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Single Mothers Essays (Examples)

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Children in the 21st century have to confound with a fundamentally different cultural and social environment in the course of their growth and development—one of the most notable developments in the increase of single-father families. Single fathers are also, commonly, the legal guardians of their children. Various reasons lead to these situations. Some single parents may opt to be in such a state by choice. Others are forced into the situation by circumstances such as the loss of their partners or separation. It has also been observed that single parents commonly experience a range of challenges, including stress. Single parents face challenges that emanate from the sheer parenting responsibility. Other sources of stress could include but not limited to, financial obligations and coping with their situations. Children of single parents may find it hard to cope and maybe confused because the rules in one household may not be the…

Single Mother With Signs of Alcoholism
Words: 2004 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88879327
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Child Therapy

The author of this report has been asked to assess the situation of a single mother of three kids. The mother is very paranoid about losing her children but there are some very real concerns in terms of what the mother is apparently doing and how some of the children are acting. The author is asked to answer a number of questions. These include how the professionals could and should collaborate so as to best serve both the mother and the children involved in the situation, from an ethical and legal standpoint of course. The role of each professional in the situation will be discussed in detail. The function that each professional would serve will be discussed. The author is also going to place one's self as the "lead" person on the team and will then describe what could and should happen in relation to this situation and…


Fabia-czyk, K. (2011). Decision making on ambiguous stimuli such as prosody by subjects suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, alcohol dependence, and without psychiatric diagnosis. British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology, 64(1), 53-68.


Lo, C. C., Monge, A. N., Howell, R. J., & Cheng, T. C. (2013). The Role of Mental Illness in Alcohol Abuse and Prescription Drug Misuse: Gender-Specific Analysis of College

Students. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 45(1), 39-47.

Single Mother and Child Case Study
Words: 1345 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 30668745
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client is a 28-year-old, recently divorced single mother with a six-year-old daughter. She is the primary caregiver, as the father lives out of state and visits every 6-8 weeks. The father pays no child support. The divorce was due to drug abuse and infidelity on the father's part. The client is limited in social support resources; her parents are restricted from babysitting the child because of a child molestation accusation that has yet to be resolved. The inability to rely on her family for babysitting creates difficulties for the client, who attends school in addition to working. The child is also experiencing some stressors, which have manifested as an obsession with the weather and a focus on death. The client feels extreme stress due to the ongoing legal issues, financial issues, lack of paternal involvement, and inability to access her normal support network. The client is seeking help and has…


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Single Poor Mothers
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89607648
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Women's Issues: Poor Single Mothers

Poverty single Mothers

Women's Issues

Poor Single Mothers

Does Parker's 1971 definition of poverty still have relevance today? The purpose of this work is to discover the answer to this question as well as research the plight of single mothers in America today and explain the major economic and social problems that are faced by single mothers. Further this work will discuss the assistance available today that would have improved Parker's life in the decade of the seventies.

According to Parker, 1971 there is shame in being poor and poverty is to be viewed with anger and not pity. Poverty is "dirt," "being tired" states Parker who uses much small definition that poignantly catch the reader's attention. Parker reveals to the reader the vicious cycle of poverty. The facts concerning poverty are not the kind that are encouraging or inspiring and quite unfortunately the cycle…


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Sherman, Arloc, et al. (2004) Employment Rates for Single Mothers Fell Substantially During Recent Period of Labor Market Weaknesss 22 June 2004 [Online] available at:

Mothers Who Participated in a
Words: 501 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 10261965
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The sample was taken from the first consecutive 141 families which entered the project. Although this may not influence the results, excluding mothers from that may do so. For example it was not made clear why 31 of those individuals' forms were missing data. Comparisons between the two groups did however seem to indicate that there may be demographic differences between those who finished the study and those who were discounted. This could therefore indicate selection bias in the results.

The study indicated that cumulative risk factors were greater predictors of permanent loss of custody than single individual risk factors. This was interesting as it indicates the importance of considering all risk factors together when assessing the family situation. There were however some other risk factors which were not included which may also have an impact on the outcome. For example although partner violence was evaluated, there was no measure…


Larrieu, J.A., Heller, S.S., Smyke, a.T. & Zeanah, C.H. (2008) Predictors of permanent loss of custody for mothers of infants and toddlers in foster care. Infant Mental Health Journal, 29(1): 48-60.

Article Review

Country Currently Allows Single Adults to Adopt
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58527807
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country currently allows single adults to adopt children. This may be less surprising than the fact that singles have been legally eligible to adopt since the first adoption laws were passed in the mid-nineteenth century. Indeed, the "spinster" who took in children was a staple of Victorian moral fiction and a recurrent figure inadoption narratives. A fair number of unmarried women (Jessie Taft was one) adopted children in the early decades of the twentieth century. They often raised children in pairs as well as alone, illustrating that the vast majority of adoptions by lesbians and gay men have been arranged as single parent adoptions, whether they actually were or not. But formal legal eligibility did not imply tolerance, let alone acceptance. ingles were viewed as less desirable parents than married couples. Men were considered far less desirable than women, if they were considered at all.

The number of families headed…

Systematic efforts to recruit single parents began only in the 1960s, initiated by advocates of the special needs revolution in adoption. These advocates insisted that children who were hard to place should have equal opportunities to grow up in families in spite of their mental or physical disabilities, advanced ages, minority or mixed-race status, or a combination of these factors. Many potential adopters, however, were looking for healthy white infants, and these private preferences slowed the practical progress of special needs adoptions, as did agency policies that favored or limited placements to infertile couples.

The first organized effort to enlist single parents was a program of the Los Angeles Bureau of Adoptions. In 1965, this public agency sought out single African-Americans in order to locate same-race parents for African-American children for whom married parents could not be found. Over the next two years, the agency placed a total of thirty-nine children with single mothers and one child with a single father, a fairly small number considering the hundreds of children in care. The Los Angeles Bureau of Adoptions also experimented with placing minority children with white married couples, an experience described in some detail by agency official Ethel E. Branham. For even the most daring agencies, however, transracial adoptions represented a partial solution to the urgent needs of children of color, especially as the controversy over placing black children in white families heated up in the late 1960s and early 1970s. According to Los Angeles Bureau director Walter A. Heath, two parents were preferable, "but one parent is better than none." By the time it revised its adoption standards in 1968, the Child Welfare League of America conceded that married parents were an unattainable luxury for some children. Single parent adoptions were permissible in "exceptional circumstances" where the child would not otherwise be adopted.

The story of single parent adoptions illustrates change as well as continuity in the history of adoption. That some adults previously considered ineligible or even entirely unfit for parenthood were eventually recognized as a positive resource for children attests to the democratization of adoption, which now includes many more kinds of people than it did in the past, at least in theory. At the same time, single parent adoptions prove that matching children and parents on a hierarchy of more and less desirable characteristics persists. Approximately one-third of children adopted from the public foster care system and one-quarter

Parents Raise Children Adequately Single
Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3308654
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132). hen women reported that their desire for greater social support was satisfied, the outcomes reported for their children improved dramatically.

