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Violence and Death in Slaughterhouse

Words: 2292 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76103801

This idea appears repeatedly. hen Billy proposes marriage to Valencia:

Billy didn't want to marry ugly Valencia. She was one of the symptoms of his disease. He knew he was going crazy when he heard himself proposing marriage to her, when he begged her to take the diamond ring and be his companion for life, (ibid p.107).

However, he was trapped in his life, for better or worse, such as the fact that Billy knew when he would be killed, yet didn't try to do anything about it. His death is compared with mankind's fate.

At one point Billy discusses the problem of war with the Tralfamadorians (p.117). They tell him that war is inevitable and he is stupid to try to change it. Humanity is trapped in his human nature, to create war and wreak death. Some people want peace, but they are naive and are unaware of human…… [Read More]

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Kurt Vonnegut Billy Pilgrim and

Words: 1460 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33125748

This author used them to see how Kurt Vonnegut is post-modernist.

Barry begins in number one by asking how authors discover postmodernist themes and attitudes. In the observation, postmodernists foreground fiction which might be said to exemplify the notion of the 'disappearance of the real' in which shifting postmodern identities are seen. For number three, there is use of parody, pastiche and allusion. For number four, there is foreground irony for number five narcissism. For number six, the distinction between the high and low cultures is challenged and highlighted in the texts in which they work as hybrid blends of the two.

In other words, Barry maintains that taking the action out of the "real world" and into an imaginary one that creates and facilitates the postmodern. This would explain the convergence in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five of so many seemingly contradictory elements, from the violence of war to sexual…… [Read More]

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April 2007. Web. 4 May 2010. .
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Anne Hutchinson as the Foundress

Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96020795

The Widow and Miss Watson see nothing wrong with slavery in modern society, while Huck actually takes actions to end slavery by leading Jim to freedom and treating Jim like a human being.

6. "To be or not to be, that is the bare bodkin."

Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Signet, 2002, p. 143.

The Shakespearean 'actors' Jim and Huck befriend are really charlatans, despite their pretence of learning. They cannot even quote William Shakespeare's Hamlet in his "To be or not to be" soliloquy correctly.

7. "He says anyone who doesn't understand the theorems of Euclid is an idiot."

McCourt, Frank. Angela's Ashes. New York: Scribner, 1999, p.151.

The references to Euclid show the disparity between what is taught in Frank's school by an ambitious teacher and the poverty and ignorance of the rest of the boy's life. It also shows the narrow-mindedness of the principal, who…… [Read More]

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Vonnegut in Cultural History as

Words: 2683 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49418035

A Vonnegut theme, however, is often hard to miss; especially since part of Vonnegut's style placed the author in a position where many readers could palpably feel him throughout the novel. Vonnegut seems to read alongside the reader and assist him; he seems to teach and guide -- gently -- as well as write. As such, Vonnegut helped re-define what high art, and the novel specifically, could be:

Irving, who went on to write "The World According to Garp" and "The Cider House Rules," remembered Vonnegut as a self-effacing presence who "didn't have an agenda about what 'the novel' should be." Vonnegut also appreciated that you didn't have to be in the classroom to get your work done (MSNC, 2007).

South Park postmodernism seems to be endemic to recent generations, and, if so, the ideological roots of those generations must be traced back to Vonnegut and his contemporaries.

Some more…… [Read More]


1. Vonnegut, Kurt.

a. Slaughterhouse Five. New York: Random House, 1969. Print

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c. Cat's Cradle. New York: Random House, 1963. Print.
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Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut -- an

Words: 1329 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63795871

Thus science and discussions of scientific phenomena with his brother also formed the backdrop to his early life, another reason why technology featured so prominently in his literary works.

