discuss the work of Stephen Covey, as he advocates this style in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and many other books.

Even though Stephen Covey is seen by many to be extremely important when it comes to management and effective individuals Covey himself appears to be somewhat scattered and disorganized. This is not actually…


elationship between Workplace Learning and Managers' Performance in the Hospitality Industry

elationship between Workplace Learning and Managers' Performance in the Hospitality Industry

Manager's ole as a Leader

Workplace Learning

Why is Workplace Learning Important

The 'ideal' Workplace Learning Situation

Methods of Workplace Learning

Hospitality Industry Supports and Values Training and Learning

Management Skills in Workplace Learning

Manager's ole in the Hospitality Industry

Optimize Communication between Managers and Employees

Effective Managers in Hospitality Industry

elationship between Workplace Learning and Managers' Performance in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Manager

Impact of Managers' Performance

Why Should Managers be Involved in Workplace Learning in Hospitality Industry?

Skills Learnt in Workplace Learning in Hospitality Industry 13

Conclusion 13

eferences 15


There is a direct relationship between workplace learning and manger's performance in a hospitality industry. This paper deciphers the roles and responsibilities of the manager in…


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Legalshield Pre-paid Legal Services Essay
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A Five Forces Analysis of LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services) and Recommendations for the Future


Today, more than 100 million Americans have enrolled in some type of pre-paid legal insurance plan that provides a range of benefits, including the entire array of issues that typically confront individuals, families and small businesses (Jackson, 2007). One company that was in the vanguard of offering pre-paid legal insurance is LegalShield, formerly named Pre-Paid Legal Services of Ada, Oklahoma (About us, 2015). Founded in 1969 by Harland Stonecipher, this company has grown to become an industry leader in the pre-paid legal insurance industry today. To determine how this company achieved this level of success and the competitive environment in which it competes, this paper reviews the relevant literature to provide an overview of LegalShield using Porter’s five forces framework, followed by a recommendation based on this analysis.

Overview of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.…

Leading Change for Patient and Service Improvement
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Leading hange for Patient and Service Improvement Module

about service quality: Service quality concept in the current literature

The developed countries have given a significant importance to the service sector of the country. With every passing day the segment of employment is growing and increasing very rapidly. This ultimately gives the members of the society a life with high quality and setting high standards for the members to a live a good life. Service sector contributes as a major portion of the country and without it other sectors cannot also develop. It also faces competition with global world as the world has become global all the way. The main point of this competition is to bring free circulation of the services and products. Getting confidence of the consumers is an essential part and while facing competition they need to provide the best services in order to sustain in the market.…

Consultant dieticians are employed under an agreement with health related establishments or work privately. They execute dietary checks on their patients and propose diet related solutions to issues like being overweight and fat cutback. Some give their time to welfare organizations, sports groups, superstores, and such food related dealings. They may confer with food managers, supplying the skill necessary to carry out hygienic conditions, safety protocols, diet programs, and financial issues.

In the next few pages we will discuss the drivers aforementioned in detail and how they help in attaining viability, acceptability, feasibility and desirability of the change in home healthcare services.

In order to estimate the home healthcare working excellence, diet facilities must be looked on a continuous basis (Babakus & Mangold, 1992; Devebakan, 2005; Lee et al., 2000), including semblance of hospital and hygiene (Lee & Yom, 2007). Most important thing for the home healthcare and dietary staff is that they must be serviceable and comfortable. The overall environment must be organized in a way that provides freedom from anxiety to the patient. There must be proper supply of devices and dietary supplements in hospitals as

Expansion of Services and Capabilities
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Services and Capabilities

Implementing Service Expansion

Evaluation of the Current Situation

Formulation of the Desired Future State


Lessons from Acxiom

Expanding service offerings can be a daunting undertaking. It requires meticulous planning, particularly considering the organisation's current situation and its desired projections. This paper provides a plan for integrating new additional services into Smith's organisation. Attention is specifically paid to the steps the organisation can follow to seamlessly add new services, showing the appropriate transition path from its present state to its desired future state.

Implementing Service Expansion

Service expansion can be achieved by following three broad steps: 1) evaluation of the current situation; 2) defining the desired future state; 3) and implementation. The following section looks at each step individually.

Step 1: Evaluation of the Current Situation

The first step is the most crucial one. It involves the assessment of both the internal and external environment. The internal…


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Innovation the Airline Industry Is a Service
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The airline industry is a service industry, but one where several firms have been able to innovate their service offering. Such innovations have been to create viable low-cost carriers (RyanAir, EasyJet, Air Asia) while other innovations have led to the creation of high-service airlines (Emirates, Qatar, Singapore). In either case the process of innovation has been roughly the same for all of these companies. The first component of the map is searching. All of these companies searched for niches that were either not being served at all (such as price-focused customers in Europe and Asia) or were not being served effectively (passengers traveling on routes between Europe and Asia).

Of the six airlines mentioned above, only Singapore is a legacy carrier. The others have entered their markets in the few couple of decades, and brought with them a number of critical service innovations. After identifying a core market whose…

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