The negative associations with single parenting thus have more to do with the circumstances that can give birth to single parenting, or are attached to single parenting because of the way our society is structured. In society, we have come to regard the nuclear family as the norm and single parents do not always have the multigenerational support that could give their children positive role models of both genders that they may have in previous eras. Single parents are more likely to be female, and females are traditionally underpaid for their labor. Additionally companies are not always willing to make accommodations for male or female single parent's need for flexible schedules. But the problem is not with single parenting; rather the problem is with how our society views parenthood…

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Psychology - Developmental Scenario 1 the Single
Words: 1623 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64983382
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Psychology - Developmental

Scenario #1

The single mother comes home after a long day of work. The little girl, (Sara) is approximately 4-5 years old. Her mother realizes that someone there are small pieces of M&M's sprinkled around this kitchen floor, and assumes that her child has been eating the candy instead of waiting until after dinner. The mother asks Sara if she has been eating candy, and Sara looks down at the floor and adamantly denies that she has had any candy. She states that she has spent the afternoon watching television and painting pictures with grandma. Mom and child have been working on learning the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie and the mother is certain that the little girl has indeed been eating the candy. Telling lies is typically of children in this age group. Children may lie for several reasons, including trying to…


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African-American Mothers and Poverty the
Words: 2159 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45606018
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Whereas in 1963, 70% of all African-American families were headed by married couples, that rate had dipped to 46.1% by 1996. In 2001, the rate had increased to 47.9%, the first uptrend in 40 years (Kinnon, 2003). The rate of African-American crime and incarceration, which is closely linked to males from single-parent households, has also dipped since 1996.

Concerns about TANF and current welfare programs

While the statistics are compelling, there are a series of questions which have not been addressed by these welfare reforms. There are still about 50% of the former welfare population which has not been able to graduate from the welfare-poverty cycle, nor have they been able to find work. In states where the TANF provisions were enacted, including the 5-year limitation on welfare benefits, there has been a back-sliding on the part of state legislatures to extend welfare assistance for the "hard core" unemployed.



Bush, L. (2000). African-American Mothers/African-American Sons: A Critical Examination of the Social Science Literature. Western Journal of African-American Studies, 145-167.

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Gender Judging Mothers Although Women
Words: 1388 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47608326
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After a literature review of existing studies on the subject, "we have clear indications that breast-feeding helps prevent an extra incident of gastrointestinal illness in some kids -- an unpleasant few days of diarrhea or vomiting, but rarely life-threatening in developed countries" noted Hana osin in a controversial article in The Atlantic (osin 2009). Despite graphic public advertisements that link breast-feeding with putting a child at great medical risk, the evidence is less certain than one might assume. Although breast-feeding has been credited with everything from improving babies' IQs to preventing obesity, the ability to prevent these conditions with breast-feeding remains uncertain, particularly when women's economic status is taken into consideration when evaluating the studies (osin 2009).

Cultural biases against trusting a woman to actively make choices about how they will be mothers may have more to do with the censure of women who choose to discount so-called common wisdom…


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Mothers -- Transitioning From Welfare to Corporate
Words: 2273 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 96265813
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Mothers -- Transitioning from elfare to Corporate America

elfare in the United States is both a complex and controversial subject. The issue focuses on several aspects of public policy: economics, cultural diversity, actualization, incentives, education/training, taxation and even the actual role of the government. e first begin this study with an overview of the idea of a state welfare system, its origins, development, purpose, and particularly view the manner in which the welfare system has changed since the Great Depression. It is then important to understand the implications of the 1988 Family Support Act (FSA) and the change in attitude and policy regarding welfare, and the newer focus on finding ways to train, retrain, or educate those on welfare so they can find gainful employment -- particularly those who move into the corporate world. Challenges, interventions, and potential outcomes are examined, among which looking at the juxtaposition between the fiscal…

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Mothers of Invention Women of the Slaveholding
Words: 1455 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35548862
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Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War" by Drew Gilpin Faust. Specifically, it will explain how the instabilities of the Civil War South forced southern white women to alter their behavior. What was the key issue they faced as white men were forced to go to the front? In what way did altered gender roles lead to altered clothing styles? What does clothing tell us about civil society? Southern women faced many difficulties during the Civil War. They had to take on new roles that did not fit their upbringing, and they had to make significant changes to the way they lived and worked. It was a difficult and demanding time for southern women, and some of them discovered themselves, while others discovered they were closer to their black slaves than they ever would have believed.

The South, being at a distinct disadvantage for…


Faust, Drew Gilpin. Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1996.

Mothers Killing Their Babies First
Words: 2566 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 3236577
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Methods of Killing

The methods of committing neonaticide, infanticide, and filicide are as diverse as the women who commit the tragic crime. According to ouge-Maillart, Jousset, Gaudin, Bouju, and Penneau (2005), strangulation, head trauma, drowning, and suffocation were the four most frequent methods of filicide. However, in these researchers' study, some mothers used what they deem to be 'more active' methods. Five children died after being struck by their mothers' fists. Two women in the study used a firearm to shoot their children. Two died after being hit with a heavy object, by their mother -- one a monkey wrench the other a stone. One woman slit her 13-year-old's throat. In one case, a 3-year-old boy died by defenestration -- being thrown out of the window. Lastly, a 10-month-old died of starvation and dehydration, after being deprived of food and water for 10 days.

Krischer, Stone, Sevecke, and Steinmeyer's (2007)…


Atwood, T. (Feb 2008). Comment: National Council for Adoption's response to the Texas Safe Haven Study. Child Maltreatment, 13(1). pp. 96-97.

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Single Case Study of an Individual
Words: 2750 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 12755281
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Client Description.

The client is a 19-year-old single male who was referred for treatment by his parents who are concerned that his use of alcohol is interfering with his grades in college. The client reportedly had all A grades in high school and had been placed in a program for gifted students. However, he has reportedly flunked out of college in his first year. Following this he was also recently arrested for his second DUI offense, the first offense occurring when he was a senior in high school.

According to his parents, the client was born at full term with no complications occurring in the pregnancy and delivery of the baby. He met all of his developmental milestones ahead of expectation and has experienced no major health issues although his last physical examination was several years ago. He excelled in school and was placed in a program for gifted and…


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Single-Sex Education
Words: 2577 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57135730
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Children Learn Better in All Boys' or All Girls' Schools? Examining Potential Benefits of Single-Sex Education

Students are inundated with a wide number of distractions while in school. This often takes away from the success of their learning experience, and can result in lost opportunities, both academically and professionally. This has been the source of a great debate based on the concept of single-sex education in modern practice. This current research uses the Lock Model to explore the issue further. After reviewing the discourse, several conclusions can be made in regards to potential benefits of single-sex education combined with other factors like small class sizes and high teacher engagement.

esearch Question

The underlying research explores various factors in modern student experiences. It examines empirical studies, legal reviews, and previous contributions to the discourse. The underlying research question is: Do children learn better in a single-sex educational environment?