Vonnegut is credited with helping to elevate the genre of science fiction, once considered a staple of pulp magazine racks, to that of high art. Cat's Cradle tells the tale of scientists trying to create 'ice-nine,' a crystal that could turn all water solid and thus destroy all life on the earth. In 1963, Cat's Cradle slowly developed a readership as Cold ar Americans were increasingly receptive to a book that showed the dangerous potential of science and technology to develop faster than ethics and morality ("Novelist Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84,", 2007) the novel, takes its title from an Eskimo game in which children try to snare the sun with string (Smith, 2007). Although its first printing sold only…… [Read More]

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Novelist Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84." Published by the Associated Press.
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Gravity's Rainbow and Other Cold War Literature and Film

Words: 2703 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77425512

Cold War dominated American culture, consciousness, politics and policy for most of the 20th century. Even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which symbolized the fall of the Iron Curtain and therefore finale of the Cold War, Cold War rhetoric and politics continued especially in the War on Terror. Depictions of the Cold War in American literature and film parallel the changes that took place in American ways of thinking about its own domestic policies as well as American perceptions of the alien enemy or "Other." Tracing the evolution of American film and literature from the end of World War Two until the 1980s reveals trends in thought. Early depictions of the Cold War were modernist in their approach, with clear distinctions between good and evil and no moral ambiguity whatsoever. Clear delineations between right/wrong and good/evil prevailed, a form of political propaganda and even brainwashing that prepped the…… [Read More]


Booker, K.M. (2001). Monsters, Mushroom Clouds, and the Cold War. Westport, CT: Greenwood.

Comyn, J. (2014). "V2 to Bomarc: Reading Gravity's Rainbow in Context." Orbit 2(2). Retrieved online:

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Jarvis, C. (n.d.). The Vietnamization of World War II in Slaughterhouse Five and Gravity's Rainbow. Retrieved online:
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Kurt Vonnegut Welcome to the

Words: 1918 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27507239

The message is further developed when he refuses to listen to her explanation about why she would work as an agent of suicide, explaining that "a woman's not a woman till the pills wear off." (41). Through these twists and turns, we can see Vonnegut's exploration of sex, sexiness, and age. He utilizes humor and irony to highlight social contradictions and, perhaps, to point out timeless truths about what makes us human.

Another of Vonnegut's trademark literary tools is the use of outright jokes. In this story, Billy the Poet woos his women with poetry, and most of the poems are lewd: "Soak yourself in Jergen's Lotion; Here comes the one man population explosion," (Vonnegut, 1968: 37). The use of humor contributes to Vonnegut's accessibility and helped him become a cult hero for thousands of readers over the years.


Vonnegut may be writing superficially light fiction, but no reader…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Carolina Press: South Carolina.

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Preached a New Kind of Humanism. State University of New York Press:
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Violation of First Amendment Rights

Words: 474 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87122493

On the other hand, a motive of debate was whether or not the Court should be intervening on issues that, ultimately, belong to daily operations in schools. The Court judged, however, that this was a breech to "basic constitutional values" (as in Epperson vs. Arkansas) and, in this sense, the judicial system's intervention becomes a necessity.

Additionally, the Court decided that the school board's decision could not be justified by the sole means of "educational suitability," which would have made it permissible, but that it was based on a purely partisan, political approach (some of the 9 titles clearly suggest this).

Petitioners rightly possess significant discretion to determine the content of school libraries. But that discretion may not be exercised in a narrowly partisan or political manner."


In Board of Education vs. Pico, the Supreme Court affirmed, with a 5-4 vote an order from the Second Circuit Court of…… [Read More]

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Arthur Argues in En trance That

Words: 2141 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62997447

Yet it is only we who are the intermediary between the world that is real and the world that exists only in our heads. How we organize the world is critical to our understanding of it. More to the point, we have the ability to organize the world any way we see fit. This may be conventional, but it may be entirely unconventional. Either way, we benefit from being freed from constraints. The implied metamorphosis that Arthur has undergone, for example, is to understand the best way for him to write. He will be better, more expressive, with greater clarity, if he follows his own path rather than one that has been laid out for him. The same is true for the second person in Phantoms -- that person might choose to see phantoms as they exist, and accept that existence as a normal part of life, rather than some…… [Read More]

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Down These Mean Streets

Words: 6074 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42314847

Down These Mean Streets believe that every child is born a poet, and every poet is a child. Poetry to me was always a very sacred form of expression. (qtd. In Fisher 2003)

Introduction / Background History

Born Juan Pedro Tomas, of Puerto Rican and Cuban parents in New York City's Spanish Harlem in 1928, Piri Thomas began his struggle for survival, identity, and recognition at an early age. The vicious street environment of poverty, racism, and street crime took its toll and he served seven years of nightmarish incarceration at hard labor. But, with the knowledge that he had not been born a criminal, he rose above his violent background of drugs and gang warfare, and he vowed to use his street and prison know-how to reach hard-core youth and turn them away from a life of crime.

Thirty years ago Piri Thomas made literary history with this lacerating,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Anonymous. "Piri Thomas" (2000). 09 December 2003.

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Issues of Race and Culture" (2002). The Christian Science Monitor. 10 December 2003. 

Fisher, S. "Mean Streets Author Launches Latino Month" (2003). 10 December 2003.
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Rules of Law Established in

Words: 828 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53221086

The Supreme Court ruled that the Federal government lacked constitutional authority, mandated by the Fourteenth Amendment, to outlaw racial discrimination by private individuals and organizations. The court ruling stated that the Civil ights Act of 1875 was unconstitutional. The decision was challenged by the Justice Harman as a narrow interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, but the Court nevertheless with overwhelming majority ruled that neither the Thirteenth nor the Fourteenth Amendment granted the Federal state jurisdiction over these five cases. "This ruling," as argued by some scholars, "practically put an end to the federal government's attempt to enforce the guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment" (Barnes and Connolly, 1999, p. 338).

In both cases, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the rights of individual states that narrowly defined the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment. In the Slaughterhouse Cases, the Louisiana State protected a monopoly power to the detriment of individual workers. The Supreme…… [Read More]


Barnes, D.A., & Connolly, C. (1999) Repression, the Judicial System, and Political Opportunities for Civil Rights Advocacy during Reconstruction. The Sociological Quarterly, 40(2): 327-345. Retrieved on February 15, 2011, from
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U S vs Harris This Is

Words: 3296 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 57106526

Tucker, deputy sheriff of said county, from giving and securing to the said Robert R. Smith and others, naming them, the due and equal protection of the laws of said state, in this, to-wit, that at and before the entering into said conspiracy, the said Robert R. Smith and others, naming them, were held in the custody of said deputy sheriff by virtue of certain warrants duly issued against them, to answer certain criminal charges, and it thereby became and was the duty of said deputy sheriff to safely keep in his custody the said Robert R. Smith and others while so under arrest, and then and there give and secure to them the equal protection of the laws of the State of Tennessee, and that the defendants did then and there conspire together for the purpose of preventing and hindering the said deputy sheriff from then and there safely…… [Read More]


Brittanica. "Force Acts." 2009. 23 November 2009 .

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Ethics & Sharks Ethical Issues

Words: 1680 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88934434

Sharks Are Dangerous to People:

Finally, with respect to the argument that sharks constitute a genuine danger because they often attack and eat human beings, that point is both inaccurate and simplistic. Sharks actually avoid human beings except where drawn to us, either by the scent of blood in the water or perceptible signs of physical stress, both of which they evolved over many millions of years to detect (Perrine 1995). The evidence actually suggests that many fatal attacks on humans are the result of sharks' mistaking us for their usual prey; that accounts for the relative frequency with which sharks initiate only one test bite without pursuing the attack further (Stevens 1999). In fact, the vast majority of shark attacks on human are attributable to the ridiculous practice of feeding sharks in the open ocean, such as in conjunction with tourist cruises and diving expeditions. These practices condition sharks…… [Read More]


Bright, M. (1994) Intelligence in Animals: The Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets.

Montreal: Reader's Digest Books

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Gerrig, R, Zimbardo, P. (2005) Psychology and Life. 17th Edition.
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Decline of the American Diet

Words: 5127 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39593950

The meat comes from a local independent packing company that doesn't buy beef that has been injected with growth hormones; the buns are from a bakery in Pueblo, Colorado; and two hundred pounds of potatoes are "peeled every morning in the kitchen and then sliced with an old crank-operated contraption." The cooks make $10 an hour, and all other employees earn $8.00 an hour. hen asked why the Conway family provides health insurance for all full time employees, Rich Conway said, "e want to have healthy employees."

The author also calls for changes in the way the U.S. Congress oversees advertising, asserting on page 262 that Congress "should immediately ban all advertisements aimed at children that promote foods high in fat and sugar." The justification for that ban would be that 30 years ago, congress banned cigarette ads from TV and radio, because of course cigarettes were seen as a…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Robbins, John. (2001). The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our

World. Boston: Conari Press.