The academic…


Hubbard, Lea & Datnow, Amanda. (2005). Do single-sex schools improve the education of low-income and minority students? An investigation of California's pubic single-gender academies. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 36(2), 115-131.

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Person Single Mom Who Lost Custody Over
Words: 1089 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70848428
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Person: Single mom, who lost custody over her children, has sex with multiple male partners, asks for money afterwards, and denies that she is prostitute because she doesn't charge money up front. The mother is hypercritical and unloving and her father has been an absent figure in her life. Her stepfather abused her.

Cognitive self-regulation

Cognitive self-regulation theory, fashioned by Bandura, believes that human behavior is motivated and regulated by the influence that one has over the self. This self-influence works through three key mechanisms: monitoring one's behavior, causes of one's behavior, and the effects of that behavior; judging one's behavior in contrast to personal standards; and regulating the feelings / moods (affect) of one's conduct / behavior. Higher goals lead to enhanced behavior and this results in a certain mindset. Self-regulation is continuous and never-ending. And is also effectuated by self-reinforcement that result in self-efficacy. It is intentional and…

Compassionate Mother Archetype Mythological Archetypes
Words: 2385 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 83303076
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An even older mythological source for the reverence of compassionate maternal figures, however, comes out of the culture in which Mother Theresa practiced, rather than from the Christian tradition she lived by. This is the figure of Durga, one of the many incarnations of Kali, the Mother Goddess of the Hindu religion.

Alternatively, Kali and the many other forms of the goddess are seen as emanating from Durga (Rajhans, par. 3). According to this view, Durga is supreme power of the Supreme Being, the force of all creation, preservation, and destruction of the world (Rajhans, par. 1). This latter element does not fit with Mother Theresa, but the first two are essential qualities that she possessed and portrayed, and which were the primary foundations of her mythological status. This also illustrates the complexity of Hindu mythological and religious figures; at times, the separate functions of the Mother Goddess are seen…

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Stand Here Ironing the Mother
Words: 1643 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40554260
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"It is, of course, impossible to catalogue all the circumstances in the outer world that shape children. Children are products of their moment in history, of prevailing conventions and wisdom, of social crusades." (eissbourd 27)

Lidoff, points out the value of the diconect, as it is seen through the narration of perception, rather than reality of feeling. Reflecting that one really can not know another, no matter how close one is to them or how much they wish they could, be the key to their understanding.

Mothers and daughters especially, in "I Stand Here Ironing"... are portrayed as they exist within the minds and feelings of each other: they are imaged by reflection, without the distinction between them always being clear -- to them, to us, to the narrator. The story of one becomes the story of the other with the nearly imperceptible figure-ground reversal of an optical illusion.


Works Cited

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Mary E Wilkins the Revolt of Mother
Words: 1889 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61628459
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evolt of Mother, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. Specifically, it will explain the concept of ideology and discuss how its "magic" is operating. "The evolt of Mother" is an amusing story of a woman who knows what she wants, has done without it for forty years, and is not about to do without it any longer. She is a strong character, who stands up to her husband and will no longer allow him to dominate the family. She uses her tough ideology to create the situation she wants, and illustrates not only the need for understanding and communication in a relationship, but also the need to stand up for yourself sometimes, no matter the cost.

The evolt of Mother

The evolt of Mother" is the story of determination and unwavering goals. Sarah Penn is a woman who has always put herself last in her family. She and her children sacrifice…


Foster, Edward. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. New York: Hendricks House, 1956.

Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins. "The Revolt of Mother." Personal Web Page. 2000. 13 March 2003.

Country With My Mother I
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93081007
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My mother recognized that my lack of self-confidence was holding me back more than my inability to memorize lines from a Shakespearean play.

A certainly didn't expect to get a part in the play when I tried out, and was more than a little surprised to be given the role of Friar Lawrence (my mother, interestingly, seemed proud but not at all surprised). it's a relatively small part in the play in terms of lines, though the Friar plays a pivotal role in the arc of the narrative. In order to avoid appearing foolish on stage in front of scores of my classmates and their parents, I worked on my lines as hard as I could muster, bringing to the surface reserves of linguistic strength that I didn't even know I'd had. The play finally came and went and was produced without any major problems -- aside from the fact…

When Jesus Came the Corn Mothers Went Away
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53208273
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Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went way

In the book When Jesus Came, The Corn Mothers Went way, Ramon . Guttierez's thesis appears to be that there are various points-of-view, specifically in terms of the Spanish colonialization of New Mexico. The thesis also has a wider application in terms of the invasion of the United States by Europeans in general. In this, by focusing on a single group of natives and invaders, the author's thesis is that there are many viewpoints inherent in the colonializing process. Men, women, cultures and professions interact in ways unprecedented before the pioneering Europeans came to merica. This is the stated point of the book: to provide a global view of several viewpoints, with emphasis on that of the Pueblo Indians in response to their Spanish invaders.

With this in mind, one strength of the book is its focus on various points-of-view, but specifically on…

A weakness of the book, however, is that its author seems unable or unwilling, even in the last decade of the 20th century, to acknowledge the efforts that have been made to rectify colonial wrongs. The author holds that there has been very little effort to provide a viewpoint that originates from the victims of invasion. He claims that authors focus on the conquests, strength, and spiritual purity of the European invaders while describing natives as little more than idol worshiping savages. Surely, by 1991, many authors have brought into their work a more understanding point-of-view. It also appears that the author focuses his claim of legitimacy on this fact; his book is claimed to be one of the first to provide a wider point-of-view, which includes the natives as more than savages. Perhaps an inherent weakness here is also the fact that it does not apply so strongly to a culture that has developed for 20 years since the time of publication. Currently, there is a definite trend towards rectifying history and considering all points-of-view.

Another weakness is the author's use of language. Despite his claim of including a universal view of the events that took place in New Mexico, the author has written a decidedly academic work. This means that the language is somewhat less accessible to the general public than it is to the academic community. Perhaps it would have been a more important work if the author had used a less academic tone.

In general, I liked the book. It certainly has merits in terms of providing a much more thorough history of the Pueblo Indians than had been the case before. I do like that the author focused his attention on a marginalized section of society, attempting to show a point-of-view that must have been completely alien to the Europeans at the time. From today's point-of-view, I admit that the author is not completely wrong in assuming that, even now, there remains a sense of prejudice against what we perceive as "the other." Maybe if more books like this appear, we can begin to acknowledge our common humanity before starting to focus on our differences.

Easily Reduced to a Single Data Point
Words: 1289 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95770258
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easily reduced to a single data point. This allows researchers to find the answers to their questions quickly and in direct relation to the research question. However, one of the key drawbacks to quantitative research is that it often does not allow for a detailed exploration or to explore the "human" side of the equation. Quantitative research gives quick and simple answers, but it does not always provide the best solution to the research problem. Qualitative research provides greater depth and insight into the problem at hand.