Schlosser, Eric. (2001). Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. New York:

Houghton Mifflin Company.
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1946 Heman Sweatt an Intelligent

Words: 1386 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89338851

Ferguson required that the decision of the lower court be affirmed. The Court agreed with Mr. Sweatt. While the University of Texas School of Law "may properly be considered one of the nation's ranking law schools," Justice Vinson wrote for the Court, such could not be said for either version of the law school for African-American students (d. At 633). "n terms of number of the faculty, variety of courses and opportunity for specialization, size of the student body, scope of the library, availability of law review and similar activities, the University of Texas Law School is superior, " noted the Court (d. At 633-634). Moreover, Justice Vinson continued, in no way could the new institution compare with the University of Texas School of law in terms of more intangible measures, either (d. At 634).

Although the decision in Sweatt was a vitally important step in the creation of justice…… [Read More]

It was amid this turmoil that the U.S. Supreme Court then issued its decision in Griffin v. County School Board of Prince Edward County, 377 U.S. 218 (1964), or, as the case is colloquially known, Brown II. Faced with the problems and impediments to integration created by Senator Byrd's "massive resistance" campaign in Virginia, the Court made it the responsibility of the U.S. District Courts to implement school desegregation and ordered that they do so "with all deliberate speed." (Id. At 234).

Few today can argue the correctness of the Court's decision in Brown v. Board, or the case that came before it, and upon which it so heavily relied, Sweatt v. Painter. Few cases exist, moreover, that were of greater importance, and so directly affected the lives of so many.

Ultimately, the State did open the Texas State University for Negroes in Houston with "a faculty of five full-time professors; a student body of 23; a library of some 16,500 volumes serviced by a full-time staff; a practice court and legal aid association" (Id. At 633). This law school, at Texas Southern University, is today named the Thurgood Marshall School of Law.
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Meatpacking Industry Safety and Immigrant

Words: 1061 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79970959

It is interesting to note that most of the workers in the Chicago stockyards in 1906 were immigrants, just as today, and they had their rights trampled in much the same way many of the plants are accused of violating rights even today. Thus, the safety and human rights issues may have improved, but certainly not as much as one would think they would have. I believe many of the corporations are still mired in greed and corruption just as they were at the turn of the 20th century, and they will never change unless they are forced to change by the people and stricter laws. It is clear that reports and sanctions do not make a difference; they simply dispute them and continue to subjugate and mistreat their workers. They may think they have advanced from the time of Sinclair's powerful novel, but indeed they have not, which is…… [Read More]


Editors. "Meatpacking Safety Rules Miss Mark, Workers Still Face Risks, Study Says." Lincoln Star - Herald. 15 Nov. 2006. 1 Dec. 2007. 

Gonzalez, Cindy. Group Criticizes Packers: Meat Industry Officials Dismiss Human Rights Watch Report Recommendations. Omaha World - Herald. 26 Jan. 2005. 01.B.

Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle. New York: Doubleday, Page, 1906.
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Images in Strike Strike --

Words: 1340 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2520211

By showing the workers being treated cruelly by the authorities alongside of the scene showing the bull being slaughtered Eisenstein thus wants the audience to become actively involved in revealing the political message regarding how workers are nothing but animals being carried around a slaughterhouse.

The film is practically a paradox when considering that Eisenstein uses the intellectual montage technique and does not use concepts like reason or logic with the purpose of putting across his message to the audience. Instead, he makes use of ideas like farce and parody in an attempt to demonstrate the stupidity related to a capitalist system and its lackeys as they destroy people's lives. Eisenstein certainly loved drama and this is obvious when looking at the numerous tools that he uses with the purpose of dramatizing scenes throughout the motion picture. It appears that the director intended to address viewers from a psychological point-of-view…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Goodwin, James, "Eisenstein, Cinema, and History," (University of Illinois Press, 01.02.1993)

Nelmes, Jill, "An Introduction to Film Studies," (Routledge, 2003)
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Jeffery Dahmer