According to Creswell (2007), "we conduct qualitative research because a problem or issue needs to be explored" (pg. 39). esearchers embark on the exploration of a phenomenon because of a "need to study a group or population, identify variables that can be measured, or hear silenced voices" (2007, pg. 40). esearchers ask open-ended questions to allow the participants to tell their stories, and…


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Inquiry, vol. 12, no. 2, April, pp. 219-245.

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Celeste Is a Wife and Mother of
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Celeste is a wife and mother of two young children. She is in her mid-30s and has decided to go back to work. Her husband, a college professor, works an extra job, and so is tired all the time and does not spend enough time with the family. Celeste wants things to slow down for him. She will put the children in daycare. She'll have a 45-minute commute. The extra money will help Jim give up extra commitments. Economically, they will remain about the same but the burden will now be shared more fairly. She expects these changes will make the family happier.

the extra job of the husband leads him to being tired all the time

the extra job precludes husband from spending enough time with family

the children being put in daycare will not cause any affiliated burdens (tearing family apart)

enough money will be made from Celeste's…

Management Info Systems My Mother Often Tells
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Management Info Systems

My mother often tells the story about one Summer as I was growing up. Each year, we would host a family reunion at one of the local parks. My mother hated this time of year because the guest list seemed to grow larger every year, and she was in charge of so many things. To her delight, when I was 9 years old, I offered to "manage" the reunion for her. I asked her for all the people who would attend, and spent days quizzing her on who would do what, who would bring what, and even what would the contingency plan be if the weather turned sour or some other unknown were to occur. My contribution to the event was a very precise and colorful chart in which I used up every single color combination in my crayon box, drew lines for responsible people and products…

Poor Minority Single Women the
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" (Gordon, 1990) Gordon also notes that if there were enough low-income housing there would still be the unaddressed needs of housing in terms of it being located near enough places of employment that women with children could work full-time employment schedules and as well housing would need to be geographically located near enough places of employment so that minority women in poverty who had no transportation could either take public transportation or walk to work. Gordon states that "policies not currently on the agenda of either poverty or women's right organizations, such as unemployment compensation reform, may be central to an agenda dealing with women's poverty." (1990)

The work of Alvi, Schwartz, DeKeseredy and achaus (2005) entitled: "Victimization and Attitudes Towards Women Abuse of Impoverished Minority Women" states that the links existing "between poor minority women's attitudes towards women abuse and their experiences of mistreatment have not been the…


Gordon, Linda (1990) Women, the State and Welfare. University of Wisconsin Press.

Alvi, Shahid, Schwartz, Martin D., Dekeseredy, Walter, and Bachaus, Jacqueline (2005) Victimization and Attitudes Towards Woman Abuse of Impoverished Minority Women. Western Criminology Review 6(1), 1-11 (2005).

How Mothers Encounter Stress in the Early Postpartum Period
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Stressful Factors and Coping Styles of Women With Babies 0-3 Months Old

This is a report on a descriptive study that was conducted among women who had babies between the 0-3 months age in order to understand the way they deal with the varied stresses that they go through during that postpartum period. It describes the problems that these mothers encounter due to baby care, self-care and social life, these three being the main sources of their stress. The article highlights the varied statistics of the women who were affected by the different causes as well as the different interventions that have been taken by different countries in ensuring that women at that stage of life can cope with the physiological as well as the emotional changes that they undergo after birth.

There are as many as 80% of women who suffer postpartum depression, otherwise referred to as "baby blues."…


Deniz C. & Ayaz S., (2013). Factors causing stress in women with babies

0-3 months old and their coping styles. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Pp588. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Baby Care Center, (2015). Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Retrieved October 1, 2015 from

Ancient Art Flora Goddess Mother
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According to the Roman historian Pliny, in his Natural History, in 238 BC, at the direction of an oracle in the sibylline books, a temple was built to honor Flora, an ancient goddess of flowers and blossoming plants. (Pliny, XVIII.286) the temple was dedicated on April 28 and the Floralia instituted to solicit her protection for the city.

Although the Floralia originated as a "moving festival," after a period with bad crops when according to Ovid, "the blossoms again that year suffered from winds, hail, and rain" (Ovid, Fasti, V.329ff), the festival Ludi Florales started to be held every year, the first in 173 BCE. "It was later fixed on April 27th. After Caesar's reform of the calendar, it was April 28th. The purpose of the festival was to ensure the crops blossomed well." ("Flora," Roman Religion and Mythology: Lexicon, 1999)

Flora thus is fertile, like a mother, for she…

Works Cited

Flora," Roman Religion and Mythology: Lexicon. Originally created 1999. Last updated 2005. Retrieved 26 Feb 2005. 

Flora and Pomona." Ancient Roman Mythology. Retrieved 26 Feb 2005. 

Ovid. Fasti. Translated by a.J. Boyle and R.D. Woodard. New York: Penguin Classics, 2000.

Pliny. Natural History. Translated by H. Rackham. Cambridge: Loeb Classical Library, 1938.

Planning I Interviewed My Mother's
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I'm going to look at the time line very carefully to make sure I have enough time for each task. I will allow several months to prepare for comprehensives, and at least three months to produce a proposal. I won't aim for the minimum standards for my department on that but do everything I can to make sure that I have every contingency covered. I will look at my data collection tasks to see if there are times when it might be particularly difficult to gather data, as it was for Millie during the summer.

Most of all, I am going to emulate Millie's confidence. It didn't occur to her that she couldn't do it. She ad a full time job, and a husband, and a daughter, and she was 42. She didn't see any of those as reasons she should not get her Ph.D. They were just facts of…

Sociological Issue for Specific Neighborhood
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Sociological Issue for Specific Neighborhood

Single Parent Sociological Issues in San Leandro

San Leandro is a small city located in Alameda County. It is one of the major cities in the state of California and has the largest number of white residents as compared to other cities in the state. Despite having a majority of white people, San Leandro has a multi-racial culture attached to it. According the 2010 census, the city has a population of around eighty four thousand nine hundred and fifty, which consists of over 25,000 Asians, 642 Pacific Islanders, 23,237 Latinos and about 16,050 people of other races. One of the sociological issues in the city is increasing number of single female householders who have children, otherwise known as single parents. My literature review will shed light on this issue by highlighting what issues are faced by single parents. We will also take a look at…


Ermisch, J. (1990). Demographic Aspects of The Growing Number of Lone-Parent Families. In Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Lone-Parent Challenges: The Economic Challenge.

Mather, M. (May 2010). U.S. Children in Single Mother Families. 1-3.