Words: 2674 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25529772

Dahmer Forensic Analysis

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Crime Scene and Discovery

Never before has egregious police incompetence hindered the apprehension of a serial killer as in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer. When police were called to investigate an alleged domestic disturbance between Konerak Sinthasomophone and Jeffrey Dahmer on May 27, 1991. Although two women came to the aide of Sinthasomophone and urged police to look further into the alleged dispute, the police ignored their pleas and Dahmer was able to convince them that Sinthasomophone was his 19-year-old lover; if police had bothered to check Sinthasomophone's identification they would have seen that he was in fact only 14 years old (ardsley, n.d.). Having convinced the police that Sinthasomophone and he were in the midst of a lovers' quarrel, Sinthasomophone was released into Dahmer's custody and by the end of the night, Sinthasomophone would become Dahmer's 13th victim (ardsley, n.d.). Dahmer would proceed…… [Read More]


Bardsley, M. (n.d.). Jeffrey Dahmer. Retrieved June 25, 2012, from TruTV: 

Benedict, J. (2004). No Bone Unturned: Inside the World of a Top Forensic Scientist and His Work on America's Most Notorious Crimes and Disasters. New York: Harper Collins .

Copeland, L. (2002, May 31). Skeleton Keys: Smithsonian Anthropologists Unlock Secrets in Bones of Ancestors and Crime Victims. Retrieved June 25, 2012, from Washington Post: 

Crime and Investigation Network. (n.d.). Jeffrey Dahmer. Retrieved June 25, 2012, from
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Shakespeare Final Opportunity for Reflection and Writing

Words: 2240 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12727035


Final Opportunity for Reflection and riting


"Stand and unfold yourself"

This quote comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Francisco and Bernardo are two guards standing watch in the middle of the night at the castle Elsinore. This is the second line of the play, spoken by Francisco in response to Bernardo's question of who goes there. It is an important part because it sets the tone for the rest of the play. Much of the story involves secret presences and the knowledge that people are being watched. This happens with Polonius as he is stabbed by Hamlet and with Hamlet when he is being watched by his uncle/stepfather. Uncertainty about being alone and who or what may be around lends to the overall confusion and mania of the characters which invariably leads to the tragedies which each of the characters then experience.

"tis the sport to have the enginer /…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Shakespeare, William. As You like It. 2000. Print.

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub., 2006. Print.

Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. Cambridge [England: Cambridge UP, 1988. Print.
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Against My Wishes it Is'so Unfair

Words: 878 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59273594

Against My Wishes

It is so unfair to force a person to do something that they don't really want to do especially when it comes to forcing a woman into marriage against her wishes, and having to live with a man who is totally disgusting, but seems to be the ideal choice because he is extremely rich. Here I am today, completely abandoned, with my eyes shut along with my self-shut valley of emotions. Now, I cannot love. I refuse to love simply because everyone refused to listen to me. My only interest now is helping women like myself, and this no one can take away from me.

I was begging and pleading with my family for weeks before the worst day of my life inevitably came. I thought about running away but where would I go. I was not that ambitious. In fact, I can very easily say that…… [Read More]

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History Reconstruction

Words: 1394 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63271952

Reconstruction a splendid failure?

The Reconstruction period after the Civil ar was a time when America attempted to rebuild the structures and things that had been lost during the war. However, the reconstruction was not only about building the building again, but was about rebuilding and redefining I American values. The entire economic structure and socioeconomic culture was to be re-defined. America had to rediscover itself and many of the institutions that it had held dear had to be reexamined. Some consider the Reconstruction Period to be one of the most splendid failures in American History. They content that the Civil ar did nothing to raise the economic or political status of the black person or other minorities. It also contends that the Reconstruction was a miserable failure on the part of industry as well.

One of the key issues surrounding the Civil ar was the issue of slavery. There…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Foner, Eric. "Rights and the Constitution in Black Life during the Civil War and Reconstruction," Journal of American History (December 1987), 74:3. Pp. 863-83.

Foner, Eric. ed., The New American History. rev. ed., Temple, 1997.

Foner, Eric. "Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction," in Foner, The New American History.

A rev. ed., Temple, 1997.
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American Politics

Words: 1888 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13772449

Food Nation is the kind of book that you hope young people read because it demonstrates far better than any social studies class the need for government regulation, the unchecked power of multinational corporations and the importance of our everyday decisions.

USA Today

Despite international concerns with the Cold War and Senator McCarthy's accusations, the 1950s were an exciting change for many Americans. A large number headed out to the suburbs to newly designed housing. National roads started sweeping across the cities and towns. Soon, another change came about on these roads: the arrival of fast-food restaurants, which have epitomized America ever since. People just have to is drive up to the window and order their meals; within minutes they are fed and content. Yet, there are always two sides to an issue, especially when big money is involved. According to the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, fast-food…… [Read More]


Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation. New York: Harper Collins, 2002.
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Wagner His Time and Beyond

Words: 2379 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59459489

Therefore, it compromised the superiority of the German art and body politic. The Bayreuth festival, founded by Wagner, was utilized by the Nazis as a propaganda tool against the Jews.

Both Hitler and Wagner were not only racist, but both were also artists and politicians. Whereas Wagner exhibited a number of talents, Hitler was known for his painting and oratory skills. Both were paranoid that they had Jewish forbearers. Some of those things that Hitler and Wagner shared agreed upon are as follows: race is based on appearance, language, nationality and genetics; an "Aryan" white race is the supreme race of purity, beauty, and goodness; Germans will rule the world; all race other than Aryan are inferior; Nietsche's Will to Power and social Darwinism are the foundations upon which personality and society ought to be based; Jews were contaminating German blood; Jesus was not a Jew; Jews have no religion;…… [Read More]

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History of Construction of 10

Words: 7023 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 9752980

The earliest divisions of the temple still standing are the barque chapels, just in the rear the first pylon. They were constructed by Hatshepsut, and appropriated by Tuthmosis III. The central division of the temple, the colonnade and the sun court were constructed by Amenhotep III, and a later on addition by Rameses II, who constructed the entry pylon, and the two obelisks connected the Hatshepsut structures with the core temple. To the back of the temple are chapels constructed by Tuthmosis III, and Alexander. During the Roman age, the temple and its environment were a legionary fortress and the residence of the Roman government in the region (Johnson, 1988).

There was a girdle wall constructed around the temple that was made up of self-sufficient massifs of sun-dried brick adjoining at their ends, constructed of courses set on a triple arrangement that ran concave horizontal concave. The gate through which…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Ancient Babylonia - the Ishtar Gate."n.d., viewed 14 November 2010,

"Ancient Egypt Brought to Life With Virtual Model of Historic Temple Complex." 2009, viewed 14 November 2010,

"Babylon and the Ishtar Gate." 2010, viewed 14 November,

Andrews, Mark. 2010. "Luxor Temple of Thebes in Egypt," viewed 14 November 2010,
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Invention of the Assembly Line

Words: 1291 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29585229

y then, the principles of division of labor and interchangeable parts had been successfully demonstrated by the American inventors Eli Whitney (1765-1825) and Samuel Colt (1814-1862). (Assembly Line - History)

The assembly line was first used on a large scale by the meat-packing industries of Chicago and Cincinnati during the 1870s. These slaughterhouses used monorail trolleys to move suspended carcasses past a line of stationary workers, each of whom did one specific task. Contrary to most factories' lines in which products are gradually put together step-by-step, this first assembly line was in fact more of a "disassembly" line, since each worker butchered a piece of a diminishing animal. The apparent breakthroughs in efficiency and productivity that were achieved by these meat packers were not immediately realized by any other industry until Ford designed his assembly line in 1913. Ford openly admitted using the meat-packing lines as a model. His success…… [Read More]


Banham, Russ. The Ford Century: Ford Motor Company and the Innovations that Shaped the World. New York: Artisan, 2002.

Bellis, Mary. "The History of the Automobile." 2008. 28 November 2008 . "This Day in History." 13 October 1913. 28 November 2008 .  Assembly Line - History>

Nof, Shimon Y., Wilbert Wilhelm and Hans-Jurgen Warnecke. Industrial Assembly. New York:
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American Urban History-Public Health Public

Words: 3719 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79796999

Without a public health system in place these elements were left in the street to be breathed in and walked through daily.

In addition there engineering advances that built large high rise slums that were quickly filled to capacity even though they offered no fresh water or waste disposal areas.

The 1870's became the decade for urban public health reform as Congress made the move to reorganize the Marine Hospital Service. It was also at that time the Surgeon General position was created and still exists today.

The Surgeon General was charged with overseeing public health issues and providing advice, guidelines and mandates as to how they would be best handled.

During the 1880's the movement toward public health moved away from the political arena and into the laboratories around the nation.