Roshan "Bob" D., & . K. (1993). Female-Headed Single Parent Families: an Exploratory Study of Children's Influence in Family Decision Making. Retrieved October 25, 2013, from Association for Consumer Research:

Gender Challenges the All American
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Jamieson explains that the phrase Catch-22, serves as another synonym for double bind. Paula Caplan, a psychologist, notes, "Mothers are caught in a perfect Catch-22. They are supposed to be concerned with emotions and closeness in relationships, but because autonomy has been designated by the white male middle class in North America as the pinnacle of emotional health,"

Mothers in the workplace, however, who do what comes natural to them are sometimes treated as they are immature or even sick.

The gender of the leader does matter to perceivers who filter judgments to the demands of cultural expectations. "Applause from the same sensitive and collaborative leadership is more likely to go to a man than a woman."

In addition, women, particularly leaders frequently experience greater scrutiny for errors, even small ones they make, and are more likely to be criticized than men in leadership positions.

Viewpoints Regarding Genders

Rather than…


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Case Studies. 2008. Colorado State University. 21 Feb. 2008. .

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Parenting in the 21st Century
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For example, Walker and Hennig add that, "It has frequently been found that children (particularly boys) in divorced, mother-custody families exhibit lower levels of well-being than children in intact families, with more externalizing and internalizing behavior problems and lower levels of cognitive and social competence" (p. 64). My son is also currently at a formative period that has special significance for single-parents families. For instance, Walker and Hennig also point out that, "Single-mother families are often affectively charged, with high instrumental affection combined with high negativity and conflict, particularly in the transition to adolescence" (1997, p. 64).

The "transition to adolescence" can be a rocky period in anyone's life, of course, and it is reasonable to expect my son to experience some problems in general and with me in particular during this transitional period. Fortunately, this challenging developmental period is eased somewhat as children grow into mid-adolescence. As Walker and…


Burns, A. & Scott, C. (1999). Mother-headed families and why they have increased. Hillsdale,

NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Journal of Psychology, 106(2), 205-207.

TANF Time Limits
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TANF Time Limits

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF for short, is one of the more controversial and maligned or one of the most lauded and touted social safety net programs in the United States. Whether it is praised or denigrated depends a lot on who is doing the talking and what their motivations are. TANF has turned in a political football on a scale that dovetails quite nicely with the words of awls (1985) when it was noted in an essay of that author that there are sometimes periods (some of them quite long in duration) that are bereft and full of political divisiveness and vitriol (awls, 1985).

History of TANF & its Predecessor

A bulk of the TANF program is to provide cash-based payments to needy families who are living in destitution or are otherwise in stark financial peril and how those funds are allocated, to…


Alcoff, Linda. "The Problem of Speaking For Others." Cultural Critique 20.1 (1992): 5-

32. Print.

Burns, M. (2010, October 28). Welfare Reform Failing Poor Single Moms, Books Claim. Pacific Standard - Politics, Health, Economy, Environment, Culture, Education. Retrieved April 16, 2013, from 

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Parenting Sally Bounces Her Six-Month-Old Boy on
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Sally bounces her six-month-old boy on her knee while she responds enthusiastically to my questions. At twenty-six she is a relatively young mother; however, Sally had her first child when she was only eighteen.

A wasn't using any birth control at the time," she tells me. "I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to support my kid without dropping out of college, but I made it! Joey here wasn't an accident," she tells me frankly. "I thought the relationship was going to last, but you know how these things go."

Many of the single mothers I interviewed for this study shared similar sentiments: most of expected their relationships with men would last and that they could form a "big, happy family." Their disillusionment has made some of them stronger, others bitter and mistrusting of members of the opposite sex. Sally is of the former camp; her lively…

Beyond High School
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Beyond High School

I started at Essex Community College immediately after completing my high school. I joined the college seeking a degree in nursing and was also advised by my advisor to start college before going into any university. Before joining Essex Community College, I joined Coppin State University, but because of initial difficulties in adjusting in a university fresh out of high school and on the advice of my mentor, I joined the college so as to get used to the environment of colleges and then adjust in the university.

My troubles started when I became pregnant during my nursing classes in the Essex Community College, and because of severe illness, I had to leave my studies midway. After leaving I started my career as a Certified Geriatric Assistant and continued my personal life as a single mother. Managing career and personal duties as a single mother of young…

Terrorism Convergence Between Terrorism Organized Crimes in
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Terrorism: Convergence Between Terrorism Organized Crimes in Mexico

Assessment eport for Marceline

Demographic Information

D.O.B. 1/10/1993

123 Crawford Lane



Sex: Female

Phone: +54-675 5545

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Presenting Problem or eason for eferral

Marceline is a 19yr old that is self-referred, with a 26-month-old male child. Marceline is very frustrated with her child and her boyfriend, Leon, for whom she is seeking counseling. Marceline's frustration with her child is making her think of giving him off to her mother-in-law. M reports feeling frustrated, uses alcohol and other substances to calm her nerves, is miserable from her job loss four months ago, and mounting bills. M also indicates to be confused on to stay with Leone her current live in boyfriend or gets back to her husband Michael the father to Michael Junior. She also indicates to be depressed with suicidal thoughts, which she overcomes with alcohol and substance abuse.…


Burwell, R.P. & Chen, C.P. (2006). Applying the principles and techniques of solution-focused therapy to career counseling. Counseling Psychology Quarterly, 19(2), 189-203.

Buss, D.M. & Larsen, R.J. (2002). Personality psychology: dimensions of knowledge about human nature (1 de edition). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Including 2010 Amendments. (2012). American Psychological Association, APA. Retrieved

Kaplan, R.M., & Saccuzzo, D.P. (2005). Psychological testing: principles, applications, and issues. (6th edition). Belmont, USA: Thomson Wadsworth.

Langer E J Rodin J 1976 the
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However, those participants that chose to ignore sleep disturbances, engaged in sleep-promoting activities, or attempted unsuccessfully to overcome sleeping problems had poor sleep quality. The study also found that regardless of the coping strategy used daytime sleepiness still persisted. Yang et al. set out to establish the coping mechanisms used by young adults as it pertained to sleeping disturbances.. The research confirms that sleep disturbances lead to daytime sleepiness. This information is useful for colleges and for students because it presents the opportunity to educate students concerning how they can cope with sleep problems. The article is articulate and informative.

Caldwell K, Harrison M, Adams M, Quin RH, Greeson J.(2010) Developing mindfullness in college students through movement-base courses: Effects on self-regulatory self-efficacy, mood, stress, and sleep quality." J. Am Coll Health. 2010 Mar-58(5):433-42.