It was at this time scientists began to learn how to isolate disease producing organisms for communicable diseases.…… [Read More]


History Lesson: Contaminated Water Makes a Deadly Drink

Kathy Jesperson on Tap Editor (accessed 4-20-07) 

Apostles of cleanliness (accessed 4-23-07)
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Lamb by William Blake Subtleness

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The poet does not use slang as a means to alter the general messages of the poem, as the grammatical style is formal for the period during which the poem was written. The vocabulary he uses is standard and although contemporary readers might consider the vernacular to be outdated, it is actually in accordance with the period when "The Lamb" was written. Blake wrote the poem in closed verse and the form changes somewhat from time to time. Considering that each stanza consists out of five couplets that end in a rhyme, the overall structure of the poem can be associated with a song. The vowel sounds and the flowing contribute to this concept and actually help readers as they imagine a song sang by a child or by a lamb. In spite of the fact that the verses or the general context of the poem might initially seem childish,…… [Read More]

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USDA Certified in Organic Beef on a

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USDA Certified in Organic Beef on a Family Owned anch

Becoming a certified organic farmer is an expensive and time-intensive process, and, accordingly, a significant decision for any small farmer. The problem is to understand the process by which a family owned ranch could become USDA certified for organic beef. What are the necessary steps and important factors to consider from beginning the process to marketing to retailers?

Understanding USDA Organic

The government-managed organic food certification program is USDA Organic. Within this certification system, organic food production follows guidelines laid out in the Organic Foods Production-Act of 1990 and amended according to Public Law 109-97, Nov. 10, 2005. These regulations take into consideration site-specific conditions "integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity." (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, 2011) Included in OFPA are rules for farm planning, livestock handling, use of pesticides…… [Read More]


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Difficult to Understand Just How

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espect must be shown for cultural differences and different belief systems and children should be encouraged to share their culture and values with others.

This belief can be operationalized by "show and tell "exercises in which children share something about their family and culture and by "International Night" in which children bring dishes of their country

Children are lazy; they need to be pushed to learn.

Learning takes place in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment. This belief is operationalized by maintaining a classroom environment in which students show respect and tolerance for others, evaluating curriculum in term of how well it helps students learn, and the use of incentives, as opposed to discipline, to assure good behavior and academic excellence.

The teachers lectures; the student learns

Learning is the construction of knowledge and the making of meaningful connections through active participation. In real life, people learn more by doing…… [Read More]


History of Reproduction, Contraceptives and Control" (1998) [Online]New Junod, S.W. (2000) "The Pill at 40." [Online] FDA Consumer, 4, 36, Abstract from: author File: Academic Search Elite Item Number: 8532382
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Turkey Burger to in &

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The communication plan

Communication is the basic ordeal of operation within the company. The company will desire to embrace the new modes of social media as done in the fashion industries. The company has collaborated with radio stations and television broadcast houses that enable the company to create awareness over its perceived products. Furthermore, the company will involve online communication channels as Twitter, Facebook, and creation of blogs, which bears the company's new products.


Distribution will be done by the present sectors and corporations, which have been distributing the company's products. The modes of distributions will be carried through the trucks and trains. The other permissible methods will be through the air and water (Smith, 2012).



In order to launch and maintain the product in the market, the company will have to use an estimated $5 million within all the branches of expanse. This amount of money…… [Read More]


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Political History and Constitutional Importance of the Slaughter House Cases 1873

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Slaughter-House Cases

Impact of the Slaughter-House Cases

The adoption of the constitution of the United States of America faced opposition from groups that feared the takeover of a centralized government. This opposition arose from the fear that this new centralized government would demean and embarrass the states by forcing or administering and contradicting the state's decisions, laws and policies. Opponents of the constitution feared that "the powers granted to the proposed government were not sufficiently guarded, and might be used to encroach upon the liberties of the people" (McClain 18). After the ratification of the constitution by the states the desire for amendments and regulations that restricted the powers of the new government was voiced by representatives of those states.

There was extreme fear that the everyday rights and liberties of citizens of a state would be impacted, restricted and oppressed by a centralized form of government. The desire to…… [Read More]


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Anthony Quinn

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Anthony Quinn was often thought of as being larger than life. He was a talented actor who played many diverse roles and is now a Hollywood legend.

Anthony Quinn was born Anthony Rudloph Oaxaca Quinn on April 12, 1915 in Chihuahua, Mexico of a Mexican-Indian mother and an Irish father. When he was four years old, his family moved to California, where he was raised in poverty in East Los Angeles and shined shoes and sold newspapers.

Before he launched his acting career, Quinn worked at a variety of odd jobs including a boxer, butcher, street corner preacher and a worker in a slaughterhouse. At one point, he had even been a painter before trying his hand at acting. He launched his film career playing small character roles in several movies in 1936, including his debut in a movie called Parole. He also had small parts in worn Enemy and…… [Read More]

Sources: Star Anthony Quinn Dies. June, 2001. Quinn: A Life in Pictures. June, 2001. Quinn (1915-2001). Quinn: Reflections in the Eye. March, 2002. for Anthony Quinn. Quinn, Actor. http://www/ the Greek.
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Space Inhabit You Visit St Patrick's Cathedral

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space inhabit. You visit St. Patrick's Cathedral New York analyze experience understand design theories, concepts, historical precedents looked class.

Patrick's Cathedral in New York City: A historical and architectural overview

Patrick's Cathedral is a 'working' cathedral in the U.S.: it stands both as a historical monument but also offers the function of a place of worship to parishioners. "It is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and a parish church" yet because of its location on Fifth Avenue right across from Rockefeller Center, it is not unusual to see churchgoers mingling with tourists and people coming to services next to people taking photographs.[footnoteRef:1] A visitor can quietly pray and seek spiritual solace -- or buy rosaries at the gift shop. Although it was not originally designed to accommodate such diverse uses but rather to tend to the needs of New York's immigrant Catholic…… [Read More]


Franz, Marcus. "St. Patrick's Cathedral." Medieval New York, 1997. 11 Dec 2013. 

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Journalists Their Terminology and Terrorism in the

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Journalists, Their Terminology and Terrorism

In the age of terrorism and in the age of the Internet, journalists are coming under more and more intensive scrutiny and are increasingly urged to act more sensitively to the power they have and the power which they can wield when it comes to reporting current events -- particularly those related to terrorism. As some scholars have illuminated, journalists are indeed arbitrators of rhetoric, and ones which have limited success: "Evidence of arbitration is seen in comparisons between how media personnel describe terrorist events and their perpetrators and how government officials make similar descriptions. Journalists serve as creators of rhetoric whenever they report terrorist events. The rhetorical tradition employed determines the nature of that rhetoric. The role of formats, the presentation conventions that are used to package information and determine the significance and the information that news packages carry, are also important" (Picard 1989).…… [Read More]


Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from 

Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from Ahramonline:
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Future of the American Beef Industry Cattle

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Beef Industry

ead files

Challenges faced by farmers of a particular food commodity:

The future of the American beef industry (cattle)

Beef is a commodity that has literally defined the American West and thus defined American ideology for many years. But today, "in the meat industry -- beef -- you have four [processors] that control over 80% of the marketplace…it's become much, much more concentrated" (Glickman 2014). Cattle ranchers are under increasing pressure to produce more and more beef, more cheaply. Yet there is also criticism of the industry for being insufficiently concerned about its effect upon human health. Quite simply, the industry cannot survive the dual demands for inexpensive food in America and yet simultaneously meet concerns for greater safety and 'naturalness' in beef handling.

There is a rush to speed the trajectory of feedlot-to-table for calves. The faster calves are produced and the less time they spend grazing…… [Read More]


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Utilitarianism and the Case of Perdue Farms

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Perdue Farms

Personal & Organizational Ethics

Perdue Farms practices are in question for being inhumane. In my opinion, their form of advertisement is deceitful and false advertisement. It is advertised in this manner to instill trust in the company's ethics and chicken factory farming process. Its products are promoted as chickens that are raised cage free, on an all vegetarian diet, with no animal by-products, no antibiotics EVE, and humanely raised (CompassionUSA, 2014). It is important that the consumer perceives the process of farm-raising the chicken as humanely as possible. After all, how many people do you know who do not eat chicken? Perdue operates under the utilitarianism theory which our text states is "the theory that an action is morally right if the consequences of the actions are more favorable than unfavorable to everyone" -- or, in other words, that emphasize making ethical decisions as long as it benefits…… [Read More]



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