College can be a stressful time for students because of the responsibilities associated with classes and social…

Insomnia is a significant problem amongst all age groups. Young adults are particularly vulnerable to experiencing sleep disturbances. The inability to slessp can lead to a myriad of physical and social problems. As a result many researchers have studied the impact of sleep disturbances on young people. This is also the case with Yang et al. (2003) as they studied the ways in which this particular population copes with insomnia and other sleep disturbances. Te study also examined the effectiveness of young adults coping strategies on daytime tiredness and sleep quality. A total of 1,922 college freshmen participated in the study. Of the participants 44% indicated that they had sleep disturbance issues. The most common the disturbances was insufficient sleep. The study found that the adjustment of sleep schedules and naps were the types of coping strategies that were correlated with higher qualities of sleep. However, those participants that chose to ignore sleep disturbances, engaged in sleep-promoting activities, or attempted unsuccessfully to overcome sleeping problems had poor sleep quality. The study also found that regardless of the coping strategy used daytime sleepiness still persisted. Yang et al. set out to establish the coping mechanisms used by young adults as it pertained to sleeping disturbances.. The research confirms that sleep disturbances lead to daytime sleepiness. This information is useful for colleges and for students because it presents the opportunity to educate students concerning how they can cope with sleep problems. The article is articulate and informative.

Caldwell K, Harrison M, Adams M, Quin RH, Greeson J.(2010) Developing mindfullness in college students through movement-base courses: Effects on self-regulatory self-efficacy, mood, stress, and sleep quality." J. Am Coll Health. 2010 Mar-58(5):433-42.

College can be a stressful time for students because of the responsibilities associated with classes and social life. These stresses can effect mindfulness. With this in mind Caldwell et al. (2010) sought to evaluate if mindfulness improved when students participated in movement-based courses. In addition the study examined whether changes in mood, self-regulatory self-efficacy, and stress reconciles the relationship between more mindfulness and improved sleep. There were a total of 166 college students that participated in the study. The research took place during the 2007-2008 academic year. All participants were enrolled in Pilates classrooms. The result of the study reveal that total mindfulness scores and mindfulness subscales rose. In addition more significant changes in mindfulness were correlated to improved sleep quality at the end to the semester when compared to the beginning of the semester. . The authors therefore concluded that Movement-based courses are effective at improving mindfulness in this particular population. The researchers were thorough in their explanation of mindfulness and the impact of physical activity on the ability of people to remain mindful. The information presented is important because it reveals some of the steps that colleges can take to ensure that students have movement-based courses or activities so that mindfulness increases.

Life to Me Is No
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Caring for others has also been my primary means of self-expression, the one way I have been able to give back to the community and hopefully enhance the lives of others. As a LPN I have been successful but I know that I would be a more effective health care professional as an RN. With advanced nursing credentials I will enjoy an increased level of responsibility and the option to specialize in a select field of health care. Moreover, as an African-American female I can contribute positively to the diversity and caliber of the administrative nursing team at my health care institution and offer a diversity of perspective and opinion when I interact with patients and coworkers.

Although my primary ambition is to heal others by working directly with patients in a professional setting, I also hope to participate in hospital administrative and decision-making procedures. Nurses have the potential to…

Playing Beatie Bow the Role
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This puts katniss in a tough situation because it would mean that she has to kill the member of her own district. She managed to make the judges withdraw their announcement due to her intelligence. Katniss knew that the game makers would not allow both of them to die. Therefore, she takes out some poisonous berries and gives some to her mate from the district. They plan to eat them so that they can both die which would mean the game makers would lose. That way, the game makers stopped them and both of them emerged winners. Katniss learns that, at such an instance, one has to take a risk even if it means her and the mate dying (Collin 290).

Katniss realized that she had to be rebellious against the capital and the game makers. This was the only way to win the game. Her aim was for them…


Cosslett, Tess." History From Below." Time-slip Narratives and National Identity" the Lion and the Unicorn. 26.2(2002): 243-253. Print.

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Literature Base.2.1(1991): 14-16. Print.

Goss, Jax."The Mother With the Button Eyes." An Exploration of the Story Construct of the

Life of Temple Grandin Grandin May Be
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life of Temple Grandin. Grandin may be the best known person with autism in the United States. She achieved success in her field, animal science. She has also been a strong advocate for people with autism. Much of her success is attributable to early childhood intervention led by her mother Eustacia Cutler.

Being born autistic in the 1940's was at that time, a virtual prescription for a life of institutionalization and isolation. Temple Grandin, however did not suffer the same fate as most because her mother refused to allow it. With the help of her mother and many others, she dealt with the mental and physical limitations imposed upon her by autism and became a major societal contributor and "hero" to many (Cutler, 2004).

At an early age (around two) it became apparent to Temple's mother that she was not developing "normally." She could not make eye contact, wasn't trying…


Cutler, E. (2004). A thorn in my pocket. Arlington: Future Horizons, Inc.

Edelson, S. (1996, February 1). Interview with Dr. Temple Grandin. Retrieved December 19,

2011, from Autism Research Institute website: 

Grandin, T. (2002, December). Teaching tips for children and adults with autism. Retrieved December 19, 2011, from Autism Research Institute website:

Assist Suicide
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Ethical, Legal, And Business Considerations in Hospitals

The nursing staff employed at the Cancer Center of a suburban hospital is having a continual deterioration of their morale. Many of their patients, more so as of late than usual, are being diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is causing the nurse's morale to be lowered through their lack of interest in their job, frustration, and dissatisfaction. One patient in particular is frustrating staff member Nancy Nurse. Mrs. Jones, a thirty-year-old single mother has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer that is rapidly decreasing her health. Nancy Nurse states that the next time Mrs. Jones arrives for treatment, she is going to give her more narcotic than usual, risking Mrs. Jones' life. Before Nancy Nurse completes giving Mrs. Jones the narcotic, she should deeply consider the ethical, legal, and business consequences of such decision for herself, Mrs. Jones, and the Cancer Center.


References (2010). Patient's bill of rights. Retrieved November 23, 2010 from .

Javich, Dr. D.G. (2009, June 1). 5 steps to deal with difficult employees. Retrieved November 24,

2010 from 

Showalter, J.S. (2004). The law of healthcare administration. Chicago, IL: Health

Ebnhc Marketing Plan Overview of
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The marketing plan strategies will use mass marketing for the marketing campaign. The mass marketing strategy is very advantageous because it will be tailored to reach the large number of potential buyers. Historically, most hospitals in the United States use mass marketing to reach potential buyers in their local areas. Despite the advantages of mass marketing, the strategy may make an organization to be susceptible to the competitors.

As part of the marketing strategy, Eastern Boston Health Center will use market niche strategy for marketing campaign. Market niche is a type of market positioning where an organization follows the market segments in a large market to promote the company specialized service. Market niche is a common approach for the marketing strategy in the healthcare delivery. Typically, the niche strategy is the best approach for the specialized healthcare delivery.

Tactic Plan

The four Ps will be used for the tactical plan.…


Fox News (2012). 30% of Latinas Suffer from Perinatal Depression. Fox News Network, LLC.

Jones & Bartlett (2010). Marketing Strategy. Jones & Bartlett Learning LLC

Market Watch (2012).Over 30% of Latinas in the U.S. And Mexico Suffer Perinatal Depression. Newswire Portland Oregon.

U.S Census Bureau (2012), Boston (city), Massachusetts. U.S. Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts.

Eliza - My Name My
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I think about that when I look in the mirror, and see my dark hair, olive skin, and wistful smile. My father gave me my name, and that is just another reason I am so proud to carry it. it's an old-fashioned name, to be sure, but that suits me, I think. I don't have old-fashioned values in some areas, but in others, I'm very much the traditional girl. I may be a single mother, but like parents of all ages, I want more for my son, and I want him to appreciate who he is and who he comes from. Sometimes I think that my father named me perfectly, because my name is special, and he wanted me to feel special, too. I do, and not because so many people don't understand my name. I feel special because my father gave me a gift of a wonderful name, that…

Leadership the Essence of Leadership
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During this time period I also began studying leadership and the more interesting aspects of motivation. I found that the concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose can have a transformational effect on those I am leading as well. Instead of concentrating just on carrots and sticks to motivate others, I looked at how to create entirely new jobs that would allow for autonomy, mastery and purpose to be included in each role. This worked out extremely well in Iraq where there were many more projects that people to go around, and time, resources and talent were nearly always in short supply. This experience taught me that focusing on results was not enough; there had to be a focus on providing those reporting to me with a chance to grow professionally and find their path to their own leadership styles and approaches too.


I'm a veteran, single-mother and proven leader…

Labor and Employment Law
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decision will need to be made about the future of each one. Each decision will be supported with an analysis of the situation using the relevant legal framework. In general, companies are allowed to terminate employees if the termination is part of a downsizing, which in this case it is. Naturally, however, the issue of severance will be raised, and must be taken into consideration for each of the employees in question. The format will be a discussion of each individual employee, his or her situation, but then the final decision about who to terminate and how will be conducted at the end of the report. The microbrewery is probably a qualified company, with at least 15 employees, or this discussion would not be taking place.

Employee #1 -- Mike illiams. illiams is a member of a protected group, being Asian. His performance has been above the median, which gives…

Works Cited:

Department of Labor. (2012). Employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act. U.S. Department of Labor. Retrieved April 21, 2013 from

Work Related Education
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Kaplan College Online Degree Programs

I have been saying for years that I want to further my education. I have put off this goal for a while now, as life threw some unexpected curves. I am now 31 years old and a single mother of two boys. I work 40 hours a week, but I feel unchallenged in my current position. For the past 13 years I have worked as a secretary, performing necessary but mundane tasks, such as filing, photocopying, and generating weekly and monthly reports. However, I have lately been given the opportunity to advance within my company and to take on tasks that bear greater responsibility. Most recently, I was given an opportunity to step into a key role on a highly visible contract.

The new direction my career was taking led me to explore options for higher education. When I came across Kaplan College on the…

Non-Traditional Families Exercise Questions the
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General grade point averages, SAT scores, and school involvement tend to be lower than their peers coming from two parent homes (Park, 2008).

Lower collegiate attendance is also another major issue that is seen within this growing population. On average individuals coming out of single parent homes go to college less than their counterparts with both parents present (Huan, 2003). This is often associated with the poorer grades that were discussed earlier. However, it is also often tied to spending habits on education (Huan, 2003). Once again, this population is subject to lower income averages, which makes spending so much money on college a difficult endeavor. Moreover, there is another impact which tends to have a negative impact on numbers of children from single parent families going to college (Worth, 1992). According to the research, lower involvement of parents in creating dreams of children going to college (Stage & Hossler,…


Baumgartner, Thomas Martin, Burns, Tom R., & DeVille, Philippe. (1986). The Shaping of Socio-Economic Systems: The Application of the Theory of Actor-System Dynamics to Conflict, Social Power, and Institutional Innovation in Economic Life. Taylor & Francis Publishing.

College Board. (2004). Average SAT scores. College Retrieved from 

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Jones, K. (2007). Single parent households and childhood academic achievement. Associated Content. Retrieved from

Policy Problem for Which a Proposed Solution
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policy problem for which a proposed solution will be developed. The policy problem is the difficulty that single mothers face when they attempt to re-enter the job market, but have no funds to use to negotiate the pre-employment maze of requirements, meetings, and other demands on their time and resources -- all of which occur well before the women receive their first paycheck. One of the primary problems that these single mothers must solve is how to provide safe and adequate child care so that they can focus on the immediate pre-employment demands.

Identify the recipient of the report. The epresentative of the voter district and state of [name the state you live in] is the target audience for this report. The proposal covered by this report functions to created awareness of a socio-economic problem for which there is a reasonable solution. Further the report requests a meeting with the…


CoAbode. (2007). [Website] Retrieved 

Financial assistance info for single-parent/low-income families. [Website] Project Working Mom. Retrieved 

Making work supports work. (2010). National Center for Children in Poverty. Retrieved

Mclanahan Et Al See Existence
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Economic factors as Mclanahan et al. demonstrates or other variables such as mother's separation from community or maternal depression may also effect children causing the impact that the researchers saw rather than the divorce / separation factor being the determining variable.

In effect, what the authors demonstrate is that both gender are negatively influenced by divorce and separation, although they had been negatively affected by adverse conditions before divorce / separation had occurred.

To Amato et al. (1995), the situation is not so simple. Reviewing cross-sectional studies between children who remain in conflict-ridden two-parent homes and products of divorced parents who experienced conflict prior to divorce, he discovers that all children are adversely impacted by parental conflict, but that children who remain in the conflict-ridden environment are apt to suffer more than those whose parents are divorced. Much also, however, depended on the intensity of the conflict. In other words,…


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Life Without Father When Dads Disappear
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However, as referred to above, one central reason for absent fathers is that society in general no longer advocates a definitive role and structure for the father to adhere to. This can be related to the breakdown in norms and values in contemporary society which previously gave clear guidelines about the importance and purpose of fatherhood. In our postmodern society the norms about traditional fatherhood have been radically questioned and new models, such as the single-parent family have begun to receive acceptance.

Nevertheless, the research evidence indicates that the father plays an essential role in the psychological as well as the sociological balance of the sexes within the structure of the family. From a personal point-of-view I consider the father figure to be extremely important in the healthy development of the child. In my experience the importance of my father is undeniable and his presence provided me with the essential…

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Katrina Children Lost Forgotten and
Words: 4667 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68383934
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For children, going to school, even a new school, provided a sense of order. It also gave parents time to plan for the future. Wealthier parents were able to enroll their children in private schools. Poorer families faced a greater struggle.

In Texas, officials reported enrolling19,000 children displaced by the storm (Katrowitz and reslau, 2005). They were able to waive normal rules, such as proving residency or providing immunization records. The opportunity to start over was critical for thousands of families, including Kathy Jemison and her daughter, Sarah McClelland, 17. The night before the storm hit, they gathered their clothes, keepsakes and important documents (such as birth certificates and Social Security cards). As the storm was destroying their home, they drove 15 hours to a friend's house in San Antonio. Sarah began her senior year at San Antonio's MacArthur High School, and Kathy, who worked for a bank in New…


Abramson, David, and Richard Garfield. (April, 2006). On the Edge: Children and Families Displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Face a Looming Medical and Mental Health Crisis. New York: Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, National Center for Disaster Preparedness.

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Holloway Hmp Holloway Road Prison
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The Home Office website was also a good source of informstion in this regard. A very good article that shed light on the more negative view of Holloway prison as well as units in other prisons was Getting it right? Services for pregnant women, new mothers, and babies in prison. An extremely useful report that deals specifically with Holloway prison was REPORT ON AN UNANNOUNCED FOLLOW-UP INSPECTION OF HM PRISON HOLLOWAY 11 -- 15 December 2000

Y HM INSPECTORATE OF PRISONS. This report provide some telling and insightful data that invaluable in terms of assessing the value and function of the mother and baby units in this prison.

4. Theoretical aspects

There are many theoretical aspects that pertain to the issue of mother and child units at a prison such as Holloway. In general terms, and from a criminological perspective, there is the view that units of this kind are…


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Sorrow Beyond Dreams Peter Handke's
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This postmodernist writing that finally ends up having a dialogue with itself reveals an idea common to most of the postmodern art: that language and formulations, as means of expression, are also a means of finding the meaning of something, and that most often, meanings do not reside out of language.

But, at the same time, Handke also demonstrates that the life can sometimes be to terrible to be expressed in language.

The book ends, significantly, with the same Handke sitting at his desk and reading the article about the suicide of a woman. It is not only that the writing turns upon itself, to reveal that the most important subject of the book has not been altogether elucidated and has not been given meaning to yet, but also, the fact that the author is in front if a piece if a newspaper article relating this event is crucial: the…

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Economic Organizations
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Economic Organizations

The purpose of this paper is to examine the roles of gender and stereotypes in economic organizations, using examples from the movie "One Fine Day" to illustrate these roles. An abundant body of literature exists within both academic journals and the popular media concerning work and family conflicts that are encountered daily by Americans. Many work and family conflicts have been endured for time immemorial, such as the requirement to travel or work overtime. The result of work and family conflicts has often been that work wins over family, ending in missed life events such as births, deaths, skinned knees and soccer games. Often the father was the one away on business while the mother was home maintaining the family. This familiar family situation arose because "Ideologies assigning primary child-care responsibility to women prevail in most cultures" (Treas and Widmer, 2000).

The role of women in the home…


Bartol, Kathryn. Female managers and quality of working life: the impact of sex-role stereotypes. Journal of Occupational Behaviour Vol. 1, 1980: 205-221.

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Current Debate About Measuring Poverty and Wealth in Canada
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Straightened Circumstances": A eview and Analysis of the Current Debate about Measuring Poverty and Wealth in Canada

Although there is no official definition of poverty in Canada, recent estimates place the percentage as high as 14% overall, with significantly higher levels for vulnerable populations such as single elderly females, indigenous peoples, and single females with children. These levels of poverty indicate that the problem is severe and it is important to ensure that the steps that are taken to address poverty in Canada are timely and effective. In order to ensure that the scarce resources that are used to assist impoverished Canadians are applied effectively, though, there must also be some reliable ways of determining whether progress is being made or not. To this end, this paper provides a review and analysis of the relevant literature concerning the current debate about measuring poverty and wealth in Canada, followed by a…


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Interview With Teacher & Report of Knowledge
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Interview Context

The interview in this study was conducted with Kari, raised by a single mother and the oldest of two children having a younger brother. Kari's parents were both supportive of her educational pursuits although her mother barely kept the household running on her meager salary and her father was married to his second wife and had three other children by the second marriage. Kari's mother has told her to apply to whatever college she most wanted to attend and assured her that the funds would be there for her to go to her college of choice. Kari's grandmother cautioned Kari's mother about building up Kari's hopes but Kari's mother knew that Kari's grandmother little understood that she was in a poverty income level that would result in Kari being the recipient of government grants and student loans ensuring she could…


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My Autobiography
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Autobiography of Iviannette Figueroa

In this paper, I will describe my life and how my life experiences have shaped the person that I am today, how they have impacted my dreams, and what I intend to do in the future. In this paper I explore my childhood and how the difficulties that I encountered in that childhood have helped shape the woman I am today. The woman that I am today is a mother, a wife, and a student working towards admission into the respiratory therapist program. Generally, I have worked hard to put a difficult childhood behind me. As a result, I have to acknowledge that an autobiographical paper was very challenging for me. I do not like to think about how my childhood has impacted the woman that I am today. While I am generally self-confident, I realize that the things I like the least about myself are…


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New York: Oxford University Press.

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NE: Mystery Writers of America.

Psychology in Management
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Bipolar Disorder

Case Story Bipolar Disorder

A girl suffering from Bipolar Disorder: Sarah

I was working in the community health center as an intern, when I received a call from a woman desperately looking for assistance for her 17-years-old daughter. The woman sounded tearful and anxious, as she spoke, and I immediately concluded that she was fearful and at the edge of giving up. I asked her to cool down and explain to me her problem calmly. She stated that the her daughter named Sarah, had been expelled from her school, the reason being that she was found having oral se with two boys in the school toilet. Mary, the woman's name and mother to Sarah, was a marketing executive, had not gone to work because she feared that if she left Sarah alone, the girl might flee.

Upon more information about Sarah, I leant that this was just one…


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Sula it Is Well-Known That Evil People
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It is well-known that evil people exist in the world. These sociopaths have no values. They do not care who they harm or how. Fortunately, there are few individuals like this who have no conscience. Most people are instead shades of good and bad. They are not always good, nor are they always bad. At times their behavior is exceptional; other times they may say or do something wrong toward someone else. The book Sula by Toni Morrison highlights these blends of human persona. "The narrative [Sula] insistently blurs and confuses . . . binary oppositions. It glories in paradox and ambiguity beginning with the prologue that describes the setting, the Bottom, situated spatially in the top" (McDowell 80). In Morrison's book, it is easy to see such characters as Sula as a "bad woman" or Nel as a "good person," yet as one looks beyond the obvious, vagaries…

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and the Black Female Text." Critical Essays on Toni Morrison. Ed. Nellie Y. McKay.

Strength Based Approach Strength Displayed Togetherness Even
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Strength Based Approach




Even though Merridy is divorced she still maintains a relationship with her ex-husband so her children can spend time with him

Sharing Activities

Tony's new partner's child, Heidi lives with Tony. ay and Joe are now exposed to another child. Tony must share his attention between the three children. The children's time spent at day care also contributes to sharing activities as well.


ay is very affectionate, and trustworthy of his mother, Merridy as seen by his reaction at his examination.


Merridy is supportive of her children by working at her job. Max and Jude also show support by helping Merridy watch the children while she is at work.


ay and Joe communicate with each other as demonstrated by ay's behavior of looking at Joe at the examination.


Max and Jude are very accepting of Merridy's difficult position of being…


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